The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 19, 1930 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 19, 1930
Page 7
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DOROTHY DARI^IT By Charles McMamti TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS FOE SALE'OB TRADE REAL ESTATE FOll SAtiE-^-GC.' acres; good (improvements; priced-..right. . Roy . Purvis. !'; 'c-tf FOlTSALE O /fl EXCHANGE — | Good double in Tipton for Tipton county farm. Uoy Purvis, tfj FOR SALE OR TRADE—5-roon: - house, real'• bargain, if taker • : quick; sec. J3 -.;A. Foster, will Keavell &• tfiulier. ' •.-If FOR SALE of: will trade fok- i-licapev property, fine six-rooi 1 modern heme on Columbia avenue. Li-avell & Fuller.' ; .'•:!; ' c-14 FOR RENT — 6-room seini-mod- ern house, 122 Poplar street; I vent reasonable. Phone 33X6 .1 * c -146 RADIO SERVICE—We specialise on expert service work on all makes of sets: full line tubes, batteries, etc. McJunkin Radio Shop. Phone 20X7. c-U MONET TO LOAN 'FEDERAL FARM LOANS at 5% per, cent; pre-payment lege. D. S. Phares. privi- c-tf FOR RENT— 5 -room house and 2% acres of p-oundj fourth house east of- city park. . Wil-r. lard Albright. Phone 2205. jPLENTY OF MONEY AT 5% per p -147i cent, from 1 to 10 years, with pre-pay ment prlviUgea;''.' bail loan in the state. Standerford & Standerford. c-tf FOR SALE qli TRADE—Modem double, close in; payed streetj; also good Sproom- bouse, on improved street; trade for usep car. E. A. poster. Phone 585 or 1459. $ c-143 FOR SALK i; ,11 (on proper;'.'j'. TRADE for Tip- 30 acres, , fine bouse and |-;barii and outbuildings: look jilt this and you will want it. f.eaveli & Fuller. .. • L:..... - .^'«' FOR SALE | PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SALE-r-Early Harvest oats. Dilver Hoover. P-l 4« FOR. SALE i — ticntleimta's blue suit, two;'pair trousers, 510. Phone 2lii5. Ii44 good FOR SALE-J—Baby cab in condition. 1 cheap. Phone . • ' p-143 Sib FOR SALE-;—Nice Manchu so: 1 . licans forp.seed. J. H. Graham, mule 3. pTiplou. PJjojie iks. Goldsniilll. ' P-145 FOR SALE!—Single set of har- - ' uess; twe l'J-incli and two' bi- iiiL'b colljirs. L. I. Mattincjy. 5 • . :-ia FOR SALK. — Badenoch's " J baby ' chick stajrter, $4 .10; Sunflower egg masljl. $2.95; Reef brand oyster si jell. $1.00 per cwt. Fear-Cairpbell Co. c-tf FOR SALE ^- Girard's Tip-Top chickhc tjrderB are now being ' bookeH' at reasonable'prices for quality ^hicks and expert' custom hatijliing. Phone 51. Tipton Hat <:!icry. . ic -tf :We have FOR RENT OR SALE—in Arca-| dia, S-room house with 6 lots,: well and cistern, water inj bouse, hen' house and garage. Pete Ileisser, Phone 23S6. ; c-143 j WANTED • Best loans in suite, 5 to 20 years; interest annual or semi-annual with full payment privilege. Fielding. & Fielding. . , • c-tf WANTED — A confidential lady friend. Address Box 202, Tribune office. P-143 WANTED — Two heat appearing young men; see Mr, Parrish between fi and 7:30 this evening The Daily Wheeze at European Hotel. p-143 1 WANTED—Two or three unfur- nisliel rooms; call light plant. G. T. Evans. p-143 WANTED —To exchange tractor and plows Jor good team. t)r- viile' ! Malptt, Atlanta. . c-144 WANTED—Young girl or elderly woman to cook for three. Commercial Hotel. c-tf WANTED —r Wall paper cleaning and any odd jabs. Jess Frederick; leave word at Tribune. - • . c-152 "You haven't been drinking since prohibition became - the; law of the land, I notice." "No, 1 didn't want to go blind while styles were giving us such interesting things to look at." It's a pity no interviewer got to the whale in Jonah's day to see hew he felt about stowaways. IS ritOMOTKI). . V. Carl Williams Becomes Sales Nil pei'tntemlciit for Shell Co. Carl Williams, local agent for the Shell Oil Company, has been given a well deserved promotion WANTED — Your general black- j by the company. He has been ap smithing, horBeshoeiug . .