Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 15, 1969 · Page 1
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 1

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1969
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79fh Year Phent 793-3221 REDLANDS. CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 15. 1969 $1.75 Per Month 16 Pages 10 Cenh Heavy rains dampen strike at UC Berkeley BERKELEY <UP1) — Hea\-j*; were members of bis union en-standby at a nearby armory. Hundreds of students tried rains have placed a freeze oo. gaged in infonnational picketing At Madison. Wis., where ^sai" to g«t a sit-in going the turmoD of a student stiike|and were not blocking traCSe. police were out in force to keep a' ^^^^ University at the Univerdty of California j HaUinan said the members- a cbsc watch on a nishl-lime'Park- ^J''. "gain at Berkelo-. irhose demonslration was sep- march, several black track vacated the buiJdms after a few Only one student was arrest-; arate from the students—were stars said they would boycott an ''0 '"'s. ed Friday, in a contrast to a ^ not informed their action was indoor meet today between .About 700 students invaded major confrontation the day be-i illegal. Police saU the union Wisconsin and Michigan State, the Hetzel Union building for fore wten 36 persons were taken mto custody. Friday 300 student strikers marched through the campus, entering three classroom members were waraed to dis- Although the National Guard several hours before dawn perse five times. remained nearby, they left thcfrWay but the group dwindled HaBinan sakJ. "We found that local police to dog the steps of to about 75 and the rest gave up peaceful picketmg was not al- the 1.000 demonstrators who and left. Fnday mgbt. abaut 400 „ lowed 00 this campus. The marched Friday night to the gathered for a second all-night buiWings, pounding on walls, I busts were in violation of our State Capitol and hack to the; sU-m but left before the buildrng opening classroom doors and 1 rights and we will continue to campus. Some shoving occurred *as scheduled to close, chanting "join the line." Somei picket" : between the 50 riot-equippedi The Friday morning evacua- windou-s were broken, but uni-j xhe AFT HaUinan said will Pol't* and protestors but the tion of the building came about versity cfficiab described the; now conskter calling a strike of'*as otherwise unevenl- the same time Umversity of overaU damage as slight its own. The local chapter is Chicago studenU finished their > The strikers were foUowed by composed almost entirely of M nearby San Francisco clean-up operation in the a squad of 30 policemen, butjteachmg assistants. State CoUege, where a break administration building and !the officers dM not interfere. NaUonal Guardsmen were'^etween ^mesters has k?Pt t ^^ftt Ji '^'n J ^'^nLpr i^^^ ! The marchers then returned to'gone today from the University dow student unrest acting admttmg defeat- , University the Sather.Gate, entrance. to ;KS ^D«^eU^^^^^ S.I, „ayaka«% official^,hfd .J ^^nally ignored the university, and joined pick ;ets walking in the heavy rain {under umbrellas. Police opened ty. but stood alert near each ^ Sivmg a spring semester, ">e reW students^ campus. The University of nelcDmmg speech to 300 faculty A Negro leader Chicago administraUon buiWing, at the _ Umversity of Illinois exhorted a passage in tte Ime " wideibaTb ?^"mr ;;^l.^cirto^ Silere. led by Dr. Nathan ESnrtS'^ir 'bbc ?''l^te «l .mough to permit the snwolh I officials after a two weekiHare. the man Hayakawa f^'^f,J^L M- occupation by rebel students. ! named to direct the Black Thus ended a stormy week of i Studies Proeram at the school, student discontent that erupted | screamed. ••do «Ti with the flow of traffic. Just before noon sheriffs deputies pulled 28-year-old Manuel locked up and killed tonight" and asked them to return to their dormitories. The students ™^''kl .H 'nh^Ln^''S ^i"='"^^^^^^^^^ 'T ^fmLlr c'^an ^V'l a%eS an°d Third HorM Liberaljon rnmti ramouses inio dasher between' »awa. Tremblmg with rage., U,J „.„„„:^ from the Sather Gate picket ":!d laf^or '^S Hayaka«^ caHed them "ene- ^^J^.-^^p^f^ line. After qucsUonmg in the,aEencies n"«s of democracy" and told " n"!