Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 11, 1978 · Page 15
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 15

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1978
Page 15
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1' Wednesday^ January 11, 1978 Ukiah Daily Journal, Ukiah, Calif—17 Dear Ann Landers: Who anointed you the world authority on everything? I'm so ntiad as I write this letter that my blood preS ^urfe must be up 40 points:' You told a mothfer of Six, who said she enjoyed every minute of raising her six children, that she had a very poor memory. How do YOU know? Do you have a magic pipeline into other people's heads? Maybe she DID enjoy every minute of those years when she was raising those six kids. We have four children and the fifth is expected in a few weeks. I can hardly wait till the baby gets here. Our youngest is now three and it will be wonderful to have a baby in the house again. Every stage of raising children is different — and no two children are alike. I have enjoyed every minute of being a parent, so now yoU can call me a liar, too. — Mad Dad In Bridgeport Dear Dad: I'll admit you had me fooled for a minute. Your testimonial for motherhood is the first I've had from a father. How marvelous that ycu have loved every single minute of being a parent. An ^low I'd like to hear from your wife. Dear Ann: Well, you blew it this'time. You were wrong to tell "Mad in Unionville" to feed that chain letter to a goat. You said yourself, "Chain letters are illegal — nothing but a racket." How then do you expect people to put an end to these con games if they just ignore the perpetrators and let them get away scot free to continue! their games, eventually stealing money from the naive (or stupid, if you will) ? All too often the victims of these schemes are the ones who can least afford it — the elderly. You should have told "Mad" to bring that letter to the attention of the postal authorities and cooperate in seeing to it that the creeps who started the chain are brought to justice with hefty fines and sentences. Con artists are in the business for one thing — MONEY. Hit them where they live — in the pocketbook. It might not put them out of business permanently but at least they'll think twice before they start another game. — Mad At You In Terre Haute Dear Mad: You are right. Feeding chain letters to goats is no solution. , Your advice was better than mine by a long shot. I'd love a vacation. How'd you like to Write the column for a week? (P.S. I'm only kidding. Nobody has — oi* ever will ghost for Ann Landers.) Dear Ann: If you tell one niore young girl to give up her baby born out of wedlock', I'll go through the roof. How can you be so cruel? Why don't you understand that the baby is probably all' that girl has left in the whole, world? I know, it happened to me. A social worker talked me into giving up my son 14 years ago and I've cried myself to sleep every night since then. Whenever I see a teenage boy on the street I wonder if he could be mine. My life is empty. Had I kept my child, my life would be full. You are wrong and I hope you'll admit it. — Dead Violet Dear Friend: The social worker gave you good advice. You should be gratfeful. A woman who has cried herself to sleep every night for 14 years would probably have raised a child with a million problems. Violence, drug fraffle are targefs Plan to construct new p r isons to legisia tu re AN ORGANIZATION FOR EDUCATORS — These four men will soon be installed as the first officers of a new Ukiah area chapter of Phi Delta Kappa. The nation->vide associatign of educators is over 100 years old and includes a wide scope of administrators and teachers of students from kindergarten through college. Standing at right is Louis Delsol, supt. of county schools. Leon Spiegel, principal of Hopland Elementary is shown center, and Al Wright, director of the county office media center, is at left. They will serve as treasurer, vi'ce-president and secretary respectively. Seated is Paul G. Messner, principal of Redwood Valley Middle School, who will be installed Feb. 15 as president. — Photo by Dan Nicholas. Phi Delta Kappa chapter organized In Ukiah area Is alcoholism ruining your life? Know the danger signals and what to do. Read the booklet, "Alcoholism — Hope and Help," by Ann Landers. Enclose 50 cents in coin with your request and a long, stamped, self- addressed envelc^e to Ann Landers, P.O. Box* 11995, Chicago, 111. 60611. ( Television Highlights Wednesday's TV Highlights By United Press International 8 p.m. CBS, Good Tinies. Willona must choose between the, man of her dreams or something more important. NBC, The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams. A travelling entertainer thinks that the illness of his trained bear could mean the end of their act. ABC, Eight i^ Enough. PBS, Nova. "The Green Machine." 