The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on September 25, 1927 · Page 11
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 11

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 25, 1927
Page 11
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SPORT SECTION THE LINCOLN SLND^ STAR CLASSIFIED .\DVERTISINQ TWEATY-FIFTH YEAR. ID n as K: a's Best SI y DAY, SEPTEMBER >5, >iewsiDaiDer* LL\COL.\, .\EB. 1927. SECTION B EIGHT P.AGES ix Schools Join Hands In Forming New Circuit ireakup Comes In Varsity Squad and Yearlings In Annual Tangle Valley Conference of Hmky Football Fresfimtn at Nebraska u. Hiiskers Shou’ off Against Freshmen Varsity Men Tangle Vl'ith \ ear lings In Annual Pre-Season Conflict and Grab Long End 21-0 Score. !ix Leading Institutions Pull Out Of Old Organization and Take Steps to FormJ^ew Circuit by “CY” sher . m . an . The Missouri V^allev t'onference, t^mprisins: ten inslitu- ftions in the middle west, b about to pass out of the picture as a funetionini? body. .\nd on the ruins of the old will anse a new ortraniralion of the >ix leading institutions—a new con- Yerence taking the rank and prestige that its membership IwiU ment. The new “Big Six” of the western region wiU list its roster the following schoob: Iowa State college at Ames. University of .Nebraska at Lincoln. Kansas Stale .Agricultural college at Manhattan. University of Kansas at Lawrence. University of Missouri at Uolumbia. Universitv of Oklahoma at Norman. Notified. Valley Srhooi* pnrmal announceuMfnt of tli® tmmwg of the new conlerem:« and withdrawal from the >ld wa» made Saturday night by Herbert D. Ob«., acting director of athletics at the Comhuaker institution, named aa official ipokeaman at a recent Aion i>f the new " 3 ig Six,” Notice of withdrawal was wired Saturdav afternoon to the four Mtsaoun Val­ iev ctmierence ^hooia not inc:udea m the reontamzation—Drake tmi- '•ersity of Dee Moima, Gnrdusil cot- ege of GnnneU. Waahmgton mi- rerdty of St. Loms and Oklahun a A. etc M. coUeee of Stillwater. Taken Effect Next Jan«. Director Glah explained Saiurdav night that the withdrawal from ‘he Valley circmt la not to take effect imtU after the termmation of the preeent academic ’.*ear,i meaning that 'he six withdrawing schools wiU fulftU Ail athletic coniracta ;a »he various branches ji ntercol- legtate mort mtU the close of th^ «fChool \*ear next June In settin« forth 'he reasons the reatlon of the new conference. Director Oiah "»aid Why the Withdrawal. The -ux laaiitmlons are withdrawing md forming their own conference because >f he 'onvictiou that the dd conference of 10 m..m- -.fs waa too large and '.mwieldy, iTiaking difficuit 'he arrangement -,i -port schedules that were faur to all. Teams were not of equal caliber ftthleTlcaJly and championships were muddled because It was impcaaibie for ♦'ach school to coenpete with everv »t-her ’onference imrtttution '-n all »ports. Tlte rmmd-rotoin sched- '«^«item :n basketball was ot- ecuonable to faculty necaiuse the obligation d 'tiaking ’ripe 'cog too much of the students’ 'line from '.tudle«. %dditl(»nal Obleetlom. Other weaknesses :n 'he >ld con- 'erence of 10 m 'mbers involved nm- •nal difference» n •‘tae and cnroll- -nent at the tnsUtutlona and n- equailtiea in athletic power and ilanta. The vtx wthoola of the new oon- 'sreme will be nearly on a par T«n 'tie standpoint d enrollment and athletic prestige and. In addition all are state nstitutiona and sub- to the authoriv of boards f Ri LES SESSION MONDAY NIGHT with aANMNc % meetlttg ni football offleiala of Lincoln and vicinile ha* been < »llcd for WoiMlay at T: 3 i p. «»• at tbe lincidn chamber of coni- merre. The naeettng l» ofien to roacteea. plavers and fan* md will be In l'harge of Toach Henrv F. 