The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 9, 1927 · Page 13
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 13

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, October 9, 1927
Page 13
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SPORT SECTION THE LINCOLN SUNDAY STAR Nebras Ka's st Newspaper^ LINCOLN, XEB., SIX DAY, OCTOBER 1927. SECT10X B CLASSIFIED ADVERTISINQ EIGHT PAGES TW EXTY-S/XTH YEAR. ___________________________________ ’ —-------* ~ ¡■■¡SB ■ ■ ""*¥ Missouri Tigers Ahead Huskers at Finish, 7 to o Q. Henry’s Bengals Browne’s Repeat On Huskers Lincoln Hi Team Smothers Waite, 31-13 Action In World . Mizzou, Out-Yarded and Out-Downed By Overwhelming Margin Makes Best of Scoring Chance. BY y" sHEHMAN. rni r\iRI\ Mo Oct. 8 — Wow and then ouch, some- thins íuís to he done about this'. For the third successive year the l'nlTersity of enteretUh. ttupertor,foo.haH team in it« annual duel with the I h eulPed for the third successive year the I ornhu«ker* h “* d1b^/Su"ed on the gridiron at Mi^u £ new Memorial ntadium. was quite as heart-rending as previous defeat»; bat perhaps the J^mpiWd r= attar.« - Huskers were toasters of the Tigers basic department of the XEB RASE AT 1GERS STATISTICS SHEET in every basic aepai v game the Bengal« had the bet«, it of the one decisive break to h.ejor- tunes of the struggle, converting that break in to their single touch down ar.d subsequent extra povn. But they had something more than that which was the moat^ pot ent factor in Nebraska s overthrow Thev had on the sideline a master They nao on ^ q{ 0winn Ml»»*art * en »*B»r fren r«»híB»—\*br»*k*. Fir»! «•’ Mi»*o«rl 1 T»r<U »»in*« IM WiWMvmfl. t* _ w . . T»r4* ifcr«w» »•<•»—N*br*»X» ••»»t. » Net v»r«*»< • : Mi* strategist tn the person w* Owmn wwi_f Henrv an inspired tutor in the pig- ». skin pasume who apparently hold* r.ow- the magic key to the secret chamb- *®«r era which lead to the throne of victor- the master-who can and doe^ instruct his protege* the which winning a gridiron battle thev deserve to lose. some Henry Strategy, roach Henrvs genius was dem- omS^ed hke a bolt of l^fhtning coming out of a dear the second per Hjf ^}* huskers by din; of a brilliant offensive drive which had as Ci a nAunge by the indomitable Blue Howell to a touchdown. Henry pulled open the switch and turned on the current _ A Howell fumble, following a Missouri kick into Nebraska s tern Tory, gave the Tigers the ball on the of the field .Netraofc*. ***: M »»*#»*.. •vs. (•r *« f»HU; Inr em»!*»*« C ud .»—T í*b-»»k», S f»* *t y**«*. »••ri H »•« «i «»'''‘a . . v.Hr,ïkm rida imI< *t«*m»t*4—s*»*»»*» M i»»«u n. *. STIFF TESTS FOR Lincoln High Eleven BIG TOWN TEAMS Ortrbs Waite Team Lincoln at York, Tech at ----------— Grand island On Book Spectacular Runs Feature 31-lo win This weekend. g ^e(j and Over Famous Yorkers Seldom Fail To Give Capital City Hot Argument. i ¿ «-e College ,/core/ ¿ ” "V; ìe&$m BV GREGG McBRIDL. Lincoln and Omaha Tech, leading metropolitan contenders for the mythical Nebraska high school football title, mill defend their laurels against a pair of out-in-the- state teams this weekend. Lincoln is booked to appear at York against Coach Floyd Gautsch 3 chjne has gone moleskin gladiators The Red and ; Black gridders always have a tough time at Ybrk and a victory for the capital city may largely hinge this vear on the manner in which the Browrues have survived the Saturday battle with Waite high of Toledo. Tech at Grand Island. Omaha Tech will invade Grand Island for a game with Coach Roy Pierces Third City aggregation Grand Island was the only team to defeat Lincoln last season and the Third City outfit has nine letter men in suit this season the vetei- ans including Tom Phelan and Toledo, Ohio, Eleven. BY GREGG McBRIDE. A fighting Lincoln high school team carried the color« of Nebraska interscholastic football to a spectacular in an interactional ftrid hatlle Saturday aftern<xm at the Nebraska Memorial stadium. ( oach \\. H. Browne » R<A', <J Black eleven scored a sensational triumph over the tamous Waite high team of Toledo. 