The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 30, 1927 · Page 12
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 12

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, October 30, 1927
Page 12
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B—TWO THE LiyCOL\ SUN HAY STAR— SUNDAY, OCTOBER ,J0, 1927. DOANE DEFEATS CHADRON EAGLES Bobcat Captains ^87 and ^21 » Baldwin’s Flacekick Wins 3-0 V ictory For Haylett Team. m- 'W. Eagles, Twice Champion Of College I^op, Out of Race. CRETE. Neb.. Oct. 29—An 18- yard place kick from the toe of Captain Baldwin in the fourth S uarter enabled Doane college to efeat Chadron Normal in an ex- , ciitng football game here today, 3 to 0. It was the first defeat in over two hfasom that the Eagles have sustained at the hands of a conference opponent, A goal from field decided the 1936 game between the i two schools, Chadron winning lavlett's Doi Tigers held the uppc rhand through- Coach Ward Haylett's Jane turning three yards to the Husker thirty-yard line. Ashbum replaced^ Lawson in the Nebraska line. Presnell made four yards around end. Howell rammed the line for seven yatds and a first down. Presnell hit center tor seven more. Howell tore through for six yards, but Uie play was recalled and Nebraska penall 7 ?ed five yards. Captain Brown replaced Bronson in the Husker backfield. The Orange blocked Presnell’s punt, and Winnick recovered for sHacuse on the Nebraska 31-yard line. A pass. Baysinger to Lewis, was Incomplete. Prophy went on for Kopp in the Syracuse line. Undefeated Fairbury High Eleven, Baysinger lost three yards around right end, A pass by Baysinger was Incomplete, Syracuse was jjenalized five yards for making two incomplete Orange Pa.<ises Good. Baysinger kicked out of bounds for a 13 yard punt. With the Huskers taking the ball on their 26-yard line, Howell .smashed through for two yards. Presnell punted out of bounds for 35 yards. It was Syracuse's ball on its 37-yard line. Goldman plunged for two yards. A pass. Baysinger to Goldman, w-as good for eight yards, and a first down. • A pass. Bay.singer to Goldman, w'as good for four yards. Jones i the Peru Normal football captains of 1887 and 1927 met at Peru when! plunged for a yard. Goldman made Bobcats defeated Nebra.ska We.sleyan in a Homecoming day game, five yards and a first down through out the contest, gaining 119 yards in J’a^ The '87 captain is Dr. Dexter D. Ashley and the 1927 Bobcat leader Is diilis. completing four first oariss of Tecumseh. the line. A pas.s, Baysinger to Goldman w’as good for 16 vards and another first down. Sebo dropped another pass from Baysinger. Mann Edge To Doane. ^ ...... ^ Doane also held the edge in aerial; „gu accounted for a single ! covered for Syracuse on the New repla¿'e(l * 8060 ‘for Syraci^ play, completing five p^es in U; yard. ¡Yorkers' 31-yard line. Jones . Goldman Tailed to gain attempts for 97 yards, while Ch^- j Heven Passes Intercepted, ron completed six of 21 trials for Baysinger. hailed as one of the 82 yards. ' most expert forward passers in le Bengals threatened their American football, thrilled the great on line. Jones smashed the line for five yards. Husker Line Holds. i for Nebraska. Captain Brown in- Sebo plunged through center for tercepted Baysinger’» pass. Ne- three yards. ‘Presnell made a ten | braska took the ball on its thirty A} g plunge. Parley replaced Oehlrich 1 for Nebraska. over ^ yards of ills team’s 119 yards ^ superior foottell team which had crowd w'lth his wizardry in hurling , yard return of Baysinger’s 39-yard i yard fine. Howell plunged for two