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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Saturday, April 17, 1954
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PAGfitWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, APRIL 17, 1954 John Schlueter Killed 1)> Auto 78.teaf.OM Man Was Hospital PatifMit JOlm Schlrteter. 78, a pal lent nt i an Alton hospital since 19:'5, wasi_ fatally injured at 5:1S p. m. Friday ) , r|n , j n f,, rni atinri on criminal cases When r* was .struck by a coupe on „„„),* jeopardise both freedom of Rl. 140 just cast of the hospital. i( | |f , p,. ( , ss „,„• , Mr , ,.j K |,t ,,f f,,n Coroner Ben F. Staten said the tr , M | aged man apparently had become 1 |;,,)„,,.( f i^uison. managing e<h confused as he started across thr |(|) . nf (h( , M,,,,,^ Oregionimi highway and had walked beyond, p,,,.,^,,,-, H rrnn«r<l lo report on the path of the car driven by Bob i (hr Npw Yo| . k p^p,,,,;,! t,, the Waltz, 20, of 273fiSaltlSt.. and then , AnlpH ,.,, n Society of Newspapers turned back in front of Hie !i " lt) -: f-, f ij|,, rs ns the group nenred the mobile. Schlueter \VHS taken into the Slate Hospital where he died shortly afterward. Coroner Stalen was Editors Told Suggested Law Would Jeopardize Fair Trial Accuse Soviets In Kidnaping Board Accepts T Pool Bid haw Hy STKRI.tlW F. r.RKKN WASHINGTON R— The nation's editors were told today lh;t! pro pnsals before the New York Slate Assn. to ban the release of pre- Co. Will Tile- I'm on Nice Day for Easter notified and conducted an investigation. The body is at Stalen Funeral Home. close of its lluee-day annual meeting hero. Sol son attacked Hie proposal, in the current issue of Hie Society's said Iho alleged justified- Kf>i-l;mrr I.cadrr Was Aliilnctnl Tuesday P.KRI.IN ,-T — West Ilerlin po lice said today Itussian secret po- liee enginei-red Ihe kidnaping lasl Tuesilay nl Mr Alexander Triinch- ridvich. anil So\iil tesislHiice lead el. They smd lh«' abduction in the British sector WHS carried nut by Kasl Ormnn sceret agents iicting under orders nnd direction (if Hie ill I ni * j vriin. . i . 11 (|( IL I <'( (u I ^> 'i 11'' '' *' ' ' ' ' " ' '' ' '' Alton police and Stale Highway ! lion for the clamp,I,.wn proposal is , VI) S( , yjH M . (1||| . j| „„,.,. ] Patrolmen Norman Halliday and; to prevent "Irial by newspaper ..,,., tt .,, „„,.„,, ,„„,„,. r^r^r 1 ™ 1 '"'™VXr c ::^^^ fh L^l,!" 1 , " ^ , hnve phrase. fr,,n, .he alibi for' '»'•„. "' "''''" r '""'"<" "'""'">' 'phrase. frr'(|iienily losing counsel." Actually, Not son said, '•investigations of newspapermen and I heir i ! cooperation with luw enforcement j j officers have resulted many limes: I in the conviction of the guilty and SHIPMAN. — The Macoupin ! (he freeing of the innocent County Rural Youth met Thurs- Schluetcr was said to have nephew residing in Belleville. Macoupin Rural Youth Plan Banquet May 1 evening In an unidentified iissail- iinl iiiul taken In a wailing limousine lo the Soviet .sector. (Jbieske was seen leaving Hie apartment with Hie piirty. carrying a rolled- day evening. Bob Frank of Plainview, president, announced a banquet for all Rural Youth on May 1. The group tourer! the Carlinville creamery following the meeting. Local youth attending were Earl Rhodes, Dorothy and Robert Bosomvvorlh and .lulia Sawyer. Visits (llHss Plant SHIPMAN. -- Explorer Post No. 41 loured the Owens-Illinois Glass Company in Alton Thursday. Those who went were: Bill Mills, James Thomae, Jessie Huff, Lowell Dosselt and Carroll Taylor. 4-II Club Meets SHIPMAN. — The Platnvlew 4-H Club met Wednesday evening at the home of Howard Beall with 18 members and one guest present. President Maxlnc Feuas discussed plans for the 4-H rally in Shipman next Tuesday. Recreation was led by Bob Cox. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Beall. The next meeting will be May 4 with Bob Bullard. (llaeske, -II. WHS described by a , \\est Berlin police spokesman as Five members were elected yes- i ,,„ BKrn , ()f |hp K(ls , German M ,, : . terdny lo the ASNK Board nf Di- j rp , , )( ,|j,, r Seek to Charge Man In Death of Father rectors. Two of tltpin—Managing Editor Stanley P. Barnett of HIP Cleveland Phiindenler and Editor Virglnius Dahney of the Richmond Times-Dispatch — were re-elected to the board. Newly-elected directors w ere Carl E. Lindstrnm, managing editor of the Hartford (Conn.) Times; Walter Lister, managing editor of tho Philadelphia Bulletin; and Michael Gorman, editor of the Flint (Mich) Journal. Colcman Harwell ot the Nashville Tennessscenn told the editors hy Nashville's two dailies, the 'ennessean and the Banner, have oppcd printing daily television j nd radio listings. The answer, IIP aid, is that daily logs cost much loncy and effort—outlays which roperly are "the responsibility of le TV and radio stations them- elves." It does not make sense, Harwell uggested, that newspapers pro- 'ide gratis the listing of programs or which the broadcasters "are mid by commercial establishments rom advertising appropriations or which those same newspapers ire competing." The police spokesman said a new, coiifidenlial report showed | Truchnovicli, (il, had been bealen | over Ihe bend with sleel rods and ! that he had been given an injection lo keep him quiet while being removed from Glneske's apartment. Two Communist agents, armed with guns, stood by outside the Cilneske house wilh orders lo shoot anyone attempting lo Interfere wilh Ihc kidnapping, police said. The police spokesman said the abduction was under the personal direction of East German secret police "Major Paul," who reportedly played a lending role in the kidnaping two years ago of Dr. Waller I.inse, economics expert in the anil-Communist League of Free Jurists in Wesl Berlin. Truchnovicli, a physician, was chairman of the Berlin brunch of Ihe NTS, an organi/atlon of Russians refugees who advocate overthrow of the Soviel regime. lAltrni YMCA directors this week rHovnl In solve swimming pool C(|instnictiori problems which hfivp cilmliniifd for years her-anse the nj-icinal c'lii'-truelion of HIP poo' Mlns cuii'Ti-ti' surface and foslet'i'd difficulties Mich ;>s when paint pfc-It-it iintl clouded fillers 'Ihc board ;icccp|cd a bid fif Hie sliaw Co. of St. Louis to tile the p|ml. Basic unrk v. ill lie done fur Sil.TOn, liul the ens) will he in ox- rl'ss nl that, accoitling to Forrest fliK'krell. VMf'A general secretary, ije said adtlititinal phases of HIP plrojecl an- planned, which include Blending il" 1 'He over Hie lop of HIP pool edges to Hie drain gutters i-lnil inslallalion of grab rails just Hinder H"' lip of the pool. In recent months, the YMCA pool Iliis not been used because of con- .-.liruclion work on the ceiling over i|. from early Mecemher Unlit 1 April IT). The .1. .t. Wiiellner * Sons (I oust ruction Cu. Installed steel • tfriicing for I lie ceiling. This phase f building improvement has been ..omplelcd, Cockrell said. A new Ijirojecl is no\v slated during which (,,,, \Viiellner firm is lo install a j-teel support across Iho front of |hc building. This will not interfere Uilh HIP swimming pool area, said t.'ockrcll. The pool is '.'() feet wide and <i(> feel long, ranging from three feo.l in depth to 7'a feel. II should he tiled and ready for use hy May 1."), said Cockrell. law Temperedure* and Altai of Precipitation 30 Party Chief Russia Honors Khrushchev, Rising Star in Red Galaxy Report Rebels Slaughter 100 Stop Cambodian Train ^Vith Mi UPS PARIS tT — The French Press i Kremlin. (fiditnr* note: Thomas P. Whitney, expert on Soviet affairs, spent several years in Moscow as Associated Press correspondent. In the following article he analyzes the meaning of the unusual attention given to the 60th birthday of Nikita Khrushchev, Soviet Communist party chief and a strong con- lender for No. 1 spot in the YORK 's highest Flopped a Cambodian train with mines and slaughtered more thanlf" blic honors antl a rousin & bursl 100 men and women passengers. ' «» V™*e in the Moscow press The agency gave this account of i marked the 60th birthday today ot the massacre reported to have \ ^^ Communist party chief Ni- taken place Monday on the Phnom |Mta Sergcyevich Khrushchev-the Penh to Battambang line fiO miles from Hie capital of that Indochina kingdom. rising star in the Kremlin