Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on July 30, 1963 · Page 6
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 6

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 30, 1963
Page 6
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CLASSIFIED Min. chorge any od 1 day, p«f word 3 days, per word ' Be 4 days, ptr word ..., Me 26 days, per word *0e Less 10 pet cent for cash hi advane* DIAL BR 6-3232 FOR WANT-ADS Deadline for day of publication Weekdays and Saturday* 9:00 a.m. The Telegram is responsible for only one incorrect insertion. 7—Help Wanted WAITRESS WANTED: Apply at Whrat Kami? Motel Officp. -291 f COOK AND WAITRESS for Uk Foq« * Garden City T Tuesday, July 30, 1963 12—Farmm Wants & Serv. Life Begins of Forty in Cafe For information call CUSTOM HAY hauling and stack-; 6-773(5. beerfieW. -.11; ln f Eugenc Mason ' D«erfield.; •- 426-7121. —3tf 426 PERMANENT PART TIME baby i Tap Talents for Community Good By ROBERT PETERSON 'should make themselves avail-1 interested in establishing simi-la retired businessman nearby WILMINGTON, Del. — I've able as free consultants to heads Mar programs in their communi-; with the necessary know-how. been visiting Maurice duPont of small firms who needed coun- tes. "0 u r nation'* economy And the only reason this man is not sharing his knowledge is be- is cause nobody has asked him to.' 1 20% DISCOUNT Situations Wanted WANTED: 37 IB. Housework, BR 6—30, on I— Soeeiol Notices 4—Personal Services Garden City ReiidenU If Your Telegram Doesn't Arrivs By 5:30 p.m. Weekdays 4:00 p.m. Saturdays Pleaie Call BR 6-3232 between 5:30-6:00 p.m. weekdays 4-5 p.m. Saturdays For Your Paper sittor in my home. BR 6-7434. ' CLSTOM BALING, two balers; < Lcc -g who - s ,| es tj n ed to be re- sel. __3 custom swathing, mowing and meintH , rod jn g or j a tn c history "There's a great surge of in- . . raking. Call BR 6-5890. Richard as f ounc | er 0 { the first organiza- terest in our work," observed largely dependent on small busi- Lee has a splended string of EXPERIENCED BEAUTY oper- Widows. ~ Z9U . ti'on utilizing retirees as volun- this stately gentleman of medi-, nessos." continued Lee. "Three ; success stories in his log book wanted. Write Box U 102 j tepr consu itants. um height'to whom aimless .leis-. out of four businesses are in the! describing some 2,000 cases % The Telegram. —30'J ^ rto / rMC/**/"M I KIT I His graup, known as Consult- ure in retirement is anathema.''small' category and employ less where lu's group has given ser- I ing and Advisory Services, was : "People are awakening to t h e j than 50 people. Yet a majority i vice. The cases involved such launched in 1950, shortly' after fact that we must use rather | of small businesses fail within i typical businesses as dry clean- j Lee retired as an advisor to the than waste retired talent." j two years after being launched, j ing shops, tlrup stores, filling I engineering department of the As evidence of the awakening, | "These failures are due largely j stations, and gift emporiums, dul'ont Company in Wilmington, i he said that th e recent article to the manager's lack of know-1 The solutions as provided by Lee I Del. .Noting the shocking rate of; about his work in a national di-: ledge and business experience, j and his associates include such | failure among a small business i gest magazine has drawn hund- and an absence of anyone to '• recommendations as better loca- ! firms it