0., 31 to 13. It was the second time in two years that the Matte ma down to defeat. Lincoln high turning the trick last season. ___ CROWD AXD BOOKS OX SERIES MW \ ORK. Oct. 8 — Off it i*l statistic* on the fourth and last game of the world's serie»: Attendance—57.90?. Receipt»---208.097. ...... Commission's share— Players* share—8106,129.47. Club's share—f70.752.98. mtm m of tuskers’ side Seizing the one scoring opportunity which confronted the Tigers during the 60-minute struggle Henrv rushed Captain HamarA. his raising mainstay, and Bert Clara, the Tigers demon receiver, onto the battle scene. -WaaMastea. its -MiiRtMit, M; Okla- Two Flamank » failed but a k piuee, third attempt, with Tarr on the receiving end, netted 15 yard* and the Tigers were on their scoring way Plunges at the Nebraska forward wall were hurled back without netting substantial gains, but Flamank had another pass up his sleeve and hurled the oval with deadly precision to Clark, who snagged the spinning ball out of the air while landing back of the Nebraska goal. Tiger Toe Deadly. The touchdown which knotted the score had been achieved by the Henry aggregation and the subsequent extra point sownt was registered on the score board when the Tiger mentor sent in Maachoff whcee toe sent the oval spiralling oxer the crowbar The score was , 6 m Missouri's favor and the hard plunging Nebraskans thereafter had no adequate reply __ The Comhuakers credit, it ma> be said in full truth that they gave *11 in fighting spirit but It went for naught on Shall of a lost cause The roid statistic of the combat dis- rlose that the Huskers had the Tigers ou classed in every fundamental essential of the strife The margin !r vards gained and first Mown* was so lopsided in Nebraska's favor that iContinued cm Page Two.» !> rnt wi*t *1 5. >*br**a» S. at *■«»*— a »**. »•; •• *1 C*»r*»*B~Wi»*Ba*la, SS: K»»*o* • »I < k»<G*»—ca*Sr*B KonMi, His . 1 • * * hi Lu Ml kl»M. S. hi M f n»»e*U k,5'»*SnStLato«f« S* At Of* X»i»H-D»*»* m »* kc . 1; stiu f atlf ( s %. Ai CrU«»—lUiMtv V*. Ndw. • At —H'*rtao*»t*ro. t »•■, » At Fhw»l*—tfcleaf*. H: At Urtai r»rlt— Crrlfklt». <: t*»»»ta, ». . %t Ftr|»—Xtrtk D»h«t> St»t*. *«. >»*I», VortBsl S. At St. at Tratktn, S __ At t MA?k"rJt.«—t ** * At BrMl—CtrwM rtllr»». » »•»•it, 1 At W •*!»,••. I*; a¿ o»e> a ® At t*»«irr-I>»»r*r 1 . it Wy*ytt»* At L»fM*—I Iti Aggi** S**l»r» *ttw, a. , c At Uos OtM—oat. *l»t* I*: »•*? • At A bb Art**»—SSlcSlf»». *1 lesa up« a At G*t*»ABfg— U»«iS*rS *Ât"r*»»4»- TBt»S« I .. I* B»1I»4 *, b • At Ct**«t*»4 —J b S b Cvrttt. 1. Or*»* 4*Vt >«»*•—OWrlio. 21 î S*1*»'« WtBw*. «S: eia Lincoln-Waite Statistics. LINCOLN HBCtA 1« b U 1; »«Hi»«!«* I * m s. I ol»r»4* Mtich- 14; R»1 bbi »* m First down* rushing .. First down* penalty .................. Yards gained rushing ............ Yards lo*t rushing Forward passe* attempted... Forward passe* incomplete .. Forward passe* intercepted.. Forw ard passe* completed ... Yards gained passe*.................. Net yardage gained -----------Punts ........................................ Pant average .............................. Punts blocked . • ■ _ • ; j • * • * Blocked punt* recovered -----Punts returned ......................... Kirkoff* ... ....................... Kick off yardage ....................... Kickoff returned ....................... Fumble* .................. Ball lost on fumble* .............. Ball lost on downs .................. Penalties ......................................... Penalty yardage Field goals attempted ............ Field goals successful.. ----- HIGH. •1 2 Q 1 Q « Q T"**1 5 1 1 H e 6 0 0 0 147 90 41 13 291 . 7 12 1 3 23 . 1 0 0 0 1 . 0 0 0 0 0 . » 0 0 0 0 . 1 • 0 01 . 8 0 0 0 8 148 78 40 10 276 . I 2 3 4 10 61 40 55 31 4U . 0 0 0 0 0 . 0 0 0 0 a . 53 20 65 • 13* . 1 2 3 0 6 . 59 97 148 • 304 . 24 0 0 27 51 .. I 0 0 0 1 .. 1 0 0 0 1 . 6 1 0 0 1 .. 2 1 03 6 1« 5 0 25 40 .. 1 0 0 0 1 . . 6 9 0 0 V First downs rushing ................ •First downs penalty .................. Yards gained rushing ................ Y ards lost rushing . ■ ■ • y -M Forward passe» attempted----Forward passe* incomplete . Forward passe* intercepted . Forward passes complete ----Yards gained passes.................. Net yardage gained..................... Punts ............................................. Punt yardage ..............*............... Punts blocked ......... • • •;......... Blocked punts recovered......... Punts retorned ....................... Ktckoffs ........................................... Kickoff yardage ........................... Kickoff returned ......................... Fumbles ........................................... Ball lost on fumbles................... Hal! lost on down* ..................... Penalties .................................. Penaltv vantage - ■ ................ Field goals attempted .............. Field goals succesaful .............. I Q 2 Q >Q « Q T*t»* 1 1 4 814 0 0 1 0 1 26 43 31 39 139 11 13 9 14 47 0 0 9 9 18 0 0 4 2 6 . o © 2 1 3 . 0 a 3 6 9 . 0 0 42 109 151 . 15 30 64 134 243 . 4 5 2 1 U . 35 41 37 51 «». 0 0 0 0 0 . 0 0 0 0 0 . 0 0 28 19 47 . 1 0 0 23 . 55 0 0 89 144 . 39 51 70 0 163 . 0 0 2 02 . 0 0 0 0 0 . « 01 0 1 . 1 0 1 24 . 15 0 5 10 30 . 0 0 0 0 0 . 0 9 0 0 0 Moore, outstanding players in slate high circles last season Creighton Prep will tackle Omaha South, with the odds favoring the latter team. Omaha North jovr- neys to Council Bluffs to meet Abraham Lincoln, while Omaha Central will entertain St. Joseph Mo« in another inter-state game of interest. Fairburv and Superior. Fairbury and Superior, a pair of outstanding teams in their section, will collide in a southeast game of interest The contest is slated for the Superior gridiron. Another game of equal importance is the Plattsmouth-Ashland set to on the latter s grid Both squads are pointed for a big season. Other important southeast Nebraska games include Crete at Beatrice. Tecumseh and Peru Prep and Auburn at Nebraska City. The Curtis Aggies will face Chappell and W a une la plays at McCook in the important southwest Nebraska games The Aggies a^ eas, favorites at Chappell, while McCook would seem to hold the advantage ui the other game. Cambridge On Way Back. Cambridge tackles Gothenburg in a feature game of the central sector After a rather drab season in 1926. Cambridge apparently is set to beat back to a place on the grid map. Lexington invades Kear- nev and North Platte wiW journey to Cozad. the latter team being latter team being coached this year Continued on Page Two > Hi/chad /corex linr»ln—SI, W«Jte *f T b * IS. r»U»rt»»—Cf«I*L •: lBll*rt*B, ® Uukft*l4 —Mimi City. ». Utck At S*rtB*n*I4— tAi»t#»k*r| f W»ri*tt»— H*rWrtt*. «• Olt«fk»i« At AtfcBB*—Ofct. ». <MUb SiBftk*rB A At <.»»B*UtB~ D*bi**«* 1»; l*w A At CW*»U»4-X«t*r* 1» *‘ ' aVrW •••I*r—W b^U*» 1J: *•» * •*•" * At D#U*»*r*—»•• oki* £\ Ak»»»—Aktwa. IS: 4*kl*»4 A At f ort < «Bib*—t«Ur»4« Aggit* »; Rftcttas !