galaxy. Khrushchev, white-thatched and j blunt-talking, is the man to watch. The train was slopped by the ex-! IIis fortunes have risen steadily, plosion of several remote-con-1 especially since the death of Stalm trolled mines nnd many coaches , a v ™ r a K n - His words arp carrying were ovprturned. : increasing weight in the high Soviet five hundred Vietmtnh attackers rushed from the surrounding .jun- ple brandishing knives, rifles, hand grenades, submachine guns and regular machine guns. Wounded persons in the coaches were sprayed with gasoline and councils. Moscow dispatches reported the press accolades for Khrushchev were parlicuarly enthusiastic. Soviet big-wigs always get special attention on their decade birthdays— Mill, 60th, VOlh. Similar praise \VKATHKR BUREAU FORECAST—Weather conditions throughout the- nation tonight will he generally fair except for some shower activity in upper Michigan. It will be cooler along the Atlantic seaboard and warmer in the central Plains wilh ! burned to death. Passengers \vhoje roi ' tnd tnp 50th birthday of now " tried to flee were caught and put Primp Minister t5eorgl Malenkov 10 death wilh knives and hatchets. in ]9ri2 wllen his star «' as -l ust bp Old people and children were little temperature change elsewhere.—AI* Wircphoto Map Shippers' Forecast For Alton Vicinity AURORA, 111. If —Authoritie today awaited results of an autop sy to determine what, if any charges to file against the son o an elderly man who died Thursda in Copley Memorial Hospital. The dead man is .lames Pike, 80. His son, Harry Pike, 53, Is free on $500 bond on a charge of aggravated assault in the alleged heating of the elder Pike March 28. Both live in Naperville. The Du Page County state's attorney said he would decide what charges to file against the son after seeing results ot the autopsy. Prosecutions Circle in Final Meet at Carroll ton CARUOLI.TON - The closing meeting of the season of the East End Reading Circle svill be held in the lorni of a dessert party Monday al '2 p.m. at Ihe hoim? of Mrs. F. A. Linder with only members of the club attending. (Continued From 1'age 10 laxity, Cole said he expects "in a fairly short time ... to develop cases possibly leading to prosecu tion and to take any additional steps needed for full administra tive cleanup in the FHA." Colo later confirmed published reports that gambling by one key FHA official had a part in selling off the nvestigation. FHA leadership has been sliuk- en around considerably since charges came to light Monday that some apartment builders raked in an aggregate ot many millions of dollars by floating inflated construction loans guaranteed by the government under a program that ended during the Truman administration. Also involved are allegations that fast-talking home repair salesmen roamed in packs from city to city, cheating householders who at their prompting obtained government insured loans to finance improvements. The Internal Revenue Service has said it knows of 1,149 corporations which received inflated government-insured building loans. It did not identify them. Cards and games will be the diversions of the afternoon. T h e members of the social committee for the closing meeting are Mrs. Richard C.illur. Mrs. F. A. Linder and Mrs. N. I). Vedtler, Ministerial Alliance lo Meet CARROLLTON — The members of the Carrollton Ministerial Alliance will meet Monday at 2 p.m. at the home of tho Rev. Waller B. Pi-null, pastor of Ihc Methodist church. i Honored at Hrlilul Sluiucr CARROLLTON Miss Betty Lemons who is being married Saturday, May 8 to .lames Phelan of Jerseyville was guest of honor at a bridal shower uivcn Friday afternoon at tho home of her parent*. Mr. and Mrs. R. I). Lemons. Mrs. Lemons was assisted in entertaining by Mrs. Henry Wagner of this city. Mrs. Goody Injures Hand in I 1 'all II Mrs. Theresa (ieody, 7'J, suf-' fercd a wrisl injury Friday in a'j fall as she was leaving morning' services In an Alton church. She! was taken to SI. Joseph's llospl-i till for X-ray examination foli lowing the mishap. Also receiving treatment, al lln[ hospital were Diana Miller. 