occurred to fc*m that; rods of requests to date from; whom he can turn for advice, j tions, improved accounting sys- i successful men who retired ' folks in cities around the globe • Yet in most cases there's: terns and more aggressive sales . j programs. In many cases the small businessman simply needed encouragement and a chance to talk over his problems with someone more experienced. Is it difficult to get retired specialists to donate their services? "Not at all," replied Lee. WOULD LIKE to care for aged people in my home. BR 6-7974 -3 WANTED: Carpenter work and remodeling BR 6-7212 A. K. No Boxlrr, .506 13th St. -20lf —31 pd DRESS MAKING. See Mrs. Den ni s Atherton at 805 E. Chest nut at your convenience, telephone. '-«"""»» *"*"• ~ T Sffi ^.^t^ewS : CI^I-BALINCTand mowing: CUSTOM DISC rolling on your Write Box T 101 % The Tele- BR 6-7291 daytime, BR farm. Powell's disc rolling serv- sram . -31 pd evenings. Co-op 2-4-D Amine and Ester Weed Killer GARDEN CITY CO-OP 228-H gram. ire. S a t i s f a ctinn guaranteed. „„....-„,,„,..., Phone BR 6-7814, 505 N. ,13th. BOOKKEEPING Garden City. — 12tf in my home. Experienced. Call Marilyn Jones, BR 6-7229. — Ipd ATTENTION MAIL SUBSCRIBERS: When writing; about your Telegram subscription p . e H s e gend your address and all num bers as ubown on a recent issue. -til ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Meeting every Thursday, 8 p.m., at Gardendale Recreation Center. Write Boi 713 for free literature. Membership strictly anonymous. Phono BR (5-7011 or BR 6-3718. 2—Miscellaneous MCV1CK1CU un-J SCOTT profcs ~siona] auction service, BR 664(12, Garden City, Kansas. —22U FOR RENT — Camper trailers by day, week or month. Bill fcagel, 903 North 9th. Phon e BR 8-6736 or 6-5248. — 16tf SMITH SAND CO. • Basement Excavating • Crane Service • Backhoe Work • Motor Grader • Bulldozer Work Sand • Gravel - Fill Dirt BR 6-3771 (206 E. Fulton G«rd»n Citv George Smith S3-TF EXPERIENCED Stenographer FOR SALE: 1939 IHC No. 36 ensilage cutter. BR 6-G244. -25if 13—Want to Rent wants part lime work or will I SI> T ( ; LE W0 rkin? woman wants Youth Wounded During A Mock Civil War WEST POINT, Ohio (AP)-; Richard J. Lacher Jr. 16. lost his \ left hand and suffered severe ! powder burns while firing a can- j non Sunday during a mock Civil War battle. His condition was re-. ported as serious | The accident ocdured as Lacher I I shoved a ramrod down the bar- j | rcl of a 16-pound brass cannon. ' More than 10,000 person., viewed PONYTAIL do typing at home. BR 6-7018. three room — 32 P d nwnt, ground floor. Phone BR 6- furnished apart-! th e mock battle commemorating i 8002 after 5 evenings. -For Rent —31 , KOR RENT - Apartment, beau-1 14—Want to Buy tifuly furnished, buffet atyle. I " ' i See it Reasonably priced. War-1 WANT TO BUY Barber Shop in I ren Hotel. BR S-3221. -210! a Western Kansas city. Write TWO BEDROOM furnished house for rent. Call ER 6-7022, ask for _ Kay. _-l EINNEY COUNTY plumbing and, Am CONDITIONED; nicely fur- heating. Repair, remodeling,; n j s i,cd one person apartment, and new construction. Power i p riv ale bath, close in All bills sewer machine. All makes and| pai(1 BR 6 -3583. ' —2Glf models of appliances serviced.! — BR 0-3312. —20tf I APARTMENT. Ros e Manor, Phone BR 6-3G22. -3tf ENGINE TUNE UP. Quint's details to Garden City Telegram Box 0-995. —30 TWO GOOD used saddles. Call BR 6-6816. —31 Automotive, BR 6-53^2. and Fulton, —30 ONE