•««(, S. _ . _ _ At 1*4* r*»r*B«—fwm‘- *'• M C 4 A . At *»»•*•—Okua**». *i. okUk»«*» t rBBfc, 1 ■ , i i Continued on Page Two » Press Box Observations On Huskers Columbia nor ( lark mainstay » game, but BY TV" «HERMAN Coarh Henry made good on hi* kUt/men that neither Flamank two of bis batkfield would start U»e the claim that both *rrr — k*d»' crippled to lace flrr had i» refutation danng th* »e< ond period when the pair w*nt into the game and »ucce»*- full, pulled the forward- pa »:*g attack which enrompa**ed >•* Kraakas overthrow Flamank* vautued ability U. tin#« was not once pul to the ie*v. liw.*»«' '» were dire* led toward forward fhpp ng the baU. lt ,u » football gaxne of nari- vwradoxe. The Comhuskrr» »¡vnartnUi had everything which ism$ thr m M 1« 'ft» S»'“r fm tball crew everything, in fact, but tie winning end of the score did all »f field, the Tiger* will have a plant capable ot »eating fifty fise thousand »pecUtor* for thetr gridiron game*. ; VIOLET MACHINE CRUSHES ALFRED New York t. Backs Sprint and Plunge To Easy Win. NEW YORK Oct Schick Meehan's New York University fo^b^ troupe roiled up one of the bigger, scores in Violet overwhelming the feeble Alfred team bv a 65-0 count st Ohio Field, yes *«8 hall of fame outfit, crvgmgm^ it* last small" rival before taking on its major foes, enjoyed a complete field day Alfred forward New Y ork’s Y ankees Sweep World Series After Retiring Gehrig and Meusel On Strikes, Miljus Cuts Loose With Wild Pitch and Yanks Win. JAYHAWKS LOSE TO WISCONSIN 11 " Badgers Down Jayhawks By 26 to 6 Score At Lawrence. The » located in a natu ral hollow or amphitheater about »ix blocks from the Missouri U. campus The completed structure built on a foundation of solid rock '4L 'TÄ foaSTTt S'm?- ' Uto Ä5cin5«Äi m»k Brtoto LA WHENCE. Kas Oct 6—Coach Glenn Thistiewaites red-jersey ed gridiron warriors from Wisconsin overwhelmed the University of Kansas football team here this aft___________ ernoon, by a score of 26 to 6. Inability of the Kansas team to BY J \ MES L. KILGALLEN. stop Captain Crofoot. quarterback. YANKEE STADIUM, NEW YORK. Oct. H—In the ninth the°J ay hawkers • ‘ g „ jMmaiir h*\\ Piime with three men on the baaes, enabled the team from the north inning of a dramatic hall game wnn i c ri„h|handwj to smother the .ocals The Jay- two out and the «core tied. John Mtlju«, ig hawkers lone score came late In nothing wnere m- Aiirec f . Pittsburgh Pirate«, let go a wild pitch that the ^ ponod when Cochran, % all snould have been and dashed, pitcher of the MtlsDurgn champions of 1927. sophomore end for Kansas, picked hither and yon unul the visitors ma(je t^e New ^ ork Yankee« the world c P . , up * Badger fumble on his own ten goal line was reached . - lt lh#, Yankee« the ball game. 4 to 3. and D> \iriue ot d llrie and raced ninety yards -A- bum ;jrina four consecutive world;. s,m*Kan,e*. .he f.rwt rim. second quarter and that ^a« been accompli«hed since itth . ^ _________ The shades of night were falling across the field in that tense mnfh inning when Miljus unloosed the wild pitch He had gone into the box in place of Carmen was pitching great ball fact, on his way to can». At Ie4*. At 4tfl Hali # At rM»-r*n er*». »-. *<»■» • At BUlr—ai»ir 1»; «ekr*»*» D*»f. A At MtubeU-Mluhdl. •; T*rri»ft*B, W At * Oaiaa* OamJk» Ce*U*i. IS; .B**l- H*«. A Al A4 mb *— r*r« rr*», »; A4*Bi» • At BUir—Blilr. 11; *<•*»»•*» D*»f 4 At All tb* < r*ck—SlUer Cr*v* 14; G* b * b I b 4U b ». 2. At H*rrt**B— H»rrt»*B t»; HeuiinfforA 6 At ncakrlBt»-S«ikttBt» IS; !•»«• Ul. A At st rwiist. r»*i. ti; a«**««» a St MrCwt-MKnk IS, B»»fl*tk, IS At r*ir*«ry—TBlrSBry. 12; T*rk. A St Sarfern—C»IU»»f, »: »Brf*Bl, T At Mortb U«»—S»rtk Ut» 1*. t*4*f E»p4< A At »U»l*i—kltRU». IS; **rf*tk. A At Pone*—S»* m , •; P» bcb . A Al »B»*rt*r—SBp*r»*r, 4; H»r»Br4. A At GU« C«Bt*r—CUjr C bb U*. 