Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 23, 1957 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 2
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TWO Rep. Mills Says Recent Appropriations Slashes Do Not Justily Tax Cut WASIIJ.NCTOX HV~llep. Mills! In addition, some of the <D-Ark) said today he believes thejvotcd by the House probably appropriations cuts voted ,so far by the House will reduce spending not more than 250 million dollars in the year nliead. "It's a terrible tiling." lie told a reporter, "(hat people have sullen the idea tlicse cuts in appro to be plil back early next year in supplemental bills. These involve such things as public as EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND. MD, THURSDAY, MAY 23, 1957 French Halt Finance Aid For Tunisia PARIS ut—France has suspended all financial aid to Tunisia be. '•ause of the open support in thai former French protectorate for the rebellion in Algeria. A government announcement last night said Deputy Foreign Minister Maurice Faure had notified Hie Tunisian ambassador two priations will justify a reduction fiscal policy subcommittee o'f in laxcs. Because so far the culsjScnale-House Kcojiomie Commit will have very little elfecl on'tee. sislancc grants and veterans' ben- V"~ """ "TV -•_—.-—~™ ...« efils which are fixed obligations. ^blSj 1> ''° mlSC ' 1 Hld W °" ld Mills plans H series of hearings! ,, .' . . next month as chairman of the' 1 ' 1 - a " cc had >> lpn " cl1 lo cxl <™t spending." . j Kisenhoiver (old his news con. o s news con- Mills is a senior Democrat on 'erence yesterday he never svould the House Ways and Means Com-I^PI'rove ' cutting' with Ihe in credit to Tunisia for J19SU-57. The first installment was to have been furnished this week. The Algerians have found "un- olficial" refuge and medical aid across (he Tunisian frontier. High- placed figures in Ihe Algerian Na ui\- iluu^v ti*i>j, dim iML'iins Lom-j 't'i ji u * c '"•> cimiiig wun me i mitiee, which handles lax niat-Sl'udgcl in such precarious balanccl- 00 .'...- icrs. j'as il is now. He said spending '""', al • ll> 7 al ." 1 " F™nt <PLN'I op- The House lias passed JO of tl>e>as running ahead of estimates in! cr ?. e f .^ c . 1 , y . ln Turus ' 14 money hills for fiscal l')M some agencies for the current fis-i. isslled a communique ''--•-• ' in Tunis yesterday saying 52 French Iroops have been killed in batlle in Ihe Bou-Zegza .Mountains in central Algeria. It said two Algerian rebels had been killed. French headquarters in Algiers issued a communique referring to an engagement in the same region. It said 70 rebels bad been killed and gave French losses as starting July I. culling them about il> a) year. $1,409,000.OOP below President Ki-i House Speaker Kayburn iD- setihowcr's request. j'i'ox' told newsmen after the news But these cuts will not slice thc^" nfei ' elic » "'at he doublet! wbelh- same umounl from Eisenhower's cr Congress would vole (his vear $71.800.000,000 spending budget -;''> Ol 't 'axes. But he slill voiced which House lax experts liavc!°l>'' m ' sin ltial a reduction will be forecast will go up 10 neailv 7.1ordered next year and made retro- billions despite Congress' eflmis to' ac ' tiv 'e to next Jan. 1. cut appropriations sharply ) PA 2-1GOO for a WANT AD Taker HOT Shoots 'r Burdened With Bills? No matter how hard we try there are times when bills pile- up and become a most unpleasant burden. In such cases it often is wise to consolidate all outstanding obligations into one. In this way indebtedness usually can be paid -off more quickly and conveniently. If you find yourself in a situation such as this . . . stop at First National and talk it over with us. Chances are you can arrange an easy to repay Personal Installment Loan that will be the solution to your problem! FIRST NATIONAL BANK MEMBER F. D. I. C. Rescued Boy Due To Take Walk Today MANQRV1LLE. N.Y. on—Seven- \caroldIiemiyHooperniaylake i ,„.,,„,„„;„.,„, r, u . ..,,-,,„• ins first steps today, six days l ong struggle o[ a Jewish couple 1 after being rescued from (he bot. to keep their Catholic-born fosler' tnm rtf t, I\A ...