BEDROOM ground floor unfurnished apartment. Adults.' No pets. '$00.00. Bills paid. BR 6-1 A U T 0 M ATIC TRANSMISSION I 4323. ask for Lydia. -22U | repair, tunc-ups, engine build- Ing brate service air condition-1 BACHELOR APARTMENT for er repair. Garrison Auto Service,! rent. BR P 3770. - 1 "" 2302 N. Main St. Phone BR 636-12. Open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. -3 -24K FURNISHED UPSTAIRS apartment, close in, adults, bills paid. BR 6-4205. —25tf i UP Mill for yards, deiiven, Dial MR 6-3771 Smith Sun .m unv —31" FOR RENT: One bedroom small j house, furnished. Bills paid. | 405 W. Chestnut. —17 i •FOR SALE — At or neui whole . sale prices: New steel and pipe; Construction steel ID beams, rebars, remesh wire; Welded No. 4 Ga. Galvanized wire for cattle, hogs, sheep, fence i IZZY VILLARREAL linoleum and | 40 , x , (W) , WAREHOUSE and lots panels or gates in 5 different ; c:trpet service. Buy elsewhere., ' g| 202 g^, Main Ca ,, clauc i e 111 Washinston. -»; ls ! pd W. Robinson. -31 PLU.MniNG and general 'repair TIIREE remodeling; and clenning out 1 1(J3 ,, snwcr lines. C. W. Brecheisen; of mesh and lengths. East side Iron on highway 50 on the east side of Garden City. Phone BR 0-3181) — 2'tf WE PAY $1 cash if any same item can be purchased at any Garden City grocery at less price than here. (Regular ghelf price.) Ncely's A-G -21 If j llon <••'• - - ! U-7H70. P,R (i-7715 or 6-3874. —2711 .Street. BEDROOM house at 8th. Inquire at 1703 A —30: SLEEPING ROOM, private en-1 trance. 619 N. Main. BR 6- J FOR SALE: Good used mowers.; YOUR COPY of HOW is in the mail. Kor additional informa | _j-,| G Culbreath Plumbing. BR " ' _ —Itf j HOUSE FOR RENT. Call BR 6—31 Cuast-To-Coast 5471. Phone BR (i AIRWAY VACUUM Cleaner —25lf Sales and Service. Leonard Hutlon, 1021 Harding. Great NON-GROUP Blue Cross-B I u c Bend, Kans. Phone GL 3-6596. ; 3797. Shield, enrollment Is now open., —Gti j For further information call BH ! 6-4590, Garden City. —30! THREE ROOM furnished front apartment. 304 N. 1st. BR 6- —30tf I960 T-bird, full power and air. ... WesU-ni roping saddle, like Hew. BR 6-5255 evenings. —1 i—Good Things To Gat 'OR SALE: No. 1 potatoes, priced reasonable. Call* BR 6-6244. —27tf 7~Help Wanted THE amazing Blue Lustre will, leave your upholstery benuti-! WANTKD ;." Fry cook . App i y in | fully soft and clean. Rent electric shampooer 51. McClung and pcr.siin. Coffee Ann. —23tf: Payne. AFTER HARVEST Special WliiK- tlu-v last: : !» AD Fir plyv.-.iuii 20','jc per square ft., ^ CU Fir plvwuod .09c per squarp ft 30 WANTED - Married man, small family, for permanent farm ii 23 W. Laurtl f.inn and livestock position. Ex-j TWO BEDROOM duplex, $60 mo. Bills paid. BR 6-7826. —30 • •" entare HOWARD SMITH REAL ESTATE Real Estate We Buy, Sell or Trade Cash for your Equity BR &-774I vriem'c in livestock and irriga- THHEE BEDROOM hou-se, low: payments, aluminum ill rumiircd. Top wages or! vrni'irn fl , /• ,-,-• , ,•• mi'llllllv [uiviilfiiis, uiuiiiiiiuiii • Grain IncPierce- "^ n" ' ""'T' , ><?: storms, fenced yard. 410 Davis,; Uirisiensuii (jiam int., llt - 1Lt ^ references. Drinkers need not ap- —'ud ' villi' Uuns —.". ply Wl . ik> liox s . 9 ,,, ( r ; , -['he 'r t ,| C . | ~U" \ m. —27tfj ],<OR SALE: Three bedroom' NEW ELDORADO pickup camp- •!.'""'• cr, mouVrn. Can be si-en at 111 KULL TJME nuwlinj; and alter-! Church St. S.