Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 22, 1957 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 18
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)ial PA 2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker OUT OUR WAY EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MP., WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 1957 By R. J. William* OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAOR HOOPLE IT'S OKAV TILL WB$ 15 THIS A DAMCe SET K1SHT HERE; -^VOU'RE PLAfMufi WITH ALL THE DRV PLACES AROOJ p. T6LL WHy PIP VO1J (*L>N, PC'y;?.*«.ZU\\-ZlM\f £\ n\-n,u- vi jw f^i- n.rMNiNi'yu feEP HOLDING MAMDC ^ •**"*"E^WMEBOW^M of? A-TRACK ' AMD SMM6 ywjfiTARM5/f *°T TO TURN A 40 MEET ? -AFTER IM A COMPLETE CIRCLE, fl ^ f? ^' /( A F6W ^fUESS eicx-r Goauuor. -nj*.?/ ) \ EITHER "THATOR / TvOl&T< T'M ^ rt>*k^ unii/vc* TfUK rtK/At>/1 TIA if^-X^T i> i |?.-«'>~I-.T ~/-ir ic^ IM A COMPLETE CIRCLE, fl ^ f? ^' /( A F6W ^fUESS PII?ST ftWHMRD.THEM) \E™E(? THAT OR/ T^I&TS X'A\ J> BACkWARD~FACIN!6 .^-J MSlDE|--J=<=i_ VReADV FOR /R? EACHOWES?ALTc^ATe^^-V^^^sAUze JMt •ACH OWSK ALTeRA'ATeiY "-ZUM - ZUM — ^eSP__,_> NINETEEN By Al Canp S Kind of song 12 Actresi, Gardner !3 KUssfan sea 14 DC privation 39 Golf mounds 40 Discover 41 Scruple <at>.) 42 Cotton thread 45 Neck o{ land 49 Intrude 51 Actress, Claire TELEVISION HIGHLIGHTS WEDNESDAT, MAY JJ, 1SJ7 Tb«M l«l«rtrfOB U*tlfi£i gr« e*jmpfl«l from pro(r«m» Tb« Tlmu U cot r*ipootU>!« Cor Ut4 ebtarc*. 27 Dird DOWN 1 30 Evening party j Baseball's 32 Cadmus' . - Ruth daughter 3 Egg-shaped 34 Camped 3 Dancer 35 Revised e 4 Stringed 36 Mr»- Cantor 3! Incursion instruments S Mineral rocks € Apparent ^ ; 7 Biblical ' high priest 8 Speak thoughtlessly 9 Girl's namo 10 Employs 11 Essential being 17 Stopped 19 Motionless 23 Relaxed 24 Italian city 25 Girl student Z§ Closed car 27 Decide 28 Toward the sheltered side 29 Marries 31 Weirder 33 Radio's —Miller 33 Foolishness 40 Runs away 41 Place 42 Be pleased 43 Country holal: « Let it stand 46 Graf 47 Distinct part 48 Encrvatej SO Boy 55 8 II 28 57 f7 48 Hospilal and other expenses (or n r ivmc School accident in the United States 8 oc "° o1 year exceeded the tolal ex- ?endi(ure o[ the U. S. Na^- in 1955. These people each won 1000 VACATION from their Ford Dealer (You can, too!) JOSEPH W. FERENTEK 7022 Wlltsic SI. Pittsburgh «, Pa. GUATE^!J^LA CITY «!