The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on September 21, 1927 · Page 20
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 20

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Wednesday, September 21, 1927
Page 20
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-pT;*' R—EIGHT THE LINCOLN STAR— WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1927. Varsity Regular Löst to Nebraska Uni. Squad Bugbear Bobs Up to Bother Cornhuskers Ashburn, Varsity Regular, Stricken From the Nebraska Squad by His Failure to Clear Scholastic Hurdle; Bronson and Grow Also May Be Crossed Off Team Roster. BROWNEMEN MIX IN STIFF DRILL Lincoln Hi Squad Makes L'p for Time Ix)st To Tropical M'ave. Friedman Plenty Qood at Hanging Up Field Qoals A drill sesision that lasted until the evening shadows had cast Uxeir drapes over the Red and Black oval kept the Lincoln high sch(X)l gridiron warriors more than busy In their workout Tuesday. Since much valuable time was last last week. BY GREGG McBRlDE. Just as the Cornhuskers were apparently set to enter the 1927 erid campaign with one of the most encouraKinj? out- the"capltal cUy coach cannot afford looks in the past decade of Nebraska athletic history, scholas-, th?%racS^ ^‘'now ^ tic eliRibilit V, the buKaboo of intercollegiate athletics, is on will be chock full of action, ready to loss a monkey-wrench in the best laid plans. „ X iariSSs, .Vccording to announcement made Wednesday morning positions on that team of eleven in university athl^etic circles, scholastic difficulties r%%UoLThTR^ definitely removed one regular from the 192i list ot avail- gridiron this fall, ahles and two other varsity men of last season are hanginR ^c.rtain laneup. rm the ragged edge. .\shburn Lost to Squad. Clifford Ashburn. 190 - pound tackle from Tllden.who saw considerable service during the 1926 .season, is the regular lost to the .squad Coach Ernest E. Bearg has planned to use Ashburn at a wing position this season, but failure to clear the scholastic barrier has removed the Tllden youth from the .squad. ^ , Bill Bronson, reserve quarterback end Lloyd Grow, re.serve center, are the other two letter men that must clear up schola.stic delln- luencles before the season gets un- HUSKERS REVIVE ANCIENT SPORT S' der way. Departure of Ashburn from the Cornnusker ranks and the possible 10.SS of Grow and Bronson pre.eents a .serious problem for Bearg and his aides and means that the 1927 Cornhuskers must for the main part relay on sophomores for the reserve strength during the season’s games. The tackle situation Is well taken Gap In Two Fositionii. care of with Randels, Richards, Lucas. Munn. Ray and Ciaig fight- Development of the 1927 intramural athletic program at the University of Nebraska will get under way Oct. 4 when students will revive an ancient Anglo- Saxon game—a “hare and hound” chase. Coach Henry F. Schulte will direct the contests. • The two “hares” will drop paper scent along the route extending from three to five miles. Scoring will be on an Individual and team basis. and any number of these are available, but, as the season grows, competition is going to become keener and a merry battle will be on by 1 the candidates who aspire to berths i on Coach Browne's eleven. Particu- i larly is thl.s true in the line. Things ' are a little more certain in the ! backfleld where the fight will center ' around a few men. most of w’hom ; are experienced. ; Preliminary to the .scrimmage.' i the backs were given a thorough lesson in mastering changing pace and broken field : running. The linemen were set to ^ - Í -lit. 000&000 ^ o ; o •-0 o f michi & am ' í . PLACE-gICK roPMA-flOH Way Ball k READY TO MEET COUNTY CHAMPS Cleaners of Olden Days Tuninjr Up to Play Sunday Game. a> Chin Sockers Aivait Qong\s First Clan[ BY J.VMKS L. KILG.VLLEN. CHICAGO, Sept. 21~Fake ticket swindlins:, special p* lice precautions to ^uard Gene Tunney and Jack Dempsey, The old Lincoln Cleaners team, (remendóos inrush of fi^*'« Cans from oar«s ro * m"“.‘9'riin*rlS!r;und prohibition raWs on disord rl ‘“f 1 stered up by several additional vet -1 (o the teeming undercurreai of excilemeni inai nas 'hr openinR round ». . anney-Dempaer i according to announcement made by 1 battle a little more than 24 hours away. pank Cunningham, manager of the weather for tomorrow night was predict» I ° "Ducky“’^Hofmes, once member of bv’the weather bureau, and Tex Rickird. the promoter, est| the Chicago White Sox and former i „„(„a 4K.|( «( l«ast 150.000 fans would view the spectaci Lincoln Western leageu manager, is V .. n-lH The Lmte receipD listed among the vehs added to the from the vast expanses of Muditi 1 leld. I nt kh e v Cleaners’ roster. Holmes will play ^ figured, will total close to $2,500,000, perhaps more a *^^The Oeaners will meet the Lan-i there has been a bi|C eleventh-hour ^t th may cause some confusion at ir stadium Thursday night. After l.w counterfeit tickets had been s^by the police. Rickard i.ssued 9,jm\ tng advUslng the fans to p^f_ their ducats only at the ^reuu , box offices. Made Rush on Box Office. Fans nushed to the box offices li caster county tournament cham-1 Both Fighters Confident. plons after the Franklins and on the eve of the battle, both Red Tops have decided that honor Dempsey and Tunney exprc.ssed in the Sunday curtain-raiser. themselves confident of victory. The Cleaners’ Lineup. , -i am supremely confident,’ ’said The Cleaners’ pitching staff also, rugged Dempsey. "I hope to include.s a trio of twirlers who scln- j score a knockout ’ [ tillated on Liiicoln diamonds In | „oict a&sured way. T\mney i ¡former days. T^e roster coirf- " t will w'ln decisively.” “Deac” Meyens. who still is plenty‘ wm-<ucuM%riy. I good and Just finished a sea.son with BV SOL MET7.0ER Benny Friedman, Mlchlfsn'« quarter and work at blocking and tackling and ; captain last fail, wa* one of the b'»t men ' the defects that have ■ at place-klcklng from fCitmmage 1 have ' Kc^SwCup in the scrota I "> »hon. Tr of.,,. Red Team Slightly Altered first and DODGERS REPEAT ‘ ' One such rose tn the Mich gan- il-nol try for plac»-lclck* as a la-t resort, ms rcu linv-v*!-' »V.— -— - . , One such rose In the Mich gan- ....... chantres from that WhlCh he usea ^ batti* last fsll. The ball was Feld for «,a« at »k« en.u.rH Hn« rt»*,» ..I, th» I exhibition reallred the accurate, t,lme-»av-! tng itch me used to gain the 8 points. Let i me show him how It li done. First look at the diagram. 