The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 18, 1930 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 18, 1930
Page 8
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T- IT*. ^ PLEASE MELLON Vern Taylor and John Mc- jCreary, students in the Scircleville i high school and both members of jthe basketball team, are being ^ ' ! treated in the St. Vincent hospi- •tarly Repoi ts Show - Re- tul at Indianapolis for.painful in INJURIES PAINFUL. Two Scircleville Students Hurt in . Crash at Indianapolis. ceipts up U) Expectations But Lower. FIGURES READY SOON i juries received in an auto crash , in that city Saturday night following . the state basketball tournament. Young McCreary has a gash four inches long in his left leg, and also several serious'bruises on the body. The Taylor boy had his tongue' almost severed and several teeth loosened, and is badly bruised about the chest. The two boys were in an auto ttytOH BAH* ijttlWMI > i if ~ f irrti • ' ~~' Tw*r, Match M, Washington, Marcst. 18.-i-Onj the basis of. j.preliminary" tele-jwith Taylor's cousin, Maurice graphic returns ;• received yester-|cuIlom and a friend. They were day from more important intern-j going to spend the night at Cul- al revenue offices, treasury ofti--lota's home in Indianapolis. At a ciiils were someiyhat more hoper ful than they ha;?e been as to 4he chances of the March 15 income tax installment [Measuring up to the government'^ requirements. Secretary Melljm, withheld figures. It was said that they ran street intersection the crash occurred. Only Taylor and Mc- Ccreary were hurt. • Taylor is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Gale Taylor, of Scircleville, and McCreary-is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Irvin McCreary, of near under receipts at the same offices 'Kempton. last year, and vere being withheld because witiiin three or four days definite totals will be available. Last Marchi personal and corporation - incofnes brought in $601,000,000. In^ spite of a cut in the tax rate aid fears for the effect on -incomes of the stock market . collapse;; of 1929, the budget calls for! collections of $.500,000,000 from the March installment this.yeir. 'FORMER RESIDENT. /" j Wickersham, Head of Hoov- ! er Commission, Hopeful of Results. to LaJotla Beach.: Gplrig to.'tbe apartment - the two 'women oceu- •pied she found Mrs. • Hawkins missing and a search -was /started which resulted 1 - in ; the' finding of -her body at the- foot of a cliff on the beach where "there is very deep wialer. The investigation disclosed that the woman 1 iir-iv' ha ^ evl dently been walking along HighSchool Students Will the cliff and in some manner lost Compete for County Hon- ! her footing and fell in the ocean. ! Funeral services were held j Monday and the body ' cremated. The sister Miss Effle Montgomery stated in her letter that-she would bring the -ashes back oh her first trip east and they, will be scattered over the grave'of the husband, A. Hawkins, formerly of Noblesville, who is buried in Crowiiland' cemetery in that city. The husband died 20 years ago. j| or 1 Mrs. Hawkins is survived by the two sisters and one son Lawrence Hawkins of New York City. The deceased will be remembered well by many Tipton people K IMS OF ors .Wednesday. FIVE SCHOOLS ENTER Says Terminals Are Glutted and Farmers Must Store Own Supply. AND CUT THE ACREAGE Mrs. -Margaret Sbannon, Died at : - Home in Howard.. Kas., Sunday. j BELITTLES BEER LAW j • -George S. Mayne left Monday j; i for Howard, Kas.,' on receipt of- a •; , 1 telegram announcing the d£ath Washington, March 18.— of his sister, Mrs .L Margaret Shan -I S pe 3 iti n g up after eight months' non, widow of W. D. Shannon, j study 0 f the dry law and its Whose death ioccarred at 'that! workings. Chairman Wickersham place two years, ago. ; 0 ( tne j Hoover law enforcement ilrs. Shannon, who was- 70; commission, reported yesterday a years of age, fonjierly resided in j "steady improvement" in prohi- this county with l-er husband but j- and belittled, the proposal for 2.75 per cent beer as failing to ; meet the "robust tastes." The commission chairman halt- "jed hjs. wearisome examination into the problems of enforcing they went to Kansas' many years ago, where they 'reared a family of children. The.; Tribune some time ago carried !