The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 1, 1936
Page 6
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.PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLB f ARK.) COURIER NWS Navy's Day Before Record Army of Fans Savs Notre Dame lo Beat '' Trojanfv Tennessee to ' Take Ole Miss. UY JOCK SliTIIIvltl.ANn Head Coach, Uiihersif; u( t,, Pillsburgh ,1'lTTSBURGir—A lighting B0»y ](il Irish from Noire Dame—yes, •,T.I'cy have some real hidd>butks ihfre Hi Is >ear—incoU a dnng- uo'is gang of Trojans from t Southern California SnUirday, Dec -6, In earmarked .lo bs (lie last big- foolbnll billle o.f the Sfa'r,' Rose 13OT.I Barney cxrcplcd . Kolr<! Dnme definitely is.on Die uptrend , The Irish have come 5lo»'g like n whlilwind since thai Navy defeat When lhe Finmblcis start/to-go.' they, lire tough to ,Mop. Behind tlie running,of Bob 'Wilke and the surprise ,,i mining and passing of Ncvin (Bunny! MtCormlck,, Miner Layden's (e-ini found Itself. . ,. The Iihh lia>c, gained a lol 01 confidence, since t the defend by Pitt and Navy—and theiciii lies lhe dnngei. - The Trojans, .st/ed ii]> ns one of the Iwo best learns on lhe .\vest const al Hie beginning of lhe yenr, haxe teen deflated by ^defeats by California nnd Wnsh- Inglon. and tie;, wllh Washlug- ,lon Slate and U C I, A Underdog's Bile Had - The underdog this year hns hnd "{he habit of spilling the dope more llian In any jcni I can recoil Tlie Tiojans have pointed for this game, nnd have llioj advantage of placing In their own backyard in llie climnle that suits them Should the Iilsh become jhe leasl bit cocky, they me apt to be judely surpiiscil by an In- iSyjired Trojan team IIowevVY, I'll ilde with Notie Dame '. December cold hns driven football away from lhe ensl nnd mid- west, and we find the only ether grid games of imjoi piomlncnce in south, southwest, and on the coast Temple gives the Pacific const nnolhei hcadllner when Pop Warner's bojs tangle with SI Marv's In San. Francisco It's, Pop's fiist return since lie left Stanford fom years ago, and should be n triumphal, one. The Gaels, too mnj be up for this game, and me In position to, upset the dope like Southern California u.Chlck: Meelmn and- his Mnnhnl- lan Jaspers or New York go tiav- »elmg All the way lo Tyler. Tex, lhe|,bo)s>igo to take on Texas A. A M Manhattan will face one of (he southwest's bcsl passing attacks, for Homer Norton has one of the two outstanding teams In the southwest, where the aerial Is tlie first football fundamental The. -Aggies are picked to pass their way to victory over the Jaspers, VoU on UpjTade - Southein JvTellicKHst nnd Rice meet In anolher southwestern game uhlch lias nothing at stake In the way of n conference championship The contest, however, Is marked by intense rivalry and should be close. S. M U although below 1935 form, has been more consistent than Rice has a belter pissing game, am! should win Texas vTech and Arizona meet The year's rccor< crowd—102,000 Iron/Jed fooUxill fun: long .supremacy on the gridiron, 17-0 at Municipal Stndliim, savagely fouglil, gaine llial was decided in the closing minutes. The nnly vacant seals >in (Ills view 1 'of (he rent .spectacle.."lire those In the forcgrdimd reserved for the corps of -mtdshlpmeh, seen TUESDAY, DKCKMBER 1, 1936 Baker Victim In Vicious Affair; McLuiiu Defeats Oley Olson. ItY i. I'. PRIEN'I) lit u finish VIOSES TO MARRY Hurry (J ray sou NEW YORK.—Homey Ross, hy, hi* 'Victory over hr.y Jannazzb, gained nothing except negotiable currency. Prior, to his light with Hie Alubnimi .boy, the welterweight champion was held lii high esteem. In New York. Customers' had evcty reason to place Ross on a high ped- for 11 ley him trounce Tony C mi/.oner i and Mcl.ainln. It was probably hickv for Ross il'iat Mi-!,aniin wasn't In llicre lnsi"ad of Jnminzzo. Had such been .the cnse, the championship might have changed hands. , • Llltle known York, per cent of Hie net, gale, did -not earn $8000. 