for offside. Bronson replaced Brown ing within the EaglM oval, but ^he Nebrasl^ backs punt, bringing the oval to midfield. { yards on an out-of-bounds play. ^ in the Nebraska backfield. three different hm^s, alertly watching every BaJ” Witte plunged for three yards. | Pressnell made three yards. Witte plunged for 11 yards. The 'tT^iane eoaT ‘ yards, i Blzik went in for Jones in the quarter ended with Nebra.ska in rinrSin Rft^wfn w^ho gained f Syracuse taking the ball on its one ; Syracuse backfield. Presnell plunged possession of the ball on iUs 26 Captain Baldwin, »ho _g Cornhuskers were on the field with Baysinger punted 29 (or five yards and a first down.! yard line. Score: Nebraska 21, Syra- yards, Presnell returning ten yards ; "^¿®h replaced McMullen in the ! cuse 0 . to the 20 -yard line. i Jhie as the half ended. 1 Presnell plunged for three yairds. j ^ore. 14, Syracuse 0. | .................. , , , A pass. Witte to Oehlrich, gained* McRrJi^ a pas.s and returning it 60 yards to lowing the struggle.Jieclined to com- ' eight yards and a first down. The Witte replaced the Chadron 18-yard line. ment on the Orange team’s over- ball was on Syracuse» nine yard^^ barkfi”id Nebras- Tigcrs Haunt Eagle Goal. throw, but Line Coach VanArnaam, , line. Presnell hit center for two The heavy Eagle team was un- , who .scouted the Cornhuskers in | yards. Presnell went through the from scrimmage, was the star of ^ the ea.sterners whipped and out- game. Early in the second half he , matched in every department of the ruined Chadron’» only sustained , gridiron game, march down the field by intercept- I coach Andreas of Syracuse, fol- ka backfield. Goldman returned Richard’s kickoff to the Oraui able to penetrate the scrappy Tiger their games with Iowa Sta^ and Orange left tackle for five more. Syracuse drew a ffvp Jin.', * line and made their greatest gaims Missouri, wa.s more commun^cative. presnell plunged for another yard ' offside Ravsinecr by the overhead route. . Saw Defeat Coming. ^ , bringing the ball to the one yard tardi f “I FOURTH QUARTER. X.UCÍS, Munn, Sprague and Grow were substituted for Randels. Richards. Lee and James in the Husker line. Witte punted 46 yards. Syra- cuáe taking the ball on its 26-yard line. A pass, Baysinger to Goldman. was Incomplete. A pass, Bay- ^ Sebo, gained four yards,' Fairbury high school boasts an undefeated football team this fall. \ -------------- —— —“ The Pairburv gridders scored 19 points in the last quartt'r Friday to beat * fwv/>|vv WW¥TFk¥\¥ ¥T ¥lkT Nelson. 19 to 0 . Fairbury heis also won over Wilber,’York. Superior, Me- ; IJ|f |J L|| |^|l| L 1^ Cook and Marysville, Kas. Members of Uie squad; liiVllI lUJIll/lili 111 Lower row—Parker, Ossowski, McPherson. Nelson, Roberts, Captain j Mack. Reid. Middle row—J. Marthls. Carmen. Corp. Zanders. Upper row—Coach A1 Bichn, D. Marthls, Vanier, Llnd.«iay, Russell,' Martin. Welch, Warman. LINCOLN’S P.VTH »Continued from Page One) Doane lost the ball on dow'ns • »1 saw what was coming while' within 8 inches of the Chadron goal Missouri wa.s scratching that 7 to 6 , , ‘ pr,^nell Over in Uie first iialf after completing ; victory over Nebraska at Columbia.” ' Again. made three yards", but the Huskers a'loTik^ p'lL^i'ffonV Smith to Baldwin VanArnam said “MLvsouri positive- thrSdld*^TarÌ*^Ìnd croise" tir yards for off- who had carried the ball to the 12 - l ly had no to come even close Z i yard line. The only casualty of the : to winning from Nebra.ska and I MrMutipn nlareklcked rhho plunged two yards. Mc- game came in this period when ' went back to to warn i ®^-P