& story regarding one of ner sons, who has " a splendid position *ith the Stand-• America . s , aws to speak freeIy to ard Oil Company sas manager of^ ne genate judiciary coram i ttee in a large territory Xor that cor-j ^ xecutive seasion and then l0 poration. Mrs.. Margaret ^Shannon was the daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Strangley) Mayne, who set- tied in Jefferson ; township, in 1.8S0- She-was bjirn and reared in this county ami was a woman who had many frijinds here. She- leaves five |>bildren, all residing in Kansasi: a'nd several brothers. The "brothers are George | newspapermen. ' His optimistic view of enforcement "was believed- at the capitol to have darkened the prospects for a senate investigation of the situation, as has been proposed by Senator Norris, Republican, ! Nebraska^ The Nebraskan said after the session with Mr. Wick| ersbam, >h'owever, that • he still I saw "plenty of room for improve- S. Mayne and O. Ij_ Mayne of this! - • , „ „ . ... ~ * • i : ment. • He announced he would county; James Mayne of Marion; I „ • .. „ , .. . „_ i ( call-.up his resolution next Mon- John Mayne of Psoria, 111.; and . r -. . ill- • day for a vote. Henry and William of Kansas. I ....... , • - ...!... , Asked.if the prohibition law is, [Funeral services will be conducted at the Kansas home and -burial will be besile the husband, whose death occurred two years ago.': - I? • WEATHER—Sn>w north, possibly rain or .snow £outh; colder in south tonight; Wednesday partly clondy to cloudy. laenue your oats yield 90to 25 per cert by treating tfce seed with Ceresan; for MM by Compton ft Son, Inc. or could be, enforced, Mr. Wickersham said it was, not' being enforced 100 per cent but he quickly added that one of his "most competent investigators" told him that the law is being' enforced "better than any other federal law." Has Plural Pneumonia. Perry Coil, residing on the A. \V. Charles 'farm southwest of Tipton, is reported.., seriously ill with -plural pneunionia. He had been suvering wi~th J a cold for several days, hut was not taken seriously ill until - Sunday when a physician . was called . and pronounced the 1 attack pneumonia. Since then both lungs have become affected The annual county high'school oratorical contest sponsored by the Tipton county bar association which'is offering cash prizes mi | the best oration delivered by a: high school student of the -county, on the Uhited'states-Constitu­ tion will lie held at the higli ischool building in Tipton Wednesday evening, March' 19: This event always attracts a large audience, the public being admitted free and they are cordially! welcomed -to.hear:the orators. ipouiity Superintendent P. L. McReynolds, who has been, arranging the contest, working with Gleri J. Gifford, chairman.of the bar association arrangement committee, announces five schools hav<> entered the contest this year, Sharpsville not being j ncluded. ' - | The schools entered are Wind-! fall, Kempton, Prairie, Goldsmith and Tipton and judges for the oratorical are C. M. Gentry of the Hamilton county bar; Chester Quear, superintendent of the Hamilton county r schools and Prof. C. E. Hinsh^w, principal of the Kokomo liieh school. This year there is a slight change 'in program in that the oration which can be prepared will be delivered, six minutes being assigned to each speaker. At the end of the oration the speaker is handed a subject and will make a four minute extemporaneous talk on the subject'. : The Windfall, schools will be represented by Miss Ena Belle" Reisse, her subject being "The fkmstitution in the Daily Life the Individual." '• " - " Kempton schools will be represented by Frederick Spencer, whose subject is "Making of the Constitution." \ •Washington, March 18.—Warning that the farm board was' having difficulty in .finding terminal storage facilities, Chairman Legge advised wheat • farmers yesterday that if they had a good harvest this year it couid best be taken care of in farm storage where in- who will regret much to learn ofisurance rates are relatively cheap\ Miserable With ? Sure YownKidneys Are- .Working Right? A CONSTANT backache, with kidney irregularities, and a stiff, achy, wom-out feeling all too often warn of disordered kidneys. Don't take chances! Help your kidneys with [kirn's Pilb. Recommended:' the world over. Sold by dealers everywhere. 