-ott City, Ks. or for, alion i a( | y A pply in person.I L information, call BR 6-0551, Gar- (; a ,- t [ on (_<ji v Laiimlry. —30 i " den City. —30 '. "' ... ROUTE OPENING — if you urn married, OUT -1 with car, you may qualify for one of the top liiiyins; chtMiiicul mutes in sur- rnundiug area. Sll."> weekly guar- f.; 5 <f 6 ' 4 ' 19 - Good lotati0 " FOR SALE: Topee trailer. 13R 6-7310. 15' travel' 3—Lost, Found, Strayed BLUE SUITCASE lost between Hntred. Contact Ear) Uoistcr, Garden City and Holcomb. lf| Flamingo Motel, Wednesday, found call collect BR 6-7248. i July 31st belA'con 8-9 p.m. -30' -31 GARDEN CITY MULTI - LIST AL WOODS Real Estate Mgr. 110 W. Chestnut BR 6-4622 Eve. 6-3164 107. DOWN JUST LISTED Btd Brick n.w $13,350.00 Mica 2-badroom oldor homa with L«« tha " • V»«r old 3-bedroom Bad Brick, roomy ... $11,500.00 detached qaraqa and bedroom in Carpet.d living room. Large kited- Btd Stucco not bad .. $9,250.00 basement. In qood location. « n »'»" pt»nty of built-ini. Clos. to , Bed Brick, carpeted .. $18.700.00 $13,000 « r 'd« school. $18.700.00 Bed Brick. Urqgr . . $14,700.00 3 B.d Block. rsaionabU $10.500.00 3 Btd Frame, nconomy . $8.900.00 ANY OF US CAN HELP Clorit DaU L»o Warntr Howard Mldy.H Clyd. Stallsworth Harry Atherton Atherton Stallsworth Agency $13.000 JUST REDUCED 3 badroom with full basement. Fully carpeted. $14,000 $13.600.00 228-H NKW U-\i> ion E. 8R 6-5262 DON I ALLEY, Realtor 419 N 8th Phone 3R 6-5730 BR 6-737S BR 6-7975 MEMBERS Atherto'i-Stallsworth Campbell Abstract Thomas Graves, Auctioraer-Reultor Let Kisner and Son Don Talley Realtori Jess* Scott Realta i SMALL TRACT Charming 3-bedroom. 1232 sq. ft. home on . acre plot. Three mile to to»n, low taxes. Financing avail- ab-e. If vou want "elbow room." THREE lu'droom s;)lii Hi04 B Street, Ki-ll s and Einlnvi* C'ljiistnii'tum. Bit ti-520'J or BH 6-5789. -3 ' Ho— Mobile Homes SAVE AT ULYSSES! See tha largest mobile home built .to be pulled by one truck. The Leisurama 24' x 54' . . folds down to 10' i 54'. Open Sunday! ' JAYHAWK MOBILE HOMES Ulysses. Ks. FL 6-1414 202-TF 22—Boats, Sporting Equipt. Sleeping Bags Regular $32.50 $2375 Regular $18.95 $12.95 t Regular $14.50 $9.95 Air Mattresses Cotton Rubberized With BUILT-IN FOOT PUMP Regular $10.95 $5.98 SAVE Every Day W/'f/J CRAZY HOUSE PRICES CRAZY HOUSE OPEN 10 A.M. TO 9 P.M. SUNDAYS I P.M. TO 6 P.M. West Highway 50 Garden City, Ks. the 100th anniversary ... the capture of Confederate Gen. John Hunt Morgan. South Korean Jumta To End with Election SEOUL. Korea (AP) — Gen. Chung Hee Park said today the military junta that has ruled i South Korea for the last two years would step down in December, after presidential and legislative elections in the fall. The strongman ruler did not reveal his personal plans. He is expected to run for the presidency. Park set the presidential election for Oct. 11-20 and the national assembly election for Nov. 2130. 18—Household Needs "Oh, oh, we're SUNK . . . he's my ex-boy friend's DAD!" REPOSSESSED PHILCO 21" TV, mahogany finish, good condi- i tion. Sold new for $249.05. j Now $159.95. Otasco, 308, N. Main, BR 6-7606. —30 SELLING OUT a number of used Vacuum' Cleaners — upright and tank types. Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Company. Two blocks east of Bowling Alley. —26tf EXTRA NICE used Frigidaire refrigerator. Automatic defrost. Nice and clean. S99.95. OTASCO, 308 N. Main, P.'I 6-7606. —30 USED Norge gas dryer $39.95. OTASCO, 308 N. Main'. BR 6- 7HOS. —30 REPOSSESSED PHILCO 21" TV, mahogany finish good condi- tio. Sold new for $249.95 Now S153.B.5. Otasco 308 N. Mam, BR G-760G. —30 FOR SALE: Two 30" innerspring mattresses. 