yards and a Culver Tiger quarter, was carried coach Andreas that he might as point. Score. Nebraska first down. N^Brlde failed to gain from the neld with torn ligaments, j weu be prepared to take one on the H. Svracuse 0. j v, ?” an out-of-bounds play. Sebo in- Doane threatened again in tJie ; chin, Pfe.snell is one of the great Goldman returned Richards tercepted a pass by Witte and ran third Quarter when Chadron held ' plunging backs in the game today, kickoff to the Orange 18-yard line, the length of the field for a touchier four downs on their three-yard but the whole Nebraska team, with Jones made a yard through center, down, but the play was recalled and jifjg ' a slight improvement in the kicking | Baysinger failed to gain. Baysing- Syracuse was jienallzed five yards . .. intercepted a by Bay- yards. Brown returning ten yards to singer and ran nine yards to the Husker 40-yard line. Witte ‘ Orange 26-yard line. the Mann replaced Sebo in the Syracuse backfield. Farley failed to Baldwin Boots Rick. I and passing departments, is plenty er’s punt rolled 46 yards. Nebraska for being offsi About "The middle of the fourth i powerful enough to beat anybody’s' quarter Coach Haylett’s men car- football eleven in the game today.” lied the ball from the middle of the field to the Eagles seven yard line. On the last down Baldwin place- i fine kl« ked from the 18-yard line, the ka winning margin of victory. Chadron came back with » barrage of passes which were futile and the game ended with Doane in iJOfisesslon of the ball in the middle of the field. Lineup and .Sun^mary Plenty Vet To Do. taking the ball on ihs 44-yard line. Howell was substituted for Witte in the Nebraska backfield, and Patterson Recovers Fumble. Witte fumbled and Patterson recovered for the Orange on the -The Huskers came through in noin^ whitmore in the Husker , Syracuse 40-yard line. Witto inter- • Jones iie shape.” Coach Bearg of Nebras- 1 » « e Presnell punted 36 yards ■, cepted Baysinger’s pass. Nebraska to th( I said, ‘but the victory over Syra- ; _ Svracuse goal for a taking the ball on its 48-yard line, being ' ' e of the games on our tnuchback. hut the play was re- McBride plunged for five yards, alized we have plenty to do Syracuse penalized five Witte failed to gam, and Nebraska the next play. d' Ne^'w'^ftrk U W^ for being offside. Presnell , V^rds for b^ing a New YorK u. we ^ omnnrf pnrt The ouar- otisiae. a pass. Gol< gain and Nebraska was penalized five yards for being offside. McBride failed to gain. A pass, Witte to Parley, was incomplete. A pass, Witte to Sprague, was Incomplete and Syracuse took the ball on downs on Its 24-yard line. Bronson intercofMed a pass by Baysinger on the Husker 33-yard line. Howell replaced Witkc in the Nebraska backfield. Howell made two yards around left end. Howell fumbled a pass from center and recovered, carrying the ball Orange 32-yard line. Nebraska was penalized five yards. A.shburn was substituted for Still at end for Nebraska. Howell plunged for eight yar<is. Sloan plunged five more. Howell hit center for three yards and a first down. The ball was on the Orange 21-yard line, three yards. Howell failed to gain. Howell followed with a four-yard smash. Sloan was downed for a loss on the 23-yard line the game ended. Final score: Nebraska, 21; Syracuse. 