The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 19, 1930 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 19, 1930
Page 6
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lWobodiuifA wo AfcejHIipVHeat, I*>w Ash Coal OH TRACK Two P»yB -:-|6.60 Delivered Phone .'^ BUEKHAR1' & CO. ATXANTA-AI.3RIGHT. j- Sundiy quests of Mr. and Mrs. Shtrl Walton and-fsmily were Mr. an« Mrs. Tolhert Itevjs and Mr. ,av.<i Mrs. Byron Yoliely Revis and daughters Bessalle, Anita ' and Dorotha and son .iohn. Tolbert Re>i», who is the .hsad of the Sociality, Department ;?f Butler College," filled the puli)it for Rev. if:. MIX Aukin Smith; at the Christian J chi reh $quday • morning. He was for merly iead of the United Mlssio: i at - Baones Ayres, South An erica. Mrs. Revis is the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. J. Yokely, j former pastor of. the Atlanta Cbistian church. •• - ( Sunday dinner guests of Mr. ana Mrs.. Bernie Miller and family, were Mr. and Mrs. Otis Robert son and -family of Elwood./. Mr. and Mrs. H. G. .Kauffman visited Sunday afternoon with Mr and Mrs. Cleo Swing • and family near Kokomo. Chas. Long of Indiana university visited the week end with his, wife Mrs. A'zza Long and daughter! Estelle. P. jEssig <attended the-tournament at Indianapolis, Saturday. Mr., and. Mrs. Bernie Cook of Tipton were Sunday dinner guests of airs. Mattie Cook and family. T; Mrr'andTMrs. 5 Wm^Zelgler and family of Cicero and Mr. and Mrs: Elmer Blllhymer-east - /-of Atlanta; -were.' Sunday evening guests of Mr. and^Mrs. Pete Lee and daughter Nellie. • Mabel ..Clark who was confined to the house for the past week with cnlckenpox is again able to be out and returned / to . school Monday ^afternoon. Mr. and - Mrs. Ernest Cramer, and daughter Phyllis Ann, of Gary were Sunday dinner guests pr Mr. and Mrs. Archie Stultz. Richard Walton visited with his brother", George Walton, at DePauW University, Greencastle, Sunday. • •. „ Mrs- Hazel Meehan returned home Thursday : after . visiting since Monday with her husband -Harry Meehan and Mrs., Ray Mains at Indianapolis. . N Mrs. Mary Kring spent, the sons, Thomas- Earl^and Richard; of' EkinTand Mr. and-Mrs.' James |Clj(rsYv6 /- ; ii^ H"-^...• - Mrs.' Mary Calhome haB . returned to her farm, at the south part of Atlanta,' after .having lived several months;;in Alexandria where she -Bad - purchased property. '- '- . f • . -Mr. and Mrs. penvif Lewis.and family"moved, into the John Bryr an property on John, street: Mr. and' Mrs. Carry Endicott and. family, Mr. and " Mrs. Lee Gunning and family and Mr.- and Mrs. Walter Jordan and family were Sunday' dinner guests of Mr., and Mrs. Vernon McCarty of /• •• . - . . - ; Roberts Chapeli Sunday dinner guests of Mr. i^hnd- Mrs. Roy -Miller, weje Mr. and-Mrs. Oscar Miller of Elwood. Mrs. Paul Mason and family of i Afternoon guests were: Mr. and East: Union. Other guests were: ! Mrs. Otis Robertson and family Mr. .and -Mrs.. Earl Mason and ' of Elwood, Mrs. Goldie Evans week- end with Mr.-and Mrs., John Coverdale and 'family of, Tipton. • - Mrs. - Blanche Mohler of Kokomo visited the week end. with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.' Will -:Ramsey of Albright community. Sunday guests-were Mr.' and Mrs. Claude Gillisple ,of Tipton and. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Honnold. Everett Himes of Kokomo was the Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gunst, Sr. Mrs. Himes who spent {he week with-her parents returned home with her hus- and Sunday evening. : Mr. and. Mrs. Lowell Whisler and son DQnald of Marion and Mrs. Zora 'Goodpasture were Sunday guests of Mr."and Mrs. Monroe Whisler. Mr. and Mrs. John Mason were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and tin mmve charges f*r distribution of the new Ford mom at least £5© to # X5 in addition to the many savings in making the ear JfBSE. are days when every dollar counts. The jjeriod of recldess spending is over. People are gpinf? 