Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 11, 1978 · Page 7
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 7

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1978
Page 7
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e— Ukiah Dally Journal, Uklah, Calif. Wednesday, January 11, 1978 ' Ukiah, Calif. Editor, Ukiah Daily Journal : When f iVe or six columns of a page in the paper are used describing the frustrations of going to a doctor's office and the ways that the appointments are handled, the hours lost from work and school, the actual time spent per patient by the doctor and (HI and oh, the message comes loud and clear to me that it is time for us all to look at the tenable alternatives to this situation. 'Thomas A. Edison said in the late 1800s, "The doctor of the' future will give no. medicine. But will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and the cause and prevention of disease." The time is now! Snce I have had no medical insurance, I have been amazed at how few times I have needed a doctor — perhaps once a year. This letter is not intended as a religious pitch but I would like to tell the story of how I found that I. have almost total control of my health and accidents... believe it or not. In 1961, I was in a state of severe depression with a new; divorce, three small children and (thank God) a job that paid well and that I enjoyed. FVom the place of depression, I was directed to a church that tpaches merttal control as a means to spiritual control and therefore health of body, mind and spirit. About this time I wais also directed into a group therapy situation^ which allowed me to look at and imderstand how my emotions (usually very subtle and undercover) made me well or sick... In following these teachings for 17 years, I have maintained gogd health except for when I allowed myself to get too busy or angry, , frustrated etc. to maintain my own personal balance for health., My three sons have pirofited from this consciousness also and are whopping big healthy young adults with a minimum of health and emotional problems. Prior to I know now that I went to doctors for the kind attention that they are paid to give. Do you? I know that I believed that I would get a cold or flu because they were going around. Do you? I know now that I us^d to set myself up for accidents by being too hurried or too distracted to keep my brain and senses in, control. Do you? From the doctors' place, I am sure they would love to give more personal attention to those who have true [diysical problems. Since they do not have time to teach the clients the points, of mental health, diet and stress control, perhaps there coiild be some seminars, a newspaper series, some free flyers or something to help you, the "waiting room public," to recognize the choices you have. If you saw the delightful movie, "Oh, God!" you got a bit of this message lightly presented with humor and a loving touch. Next time you make an appointment, and sit in the doctor's office, spend the time thinking on how you set yourself up to be there! It might surprise you and change yoyr life aslt did mine. With love and blessings Leilani Greenly Redwood Valley, Calif Eklitor,'Ukiah Daily Journal: As a taxpayer and property owner of the Redwood Valley County Water District, 1 wpuld like to state that many people in the water district have been led down that "Garden Path of Promises" that W.L. Johnson refers to in the Letter to the Editor priijted Jan. 8. The property owners above 2100 Rpad 3, were told several years ago that water would be supplied if sufficient numbers df owners requested the service. In November of 1976, I,was infprmed that no plans had been n^ade for providing water service tq our area and wiDec. 