0. GOLDEN TORNADO PIFFLISH ZEPHYR »Continued from Page One) on the field today, including Chri-sty Flanagan and Stump ioma.son, Howell made bailed as All-American pros|jecte. but Freddie Collins surpassed them the line and all. Slashing Uuough dashing around the ends, he scored two touchdowns and made some beautiful runs. Starts “Shock Troops.” Rockne started his second team CYCLONES TRIM KANSAS AGGIES and it held the Yellowpackets .score- les.s throughout the lirst »Continued from Page One) is just one of the games on our schedule and in preparing for sas Aggie.s and might have run up a higher score, quarter. Then the'fir-st team went In and swept down the Held to score Just before tlie end of the end of the half, when Collins dashed around right end for 10 yards. In the third quarter the first team scored twice aagtn, once when Collins crowned a march down the field the Orange 40-yard line before ^ 48-yard line, being downed Nebraska was pen- Aggie 24-yard line, but' Kv“gn‘inK"aroundVnd for : l.lndb.oom', tumb.e. recovered by fnd‘'“SrwhermleyV,.Ss Poa. Bplelman ----- E- Warkow ..... L. I. L. G. C... R O. R. T. HE. <4 B. L. H. H. H. F. B. , Substitutions: Doane- -Smith for Culver. Chadron - Hook tor McConaha. Altock for McFarlane Chitsman for Carroll. fi^rroU for Chnsman, Ch»*eney for Perry, Doane, 3- jlelman . Warkow .. Rezabek . Swatvson .. Boon ........ Nixon ---Sanderson Culver ... Kuzelka .. Baldwin . Sche<T made a yard around end. The quar- vvitte niimaor» e»tr« ««..,1 n/r bor . . .be reserve, ^ an Aggie man on the five yard line, prevented another touch down .some experience. We played the cuse 49-y -Chadron, 0. ■ quarter with mcwt of our ‘power- , 14, 0 ,McConaha ' house’ on the sidelines.” SECOND Ql^ARTER. Busii i Lineup and Summary. A five-yard penalty against Syra. Flanders ' Lee Christian Rlchard.s . Weller. Whitmore McFarlane , James ... ... Carroll; McMullen Perry I Ftandels .. Oklmgreen j Lawson .. ... Garvm , Bronson . Gilmore Witte .. Presnell Oehlrlcli Sub.stitutions • L.E... . .L T... . .L G.. ..C.... . RG.. . RT . ..RE.. ..LH.. .RH .. .F.B... Nebraska Raymond ga^'c the Huskers a first down. VanNeas drew another five yard .. Kopp penalty for being offside. Howell Wlttman made a yard on an out-of-bounds play. Howell plunged 19 nineteen yards. He had a clear field, but stumbled Patterson replaced Newman in the Syracuse line. Nebraska was offside and penalized five yards. Presnell made a yard on an out-of-bounds play. Newman . Winnick .... Lewis Baysinger Gkddman ... Jones Sebo Ashburn i pre.snell passed 20 yards to Lee but rn. Law- i ...... son for Still, Sprague for Lee. Shan- for Lawsoti, Still for Ashburn. Law- | the play was annulled, and the cuse taking the ball on its three yard line. Baysinger punted 43 yards, Jug Browm returning 14 yards to the Husker 31-yard line. Witte made two yard.» around end. Jones replaced Raymond in the Orange backfield. McBride made four yards through and followed Breaks Loose. - pass, Goldman to Mann, w'as encb-b. netted ten yards and a first down. Lineup and Summary. Another Baysinger to Goldman flip lowa State,12 Pos. —Kas.Aggies7 was Incomplete. Baysinger’s next Krebow pass was intercepted by Sprague, oallbraith who ran to midfield with the oval. Fischer .. McBride failed to gain and Ne- Ayres ___ braska was penalized five yards for ____ offside. Sloan went in for McBride smltl) „___________ ___ in the Nebraska backfield. Carry-, with three more McBride hit center t ing the ball out of bounds, Howell for three yards and a first down. ’ ^ ^--------------------------------- LE Witte smashed through the Orange left tackle for five yards. Patter- ijont for Garvin (ioal from field . , Huskers penalized WtirUungton lor Ohimgreen. Sand- er for Sprague, Munn for Richards, offside. Two attenm * - Lucas for Randels, Ray for Munn, passes. Presnell to Bronson. Baldwin »place- Holm for Whitmore, Raish for Me- •• - ---------- five yards for attempted Husker and Howell to Presnell, were incom- son spilled McBride for no gain. Huskers Pass To Score. Witte plunged for three yards On a three yard dive over tackle Witte made it a first down. The ball was on the Orange eight yard line. Witte made a yard. kick». Score by period.». Doane .............................0 0 Chadron ................. .0 0 Qfilrlals; Referee—Earl Johi^o Umpire—Johnston. Headlinesmau Black. 