—Police have started free classes to teach 400 illiterates with automobile drivers' licenses to read and write as a safety measure. V. PHILLIPS &4Z Virginia Aye. Fairmont, W. \'a. Freshens Your Mouth Sweetens Your Breath STATION KDKA [PlltibBtib. Cfcuuiil 1) TODAT -i;10 Wednciday Movlt 6;1S Lone Harj X er 6:45 Newi, Weather 7:00 SupenuBQ 7:30 Piltsburg Tonlte 8:00 Ozile and Harriet 8:30 Robert Young 9:00 Highway PaLrol 3:30 Lucy Shot* 0:00 Sl«el Jlour 1:00 News 11:15 Gateway Studio I. M. 12:30 Final EdiliOQ 12jiO Swiss Sfiift TOMOKBOW 7:00 Carrnway 9:00 Storyland 9:30 On lyxratioa IO;M Garry &loore 10:30 Baby Program 10:« Arthur God/re j 11:30 Strike It Rich 11:00 Newt 11:1) Cirtoon* L2:30 Search Tomorrow IJ.'iS Culdlog LI<bt 1:00 Big Movie 2:20 Father's Troubl* 3:00 House Party 3:30 Seertt Storm 3:i5 V»lUnt Lady 4:00 Queen for a Day Sam arul Frieadi 31:30 Tooight TOMOEBOW 7:00 Canovtay 9:00 IJUle RascaEr 9:JO Rorap€r Room 30:00 Home 11:00 Price U Right 11:30 Truth, Consequence! 12:00 Tic Tac Dough 12:30 It Could Be You 3:CO-C105«-Up 3:30 Club Sixty 2:30 Tennesi«e Ernie 3:W Matinee Theatre 4:00 Queen lor a Diy 4:U Modern Romaoce* 7:30 Dlineylind 8:30 Navy Log 9:00 Oztifl and SUrri*{ 9;iO Theatre Tlm» 10:00 Flfbti 10:45 S ports Album 11:00 Newt. Sporti H-.ZO The- Mcbt fifaow TOMOHttOW 12:33 Ctown Corner 1:30 Ladiei Theatra 2:30 Favorite Story 3:00 Public Defender 3r30 Cantor Theair« <;M Brighter Day <:15 Secret Storm *:30 Edge of Nigbt BTAT10N WSTA Hirrtioiib?*r, Ct»m:»l TODAY (SUcdard TTrn*> 5:i5 N'ewi 6:00 Va. Sbowcftie 6:13 W«athcr, Wa^kH 6:30 TranriUon 6i45 iBformallon Tim« 7:00 Arthur Godfrey 8:00 The Millionaire 8:30 DraKcel 9iCfl Kighls 10:00 Wire Service 1:00 News, Sports 11:15 Mavlctlntc USA TOMORB019 11:M Film Theatra Love ol Life 11;30 Search Tomorrow ll:*5 Guldtnj Ught 12:00 Close-Up 12:30 Ax World Turin 1:00 Matinee 1:30 TcDoeuee Erir,« 2:00 Matiaee Theatre 3:00 brighter Day 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 Edge ol Nl&M 4:00 Comedy Time heatre Time RTAT10N WTTO (fTiiblaftoa, CfacaiicI 5) (CamberUnd C»bl« 5) TODAY 5:00 Mill Grant Shaw 6:00 Billy Johnion 6:30 The run House 7:00 Long John Silver 7:30 Federal Meo «:00 Movietlme USA 9:30 NOPD !fl:00 Prew Conference 10:30 Sherlock: Holmes 11:00 New* 11:15 D. C, Movietimt ' TOHOBHOff 9:00 Kartoon Klub , 10:00 MomlDX Movta *. 11:45 FrankEe Lalne i 12:00 Music Hall 12:30 Aft/moon Alorle 2:00 f^dir, B» Seated 3:W Liberace 3:30 Cartoons <:00 IJIe With ElUabeth 4:39 Th« Unexpected STATIO.S WRO (WitUnrlen. Cbaaael 4) (Cveab«r(>Dd CaSU t) TODAT 5:00 Camedy TUna 3:30 Susie E-.OO He * dllts 6:30 JTew*. Weather 6:45 S ports 6:50 Sam and Fritndj 7:WLast Of M oh Scans 7:M Xavier CM gat 7:45 NSC New* &:00 Masquerade P«jtT 8:31 Robert Young 9:00 TVTtieatre 10:00 Thli li Vour Uff 10:30 Star »nd Slory 11:00 News, Weather 11:20 