8, 1976, my wife attended a bo^rd of directors meeting to view the response of the bo^rd to a letter I had sent then), re<;|uesting water service in our area. They read the letter and quickly discharged the matter to go on to the next item on the agenda. To this date in time, I have not received a response to my request. I for one fe6l that the in- C FROM OUR READERS] t^rity of the board members should be questioned because many people voted for the ballot issues on what they' had been prior years. A Redwood VaiUey Water District property owner with no water. J.O. Kennon , Ukiah; Calif. Editor, Ukiah Daily Journal: , Recently my family and I did what most hdineowners must do periodically —. take a trip to the dump. Within the city we are fortunate to have solid waste disposal. This taltes care of most of our wet garbage and some trash. Some things such as (H -unings, l^ves and large bulky items do not lend themsislves to curbside pickup. County residents without solid waste service, of course, have a multiple of the city resident's disposal probleni. When we arrived at the Ukiah dump I found that my long wheel base pickup, similar to many in this area^X was declared to be carrying two ciibic yards of refuse. At the posted rate of, $1.50 per cubic yard, this cost me $3 to sanitarily dispose of an • accumulation of my houshold rubbish. In my opinion, this is, a rip-off. The result of this eichor- bjtant charge for a homeowner to.clean up around his house occasionally will probably result in less use of an excellent facility and, I am sure, a large increase In , illegal roadside dumping. This is a problem we do not want. I, and I am sure others, would like to see a reply by those respbnsiblfe. The charge for tba same load, in the same pickup, was 75 cents in 1973. In. four years we have experienced a fourfold increase. I can see no justification. , "Outraged" JOHNNIES GROCERY and MEAT MARKET 1020 So. State St. Ukiah OPEIM. 7.30 A.M. to 7 P.M. MondaY thru Saturday Meat & Produce Prices Effective Thors., Fri. & Sat. Jan. 12,13 & 14 Grocery Prices effective Thurs. thru Tues. Jan. 12 thru Jan. 17 JOHNNIE'S MARKET where Quality Is Economy FINEST QUALITY MEATS FRESHEST PRODUCE FRESH FISH WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CORRECT ALL PRINTED ERRORS FRESH CIAMS Australian LOfeSTER TAILS ' , 10-12 OZ. , FRESH CRABS PRAWHS $3^ SALAD SHRIMP $359 SCALLOPS $3^8 LUTEFISK $1^ 11 1 I We.Carry a Complete Line of Fresh Sliced Italian Luncheon Meats: Salami; Mortadella; Prosciutto; Cotto Salami; Gaiantina; Head Cheese; Pastrami; Ham;Turkey. Y >£UaOUSLY FRESH s Premium Beef-There is none finer! Boneless PORK SPARERIBS W^-UnuasH-i isi PORK ROAST 1-. Piw^ 3 « " lb. 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Pack 19 *1 MADE RITE BULK HOT BOOS All/y\eat ic Wisconsin Longhorn CHEBBAR CHEESE Bulk 79 *1 Del Monte STEWED TOMATOES 303 can TOMATO SAUCE^ Del Monte TOMATO SAUCE 8 0Z. 00 Del Monte SPINACH 303 can Del Monte SLICED PEACHES 2V2 can 1% I \ Del Monte BILL PKKLE HALVES 55' Del Monte CATSUP 14 0Z. - Butter or Red BRUSSELS SPROUTS CABBAGE Firm and Green OREEN BEANS 39' YELLOW % 4Q« ONIONS. CAULIFLOWER 59' 49s Large Heads BROCCOLI SWISSCHARB 3^"/$1 RABISHES 3/49'| MS APPLES Red Delicious Seeks better med ethics enforcement SACRAMENTO (UPI) Gov. Edmund G. Brown^Jr. •MondajT called'K)r increased state enforcement efforts against physicians charged with unethical conduct or people accused of practicing medicine without a license. Included in his proposed 1978-79 state budget was $783,707 to step up investigations of such cases by the state Board of Medical Quality Assurance arid to .reimburse the state attorney general's , office for prosecution of such cases. . Under 'the proposal five additional investigatoif's will be hired by the board to^se the investigative woirkload. Nabisco PREMIUM SALTINES 1 lb. 55' Mr. Clean LHHIIB CLEANER 28 OZ. $|09 Del Monte ISWEET PEAS 303 can 3/89 Del Monte CUT OREEN 3/M ORAPEFRUIT 9/991 PINEAPPLES 59fa 303 can Kraft REAL MAYONNAISE Quart • $109 Gomet CLEANSER 21 OZ. Giant Size 2/79 Mrs. Butterworth's SYRUP 24 OZ. $|09 Downy FABRIC 64 OZ. King Size $|49 Bounce FABRIC 20 Sheet box l¥ory UQUIDOETEROENT 32 OZ. C King Size. tOENT I GRADE ^ ^ ^'"Plrn^/^"^ Zest, SOAP Bath Size 3/* I IMKRIALMARSAIIIE i ib. cubed... 57* nUlSRURY BISCUITS 7oz. 7 /09« Buttermilk - Country Style - Ballard * * r' KRAFT SEUa-A-SIZE CHEESE .J[0* Off Marked>rt€es

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