3—3 0-0 on. ntum lur wmimore, itaisn lor MC- Howell to Pre.snell were incom- pass, Witte Mullen. Zuver for Holm, Drath for picte. and Nebraska penalized five a to'ic?fd<y^ Rr.ish, Grow for James. Howell for varOs 7 ?u '* captain Brown Sr''ifo*HT"Bromo"nTo°"’ Braín ' ' «‘y»'"«" Ncbfaskr 21 lymcSb'o^^ _ Farlev for behlrich McBride for Presnell’s punt fizzled, rolling out Richard’s kickoff was called back. ¡ and swung around the Nebraska derson, Saunders for Springer. Fleck Presnell Sloan for McBride Peaker ' bounds for one-yard. The Orange ; Zuver replaced McMullen in the right enil for a 26-yard gain. Rath for Neeley, Dayhoff for Douglas, - • . ; i-_j u-ii Ur.« A I rr.r,-,.- _ -------^ Rich- i Tcplaced Raish and Whitmore re- Bauman for McBurney, Saunders lost two yards. Sloan’s punt rolled MiUer 53 yards for a touchback. ' Lindbloom Syracuse scrimmaged from its 20- yard line. Bayslnger's pass wa.s,o» ♦« grounded by Sprague. Peaker re- Substitutions. Iowa State Placed Bromson in the Nebraska Rchlenker for Gailbraith. Rudi for backfield Baysinger’s long forward ' Burton, Hill for WeLss. Lutjens for pass was intercepted by Peaker.' Smith. Gailbraith for Fischer. Hill who was downed on the Hu.»ker 42- for Miller, Miller for Hill Kansa.s yard line. Goldman returned Aggies—Toller for Edwards, Tack- Sloan’s 43-vard punt to the Orange well for McBurney, Anderson few 23-yard line Evans, Pearson for Saunders. Day- Baysinger iioes 26 Yards. hoff for Douglas, Edwards for Toller, Baysinger faked a forward pass Toller for Edwards. Evan-s for An- from Flanagan and dodged his way down the field for 35 yards qnd a touchdow'n. Third Team Plenty Good. Rockne sent his first two teams to the showers, but the third team J scored again in the fourth quarter Edwards ^*hen Elder and Chevlgney made L.T. ., Householder i two beautiful runs around end, g»xJd Stover for 45 yariis, after which Dew went Saunders | tthrough the center of the line for ... McBurney , the score. Lyons Stumpy Tliomason and Warner McNeeley ■ Mlzell played great football for the Evans' southerners, Mizell especially star- Holslngerring on defense and with his punt- Springer ^“ 8 Duuglas L.O. C. RG, R.T. R.E. Q.B. L.H. R.H. F.B. BU( KNELL RECORD SMEARED BY ARMY to permit the high fwhol teacliers’ attendance at Uie variou.» district conventions. Games next wvek. Tursdk.T, N'otemb^r I. Oakland at Pender. »rotta at Comstock. Walthlll at Rosalie. Grant at Imperial. Wednesday, November i. Ashland ai Bethany. Wahoo at University Place. Cathedral at Adams. Kimball at Uertng. Ttlden at Madison O Nelll at Creighton. Sargent at Litchfield. Callaway reserves at Anseltno. Wakefield at Htanton. Geneva at Harvard. Wsuneta at Benkelman. Genoa at St Edward. Chadron at Harrtson Albion at Randolph Bridgeport at Mitchell. Wayne at Hartington. Wymore at Tecumseh Callaway at Merna. Clay Center at Sutton. Thursday, November ». Fremont at Omaha South Friday, November I. Lliifoln at Omaha Tech College View at Aggie high Creighton Prep at West Point. Alliance at Seoltsbluff. Cambridge at North Platte Tekamah at Pender. Gothenburg at