The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1930
Page 3
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FRIDAY. JANUABY 10, 1930 BLYTII13VILLE, (ARK.) COLIMKR-NEWS Modern Giant Uncle Sam Wants lo Know How Much Rent You Pay and H You Own a Radio. WASHINGTON. O. C. —fin in Uic publiu priming ol\\c? In Washington arc now I'minii:;; 01" permanent ionns for recoidlni: th; name, address, and ai iiitcrrsilnn tads about every man. woman and child in tlie United Sliilos. ']'iw first ol the new reord shssts f:::- the •fifteenth decennial census lo Ix; taken during April werj mvi/ available al the Census 13ua-:iii hci-j ibis week. A total or 2.7M.O<ia large u;j:)k^ or "schedules." each of which wii! accommodate mimes and fact:' ccin.eriUii(j 100 iieoiue. will be nrini- cd during the next few weeks. Pa- ! licr of extra ncod iiuality im.s IKC-JI selected to stand the wear and tvar 01 use In tabulation and la |jr;- , scive for an imleflniie iiuint?r c! Denver Exhibition Dri PAGE THREE 'UWS , r ^iob- rvf K'll'll^ .ii-/l ICK O.I. iJtilllS UUU AV.M IM Ainji-n, Hunan -How's tin: wcathrr up lliM-c?" years to come the census record xskeil illllle Dove of U. K. J for the benefit of future scneMo-'c' fu 1 ' t Indies tall, when he "tow- gists nnd historians who may be tret' Into a Hollywood siiidio u, mUressd In tracing ancestors or In took down on the mnvie si'us studying the social strata of ihe Mitdsc-n claims lo Ife the lalkst inrii United States in 1930. ; ln u le u n | lc j states •Five New t~(uesllons | ' The new secliedules resemble in' on this subject have varied mos', _ widely, whereas coned information ncv,' t in Ihis regard is considered very i Cmon Exchange resulted ar, (desirable by public and private or-.'lows: General those whclh have been nialion obtained Is expected to \K ussd in the past several censuses, pailiculaily valuable lo nuuKifae- but certain dilferenccs are to hi turcrs planning to expand iniu noted in the quesions lo be asked '• 1!cw territory. More changes are lo be louid in i ' ni(! fa dln iiucslion will be- :ii>!::;t I (o find out hc-v;. large the radio au. dieuco is in this country. Marianna Man Census Supervisor ol District Taking of the 1930 census i;! Mississippi nnd five other northeast Arkansas counties will be under the direction of Lin:llev M. Osborne of Marianna. dis- (rict supervisor. Other counties in this district are Crlltcndcn, Cross. St. Francis, Lee and Phillips. Mr. Os- torne will employ bcuvecn 150 and 250 enumerators during April to do the actual house 'a house canvassing. Veterans or the world war are to receive preference for this wort:. of Commerce CummiUce !\liii;pi:t^ Out | Program for New Your. Sub-ccnin.lltr-es on the reports .-hlcli kill bo b;;v\' the laim lopincni prjgram f r )(wo ol BlylhL-vlllo Chamber uf Cnm- were inunod by C. Cl. Smith, ia:' m-a mt^i.m; of the ag- coiiinilttrc Tlini'tday nl'- !:. Ptulliy. hci:.. ioy bcatis. and!ty moilin'is .are subjccls 1 ..".-;:.:'.! 'o • tub-cuniinittvM. ai\'J i Ihrlr Kvcmmendallons will \tt sub- t :it a int-'L'tlnir called lo; - nc-st ; Wediief L!LIV nifht. j Informal MH'csi'lcm o( luemlwrs jcf ;lic ryjiiimllt? indicated that Uic j|ii::i!rjiii f-r 193U, as In past years, ; v.ould c-OMter up:n the IncrcaMnn . rt fco:i fesd production in Ui!s ! ipi-rltciy. an:l it K jn Ilir-lr relation | lo t!u•; chief aim thai (ho p-'iiliry ! Hfj;/ MOV l)can r;nd oihrr activities ' t.ill be taken up. j Fcllou [n^; are ] nanicJ by Clialrnuin Smith: ! Pi: u! try—Bcb Blaylock,, J, L. '. Cherry, Corn I.e.. Crlcman. llcgs—T. J. Mnh:in, C. K. liab- j'.o;k J. J. Daly. J. E. Criti-.. ', ! Srybciins—J. E. Grit*. A. C. Lll- ; tlo. C. R. ISabcock. Ccmiiiunily .Mi-cllngs-C. li. Bab'-•ocl: 'I. J. Mahan. J. L. Cherry. New Officers Elected fay jonesboro Cotton 'Change JOMKfiBOHO, Art.—Election of onicers fnr th? Jonesboro ful- gnnizations alike. The third new question, reyar.l- in(j unemployment, has been included for (lie purpose ot finding! uut who should fill out one of lh'- L | separate unemployment schedules I which have b3en prepared. Detailed j information regarding uneinplcy-, Prtoidenl—W. 11. I'llts. 1st. Vice in-csldctu—L. H. Frto.e'.l. 2n;l vice president—C. E. Uobm- 3rd vice president—G. A. Lamb. Treasurer—W. H. Lohncs. Secretary—A. U. Tadlcck. Other diiectors—W. C. yioan. A i fully 25 ix 1 ! 