2; GB* *«t, A At Cr*t#—Cr*U, tS; A»hlt»4. A A; Bertr»a4—Ala» 14: S*nr»B4. A At P»irft*t4—r*irft*»4. » »Btt*B A At H«l4r*f*—H«l4r*f*. II. C«a*rl4«*. 4, At ScS»«l*r—S«kB*l*r 1* WA At »ekurl*r—Srkijl«. 4; W*»t PBtat. • At Alk •»—«rltfh IS: AIW bb . A At rk»»pl)—0 »» k U, IS: GfBBt. A At tw»»»*u— D biub . t: ta*se*ö »- BBr*BB A _ A At WfB»r*-*'B<K» 24; 04*11 A At M»«!*»«—W b 4I* bb 4, L*i»k. A At t sril»—CBrlu A*f»r» »• pBr»*«. 4 At H*fcr*B—■*¥*•*, » »‘nur A At Srk.ukt Cltf—«*Sr*»k» Cltf, II; (9 r 0 At 0**rtBü—0**r***t, 14; K**r«*y r* n« A . . At OertM—G*rtM m At AIIU«—4UU»r. II. *rlf4'F° At TBrrtBpt*«, Wy»—MtGkell. 4, aiwkaU •; M»rjUL * At flMtiBf*—1» «*!••* t. AI T*ek IS; Cr*tffct*B r,%t 0*»G-1*** D bb I iS; B****n At T»f»B«k-T*r»B«*- IS, *At h**»r»*y— Flau*. 1t; **At ***lt4k~«*l*«k >»• S»»— j At W**ata« W*t*r—W **»!** W»t*f B#th»r* . A At W»BB*tB—tBlfcBTUBB A sensational brand of smashing | football alternated with some brilliant broken field work on the part of the Lincoln backs enabled the Red and Black to roll up a 31-point lead before the Ohio machine got started Standing out prominently in the Uncoin triumph was the work of the capital city forwards. The Browne linemen not only stopped the Toledo running attack, but opened wide holes through which the backs darted for substantial yardage Perry Shines BrighUy. The Saturday game produced a great exhibition of broken field ba’.’.-carrvmg. Perry and Boulter each contributed a number of spectacular runs, three of which resulted in touchdowns Hswk »aa Waites star broken field runner and the elusive Waite ivalfback was continually squirming and whirling away from a swarm of Lincoln tackier* on his return of punts Smooth interference on the part of the Lincoln team made possible Lincoln's early lead The Red and Black trail-blazers were out in front cutting down the field of taeklen and bowling them out of the play. The Waite running attack collapsed before the stonewall defense of the Lincoln line and the Tole­ doans fell back on theri aerial tactics early in the fourth quarter. A series of nicely executed plays which combined a double pass behind the line of scrimmage with a forward pass kept the ball in Lincoln territory moat of the final periods Hawk, flash v ball-earner in the Toledo backfitfld, delivered the two touchdowns. plunging across for one counter and trapping a pass from Apel and negotiating a broken field for another tally. Lincoln Scores Early. The brilliant open field running of Halfback Art Perry factored In scoring Lincolns first touchdown. The Red and Black team ran tha kickoff back to its 26-vard lice and then marched the oval 74 yards up the field to a touchdown On the second play Perry swung around end for 43 yards and two more plays brought the bail to the Waite 7-yard line. Line plunge* carried lt across with Tindall smashing over for the touchdown Perrv repeated the performance * ‘ and »ft 4. T*f- a. ruta- pen- ball od to the 12; 4; W bbbb A b A At *t#rllBf—EI«* m 4 it: SA*rlt«4' A At Mf< ••k-M»»w*B4 It; *t*C*B4 **- B*r*4*. A _ At Pi*n« CHe-Pk**« t ‘'I* At Cri*t«4—Cr» • f • r 4. WA* 'nVr_P W*r. 4; « ""7" * At < Vi*«—( ttk»4rtl. it. t«U*f* ' a * B b * Tic*— B**W1»* r**BM« f»»»rir« P -----< Continued on Page Two > 24; Sva- tl; Luk. 4; Cr*u again in the opening Lincoln carried the Waite 2-foot line only to loee It on a fumble Boulter's Flashy Return. Quarterback "Ding" Boulter of the Lincoln team, however came to the rescue and returned the kick down the sidelines 3» yards, being downed on the Waite four-yard line. Perry s plunge ended the first quarter. , _ . Packer