• and j. pointed sales superintendent. His plow work; now at your serv-inew duties will be to visit the ice. R. F. Miller, south part of { different bulk plants in the Atlanta. tf LOST AND FOUND FOUND —7 Tire and rim,' Thursday by Carry Eudicqtt, at Millersburg; owner., can have by paying for this ad. c-144 MISCELLANEOUS FOR, TRADE -^r Nice>• cottage on • improved street for 20 acres. Roy Purvis. . tf TRACTOR PART8-^-Fordaon and 8 -16 International tractors; call 177, Sheridan. Gray Auto Parts, Sheridan, Ind. c-14 3 FOR TRADE—Modern home for Tipton county farm.' Roy Purr vis. - tf I several; re' FOR SALK . Oiausani chicks at greht^ duced pilces the next ten days; some ali.-eudy • started. Kemp ' ton IXatoIicrv, Kemptou, Ind. ! c4l50 FT'.S BABV CHICK TIME ; Homier (jiilcks—Jaincs- :Way hatclftd liuvd quality when Matched—ouiil- > try When Brown. Hatch . rjelit—Rro:«,- right—sell . ....... ••rlBlil. Me.'wlcs liatcli ench*fcloii<Jay and Wednesday. Leghorns on» Wcd-' S nosuay- Ai|k for new four, color cut-. ? aloguo. HixMler Hatchery. .:' lf|cM-' , Enntown, ijnd. .•• -- HORRENT 325 c-tf FOK REN-f—Modern'bous a"t US.' Mali C V, Craft. VT - •* it < FOR KENT—Modern bouse, v Sbuth S'fndepeirtlence." v^DelU- tPhone it62. '• JL- " «a-iwB sliofiye^goailoWttan.- AMPLE REWAR© will be given to the person .who will return to Tipton Tribune • office the lady's grcv coat -that was taken, by in istake" from. an interurlian car Sunday evening between Tip­ ton'and Kokonio. - . c-143 Northern Indiana Division in which Tipton and this territory is located.' He will also assist the tank -wagon men in their sales work. Mr. Williams - will take up his new duties March 25th. Verl Hershman takes Mr. Wil Hams' place on the wagon and began his duties Wednesday. Mr. Williams who has given faithful and conscientious service to the Shell Company during the past years will give the same efficient service to his/new duties. Tipton is central in his territory and his many friends are glad to know that Mr. Williams and wife will not leave Tipton. Uoard. Meeting. CHEAPEST CHICKS you ever bought; 1, 2, 3 and 4<-week-ojd heavies; %c per. day added to day old -price; we sort them good, you bay only the best; all ages growing; fine;' come;- cojn . not be shipped; opeii every-day and' evening. ' Hoasier Hatch- err, Mlchigantown, Ind. .c-114 Tbe-CharlM Venable IBIS' EBMX co»«b^".«roda:color ;Ctow' ; ; 1( SJ J ***<i_-<-A!(, >^-<r " The Board of Children's Guard-' iaus will meet Thursday evening at 6:30 io'ulock prompt with Mrs; Sam Mottlen at her home 225 North West street. Every member is urged to be present far tlic meeting. The U.S. navy oil-tanker Pc- cos has a cargo capacity. of 11,000 tons of oil; • • • Kotice to Heirs, Credilon, .Etc. Was Given at Hobbs ' Methodist Church Tuesday Evening. The Indianapolis News of Monday .evening' carried the pictures i of three sisters, Mrs. Frances 6 ANDSAF We] Are {44 Tears Old — We Have Lived Through This Country's Financial Depressions and Panics Darii 44 Tears and Have Never Paid Less Than 0% om GET THE FULL 8IGNIFIOANCE OF THAT Assefe February ^8, 1930/ W^!MM^ Undivided Profits, February 28,1930 .... 