10 yard back cf cente Is the .............. back who holds the b. 11—as dlff cult a over from much longer d stances anl, stunt a* the kick Itself. The ktcker, li» scored many more points by this melUo 1. j tbtv '•ase. f ledman, »' ds I the ball advance, not be .st'Stght. The ball Is passed low and straight over this spot and must be sighted from an angle yet must be held perpendicular to th*-' ground. The kicker—Well look at, the sketch ol Rrnwne then gave orders lor tne . Benny did not h»ve to compete wlti* further bmck on a stralfht H e w r-«st and seconds to don headgears them, h- playel on a team »h't ' U 1 of the goel and ih- si^t t tWprnselves for battle ' convert Its opportunlU-s lut > touc'downs, will be he d. That Is known In a id prepare , c^rimmaoe There we-e f w cccasons when h- had t> has to be known, else the kick wl l irV X/tnnriav’s tussle. Batty was at Benny about the 20-yard line right on the WooWe“ lacitle and BoUltar w».s, .id. ot the n, d. Th.t m.d,_n. or.of,, back’“anA’°cfnter' bertt«*’lrd “a’^f- I Brooklyn Outfit HangS “ .J*'® I °o 'r«ior‘lVn ‘ kitt.o ‘.u.iint I ,l.-.d ori.. vm AT DlirC woodsmes ^acaie nrm ^ ■-[ between the eoal-po ts about 2 yards wld*.. The kicker-We!l I ^ lilLriLA 1 Ur DL \j^ calling signals, with Perry at nai . ^ ^ m-ant¡ Friedman and you-U ÍPKJM. muiM. K KTM. remaining places were fiUed by , ^|,ls »cute arg e., do. a short step forward with hU right ________ Suter and Kie.s.selbach, ends; Koster . would travel about 15 yards tefsre crossing j ft*ot. snother wl h hts left and then th* Dusty” Miller and George Mi The Cleaners' lineup: Mooney. 2b. Polsky. 2b. Healy, cf. Parton, cf. Sltzman, lb. “Ducky” Holmes, 3b. Poole, c. Badou.sek. c. Crounce, c. Sweeney, ss. Dougherty, If. Kohout, rf. “Deac” Meyers, p. “Dusty” Miller, p. George Miller, p. Lee Wigton, rf. Garland In the Blue Valley league; | fhoae accord^^ ''■'ini::."«.arire‘-f nirfroT. i «ipv at their resnectlve camps— 1 these wheap seats are a mue imi» Demp.«ty at the Lincoln Fl'iOs^taw the mor. uemp.sey at uie Linvuiu nnua ^*»nn nr mor< track and Tunney at his headquar- I 226 J tens on the shores of Pox Lake. Both , rows back. One enWris ng camps were heavily guarded, tele-1 pin>er ff phone service to them wa.s disrupted th^ worst seats as 313 rows from m ?ie nmnSTs “ „gi,t fans has the ^ further “open ng up ? Tunney went Into complete seclu -1 this Binn anrf Demnsev would see onlv, result has been a renewal 01 his closest friends and relatives, in- ! tivity bv Îf a”5rles t' eluding his father. Hiram i m ^ who has come all the way troni raids a« Utah ’’U, ^e my boy win back the fighy^ry^^ championship. completed were made, and cafe and hotel geepj (lan Lo engage in ' ers warned thai furtitcr violation only callathenxs and rest. Tomor- ; wllljeault»«" ferent story. Zuver. Asmus and Lemkuhl were being groomed Tue.s- day afternoon to understudv Ted James, regular pivot man. In case Grow Is unavailable. “Chief” Elkins. Don Llndell and Harold Peaker will be in re.serve at the signal (mlling station m the event that Captain “Jug” Brown’s Second Shutout On Pirate Crew. PITTSBOROH. Sept. 21—(,.P)—The Brooklyn Dodger* handed the league-leading Pirates their second consecutive stiutout yesterday, 3 to 0 Bill I>oak. veteran trick knee fails to stand up and 1 sptiball_ filnger, held the Corsalrs to two Bill Bronson is rendered hors do ' ‘ . . . . ^ combat for scholastic reasons. Varsity Does Some Scrimmage. Two varsity combinations in a 30-mlnute scrimmage at the stadium Wednesday afternoon, the first stringers scoring three touchdowns