'back to the good old-fashioned principles of tluiflj and econotn y. Value is again being carefully considered. Nkrvhere is this more important than in the selec- ttan ; '-jpf an automobile. For the purchase of a car •epieienta a corisiilerable investment. It should not be decided on hurriedlyjj but only after analysing every] important fa ctor that concerns cost, value and fejnnnee. The^ »Qt efrerward when^fr - •t, pMorm|mce and tb cars he sells. His discount of comnrission is the lowest of any automobile-dealer. The difference in your favor, ranging from 25%' to nearly 50%, comes right, off the price you pay for the car. . (2)-No expen'eivc extra equipment is needed whr > you buy a Ford. The car leaves, the factory ready, for use. The f.o.b. price includes a Triplex shatter-prbui glass windshield and an extra steel-spoke Wheel, HI addition to four Hbudaille double-actingshock- absorbers and f idly enclps^ accessories you may wish for your individual taste are sold considerably below the usual prices. ISqneof these charges for sel sbrie)s>is(niar1ee^ trodeHn allowance on a tised car. incmg qraccea- to cover a high Get all the facts, therefore, before, you buy and figure out just what you are getting for your automobile dollars. Go beyond the/f.o.b. price and find and: -. family, 4>f Sharrtsville, Mr: and iMrs..:Ora McNew and family, and Mr. - and. Mrs. Bernie Miller and'family. - '.< - !•.-. Mr. and* Mrs. John Scully with Mrs. Mell Good -ancC Mrs. Lizzie Dutrell of Kokomo motored to Toledo, O., Monday to attend the funeral of Mrs.'" Ezra ' Bishop, which .was held at^ - thaT place, -Tuesday • afternoon, : returning home Thursday. , Billie Meehan < who has been | confined to his home with an acute cold was yet unable to attend school Tuesday. „ tAr. and Mrs. Henry Gunst Jr. and daughter Doretha, visited Sunday with Mrs: Gunst's mother. Mrs.' Cora Curry, of Anderson. Mrs. Ceiia Miller is visiting this. week with her daughter and family, Mr: and Mrs. John Bozell. Mrs. Zora Goodpasture, returned home Sunday after a two months' visit with her nephew, Lowell Whisler' and family of Marion. • Atlanta Chapter of the.W. B. 'Mri.- •S6KT— iMrs. :D|ck ^Ponchand. Archie Stultx visited Thursday with Mrs.- Larkin. Stulta of We*field. Mrs. Stultx whois an aunt of-Mrs. Archie Stultx, quite. ill for several weeks.: wa»| much improved at the time of their visit.. Mr. and Mrs. | W. J. Jackson and fmaily visited "Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. j Jap - - Tomlinaon sontheast of Tipton. Other guests were: Lem. Wells of Tipton, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Tommelson, Mr: : and Mrs . Earl Tommelson and son-of Kokomo. NlgBtAeoagl^ or <ro »(lM coascd by a coJ4 or bran irritated throat are aanally dne to causes whicir cbneh cyrana ann patent medteiiiA no'net tanch. But the vierr first swallow of Thoxlne Is goara 'niecd to.stop the most stubborn conch almost Instantly. Thoxlae is a doctor's prescription, working on - a «« ^ _ ! a» entirely different principle; it Mrs. Austin Smith. Mrs^ Viola | ^^^-^^ Nightenhelser and Mrs. Flossie , drnW> i, pjeasant tasting and safe Walton attended the Missionary! for the -whole family. Sold on a meeting at' the' Christian church' money back guarantee to give bet- at Tipton, Wednesday afternoon. lep «nd Quicker relief for conghs ,,, . , „j . • . _. . or sore throats than anything you Miss Lois Bishop of T.pton ;have ew _ trle< ,. Aak ' for was -the Sunday afternoon guest; t ne , put. tip ready for use in 35p. of Mrs. Clara Rhodes and Mrs.! FOc. and tl .00 bottles. Sold by Hazel Meehan and son Billy. j Blue Rrolit Drug Store and all J; other good drag stores. Ray Wiggins j trip to Indian- . Mr. and Mrs. made a business apolis Thursday. • Mrs. Fred Paul and sons, die, John, and Jean spent Ed-i thej of Music,; at Indianapolis, spent his vacation from Thursday until A, will give work Thursday night: j w<8Bk end with M r. Paul on the All members urged to be pres-i farm sout hwest of Tipton. ent - ; I John Clark spent the week end Will Bishop land .daughter | with Mr . and Mrs. John Ott near Arcadia. Mrs. Ida' Teeters- of Boxley; Lois of Tipton were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bisliop and Miss Mary Bishop, j -was trie Sunday dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs.; Kenneth: Star-jh elr mother Mrs. Nancy Brown, t fo.d and family, of^ Nbblesville, |_Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Jordan of were Sunday guests of Mr. and, Indianapolis were Sunday after- Mrs. Sam Stafford and family.. I noon guests of their mother Mrs. Marlon Pickett and son Lawr-1 Elizabeth Jordan. and Mrs. James Henderson. ' Mrs. Oliver Jones returned ! home Saturday accompanied by j her son John Brown. Mrs. Jones was called to Noblesville on ae! count of the sickness of her son. ence, visited Sunday with Stan-! ji n and Mrs. Elmer Thomas ford Pickett of seriously ill. Tipton .who is i spent Sunday as guests of their j, ; daughters, Ruth and Ruby of Mr. and.Mrs: Ray Small andjindianapolis. family and Dr. and Mrs. O. A. j Mrs.. Flossie Walton was quite Hughes and family, were enter-| p i easan ti y surprised, Friday evening when her Sunday school class ofi young ladies . called at her home with -well filled baskets in time for six o'clock dinner. Miss Salome Castor furnished the delicious "birthday cake. The tained at an oyster supper at the home of Mr.