8:30 p.m. CBS, Alice is flattered, then fit to be tied, when Tommy's friend falls for , h?r., 9 p.m. CBS, Movie, "Vigilante Force," starring Jah- Michael Vincent and Kris Kristofferson. Two brothers find themselves on opposing sides when corruption sweeps a California boorptown. NBC, The Black Sheep Squadron. The Black Sheep are grounded when they fail a requalifying exam. ABC, Charlie's Angels. Sabrina will be killed unless Kelly and Kris retrieve a fortune in stolen diamonds for a band of desperate thieves. PBS, Great Performances. "Dance ' in America: American Ballet Theatre." 10 p.m. NBC, Police Woman. Pepper guards a childhood classmate whose life is threatened when she leads a crusade against what she terms "impure elements." ABC, Baretta. PBS. Scenes From a Marriage. "Paiila." Today's Almanac By United Press International Today is Wednesday, Jan. 11, the 11th day of 1978 with 354 to follow. The moon is between its new phase and first quarter. The morning stars are Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn. The evening star is Jupiter. Those born on this date are under the sign of Capricorn. American statesnian Alexander Hamilton, first secretary of the Treasury, was born Jan. 11, 1757. On this day in history: 'In 1785, the Continental Congress convened in New York City. r.; In 1861, Alabama seceded from the Union, In 1935, American aviatrix Amelia Earhart Putnam became the first vyoman to fly across the Pacific, from Hawaii to California. In 1964, Surgeon General Luther Terry released a report saying smoking cigarettes was a definite "health hazard." A thought for the day: Alexander Hamilton said • in 1781, "A national debt, if it is not excessive, will be to us a national blessing." The most comprehensive of all educator's organizations is getting started in the Ukiah area, according to an announcement by officers of a newly formed Phi Delta Kappa chapter. Charter officers will be installed Feb. 15 at the Brpiler Steak House in Redwood Valley. Paul G. Messner,' principal of Redwood Valley Middle School, will serve as chapter president. Leon Spiegel, principal of Hopland Elementary, will begin his term as vice president, County Schools Supt. Louis Delsol will be-installed as treasurer, and Al Wright, director of the Instructional Media Center on Low Gap Road, will serve this year as secretary. "The PDK is adtually one of the most prestigious of educator's organizations across the nation," Delsol said. As one of the new officers he went on to explain that PDK is over a century old and publishes their own monthly journal entitled "KAPPAN." The new officers of the organization expressed hopes, that a large percentage of the New REACT team forms in Willits Chief of Police Don CaUinski of Willits attended the first REACT meeting last month to help get a REACT Team started. During" the course of the meeting, Callinski announced that he would like to establish a CB posse for crime prevention in the Willits area. Gary Odom, also of the Willits Police Department, was appointed liaison officer for the new REACT team, and will attend all meetings of REACT. Carl Coonce, president of the Ukiah Valley REACT, assisted the nev/ team establish its REACT Chapter in Willits. It presently has 29 active members and has several other CBer's anxious to be accepted. Officers- of the Willits , REACT team are: Bill Glass, president; Ron YAtes, vice President;, Jean Fender, secretary-treasurer; Stan Randall, communication officer; and Lee Elliott, sgt. at Arms-public relations of- ''ficer. , V Anyone interested in joining either the Willits REACT team or the Ukiah Valley.REACT should contact Carl Coonce at 462-1808 in Ukiah. , , .The name of the English royal house of Plantagenet came from a French word meaning "broom stalk." group's new members will be teachers. Charter members are being encouraged to retruit classroom instructors. "This organization is open to educators at all levels from teachers of youngsters to college professors and school administrators," explained Messner. Al Wright said that there are many former members of otjier chapters of PDK that have moved into the area and that they are warmly encouraged tq join. The long standing goals of the organization focus on three main areas: research for the improvement of education! service among the educational community and the promoting of leadership in the field of education. The local chapter will look at several possible projects for their first year, on of which may tje looking into the effectiveness of federal projects in education operating in our county. Another 'project the group may t^e on is the improvement of definitions of responsibility for vocational education and career counseling