50,000 Uteri Endorse Doan!s: M-H. NJUMI, Bra2SS. SMfUrd, D.I, »m "My tack MI lame and still and! f ceold hanUy stead met. I bad to get up no of. tba her tragic death. Believed to Have Been Man Who Bombed Middletown Home. - The farm board chairman, who just returned from a visit to Topeka, Kas., said the prospects were for a good wheat crop, but that some farmers were fearful of a protracted drought. -. Legge, referrin^to a recent request fby the. farm hoard that farmers cut down by 10 per cent their acreage, of wheat lands for the next year, said that it would be better to let the lands lie idle or revert to pasture than to produce upon, them the extra surplus that forces down the price of the entire commodity. "•«>»«• tba paiaa and could sleep o«taaw »t topsastbaaacfslkaM. 'S PILLS WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR SPBIMO PTFECHASES —you will find it a great convenience and a great safeguard to pay for them by means of CHECK. A check book is burglar and bandit proof, and even if lost or destroyed, your money is still BATE in the bank. Moreover, every time you pay by check you have a receipt that can not be questioned. , Why not follow the SAFE METHOD, adopted by 65% of the people of this country, and pay your bills by check? You can open a Checking Account in this bank in less than five minutes. THE BANK OP THK FEOPU 1 A Voluntary Member of the Federal Reserve System Only Bank la Tipton Coonty Under Both State a»« ~— — - Slowly Improving. r TWO' WERE INJURED Goldsmith schools will be represented by Virgil Smith who will deliver an oration on "State Rights and the | Constitution." Prairie schools are represented .by Miss Marguerite Terhune, whose subject is "Lincoln and the Constitution." I The Tipton h'igh school is represented by Russell Dowues, who will speak on "The Constitution." Glen J.' Gifford, who is chairman of the local bar association, committee, arranging for' this contest, states $50 in cash prizes will be donated by the local attorneys. The prize money will be divided as follows: First. $25, second $15 and third $10. The winner or the county oratorical enters the district contest, the date and place of which have not been definitely arranged, but it thought it will be held at Lebanon. Winner of the district contest goes to the state meet, for which prizes of. $400 are offered. FELL FROM CLIFF. - 1 _ / Former Tipton Resident Itoownrd in California Accident.' Details regarding an accident in which Mrs. Minnie (Montgomery) Hawkins, former. Tipton resident and a daughter {of the late Captain 8. C. Montgomery, was drowned, have been received by local relative. Mr*. -Hawkins resided onjNoril) <3onde| street, with Tier-' Harents :tor -several .years,, the father,' S. • C Montgomery,- having at one'time been connected - with the V Tipton Canning Company.. A brother of Mrs/Hawkins,;Noel Montgomery, died In this cltySandtke; father dledMn^NafclesVme M^jnaar^mtP. lost DMember,4pUlifc^onti6ai. -forme and Don. Monti fora««r,pf «*ph«rs£of Newcastle, Ind., March 18.- Information presented by three witnesses to Sheriff Cannon last night indicated that the bombing of the home of Mrs. Blanche Brattain at Middletown last Thursday night was the work of John Pugsley, 58 years old, wealthy farmer of near. Middletown, who committed suicide Sunday. The information caused the release of Riley Pugsley, 25, son of the dead man who was placed in jail late yesterday on -charges of assault and battery with intent to commit murder in connection with the csane. In the blast which wrecked the home, Mrs. Brattain. and her sister. Miss Ida Munde-U, were injured. The latter is expected to die aa a result. Witnesses who. reported to the sheriff' stated that they saw the elder- Pugsley going to the Brattain home about 9 o'clock Thursday, night, and later caw him come away. John Pugsley, the father, committed suicide by. shooting himself in the mouth with a .32 calibre automatic revolver. J. SPEED TRIAL OFF..' Englishman'. 1 ) Car Developed. ; Trouble at Daytoha Beaeli. Ocean Speedway, Daytona Betfch, Fla.,' March 18.