The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on September 4, 1927 · Page 10
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 10

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 4, 1927
Page 10
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A—Tun tita ainVVLN SVNUAt SfAK— sunuAr, SantílttttlSK t, ISTf. CONTROL OF OIL OUTPUT SOUGHT Leg^islative Limitation of Production Will Be • Demanded. *‘Black Gold” is Flooding Market, Menacing National Defense. e WASHINOTON. Sept. 3—(I. N. 8.) —With oil production reaching staggering records, a drive will be launched by government officials to have the new congress consider legislative control of the flow of “black gold” In the United States, It was learned tody. The government will seek to retard the present condition of unlimited over-production of oil In the belief that It con.stitutes a menace ! to the national defense. Under present circumstances, it was pointed out, the army travels on gasoline as much as “on Its stomach,” while the navy Is beginning to use oll-burnlng engines In Its fastest ships. If unlimited over-production contlues, officials said. America will at no distant date face the necessity for importing oil and gasoline to supply its peace time as well as war time demands. llie over-production continues day by day, according to department of commerce reports, with the Boys* Camp Head Sued For Alleged Beating of a Lad MILWAUKEE, Wls., Sept- J— (U. p.)—“Whipping action” was started here today against D. W. Norris, wealthy operator of a boys ramp, who was named de- Big Bend, who was named defendant in a salt for $30.000 damages brought by the father of one of the boys in his care. Norris used a paddle whittled from sole leather in beating Elisha Abbott, 12, on two oc- cas’ons. states the complaint filed by John Abbott, the boy’s father. The boy bore the bruises and markings for several weeks after the whippings, the complaint said. For each whipping $15,000 is asked—$5,000 for damage and $10,000 being a punitive claim. FIVE ARRESTED IN LINCOLN RAID Alleged “Spiked” Beer Seized and Four Cars Confiscated. repre- 1.527,000 Three women ad two men were ; arrested, seven pints of alleged; “spiked” beer seized, and four cans i ---- . oonflscated In a raid about 10:30 heads of the oil Industry unable to j Saturday evening. I reach an amicable agreement to | place raided is four miles | limit their output. In July the ae- „orth of Lincoln on the Fourteenth i partment announced production oi gtrpgt ,viad and is believed by offl- i crude petroleum amount^ to ' {.p|.g to he a beer garden.* A number | 333,000 barre^Ls, a new hlgl^ of other people escaped from the , house and officers counleU fifteen! cars, containing thlfly-six people, which they said were either coming from or going ^ the place. | Offla rs takmg part in the raid were Federal Agents Schmitt. Williams and Lesh, Detective Towle of | the Lincoln police, and Special Agent Olson of the Burlington. j The five who were arrested and | were being held at the police station : at midnight, although no charges; had been filed against them, gave the following names and addre.ssei: | Jerry Alderman, 20, 4934 Knox i street. C. E. Bordwell. 38, of the Alvin hotel in Lincoln. <No such hotel Is listed in the directory.) Doris Dunley, 17, of Olathe. Kas., living at the Comhusker hotel. Beatrice Hyer, 16, Olathe. Kas., living at the Comhusker hotel. Mable Byrd, 36, whose address was given as that of the home raided North Fourteenth street. Doris Dunley and Beatrice Hyer all time. This production sented a dally average of 2 barrels, an Increase of 42,000 bar rela a day over the preceding monto and a 21 per cent Increase over the dally output in July, 1926. Officials Concerned. The greater Seminole field lahoma has caused government officials the greatest concern. In tnis field the production in July totaled 15 . 196.000 barrels, a dally 490.000 barrels. This represented an increase of 104,000 barrels a day over the record for June and an ad vance of 480.000 barrels over the 10.000 barrels dally output 1928 In a year's time from July 30, 92?: to j5ly 30. 