^ ^IX ^n f„r,«», „,<.c ; basement of Sproul Hall Del-I Ta^i, ^tiU high enough ""e..lo "get the hell out of y B « gado was charged with obstruct- on the Duke campus at here' Sci 'aUon tSid atw^^^^ mg a public thoroughfare. Duriiam. N.C.. to prompt Police arrived and took Hare students, bith black and white. Conn HaUman, president of; university officials to cancel an and three others mto custody on at a tense, late-evening raUy the STRIKE ENDS — Obviously happy to be back to work, longshoremen unload baggage from the Italian liner SS Raffaello after the 56-day-old dock strike ended in New York today but continued in Other Atlantic and Gulf Coast slates. The ship had just returned from a cruise. (UPI Telephoto) SMay-old dock strike ends in New Yoric NEW YORK (tn>I)-The 56- daj-old dock strike ended here today in the nation's largest port but continued in other Atlantic and Gulf Coasts cities. Longshoremen returning to work were faced not only with a backlog of more than 200 ships clog^g New York harbor but, accused of assassinating. Witnesses identify Sirhan Berman descriises Sirhan as being 'mentally ill' LOS ANGELES (UPI)-Sir-|Phantom jet fighters to Israel(Sirban as the Kennedy gunman han B. Sirhan wiU t«ftifyhe|to use against the Aribs,{when caUed. i jthe local chapter of the American Federation of Teachers, charged that 26 of those arrested in Thursday's turbulence all-university convocaUon sche- charges cf disturbing the peace, duled for today. The adjuUnt; The rest of Hare's group walked general urged the canceUaU'on and kept his Guardsmen out when Hayakawa resumed his speech. Faculty Senate Council had agreed to meet with BSA leaders to discuss their IS demands. loved and admired" Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, the man be with piers already jammed with outbound cargo. The situation w-as further complicated by snow left from Sunday's 15-inch faU. The New York brandi of the Inteniational Longshoremen's Association (ILA) voted Friday Sirhan, whose attorneys de- Planes searching for F111A missing 3 days nian Arab as "mentally ill,' will take the stand to tell his murder trial jury he indeed deeply admired Kennedy, osso-j ciate defense counsel Emile J o , . —.if., ,|Zola Berman Riday fold the by nearly 3 to 1 to ratify a| , contract negotiators had taita-^^ slaying was "unplanned and scribed the 24-year-<dd Palesti-undeliberate, impulsive and without premeditation or malice, totally a product of a sick, obsessed mind and personality." Berman started off by saying the evidence wouU disclose Sirhan "is an immatture, emo- Srbu's own people. | Prosecutor John Howard Berman claimed the Kenoedyjasked Romero if he saw in the| NELLIS AFB, Nev. (UPI)— lively agreed on a month ago. 1" the first day of tesUmony, ILA President Thomas W. Friday, the prosecution called sirhan reacted strongly, whis- Gleason saM the union would five witnesses, most of them ppred in agitation to another pinned donn on a table in a hotel pantry after the shooting. Romero looked around and chief defense counsel Grant B. Cooper called to Sirhan, "stand up." SIrban arose with a smirk on tionally disturbed and mentaliy'his face and Romero looked at ill youth." •• courtroom the man who was More than 50 planes took off at dau-n today to search a Iwo-j state area for a missing FlUA figbter-bomber which disappeared last Wednesday on a training flight An Air Force spokesman said 32 Civil Air Patrol planes from Nevada, Arizona and Utah him and said, "I don't believe! joined 20 aircraft from this base that's him." to hunt for the S6 raillioo jet' Three other witnesses, Carl and its two pilots. South Vietnamese announce Tet 24-hour cease-fire By JACK WALSH SAIGON (UPI)—tie South Vietnamese government today announced • 24-bour cease-fire beginning Sunday to mark the Tet Lunar New Year hOUay. A Communist weeklong truce began today but tiiey promptly broke it by the assassination of a govrfnment official and a raid on the American docks in Saigon. docks, planted Viet Cong flags, The allies were waiy of Tet took potshots at U.S. guards— truces. Last year the Coramu- hitting none—and fled when nists used the hohday truce to chased. launch their largest offensive. The 24-hour cease-fire was the against the cities of South shortest Tet truce yet declared by the Saigon government A three-day cease-fire last year was shattered by the massive Vietnam. This Tet the allies were on special alert Military intelligence said the Vict Cong and the North Commmiist offensive across the, Vietnamese