-,11 . . . ... ... This is a recent photo of Ihe Gene ft, Casey lamilv of Kve N. \.. which was broken last night when Andrew H 'leli si,ot his mother, Dorothy, 41, left on couch, and his sister Sheila ->n The father disarmed Andrew, buslled -Michael. 12 to saf'etV called police and then suffered a heart attack. A third son' Shawn, rear, is a student at St. Lawrence University. Canton' i\. i. Mory on Page 1. ( A 'p ;>/,„, 0 / a ,j Humphrey's Resignation As Treasury Head Due J WASHINGTON «V-tn West Beri lin, in 1948, Gen. Lucius D. Clay, [U. S. military governor for Germany, glowered across a huge desk at the civilian just arrived tile from the Uniled Stales. In New York, in 1952, President „,, elect Dwight Eisenhower told thatilime t h e [same Gen. Clay, by then a civil-'money "fan "f need a man used to doing Whatever the solution. Hum jBIG things, handling B 1 G phrey will be s lad to be out of i Amounts of money." printing presses every government need "I've got just Ihe man for you," |he said. "George M. Humphrey, years beyond jHell make you a line secretaryIlimil alreadv of the treasury." ' ~_1 In Office Four Years Today, in Washington, Humphrey is packing his bags after little more than four years When he took the job he planned to slay for two years, lie is Iw Elsti Party f'fumicrf ISii-tlnlaif s as.^ one of the most important menj''Of 'in Ihe administration. The announcement of bis resi 0 nation will come as a surprise to' - .. r almost no one. It will come as a K |Vcrs - will be given quite a par glintcrnalional queen of »"'") Still Has Cough; incnt musi seek its money at the going rates. Critics claim this raises the in- ^«»^"u«.iiuji worker irom Hiver- Icrest rales all around and makes h «»l, N.V.. the first man to reach rich bankers richer. Defenders in- Benny; Edward Gadzinski chief sist this is better than cranking ° r the Riverhead fire department- torn of a 24-foot well. Young Benny bad boped lo be up and around yesterday, but he « ii allowed only to sit in an armchair for a brief period. He is at liayview Hospital. Mastic Beach. Dr. Joseph !1. Kris, his physician, said Benny would probably go home Friday or Saturday, do- pending on his progress. He said Benny still. has a slight cough from bronchial inflammation. Clfts, Mail Pour In Gills and mail for young Benny continue to pour in at the hospital. Among the gifts are a battery - powered toy car big enough lo ride in. Dr. Kris said yesterday lhal Benny doesn't "actually remember" his 23',2-hour ordeal, and probably never will. Kris said Benny may seem to remember in the future but "this will be mostly due lo mental images from what he hears and what he reads about what happened to him." At neighboring Garden Cilv, N.Y., the Community Developers Council, an organization of Long Island builders, yesterday presented "hometown hero" awards to five men who helped save Benny. Given $300 Eat-h Each of the five also was given >300 to further the education of bis own children or some oilier child. They were Sam Wondson, N'egro construction worker from River- John Slachnik of the'Eastporl fire department: Gus Form hals, Manorville fire department and Alex Pondzick. Center! .Moriches, \.v., fj re department Jewish Couple's Fight To Keep Adopted Child Enters Decision Stage TAU.AIIASSKE, UV-Tlic daughter in defiance of Massa chiisolls Jasv reached a showdown today. Melvjn Ellis, 45. and his wife. Frances. 35, were called before Gov. l.eroy Collins on an extradition hearing. The governor's decision will determine whether the must face kidnaping charges in Massachusetts or may remain in Florida and keep the blonde, blue- eyed Ilildy McCoy. The couple gave up their home and a dry-cleaning business in Brooklinc. Mass., and fled to Miami Beach after the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled in 1955 The child's natural mother, Mrs. Marjoric McCoy Doherly, gavi j Hildy up for adoption 10 days aft. cr her birth. She learned later that the Klliscs were Jewish and de- immded lh;U Ilildy be returned to her under a Massachusetts law which says children "when prac- lie-able" shall be placed for adop". it in U'iHi nil rnnl c nf *U.» faith. parents of the sama The courts ruled for Mrs. Do- hcrly, bin the Kllises disappeared vith Ihe child. t\uii-S(<i{) Flight PARK i.n—A four-engine