1 months old. of lit. 1, Codfre, who suffered partial nnipulatioi of the tip of her left middle fin ger when it became entanglei In a fan bell, Carol Jean Harris 2, of lil>8 Henry SI. Carol Jeai was taken to the hospital for re movnl of a popcorn seed fronji her right nostril. For golfan. Lesson Of Lnsl Easier n.v c. K. innn;iti ii:i-t> NI-AV YORK ff> — Television hasn't forgotten the lesson it learned two years ago this Easter, j (Vines' charged then that it went overboard in commercializing the after-church fashion parade along Fiflh avenue. The critics main- tained.the Fifth avenue procession is based, historically at any rate, on the. religious celebration of Easier and shouldn't be made a prop for a commercial fashion show. So Sunday there will be but one fashion telecast—in color hy NBC- TV. And it will come not from Lance Ilausmnn, I'.', of 2!H)|i Brown St., a newspaper carrieij, was treated for a dog bllt* wound; John K/ell. -Ill, of lillfe) (iross St., for an ankle injury; and Ilichnrd Allerberry, LTi, rtf <I(M Highland Avc., underwent •Mimination following an aulij)- mobile accident. Allerberry le|"l Hie hospital when examination showed no apparent injury. Coimly's MFT Share 1'or I'V Fifth, but from Park avenue and Ihc Waldorf Astoria. The time is 11 a. in. CST. It's the .second year the telecasters have avoided direct pickup on Fifth avenue. The remainder of the TV networks arc giving attention lo oilier features. F.aslcr observance on bulb ra- :llo and TV will include the Irudi- ional sunrise and other services )lus some special features. Tonight at 8:30 CST, ABC radio s lo carry the address of Herbert Hoover before Hie American Society of Newspaper Editors at Washington. Hydrogen llomb Defense Is Fdilli Koxana High Bowlers Feted at Banquet ROXANA — The Roxana High School Junior American Bowling League have concluded their tournament and members enjoyed a banquet Tuesday evening at the Prcsbylprian Church. The winners learn was the Comets. Miss Elizabeth Corbln is sponsor. Trophies were won by'Eugene East, high individual series for boys; Valeria Rodebaugh, for girls; Eddie Jucoby, high individual game for boys, and Marilyn Barton, for girls. Dewey Howell received a trophy for Ihc high individual average for boys and Charlotte Von Brehen for girls; Bill Farley, high Individual games for boys; Connie Luening, for girls; Eugene East, high individual for boys and Carol Darner for girls. Following the dinner and during the presentation of awards Miss Luening presented a token of appreciation to Miss Corbin. droup singing was led by Miss Christina Belts. Aile Suit 16 Dissolve. Cafe Partnership KDWAIl6sVlLLE.- One of two SPIUNUF1KM1, County has been 111. Mm credited 29 CUM* to 13t- Tried In Court Next Week K1WARDSVILLK.--A four-da-, trial selling of 'J9 criminal cases is scheduled to begin Monday in Circuit Court. Monday's setting includes 11 criminal cases. Seven cases are set for trial Tuesday and nine on Wednesday of next week. Thursday and Friday are bcini; held open for cases not reached on the preceding two days, while the final two cases on the current setting arc to be tried Monday, April 2C. $:i5.3GS in the allocation of $1 7(iH.9K!) to Illinois counties their net share of motor fu lax collections during Fplmiarjv', il Wiis announced today by Siafe Finance Director Hollingsworlh, Allocutions to other near counties included SSI, 71!) lo Macoiipih; $:t,l!88 lo Jersey; S-UCIS jlo llrcene; S1.-17S to Cnlhuun; afid SilV.OSO lo St. Clair. For Park Commission Khen (lodgers qualified today as a member of the' Park Commiss by liling his bond and oath of off with City Clerk Pruv. LONDON tV — Billy Graham. Ihe American evangelist on n religions crusade in Britain, is telling Britons in a series of fervent sermons Ihe only defense against the hydrogen bomb is a deep faith in Christ. The ll-hiunh and the anxieties i ins aroused have been the theme i/f many of Graham's talks before Hie vast crowds that continue l< gather to hear him at London' llurringay Arena. The evangelist has listened t debates on the H-bomb in th House of Commons, lie was stirre by the recent decision of the mucl bombed city of Coventry to give u Us civil defense program beenus il was convinced there is adequate defense against modern weapons. To combat such frustration, Graham is urging his many thousands of listeners to seek strength and security in Christ, and to pray j Hint horror weapons may never be ' used. 