—A broken casing on the supercharger of his giant Silver Bullet racer, yesterday cut short a test run by Kaye Don, British race driver, here to make an assault upon the world's speed record of 231 miles an hour. If repairs are'made in time and weather and beach conditions are favorable, Don expects to resume the trials today. i The heavy-footed driver, who Saturday reached a speed of 198 miles an hour, had planned to put the machine through several trials today and then If he found conditions ideal, make an official attack-upon the record. These hopes were blasted, however, b» the mechanical fdlBcultles. P^o»w*'r S 'of Coviaty 'ftafferia* With Cold B»d' Coaiplk -atiOBS. W. W. Hlnkle, known to everybody j 'In^hls vicinity as Wash wtported to ^be qkiite lli"at, hls-^omi In Oold-^ smith, suffering >ttsicold and! ^mplk*Uons. The, .jagiMi"* man'* tion <ls >ineh;.M to;cause ' cording :to a report: ARE KXOAVV HERE. Leisure' Brothers of Elwood Held in Kokomo For. Thefts. Charles Venalile, who for few days was so critically_ill his home on East Jefferson street, seems to be slowly improving and this is good news to the many friends of 'the popular Traction dispatcher. He is still seriously ill hut his condition is not nearly so ba,d as it was one week ago. FIVE THOCSAXD HOGS. • Everett, arid Harley Leisure of Kokomo are being held in Koko- Elwood and Edward Stewart of Kokomo on charges of a series of thefts in this section <\f the state to which they have confessed and it is understood another charge of auto stealing will be added when the young men are brought to trial. Both Leisure young men are known here and in his confession Everett told Prosecutor Hillis that he had been convicted twice in the Tipton. Circuit cohri and had served time on the penal farm. Everett Leisure was' ar rested here for failure to return a rental battery and also for failure to support his; Wife, a former Tipton girl: ' The men confessed to burglarizing, the Union township school on March 11, Vonderahe filling station on February 28, twice at the Kroger grocery on East Markland, the last time on March '2, and at a store in Fairfield "on February 15. At the Fairfield store they took so much merchandise they could not haul it in the Stewart auto, so they atole' a car they found in a garage behind the store and hauled the rest of the merchandise to their homes, then took the auto to a spot near . Elwood where they abandoned it. The loot' from the Union town- ehip school led to the arrest of the three men. They had stolen some -canned peaches in which the domestic science girls had put salt instead of sugar. When the officers searched the' Leisure home, they found, the salty peaches and in a-short time confessions were secured.- , Sales Made at. StO.45 to SlOI-rrJ Tuesday—Cattle Slow. ! Indianapolis, Ind., March 18.—; Receipts on hogs, 5,000; cattle.i 1,200; calves, 800; sheep, 500. ! Hog prices,early today at the. local live stock market were 1 an' lower, with weights-of 160 to 250' pounds at $10.45'to $10.75; heav-' ier kinds at $10.35 down; under-;! weights sold at $10.6(0- down, andj sows at $9.00 down. j Cattle trading was slow with! the tendency lower; calves were 50c lower'at $13.50 down, and: sheep tended lower, with lambs at $10:00 down. , Chicago, 111., March 18.—.Re-| ceipts on hogs, 13,000;- carried: over, 6,000; the market was 15cj to 25c lower, with the. top price| $10.50; there were 4.,000 cattle! and 15,000 sheep. We Have in Our Window a Beautiful Kitchen Outfit In Tan and Ivory—Gas Range, Cabinet and Breakfast Set—Priced Very Reasonably. Suite (I Barrnm FAVORITE — GAS RANGES — DANGLER Local ProHcee Market. (Moore & Moore) Butter"— — -— —35c Eggs _ ----- ------_ ——2Hc We Sell PURINA FEEDS In the Checkerboard Bags —— THK BARGAIN GROCELY THOR and EASY WASHERS . . Wife Saving Service 1M R. JeftVrson m Local Grain Market. (Hobbs Grain Co.) No. 2 Soft Wheat --$ Oats ~ New Corn, No.' 4 yellow, per. 100 lb3."'_ -- .95 .35 .85 Indianapolis Produce Market.' Eggs—Indianapolis jobbers offer country shippers for strictly fresh stock delivered at Indianapolis ,loss off, 22c a dozen. Poultry — Jobbers, paying .fori fowls, 4% pounds up, : 24c; Leghorns, 20c; 1929 springers, less than 4% pounds, 21c; Leghorns, 17c; old roosters, 16c; ducks, 12c; geese,, full feathered, 12c; guineas, young, $6 dozen;- did, $4; turkey henb, young, 30c; old, 22c; toms, young.. 30c; old, 22c; squabs, 11 lbs. to dozen, $4 -50; old pigeon*. 7Ec a dozen. Butter—Jobbers' selling prices for creamery butter, fresh, firsts. No 1, 42-43c a pound. • Butter Fat — Indianapolis buyers are paying 3 7c- a pound delivered at Indianapolis. OPTOMETRIST OR. E. F. aicrrH win IM M this store every Tuesday from 12 to 4, tomakef examinations of tie eyea, and make correoi tlons and fitting nt glaaaaa. . 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