Doug, las DC7C landed at Le Bourgel lo- day after a 21-hour, 35-minutc lion. they musi gii-e uj> Ihe 6-year-old|stop flishl from Long Beach, Calif, child because of different rcligiouslThe plane was being delivered to backgrounds. KI,M, Royal Dutch Airlines. that self-imposed Boy Held (Continued from Page I) disappointment to manv. Unless most Washington proph- shooling everybody," the father cried. The first policeman lo arrive found that Andrew was still upstairs with the rille. p*rm uvsi fi \, ,, " Throw Ihe gun down, bov." the PARlS-(INM_hlsa Maxwell, officer demanded, threatening to party- shoot if the order was disobeyed The boy lei the gun fall down ly herself in Paris tomorrow celebrate her 74th (o the stairs. He then walked down ( .- ..--u.tuQiun in ujjji- — • • '*'•—VL id (t v5tri ;*jsJovvli' and 5tirrpndercrf niccklv ets are looking into clouded crys- -birthday. sheila was taken lo United Hos- lal bals. Humphrey will be sue. The party will he given al thcipital at Port Chester near this ceeded by Robert B. Anderson,iParis residence of Mr. and Mrs new York City commuter suburb former deputy fense. , secretary of de. Anderson, a nalive of Texas, is Han "Eisenhower Democrat." 'HP |;also is a close associate of Sea. . , of the most noted figures of " ' . . .„,„„„„„ ;,„„„,-„ Norman K. Winston, and many where she died a short time " "international attend. ... ilLyndon Johnson of Texas Senate'is lDemocralic leader. Miss .Maxwell smiled mischievously when reminded today there some question as lo exactly e ° C jw-haMartluiav'''^ is' So,n7'p™- ilan<i5 "°spHa! f » r The father was taken to Ihe hospital about the same time lo be treated for his heart attack. Andrew was taken to the Grass- ., .. ,-ost. Anderson will |jbe faced with the same tight mon- problem that has plaeucd her 751b. claim if Higher Inlercsl Kales The government has had lo of ifcr higher and higher interes rales on the money it needs to keep the debt "turning over. /Tight money or no. Humphrev has maintained that the govern , ., •..[for psychiatric examination under jcoiirt order. He was charged wild n juvenile delinquency. Police said _ n 'Uiat because of his age (his was ; tlic only charge that could be [Humphrey. The increasing de-! jmand for money has the govern-! .. .„ .. . , n-nciHi =- n ,,.-.-..:..., :_ .._ -, f . . i ->n me doctors are trving toi p" \find out what keeps me "voune. U ° cc . •" ~~° "• ""-• v ^""^iCaseys in the middle-class neigh- iborhood near Long Island Sound Andrew had a reputation as debt s.andsYfab"ou"( ^£1''™ *?"",? *^ dollars, and about 70 billion of it^'°" ng '",, hearl a comes due every year r" ovl half mv 3 ' plete optimist. 1 I'm twice most people Large Selection GRADUATION CARDS POST CARD SHOP 3i N. C.rcir. PA 4-1130 Discover the difference between the best and the rest 6 years old VU.4? pIDOI imported in bottle Jrom Canada ImporUd in bottle from Canada by Hifam Walker Importers, inc., Oetroil, Michigan • Blended Canadian Whisky rn,-n I 'vt'i.iaiiuii *!,-, „ i"-i a 8 boy anci a llard worker papers and jknow half my a«e. I'm lovc livi »g- H's'iwho often'delivered a ", arL ,, [cut lawns. M.SS Maxwell said lhat what A third Casev son. Shawn is a destroys peoples" ls tha | (hey student at St. \awrence Univer don t know how to live. jsity. Canton N y CANVAS SHOES FOE ACIIVJ YOUNGSTESS Ce! Ihe shoes thai winners thoose—"p-F" Flyers. Yoo'll "»n your fosrcif and ploy your . Be a winoer „.. w«or winners' shoes, VVhil, Blur Blo<k Grof Hulti-Celor R^iJ Ryers ere Ihe only cairns •does wilS a boiTl.In mogit tfiol txtpl prerenl lired, f«i1 ana Ira rmctei. Priced according «^ <> p to siie, from *J ?55 Values Little wonder more and more men m toivn are streaking to O.P.O. for their spring, and summer wardrobe. Imagine! All the superb luxury of the season's new silk look yours at an unbelievable 37.95. Just another example of O.P.O/s faclory-to-you operation that shuts out the middleman every time. Come see greys, blues browns decked with silky slubs. Sizes J6 to 4S in the group. SALE! Spring Weight Woof Flannel Slacks SLASHED TO Our lowest price of the year. Find blues, greys bRwns. tans. . solids and fancies. 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