The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 19, 1930 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 19, 1930
Page 3
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cigarette 'HAT ANOTHER MANUFACTURER of cigarettes chooses to say about bis product is not our affair. Even when he fit to-misrepresent his product and leave false impressions concerning, it, that still is his business—not ours. Bill—when, in his' advertising, he goes beyond his own product and makes false state* ments or leaves misleading impressions about other cigarettes—then it is time that the truth be told. Some time ago a manufacturer of cigarettes used the following statements in his advertising: •The extra secret heating propess removes froa»(- -) harmful irritants, corrosive acrid*, which are present in cigarettes manu- factored in the old-fashioned .way, and which •ansa throat irritation and coughing." ! **Ifo 'Bactter how much or how little you pay for ejpsrettes you have a choice of only, two (•nasal classes, and not mpre than two. In one dan yon have the billions of cigarettes manufactured in the old-fashioned way and in the other class you have j( ), the toasted cigarette, a product of modern science, a cigarette from which harmful irritants have been removed by that extra secret process Jsesrfted by the phrase 'It 's Toasted" TOTjUtN THESE STATEMENTS were first i ^» amaoje, we assumed that they were a eaana] atflae of dial mannfacturer?s advertis* ing pail did not represent a deliberate and calaftfJoA policy. After making a few such statanMNsIa, he^abandoned^ithis particular of advertising. However, other state* iMad in his advertising came to the f fH7 }r , , -- , '-^ ( • - J fif .dm FedWal Tno^ nV'auliauBUBUBUBn^Melanuil'JfcaT Ha^ne^Jjt 1 <^aa#a^a^^^na^n^aa^arir j " - As a result of the action of the Federal Trade Commission he was ordered to stop his! admitted practice of using in his advertising false testimonials of non-smokers to the effect; . that they kept slender by smoking bis brand of cigarettes, and was further ordered to stop using other fake testimonials and the specious . argument that all can keep slender by smoking that brand of cigarettes. He then began to-use again the form of statement quoted above or variations of it. I F ANY MANUFACTURER chooses to say that the tobaccos he uses contain-"harmful irritants, corrosive acrids, that are injurious to the throat," and then to claim that these things are removed by the heat-treating process, that is his own affair. But when he tries to create the impression that it is general practice to use in cigarettes such rank tobaccos as he describes,: we object to the attempted reflection on uWindustry. We have never used in our blend those rank tobaccos which can be properly described as containing "hannful irritants, cor-, rosive acrids," nor do we believe that Uiey are used by some of the other manufacturers^ If that manufacturer wishes to advertise heat treatment^ ealling it toasting or what-not, that is Ins right. But when,* hi so doing, he tries to create the hnnression that he is the onlymaker;of ejgu^es who^n ^tsrtobaccos wimheaV the trum again ne4Nfeto^^^^^^ that the heat treatment of tobaccos is an e*era> sive process with any single mahufaettHfer. IHE FACT is that: the use of heat treatuiMit in the manufacture of tobacco h> abotit the most commonplace andI universally prae> ticed method in the industry. It has long beieft standard practice. We use heat treatment in its'most inodera and scientific application, both in the preparation and in the manufacture of diese fragrant, ripe tobaccos that carry their ~ftat» ural goodness into CAMELS. T/he first C.A HEL Cigarette we' evisr IBfi^l wasKmanufactured1 under the heat -freating process. Eyery one of the bilUons of C4 ^nKLS produced since has been manufacture^ n ^SC heat treatment; We.reiy upon' heat-ti»}}||a limits'-of its'possibilities to[maltt o ^Vipom tobaccos better. It cannot r :make: it^ttiat toliaccos good. ; :-\ . ; W7HETHER OR NOT a inuuf9f4uro|>, to V nave something to talk to th* pj |o4a about, attaches a contrivance to nis heatffiifr " * - * , ' \ '' ^ " J ~ K *' 'k >rT ing machines to catch, condense and b>l|i# , * I* ' •.' * • 1 the vapors that come from them can i have no " • " .' - " rvj**.:' more effect toward improvinf die tahaaaa than your catching and bottling the vapati that epnfe from your teapof woufd; Htfjl 'toward hnproving d|etea m the pot Our own brand, CAIIEL, eon -ft The publication of a fake testimonial is'm|;t '"A these, far-rea ^dn^ffals^ •tstsaatn ^::af>; ^Jh^-'^iJMinrtn^'^lm ^BeelBiii' ... -i V... HQ"

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