Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 15, 1969 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1969
Page 7
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Venetian engineer says city gradually sinking By JOSEPH L. MYLER | Cnner of the GeoloeiMl Bawer. WASHINGTON (UPI)-Euce-;i>c *Ty paa^iag of water tnml Bio Jlioxzi believes tbe aoaeotjcsto^ nDderpouod rewwiri dty of VMice, oae>*f miii 'sifc** eaaaed aAndeoce ti the finest worics. will sink beneadi tbe cocompassing sei some 80 years beoce unless something is bad in several ra^oas. "In Bauston." Criner Mid. "tfae surface has sank as modi cioae sjoa to save it as four feet in some place*. In a recent UPI dispatch Tbere are places in CiMtani*\ Kiozu, a Venetian engineer,: great Ontral Valley that are «-a6 quoted % forecasting thatlsubading at a rate as high a* fay 2048 A .D. the dty will have oce foot a VMT." sunk 3L« inches betow its Memphis. Tto.. is FOOT power fioBshNis may be loo late •r PHIL NBWSOM itPt Piraipl Ntws Ainiyit Br the tine the Umted SUtes. ANN LANDERS • • • • « « .« « answers your problems Dear Ann Landers: Perhaps f can help the wvman who had a terriUa problem with her chtid n-faen a second baby ar- iSli!!^ ^!!Lr^ <iifi«<^' Ume until I Ut on a Ftaacc Cormal fet around to their ionrH»wer discussions , ^ » OB pcMe in the Middle Eart. tt °^ 'S? T ' abeady may be too Ule. dd when his little suter Itese.discussMas. "O* " oem consUnUy to catch flying » th *lf5Mn «f*Uge tfardogb " "i?" "Z^ AniUiiM _Z1 objects and prevent him from And. said Miozzi. "that wiU be ^ > ,he fuhn b««effiS iSTt^Sl S f** flieend." of heavy punpinc of BWind SliTT-^ ™i^^xJ^~ niooths of poUcmg the boy I of heavy threatened doom: water, that is nea Chuck appcaiad on the, scene. Her letters to Arthur fell ofL Chock kept PRninC to be her one and oely. Mary stopped writmg to Arthur cooi' pletely. Four months later Mary ae-{ . cepted a. diamond from Chuck of our reform schools and pern- ^nA the wedding |rians tentiaries. adults and we could dose some Redlands Doity Facts Saturday, Fab. 15, 1W9 7 me ibe Wdl. Mary did aurqr Omck, aad that was cigkk Last wtA *a told made a miilake. She says Chuck is a bore and die is hi knre with Arthur. She is sure if she divorces Chuck, Arthur wiU doT-SBATTEREDlMM Dear lHam: NotMBf. TUt ii y «Qr daofhter't ptoUen. Va- fortunately Mary waait ready for maniase. If she cfancks Chuck and marries Arthur set Then Arthur came home.imarTy ber although she has not'sbeH probably decide ra eight Mary saw him oa the sly and seen him snice'the weddmg. Dear Ann Landers: Our the poor girl was a wreck. Shei I am ashamed to go to daughter Mary was gdng! couldn't make up her mind preacher with Ois. Yon can't! steady with Arthur. After he lefliwhicb boy she kived. Until the imagine bow it hurts a mother's for A^etnam they exchanged let- day of the wedding I wasa 't;heart to see ber 19-year-oUI ters three times a wedc months that Arthnr is a bore. This giri has a kit of growing up to do before she can be a fit wife fir anybody. (Copyright, im. PoUiihcn- 'sure she 'd go through with it daughter looking for a second|Hall Syndicate) pumping of sranod Venice's tlirealenee" dramatizes something that is siAsidenee is gradual. nrliMt hetee s :xg on in many other crto ^^waUai* not f*« thcu^ with posaWy less fateful theimpresson tlMt bnse>{»iKH °" dayhghts out of him. I a=d unhappy consequences. ^ jnroj jj- . Suddenly I reaUzed that if I, Sciaitists of the U.S Geologi- s„ddaily." And. since tiie \,£S ^^^'(^„'g^im aivli, nald nci conUin my -^^siiL^" to had two m^innss ui taw couldl «pecta two iw KMpeata i» » ^ SO ,ogjy i ganie withm jtaroi. Ana :_a.„ ^ tu^ Kmr,a CVCBU are C5l "sinkage" or In are not surrounded by the sea this country su ^encc has yenice is, they ai« not occurred when sufe««lweUin« ZomSZ .Si -r^ nan has mined the earth D,- v««»» l«.eaa him for coal, oil. or citf of ^Lf^ Some cast «Ti coal tou-ns have churrhes. of great p^tan^ homes and other bmMmgs when -nepolo. Canaletto: of pigeoiK nuned out suhjenanean cavems ^ goS^ have collapsed. ^. . ^ and amotous intrigue? Canttbe The most recenUy publicized ^ed' ^ w ^n^^in^^ ' ^""^ hopes so. He ^^rT^i^;^ ^^^^ has consulted with Dr. Joseph thirst Accordmg to James H. p ^ U.S. Geolo^ jSoviet eounterpart. courtesy"* ? half ^ old child ealU I some ideas: In 1803, John Quincy Adams Close all artesian wells in the was elected to the U.S. Senate area, stop drilling for gas in the as a member of the Federalist; Adriatic, pump water bade mto party. However, he broke with i the depleted deptts to resteire tour power meeting "in prin- ; Survey and has come up with Jl"" """^ '"'i;^ Zsian proposal fir a phased withdrawal fiom some to: wlach arc a part of h6? When I get very! Bvaiviiv any new 3 »Si7 I ^ed like striking out at' but at which the somctfamg. So I reasoned if he Middle East wat the sobject "'^v balf as angry as I. be most promiiMntiy discussed. 