'iehuite of thè Unlverstly of NebrsAlia. '^rhulte has Jt»t re- itUTifd from a 'Wrie» o# roles conferences held tmt in ihe stale. A meeting of thè (ireater Lincoln high school Icagne will ba held orlo» to thè mica '«mflab. thè r,. L. meeting heing ailed for «: 4 & t». m. Kerrtlne. Belleville. Bbsenharf. Culbertson. Chaioupka. Omaha; Coach ‘‘Choppy” Rhodes: Peterson: Hampton. __ Fourth TOW-Poweil. Gibbon; Dav, Virginia; hert Omaha; Bronds»oe.* No-fo»k' Yaeger, Lincoln. Jackson. Beatnce. smith. Omaha: Mendenhall. Pairburt* 0« N.brssSa fr«mn.n ,he ■•■m.s.ty a Wtt 3 «. W«t Pom.: Csn.pb.ll. Pnend: 3 hsrp., urdav .dthough osing by a 21-0 score. Coach ‘ Chopiy I^^es has a squ»d of over lOO irst ■■•ear jxidders m suit. The d«ad .nciudea. Lower row—Gailawav. Crawford; ScheTnnsrer Nelson: Qran. Om^a; Oratton Omaha: Raihbun. Lincoln. Murrav. Lincoln; G. Brown. com; Rogers. Long Island. Kas Bolton. York: Ouncan. Uncola; .Am. Lincoln; GniM. Burwell; Jensen. Omaha. Becond row—Erck Lincoln; Russell. Pawhuska. Okla.. Bunreson. ^w'ichita, Kaa.. coin: St. P»ul: Pishfr. Uncoln: McCord, omjrna. T»-.; R«i.r. Hmdtrson; ssn-rsssi ------------------------------------ N4T10.XAL IJLAiil'B. ti. w. eitubtirtb Vors at Louu CblCAgO C.ncinnftU HrooKljn Idosten rter. phr““w-Äi‘ir.;Li.cdln. Jtmcha. Hi IM 47 ;«• H« IM .47 .4i St M 87 8 & Mornll; Swesrer. L.nroln; Tí^bm, Lincoln: Urimn. Lmcom. Roland. Beatnce, Bradford. Wt’more: 4Jkfi.aiCAN IJtAi.l f~ lor College View Hi Works On Passes aiT.ilN GOES IT I?j HIGH aRCLES College View gndster* provw^ StHnji of Top ClubS mT-'oS“ Gridiron Clashes On mage Pnday evening. The line had BiMik This Week, no trouoie m teanng large gapa tiie -«rubs line, while the array of , , ... .nek p..» .m b^kfieid «. -drk- Tech Piajs at Lexington. :ng kept even the spectator» m ßrass Tacks ^C^SyleiToax Tne Old and the New. Spikin« That Scandal. Gene Savasie Battler. That “Lona Count.” PiR.\TES TOÏÏER: LOSE TO Vor« WiiUîsaitiM» Uetrpu 1 'hlCfcSO At .MUIB Bastan a 14 » . 4 * HI .47 147 H7 .47 Í47 W iO» M '9 • P« A 4 .-.7 .>0 L. St ;» HS '■4 ?T iM 8 » II S> \MEE1CAN VbSOtTATIOV Toitpáo KsnMA City St Paul :4mne»potu tr.diaiukpoUa Louuvi'.ie L.atumbiMi il. .M H« .M iM . IM .«« y. •» iM mi H 4 M .9 HI AO •7 6 t H» -7 "» yf ;os 10 « m >.»» 574 4 M 4 M 3 M 331 pet. :ii M 7 .54 a $11 419 415 3 M 340 ?rt 5M iti 5*1 53 i 531 ill 373 3S7 New York Cuts Another Slice Off Buccos’ Lead In Race. Football Results. douot aa to where ‘iiev were going In Huemsm. a tiew 175 -pound guautl, a much needed addiuon o •he front line Tiaa tieen found. In authom«» Fnday workout le fiandled ms w.«- jjj' {ina (jTder. •.maanmg up many a Piay made by ‘he reeervea ' Beck Ones '<omc '«iumn«. While Lincoln Ooes To Columbus. Bv GREGG HcBRIDE. The ‘'urtain wall roll up an Nebraska tne imh school footsmll race .ng*síx>t oí both the defensive and attractive ge^ Sîetî^e ^y. during the scnm- Comhutóer prep annais. mage. Ha tackle* were nard and ne rroeeed the scruo* goai ‘hree tunc*. ■men touchdown following a run oí ,»ver to varda. The flTii squad waa txjmpoeed. oí McOraham and OffU at the end poet». Peterscm and Haildaie at tackle», Kealer and Hueman ai guarda. Scott at center, Howell at and Bock at _ }uarterö»ck, Chaæ regent»^ %irailar controlling bodies muve* and CSsnatenaen. fultoick m ‘ ' * ■ - . - Bverv» section of the «state h«i one oi more contests which appear of moie than iniinary tmporrance. in fact, several oi the gwnes axe nt such h’.gh cauioer that it would have feemed wise to save ‘hem for .ater m ‘he season, when the gnd mtere»t IS a wtutc heat Tech Tackle* Lexington. The Omaha Tech-Lexington game stated for Saturday on 'he lexing- glorv of winning The w«irlel do move. That s an aged wheeie. but the truth of it nevoT wa* more 'inknigly exemplified than on the occaaioti of the Funaev-Oempoev rooku* a few daw ago in the Windy City. .And how {dfferenl the setting when the immortal John L. Itvan knocked the crown from the brow of Paddy Ryan I» menmrable fiitlc epic o# lliZ on MiMUMppi »oil. John and Paddy were scheduled to stage heir rumpus m Louisiana, but the governor of the Pelican com- imdth chased the fighters and ;here for busmisss. each intent on Dempaey blow which tened Tunney was the genuine article and the the ^h&nipioti sut>sef|tientlv doled -O nis opponent was too real to m- .spire the siurhtest question a* lo the hor«esty of the fight. “•M t own ladgment i* that the rmbllshed accounts did no« Mt half the storv and I rather suspect that the r»re** mm M t deleted the ^tatls of ^ punishment that in hi* vaJlant but vain effort to Ninth-Inninif Rally Wins Game for Gotham Bv H -1 Score. Gisnt* 1 iRd pirrsarP-OH. ;>pt ^ 2 *- jr.* PltLsWrgti vi^tt#rw 5 n®*o .f tour ^ 'iisnui -ni» ':«• *nd ' '••‘i «V» t'wnc in 'h» ninth. n« core .u led. 3 Ul ’crTT % '!*n» -.törtR« Boten Horn»*?. MntiMl. -ntnotuMl « > Th» «»m* WM * pttener«- -»tit,# tmw**n LiC Messosrt »nll Vir*li Ban»» 'f »ne oitnu Win Ml h?ir ‘r"»““*”* tamcs s pro«pect net st »U anUktly. »**• FbrstM tnu»i ttn »üt ^í ir.ctr .»»»o nmaiiunf ’• . Uncft the .jcnnsi«^^ Mt •!* **«•« Ol 'nt "CMon »»•> heir entourage over mto Missis- regain the UUe. sipm whMT the mob saw the light -As a matter of fact. with¿ut paying a :hm dime and the Kfrj «“’¿ííñg ' h. muu;« four baitiers did their duff for a >ide at he end of me »a* •&. Broo«i?n Robin* *ic# stake of a few thouaands and the me «andai -peddlers cou^a^ imm cmcinnmv. »n« ctncmto mi* Ui « nnw until ‘he crack of ctoom without j p „f s#>M«n *n« ^midav- mommg ■»»» 'iprnt ma ton aval, appears iha cli^ when ^CToying*mv“convi^^ that ‘-he r*^*-core**^ tne ;i*t Tn taking the western fi?h55 were going on the;^‘ exas and he five state*. • < 4 *turdav mommg »»» 'pent m * ton avaj. appe^ u». uk—» of the New ronference «»fficem. . natk talk inpreparation for the fjpemng ist. m r^'.e final ittecision 'o irganixe 'he K»ine with Havelock next Pnday. jaunt to meet Coach nnan new '■onference waa definitely iiand- -------------------------------•d hvelve veter . v . ns wty r# A r.» Pi- wiU b*v# their h»nd» ¡uii. Rrr.saa City, at which faculty delegate* *r# athletic directors d 'he >jX inatituiums were :n attendance The fscultv men preaeot elected Dean 3 . W. Beyer 4 Towa State ■xvilege aa rcmference . nairman and Dr W G. Manly >f he L-mversiiy i.f MiMOurt as secretarr The athletic .«rectors, also m -ee»ion. named Mr Giah 4 Nebraska *s '.^heir -hsirraan. with .'»rofes- "■r M. F Ahemm 4 Kansas Agn- Contmued m FNige Two.» AT MA.SON CITY HI xihaan crr^ w»*.. srpt. 34 •t*r«n* «r* -»«sioafi o< iiw Miwn C »? .««p .ctMMU roetbai: agiMid bu .««*0» rKM AüfMiAtiif» ,wpt J»- »rc«?n Reir *t Mai«n CSt?. Oft At UtenfUld. Oc» :t- »*Ti>nr.a .» Il 4 i?«eita. fVt ÎÎ s«r :». Í at Ma««a UUf. I >ct ?*~J>'bbMi At vibtxm Un» 1 **orth Loup »» MMen CUf. .* 4 ev 9 -AuMirna •» ! 4 sa«ti Citf, Nov .4 <'>iUw»? St CmÛBwmf. ii Tex^’ Siam Balhhoo «P For Next Title Battle relFs Lexington outfit as a opener, the Techaiers are shouldering quite a task. Lexington. ;t wtU be remei^red. was a »eam 'hat came orarne tire at the cioee of the 182 » Twwnr* seeeon. ail but toppling "be Gothenburg Swedes V na Turkey day el»^ SIC wuM« was nip-and-iuck from start 10 fimsh Harrell Crew All Se«. Coach HarreU sent in» Mmut* Men* through a driving vpnng practice .