The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 19, 1930 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 19, 1930
Page 8
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Funeral of farther of Tipton Mna at Liberty Church Today. - l&pol iuiidinf Packed at J - *^Bt to Pkk Contestants for flkronty. •CttRCLEVILLE HAS BEE i Prairie townsrip held her '{elimination spelling bee Tuesday night under the. allspices; of, the Parent-Teachers Association .and selected the contestants to enter the county match H to be held at the-high school bjiilding in Tipton April 15. • p' " ' The crowd in^aftendance pack- ied'the building anjl in connection Vith the spelling 1|ee, the annual jrrade school progiam was given. She 'Parent-Teach t ; rs' Association awarded prizes ijof handsome {bound books to winners in the various grades as fellows: Wilmer barlow, 3rd grade- Donald Gray, fourth; Bessie Crail, fifth; Vari-r dene Beamer, iiixth; Nellie Shuck! seventh -anjl Gerald Rayl, eighth. The books: were presented by Mrs. Garry i). Smith. I ( Miss -Beryl McFieynolds, principal of the Prairie school was •agisted in conducting the match •by Earl Foster, teacher at Jack- aon; Frank White of the Prairie school; Gerald Miiidleton of the Goldsmith schools i! and Delores Adams of the Praiiie school. ; Winners of the laatch who will Represent Prairie %t the county tneet are Gerald FJ'iyl, son of Mr. and Mrs. William ijlayl, route 1, Kempton; Varidene Beamer, the daughter of Mr. aiid Mrs.: Roy Beamer, formerly of Tipton, but Bow.residing, on route 3; Wilbur Hoback, son of Mr; and Mrs. (Da*M Boback, route .3, Tipton, and Beetle Crail, daughter of Mr. and Mr*. Asa Crail, living on route 1, tCeaipton 1*- AliIiteO\ BITES. \ Funeral services for Oliver C Allison, father of assistant Post muster Ebert Allison of Tipton were held at the Liberty church in Howard county-thi? afternoon at 2?00 o'clock. Burial followed in the fciberty cemetery Mr.. Allison, who was 71 years • ; it •*' of age, died at his home 131 West La r'dema n street in Kokomo Mon- dap night, of heart complications brought on by dropsical troubles, Several children survive, be side the son in 'Tipton. They are William, of West Middleton and /ill Homer and Rol of Kokomo John of South Bend. with *2 as the •r- "8circfevllle. alsc picked her trlnaeri last night; they being Robert Weaver. Laura Keever tad Mildred Scott. t The grade school program giv- fea.'at Prairie in connection with Ike apelling bee, consisted of mu- Sfc try the orchestru. recitation by Charlotte Robinson, dialogues, songs by the boys'glee club, recitation by. Delia Land, songs by the third grade, ard oration by jfaranerite Terhune. who will ^plak.-on the Conititution at the bulldlrg here tonight - VUHed Suuoday. ittrs; William 'Webb, east of ilTfpton, visited Sumlayat the home WI-.-.tTer' : brother-m-law, George jtyebb-and. family,!: near Walnut e. The George Webb chick r pen«'.were rectjifly visited by (as and forty c r more of their White Leghorn chickens were .The family does not know 'fnfit'wben the poultry was taken, tart believe they i Aliased them the da*.following and; that fdtind no elew to the thtejfes. -•.VtrRASTOH -r-relr' tonight, with #Kj»tii Thursday': fair in south, tMcaaing cloudiness north; cold- Mr ^fh.'extreme north by afternoon ei-aajut. WORLD'S LARGEST BAHK IS FORMED Rumor of Merger of Chase National and Equitable Is Confirmed. PLACES U. S. FIRST New York, March 19.—Creation of the world's largest bank resources approximating $00,000, 000,000, to be known |the Chase National Bank of City of New York, was an- sub>: nounced yesterday. This merger had been rumored for some time, Ifhe institution wiTl be formed,' ect to routine approval of stockholders, through the merger of he Chase National bank, now' the third largest bank in the country, with the Equitable Trust Company, which in turn is absorbing . the Interstate '; Trust Company. jLlbert H. Wiggin, chairman of the Chase National, will be the senior executive officer of the new baKk, which gives the United Stakes the largest financial institution in the world for the first time in history. inthrop W. Aldrich, president of Equitable and a brother- in -law of John D. Rockefeller Jr., will be president of the bank. Mr!