at the expense of the reserves. Glen Pre.snell, flashy Dewitt youngster, wriggled and whirled through the reserve line for one Arnold hit*. Only one PUt»burgh player reached second base The reversal cut the Pirate margin on the peak to three game*. The second- place Olant.s. enjoying two off day« on Ihelr schedule, saw the contest from the *tand*. They are slated to open a four- game rerles here Thursday. Lee Meadow* allowed seven hits in th- pitching duel, three of which were grouped In the fourth for two runs. A plnch-hlt- ter went In for Meadows tn the eighth and Dawson twirled the final session. Doak yielded three bases on ball*, ail going to Paul Waner The only hits made Oehlrich ! »Im were a double by Oooch in the third and a »Ingle by L Waner In the 0 00000000 0 - 0 2 1 Doak and Henttne, Meadows, Dawson and Oooch. and Schmltl. Naturally, plec.-k ck. center; Tindall, full, and pac acute angles ate d'ff ch t to get the other halL TM Bor. .rr •Bo«'»« iX“ IS,, w. „ Hj*. way lor him pa»t. »“5 rt»fente trlea at' prledman keeping the line In his m nd. awiv with i fo*- he has to concentrate hs eyes on the because of cha-glng defensive linemen. , ball Played llge a golf shot In that you But Friedman »'ooted It over for 3 poUU.t! ha^ e to k-ep your head down and eyes 00 in rapid fire order ' the ball and shoot it dead on line I wonder if the fan who theers such anl (Copyright, 1927. Publishers Bynd cate.i plnckeú ríOTw^rd pa.^s ¿0 score the i second touchdown and Blue Howell Brooklyn .......... 000300 1 0 0—3 rammed his way across the goal Pittsburgh line for the third tally. Presnell Batierie crixtsed the reserve goal line on another occa.slon. but the ball was called back for the Infliction of an offside penalty. Tackles Deliver Goods. The play of Randels and Richards, tackles, featured the line •work of the first string. The two Cub» Even With Gtsnt*. ST LOUIS, Sept. 21—(/PI—8ucce.sslve homers by Frisch and Hafey in the seventh enabled the St. Louis Cards to make It five tn a row over the Phillies and win the final game of the series yesterday, 5 to 4. _ _ The victory put the cards in a tie with tackles made the going tough for j the New York Olants in second place and » 1 ,« Kooks tho latt/*r fall- three games behind the league-leading the reserte backs, tne lawr lau Brooklyn. Although ing to make yardage during the cards stlll have a mathematical chance afternoon workout. Glen Munn 1 to »tn the pennant, the public apparently and Clint Hurd performed in a did not think much of the prospects and consistent fashion for the ‘Whites’. I ,“'“7 attended. By tn- T h e elongated Munn partially ! phifadeiilhta ... 000030001-4 10 0 blocked one of Howells punts ear- si Louis ...............30000020 *—5 7 1 IV In the skirmish and the first- Batteries—Uinch and Wllson; Sherdel nd then, with only the secondary de^f«^ inlSsSISI ‘"Every man on the Red “S 111 he should s»and a chance at getting S crack Tthe real thing o«'Will Lose String of \^a. , ^ '"‘ca'litain Austin s leg rlBht Tuesday and any danger of Us ^tn .irmi him throughout the season wem* be passed. ________ COACH PIERCE HAS NINE LETTER MEN NATIONAL LLAUt’K. 0 WL Pittsburgh ..................... 143 8765 New York ..................... 144 85 69 St. Louts ....................... 141 8569 Chicago .......................... li6 82 63 Cincinnati ................ 