at different age levels in our schools. Improved curriculum planning Coordination between school agencies is another goal under consideration. Unity among' educators is all too often in short supply, says Messner. He hopes that a PDK chapter locally will serve ' to further communication within the educational community. Delsol, speaking to the goals of PDK, expressed frustration at how much time school administrators have to spend on such things &s new legislation rather than more immediate concerns that directly affect youngsters and how they learn. The local ch- apten ^11 address these kinds of issues. Persons interested in attending the installation dinner at the Broiler can contact Paul Messner at 485-8741.. SACRAMENTO (UPI) Gov. Edmund' G. Brown Jr. Monday sent the Legislature for a second time a $100 millioVplan 'to construct riew prisons and also proposed beefed-up measures to combat gang violence and drug smuggling behind' prison walls. In his proposed 1978-79 state budget, the governor said the new facilities are needed because of a projected increase in state prison population from 22,205 in the current fiscal year to 27,225 in 1984. A similar construction plan was rejected by the Legislature last year. "The people are concerned that we ought to lock up more people causing trouble and for that we have to build new prisons," Brown told reporters. Last, year. Brown requested $94 million to build two new prisons containing 2,400 beds in Southern California but the plan was defeated by a Senate budget committee. The administration plan to build the prisons at Otay Mesa in San Diego County and at the California Institution for Men at Chino sparked local opposition. ' Brown said his plan — again designed to provide 2,400 additional beds — sets aside. $4 million in the fiscal year for site acquisition and preliminary planning and reserves $96 million for further plannihg and construction in subsequent years. He noted the locations of the prison and how many should be built would be decided by the Legislature. However, he said, "W^ need them in Southern California." Brown asked the Legislature for an additional $3.6 million for stepping up efforts to curb gang violencie and narcotics activities among inmates. "Sudh.^ violence centers chiefly around ethnic rivalries and attempts Ho control narcotics traffic," he said. The additional funds will finance the^ hiring of more staff at several institutions to increase surveillance, especially in inmate visiting rodrhs, and expansibn of undercover prison intelligence activities'. Funds were Earmarked for continued use of dogs to sniff out narcotics and drugs hidden in prisons. And about 20 persons will be hired to replace inmates who help operate boiler rooms at San Quentin Prison and three other institutions as a means of pr'eventing sabotage. Brown proposed the hiring of 30 additional parole officers to intensify supervision of parolees who are suspected of carrying on ga'ng-related crime on the streets. For the controversial probation subsidy program, the budget cqntains a $1.5 million cut from the current year's appropriation of $17 million. A Finance Department spokesman said the reduction reflected decreased county participation irt the . program. Brown is supporting the concept of Assembly-passed legislation designed . to • overhaul the program that pays local governments to keep their juvenile and adult ' criminals on probation at home rather than in state prisons. However, the counties contend the subsidy falls far short of paying actual costs and critics of the program say the redivism rate at the local level is the same as for parolees from state prisons. Brown said he favors providing additional funds for the program but as not as much as counties are seeking. THEATRE CRITICS Angry citizens attempting to dismantle £i new theatre at Providence in 1762 were foiled when John Brown, a local nierchant, loaded a cannon and aimed it at the mob. Later that year the Rhode Island legislature passed "an act to prevent stage plays and other theatrical entertainments in this colony." • HARRIS PHARMACY Safeway In-Store BAKE SHOP v.^^ Specials! !^ 1^ Specials! RLIP Specicils! Ask Us About Our Special Occasion Cakes, Such As Wedding, Anniversary and Birthday Cakes, Decorated EspeciaUy For You! 10" Dutch Apple Pie Large 10 "pic, filled O with delicious apples and topped niL with streusel crumbs each Chocolate Brownies Ilb-Tin YouTlFindUsAt: 653 So. State St Ukiah Items and prices in this ad are available January 11,1978, thru January 17,1978.Sales in retail quantities only. ' A thought for the day: British novelist George Eliot, , said, "Blessed is the man who, with nothing to say, abstains from giving in words evidence of that fact." 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