- Aldrich represented Rockefeller interests in the famous i Standard' Oil of Indiana batltle. 'proxy Anita Joan Arrives. Anita Joan is the name of the fine daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Wibard Taulkner, of Sharpsville, Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 and the little miss is as pretty as her name. This is the first child In the home and she-arrived on the "3rd birthday of Evan Faulkner, who is the grandfather. The mother, prior to her marriage was Miss Geraldlne Duncan, daughter' of [Mrs. Emma Duncan, of Sharps ville. Mother and little one are getting along nicely. MrCorkle Funeral. Senate Lobby Committee Acta After Heated Talk by Robinson. POLITICS IN PROBE Washington, March 19.—Records of an account maintained by Claudius H. Huston, chairman of the Republican national committee, with his personal broker in New York were subpoenaed yesterday hy the senate lobby committee after -a controversy of nearly an hour. The committee first proposed lo subpoena all the records of Huston's dealings with the brokerage firm of Blythe and Bonner. This brought protests from him and Senator Robinson, Republican, Indiana. Then it was decided to obtain only the records of $36,100 contributed by the Union Carbite Co., for the Tennessee River Improvement Association. Huston, a former president of this association, -has testified that he deposited the money with the brokers and that it all had been "turned over to the organization which has been active in advocating the proposal of the American Cyanamid Co., to lease Muscle Shoals. The subpoena directs Charles A. Krickel of the brokerage firm to appear before the committee today with the records. Huston was excused . until further notice but the committee indicated he would be recalled later. "If the subpoena is limited to the question of the Tennessee River Improvement. Association and anything-, this man did as president of that concern," Robinson shouted, "then I say there should be the fullest ;. publicity, but a subpoena such as this appears to be would go; into all the affairs of the Republican .party;" "That account is not the Republican parly's account, is It?" nquired Senator Black, Democrat, Alabama.' "It may be," Robinson replied. "I did not know that," Black said. "There are a lot of tbings you do not know," Robinson retorted. Monday evening-at ther beautiful country home, east ^of Windfall Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dennis and son Wa'yne, entertained the members of the 'Windfall basketball squad: and 1 their coach Charley, Hite. .Herbert Lyons,; commercial • instructor in the Windfall schools and Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Stone of Kokomo were also guests at the enjoyable event.- Included in the- squad were Virgil .Caldwell, Herachel Trim-] ble, Ralph Blessing. Ralph. Camp-' hell, Gerald Campbell, Mark Pat terson,-. Russell Foreman and Harold Pritchard. At six o'clock a splendid din ner was served Aid the evening was spent in music, games and contests. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis are ardent supporters of the Dragons and their son Wayne is a member of the squad. I . Confession of Clifford Sid-, ers Clears Mystery of Youth's Death. ATTACKED AND SLAIN Action Is Taken to Expel Illinois Faction From the Union. CALL REBEL LEADERS BELtEVE IT OR NOT. I Chester Powell Had Bone of Leg Shattered By Hog Kirk. Funeral services for James Mc- C^rkle, who died at his homieNkt 30 o'clock . Tuesday v morning, will be conducted at the Christian church at Curtisville Thursday orniug at. 10:30 o'clock. Bar. H. R. McCune, of Anderson, will conduct the services. - . ungm On Wait; Chester Powell, residing northeast of Hobhs, was in Tipton Tuesday attending to business mutters and in the course of a conversation with .him it developed that he could furnish a good item for Ripley's "Believe it or not," daily cartoon. Some time ago Mr. Powell and others were handling, a large male hog and the animal kicked him on the left shin bone, with sufficient, force to shatter the large bone of the', leg. The hog was a big type Poland China weighing oved 600 pounds. and the injury was one which kept htm helpless for some time, at one time it being feared amputation would be necessary.' Today, however, the leg is sound and all ripht rand the only trace of the, injury, is that the left limb - below the knee is a trifle shorter than s the right. The difference Is not noticeable In bis wialk. ^ Indianapolis, Mar. 19.