'ta\isX feel like striking out at Jarring has eDodncted aecret ^'"^'hing, too. talks with an Big Four I made a game of it When anbassadors at least once. iwe became angry we went to- But Arab and Itradi poBtiotts|gelher and kicked aU the soft are liardeniag. furniture in the room. Then we The United States has agreed,kicked tfae floor as bard as we: to tfae French suggestion of a could. You can 't believe the change! that came over this boy. Within 26,000 square miles of Arab territory taken m the 1967 war his party and, in 1808, the Fed-! the underground P««"« ^^S*' J^±^. "^5^ eralists elected another person which suppori the dty. to his place in the Senaterse^- Otherwis.s-fareweU to *t>'-^^!^"^*t,^^^^^ cral months before the election shimmering dty whidi for the ^ Aqpba^lus was sd«duled. Adams did not, centuries has been revwed hy |J *her.sawe c«Kewons i«uW waft for the end of his term 'mankind as "the Queen of the' eave most of the t™"? cards but Rsigned fanmediatdy. 'Scas." «• Sonet and Egyptian hands daj -s he was a wonderful child again. Please tell parenU notj to n<ensify a duld's anger by. spanking him. Instead show him: to direct his anger toward an inanimate object — and get rid of it - HOOSIER STATE MOM I Dear Mom: Hostile feelings' must be released. If chiklren could be taught to vent their anger aganist furniture and not other people, they would grow lord Jeffrey s Restaurant & Cecktaas SERVING -THE BEST FOOD AND DRINK SPECIAL DAILY LUNCHEON SMO ENJOY OUR HAPPY HOUR Mwidar Thrwflh Friday 4 to f :30 PM. ALL HOUSE DRINKS 50« MORS D'OEUVRES MMt Our lor Host . . . Richard Kotos OUR mm SPECIALS NIGHTLY ladudes Soup or Salad & Dessert of the Day MON. - tnhti Sirfein r.p THUIS. — Fri*) OIUM TtlB. — Old FadiisMd Utf Sfm SAT.-BSQ Pork Spararibi W». - KaoO Us of Pbii, Ginger Gravy 2383 STBtUNG AVE. SUN. - (eoit YoMis TuAn eir Hisiii«ii« Avt. Sn Bcnurtira j^d^ unacceptable to «»e-"i, 'bi^-S^^- ^^-^^-pj^^ I The United States is unwilling 'to be drawn info a discussion doomed to hnure, a condition | almost guaranteed as time _ ,,_ . . ^. .. , ipasses. President Gamal Abdd ,The U-S- heavyweisht WT ^thngl [Nasser of Egypt wants - ^ ""^ ^ I ; settlement but not one 'wouM cost him his job. Net'm script COLUMBUS, Ohio (UPIV- 'I 'Q, J Igor was dedared "no contest" {Thursday night when the SjTia and Iraq wiU have no "^^L"* "'^ dealings at aU with jarring ^"""8 ""'^ ""hie to cootmue except to notify him they will have no dealings. Jews and have not been ' Both the Israelis and the particularly effective. But they Arabs are taking positions of no (io keep Israel on an extensive retreat war footing and arc a barrier to Arab guerrilla organizations, Peace s3 long as they remain split until now, have come uncontrolled, togettier under the general^ On their side, Israelis formal-] leadership of Al Fatah, mostlly have annexed Arab Jenisa- active of the Arab guerrilla lem and taken over S >Tia 's { groups. Golan Heights. Al FaUh regards Nasser as a As a further security move,: has-been, demands total obliter-;the Israelis have decided to atioa of Israd, and regards any!construct a score of fortified agreement with the Isradis as'sdtlemenls on the west bank of an act of treason against the the Jordan, at the month of the Arab*. TVir temrist attacks uiside Israeli-hdd territory probably have killed as many Arabi u Gulf of Aqaba and fai the Snai | Desert. ' The moves appear to be | permanent an open book of knowledge for all those who seek: irsYOUkLOtrarY- mi j.f -^.i ,i d i A* K* Snilty Public library ViKSfmlietwfCiMfelMi 9to9 0aay-9le5Sahirdax ^^loS0 ^l ^5wW ^I ^8J^ •OmAto e/4SSIFfBV i FFBR NO LIMIT TO CLASSIFICATION Automotive • Houses for Sale • Real Estate • Houses for Rent • Miscellaneous • Etc. (anything) VAY% FOR ThF OF OFFER GOOD NOW THRU FEBRUARY 28 PRIVATE PARTY ADS ONLY NO COMMERCIAL BUSINESS ADS —PLEASE If s simple to place your Classified Ad — Just stop by the office at 700 Brookside or just pick up the phone and Call... Classified advertising appaaring in iha Facts must be placed in person or by falaphena no later than 4 :30 p.m. the previous day.

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