7.716J6 TIPTON BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOOIATIOaT THE OLDEST SAVINGS rSSTITITriON IN TIPTOIT Talk It Over With Our Scc-ctory, 3. A. Lewis The "Reds and the Blues" of the contest divisions of. the Hobbs Methodist church, enjoyed a fine program and entertainment features Tuesday evening at the in which the "Reds" lost put and for the evening. The contest had been a fviend- ly rivalry in Bible ' readings, church literature and. religious {-periodicals between the members in which he "Reds" lost out and had to entertain the Blues as winners. • . Mrs. II. E. Castor, as chairman of the Reds and her leaders, Mrs. Dorothy Jack, Miss Evalyu Hobbs, Miss Nora Hartmau, Mrs. Ocie Needhammer, Mrs. Frances Edmoudsoii and Mrs.' C. D. Powell had' charge of the entertainment program and proved . they were good sports at losing and entertained all in splendid style. • After the . program features there were games and contests in the church uasemenr " and later refreshments were served. Forbes, Mrs. M. Reasoner and Miss Rebecca Waltz of Indianapolis, who are well known in the Tipton and Arcadia communities and who have a number of relatives in these; communities. The sisters who have resided at Indianapolis for thirty years or more are aged respectively, .. Mjs. Forbes S7, Mrs. Reasoner S5 and Miss Waltz S2. They are cousins of Mrs, Charles Ricliuian of South Independence strcot and have other relatives in the county . and at Arcadia. t Jtiilhda.v Dinner. HUSHED TO HOSPITAL. Son of I'iii'ke Hoover Underwent Emergency Operation. . The condition of Herbert Hoover, the ten-year-old' son of .Mr. and Mrs; Parke Hoover of Hobbs, who suffered a serious attack of appendicitis Monday, became very critical. Tuesday evening and the boy was rushed to the Mercy hospital El wood at 10:30 o'clock Tuesday night and underwent an emergency operation for relief at ^'2:00 o'clock, He was accompanied to Llie hospital by the" family physician Dr. G. H. Warne. and the' parents who remained with him until he came through the' operation. The appendix was found to be in an extreme condition, and would have.been ruptured in ; few hours. The boy came through the or deal in very good shape a'nd the physicians gave encouragement to the^parents that he will recover. -. Broken Ann. In. the matter .of . the ^estate . of William T. Clpuser, deceased' Un.the Tipton .Circuit' Court, February'Term, <103.0. *' • t / . -Notice igr hereby.givep that Thu Peoples ;State^iBapk,; as executor or the^estatj. of WUJlam Cto» ? . er, 'dec^aaadt<hast;prasanted<'and fllad' l>^CMunt^and/fonchersi'jn nnaUMttl^&tN^atfd^tei Circiiit ^Col Dwighl -Cuiin, sou .of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Gnnn of Ekiii, is suffering with a broken left arm, the result of an accident at school Monday. The boy who/is about eleven years of age makes his home with "Godfroy Dell-near Sheridan und attends ischopl there: • . ^ Monday .while . playing with otlier lads in the- School, in jurifping the, rope,- he tripped and fell on the' arm. - breaking "both bones Just -above. : the wrist. He was\given medical attention- and the' bones set, - but later after an x^ray was-taken, it was-necessary to. reset- tho 'arm Tuesday ymorn- . Ho Js gettlnx along -mpely although, the injury is painful. J, '%..^J»A»..!' -'.Jltf*-« ; •. :•.\ Hoaae ipmif HM|itt*l. .-•-vfv-i^ ^ *$&J$>i*te.