«nd, -vith pientv of veter^ material on 'land. Lexington should be pnmed ;or an early start. n« Tecumsen-Beatrice argumen. la the class of 'he .southeast Nebraska card. Beatrice used Harold f»rmhm to batter the Johnson ooun- tv eleven mto »uiamisaion last -«ax _____________Arkansas mooed them W far out west to Carson City. .^v„ ^ y«rk. the vhere Ruby Rot^rt s ?^d^nake a neat mtrv tn almost Horr.w? wrested the titìe from Pompadour balance, but it tittt . t* Jim with a solar piexiia wallop tl^l ^ore than that to mook the flstic firmament from c:r- tnto a ring with Gene Tunnev and et hun was oounded last 2* umferwoce to center. Nearly 15 rear* after the f ar*»•!* Cltv cptsede, the Jim Jeffrle*- Jark iehn»*« «leve brawl waa an the boMi for > 4 an Frmnclaro. but a»ie«her fwemmr lnterpe»ed ^ official ruty, whaweupon Tex Rickard, king of prwneter* then, juat A* new, puUed %«ake«i for Nevada, pnttlng on the batUe which c«tab- Ushed the Mg ink Mrttle aa the boes of the car maulers. But the tnbuiaiiona >f former .‘hampions were not repeated when Gene and Jack squared off **'* other night m Chicago. .At aa Demoeev Thursdav aight. **So fM A* I t'OncM"n€€Ì» ■In 'thè bar Imaine** wau hemp tmlk —and nothing but. And if thè flght wa* a fake. »hen I home tMth aU thè ««e althoucH »he hard-botled trnth >? that I Ioat a Mt ni change in hacking I>em|»ee.” Desmie hia «ocond hefeat 'la ’he thè -lecision mute, at thè lands of Tunnev ‘he man jAcluon. *>* H*rper, ri TSTior. '• M*r.n ----- er RarrM. 0 R*««« jOUsiBUBOO*. ;> AB 4 1 4 4 4 1 4 3 I '! PO A Ï ; 3 « 0 « i 0 I 0 . 1 a 9 0 a 0 a 1 0 9 -otaii 33 1 i 27 :• 9 i-ct *jauce f»r T»vlor .« •»gptu*# 'or Barn#« n -iftith Nlaoa r« ror nt ■« ' i « b « i entaMirt* from Mana&sa of BV rL-ARK a. KELsEV. iliaai» I>?w« Ne Dodgtng. ’HICA*.¿- 3 . aept. .«- -U P - Tmnev ,er$u.naii> is ready to iiiiì'^xT ’GGST vipened 'he meet anv iie Rickard wams, amt«» 'or hi» next world .s chain- where, anvîime. he »aid. He - ^ , - üô fight by announcing avoided a pecifis 'efererace to -at ?ene Tunnev s next heiense Dempee* -e 'laawsretght rown wcuid »j* The .lew* 4 Tunney and Rick- -u' hpponen* -e»cted ard were cxpre«ro »t * mchetm 1 nt eliminai urn given ’o 'lie nam.piyr. jy Ma-.or '■VJLam Hale Thompsons omar.«- Thia fail PTahm is n freshmen toi» doæn governor*, an equal number at the Umveraity of .Nebraska and Tecumaeh la countmg <in getting back « the Gage . ounty gndaters Tecumaeh and Beatnce always pr^ vide pientv of ewitement on «Continued «m !^e Two.- ai't »lion^ju^. vkilTä'kÜMi tams oí The m.» verdict. - - - he í one -akes *he word of ‘he'average figPt; ;s -hat Jack waa given a raw deal Ctmtinued m Page Two.» bv ; 5 -y wegir X M .1 tí ■'» •**an *r.f «-soa tllOOJOO by .; 4 i igf ts “ vi.U'h lack i 'itstey t uagî-.i s r'Vrw '.»tarteo on r; :ie bopea ‘ù ... rf ioilar» while '.«« .Town id .itii>vii»d that .New Y»»rk 1ÎH1 ,'^-'ca.l 4 i 5 sae ui * 1 *« .lext ■ ¡'•npior^“'p »«peciaih -nice liv teca wiUiuui -uch a fcr uiree N’aura. 'Tex' batkni » Ruler, hckard sr^xsii u:e tepcwts ‘hat 1C v-as pMnnivtf » third ct^»»»- ncr* brtxwen runnev .»nd Den^ .e- ly 'lie L'r-ited Preaa lie * e»-.