140 68 72 Brooklyn ........................ 143 6182 Boston ................... 144 5684 Philadelphia ................. 142 4894 AMLRIC'AN LEACiUK 0 W L New York ..................... 148 104 42 Philadelphia ................. 14486 51 Washington ................... 14371 86 Detroit ............................ 144 .7 67 Chicago ..........X ...... 143 66 79 Cleveland ................. 143 6380 St. Louts ........................ 1445Í 87 Boston ............................... 143 47 96 A.MKRICAN AdbCM lATION. 0 WL Kansak City ................. 181 95 66 Milwaukee ..................... UO 94 86 Detroit Cops Two From Boston Sox BOSTON. Sept. 21—l/P)—Detroit won both ends of a doubleheader from Boston I yesterday, 4-3 and 6-3, closing the season's series between the two clubs. The Tigers won 17 of their meetings with the Pet Red Sox this year and lost five. .6 3 Regan's hitting and the fielding of .590 Ruble and Blue featured today's contests, ..5,0 while the relief pitching of Oeorge Smith .666 pulled out the second game for the vts- 48 > Hors. By Innings: .427 First game— ;89 Detroit ....................1 0 I 20000 0- 4 B 1 338 Boston ....................0 00 1 0200 (7—3 8 0 Batteries—WhttehUl and Bassler; Lundgren, Bennett, Russell and Hofmann, Pci Moore ■J 12 Second game — ■ft 7 Detroit .....................301001000 6 9 0 ft-.ft Boston loitooooas 6 1 »"Jft Batteries—Holloway, Smith and Woooall, ■J 55 ' Harrtss. WilUe. Russell and Hartley. !431 i 3 j 8 pi DllTto íngkgeTiV"rVVar“nedlirat furtitcr violation^ Dozen Letter Men ; omy and rest Tomor- I Distort*' .. .W», set- gorging thousands more and b. lie their dispute In a 20-Yoot rlnR, nlRhttall '|'f fi;¡í.‘'ío„T erR^rT„to™‘»'í,d'"fíhl'”RSpV., ídMd of SnurlouB Tlrkelo. >>«'' ‘’•‘f" tremendouals’ aUBÍnente« co-¿o;.T,7 . 0 Í 1 .V 8.« .»d M.rro.t,'h.i,. Rlckard. meanwhile; »»>• »»‘¡v ‘ j f “í“’’‘SaVer’“ uíran L’'o7B?;r¥i5,rv‘';Mvr,'r^fíoír^ teV’’u'p"' ¡ Eaglelon. A. Jump and E. Ooddard. The .. . . swindle fhlcaeo detectives 1 Itls .SOn Is thc fighter lit in ;.W'“ '■ 5™nrtírphon?y"‘ftX.«prf^ aept. 23 Winnebago at heca»ur. j^tg sold iit large blocks iit cigar • tickets fe Sp Í1.1 Mn^TlSy"\‘l,d”we'4Towe,l“máSrin.^ Tlte' ea-champlon's wife E.^ that, accordliiK to Blckard, they tContlnued on Pose Ten.) DECATUR, Neb.. Sept. 21—Decatur plans | llce and Will _ to make a strong bid for the East Central and to await zero hOUr —10 U. conference championship this year with (» Xhursdav night—when they will dozen lettermen working out each night under the direction of Coach Schnabel. The veterans are Morley Hlggjns. center; Lenlg. fullback; Sears and E Moeller, tackles; Rogers and Squires, guards, Gatewood, Ashlev. Fontenelle. Ferguson. Sept, 3d- Walthlll at Decatur. Oct. 7-South Sioux City at Decatur, Oct. 14 Oakland at Oakland. Oct. 21 Tekamah at Tekamah. Oct. 2g- Lyons at Decatur. Nov 4 Bancroft at Bancroft. Nov. U- Onawa at Onawa, la Maekmen Twice .Maul Brawn*. Toledo Ift 181 »4 87 85 69 60 68 67 74 75 91 100 103 ,,, PHILADELPHIA. Sept 21—(A*)—The , Athletics finished the season's series with j the St. Louis Browns yesterday by wln- _ . i nlng a doubleheader by scores of 4-1 anJ PCI 1 7 . 