Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 10, 1972 · Page 2
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 2

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 10, 1972
Page 2
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Barbara jean Timmins, James Phonal Mention Allan Hetzel Repeat Nuptials Barbara Jean Timmins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Timmins, Estherville and James Allan Hetzel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lester E. Hetzel, Keldron, S.D. were united in marriage Dec. 27 at St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Estherville. Father Lawrence Burns performed the double ring nuptial Mass. Steve Clark was organist and providing other nuptial music on the flute arid guitar were Tom Osher, Tim Sunde and Cindy Hanson. The bride, escorted to the altar and given in marriage by her parents wore a white satin floor length gown trimmed with lace at the hemline. The empire bodice was an over-lay of lace and satin. The high collar and long sleeves were also fashioned of white lace. A full length satin train with an over-lay of lace fell from the gown's back and was part of the wedding gown. She wore an elbow length veil which was held in place by a white satin pill box. The bride carried a bouquet of red roses and white carnations. Betty Timmins, sister of the bride was maid of honor and Mary Kay Donavan and Barbara Bagan were her other attendants. They wore floor length gowns of pink chiffon and burgundy velvet. Best man was Glen Hetzel, brother of the bridegroom. His other attendants were Joe Timmins, brother of the bride and John Trumble. Ushers were Tom and Rick Timmins brothers of the bride. A reception was held following the ceremony at Estherville Country Club. The bride attended St. Catherine's College at St. Paul for one year and was graduated from the Mr. and Mrs. James Allan Hetzel University of Iowa. She is now teaching fifth and sixth graders at Allen Day School on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation at Allen, S. D. The bridegroom was graduated from Black Hill State College, Spearfish, S. D. and works as arts and crafts coordinator at Allen Day School, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. They are living at Allen, S.D. Iowa Women to Wear Badges By JERRY LESLIE Sioux City Journal For The Associated Press SIOUX CITY, Iowa (AP) Two young women from, northwest Iowa wear tKe blue uniform and,.silver badges of police students and hope to make the apparel permanent in the next two years. Jenet E. Vlieger of Maurice and Gloria Bade of Storm Lake are enrolled in the new two- year police science course at Western Iowa Tech here—along with 30 young men. Jenet is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Vlieger; Gloria is the daughter of Mrs. Fred Bade. The two, both 18, are determined to become real policewomen and "not meter maids," as Miss Bade put it. Jenet and Gloria are studying alongside Vietnam veterans and parttime police officers as well as recent high school graduates. They are learning under the tutelage of three former Sioux City police officers, Roy Montross, Keith Weaver and Bayne Linden. A woman's wish for a place in the police world is more than a pipe dream. Wayne Kyle, director of career education at WIT, said there are plenty of employment requests for women from throughout the state, according to the Police Academy at Camp Dodge near Des Moines. The call for women is gener­ ally for police matrons to deal with women prisoners, but sometimes it is for women to do undercover work, according to Kyle. , Jenet and Gloria don't know «rte&ctiy what ' Mnd-«* ; policewomen they wanfto b£, "That will depend on what they' are capable of doing and what the hiring police departments will let them do. "Some police forces will put you in a squad car; others will let you work only with juveniles," said Miss Vlieger. The decision to become a policewoman was influenced by "things that happened in your whole life, and not any one thing, according to Miss Bade. Her father, now deceased, was a former town constable, and that may have made some impression. But Miss Vlieger's father is a farmer. Jenet said "it's a career in which you can help people, and I want to get on a police force. That's about it." Gloria said she chose her profession "for the personal satisfaction that you get out of it," and because "It's something that you can accomplish." Neither high school from which the young women graduated—Storm Lake for Gloria and Maurice-Orange City for Jenet— had organized girls athletics, but both had physical education for girls, and the two participated. Each weighs 115 pounds and is diminutive when seen next to her male classmates. Gloria is 5-6, Jenet 5-7. Their training will eventually include firearms. This doesn't present a problem to either woman. "My father taught me how to shoot," said Jenet. And' Gloria said she has fired guns before "But can't hit anything yet." So far their training and that of the other first-year students has dealt with report writing and sketching accident scenes, what to do as a patrolman, introduction to police science, first aid and physical education. The physical education so far is for body conditioning and coordination, but eventually it will involve judo, mob control and regulatory tactics. Their studies will touch on weapons training, criminal law, fingerprinting, criminal investigation and more advanced self- defense. The course, now in its third year, is the only one of its kind in Iowa except for one taught by Hawkeye Tech in Waterloo, school officials said. If You Have... CELEBRATED A BIRTHDAY BEEN ON A TRIP ENTERTAINED GUESTS CAUGHT A BIG FISH