CurlU Aggies. Hastings at Crete. Orleans at Alma Kearney at Grand Island Tekamah at Pender. Peru Prep at Nebraska City. Dakota City at Homer. McCook at Holdrege Gibbon at Ansley. Plattsmouth at Auburn Nebraska Deaf at Lofaii, Im. Palisade at Big Springs Greeley at Burwell, Grant at Imperial. Coleridge at Wausa, Karnam at Maywood ShuberC at Humboldt Battle Creek at Nellgh. Columbus St Norfolk. I.yons at Winnebago. Falls City at Pawnee City Laurel at Crofton. Ravenna at Broken Bow. Hemtngford at Dalton. Lodgepole at Ogallala Ainsworth at Wood Lake for Bronson, Wostoupal for Farlev i 33-yard line. A ' Husker line. Sebo returned F Patterson for Newman 55-yard pass. Basinger to Ray- ards’ kickoff to the Orange Y7-_._ Btzik for Jone.s, Taylor for 'VanNess rnond, wa.» incomplete by a narrow i Une. A pa&s, Baysinger to Goldman. Brophy for Kopp Mann for Sebo’ margin. A quick pass by Bay.»lnger gained 19 yards and a first down. ■ ------.------------------------ , 4 »«... . ----- ,----- incom­ as WEST POINT. N. Y., Oct 29— The hitherto undefeated Bucknell eleven was met today by an Army team with no regard for reputations and the Cadets smothered Uie visitors, 34 to 0. A crowd of 10,060 saw the game. On the first play from formation of the game. Nave recovered a Bucknell fumble and ran for a Beaver City at Arapahoe St Paul at Loup Cty. I.exlngton at C«*ad Hebron Academy at Nelson Bloomfield at Laurel. Decatur at Bancroft. Saturday, NovaMbar S. Mmden at Oxford Huskers Heel Off _ , ^ a ^ ... Jones for Raymond,, Newman for was incomplete, and Syracuse drew a pass by Baysinger was incon Smashing r ICtory ¡ Brophy, Louck.s tor Baysinger. Sebo ® five-yard penalty for making two plete. A long pass by Baysinger w (or Mann. tContinued from Page One) to annex a first down and Presnell darted oft tackle for eight yards on the next, play Short drives by Witte and Bronson gave the daz- rlini Presnell a bit of rest, but the »tar Nebraska back then lunged Touchdown - Presnell 2. Farley Extra point- McMullen 2. Brown. Score by jjerlods: Nebraska .....................14 0 7 6—21 .................... o 0 0 6-0 OfftciaLs; Referee — Leslie Ed- mond.s. Washburn. Umpire- Mike Fii thmiiirh 111 ® Orange line on sue- i Thom|Xson. Georgetown. Field judge vards. iSriXea of seven and six ' ^ McBride. MKsouri Valley line for ovir P. Egari through successive incomplete pas,ses. Baysinger’s punt rolled 42 yards, Presnell returning 7 yards to the Husker 47-yard line Howell plunged for six yards. Presnell drove through the Orange right tackle for eight yards. On a double pass behind the line, Presnell made four Howell ripped through the ten yards. Presnell went yards and the final stripe. The second Cornhusker touch- doan was largely a reijetltion of the first, wiUi Premiell bearing the brunt of the baU-lugging burden llant aid. Duquense Rlay-by-PIay Details. . , „ * , FIR.ST QU.ARTEK. oihTrtch^ Nebraska won the toss and chose was not halted until Presnell again Irad knifed his way across the tackle for three more. Howell made four yards. Syracuse was penalized five yards, Presnell made three yards On a crisscross play. Lee swung around the Orange right end for three yards. Taylor replaced Van Ness in the Syracuse line. Howell plunged for incomplete, and Syracuse wa.s penalized live yard.s, for making two Incomplete pa.sses Bayslnger's punt rolled 59 yards for a touchback. Teams Exchange Punts. Running from pass formation, Witte made four yard.». Witte faked a punt and McBride smashed the line for three yards. Witte’s punt rolled 49 yards. Syracuse taking the ball on its 24-yard