812 N. Second. —30 LIVING ROOM suite, rose beige, Frigidaire refrigerator. 40" electric range, bedroom suite. All like new. BR 6-3752. —1 FOR SALE: Good stove. BR 6-5223. used gas Hypnotist Latest Hollywood Craze 1 By JAMES BACON HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Hollywood's latest craze is a pretty hypnotist who looks like a blonde Sophia Loren. Pat Collins is getting the Hollywood crowd onstage in droves at a Sunset Strip club, often to make perfect asses of themselves. The other night Tuesday Weld was hypnotized into believing she was a stripper. Her bumps and grinds would have made Tempest Storm blush. One night Linda Christian was hypnotized into thinking that an unknown custome r next to her was Glenn Ford. "He's a rat," said Linda eloquently. It wasn't long after Ford had announced he was only kidding the night he proposed to Linda. L'oyd Bridges, television's skin diver, was told he was back in '"'Sea Hunt." He swam through the clup. 20—Autos and Trucks — 30tf | Jill St. John's pretty torso was stretched rigidly between two chairs onstage during much of FOR SALE or trade: Slick 1962! on e performance. Susan Oliver Chevrolet Belaire fordor, Auto- j feared flying. Afte r a session with mutic transmission, radio, heater.! Miss Collins, Susan took off by Wheat Lands Motel. -IGtf; jet for the Moscow Film Festival. Most frequent subject is Pamela 1901 MERCURY convertible, j Mason who comes - about once a very nice car. Call BR 6-3515 , week Qne night s . he brought her or BR 6-3905. ______ — 27tf , 13 . year . 0 id daughter Portland and 1957~"FORD 4-door" V8 standard Princess Yasmin, the 14-year-old transmission, excellent condi- daughter of Rita Haywortii and tion. S550. Call FL 6-1573, Ulys- t' ic ]at . e ses Kans — 2pd ' ' . Khan A friend of Rlta s telephoned - her that he r daughter was in a 1962 BUICK SPECIAL station- 1 nightclub. Rita asked that Yas- wagon, thre e seated. BR 6-8038. min be put on the phone. 1108 F Chestnut. —1 "She can't come to the phone," ------- ....... — --------- . -------- said Shellev Davis, club owner. 1953 CHEVROLET station wag- , ,, slie , s Qnstage hypnotized ... on, 05,000 actual -miles. Auto- j -xi^n ge t me Pamela Mason," malic transmission. Will trade or demanded 'Rita finance BR 6-5830. —3 2Qq—Motorcycles & Bicycles FOR SALE: Motorcycle, Honda Dream 300, 305 cc. See at Air Control 112 S. Main. —2pd "Can't answered Davis. "She's onstage hypnotized, too." It was Davis, then a press agent, who discovered Miss Collins playing for $300 a week at a club in nearby Riverside. sleep like a king with a COMPACT Davis signed her to a personal contract. She makes $3,000 a week and Davis is now owner of the club where he formerly worked as a press, agent. "Most capable men who have retired are unselfish and glad to share their knowledge with someone who really needs it." Lee pointed out that retired men working as volunteer consultants can serve many needs outside the business field. They can, for instance, help check juvenile delinquency by providing wholesome places for youth to play and congregate after dark. One of Lee's excellent sugestions is that floodlights be installed at city and school tennis courts, skating rinks and baseball fields so these recreational facilities can be used during the evenings. The