drove over for the second touchdown at the start of the second quarter and before the period aw* over Quarterback Boulter raced around end for 30 yards and a third Lincoln touchdown The second half opened with Lincoln nding along with an 18-0 ad~< Continued on Page Two) r halfback who kick-off in the ■ r ed across the fie mev to the goal zig-zagged ! vard murr qui fid ü i for a 77- îne Cap- down the field for a The the try for point failed The game was played before a crow- of approximately 1S.OOO in a newly completed Memorial stadium Hill and He was. in lero s role I He had B!*rv * T.TrT h» far »ubstantlal dis- nearly a million dollar* or me uni* ITT violet * moat consistent backs, v, rsitv ,u»uc d,p»rto.«n. fund ;£hv£|«!s,5SS,i7iSh two toud,- Th. (ornhM,k,r p-r-v f.(rlT f«™. d.,.d b, th, »»“'J n>ou(n to pL. thioush B.ryl Fci- wi. “V” tonight at f:36 vU the M * hash SUb*titute back also scored when his bad break , . , and will make the return trfcf* via * ;•£ ^.lN,rW regular half-back, fillad the bases but Omaha arr vln* in I incoln oyer c ir-'r;bU*eq another touchdown The Up Comb* had walk«!. Koemg the Rock Island Sunday morning m aU pointers were accounted bunted safely He had purposely at 9 44 jcrbv Lechard Grant. Moose Bun- p^d Babe Ruth Ruth had md - van and Ed Weiner who blocked »core with a home run earner Herb Gish, Athletic director, and * u covered fumbles and ran for ln lhe ^me and Miljus was taking John Selleck business manager, did touchdowns. Alfred could do n°*h- no chance* not accompany the Huskers on the lng stop the mid rushes of ’ne nig Moment of Scrie*. violet runoers and eonstatiUy was lr the big moment of forced to punt Box Statistic « of Fourth Series Game am Jay hankers Try Line. Purdue Makes Merry At Harvard Expense , 19'0 Kansas, opened the game b\ at- to puncture the heavy When this was found the Jay hawkers were tempting Badger 1 to be ine futile attack. the tiger* tim o»* but never once display tng mlikeg abili»« Nebraska effort* in the kicking department prtaec three qakk «n*»4e kkk* bv pre*nell from regular format*«, twc of these kirks rolled auay from the Tiger* safety man, bet tine »as Mocked and rebounded 38 vard» toward» the Nebraska gaai. the Tiger* gaming IX—es'ton of the oral. nn three occassiorvs, the C43*rs- aoai from U«e I*-*« DU. VjT C o mhuaker guard, wa* on the end ol every attempt but HaTcSe ot hi* kicks gave the Tiger, any thing tb worry over Ml»*««** « new stadium • «SA* »«I t The pew»t Msaiing rapacity i* shfhtly to emm of twewty thousand. The poitna* of canerete in «omp*eUng the twa »»de* I* to »tart net % nr sfii iMT<NWPtiili| t# "Mr tnrfsi DirfcW C* L VI ben this work to finished and ihtrt* eight row* of ww» are erected at the north end af the return journey Berth headed tonight for Karisas City where the directors of the new Big Six conferences are to pcw-wow all day Sunday at the Kansas City Athletic club, in Uniting football and other schedule» for the new organization ci leading Missouri Valley schools Frneat Bear*. Nebraska's head roach, waa heartbroken ever the defeat but the Nebraska players, railing a special session in the dresatng room immediately fol* lowing the game »aJved Bearg * mental wounds bv adopting a resolution in which thev shouldered all the blame for the Nebraska reverse Vint Lam sor. epofceewsn for the e ven, described if«? attitude **Td tings of the player* by saving The defeat was not Bearg t fault, but our own We had the plays and the players to win the game It was a touch break to lose in the fací of such an advantage in. yardage and first downs but football to a game of breaks and the Goro- huskers are not complaining There are six game* remaining on our schedule and the Comhuskem will oe m there to win every game for i Nebraska and for Bearg '* SCHUYLER WINNER LAST TWO GAMES SCKVYtlk Nrfe . Oct > IdiWkt •rhool 4*tr»:*4 WatMO la focrtSBÎ <*tt*rdsy. IS ta S Th* »acal» trua»*« w**t Foinl last *«i. 4 to S Fngrti Rot A»4i*»*r, iormtr «»&?