line. Baysinger’s paiws to Goldman gained nine yards. Sebo made a yard through center a first down. A pas,s, Baysinger to Goldman, was Incomplete. Still replaced Lawson In the Hu.»ker line. Another incomplete pass by Baysinger drew a ty for Syracuse yard placed Zuver In the Nebraska line, for Pear.son, Tackwell for Stover, i — Baysinger failed to gain on an end Hamler for Lyons. FYeeman for . touchdown Householdcr. I jjj firgf, quarter when Hutchln- K ? Officials; Referee--J. C. Grover, son .shot a pass to Murrell, who but Nebi^ka Washington. Umpire—V. S. Eagan, ran 20 yard« for a touchdown yards. A pa^. Baysinger to l^w^^ cirinneU. Headllnesman - R. W. j in the second period. Murrell In- gained a first down for the Orange, Dartmouth. Field C l 4 imke, Northwestern. for a touchdown. Mrs. John D. Hertz of Chicago, 111 ., has the distinction of winning the richest prize in all turf history. When Anita Peabody, her little filly. won the Belmont Futurity recently. she was presented with a purse of $91.790. ¿here was an additional prize of $30,000 for the breeder of the Futurity winner and Mrs. Hertz, liaving bred the filly, ro- Shaner replaced Sprague for Nebraska. Peaker intercepted Bav- singer’s long pass, giving the ball to the Huskers on their 25-yard line. Ovation for Orange Ace. Loucks replaced Baysinger for Syracuse. The Orange Ijaliback was loudly cheered as he left the field, Howell plunged for no gain. Sloan’s punt rolled 70 yards, Syracuse taking the ball on its five-yard line, Ray replaced Munn for Nebraska. Loucks punted 40 yards, Peaker returning eight yards to tht _____ celved the extra $30,000, making ner judge—R. I tercepted a jjass'^and ran 80 yards j inconie from that triumph $121,790, ' which sliattered all existing reourds. five-yard jjena Orange goal. Ilu!ikers t ontcnl lo Rest. Riding on the crest of a comfortable margin in the point column, the Cornhuskers were content to rest on Iheir oars and resort to kicking tactics. The Orange team's reply was a pa.'smg drive in which Uie Baysinger-U)-Goldman combination reeled off frequent gams, yet was unable to register a consistent marcii in the direction of the Nebraska go*l A Cornhusker aggregation of sub- eUtutes was in action during the third quarter, with Captain Brown taking Hronaon s place at quarter and Halfback McBride performing Baysinger made a 22-yard return of Richard’s kltkoff to the Orange 24-ynrd line. Goldman and Sebo hit the line for one yard gains. Baysinger punted 28 yards. Pre.snell returning 17 yards to the 28-yard lino. On a triple paas play Presnell made seven yards around right end. Witte plunged for six vards and a first down, putting the ball on the Orange 25-yard line Pre.snell drove through center for eight yard.». Bronson added three more and a ;ir.»t down Witte plunged for a yard Presnell Krores Early. Presnell .»wung around left end for .seven yards Prfsnell .»mashed Bayslnger’s punt rolled 71 yards for touchback With the Huskers yards. The ball was on the Orange five yard line. Howell Smashes Through. Howell plunged for two yards, , .scrimmaging from their 20-yard and took the ball on downs 1 line. McBride plunged for two on Its tnree yard line, Baysinger s yards. The play was recalled and punt rolled 70 yirds, Presnell re- ! the Huskers penalized five yards efficiently as understudy to Pres- throtigh the 8 yracu.»e left tackle for nell Witte also wa-s a ptiient fac- seven yards and a touchdown. Mc- tor In a suslatned Nebra»ka drive MtiiU n placekicked the extra point, which had as Ks clunax a skilfully B<’ore^ Nebra.ska 7, 8 yracu.»e 0 executed forward jmss from Witte Richard» kicked off 55 yards, to Farley on which the latter sped Goldman retmnlng 21 yards to the aki-rofss the Svracuse goal. Syracu.