possibilities for the productive use of retired men and women are, as Lee emphasizes, endless. When we recognize this fact and encourage retired people into channels where they can put their experience to work many social ills at the camitnunity level will be alleviated. If you would like a booklet 65 Ways ao Find More Fun in Retirement" write to this column in care of the Garden City Telegram enclosing a stamped, addressed envelope and ten •cents to cover handling costs. NEW LINCOLN 180-AMP AC WELDER Now $110.00 WELDERS SUPPLY Phone BR 6-4861 SEARS Will be CLOSED this Wednesday afternoon to take Inventory, starting at 2 P.M. \CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbeffer i5 2to 21 34 37 45 28 47 4o \3 lla 54- (a 7.9 41 2o "36 II- 17 6-L 55 2-3 3o 10 II Save thru the Multi-List Exchange! See These Houses Before You Buy, \ You will have TO ne ihii house be- 3 btdrooom. air conditioned, and (ore 'lou can believe ii. One of the carpeted, family room, built in kit- nicait fenced yards in town, diih- chen. Northeast. washer, garbage disposal, air con- , , , / n L i n i ... i? i x ii L j 3 bedroom, ful basement, exce ant ditioner «xco ent carper, attacrmd , . , ' . ., . _ ... L j „ r ,,„:, school location northeast. Owner garage, two 019 bedrooms. Ceramic , tile bath and kitchen. Nic« utility Itavin 9- room. 8 years old in 9ood location. 2 bedroom witii nice yard, close tt "-* BR 6-47Ji_tve- BR 6-31 H Only $13.500.00. KELLER-LEOPOLD AGENCY 8R 6-7671 BR 6-6907 BR 6-4544 on 9th st. Owner leaving must sell- HOWARD B. SMITH AGENCY BR 6-7741 BR 6-3675 225-TF The compact Polar Prince is Coleman's name for ita revolutionary new home air conditioner. This low cost unit cools every room in your house. And the cost is only slightly more than you'd pay for 2 or 3 old-fashioned window units that wouldn't begin to do the job. Goes in fast, too. Most installations take less than a day. We do the whole job. Call us now for details, and fret estimate. LARRY KLIESEN'S COAST-TO-COAST STORE 120 E. Ch«s»nut Garden City, K». 48. man's name 49. English school 50. in a frenzied Tiianner (var.) 51. compass direction (abbi-.) 52. frog genus 53. movable barrier HORIZONTAL 40. banishing 1. source 45. bark cloth of light 5. son of Noah 8. culture medium 12. winglike 13. rubber tree 14. broad 15. ripped 16. adult male 17. old 18. school official 21. electrified particle 22. western stata 26. official decree 28. footed vase 30. money of account . 31. linen fuzz 32. donkey 33. to stuff 31. land measure 85. consumed 36. goddess of peace 37. sewing implement 39. topa? 54. thing 1 , in law 55. killed VERTICAL 1. slat 2. medicinal plant 3. place of bitter waters (Bib.) 4. forecast 5. character- 7. fafthful counselors 8. cognizant 9. fish spear 10. fruit drink 11. color 19. v.itty saying 20. sea eagle 23. pierce with horns 24. Algerian seaport ?5. title istic of n)an 26. dash 6, exclama- 27. fatal tion Answer to yesterday's puzzle. hummingbird 28. arrow poison 29. employ .12. studio 33.tops of volcanoes 35. beverage 36. the yellow bugle 38. male duck 39. girl's namt 41. comfort 42. italics (abbr.) 43. not any 44. to con-oda 45. child's game 46. wine vessel Aie»f« time »' tclnlUn: IS mlaatei. 47. cooking (& 1963, King Features Synd., Inc.) Utensil CRYPTOQUIFS 0 t» S N D A G LHSK QDBSGKZ GHLI LZK^NHEI LSDAK Yesterday's Cryptoquip: PAPERBACK BOOKS INT£RES? MAN ^^

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