***» lì. aitolet*. ha* taker, a practical!* gr**n team ari taruod it int» * »1««*? CouOow at fullkaeS «id w«*t of ti» ball c*rr\mg ■ {©i pattaytor CHADKON EAGLES GET 113 POINTS ( HADRON. Neb-, OtA 6— Be Heve it or not. (hadron Normal ran up 117 pmnl* in defeating Omaha I- here today. And to top it all off, it was the second game of the weekend for the fagloa, C hadron having defeated the Rapid City, 6 D Mines by a lop sided score here yesterday. the series—three men on; mine down; the score tied, and the worId sene* hanging tn the balance Miljus surveyed the batter rtc was Lou Gehrtg next to Babe Ruth >»'gh the greatest homerun hitter in bkae- *r* ball Miljus tightened lito belt a couple of notch** and began to pjtch It w as so dark the ball cou.d hardly be seen 'Strike oner «houted Lm Ormsbv as Gehng swung. | another »tnke Then ball and then, "Strike three —ba «• out’" Gehrig threw his ba* on the ground in disgust and walked, .-eaa down, to the dugeat Fanned Two «lugger* Miljus tightened his belt another notch and looked over the next batter He was Bob Meusel, a great hitter, veteran of world serie* Putting everything Ito had on the Ka»: Miljus struck him out too The double rnkeout with the basei loaded and so much at stake, was one of the most significant pitching achievements ever staged fas a world sen« game_ And then came up Tony t Continued Page Two ) L, w«tt*r, ef Bsmhart, 11 f> viuf, rf Wright, m - Trapues, is OrsntiutCR, 2b Hsms, !b .. BmlUi, c ---Gooch c ... HtU P ....... MUju». P .. •ro»i! ..... T«« . .. ... Totals .. . nttiBori» AB R H PO A E « i a s o i ;......... s o i a s s . ......... 4 C 1 0 s S ................ I 0 l t • s ................ 4 • s 1 4 S 4 s a s a s 4 s a il s s ............... * S 0 4 0 s ............ e e s a s s i e s s s s . .......... 1 S 0 s s s '............. I I o 6 S S o i s » e # si a w a* la i PAMRIDGE Maas Oct. £»-A i whirlwind from Whitesboro Tex. named W C. Welch. playing hto first college game as leit halfback for Purdue took hto place in the football hall of fame in the sodium here thto aftemoon due crushed Harvard by a score oi 1# to 0 _ . A second Slagle ¿t Ptwctum. a second Mahan of Harvard, a sec ond Barrett of Cornell—a wonder player, was this 'unknown and unheralded young Texan Carrtatn Cotton Wilcox, with ms leg injured, was on the sidelines .or Purdue today and softened the turf somewhat. Coach mptre then Cumw. ef Ko*ni» M . Rutti rf Oehna, ib Mettati, if • Unth, 2b Dugan, tb OeUUU, « . Moor*. » . fsrfc. AB R H PO A 4 13 3 4 ,.... s e i • a ..... 4 i a i s ..... » S • 14 i »seas I S 6 ft 4 ..... 4 S 1 I 4 assai ..... 4 f 1 0 I forced to resort to u passing which also availed little The first touchdown of the game came early tn the second quarter when R >*e passed 15 yards to Cro- loot who stepped over the goal line Late m the same quarter a series of bnliant line plunges by Rose, Badger half, placed the Northerners in scoring position and then Rose, after carrying the ball down the fieid. tore through the Jay- hawxers for 14 yards and a touchdown Rose again started early in the — ------ ..... third quarter when he made the jimmy Phelan was not optim.*x»c third touchdown for hi* team At the minute the oper.u^ the start of the quarter. Captain %hi*Ct sounded the minute weien Crofoot rac^J 45 yards before he < ot Harvard was doomed, j was uomned on the Kansas 37-vard pun Harvard Hilly. ! line Rose took the ball on the next n#w Lafayette «Ind » Boiler-| p—y uto rucra wound n-ht fnd g? Jrir GUop«d and Itoto« for 37 yards and a touchdown The «ne Crimson defense for fumbled and the a. . Him. t_, — ^.