'Outline Plans For Doivnlown ^Memorial Day Further general plans for the annual "downtown" Memorial Day program under sponsorship ot Alton Memorial Day Council were outlined Friday night at a conference of cornmitlee members in American Legion Home. Because May 30 Ihis year falls on Sunday, the observance will be held the next day, Monday, a legal holiday. The observance on the afternoon of Monday, May 31, will include a street parade followed by services in the National Cemetery. Decision has been made to have the parade start al Henry and Broadway, and move east over Broadway and north on Pearl to the cemetery gale way. The parade will move al 2 p.m. after a 30-minutc formation period. Alton Municipal Band and several drug corps will provide music. Heretofore, in recent years, the parade has formed in Riverside park, and this year's arrangement will clip about a half mile from Ihc line slam. Shippers' forecast (JOO-mlle radius of Alton; Above ing in all directions. free*- Prc-Easler Crowds Throng Downtown Traffic, was heavy throughout ower Alton today as the pre- Easter shopping crowds throng- n 1n( - Smith pasture ginning to be seen over the horixon. Khrushchev has become a key man in Soviet public affairs as administrator of the vast machin- PTA Sponsors Egg Hlllltjrry of the Communist party in the At Collage Hills COTTAGE HILLS—Mrs. Harry Heigerl, recreational chairman of the Cottage Hills PTA, along with Mrs. Vernon Walker and Mrs. Nathan Allsman, purchased prizes an supervised the annual Easter egg hunt, held Thursday ed to stores. Banks were crowded with pa- Irons who were standing in line at tellers' windows during (he morning to make withdrawals and deposits before the noon closing time. Many bank patrons were those who had checks Friday but had deferred cashing them because tho banks were closed on Hie legal Good Friday holiday. Cars flowing west in a steady stream into Piasa off Broadway were backed up as far as eight blocks at tir-cs during the horn between 11 a.m. and 12 noon today. Also assisting were mothers of students in the various rooms of j .he school. j Prixc winners were: prc-school —Gary Thorn, Susie Darnell; first and second grades—Donnet- t.a Young, Joyce Ann McKenzie, Sue Eaton, Roddy LeBlanc, Patty Downing, Connie White, Mae Scott, Carol Sue Patton, Donald Richards and Donna Jean Price. Third and fourth grades—Ronald Bcnton, Roy Taylor, Sammy Knight, James White; fifth and sixth grades-Judith Landers, Darlene Martin, Charles Rankin, Judy Krankel, Jerry Sherfield, Tony Dixon, Dennis McKee and Shirley Watkins. U. S. S. R. and as boss of the drive lo raise food production and indus- Irializp agriculture throughoul Hie sprawling nation. Formally in the Kremlin hierarchy, Khrushchev is listed in third place following Malenkov and Molotov. But in terms of the power he exercises today in Russia it seems probable that he is No.' 2 man 'and. running a pretty close race for No. 1. During his entire career in the Soviet Communist party ho has been a tough guy, a hatchet man and a trouble shooter. During the great, purges of the late 1930's the Ukraine became a particular problem, with strong nationalism and opposition to the Moscow government developed there. The Kremlin needed a trusted man in the Ukrainian capital at Kiev to complete the purge of the opposition and clean up the pieces afterwards. Khrushchev got the assignment and with it membership in the exalted Politburo. partners operating Foreman's Cafe" at Godfrey as filed a chancery suit In Cir- uil Court against the other for n accounting nnd dissolution of neir partnership. Plaintiff in the suit is Mrs. tella E. MasttM'son, who named ,lrs. Irene L. Foreman as dc- cndant. Mrs. Mastcrson averred that he entered into an oral agree- ncnl March 17 with Mrs. Fore- nan to form a partnership and o operate tho restaurant-cafe, ind ns her part of the bargain