1927. this fleW was estimated to have produced 80,000, ml, “tremendou. Quantity of Si' r ..... that they contemplae asking cu a found by the ress to Intervene. vjork ' po^ce hidden In a closet. Three men Xrretary of the Interior wora , escaped by initiated the campaign 5°!; " breaking down the front door. A rilsionVl control of the oil in , „„j^ber of broken bottles were soeech. It niet with tsc , front of the house and “ of Secretary of Com- blood indicating that some of endorsenTenr oi o mrsnns had hppn i*ut on met ^ president CooUdge re- acUon until T^en. admin- Ff " MRS. GATLIN HELD for grand JLRY Reidsville, N. C., Woman Must Face Charge of patricide. MEXICAN YAQUIS SEEKING PEACE Revolting Indians Will Surrender If Lives Are Spared. tricide R, Smith Petty, former cotton L governors of the rebel whose body was found juried in tne ^ recently placed in his hands ha^ement of her home. ' a petition, offering unconditional ThP voung woman, who Is j surrender If the lives of the Inmans to have cSssed the crime to Rev | be spared n> uarHii# during a reii- xhe nei NOGALES, Ariz.. Sept. 3—(INS) After almost a year of guerilla warfare In the state of Sonora, Mexico, the tribe of revolting Yaql Indians. under tlA' rebel Chlf Luis Matus, have sued for peace. This was the declaration made he # today by Oen. Juan Rico Zer- tucne, second In command of the campaign against the warring Ya- quls. General Zertuche said Matus and The peace overtures have been the belief that the terms would be accepted and quarter shown the Indians. T 4 «?,!T^Rtarv**at^ revival conducted referred to Mexico City, according to by the prSier several months ago^ expre^d «liowf "'but Uttle'*con«rn at the aa"?»' told in dcu.1 >'«„ »''r'tf, "Si lejalon to him and what he *'^?c?r'JlnS '"*”ta m.:“a"T»amnny »me“"K I his de?«! as a rSult of a blow on . Uie right side cf his head, which j caused an indentation five or six | CÍTY IS CHARGED WITH COLLUSION nee Company Objects to Lump Sum Settlement With Satterwhite. inches long. Collusion between the city of Lincoln and Emmett J. Satterwhite, former street malntalner for Unl- ing hours behind with an axe 30 m WELCOME tfiKJtiV* TJI f/T 4// and $1,000 for medical expenses that LI iM if I M M rxM incurred In the future. This : compensation claim was charged In District court Saturday by the Indemnity Insurance Co. of North Ametlca. The city agreed. It is said, to a settlement by which Satterwhite would receive $6 100 in compensation Trans- Atlantic Flier Given En- thuslastic Greeting When lainds In Salt Lake City. was based on an award of total permanent disability. The insurance comijany claims Satterwhite la not totally disabled. It also objects to the Jtem for future medical expenses. The hearing Saturday ended without decision, counsel for the parties agreeing to submit briefs to Judge W E. Stewart. Satterwhite, who was run over by a tractor, has already been paid $2,565 compen-satlon and $3,729 for medical SALT LAKE CITY. Utah.. ^pt. 3 —(INS)—Col, Charles A. Lindbergh and the “Spirit of St. Louis sailed over the Wasatch range into Salt Lak valley at 140 this afternoon. circled over the city tor twenty minutes and landed at the local airport at 2 o’clock. Shrieking whistles and craning necks of iJeorle from all over Utah , . . .. .. greeted tni youthful ace. Amid C b IIC c I Air Mill I throngs of applauding enthusiast hi was taken to Uberty park wh#e SS‘.o()o‘^e‘n.*^MSJme?f and^hudrn. Two Share Contract i*hls evening he was given a re- _ ception at the Mormon tabernacle. WASHINGTON, Se^t, 3—« I. N. T ^ »i S.)—Cancellation of me contract .May Suggest Mrs. Woodrow Wilson As Vice President Contract Because DES MOINES. Sent. 3—(U P.) — The name of Mrs. Woodrow Wilson may be placed before democratic women in Iowa as a candidate for vice president at the 1928 elections, Mrs. W. E Maulsby of Des Moines, a leader In democratic politics in the state, said today. Mrs. Maulsby wa.n in charge of democratic women’s headquarters at the state fair. No definite decision, however, as to democratic candidates, state or national, was reacljed at the meeting ASK rOOlJIKÍE TO ST01‘ IN CHICAGO CHTCAOO. Sept. 3—«I N. 8.) President Coolidge has been asked to stop off in Chicago enrcute to Washington from his vacation in the Black HUls to address a mass meeting In Union imrk It was an- SAVE! ON YOUR COAL BUY PAYING CASH HOW CAN WE DO IT? No brokerage fee, no collections, no bad accounts, no unloading cars, no waste. Selling for cash only. Low over head ex-^ pense. Taking entire output of mine coal direct to your bln with one small cash price margin of profit. OUR COAL IS GUARANTEED—PHONE US Cash Coal System Lincoln Nobr. Phone F2288 (temporary phone ’till Sept. 1st) B1035 For solid comfort there is no house to compare with a solid brick house. Cool, these hot summer days, warm when wintry winds are blowing. And it costs you less to own. The passing years leave no marks on the wall of solid brick. , Yankee Hill Brick Manufacturing Company ROBERT I* FEHOUSON. PRESIDENT Brickmakera for nearly half a century. IF YOU ARE MOVING TO LINCOLN and expect to own a home or are planning on building, it twdll pay you to See John B. Cloer BUILDER I can save you money by helping . you plan your home, cutting down details that cost mone^ to install, and yet have the same quality home. I will also finance your home or build on your lot or mine. JOHN B. CLOER Contractor an dBuilder , Phone M 2698. 