1 cent Innjer tlinn In 1UKI, .Shorthorn, Abcidcrn-AiiBiis, Cluciwy uml JIol'.c'lii-Fi'elsSaii I ., I bicpls will be ri'UiTsriitcd uy tJioliv O'lS is'lci'llons iioiii the prime herds ol Colorado and oilier wsliM'n stiilr;.. MOIL' limn -WO ontrlr.H nl (lie vn- [ills bleeds nf !K:K.'. will bo lioiv. will) Colorado AxiK'ulluvel college xhlbjlhiK tin 1 world's lnrgi'sl EO\V, ioldi'ii Wrfnlh. n Diiroc Jcni'y nuil champlLii welKhlni! 1,137 minds. Tire sheep show will cimslllu'.c the most complete exhibit, in Hie history of the National Wctlorn. nf tlw limited supply ol feeder ritcck nnd slronK dennind, prices tire torecu^t In the aiio ticn ling. Hales ol prlzo tnul lei-der are expected lo teach $10,003,000. • j The plKi'on show this ywr will j be ihe liniitsl ever lield «f~{. of the | Missouri river, a .sptrlnl secllan tw-! Ini; devutrd to Ihe exhibits. I KevL'iilei'n silver cups mill $-101) III j nre tu Ix 1 nwardoil In the tnr- ] try dhow. Dollars A dollar dors more when it cimi- Inics aiiioii{.»; IKHIH: IIKMV slarl voiirs here! Patronize Stores Miss fatlirrlne MrC'arlliy and Arlur Ouiiiinn nf the Km. rancli at l.itth'ton. Colo- one of tiio nilrlis In tin- N'.iliiuinl UVitern SUeii sl\ow anil Hyne show at Denver J:iini.-.ry ifi-'J.'i. DENVER—(,li—The pick of some «• htRvs Inn-ease i,i piilrles In tin mcui-is now lo bf gained for thc'C"'. Patterson, I). E. Townsrnd, J. II. first lime, although a question on ! Murrey, and Hardy Little | this general subject was asked Ir. ' •- • 19 l1;c .mestion regarding veterans ' cr^rn^drT^iM ° f '" "l^T," BS included at the request of t"c'the'records'lor |jo*'sf tlr'h Veteran's Bureau in Wasiiiiiglsn. :„.-'. T,_ "„„„,„' ,„_„,:.,' ,„„ .fLI. the Information to bs collected this time than have been made for several censuses, officials of the Census Bureau said today, aUhougii it was [Minted out that most of the information collected by census- takers must be the same from dec- '\ nde to decade it the various era- be tabulated. In 1910 a (mesiiou' was included concerning veterans j of the Civil war. but in 1920 nn i mention was made of veterans ol! f;f the best known stables and pas- Hires ii. the Uniljcl Stales will be llciv.' shc'.v cere. Horse slr.w entries are the largest for the last in years. Among c.vhibilors are Mrs. Ijiula Long Ccnibs o! Kansas City and Mrs. A. C. Thiiiupson of Chicago, both pie- Fi)iitii;tr their celebrated strings uf bl'_e rlbb-.n iiarne.w and Baited horses. D. 11. Tinker ol Fort Worth, Tex., will brinii liie Cccigc- Eianrief.j strlnir from Omaha. There will I)? draft hoise das:-. The exhibll of purt'lircd Here ic .stcek show, b cxiieelcd to U Prefern stock ^, , , Yields * Possibilities-- >M-Hefoc Booklet TO-DAY/ 6ATELY CHAIN STORES.i l??ff^£H- II'fot.ii fa Bu? - Srtcittrtb EXPECTANT L MOTHERS TAKE COO- LIVER Olt- \JhePLEASANT\VAY (Anility In I'ii'u.' I'oiinil (.'nn CLASSIFIED' Coffee £ Ib. PureLard Ib. 7/lff little Giant USE*PKGNE any kind. Married persons will bo asked to , give their age al the time of tlieirj . _ su?es are • to have''any value for | first, marriage so that blalistics may purposes' .'of comparisons. i \,s compiled concerning the mar:"Four flucstions. which w ere asV;rd j Ul age of different rr.cial gvou'ni In 1920 have not been included on r and of diilercm seclions of Ihe the new schedules, while five which I rouiHrv. Tins will make possible a ' -'--'—• •--• • 'study of the elfect of economic'I were not asked last lime have k?e!i included. No questions will be asked as to whether the home is mortgaged; naturalized citizens will no- be called on to give the year in which they obtained their citiz-.-n- Fintvs, race and education upon ; age at marriage. The other 20 queslioiii on tiK-Jj 1330 schedule deal with Ihe usnc' census information, involving facts i I ship; nor will foreign-born persons i about age, sex, occupation, person- ; be asked the native tongue ol (heir ' father or their mother. The new questions lo IK as'xcd are as follows: - x Whal is the value of the homo, , if owned; or how much is the rent al description, citizenship, and K- i laUcnship lo the head of the family, i IVrsunal l-'aets Kept Secrrl Although no new question has I been included on tile subject of I home-makers, women who fill this I position will be distinguished as : such in the fsmily rolationshl'i if the house is rented? Is there a radio in the home? '.