nvestcd 51,fiOO in the business ind worked in the establishment. Art i:\hllilt Nets $'{00 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS—The art •xhibit given by the. Rosewood PTA was a success and reports low In show sales from tickets net cd 5^00.10. The festival held in connection with the exhibit brought $196.50. Mrs. Gilmore Helmkamp was general chairman of tho event and she was assisted by tho room mothers. of march. The general committee' last night instructed Ihe secrelary, Mrs. Laura Martin, to send com- j munications to all bodies expected to participate, securing a response as to Ihe type of parade entry each will provide. Wood River Girl Hurl In Crash Wear Hamel KDWARDSVILLE.-Miss Shirley Tea burg, 18, of 744 Wood j River Avc., Wood River, was injured in an automobile acci- ! dont aboul 7:30 p.m., Friday at Hamel. Miss Tealnu-g was taken in Ihc Slraube ambulance ,lo Ihe Wood River Township Hospital, where her injuries were described as a possible collarbone fracture and bruises. The driver of the ambulance said he took two other occupants of the machine to the hospital, but they were released after examination. Congress Highlights f^ CV 1 C.7 Fear Among Rejoicing Prayers for Peace, Salvation Will Mark First Easter Sunday of Hydrogen-Bomb Er?i By JAMES DEVUN NEW YORK ^—The first Easter ites from Egypt. Although the Holy Land itself is torn wilh Jewish-Arab tension, church bells will call worshipers to service MS usual on Easier in old Jerusalem, scene of the crucifixion and resurrect ion Across Hie t'niled Slates, hundreds of thousand!- ol worshipers will attend tniiilooi or indoor sun! rise .services. A number of the out- Four Students Escape Injury in I'lane Crash NEW MARTINSV1L1.E, W. Vo. .•I' — A private plane carrying IiivcsligalionsAreSpotlighted On Capitol Hill Tins Weekend SAFEST PLACE FOR ALL YOUR VALUABLES... h in a safe deposit bo*. Cotti w> , means to much in peocw of mind. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU SAID ,.. "We Ought To Rent A Safe Deposit Box! 11 WASHINGTON /P — Investigations hold tho center of the congressional stage this week, with legislation taking a back seal during the pre-Easter lull. While the Senate inquiry into Ihe row between Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy (R-Wis) and Army officials moved uncertainly toward its public, televised debut, two committees announced they'll start hearings next week into charges of a lour University of Illinois students j nm itjniillion dollar Federal Housing Administration scandal. In another case—that of atomic crashed lemptctl Friday takeoff during an at- near Fly., Ohio, of the H-bomb era will be observed around the world Sunday with prayers lor peace and salvation. Rejoicing thai Christ is risen mingles wilh fears that man has fashioned a weapon thai could duom civilization. The hope of men, women and children al Eastertide was that j <j, the occasion never would arise to| or non-denominational, will be on Unleash the bomb's Jury. hill or mountain lops. President Eisenhower, on whose In a traditional gay noic. women shoulders rests much of the free j will don their new finery. The world'* burden of preventing war. weather man promised "ideal" will attend services at Augusta, | conditions for New York's annual Ga. ] "Easter Parade" on Fifth Avenue. In Rome, Pope Pius XII will i Whal is claimed to be the big- or Reed Medical (Vnlcr: ! bv across Ihc Ohio River from bore. Ihe Navy, on grounds of the Naval Medical Center; and by Ihe j.Mr Force, al Moiling Field. In BtiMon, the Nnv> will com a Prolcsliinl a.m. aboard Constitution. The Shrine sunrise service appear on the loggia of St. Peter's basilica, to impart benediction to the wort*. Tbt Chrtfiian (east of tab least of '-ftyiover. which com- ttadlight ot the Israel- services, mostly Protestant Howard Pyle of Ari/ona. Five hundred worshipers on horseback will attend a tr.a.dilmiml service al Lakewood, a suburb of Denver. Colo. Huge crowds arc expected a Indiana Easier services, im'luiing tne 3l'nd annual sunrise gathering in Indianapolis Circle and Missouri feet long and nine leel wide, is; Synod Lutheran services in the