3326 Vine St. In planning this home, the owner, wanted .a small compact little cottage, itTOUSt be a story and a half, rather than the bungalow type to take advantage of the view overlooking a lake. A study of the plan will reveal, that it has everything that the larger home has. A good slaed living room, with French door opening onto a*screened-ln porch, dining room and small compact kitchen, the fireplace has been omitted in order to reduce the cost to a minimum. The basement stairs lead dowfi to the grade door, which serves as the rear door as well. The basement is not partitioned, but is equipped with laundry trays, floor drain, etc. On the second floor is two good sizes bed rooms, nice roomy closets, and a good bath, with “built-in tub" and lined closets. A French door leads to an Iron balcony, a place for shaking bedding. The exterior walls are of frame construction, with stucco over metal la'th. A soldier course of brick Is used at the grade, as wdU as for brick steps, giving a touch of color. Iron hand rail, as well as a balcony is used as an ornament In front. The roof shingles are asphalt of reddish color. The interior trim is oak for the first floor, pine in the second floor, with gum wood doors, the floor of bath is of tile while the balance of the floors, except the kitchen, are of oak, stained and waxed. Kitchen in pine for linoleum. The cost is placed at $3,500 to $4,000, exclusive of heating and plumbing. Home Owning brings joy into your life and advances your standing. Hundreds of people have obtained homes through our help, who could not have done so under any less favorable plan. Our loan terms are most reasonable and practical. We are always glad to explain them to you. No obliga • tlon. Come in and See Us. AMERICAN Savings and Loan Association E. F. Snavely, Sec’y. 1124 “O" St. * 4 lira ««_■ iiai obtcQTv liinidvatiici iui wiii- The minister declared Mrs. uai- verslty Place, In arranging a lump lin told him of her threat to gei settlement of Satterwhite^, her father tor “"0 -------------------------------------- her mother and how a lea later she struck him from Chosen Again Once more qualiCy workmanship and materials win recognition. PLUMBING in the new Brown’s Arcade was installed by Hamikon & Giesler I'LUMBING AND HEATING 1421 P St. B-1666 1 High Taxes -Smaii Loan Payments The method of purchasing a home should be carffully considered. Our loan payments are low enough that you have something leit to care for taxes. You will find this valuable help In keeping even on your payments. TRY OUR PLAN 6% on Savings Accounts. Fidelity Savings and Loan Ass’n. E. M. Forsyth, Secy. 223 So. 13th St. s.)—Cancellation of of the Colorado Airways for the air mall route between Chevenne and Pueblo, via Denver and Colorado Springs, was made effectively toda b* the pos toff ice department. Beginning tomorrow, the Boeing company, operating the Chicago- San Francisco route, will take over the Colorado route on a temporary basis, penomg new bids to be received on October 4. % Postmaster General Ne v said he cancelled the contract because of an agreement between the bidders whar^v the lower bid was withdrawn The low bidder was N. A. Wimer of Denver. New said Wimer and the Colorado Airways have been sharing the revenues of the route, in accordance with the withdrawal agreement WOULD BAN B.HOKING. BURLINGTON la.. Sept 3- Instructors In Methodist schools throughout the nation will be banned from smoking If a resolution approved by the Iowa conference of the Methodist church here today Is adopted by the general conference The resolution condemns smoking in iniMic nlaces aqp advocates a Laborer Is V/orihy' of His Hire And is also worthy of a safe place to keep the accumulations of his labors. Our safe deposit boxes are priced so as to be witlyn the reach of everyone. Another important feature of our vault is that no matter what the price of the safe deposit box, the same safeguards and the same ccmveniencea are available to all patrons. FEDERAL TRUST BUILDING EVi:N HEAT OIL BURNER RIGHT PRICE AUTOMATIC PLAY SAFE Install This Oil Burner NOW Schwake Oil Burner Company 117 North 14th street • L 9393 —Photo oy MacDoiUila Come to Normandy Gardens The public is invited to inspect these new homes. Mr. Luckey builds only the highest quality homes, employing first class workmen and using the best grade of materials. They speak for themselves. He will build and finance your home on any of these lots. Come and see for yourself. University Park was opened by Henry C. Luckey a lew years ago and every home South of Holdregc and North of the Interurban line on both 37th and 38th streets has been designed and built by Mr. Luckey. Henry C. Luckey 4013 HOLDREOii—M-1411 F. E. WILSON Successor to N. R. Soucie Plumbing and Heating Estimates Gladly Given. Our Service Car Always Ready for Hurry Call s! Quality Workmanship at Reasonable Prices! (Iig So. 27th Street F-64R1

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