>* Jlr. and Mrs. Rafe Werner west of-Tipton,, were at Indianapolis Sunday visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Secrist and guests as a big birthday dinner which was given in honor of the birthday anniversaries of Mr. and Mrs. Werner iand Mr. and r .lrs. Seci-ist all of which occur in March. A very large birthday cake decorated .witljl.tlie caiques,, ..-jraefid the center of the prettily appointed table. Mr. -Werner -.whose birthday occurred March 3rd, was honored by having the caudles bn the calce iiotiug his anniver^ saries.. Has I'ueumonia. George Lee'of Ekin were Sunday guests of Mr.-'and Mrs. Oscar Gilligan of Greentown. Lyle Rubush and family of Ko­ konio were Monday evening supper . guests of Clyde Rubush and family. Martha Bussler of Muncie "wftj the week end guest of. her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bussler and .family. Joe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Zauss broke his collar bone Friday evening while playing basketball at.' school. Mrs. Nellie Smith" and son Fae of Wo?t Hopewell . were Sunday afternoon guests ot Mrs. , Lottie Smith. Uhl Richards and family of Lafayette were Sunday eveniu. supper- guests of Tom Harper, and family. - . Orval I'umphrey and .."'family were Sunday dinner guests ' of Mrs. Margaret Piiinpiirey near Groomsyille. Other guests were Frank Pumphrey and family of Prairie, Mr. and Mrs. VnnBriggle of Helena, Ark., and Mrs. Mattie Alley of Towa. Mr. and Mr.-. Siinun liervie were'entertained at a birtlVday dinner -Sunday -with Mr. and Mrs. Don .Richards and daughters* of Kol^onio': Other" quests we:re Mr. and Mrs. Uhl iiicliards and children of Lafayette and. .Mr. and Mrs. Marble Richards of-Tipton. The diiiuer was in honor of Aiieta's sixth birthday..' anniversary. Community Public Sale, Three Miles South of Tipton, .Third* HdoeS ' . South or New Hope Church, l)i Miles North »r Atlanta Saturday, March 22 10:30 O'clock, the Following: Property, T«>-wit: Pl'ayer piano; victrola: radiot Axminster rugs: davenport; U--* brary tables; sectional bookcase; rockers: Singer sewing machine,'^ like new; dining, rooni suite; other dining room furniture; bed-* room furniture, including bed clothes; Simmons tied: oak . ward-% robe; new-mattress; breakfast set; other kitchen furniture; lOJO-Ih.^ refrigerator; four-hole Globe laundry stove; cook stove; heatingj* stove; four-hole Perfection coal oil stove; double tub power wash -JS er .Antiques: 2 cherry chests; or.e drawer stand; drop leaf table; J few old dishes and come other articles. «i Geese; ducks; potatoes; fruit and other articles too numerous lam mention. Anyone having live stcck. farming implements, housc-^ hold goods; or anything .to; sell, brins it to this sale and get t"le"jj cash.' Come and spend the day. ' New Hope Ladies' Aid Will Serve the Lunch ' J- COL. GEORGE PHILLIPS, Auctioneer. ; JS Samuel Genu, tlie. year-oldi baby sou of Mr. und'Mrs. Elmer L. Harvey on East 'street is seriously ill with pneumonia. There was a slight improvement noted in the condition of the baby Wednesday, although the crisis lias not been passed. ' •Has Been HI.' William McAvoy, who. resides east of Tipton in the Heron bungalow, is recovering from a - severe attack of. grippe^, Mr.- McAvoy, who is employed at' the Perfect. Circle plant, was in town Wednesday for the first time in a week. .'.'