& the person enumerated em-! column t.nd will I:; (jivcn ."p:i::-i! ployed on the day h; is canvassed? • clatsincaiion. Hereioforc the fatiis.- Is Iw a veteran of the U. a. mill- . has been put clown ns the head o; tary or naval reives? '• :hc family and all other iXM'sms If the person is married, how old I classed in whatever relationship was he at the time of hir. First they held to him. whether that of We bought two solid car loads of genuine Walnut Veneer Dining R.oom and Bed Room furniture at 40 per cent off and as usual we are passing it on to our custo- mcrs. marriage r Will Classify Itoplc The question atout the vnlue ot the home will make it iwssiblu to accoiding to their purchasing ptnv- according to thei rtmrcliasing power and-economic standing. The potential buying-public is to be classified for the first time. The wife, daughter, uncle, brother, cr ccu.sin twire removed. This year women wno are home-makers will b; placed in a positlo:\ of dignity comparable to lint of iioad of the family. All information collected by . Census Bureau regarding individ-!| Think of it! A beautiful Walnut Vanity Dresser, Bed, Chest of Drawers and Bench (not gum) a't Pork Shoulders Wltolo" I'otmd Kx(m Kiincy Sliral (J rent Nm'llicrn I'mnul. licei-liiHit iials is kept secret for 50 years ;so LEI'S TflMIHOBRS YOU AGAIN Or a real heavy 8-pie!:e Dining Room Suite, real Walnut, consisting of GO inch Buffet, Table and tapestry upholstered chairs at Bird Seed r 14c Steel Wool Itrillo 3 for 25c l!rcr Itabliil (Jallon Marvelous C h ;i n jy c Shown by Photos, lieforc and After Using ;; ramour. Hair Tonic THOUSANDS HAMSH (JKAY HAIR THIS WAY "I started getting gray at iwen- w. Miickerel Hi and No. 2 Can 2 l-'or For Curing Meal 100 Pounds S. Hoover St.. Los Angeles. Calif The results .Mr. Atkins tained can be enlisted by it seems in the easiest sc way at hcnic. Just n drop on tlio finger lip. rubbed .into Ihe scalp' here and there each evening begin's stimulating the circulation and day by day notices n delightful change.'! the scalp ts rid of dandruff—i I ty years of age and finally became EO gray people often called me the gray-haired chap, w'i'.en they didn't knew my name. It actually was a handicap as a salesman and made it hard to land a new job. Everybody said I looked ten or fifteen years older than my real age ,bul I swore I would never use dye. Finally three years ago some! friends ol mine began using Lea's 1 hair is growln; vigorously and IHrtr Tonic and 1 was amazed the I gray is ijonc—just an occasional! way U worked for them. They application each week or so keeps urged me to begin using It too. line scalp and hair in beautiful con- • which I did. Gradually day by day ! clitlon, no mailer how old one may' my hair began changing back to j be. Its youthful color. Just like, magic Made by the nationally known ft changed until folks who hadn't |Lca Tonic Co.. it is sold by dni»-! seen me for several mcmUis hardly! gists most everywhere now, si per i could believe their eyes. I've since I bottle on positive guarantee that I passed the good word along to! money will be refunded K resal's . scores of gray haired friends. It is latter si\ly days are nol entirely'I safe and easy to use nnd gives a ! satisfactory. If your own dm--gist i I natural youthful appearance to the, lm . a Lc .v s Hair Tonic send dclla- hair that is great. Im sending a .... . , . •> j photo taken of me when 1 was reali hl11 ' chcrk . st! " n l w or molle >' or(I "jl gray and one taken afterward and! to T *a Tcnic Co.. nrenlwood. Mrt. I " you can see for yourself," writes • for bottle mail postage paid. Adv. Now these suites and-the balance of the two car loads'are all the newest styles and we give our personal guarantee that this is our best buy on Dining Room and Bedroom Suites since we have been, in b'usine'os. Think of some one offer- in p; you a suite that usually cost $100 at 40 per cent off or §59.75 Can you blame us for buying two car loads over the telephone? We will give Terms a t a small extra charge. Hubbard Furniture Blytheville, Arkansas lOfl Pound Limit .With §1 'Purchase Not Specials liiskil 2-1 Pound Sack Apple Butter Full Quart Store .4 Home Owned Institution 303 W. Main

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