SporU STATION WJAO l/ahnilown, dianel *> TODAT 5:00 Safielnuih Trifl, 6:00 Sports 6:15 News 6:30 Golden Plaj'bo(U« 7:00 County Sherill 7:33 Xavfer Cugat 7:4i NBC Xews E:00 Masquerade party 8:30 Plashouie o( Stan 9;00 TV Tbeatie lff:M This Is Your Liffl 10:30 Studio 57 ll^CO News 11:15 Feature MovU TOMOHBOW T:W Garrowsy 9:00 Romper Room 10:00 Home 11:00 Price li Right 11:30 Truth, Cons*qneaeej 12:00 Tic Tac Dough 12:30 ll Coold Be Von 1;<H Html Re-clew 1:15 Man To JUn 1:30 Feature Theatre 2rM Tennessee Ernie 3:00 Matinee Theatre •I.-OO Qaeen (or s Day 4:15 Modern Romance* STATION WTOP TODAY S;00 Amos and 5:30 Marble 6:00 Cisco Kid 6:30 Spotl)£ht «:« Ntvrs 7:00 Ramar ot 7:30 I Led Three Lives 8:00 Arthur Godfrey 9:00 The Millionaire 9:30 I've Got a Secret 10:00 Steel Hour 11:00 The 11 Report 11:15 Tb« Lai* Show TOMORROW €:» Morning MedltaUoi 7:00 Jimmy Dean 8:00 Panoramic Potoma 9:00 Captain Kangaroo 9:45 Oswald Rabbit 10:00 Carry Moore 10:30 Arthur Godfrey 11:30 StrUt» It Rich 11:00 Valiaol Lady 11:15 Love o£ Life 12:30 Search Tomorrow 12:45 Guiding Light 1:00 News 1:10 Donna Douglas 1:30 Ai World Turns 2:00 Our AUs* Brocta 2:30 HOUM Party 3:00 Big raycff . 3:30 Bob Crosby 4:00 Pick Temple STATIOX WMAL (W»»hla(ton. Channel T) (Cnmberl&ad, C*blc J) TODAY 5:00 Mickey MOUM 6:00 Jonglfl Jim 6:30 T<rwn and Country 6:35 Weather, New* 7;05 Sports 7:15 John Daty STATION WFBO 10) S:00 Mickey Mou&e Out) 6:00 Cartoons 6:30 Peana. Today 6:45 Kewi 7-.00 DlsneyUnd 8:00 Arthur Godlrey 9:00 The Millionaire 9:30 I've Gol A Seen 10:00 Steel' HOOT 11:00 News 11:15 The LaU Show TOMORROW T:00 Jimmy Dean 8:CO Captain Kxogaroo S.-CO Koruoiu 10:00 Movietiiac 11:30 Strike II I2LDO News 12:15 Love d Uf« 12:30 RT"D 10 1:00 News 1:30 As World Tonu 2:00 Search Tomorrow 2:15 Guiding Ught 2: 30 Charlet 3:00 Big PajoU 3:30 Theatre Time 4:00 Brighter Day 4:15 Secrtt Slorm <:30 £dc« Of Todoy the overoge man H>«s several ^-eors kx>ger \bar\ he did a decode or hro oga He has to to get his taxes paid, CKA* WISHING U. 5. Patent Office. Almost Everybody Listens To WKYR 5000 WATTS 1270 On Your Dial T A ~s—r D C G TT s A ~r v 3 U —r E G MSN ."5 5- S 1 O O 7 U ~3~ T 8 F 4 M 4 T^ H O "7—r O D 4 E JJEREIs » plejsant Illlle game thai will give youa message every * -"-day. It is a numerical puzzle designed to sp«II out your fortune. Count the letter* in your first name. If the number ot letters is 6 or more, jubtrjct 4. ll the number is less than 6, add 3. Tn* result is your key number. Start at the upper letl-hand comer ot the rectangle and ch«k every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read \he