Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 11, 1978 · Page 8
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 8

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1978
Page 8
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Wednesday, January 11, 1978 Ukiah Daily Journal, Uklah, Calif. IN UNIFORM Burglar gets 75 yeors to lifein prison OAKLAND (UP!) Johnnie , Randolph, 20, convicted of terrorizing elderly householders during several break-ins, received wha,t is believed to be the longest sentence ever meted out in California for burglary. , Alameda County Superior Court Judge Stanley P. Golde Monday sentenced Randolph to 75 year's to life under the old indeterminate sentence law, and to 112 months in prison under the new fixed term law. A companion, William Willis, 18. found guilty of 28 counts of; burglary, got 75 years to life under the old la\V. The conse.cutive penalties, would require a minimum of 15 years to be served. Randolph will be required to serve 10 years under the new law. and on top of that minimum of, 15 years under the old system, since the penalties are consecutive, making his prison term 25 years. The two were found guilty of a reign^of-teri-or series of burglaries victimizing 12 elderly householders. The crimes occurred between May , and July last summer. Sorhe were covered by the,old sentencing law and some by the chang^ law. The judge said the crimes were "aggravated and involved great violence and a high degree of cruelty inflicted on the elderly people who were, in fact, held prisoners in their own homes." , The judge said the crimes. were "planned, premeditated and aggravated, without any mitigation." Steven Willis, 17, also accused of participating in the burglaries, appeared in juvenile court and was ordered to stand trial as an adult. DENNIS FULKS Dennis J. Fulks, who is now a private first class with the United States Army in Fort Devens, Mass., just completed maneuvers with the combat engineers at Fort Drum, N.Y., his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Fulks of Ukiah, revealed today. Fulks, who entered the Army in August, took his basic training at Fort Leonardwood, Mo., where he was graded expert in grenade throwing; and superior, with 500 points, in his physical fitness tests. In his conibat engineering course at Fort Devens he irs learning demolition, bridge building, road building and courses associated with these phases of engineering. Although the private has not been able to visit with his family in Ukiah, he has visited with relatives in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. He received his PFC stripe Jan. 1. Dennis writes his parents and sisters, Shirley and Barbara in Ukiah, and a brother, Phillip, who is serving with the Marine Corps in Okinawa. Bat-bara Fulks is in the, sixth grade this year at Frank Zeek and Shirley is a high school senior. Dennis graduated from Ukiah High School with the Qass of 1976, worked at Dennys and Thrifty and attended Mendocino Community College one year before he enlisted in the Army. His is a past master councilor of Ukiah DeMolay. • DANIEL LARSON BILOXI, Miss. —Airman Daniel L. Larson, ^on of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold L- Larson of Ukiah, has received a new assignment following graduation from the electronic computer systems repairman course conducted by the Air Training Command at Keesler AFB, Miss. Airman Larson, now trained in the inspection, operation and maintenance of electronic computers and associated aerospace ground equipment, will go to March AFB, Calif., for duty with a unit of the Air Force Communications Service. Completion of the course earned the individual credits towards an associate in applied science degree; through ' the Community College of the Air Force. The airnian is a 1974 graduate of Ukiah High School. His wife, Virginia, is the daughter of Clarence M. Van Pelt of Willits. ROBERTCARLTON Marine Private First Class Robert D. Carlton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Don W. Carlton of Ukiah, has been promoted to his present rank while serving with the 1st Marine Division, at the Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, Calif. He joined the Marine Corps in March 1975. ROBBY PROPS Marine Lance Corporal Robby R. Props, son of Mr. and Mrs. Royce B. Props of Willits, has been promoted to his present rank while serving with the 1st Marine Division, at ,the Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, Calif. • He joined the Marine Corps in January 1975. The rock's a forecaster LA JOLLA (UPI) - Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Small have a weather stone hanging in their backyard which they say is the perfect weather indicator. The stone, 12 inches in diameter, hangs from a chain and has become a perfect conversation topic. A dry stone means that it is not raining. A wet stone means that it's raining. A shadow under the stone means the sun is shining. If the stone is swinging ,it means that there is a strong wind blowing. - If the stone jumps up and down it means' there is an earthquake. 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