•'". I Notice To Members of Amer SUARPS\1LLE. J. J. Batehelor aud family and Clyde. McCoy and family, of Koko- nio were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bariow and Mrs. Lottie Batehelor. Mr. Biiti'MrsV' Jesso Cage were Sunday evening Supper guests ot Mr. and Mrs.: Lec Fiaeker of Logansport. V George. Graff-and. family wore Sunday dinner guests of Joe AU ley and family near Windfall. Raymond Alexander and family were Sunday evening guests of Mr.' and Mrs. Dale -Land, of Kokomo.' •••• > Mr. and MM . • Lora Wilburn spent Sunday• morning with their" grandson,. Harold • Tyner . near Prairie who has -been illvfeuffer­ ine -with.. rheumatic fever. ' Mm/- Jane (McCa 'rthV spent, the' week^witlj ^B'i«sse »;4vI ?Jsher < and 'family' An ^VJphBi .^ftater andj tan)lly,>? JCokoijD.,^' SUNDAY, MAKCH 23, will be Bodenhamer -l _ in;— ANDERSON '/'•'{ IND. • THE GEORGE H. HOGKETT POST , - INVITES YOU , The week-end roand trip pxcursion fare (tickets on sale Saturdays and Sundays, vgood for return to last Cars Sundays) to Anderson, is but— 01.O3 - Conu^der-in:Chief Bo- denba^er will be present ol^des^lirbecae and .all. day je&ler^nineiit, > . SfejiAt^PAY NIGHT drSUNDAY vl ^^V'TUIH 1 ^''?^ i.- Land Auction^ 198y 2 -ACRS STOCK AND GRAIN FARM • ' •" ± . The undersigned will sell, without reserve, lo'tbe highest bidifSrjJ on the premises located seven miles northwest of Noblesviilc. and;2» miles west and uue-half mile south, of Cicero. Indiana, on - -* s« {March 251 Beginning- at 1:30 P. M. . • S 130 aervs of-good tillable land, wl'iirh is level sugar tree and* Wiilnut soil, balance is rolling pasture laud, with plenty of shudeandv running-' water." This farm is tile drained fencing". ! . . j aud has all good line.- oir-novKMK.yrs m " Tmpfnv^eh Sv'ltfi^a- ftaiiie Imiise. fnn'sd.-d in walunj, rear" porch, newly papered, and in gnud rmiditinu: lia:n l».xi;;J. cementj fouudaticjn, S feet of blncfes and 12-toot siding, hip roof, concrete* driveway, 1 rodded and 'well pniuli il. and is pruclically new; poulnj try hous<i; garage awl corn crib. JJ This farm is located only i'.i nu'lt-s fnim <'u-«-ru. whieli is aiai good' tow'u with good markets, selinuls and i liun-lies. If you ursC in the market for a stuck and grnin fai 'm. lo.att-il in a pood larm-J ing section, do not miss ,'tliis sale. '» This farm ,will be nffered as IiiS aires. t 'i acres, and as a whole -2 At the same tiine anil phV.-u will rtl! -I (K) bu.iiiels of yellow corn. _ ,5 / • | . '. / . ( -TERMS. f Due-third' of puivha* price above mortgage, cash: mortgage om Sli ,200 niay be assumed as of purchase price, iialuncc on orj before April 2ath, "13;fO; possession at onue. ~" w. Sale in L. Harrison, Owner: .'•••• I ; " 1 Charge of Binder-Wyant Auction Co., Noblesville ; I . • " . A Good SeleeftGEfi est Usedk Cars to Choose From One 1929 Mrjdel A Ford Standard Coupe, Bonnie Grey color,] excellent condition; not much mileage; On^e 1929 Chevrolet Sue Coupe; you can more than ^ave the first year's -lepreciation on this car. -One Model A Fordor Sedan; less than 5,000 miles on ihis car; carries a hew car guarantee. < One 1928 Whippet Coupe; good paint and tires; A-^ condition ,mechancially. Two Model|T Ford Tudors; new paint; botH these ears are in A-l condition. j Two Modelj T Fordors, with new paint jobs; excellent buys; ^ . These Cars (Have All Been Thoroughly Inspected and We [Welcome an Opportunity to Dem- . I onstrate Them to You. , I t Tipton Main Motor Coy ! AltLK SharpsviUe ntty Sale! B 01 CATTLE l? HOGi *H1I m m flSfflB Mrorfn &hot

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