-anil Ales. John Coverdale and : family of Tipton, Wednesday evening. A splendid evening w^s enjoyed • by . the guests. I ' _ I " Mr. and Mrs.! Carl Perkins and j a ffi a ir was }n honor, of Mrs. Walson Eugene called Sunday at thej ton's birthday anniversary. The home of Mr. tfnd Mrs. Geo. Wilr. kens and son Roscoe near. Hobbs Roscoe has been ill for £he past two weeks with acute nephritis Other .'callers were: Miss' Pansy Brogdon, Mr. and Mrs. George Hartley and' son Ruben, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wright and Estelle Legg of Hobbs, .Miss Edna Legg of Tipton, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Esaig and - daughters - -June and Anna, and Mrs. Batton of Elwood, and Mrs. Claude Retherford of .Windfall. ! Mr. and Mrs. : Sam Stafford re7 ceived a message of a call of the stork at the home of their son, Walter Stafford and wife "of R-i- leigh, 111... The stork stopped at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stafford March 14th and left them a fine.boy weighing 8% lbs.The little one-was given the name of Sammy Owen Stafford after the grandfather. The baby was greeted by two small, step-brothers., The proud parents are receiving 'the congratulations of their many friends,' i - ( . \ Sunday dinner guests of . Mr. and Mrs. John Scully, were Fred Bishop and-Miss Rodella -Batts i of Toledo, O. Fred Bishop, who is the son of Ezra Bishop,' motored from Toledo, O., Saturday, with his grandmother, Mrs. Mar- -th'a McCDrty and Miss:. Carrie Riebeling <of NoblesviUe, who were called to Toledo because of the 'iflness qf I Mrs. McCarty's ;44ught ^r Mrs. Ezra Rlshop, : which terminated in death. • j'. Mr.'- and.Mrs.'John .Henderson : and family' mofored'west of ./Kempton : Sunday where they -visited with -Mr. and Mrs. Landls ]CnnntngUam fand family. ^3; John .Cochran of IndHna yVni- ^ersity visited the week end^wltb hU ^aienUiMr.-and ^P ^^^^n^^btore^'iin; r'fnr ^at j ^rt^ R^pli ori^^ b^ the:day/wltlivllr/ and Mro. Robert gl^vaultiofS.thattplaee. • ont ^iwerejPblllpt %Yonti 1 and sUrl?i 5 fltephenson;^of&1Pendleton;. young ladies presented Mrs. Walton with a beautiful ^ large cin- nirera. She -also received several nice and useful presents from the immediate family. All enjoyed a pleasant evening. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hobbs reV turned home Thursday after a two weeks' stay at ,s Marshalltown, Iowa. Mr. Hobbs had remained at Marshalltow'n to attend to taking care of the 'affairs of his brother George Hobbs de-| ceased'and becoming quite' ill it| was necessary that an operation; be performed; from which Mr. 1 Hohbs is recovering-slowly, be-! ing able to be-up part of the; time. A niece, Mrs. Harold J Fouts of Boston, visited in the) home from -Thursday until Tues-j day morning.; Mrs: Fouts - is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.. Ora 1 who was quite ill with .tonsilitis and complications, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Evans of Noblesville where he had been living for. several months. Mrs. Jones remained one week nursing John until he was able to remove" to her home in Atlanta. ' Mr. and Mrs. Marion Henderson of Tipton were Sunday supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Henderson and Lewis McDaniels. Miss Vivian Lively of Indianapolis, was the week end guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Lively. . Sunday dinner guests of Losier McNew and Leo and Cleo McNew .were Mrs. George Evans and family of Sharpsville. and Richard McNew of Elwood. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Becker and daughter Barbara Jean or Elwood* were Sunday guests or Mr. and Mrs. James Leach. Sunday evening guests ot Grandma Brown and Mrs. Elisabeth Jordan, were Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Graham of . Tipton and Mrs. Lula Clark and son Herschel. (and family wan Sanday dlniar JtHdi'oCMr and Mrs Bart |gj &c \ox ^AreadiB> ,R f ~' >|f Robison formerly of Atlanta. "' Miss Louise' Henderson, who is attending ^he Metropolitan 'School flute's Game Atlaato, lad. Hay* addtd to shop a lint alaas marfiairic whh yeari of practical experience. Com* in and gat ac- ojiaiptad. HaTi dan Tonod Tip How W«fk OnaraBtatd. 'D«^I #0 ^ : |P ; _pskfl HABD GOAL B |ll^ " INTOu^lutdbDBE Atlanta Phone '84>* : " Arcadia Phone SL m ^*l^^ » to Ui We Don 't Wo^-Bett of Ifoipmeat. .T : r-'-:'V-' J .'?^.'*y*" i ^ ; ' • - , HorIf -•K:,rM : .,A^^: m ,. ^v.ffl'.'.-i;S 4

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