'lie fought, like one of Singer's Midgets, and thai w(is a terrific .surprise. . • Y r The fight received ft' good build- in' addtUun lo llie hnmmci'lock. Mebtey barely mlsscrl Inking the fall shoilly after lhe gout'. lie secured a surfboard but us he began lhe lifl his foot slipped, li;: jcoiUlnually had linker on the • verge of defeat only to have him j wiggle under the ropes. Mac Conn's 1'rom Ilohlml Willie MeEuln, CMadewaler, Texas .came from behind to win from the American-Swede. Olson won (lie first and In doing so handled him easily. But McEuln became rough nnd tough, nirrylns th< , attack, matching diit foi (ill I Hint, bordered, on .science will, .-iclonce, roi tin ec lln; riotous, Rex "Tex" Mobley. I on ,i ;m( i ( |i| r( i Ainnrlllo. Texas, look lhe third I Olson used ii. crab for the first and deciding fall from Dago j,, 15 minulcs. Several head sels- lluki-r, Rnchliic, Wls., lost night S0 r s sc t the Mage for some kan- In Hie feature match of lhe 'Am- garoo kicks, followed by a body i-rlcan Legion weekly wrestling ._ sn-nddie, enabled Mac to knot the count. After it minutes of rough inul liimble rasslin Olson hooked a body scissors while holding to .lhe ropes in n corm i McPnin j;oun<led both fists in lhe pit of . his stomach, and as Olson fell lie i was on lop.of him ill a Mash. ' ' Willis P.ird, <157) Vorcd a 'Hr.n round knockdown over- ' Wildcat" Monle U. (109) and vvftu oil to Inko Ihree of the remaining five rmmds : tnd hold another evon. in an exciting liout. Monle Is .said '.o .have finished the Tight without knowledge of what it w is all about, .as a result of lieinp floored •:lhe first. f. Jack Lucy outpointed Wairen ipnvis in a. live-round piellmlnaiv PERFECT INTERFERENCE - up, but 1 the fans arts be- , and the 30-yenr-old Mc- there Isn't a Ul-'jioiuid outside of New was named as Ma>bc Wnllv Moses, Philadelphia Athletics outfielder, below, can gel a Tew poinlers on hovv lo wield n bit fiom his wife la-be, Idlly Haines, of Houston, Tc\ The litlle vvoimn apparently knows hovv to swing the bludgeon she's holding, in another battle In that neigh-1 above She becomes Mrs Moses borbood, tangling at Tucson The •Teeners have a slight edge, although Arizona is blasling one of its strongest teams Tennessee, very definitely on (he road back io its foimei place in llie southern limelight, since Nfaj.: Bob Ncyland returned as head coach, meets Mississippi at Memphis. There is .too much power In the ranks of the Volun- for Ole Miss, whose chief threat, seems to be Ray Itapcs In two other contests scheduled for the ^j,eek, Washington Slale led b> Ed Goddard should .4 Jjvnc, •Xteers on-Dec. 6—and baseball bats probably will replace, rolling pins in tho Moses domicile, Lions Meet Lake City , at Manila Wednesday MANILA, high school Ark—The Manila; Lions, '. Timncrup in cant by (he resignation of Buddy ' ln tne °P lnl011 of the write ntory, snys his charges are as yeti K°-^Jannazzo flght brought last vt.irs county bisketball playoff, will play uielr second game of lhe season against Lake City; at., the .gymnasium Wednesday — „ night. Coach Cnrtlss, who re- trounce Gonzaga after the drub-'cently filled the position left va- .birig'l-he Staters took, from .Washr' ington on Tlianksglvlng pay,, and Georgetown should lake Miami'.'.'in an, Intersectional content—in the Florida city, Dec 6 (Copyright; 1936, NBA Sen ice, Inc ) GHNTS OJiER S500 FOK HOME RUN IN II \VANA NE\V YORK — Ma nage men t of the New.York Giants offers $500 for a.home run'hi 1.over the fence at, the Havana training camp next .spring. The fence is 500 feet from hems plate in all fields. a litlle stiff and slow on drlbblin,, but he hopes to iron out the difficulty before the game. HOES' ctilef cliallenijer following I//j's !5-round draw wltlv Oefcrlim Onrcla. The latter -will mod .Hoss within GO days In• niiolher championship fight. Tor'II was decreed by .the stale athletic commission that Oarcln'. be given his, cliance, whether. or not Ross successfully defsnded his crown. Prom the outset the Ross-Jan- na/iio ' bout was regarded a.s u lemon. Tlie fans knciv that Jnn- nazzo. who' fights hluiig' the same lilies as Maxle Ro.wtibldoin. did net po" CK, tie pottir ncce^sniy lo bihiy dovvn llie