MOVED ELOPED HAD A BABY BEEN IN A FIGHT SOLD YOUR HOGS CUT A NEW TOOTH SOLD OUT HAD AN OPERATION BOUGHT A CAR PAINTED YOUR HOUSE HAD COMPANY BEEN MARRIED BEEN ROBBED BEEN ARRESTED BEEN SHOT STOLEN ANYTHING LOST' YOUR HAIR OR DONE ANYTHING AT ALL Telephone, or Drop a Post Card or Come In, or Any Convenient Way, Inform The Daily News Phone 362-2622 or Mrs. John Campbell 362-5385 DIGESTIVE DISORDERS Some cases of digestive disorders are of course due to improper eating and drinking habits, the frequent use of aspirin and other drugs, and environmental tension. Yet a major cause, or c o ntribut- ing cause, of digestive disorders is faulty digestion due to improper or ab- inormal nerve 'function. Any irregularity in digestion suggests an interference somewhere along the line of nerve supply from the brain to the organs of digestion. This nerve irritability must be corrected before normal function to the digestive tract can be restored. Chiropractic, in restoring normal nerve function in the human body, helps to correct the cause of many digestive disorders such as indigestion, biliousness, nausea, colic, gastritis, peptic ulcers, nervous stomach, liver and gallbladder dysfunction, irritable or spastic colon, and constinatinn. Presented in the Public Interest for Better Health by E. L. Willey, D. C. 408 W. Central, Estherville, Iowa. Phone 362-3455. THIS WEEKS SPECIAL Thru Saturday, Jan. 15 12-in. x 12—in. Self-Stfcklng SOLID VINYL FLOOR TILE Reg. 55<; Each SPECIAL 44' LUMBER COMPANY! 201 Central Estherville, Iowa Larsens Spend Holidays With Relative in South Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Larsen returned Thursday from a two week vacation trip to Missouri. They visited with their son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Larsen at Columbia. Christmas was spent with them. They went on to visit with another son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Larsen, Ellington, and spent the New Year's holiday with them. Their departure for Estherville was delayed two days because of the icy condition of the roads. MRS. DAN SCOTT has returned home from Minneapolis where she visited relatives for several days. STEVEN C. OLSON, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Olson has become a partner in the operation of the Christensen Funeral Homes in Ida Grove and Battle Creek Jan. 1. Olson, his wife, Royalyn, and their two sons reside in Battle Creek. KENNETH HUBER of Bloom- Ington, HI., spent the weekend here visiting his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Hum, and with his mother, Mrs. Lucille Huber, who is a patient at Holy Family Hospital. DOROTHY FEAR returned home Thursday from a two-month visit with relatives in Virginia and Ohio. She went first to the home of a brother, J. D. Fear and family at Petersburg, Va., and then went to Massillon, Ohio, where she was fiie guest of a niece, Mrs. I. N. Clements. MR. AND MRS. LEO OLSON returned home from Des Moines where they attended funeral services Jan. 3 for Mrs. Olson's mother, Mrs. Mary Delaplane, 80. She had been in a coma since July 9 following brain surgery at St. Mary's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Roach and Jason also attended the services. GRUVER— Mrs. SorenSoren- son returned Sunday to her home in Gruver after having visited relatives in the New York area . and at Cedar Falls. Mrs. Sorenson, her son, Harry Sorenson or Cedar Falls, • and a grandson, John, went to Melville, Long Island, N.Y., where they visited another grandson of Mrs. Sorenson, the Rev. James Sorenson and family. They spent a day in New York City and then went to Vienna, Va., where they spent some time with a granddaughter and family, the Rev. and Mrs. Bill Rosenow. John remained at the Rosenow home and Mrs. Sorenson and Harry flew back to Cedar FaUs where Mrs. Sorenson spent a week before returning to Gruver. Harry returned home Sunday after bringing his mother home. MRS. DAVID PAULSON left yesterday for her home in Wausau, Wis., after spending some time with her mother, Mrs. Emlet Twito, a patient at Holy Family Hospital, and with her father, Emlet Twito, a resident of Good Samaritan Home. Also visiting the Twitos here are Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hansen of Mesa, Ariz. Mrs. Paulson and Mrs. Hansen are daughters of the Twitos. MRS. MILDRED CUSHMAN was honored at a birthday party Thursday afternoon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Martin Barry. Friends who spent a social afternoon with Mrs. Cushman are Mrs. Ethel Evans, Mrs. Bob Evans and Thelma Dotson, all of Dickens; Mrs. Jessie Glover of Terril and Alma Moats, Barbara Hoffmeyer, Mrs. Bob Moats, Scotty and Tracy, and Mrs. Barbara Ross of Estherville. June Reports ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, MON., JAN. 10^1972 Page 2 June Makes Suggestions For New Year's Resolutions Confess now— how many times in the last few days have you written "1971" by mistake? Lucky thing some " smartie" invented erasers. DID YOU SEND IN your Christmas gift warranties? Do it today! NOW WE FACE those long cold winter days till spring. Butthese snug nights indoors are perfect "fudge weather." It's cold winter days like these that make me wish my ancestors had been more thoughtful and bequeathed me a wee button nose. DID YOU REMEMBER your responsibility as a consumer this Christmas? If you have a Christmas gift you need to exchange, do it at once. Please don't be one of those thoughtless consumers who shows up about Easter time with his exchanges and expects the merchant to be able to accommodate him. JUNE STEINBORN Extension Home Economist Emmet & Dickinson Counties I ALWAYS CONTEND New Years resolutions should be sort of