íi5d '0 vtxuo,-."t A enc* of ' ■ -r .iTif ow 'nia wmier. The vt-.ner -lU r.rci Tuanney next vummer. ! am not onsideniig » 'uird T nney Detnpaev fight. Rickard ond. OM« I Tfouid œ glao o a>-e ■Jempeay enter the ctlminaiion -term arvd .1 he ome* through »n •op. Hiere .ertainly *■< ;ld ae ;io sett« man to meet T.u-uicr. «•••M AdAi'Aeeae Hptce. At eriY TtÉÁG. well ”u4ve a 'Ight next year il wc 'an fino uame me to give ‘Tartney a s-odd light. iiene, wno w * ji «ittuig near ctiotdtft t® t*»r Rickard s oni - loueh ni -,i»ee to ee oi 500 . which »ificiailv '■pnn -oreo 'he fight at .Soldier Field. RED BIRD ROOKIE SIBDIES BR.WES reo tr.e tigni at .'YOiojer neio. ^ , , ti i CìTéU rtumev, Rickard. .May'ir riKtmp- FranknOHSf* HuriS Til lu sen, and lieorge trctx. nairman the ppoMWÄUNfS OT *ugfC 5 ti;-.; Or laaykw a good icking Tmi s»M 'te a a* saiuticci »tt.h 'he mttcenae of the iriueagc igiii. tmt dia 130 « lio— 5 h« pcMwiniltty .>í ixytfvg *,he aann* Jtty twice .r, a -ow I* IT- US« casa^rvd like»> ’hat .ie b0Éd « 6 » im battle m etther he commitiee. spoke «sd '*nga«ed in X sparfcimg oniest or .tcongraiu- lauons o\er ihe :>u.creaa >i 'he tight and .u ‘jenem ' j > Ch^Aun Tomai aie f'onUwtaaU. In xddiuon o Dempeev—pr*mci*d he deiermiae* * j O onunite .'Ua at•empt o - ome okck- -»»ucn an elun- iriation .-onteet as Rickard olans ePaoly would tnciude Jack Bhar- eccnily xnocked -jut by Demo- ^.ev Pxuiinr. thè Bseque. tiec'rge Godfre» .;iant negro ¡»aaiblv .'im Makinc' Bt«ton heavjtwetght. juid Johrniv iiuko. m U o .sst weex ue- feniad .iac-k .leianey Timney ^ zituce 4 dictian. id- -nittedav xkove -he nmverfcuii isngtisdie of 'he -quaxetì ri*«, tnaus <4 '-he uncnerr --omeihing '-he memoers »1 rie nmyor s ■cmaiuiee ppcfc»biy i-til ;,e\er .'crget 'Icwi ìiad Thrm Gx*ptng. Wher. he -nampacin 'hsxikeu f«ir. • lets for nis TNOEPATIGUABIL- r^r*’ a .«uranging U' 'he detaila of tiie tight, he caueeo a rmtrmur of AAWnmtjxumt A laemiser -f he Chicago mur.icrpai .e«fal staif ?ho tieard'ihe wrwd .aied witli Asaurance .1 ir Snglisn .mofeescw gssped and amubiy . exBarked Whew Rlcaam naractenrec '-he Hoiàntr Fleid naectacie «a ‘he rieuiMsi, fauMt show ever letd n 'he hia- • rorv of xport ano triaoked tiM Chicago comaittee for ds co- Victury t ur .''t. Louibi B«*ats Bubton. mance and Amencans of high -station hteraily by the 'here is part of 'he mob of 150.000 which saw the old champion wage s . .,«1 ISS Twenty .VIen Out How swift the change friwu the old order, when «-hin fuauling waa an »wiUswed sport, te the new and fwedcm understanding, which nrake* ijod* of the rtnginen and -^ewartl» ihe qrewmt heavy rham- pion with * millien delhur* fer a tingle Lattle. Vi», indee»!, world do move. L. W»ft?f 'J ComeratKv f p W*n#r :l ’Wr.»nt. '* Trmrrtor. 31» (irsntbam. I* Harri» ;ti ■liiocr. '• Meailava. ? A» a H PO A T♦ 7040 '« 4 7 » ; 5 4093 ' ♦ Í» . 1 •• • 49.2 3 S 1 9 ' 13 7 7 ': J 1 » s ■ ■ 1 *) 3 ' BY GREUtU, .McBRIDE. Flashes of real offensive strenifth. interspersed lapses of fumblinsr and early-season raifgedness, featu^ the work of the 1027 Nebraska Uomhuskers in their maid^ appearance at the Memorial stadium 'Saturday aternoon. Coach Ernest E. Beane’s varsitv romp^ over the freshmen by a 21-0 score before a crowd of over 5.000 spectators. Reguiaxs Delivered. Beaxc used his vaxsiiv regulars little more 'han half 'he <ama and the first-«tnngers. -wtlh Blue Howell and Glen Presnell doing the smr- tng, accounted for the three touchdowns. •Chief” Elkins reeled 41 a ipec- acular » 0 -vard nm which carried him acrtMs 'he frosh goal line, but the piav was called back for the mflktion ai on aff-ude i»naltv iigaimt ,ai aver-anxious .arxity lineman. The exhibition was of the usual •arfitv-frosh vanetv 'he vearlliHPi permuting themselves i 43 he «itam- jieded mriy ;n the skirmish, then presenting a -tubbom fight once they got 'heir bearings. TTie flrst-vear »»ieven failed to dent '.he varsity line for so much as an earned first down, but man- rured '-o -mash 'hrough for yardage three time* while fhe reaerve out- ilt 'vas on 'he field. Hofvell and Pnsinell. Howell and Pre*nell formed the ground-gammg «mmbmailon which -.wept the frosh off their feet in the first period. With me vamity forwards clearing the way the i»ur .