invaders have buUd country. .up offensive formations the past *'''P<'"™ces m previous few weeks 40 nno enprrillne taking positions' near Saigon other ports to accept contract Hotel where the New terms idenUcal to those in New senator was shot June 5 after York by refusing to handle j making a speech on his victory cargo diverted here from other in the California Democratic York sons, and shook his head. He , haU rose m his chair and :, employes ports. The ratification vote in New York had been delayed by the union's insistaice agreements be reached in all ports before the strike could end. A federal judge, however, ordered Friday's vote. "I thmk now the <^er ports •will have to fall in line," Gleason said, following the vote in which the contract was approved 9,328 to 3^13. Ploiw hoax JL\NILA (UPI)—A Philipiwne Air FcH-ce plane that vanished a wieek ago with 19 persons „ _ aboard was put back on tiie nunntained a lively interest in presidential primary. In his statement, Berman admitted Siriian fired file buUet Oat Idlled Kennedy hut said be| was in a trance and intoxicated. Berman said as a hoy the defendant became subject to spells and trances after witnessing violence in Arab-IsraeU warfare. Once he saw a little girl's leg blown off by a bomb. Another time a man's body was torn apart by a bomb in front of the ^han home. Sirhan came to the United States at the age of 12 and always felt like an outsider, according to Berman. He definitely identified Springs bombins range, the; said it was sheriffs security officer, inspector William Controy, moved behind him. Sirhan was quieted by Hike McCk>wan, the defense investigator. One prosecution witness, Juan Romero, a hotel bustxiy who spoke in halting English and was ill at ease, failed (o identify Sirhan as the gunman. closest base to where the FlllA "prompted by the Foreign Ministry con^mnrn^o ^^J^^Jl^ missing list today aft« r^rts it had been located were called a hoax. Authorities attributed the false information to a taountain guide and said the search wtiuld be resumed. world affairs and bad delusions of grandeur about a nde he could play. Tins developed to the pmnt where he was badly affected by Kennedy's pledge to ^ve 50 Gen. LeMay sues firm for $5 miHioff damages LOS ANGELES (UPI) — Retired Air Force Gen. Curtis E. LeMay filed a $5 million suitl dropped abnost four points. BttAers don't want anything to do with it and I have letters to against an electronics company Friday, charing he was "fired" as board chairman after be became George Wallace's vice [residential running mate. The breach of contract suit was filed against Networks Electronic Corp. ot Cbatsworth, irhidi the former head of the Strate^c Air Command served as chairman of the board for a $50,000 annual salary. The suit coatcnded LeUay was granted a tmporary leave .of absence Oct 1 to accept the ince preadential Bomination of the American Kadependent Party. On Oct 17, tke •aid. firm presdent H&ai Pat- ddB demanded Us icHButiaa because his candidacy «as "nn-j popular" wth some stodduU- ers. Patnchi said at- tiie time, "We are scientisis. not politi- eiatts. Not with WaOaiee; aqr- way." Iiave almost 5,<l9»:<tDdc- holders. Since Ldlay fiot oaj prove it," Patrichi said. "My obligation as preadeot is to the stodcholders, not to LeMay or Wallace." Patridii said be bad asked LeMay to redgn and bad not renominated Um as board chairman. Hie suit sad LeUay refused to resign and has not done 8o| ance. It contended Fatri- dii stated LeMay was "fired" but this in Act was not trae because be had not been removed either as chainBan or a dh«ctor. LeHay's srit said he had per-! filmed dl the coadilntt at Us six-year contract which began [Oct 10, 1965, and be « "ready, able and "willing" to render his services to the company again. LdJay sought tS miHioa punitive damaces, $U5,7CS fx lots iof inlaiy and «I75,000 tat hm at pttOs httmtat tte eomioy tefaMd:to let Urn enrciie lis optioa to hqr 35jm Aam a( Wcdthor Radlands today: Htgli S5, IMT « (lb U a.m.) Year ago today: Ogh 68, k >w 41 Rain: 24 hours, tr., storm tr. season 13.98, last year 6.92. Fridn: Hi^ 61, low 43 SiiMf: None Sunday and Moo- day. \ntfain snug and fire niles, burnios OK. SMI : Rises 6:34, sets 5:33 Frost: Lo»-est temperature in coldest Rediands area expected to be tdwve freezing toi^^ San Bamardim Valley: Bain, heavy at times, eariy tonight Partly ckMidy with scattered showers Sunday. (lUsty whids. Chance of rain 80 per cent to­ la^ and 40 per cent Sundaiy. Sswlhoni CaWamia: Showers in deserts, heoanang partly doudy with scattered showers toni^ and Sunday. Windy. Litfie temperature change. (M baun tadlBC « mjm.