>e 26-yard line, Goldman was tox.ved far a yard lo»,». A pass across the Syracuse goal . nc I hi ' s Run 4iinulle»t. The Orangeme» once downed the bail back of Nebraska s final «tri|w onlv to be denied credit lor a touchdown by a penalty A C»»rn- from Bavsinger to l,ewis was gootl for 29 yards Bvracase had the buU on the Hu.sker 44-vard line Jones bucked center for one yard. A pass from Goldman to Baysinger hu.»ker pofif incomplete a pa«* from Bay- ^'”«er to Wmnick giined rix"‘yará; period. Bebo was running at full speed when he snagged the oval out of the air and he »printed with- pposiilon from mid' end of the gridiron. out opt »ition from midfield to the An Or.tnge lineman w-,ts offside on the play. crv^sm^ the Une »'f be­ lile Ncbr«.»ka center had fore snapix'd the bail, so Bebo t ihriUlng dash was annulled and the ball wat called ba<k for the mfliruon of tne punishment presvribed by llie rule Busker» \t Ihrlr Best. The C'ornhu.'.kers gave lh»'ir most potent display of efliclency in any »«* 28-yard line rombat of the 1927 seaaon Bronson. Presnell» punt rolled 57 yards, starting at the tiller potiiiion m hu Bvratuxe taking the ball on its 16- first gam* of the campaign, directed y»rd line Two pa »«*8 from Bay- A long pas» by Baysinger was blocked by Witte Nebraska took tiie bail on downs on it« 37 -yard line Punt $ ooli Symcuwe, A qui' k punt by Presnell rolled 6 t yards scrtoss the 8 yracu.»e goal for a tuucliback With the Orange '•cnmmaglng from its twenty yard lu.c, nHV.'ihijet paa?.ed lo Goldman for a nine yard gain Sebo lost a y.ard Baysinger punted 45 yards, Presnell being downed on Nebras- t S' the attack with superb skill during Nebraska 5 drive to two touchdow ns 111 the opepuig period The line wu» a %’eriiat»le sioncWHlI wluch corv- ß iptely baffied xll efforL» by the TSi.gemen to make yardage on plungiug or ninmng with the ball The uuniing mariiin Nebra.»k;i fc favor, de also was in singer to Onldnisn were incnmplet». and the Orange was penalized five vards Bavxiiu’cr punted 4 ») yards. Pichtirll returmne 20 yards to the Husker 31-yard Picfinell dove i the »uacuse right tackle lor jar I-' On a double pa.“'.' behind the line, Pres- spite one fcozlmg kick in wluch the i nell reeled off ten ysrds. but fum- oval and out of bounds alter a Pres- bled when tackled. Baysinger r®- Appearances Count importance of being well groomed cannot be overestimated. One’s personal appearance is considered an index to character and mental pr ocesses. Take advantage of our valet service and keep your clothes in perfect repair. Modern Cleaners SOl’M’l' .\M) WKSTOVKH, Mkth. “23 Years In IJncojn.” TUXEDO TOBACCO 15c Tins 2 for 25c 85c for 1 Lb. Tins. LUCKY STRIKE CIGARETTES 15c per package, 2 packages for 25c $1.19 per Carton. CANDY SPECIALS Chocolate Starr, per lb — 4»r Whipped Cream Chocolates. S9c Assorted Creams ......... 25t- Opera Carmels .... ___ 49c 3»^ lbs Home Made Chocolates ....................... Wt Ambrosia Whipped Cream Centers ......... .59r We also carry a nice assortment of box candies LlGiiKTTH WOOnVVARII’H WHITM AN’.S Harley Drug Co. mil A o Sts. A Special Display The Florsheim Shoe S HOWING the new Fall models — keen, broguish styles with all the snap and speed you want. An exceptional array of young men’s styles from which to select your Fall shoes. Magee’s Shoe Dept. Monday and Tuesday October. 51 st and November 1 st

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