--mashed and sprinted to 'wo touchdown dunng the opening l 5 -nun- ute period. The trcuh -deeived the opening Iciekoii and Parker promptly purtetl out of bounds on the vanstty i 5 - vard ¡me The Bearg tmtkileld then started a parade up the field which ended when a varsity pass waa grodhded m a fourth down. Howell G«r* 7 # YanM. Alter the freshmen had ponted out of iangrr, iJowell raced 30 •vards on me Hrst play, being downed on the frosh 14 -yard line. PresneU plunged tor eight yards and Howell plurufed t’wtce for the tcuchdoarn. .A 40 -vard run by Howell soon threatened the frosh goal agam and Presnell dodged acroas for the tally as 'he quarter ended with the varsity leading 14 - 0 , rhler On Warpath. With the oatl m inidlield, “Chief” Skins 'was inserted for Preanell ^nd he first time the Indian was .-ailed upon to «'arrv the Imll he knifed -hrough the line, whirled and side-stepped his way 50 yards acroBs 'he final ^'halk mark, mtlf •o iiave 'he imll -ailed back for the mflictlon of .an oifslde penalty The remainder of me penod was a nlp- and-tuck affair. Wute :md -McBride former Lincoln high 'tars, formed 'he drtvtng rods :n 'he reserve attack which tormed 'he freshmen during the third quarter. Fuiabtcs and PeRalllea. The ‘WO sophomore* arned ‘he for several good gain*. :umble* and .Ifside penalties constantlv balking the second-strtngers m 'hetr efforU to going. 'Oie '.earilng» made fheir neet stand dunng mis penod Russell and Prahm combining 10 advance ‘he hall to withm 20 ywrdm of the goal ’’’osts iseiore the march finally was liaited Rfgalars Resame. Bearg sent iiis .-egulars mck in me game for 'he ast 10 minutes if '.he fotmh ouarter and a 35 -ysrd nm bv Howei: ;aved the way for The hird 'ouchdown. the Omaha battenng •mm .mashing thrmigli for 'he ounter The opening game was .oot without ;ts asualty Llovd Grow, reserve center, ret'eived a rib tnmir Continued m Page Two.) At U Ik me wkST. »ekraM» Vm«*»?, 21 ; !»?••*. L»aiiM»r« m-, Wr»l«?a». «. lmmm It««« N«tas»l. «. V» -» L mii I*—WM klnft?«. ’ %t UrtBBVll flrlBBBl. «Ï r»f»B I». *. %t lir»#»«?—VBrBiBl, I«; M»»»;l»*» «•»»• 1 », «X 4» LBrBMta—Wy*B»IB«. '«I : >»**■»«»* NMrmal. *. ^ , 4t 4thBB«— «MUb L*.. Î1; aiB «.r»B*«. 9. 4t « iBcinaait—•» X»*t*r. »S; WBrrt*- H b # 41 Ollar«—Hi»B»l. î<«; Hbbb*«-. 9. 44 Y*BB9»tnwB—4 Bram« T<r*h. :S; Wr»iaiiai«t#r. «. At WmtvrtBB-B—kBrthwr»t«rB r»li«c«> I*'. UttSrr ». 41 rrkakli •—eraakUa. n; faktaaa C»a- irsil. 44 O^Iraar*—-okla W»»l»*»a. I«: Wll- >ast»n. 19. 44 ^rta«flri*—Wltt«Bkkr*. <*: lOa«- t»». «. 44 D m VIkiBM—D m WklBM. I'., «i «>a- tr»l. r 44 D m WatBM—earMB. IS: '.UH. ». 44 l.a.BMa«—Wlclittsa 4««im. It; Kaal> «MS»*, «i. A4 D»irk»4—D»4r»4t. 44¡ 4«rtkR. ». 1,4 me KAkT 44 N'ra y»rk—W-w Vk'k. f*. N4*«»r*» «• 44 ei444harta-—ei44, »»• Thi»*, » 44 Avr»«BM>—•irrMa»«., it: ffa^arl. «. 44 WmI eaiB4—AfBi*. '%■ IIm4»b, » 44 >«ka»eta«?—l'aMa. 13: ^4. LaarrtBk«. *. 44 ItaMittMt—« •«(»4«. 'I. HsMlItkB. A4 4Va»kia«i»a—V?»»kiB«4*B A ^•B. 14; WaraMrarf, «. 44 4aikcr«t—Ank»rs 4 . 51 : 4 Jfr««, «. 44 fr»?—WSIliaai« > 4 . a»a»»UMr 7 44 Prk*»«#a»«—ar»»rB, .*3. Rka«« I a I aii #. A4 «»BBBBiek—«BaféaiB. •; VI m ». %«ft** «’ 44 B»thl»kra*-~i«rk»fh •: '» J»ka». • 41 * 4 mt Vkik —r»rkliaBi 14 : S»>kaar. «. 44 n»a«*r eall»>-4i»B«va. :i Da*4?- eikiaa. «. 44 '«*«lr4#Brf*—4 «Ikr^ai* WMlMka. «. A4 Km!«»—»rrtt*. W, -rHarlkltl. 1* 44 Sf>a Vark—4 ot«BiMa. S Xrrm*Bt. «. A4 Itka#a—<'M*-nrll. «I: ( 1«rfe»>a. ». 