3 . ( Crowder blanked the Athletic* in the * • opener until the ninth, when passes to .584 6 t 0 9'1 .431 .375 Cobb and Cochrane and a single by Foxx Í 0 Itied the score Al SRnmons followed with a home run, scoring behind Cochrane and Foxx. Milton Gaston was solved for six runs in 300 j the first Inning of the second game and made three wild pitches, each of which ert, Jones and Hartnett. stringers failed to do much over •*''* scbuite. Hurd s guard jxjsitton. Tlae first-string combination during the Tuesday scrimmage list- . ed Lawson and Lee. ends; Richards and Randels, tackle.s; McMullen pnd Holm, guards; Jame.s center; ^ Caotatn Brown, quarterback; Pres- I nell and Oehlrtch, halfbacks; Howell. fullback. Line-up of Reserves, Tlie reserve lineup Included Le- I tvandow.skl and Bu.shee, ends; .Munn and Lucas, tackles; Hurd and Raish. guards; Zuver, center, Elkins, quarterback; Witte and Voris. halfbacks: Farley, fullback. Coach Bearg used four teams In Signal drill before the scrimmage. The other two combinations Included : Team O—Simic and Shanet, ends: Ray and Craig, tackles; Schultz and Draath, guards; As- mufi. center; Peaker. quarterback; Sloan and McBride, halfbacks; Beck, fullback Team D-^tlll and Helmsdoer- fer, ends; Gohle and Hunt tackles; White and WttUmore, guards; Groa'. center; Lmdeil. quarter, Woetoupal and Hoffman, halfbacks; Bronson, fullback. The Wednesday Program. The Beargmen were scheduled t o continue with fundamentab Wednesday afternoon, the two first-string combinations rehearsing plays in a dummy ’urkout while the athletes, who failed to get into the Tuesday scrimmage are mixing in a 30-minute skirmish. GRAND ISLAND. Neb,. S-Pt- I Island high school. 102* Indianapolis ................. 160 Lincoln in It* c«oO ?^have nme ' LoulsvufT ........................ 160 season without '*•'* ” Columbus ..................... 181 ' letter irtdster* this fall. , ' FARNAM TO OPEN i nir. guard; 'Bunt ng. end; McE ruy. end , WUllam*. end; Nath. end. R»*»*’“»*Cub* coach Roy Pieice is gr«mm ng 9* *‘‘?1 made it four out of five from Boston and material to fill the grps left by graoua FARNAM. Neb., Sept 21--F«rn*m litfh Baltcrle»---Crowder and O’Neill; Orove, 16 out of 22 for the xeason by taking the tlon. New men promt»« "iciuao _ ^ light tesin this year but ex- 'Johnson and Cochrane, final game yesterday. 8 to 5. By inning<: Blrney. quarter; Meve*. hall; E • pect* to win a good percentage ot its , Second game Boston ..................4 10000000- 5 9 4 peterson, guard, Upton, llie; Mehring. Coach K. Burt ha* about a 1 gt. Loul* ...............0 00102000 3 10 2 Chicago ........... 23000012 *—8 13 0 n,ie Elv, guard and tack'e. Welland, en I irttermen in suit and the new men ^ Philadelphia ____60100000" 711 0 Cuba Conquer Bra*e*. CHICAOO, Sept. 31 'A')—The allowed a runner to score from third base By innings; AT LEXINGTON Hr8^yr^T..,o o o o, o ^ i s o Philadelphia ...00000000 4--4 7 1 Batteries—Morrison and Olbson; Wem- U«nd’ baci; Snyder, end, Sh-iffln*. end ..a F . » . C:*,llcai» salt/I VETERAN ELEVEN ON GERING FIELD ana oac.w. onjiuc», «r..,., t... ----- Orlggs. back; stiUson. back, Bt liar, end The schedule Sept. 30 Aacrora at Aurora. Oct. 7 Fremont at Fremont. Oct. 18 Omaha Tec i at Grand laland. Oct. 38~Ocnoa Indians at Oiand Island. Nov. 4 Kearney at Orand Island. Nov. U Columbus at Co umbus Nov. 18 Lincoln at Lincoln. Nov. 34 -Yotk at Orand Is and. OERINO, Neb., Sept. 21 - Pro.'pects are looking good for a winning reaoon at Oer- tng high