champion. Lasl season ' Janna2£i> dropped decisions lo Jncktt Davis kid A?tcea Jlnin!) Lelo and Clelo Locntelll Faily this season jan- astounded eastern fight en- lliuslnsls bj defeating duslave td(.r the vaunted Oeiman welter. Against Ross hovvcvti jiumaz- /o \vas Just a |)bst He caul punch, Is only a fair ring neneml and certalnlj not lhe tvpe filled to be honoied with the title once held bj such pligllhllQ gioats ns Mysterious Billy Smith, Tommy Ryan. Mattv Mntthcws joe Wnlcott, Jnc.k uilUon Mickcj \Vilkei nnd Jimmy McLarnin. * « A _ .Didn't'. Please .Fans Ross nghllng hU hrst major'bat- punching in; more accurate fash- Ion When ho' Is'called on lo defend the crown against/Garcia in jan- uni\ Jannaivo in elongated, ftwkvvaid nnd peskv rlngslei ; lost lhe first six rounds, copped the seventh, and lost the .eighth. Jammzzp's \belter boxing won the ninth. 10th, nth, 12111, and 13lh rounds, but the crowd didn't like it, The .challenger's bcsl punch was n glnnclng right al the left side of Ross 1 body. 'As punch, followed punch into Mint region, uoss sported t several •• red{ abrasions. ' ! The champion showed a flash of speed and punching power in the two' closing rounds to win a unanimous' decision; in, a flght which was .1 disgrace to mention as a Illle contest. '••••• '.;' • In the opinion of the writer, lhe Rojis-Jannazzd flght brought back he goofy-night crn lo New York Ross, contracted lo draw down W coming wise to the fact that box-: hig in all divisions Is 'ex-, lrun;ly' low cbu. This Is proved by lhe fact lliat, before many mcons. have passed, a Filipino ring-, slef -who has been knocked out .on the west coast vyill be hoisted Into the ring and regarded a.s tlie chief clmlic-ngcr for llie diadem........ .' Wltii. the exception, of ciarela, Lai'iiln, rlngster capable of drawing more than llles' In a tille scrap. Thai's quite a • change from tile, days when such belters as Jinnny Clabby. Jimmy . aardner,. .ciiirenc: Perns, Ray' lirdnson, nnd other lop-nolchcys were battling' it out for tlie right to be recognized as welterweight klngpliy" following the .renouncing'of the throne by Mike 'iTwin) Sullivan. . . " OardehTill Twice Tlie 1 figiil. however, wasn't the only eoofj- thing connected vvilh the lalcst New York busl. . Item No. 2 had to deal wllh Uic .'selling of the radio rights. . , ' II was adverliscd in Manhattan and New England papers that the fight would be : broadcast. :I .was given lo-iuidcrslahcl that lhe siim of $1000' prevented the broadcasl- , • ; ..-. : , . .. .,. ig of (lie event; As Ihlnga luriiecj out.- lhe Madison Square ,Garden' Corporallon last vyhaleyer money It was to receive'for lhe and the organization certainly did^ n't make a'nytjihvg on lhe light. * Can you injaglna the iale Tex Rlckard giilbbllng over n'."grand.'' ivllh radio people? : I Things .will have .lo^ick up con-; sidtrably in flghttown before -dyed, hirihe-vVool . fans\;. vvill turn out; With McLarnin and canzoncrl on llie way 'but, and the- lightweight, heavyweight, ami ligiu-litavy- welght divisions riugsters wlio are about as popular as a de : crease in pay, the grand old game is practically on the "skills. ' Ross'- performance 'didn't help if. The. fans cxpcclcxi -lo see n bigger -^ „ — j...... nnd betlci- wcllerw'eiBht chieftain. lit since !Uaj 1335 \vlll have lo be .instead, lliey'' saw a'fighler wlio probably' icfl Tils best' light in his Iraiuing c'a'mp In Ferh'dalo, N. Y. Mobley was awarded lhe first on a foul, lost tlie second, and then •-•aptiired the Ilnale In-.a whirlwind L'limnx that hail lhe cash cus- Lonu'i'.s on Ihelr feet » wildly. '.