44 llaaavtr—Oarlawatk. <7 sarw.«-» k. 44 ^«al* ( -rkfk—rraa ''4»l» 57 !.<•«* aa»R V«llr* » 44 i ul'rtmUk—l''«tBk 4 . 5 t. l'aMla. • 44 evtisBHpkt«—r?BB. *; rraatM» A «4l« f ■ • rr — * RI. 4 «f M. »••»4 Oukri. ». A 4 f 4 r»a»»ick—«Wm» A*»im. •; ••a'«••a. «. Continued <m Page f’vo,- On Temple Squad •"ttklï S#w Yorit l*tî»Burfa «♦trMMART -itnïfin >•** ■ il U!»e»trom Î 3 5 37 9 7 0 ;0700 3—3 1 0 0 t) • t 7 '1 7 ■n.rM TBM .rît rerrw Rau»R. ' 4 ’a 4 Ui*r Aacrif;»-.* ’BCttBsn Ooiinlr ?J»? - • Äi’uaii .ast «e^k the »•UA. on àT. U j VI». -* ' - louâ» '»0« T.e .r»M »•*«• '■'»n tMO» «7 ' AtlA 'Oî '7# '—iull «■‘iraui*... .ir,Ma Br»*M * a ' .-lai»» -•* •. *ctcr .»« f»» ='?• h «. • jar u!M -•« i»c»uö.ii« * .oBM .a .0 -tue tiira« ' ti» -«>?• Ba* 4 a«. \B 4 Hi r*<« ' t T * ) 3 i Avifcu. , ....... * . ' .«■■( ,r-.-.;rr - , . , . 1 j • i • - -- * • * : ^ rmnri,., ........ ♦ Afnr*. 3 k ♦ ^ Anum. J 3 öMir-:t. r ertur. , haim r SaAMo»;«? . ■ >raata. i r»i»Tt*f. » »kentui*. Acouai« * P?MiAaoH.i><r raisuF il 1 • *4 4 1 . 4 MU* ,4* a R PO A 3 * 4 ! 77 • ; ! •; 1 .1 i> « <■ - « ö» u^i. ___ ^ ^ ‘ ,•* i^MMAiarr rwa -trm» n Sr«»!'. x>ui- -,!t .T.rM' ~*Jm nil. - R .aantiur,. Koa»? •afi -tiRfM .«JAen^c* n.t -•Aehw.'t» SkkAn ammt- ftraan ttJoukA» pi*? —ORMtrMn '» i»ae»liwf BkMt» rt» aanjr—Oft R «»«mik 1. JÍÍ FrwikaoMa - SUruk« 'Rìv »» » a«H 4 A : V» rra. 4 iklMa» 4 *» 5 - U»Í 4 «îr »«ma«. I-™«- X Tm—t t. OaaeirM-tiaCS«)«- atu.A jaraa *a« "«arka. n*»»—i.»l -iebrasxam omtng back from '-he pectJM ie n Chicago are iruuumoua n urrung 'humoa oown on the 'heorv that Gene Tunney and Jack Demises with Fex Rickaxd siumg ;n m 'he game nad a previous m- lerstai.omg cs to the ternunaiicm >I he tig ttght tu-mori were 'lying '-hicxer han ,.a4.iourda n >ptemoer to 'he ef- 'e**t -nal 'he result was tn 'he oag ;or Dempsey, whUe conuarv uorie* vere gotrgi the rounds hat Tunr»y »<»u*u not oonsert m * second «*n-'upr with me man trom !glana.saa ,n.ea» given an »*xpiic:t guarantee 'ne latter backeo oy a produpou* loriett, he result was o bs a repeciion jI '-he Phiily affair. Eye- witnt—e« ot the ikatUc di»- redit the vsrn-teeMiig and pew- f-lAiiii Lbat ükc fcrueit». if oa« xavagerv. nf the roa«e*« refa*«»* fyer?' xU*r 4 « ««eflecUiMI »*» '«be b« 0 - y«ti ot ih* t’hleage flgb«- A (MWAmctent UneotsUU, asSibc iba« h» idrntttv a# aep« owt <4 print. wmm .M»«HW»Sen » deewuketng the narte that <i?me end Jack bad a prvwiAWk srrangefnefH» •*! xnv "ert. Î jepartec ;or Chicago laif-ir. mea 'o <u.',utiDat* a nippoorome at om* iort -aid his Uaeoi« mar., but Í Old not et my -keptícism rajTO T. 'he wav -f .'try ^otng. Fh* ‘ight :iad gone ess than five -otrnqs ■when T felt, oevtmd every iwiBt that Tunney and Dempaejr ware m remple o'-gh scnooi •eam Tatrteti , Co«:h Grsnt A. McSacnen h® a*. and Fndav night »ver JI men ag -f%,Sd. Things AI ^ .4 -he week ildri t -ook -o bngh- ;7U' vccording o .stest repocts »m., tfiur U 'he men >ut «xe naiing i-iificuitie« -n .emoving ■.heu: .Ames rmm -he .neliglbüity lisi ln "arty practice 'he men hat .ire -nowin« op *'eU ere - sifoacx; Larsotv another lail who 'imge* 'hrough a .a McBriae, iiK. Hsifbatk La FGlet’X!. Gn '..e ¡ne 'he Neei broiher» »re eafur- ,r.g .n -Uippme 'he !ioh-c;gger* Ix>tier, ülond uarkfi'iG nsn. eem.» oe me zeni »n vnom 'he p' y.t and drop <wkxng lutie»' -will .all He .iunts onsii«*entlv .arcL iirktina* " Wrgth» i ll»rn» -»,#■ 'i#w -f'-Tt mtufc'jirfh » •■li'ioow» ■ fUryi * -ul- HT gCSi.tlW» ’ !i? B*rRM it'.U- 'ilf •a'-»» * ’ ' '!<* »H'-Minim-in» ■ -'ru-ur* 'W 1 nn*na pne('.»•» r;‘/»¡rr. -n, » •-i-p.'-e*- Ki?a». Rl«!*r »f.a Qu.