private. But just in case you forgot, may I jog your memory to add these little items to your lists? Tune in June on radio station KILR, Estherville, every Monday and Wednesday morning at 10:05. Seeks Comeback after Flop Read "June Reports" in your local paper each week. Attend the Extension classes that are offered. (Remember — everyone is welcome — town or country, rich or poor, fat or thin, young or old — these programs are for YOU! ) Take advantage of our excellent Program Packets to present to your clubs. Please keep up your telephone calls and letters to your Extension Home Economist! ! ! JUST ANY DAY now Paul will begin noticing I'm around the house and start communicating again — Yep, TV football is really over. IF THIS IS any consolation to you — just recall that 100 years ago our forebears faced just as great a problem as we do today — namely, remembering to write '72 instead of '71. HOLLYWOOD (AP) - First dancer, then actress. Then best-selling author. Next for Shirley MacLaine: film director. "Why not?" she reasons. "Why should I continue suffering from other people's mistakes?" Shirley lately has been suffering from the slugging that greeted the debut this season of "Shirley's World" on ABC television. The English-made series was termed by several critics the worst of the season. Producer Sir Lew Grade got permission to let it die a humane death after 17 segments, rather than rack up further losses. "It was excruciating," Shirley commented. "I did the series only as an accommodation." The accommodation was part of her deal with Grade, who also backed two films starring Miss MacLaine, "Desperate Characters" and "The Possession of Joel Delaney." The story there is a happier one. "Desperate Characters," is a harsh, unsparing but profoundly moving view of the horrors of today's urban living. Shirley's performance as the unloved city wife is the kind that woos Oscars. She enlisted Grade to back "Desperate Characters," but it had to be made for a price— $350,000. That meant no glamor treatment. "I did my own hair, I wore my own clothes, I had no makeup; I even rode the subway to work," she said. The film opened in New York in September and drew enough critical acclaim and business to be snapped up for release by Paramount. It is now being distributed to theaters across the country. Miss MacLaine was back at her Encino house for a brief visit before taking off to visit Pageant Applications Accepted On the evenings of April 14 and 15 the Miss Iowa Teen- Ager Pageant will be held at the Roosevelt Hotel in.Cedar Rapids. Girls 13-17, who are citizens of the United States, and residents of Iowa are eligible, and will be judged for their scholastic achievements, civic contributions, poise, personality, and appearance, ft is not a talent or bathing suit contest. Applications are now being accepted at Official Certification Headquarters, 126 Bunn Drive, Illinois 61072. Girls are judged by a panel of outstanding, notable citizens from the state of Iowa to determine the winner who wUl represent their state, and who will be known as Miss Iowa Teen Ager; and she in turn will be going tc the National Finals at the Atlanta Memorial Arts Center in Atlanta, Ga. on Aug. 26, with all expenses paid. Theme of the National Finals is "What's Right About America"? Scholarships await the winner, 1st and 2nd runner-ups. The pageant Is recognized by educators, civic, and political personalities across the country. A 4-day tour of Atlanta is included for each of the state winners who will be going to the National Finals. Miss Iowa Teen-Ager will return home to represent her state throughout the year in various civic functions such as parades and celebrations, etc. There is no entrance fee. Deadline, however, for applications to be certified is March 1, so we urge all interested girls to write for their applications now. A brush used for shellac should be kept for that material alone. No matter how well it is cleaned, there is likely to be some residue within the bristles, a condition that will interfere with a good result if the brush is later used for varnish or paint. If the first 3 minutes of a long distance call cost 650 how much is an additional 3 minutes? a.) Never more than 81C b.) Never more than 67C c.) Never more than 630 The best answer is C. On any long distance call, 3 additional minutes never cost more than the first 3 minutes, and usually cost less. So don't be worried if your long distance call runs over 3 minutes. It doesn't cost much to keep on talking. A little money still goes a long way on the telephone. Northwestern Bell her daughter at school in London. Having scored with her memoirs, "Don't Fall Off the Mountain," now out in paperback, she is hard at work on a sequel. "The new book will take me a step beyond," she said. "In fact, I had outgrown the first book before I finished writing it. Now I want to go deeper into things, including the movie business and how it got into such terrible condition. I'm also writing a movie script— and Til direct it myself." Best-selling records of the week based on The Cash Box Magazine's nationwide survey "Brand New Key," Melanie "Got To Be There," Jackson "Family Affair," Sly & Family Stone 1 "An Old Fashioned Love Song," Three Dog Night "Cherish," Cassidy "American Pie," McLean "All I Ever Need Is You," Sonny & Cher "Scorpio," Coffey "Have Yon Seen Her?" Chi- Lites "Respect Yourself," Staple Singers \Ruth 's BOUTIQUE AFTER-INVENTORY NOW IN PROGRESS! COATS - CAR COATS DRESSES - PANT SUITS SLACKS - SWEATERS SKIRTS - ROBES (All Sales Are Final) THE L0CKH0RNS "JU5T RETORNET? FROM A PLEASURE TRIP — DRIVING MY MOTHER-IN-LAW TO THE AIRPORT. "

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