^'¿uchdowm^ut buried a foe- covered for Purdue on Ham Totals r? 4 la a* u a Br;rt*U tetta« fot Hilt IB 8e»*Oife T4* m for Bnub U) »*v*nUi. T«fl osi »»’• •uoini ras was *cot*« p tt»our»r. ........... -1 • f * f ? f “ “ ’ Urm Ttsflt .. ... Bububvso Two bas* rut «oU-n.» Hvr..* run. Rath, gasvlftos ìuv—L. *'««'. P w»n*T Stal*n eas» - Rut* OoufeU- piay— litten te OBbti« E«à#»r. ta La*s*r. ic Gefcn» Trsyae* t® Wngfet te Harm L#?t «r. feas* Putas -»»r t. H** Yors H H.u Off Hill • hits I nias is * inalags aff Miipus. 1 hita, i rvr. Ib * :nnír.f» »»« ©r. Bail -Off Hm »ff to®««. * m%ìm. a e:r-c* ©ut-, a* h x • te tou- ’>*», a. s; Moer«. 3 Los*te **tsb*r MS. «u* Wtt« »M 4 lt—lüijas I TI*»,* -3 »9 UwptfSS — Oratao?. Qsiglry, PaO * a*»« try* for point failed and the score stood at 19 to 0 ( rofoot B it Not*» i The Rose-Crofoot combination ! scored the final touchdown lor the I Badgers shortly after the start of the last quarter when th# Badger isssassc 1—4 eaptain took a pa** from Rose who stood on the 15 yard line ihe try for goal was good Only a few times during the game were the Jayhawkers psuu the 50- vard line, and were on the defensive practically ail of the game The Kama« najsaing attack by Ash vrphomore back was deceptive to the vtoltor* but the Badgers had little to worry about because Ash's »»am mat«* could not hold baU when he passed it to them Crofoot, rsdger captain, was the outotand- (Continued on Page Two » ward pass fully fifty yards to Hutton for the third pur<lui4tfl''jrr?7 down Hu yellow jersey «meared with mid; hie yellow helmet blackened Welch wa* digging his Cica * into the sod on Harvard's 3-jard »me as the final whistle stopped the first time that Harvard had ever been defeated by a Western Conference team Welch, a 1 M-pounder entered the game in place of Guthrie Run- ring circle« around the Harvard forward* Welch soon had the ba; in Crimson territory The crowd of 30 ono person* that ha'f-filled tne great concrete horseshoe, wen» wild a* Wei/ h with a serie* of line plunges, scored a touchdown A p»ss. Welch to Hutton, failed for the point after touchdown. Hoowier* Hhow (Las*. In the second period the yellow- jerseved and yellow-helmeted huskies from the Hoos er state, furnished plenty of thrills for George Ade and »cores of other Purdue alumni who were in the stands Welch ran back a Don%ghy punt to midfield A forward pass. Wilson to Welch, gamed ground for Purdue and then Welch hurled the ball fifty yards into the open hands of Hutton who dropped over the line for a second Purdue score. Wilson kicked the point after touchdown Soon after the opening of the third period Hutton, the lanky Purdue end. yanked down a pa*a from Guaranaccta Line smashes by Welch and an exchange of punts between Welch and Donaghy put the ball in Harvard territory Cros- covered for Purdue on Harvard* 14-yard line Koransky alternated with Welch in flattening down the Harvard defense and finally shot through the Crimson for a third Purdue touchdown Wilson failed to kick the goal. Harvard Break* Down. The fourth period wa* wore!«»* Harvard, by rushes and forward passe*, made a gallant Garrison finish tor a try for a tally Welch wa* alert on hto own 25-yard line and Intercepted a Crimson forward hurl. Next came two pretty open- field rum by W’ekh and a coup»« of line smashes by M Her and Guthrie Welch war set for another Purdue score with the ball on Harvard* 3-yard line when the final i whtotle blew

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