In- jon display al Red Cloud, Neb . jdiana Fairgrounds Coliseum. Easter, j loi an annual Easter egg hunt that i A drive-in theater will .tie'the for a community sunrise sponsored by St, Ji ancient frij;ulc of Ages on Ihe si wil mill he inn of the (Irand Canyon Ihe scene of a colorful (ftnjrise .service lo be conducted by (hov. gest Easier egg in the world. VJ'ii by linUHitl coincidence, comes this j annuls sonic 3.000 children. i selling yew 0n titf same day as the Jew- In Washington, three military MT\ ice by Hie are scheduled — , Lutheran church at Fraser, a Arnjjk in gardens at the i innt suburb. All escaped injury. The Ohio Highway Patrol said Ihe plane was owned by the flying club of the 1'nivorsity of Illinois s piloted by- James A. Ue\\e>. '.'0, of Toronto. On!. The Highway Patrol said the )lher occupants also \\ere slu- .lenis al Ihe university, but it did not ha\e iheir names or destination. Officers said Dcwey landed the plane Thursday night in a field near Fly because of storm conditions. Tho plane nosed over in the mud Friday while attempting a takeoff. Ship STOCKHOLM /P —The 102-ton passenger vessel Prins Gustaf ran aground and capsi/ed with 50 passengers in the Stockholm Archipelago. Other vessels picked up the passengers, including numerous children, and the crew. physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer— congressional leaders adopted a wait-and-see attitude. MCCARTHY-ARMY—Two developments threatened to postpone the start of public hearings in the McCarthy-Army investigation, scheduled lor next 'Rarsday. But Sen. Karl E. Mundt (R-Sm, temporary chairman of the Senate Investigations subcommittee, said nothing short of a plea of illness by McCarthy—Ihe regular chairman who has slepped aside for Ihe inquiry- could postpone the hearings. Threatening the start of the inquiry were: 1. An announcement by McCarthy. who was recuperating In the Soul Invest from a throat ailnient. that he wouldn't be able to meet with the subcommittee to discuss ground rules for the probe until next week. Demands by the McCarthy camp thai public hearings be preceded by an investigatioinof subcommittee "leaks" ol the Army's detailed charges that McCarthy "sought by improper means" to get favored treatment for Pvt. G. David Si'hine, a former non-salaried subcommittee aide. HOUSING—Two committees arranged separate inquiries into charges of "incredible" FHA laxity in administering some FHA-insui;- ed loans during both the Truman and Eisenhower administrations, j President Eisenhower ordered all • federal agencies lo cooperate fully . with the probers. i OPPENHEIMER — Leaders of the Senate-House Committee on Atomic Energy adopted a hands-; j off policy in the case of Oppen- I heimer, atomic research pioneer cut off from secret data by presidential order until a special Atomic Energy Commission investigating panel determines whether he is a security risk. FARM FUNDS—The House accorded Ihe Agriculture Department unusual treatment by voting Ihe department more money than it wanted: $1,040.602,654 in cash and loan authority for the year starting July 1. This was $66,360,841 above what the department had requested. The measure was sped lo the Senate by voice vote. HIGHWAYS—The House and Senate sent to the President a compromise bill authorizing a 966 million dollar federal-aid highway program for each of the two fiscal years starting July 1, 1955. This is the biggest sum ever voted by Congress for the purpose. Yes, you've probably said that to yourself a hundred times . . . You've realized how easily your valuables could be lost through burglary, fire or replacement . . . how much safer they'd be in a SAFE DEPOSIT BOX at the Wedge Bank, where they are available to you and you alone, in private ... BUT.. HAVE YOU DONE ANYTHING ABOUT IT? Don't you think you ought fo . . . be/ore it's loo lale? SAFE DEPOSIT BOX rental here is as low as 32c a month. Think it over ... but nol (oo Jong. USE OUR FREE PARKING LOT 30 minutes free parking in our lot . • • just 26 st«ps irom bank entrance. Enter on East Fourth St. Growing With Alton lor Over 51 Years

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