message the letters under the checked figures give you. O l»tf. br HTlHia i. WJkt DLjrribtfrd fc» Xlfi* Frittcri SjalkMt jBotllc Deposit Check Cashed Afler 43 Years in 3923, but Haas presenle<J GENERAL ELECTRIC Thin-Line AIR CONDITIONERS • Fits Upper Sash • Fiti Inside windows • Firs Casement windows Ask About Our "GE" 1-TON SPECIAL SS $229.95 Cumberland Electric Co. Virginia Ave. at 2nd St. 47 N. Centre St. PA 2-6W PA 2-6862 KANSAS CITY—Wv-On Aug. 21, 19H Anlon Haas, a Wallace County, Kans.. farmer received a check for $2.16 when he returned a case and 24 empty hollies to >vhat was then (he Kansas Citj- branch of the Pabst Brewery. A few weeks ago, Haas, now 79. was going through some old papers when he found the check. The Kansas City brewery closed check to the First National Ba of Kansas City. Bank officials dusted off the old accounts and came up \v one that credited the brew with $66.91. Haas got his $2.16. Lou Nova, heavyweight boxin contender is now an actor reader of poetry. TELE-TOCNS- PARAMOUNT I »Wf HOT TIE MXJCSE15 MKAMOUNT 9A.M.&.1CTPM RADIO SALES<oSERVICE TELEVISION •KAZHQS~Af>P.UANC£ SALES ••^tRVlCE"*?ATIJf ACTION //-YOU </SINCE W1GGLEDVOUR V WE'RE TOC.rr-TMAT VATT>»' TURMED OJ THE S.FOUTO) cMo^ErrmHaARTMcf; FISH MARKET 'THAT'S AMRNOW WE'LL GET OUR TURN ON THE CENTRAL HEAJ1N' SySTEM// FIRST LONG SHOT THAT'S UHMECES STEVE CANYON , fly Milton Caniff MY FATHER USEP To BEAT ME UNIJL HE LEARKEp THAT COUIPNT KW.MO ME i HOW ME THINK NICE. NORMM. Boy 8KAIBE I COME OUTTOTHS BASE TO WATCH TOWN IEA6UE 8A1.1. OAVlK AFTER <5AME^. UJMfl EK'OUOH, POTEETj YOU MDST /i\AK£ UP YOUR M1NP TO M& Ofc. HAV£ COLONEL tANVOW 6tAC*WAIL£{?l KNOW VOU CAN TV«E4TiE ME, POTS ET, BUT IT WILL Jofcn Prentice and Fred Dickenion I KNOCKED OUT PLENTY OF GOOD SWMMERS W MY cay. r TELL YOU I'M soonr. you'RE A STRONSAVXN A.N5 A BRAVE ONE, PUT THIS 15 A JO3FORA SWIAIWS7... •y Dudley Fithet EVERY PW A,T THIS- TIME, TK=V WATCH M HORROR &*> THE SOATHEAP3 THE HELPLESS ^WLIUC» CRAFT HQHT HUEKV-SOWE- TWN6 MUST BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES •y Edgar Martin FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HE CLAIMS Ue% OCKM6 KlS YOU Al-L NEED TD PRAC- - THAN JUST "WE RK3UIRED - W6 REiOJ PERFECTTOM ' Br V. T. Hamlin ASVKJGHT, FDOZY CMON 1N_MXI'LL NEVER GET ANYTHING OUT THERE BUT A TLEARN TH' \VHY BCTV^TH' WHY ERE WELL OUT OF SIGHT, r FK3 "TD LEARN WHY P'S CU PUGHT; OF SUMPIN OF V OF TfilMfiS 1 GREW CONCERNJ. / SPEAK RtGHT UP/ WORRIED ABOUT R3OZY_.HE'S BEEN <3ONE t*. MICKEY MOUSE oy *Va« Oi*ne> . TOO A\UCH K3R AV I^T/A^rv

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