*.r? ■«in? 41 Nats Take Strini? (K 2 From Browns Lincoln Man Saw Fight; Qiies Big Edge to Tunney Tliat ''ler.® Ti.onev retained th* tame, with Tunnev leeling mit ms worta • ’.eavvweiRhi ■ hampionshm man ana navmg 'he «dge the '»ar- titSc fa.riv *nd quamv -s . the pen saio. Demfisey made otnte * iumion -‘f everal Lincoln men who firht oi ,t ,n the 'hu'd. i*cenced *0»- Tunney-Dempsey ney swarmed ail >ver ' kt Chicago niursdsv .oignt. champion m he ourth •ft was a great fight '-».nci 'le- far >ut .lev*» 'hat the best ¡man won. Wil- rare!«» . 4 --H 4 .a 4 Kl .V AMHfscrr,}* ^ .-t*T -I 'C».I OJ.* •l'. 4 irinK.:.. . .' rr.» ,-ccrï > 4 , Laai*. / liMurr? i tre? r t> I44illi>?tl Î t. 4i..?r \a*ais «k gr?M 4 Af . .lULOl» AM » : fi* . *»« 3 »U»? , < j A t -lAU *• t.Atiaa '(it aM4«n W»»Ata«taa AS R 4 Ï (I rs ;♦ « ;mi.a Ri-t -f tAfr«.» -b H ec) A e i SATIO^Al. ! ,-A«»t 1 PSMRa?tkAt» « kM««» >•» V»?B 4» SiraMlTa ek *4 ‘ i»»t*a«4* aa« 4 aB 44 -• Vitrai» 4 c IX 41.11 ,« ibfai. 4 » '.?A 4 iiiiac 4 *« I "kMtR«» 44 < 1 m?)»RR. *4 %*• i‘»rk. iiO»i»r. 34 ? HlU?«C j ;2 1 AJiSaiLAM VkSOtlATIOS r»tmOm 44 i.»«4*aa*a*=f CMtaaiBM 44 iMiMnrtUa sA e»Bl »4 V 9 tta»*i»M Í* A4 g*a*M < ttf 2> '• -'’9% Tu:-:."'•\ *4».: •-«»T-n - 1 I > • ' 3 4— 4 ♦ '■»if» JNM kit m *. .i-r .a*.in Pir»? A*» -it Miliar Sio.rr. .a»..» aaruiktT -iAcr-.tM» -'*i 4 - «»«4»««Mn ÌAnH.4 'XMIIO? UR?- St?»4 A Aa»m 4 tj ntumr t.*;« iH *«ua «* I W 4 »( .n«iun . i»*a «n «»*.* ‘ ?T 1 if 'iMétca struct ,ot 8? rlRSI?? 3 aa Hkmati , w- (t pitet» Cm ptT«a- RaariaAS. iaiam UM V«A qrafXR tarn Gold declared. I 'hmk hat •>e',' wung Dempsey 'hould nave neen disquali- Tunney ir. fled, even tDelore the djtputeo -eventh :"Ound. for the i.ontuiuw And PriiiAl ise af ;«» raWnt^^ch There .-«.o :ouot n my rnind mat Tunn.nev a as 'he -.tctorv by 'i wiae TTiiU gin Ma* Fowle At««» Fbere The same beUel wa* "Xpreased bv Max Tfiwie. county attorney •dr Towle .'on-.tncs 'hat Fuitnev i •.nctor-. vsfi -»«cisive. 'hAt 'w x x ..-ery sa..Jui ooxer and '-hat >,ea ' cyKSition at ‘he "nd of me *0 Sn« VM -ucn -.h 4 t !« have gone more 'Jian two ir three .■•«sund» more whereas Turney ap- MUler 4upenntendent to cate '®fc.rmau>rv for men. »tod the Tiiplt 7 four rounos ■— . w, „# Hi up am. umed out 'o ^ '»«e ot the grwa'kc oaules ne ®ver wit- as -he vmner. rwwfwev Haster Hexer ton J 'lie .'tat* jgjn.- riLisiHi Derapsev for m tisclaxed 'hat Tun- nas-ter taoxer. «i-'a« Demp- u,x'ncr m practically *wery r.n Tun’ he 4 d and Aim» .n front «¡til < »ene get n 'he .gjrenth and Demp- he i'iayraaker wh»h out 'he floor. Gene N*t tiroggy Tiene was .tnorxed aown by a iiaro !)unrr. out t *** -vident that lie wasn ’ -Tfjggy .or <nd he ioae .'■¡u head. He -tarrea 'o get up ow- !ore 'he ou.nt va* »ver. but aft«i Tir. ' he ad\ ,ce . *f us seeoniL ano oox Tie .¡me ¡.mit He »«sUy evaded Dem.paev uter gr'ting ip. dancing -»vav and .¡roving itmseif tne -marf '>o:<tr ay 'aiing :o more nance* .ntii 'ils oead 'horoughly cleared. '«'»«ne ame ut n 'he eight wiUi a rush sod was all over Dempse-/ with a volley oi left» mad nghts which lad Jack îaulîy fuildJad. camenetx riey ‘ h" "iacfc’H forte is his .hard punch, .rfimewhst dow the tir*t mit nm cotuao I land ;t aqsmi on )ut thto :t idjon 'Attn- nene whereas the -hsmrion was * 'issadiiy dnrvm tm aumt x> Demp- «ev X uesd. Jack wa* ■severely ;/jn»h*d durtfHt ’he mree flnai ; mihd* and bled proCuaefy. whi> ''■’irin®'/ htí not a«»a»f'm be raark- -d. ‘Ttmnvv won flgilt. -vO''3e c;.i,iv»«tv 'Imi ihwe '«thing ¡ *rr?.ie t-boui. «'■fa* gante -acto h» «ítiU had nía poneh -»ui ;t was worth ^ 4«atnat a 'WiAs li a isaMtm boxee.** first two rouwli were ratóeT ichampioc.

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