••,'• linker started the fireworks when lie heaved Mobley over th-.' ropc.s and Into Iho front row of funs. As he attempted To-get bnck Imo llie ring before lhe count, Unke: would slip by the referee, Mike Meroney, • and .batter him back to the floor; In an attempt to keep Baker away. Meroney vv;is knocked to the canvass with n vicious forearm blow.' Aflef four unsuccessful allempts, Mobtcy finally got back only to be met .wild a volley of blows. He .survived Ihem In sonic manner and onto Baker, bringing him to the floor. By this lime .Meroney was coming lo and crawled over to register the fall. As he approached Baker, who was flal oh his back, the .Wisconsin matman grabbed him by the hair and forced Mobley to break the hold. Mike .struggled free und Jumped on Bnfcer. In the melee Mobley grabbed Baker and heaved him-on his cnulillowered ears for -the fall. Maker flouted But Bakev did not have enough and attacked Mike after he had awarded tlie match. It was nip nnd luck with honors about even until Mubkiy -.made : it a -threesome and Baker rah from the ^'ihg.f Tlie bout started' slqwly:-~nnd gave early ^indications of-being 'a dull, .drab , .a'ffair.',. "ivlpbley gave Baker a ! . first-class wrestling les- 5011 and looked like an easy winner. But : Bakev, wlio Ls as ;tough n.s your great, great, 'great grandfather's leather boots "arid can dish'out the .misery, went.'on n spree and was disqualified by Meroney . for ;.eye gouging. Tlie" lime vos 10 minutes.;, ' ; .J. When 'Baker :'cam'e back 'from the. rest period lie concentrated on a pnintul hanimerlock, which he finally used to force Mobley lo surrender and even the fulls at one eac-li. Dago used a back .stomp that produced litlle winner weighed IJ3 less than -Davis. ncllon... The two pounds :. Sprlngtail Insects leap Ihrdugii -lhe air by "means of iheir spring like Inlb. ; • ORDER A CASE TODAYI Rend Courier News..-Want Ads ' Blyllievllle, Ark. MADE WITH ARKANSAS Distributed by Midwest Dislrltmtiilff Co., Phone 6 Bike Trainer 10 Years NEW YORK.—JacK'N'evllic, chtet trainer (or lhe 'six-day' bik'c riding troupo, hns been In the sport for 40 years-and . It was . started In this country in New YorkvMS yetirs ago. (NOTICE OF PUBLICATION Department of the Interior, • General'-Land Office .at Washington, D. C. November 18, 1936. ' Notice is hereby given that Louis J.. RobersoiV of Oosnell, Arkansas, who, on February 5. 1936, made homestead entry o. L O. number 05249 for' SEH SE'i Section 31 Township Ifi North, Range 10 I East, .5th Principal Meridian, Ar-' karisas, has filed notice of intention to make i three jear proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before Carey . Woodburn, County Court Clerk, at ~ > Blytheville, Arkansas, on the 26th day of- January, 1937. Claim!nt names as witnesses„ Jesse Franks, of Oosneli, Ark. Charlie Rldia rdson, Of Oosnell, Ark. • Tom <Young, of Oosnell, Ark. | Gene Lowtry, of Bljthevllle, Ark * , I >• D. K PARROTT, I ' ^ 'Acting Assistant Commissioner.' t" 1 ',_"," , ,\\ '. \ 1-8-15-W-25 DIMAGGIO SATS HARDER : IS TOUGHEST TO HIT SAN FRANClS.CO.-Joe DiMaggio. the New York Yankees' great recruit, asserts that Mel Harder, Cleveland Indians' pitcher, wns toughest for him.. Joe says Mel's fast curve is the most baffling in the business, as Inr as he is concerned. Read Courier News Want Ads Play Billiards! . ' Wholesome Rwrcatlon • ; Mod«Mt«ly Priced Blythevillc Recteation Center 316'W. Main r Former Home of Bcll'i, Pharmacy GARNER APPLETON MARVIN OHAPPEU, Good Cleaning NEED NOT BE EXPENSIVE DRESSES- SUITS- HATS- 65c GIVE US A TRIAL Peerless Cleaners Franklin & Chcrrv Phone 162 WANT TO BUY CORN SOY BEANS CRAWFORD & COPPEDGE GIN CO. Highway 18 « Phone 331 WE ARE NOW BUYING GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON Phone 167 or Come to See Us Applebaum Bros. Cotton Co. BeitigBldg Blytheville, Ark. Why don't you give a Beauiyrest- I got one last year and it's the most ii&eful. gift I've ever received. It means years of healthful sleep , If you want !o Rive something that pays dividends every <!:iy of lhe year, we suggest a Beaulyrcst Jlatlress. First, liccnnsc it ; .givcs luxurious comforl every ni.k'ht for years. Second, liccansc it's i\n aid to sound sleep and thoreforc a means to' lietlcr health. The cost of lliis famous niallrcss is only SSfl.50 and you way use. our budget terms if desired. Why not select a licautyresl this week? We will" hold il anil deliver if any day yon .suggest. Yes we "have Heautyresl Gift Certificates. Hubbar Klijtlicville, Ark.

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