} Hi|h Low Frecip. Boston 21 13 Oncago 27 24 32 21 Denver 47 19 jta Dec Hohws 26 22 .18 Faifhanks 14 •16 Fort Worth 48 41 JO Helena 24 0 Honolnhi 78 68 Kansas City 34 28 J2 Las Vegas 59 4S Los Anedes 62 54 Miwiraimlit 23 21 J2 New, York 29 19 38 33 .44 Omaha 26 24 •a Palm Sptiogs — 55 Sacramento SO 49 .41 Sdt Lake City 33 10 Sn Anncino a S01.29 SnMe ' » '. — Tbmi m a '35 Romero told how Kennedy fell was believed down. It failed to report in over the Ely, Nov., checkpoint Part of the training flight was under control of the FIUA's Terram-FoUowmg Radar (TFR) which automatically guides the plane over hills and valeys to avoid enemy detection. to the floor in front of him. "I knelt down and put my hand under his head," said the busboy. "I got blood on my band from around fais ear. Someone handed me a rosary and I put it m his hand. I told him, 'you can make it Sir. Kennedy.' He looked at me and said 'is everybody okay?' " Minasian, who was trying to get through the crowd at the hotel, said Rafer Johnson, former U.S. Olympic decathlooj champion who was one of those who seized Siriian kept repeat tag, "Why did you do it?" He said Suhan replied. "Let me explain. Let me explain.' Minasian said Roosevelt Grier, Los Angeles Rams football player, kept angry supporters from hurttag Sirhan by throwing his huge frame over the slight figure of the defendant De Pierro, an off-duty waiter who came down to the hotel just to see Kennedy, said Sirhan had a "smirk ... a semi-smile' on bis face after the shooting. De Pierro said Sirhan fired about two feet from Kennedy, the first shot wlien be was only After the shootmg, De Pierro said, '^leople tried to gr^ him (Sriian). They were just pullmg at him, trying to kill him. Everybody was screammg and curang." It was just comidetdy pandenroniura. Court was recessed imtfl Monday at 9:30 ajn. Jordanians shell two Israeli settlements love of peace and respect for: said, the sacred traditions of its' people-" 1 advantage A ^kesman said the alliedi attack our armed forces and truce would begin at 6 .p.m. Sunday (5 a.m. EST) and end at 6 p.m. Monday. "The allied governments have been consulted in this matter and have endorsed the above decision." the statement said. The Viet Cong had declared a weeklong truce in honor of the Tet Lunar New Year three day holiday beginning on Monday. But military^ spokesmen said On the contrary, they took,, ''^ •'^^Jf "tcUigence that .anuge of., this occasion io \^^l "t, ^»'j'^?'?';?? 'Tef he said. But mteUigence population," it continued. "In case of vrolations of the truce by North Vietnam and its auxiliary forees, the govern ment of the RepubUc of Vietnam will take appropriate measures to assure security for the state and its population." The Viet Cong declared the weeklong truce m honor of the sourees said there as every sign a major Red offensive will be launched after the holidays. With no allied truce m effect today, U.S. Air Foree B52 bombers today continued their heaviest raads of the year, walloping guerrilla strongholds around Saigon. In the past 24 hours they dropped a million pounds of bombs on six Viet Reds may jam radar, radio atBerih BERUN (UPD—The Communists appear plamiinj to jam the radar and radio gear of Western aireraft flying to West Berlin and have been testing their jamming equipment informed sooices said today. In Bonn, U.S. Embassy officials confirmed the Communist jammint tests. "We have reports ^bis of jsnmuDS piadiee has taken place." on embassy cahMian aaL By United Prasf International Jordanian forces shelled two Israeli settlements in Upper Galilee, Israeli military ^kes- men reported from Jerusalem today. They said rockets slainmed mto Degania-Bet and Poria Friday night and injured one woman. Israeli forces returned the fire, the spokesmen reported. In Tel Aviv, Israeli Defense Mmister Moshe Dayan told Egypt to stop "provocations' against Israeli troops along the Suez Canal cease -fire Ime. "We will not remain silent" Dayan said Friday night. "We will react if these provocations persist." Egyptian snipers have wounded a number of Isradi soldiers and