-^-With scarcely a ripple of opposition to mar the placidity of their deliberations, delegates to the convention of the United Mine Workers of America yesterday.: killed a group of resolutions demanding the resignation of John L. Lewis, international president, and other officials. There was not- one'- opposing vote to 'the. action that trampled on the opposition to the Lewis administration. With the same attitude, the delegates adopted changes to their constitution that will give its international organisation. The last action before the convention was announcement by Thomas Kennedy, secretory-treasurer, that the international executive board has summoned the leaders of the rump convention in Springfield, 111.,- to "-explain why they should not be expelled. The leaders of the rebel' ,movement are commanded to appear before the executive board in the international headquarters at the Merchants Bank building' at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning. They probably will not appear, and in that event - the executive board is empowered to expel them anyway. Clinton, Ind .r March 19.— Clifford Siders,. 32 years old, confessed slayer of Glen Judson, 11, following a criminal attack last Halloween night, was sentenced to ltfe imprisonment at Newport yesterday. * , i Sheriff Harry Newland made immediate preparations to take the convicted man to the Michigan City prison. He intimated that he was anxious to get the man out of the county jail, due to the general high feeling again Siders. Siders, who was. indicted on a charge of second degree murder .by the Vermillion county grand jury last week;- entered a plea of guilty when he was arraigned yesterday. Siders, arrested here , a fortnight ago for frightening school children, confessed slaying the youth last. Halloween night. His confession cleared up a case that had mystified local officials for four months. He told questioners that he had'thrown the boy to the ground after taking him to the edge of the town; and that in the fall- young Judson struck his Head on a rock, causing injuries, which resulted in death. The boy was found the following morning in an unconscious'con­ dition and died without regaining consciousness. Under questioning Siders also admitted attacks on several women of this community. Following sentence Siders made no comment. His mother, who was in court with him, also 1 was silent as sentence was passed. TERMS PLOT IMPOSSIBLE.' ] '/ . -—" -.•'<•• • I Contractor Says H> Dealt Direct-! Iv With HiRhway Officials. v • ' . - ' • i r . j Bloomington, Ind., March 19.{ —'Ralph Rogers, " Bloomine.ton| contractor, asserts that .a conspir-t acy between him and William I Sayer, former district maintenance' superintendent of the Indian^] state highwiy department, ' hy which the state lasserts it was defrauded through the sale. of crushed stone,' would have been impossible because he 'dealt di-| rectly with state- highway officials, i Has Not Filed. John F. Morris, former connty commissioner from the first district whose name has been ^mentioned as a possible candidate for the place, has not filed his declaration with the county clerk. So far the only candidate is John DeWitt, who asking this nomination .at : the hands of the Republicans. • Eveready glue bottles, a bandy office accessory. The Tribune Press. Celebrate Birthdays. Mr. and Mrs. Clurid Cambell, who Reside near Normanda, entertained Sunday at their home^in celebration of two birthday anal- versarles, for W. R. Campbell, father of Cllrid Campbell and for .Mrs.. L. D. Summers; Two large angel food cakes graced the center. of the prettily - appointed table where the splendid dinner was served. The guests were Mr. and -Mrs. Will Cambpell, Mrs. Summers and RevT and Mrs= C.