school. Coach C. E. Tavenor ha* eleven letter men and some new ma — --------------------------that is showing promise. l/ixni. IxxfiAi- \fsxii The lettermen are Captain Oro*% hsU- JT OUr laCllcl »Vldl back; Randall, Wilson, t'almer, Oeli, Harrison, Reeder, Outhouse, Mar tn. Capron, and Driscoll Tl»e good new material 1 1 - clude.s Runyan, Johnson, Neal, Fenning, and Conn The schertu e Sept. 30 Fen tsbluf' at Sco tstl'lif. Oct 7 Baya-d at Oerlng Cct. 14 Alllanc» at A I anc*. Oct. 21 Torrington at Torrt gton, Wyn Oct 23 Minatsre at Oer ng. Nov 3 Kimball at Kltrbill. Nov. IJ Mitchell at O •rli g Nov 18 Morri'l at Oerlng Nov. 3t Crawford at Oerlng . are showing up well. The schedule; Sept 33- Lexington at Lexington. Sept. 30--Open Oet 7—Curtis Afgles at Curtis. Oct. 14 Open. Oct 31 -Overton at Overton. Oct. 3A Open Nov. 4—Maywood at Maywood, Nov. It—Btockviiie at Farnam Nov. 18- Maxwell at Farnam. Nov. 38—Cozad at Cozal Batteries—Oaston, Stewart and Schang, Dlxon, Ehmke and Cochrane, Perktns. American Association. St. Paul. 5-11; Kansas City, 14-8. Toledo. 8 . Louisville. 3. Mtnnepolls. 9. Milwaukee, 6 . Columbus, 3; Indianapolis, 13. On On g Caji:e Team ONG. Neb,, Sept 31 -Ong high school wilt start ba.sketball practice next month with four lettermen on the squad. The veterans are Wayne Cassell. Lynn Benson, Burdette Olson and Jake Beck. Promising prospects reporting to Coach WtUlam F. Davenport will include Lyle Johnson, Louis Hansen. Leonard Nelson. Marion harte, Haroid Johnson. Dwight RowUson, Melvin Olson and Frederick Beck 51 I? PROSPE( TS BRIGHT AT DAKOTA ( ITY HI DAKOTA CITY, Neb.. Sept. 31 Prospeets sr* bright at Dakota City liigh for th* coming football season, although three backfleld men were lost by graduation Lettermen reporting to Coach "Cy‘ Stearns, former Cmtn*-r college athlete, are Captain Ed Sundt. Hllven, Waddelle, Fore, .hoe, Frederick. Foils, Berger, Warner anl Orr. The schedule HepI SO and Oct. 7 Open. Oct. lA -Homer at David City. Oct. 31- Ronca at Ponca Oct 38 Newcastle at Newcastle Nov, 4 . Homer at Homer Nov. It—Open •—Walthlli at WaltluU. : JMBIÍÁ' JUST A DCJNLU; OF tOINtaUNB Launûerers Cleaners I. IM7S6 Le« *f«r 9í5é Florsheim FeETURE ^rch A com ion xhoc for feet that tire easily and for arches chat arc weak. Try on a pair ctxlay. ¡'lexihit when walkings rigid under weight of foot i/áa FLÖRSHEIM âTOaii KNAPP-FELT HATS Jop- MEN Wc unhesitatingly recommend a Knapp-Felt hat to thc man who want.s style that will last, quality that w’ill satisfy, shape, coloring and texture that are in harmony with the dictates of the latest fashion. KUPPENHElMeU OOOD CLOTHES Do Clothes Your Give You Window Display ■ " Night IJ hco I h merchantH have planned to make Thursday niffht the finest display night Lincoln has known. It will pay you to plan to come down town that evening. Real Pleasure? Clothes are nut merely a covering to ward off the elements— or a shield to protect you from the inquiring gaze of your associates. Clothes selected here enhance your appearance, .they give you that spirit of confidence which enables you to go forth to your task with a zealous determination to give the job the best there is in you. This spirit is splendidly illustrated in Kuppeeheimer’s Famous Fifties — at»50 THY ON A SUIT TODAY kuppenheimer GOOD CLOTHES

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