there have been repeated muung incidents reported along the canal in recent wedcs. Dayan • said he was not interested ui meeting with El Fatah guerrilla leader Yasir Arafot "There 's no point in talking with such peoi^," Dayan saxL In Cairo, Arab guerrillas warned today Israel wouM attack flieh: commando bases across the Jordan Biver from Isradi outposts m an attempt to smash the terrorist organiza- tton. Tet lunar new year tthree day . . holiday bcguming Monday. A Cong jungle trails leading to i the Red cease fire was less than • South Vietnamese spokesman Saigon, an hour (rid, when Viet Cong .said his government tonight will In the past 72 hours the B52s shot to death a hamlet chief in j announce "at the hst minute, a i dropped some 3.5 million pounds .u. , T,:_u,-_j- ^gjy ^y^^^ truce" for allied j of bombs on the guerrillas. forces. It was expected to last' The bombing rattled wmdowi in Saigon. the Central Highlands. A short time later, two; guerrillas invaded the Saigon i about 48 hours. Engineers say mudslide removal costly SI miWion counterfeit bills seized in LA. PRAGUE (UPD—The Hons Kong flu, gradually making its way around the -wodd. has Prague said today. Ibe Woad- readied CsedmlovaUi. Badiol of the Kafislava. cast iqnrted at kart two cans LOS ANGELES (UPI)-A taken at Los Angeles were of two-week police investigaUon the same type as those seized llMntlCTRV MrPi ^_<a=.» hioh "'^ climaxed early today with previously. The counterfeiUng INDUSTRY (UPI)-State high-the seizure of more than SI operation reached into other way engineers say it may take miUion in counterfeit, $10 and parts of the country, he said, three weeks and some $400,000;$20 bills and the arrest of four "but Id say 90 per cent of it to remove the tons of rocks iPers°ns- and mud that slid down on the heavily - traveled Pomona Freeway Wednesday afternoon. The raids today were similar was on the West Coast.") Authorities said bills from the to two by authorities 11 days operation were passed in parts ago m Columbus, Ohio, where!of the Midwest and South, as $1.5 million in bogus $10, $20. well as here. Money from the day they may have to move as mudi as one million cubic The engineers estimated Fri- and $100 bills were seized and Columbus ring had been passed three men arrested. in parts of Michigan. Sacramen- One of the men arrested ui to, Calif., Los Angeles, San yaS of ft7 dirt'to"clear"'toei!''* "''^ '^^^ Kinsman, , : iT" " " to be an undercover Secret Ariz. freeway «H1 stabihze the hill- Sen-jee agent, who was imm^- LOS Angeles police said they ately placed on an airplane for began the investigaUon indepen- ;the West Coast to contmue.denUy on a Up t»o wedts ago skle. Only three of the freeway's eight lanes wei? in use Friday. i"»d^"=''*"' ""^^ The hillside, loosened by recent heavy rains, gave way and coveted aD four eastbound lanes and one westbound lane. There were no injuries. In die Righland Paifc district, other ram-loosened earth continued to shift and crumble dght homes. The sHding began seven days igo. The owners of nine homes in (he secluded Laurd Canyon' area of HbUywood, watched a widening fianie on a diS over iheir homes. Safety iupertars said the eui could ^e way at| any time. Iha nwlenii have] been avacnated. „ , J , , ,u and notified the Secret Service Federal and local authorities I ,^6, the arrests were made. here, however, dedmed to _ , , „„„ „,„ comment on whether the ^he bogus money was ap- Columbus and Los Angdes | raids had any connectk>n or' whether any federal undercover ' agents were invdved. It was indicated, however.!' that the Los Angeles setup ;W>l*tre sechon of the "would appear to be more than a' P«" . ^ just m this area." I discount meanmg $100 of the (In WasWngton, a Secret "wey cost as little as $15 Service spokesman said the Los,™ legiUmate currency. Officers subsequently moved m and arrested a seller, two buyers and one other person later in a neatfoy apartment The names of the suspects were not immediately availaUt. pareotly being sold at discount prices in several sections of the city, they said. They said that more than $50,000 alone was sdd in the city cent [Angdes seizure was part of an investigatian begun last fall and whidi has resulted in several previous arresta and confiscation of $380,000 ia bogus bills. (The qnkMmaa said the hills

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