-.E. Dan lap and granddaughter; /Lucille - Collins dettlaic ftloiw Iffireljr. Reports' from the KokoBWhos- ptUl are that Miss, Edna Stout of Windfall who" ^waa" opera]^/"|br eoaaty.hoapltalV Birthday Btaaer. MrsJ J. B. Plymimre, of ffold- spith entertalned^gaeata" Buaday at a surjprias: birthday dinner-In honpr\otC Mr.- Plymire'sebirthday. annWersarylThe gueatitMr. andJirsiS .Harley-> Kalleit'-and daughter/utb. ^»t a Indeaendeart; Mam«MwikrifaiiaaWelM ^yaM«. <a^iid\ a ri^a,* g^Kal Svunsl ' - miu ravmm— tuts xoaraj. - ; Capone in Hiillnfr. Chicago, March 19. — Chicago wondered today what had become of its notorious bad man, Alphohse Capohe. {The Herald - Examiner j says' it has learned definitely that f Capone arrived yesterday by plane j and immediately:slipped into hid-' ing with his lieutenants. After these "business conferences" are! over, the newspaper says, Capone [ intends to leave ChicagOr^-destina-j tibn unknown. Increase your oats yield 20 to 25 per Cent by treating the seed with Ceresan; for sale by Compton & Son, Inc. ; - • >•... .^;,.|_ c-tf SMALL ADVANCE ON HOGS. Sales Made at SIO.SO to *10.8ff Wednesday—Cattle Active. Indianapolis, Ind., March 19.-4r- Receipts on hogs, 6,000; cattle, 9P4); calves, 700; sheep, loo..: Hog prices early today -at this local live stock market were 10e higher with weights of 160 to 250 pounds at $10.50 to $10.85, and theheavier kinds sold at $10.35 down, underweights 15c higher at $10.75 down, down; and sows at. $9.25 -I. Cattle were more active at steady^prices; calvesi.were -steady at $13.50 down; sheep' were steady with lambs at $10 down.; OPTOMETRIST SB. JL F. SMITH will be at tbU store everr Taeaday from IS to 4, to make axamlnattons of the eyea and make; eor ree- ttoaa aad ttttag of SLAUTER'S JEWELRY STORE **Oa the i" We We Bell PURINA FEEDS BARGAIN GROOELT THOR and EASY WABHER8 at* Wtfe Service Chicago, 111., i March 19.—Re ceipts on hogs,! 10,000; carried oyer, 5J0O0; the market was 10c tb 20c higher with the top price 810.80; there were 500 cattle and 20,000 sheep, j Local Proflebe Market. (Moore ft Moore) Bntter ._. _^ S5c Eggs — ___ _:___23c Local Oram Market. (Hobbs Grain Co.) No. 2 Soft Wheat - — 1% .95 Oats !^_.L___ .35 New Corn, No. 4 yellow, per 100 lbs. i_- .85 Indianapolis Produce Market. •Eggs—Indianapolis jobbers offer country, shippers' for strictly fresh. stock delivered: at Indiana, polls .loss off, 22c a dozen. Poultry —-Jobbers, paying for fowls, 4 % pounds up, 24c; Leghorns, 20c; 1929 springers, less than 4% pounds, 21c; Leghorns, 17c; old roosters,- 16c; < ducks, 12c; geese, full feathered, 12c; guineas, young,-$6 dosen; old, 1.4; turkey hank; young, SOc; old> 33c; toms, younc JSOc; old, tic; squaba,r.'ll lbs. to dosen,. $4.60; old pigeon*. 7Cc a dosen. i Bntter Jobaara', selling prions for ereamary batter. •: fresh trsts. No l,7 4S-4Sca pound.. . Batter; Fat ^-Indianapolis buyers: are paying S 7c a pound delly- ered)at;Iaa1aaa!K )Utr las WHEN YOU MAKE T< —yon will find it a great epnr«ri«xief safeguard to pay for them by meiini of CHEOK. Av check boot is burglar And bandit proof, aad vhm if lost or destroyed, your money is atUI SAFE in the hank. Moreover, every time you pay by check you have a receipt that can not be questioned. Why not follow the SAFE METHOD, adopted by 65% of the people of this country, and pay your bills by -check?| You 1 can open a Checking Account in this bank in less than five minutes. THE BANK OP THB A Voluntary Member of the Federal Reserve System Only Bank hi Ttptoa Coanty Hi We Have in Our Window a Beautiful Kitchen Outfit In Tan and Ivory—Gas Range, Cabinet and Breakfast Set—Priced Very Reasonably. Suite & RarrDin FAVORITE — GAS RANGES - DANGLER GIVE THEM All THEYare never too small or too large to be en* couraged in ways of thrift. One of our deposit books with one entry made is a SENSIBLE gift. Ctttzens Nattooal Baik Special Rug Valaes 9x12 Axminsters that, will serve you beastifDJly for years; newest deaigns and colorings — iininaters ( . Uy attractii in very latest patterns; siie »xl2— Extra quality, heavy Axminsters (made by Mar. shall Field ft Co) unusually attractive desifne aad colorinffsl te I aVI

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