Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on July 29, 1963 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 29, 1963
Page 5
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Your Problems — 6v Ann Landers — DEAR ANN LANDERS: rv<- heard it said that marrying a divorced man is like buying a j secondhand car. You just b u y i somebody else's trouble. ) Is thi s true or not? I've dis- 1 cussed this with several friends ! and have collected a fasinat- i ing variety of opinions. I'd like \ to see your answer in the column. I Thank you. — IN LOVE BUT IN i DOUBT ' Dear In: Some secondhand cars are bargains and can offer ; many years of faithful service, j Others are awful disappointments because they were misrepresented by someone who wanted to make a quick sale. It's always wis e to get a little history. Why is it on the market? Has it been in a serious wreck and patched up to look as good as new? Or did the original owner unload it merely because she wanted a new model? .DEAR ANN LANDERS: You seem to know a lot about psychology. Will you please explain why some people who are well off financially go out of their w,ay to give the impression that they are actually hard up? I can understand why people who are not very well-heeled might pretend to have something, but what about these other kooks? Our friends live in a $50,000 j home, drive three cars, take elegant trips and the whole family dresses beautifully. Yet they are forever crying poor mouth. They say such things as, "We can't understand why the SmiUis invited us — we aren't in their league financially." Tlie truth is they can buy and sell the Smiths ten times over. What makes people behave like this? — CAN'T FIGURE 'EM Dear Can't: The poor-mouthers have- a sily notion about how peope of means are expected to behave, and they don't feel equal to it. So they try to shake th e Jab 61 of "well to do" to avoid • living up to their manufactured image. Bragging in reverse is phony and bootless. Perhaps they'll see thi s and cut it out. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: Your advice to Marcella, the 14-year- old girl with the 35 per cent < hearing loss, was cold and in' adequate. j No one ridicules a blind per- j son because he can't see, or a , lame person -because he can't walk, but when a hard-of-hearin'g person says he can't hear he is often accused of not paying attention or using his handicap to goof off. Why didn't you tell Marcella to ' check to learn if there is a speech and hearing clinic in her I city? If a hearing aid is not prescribed slip could take a lip- reading course. You could have told her, too, to write to the Volta Bureau. 1537 — 35th Street, Washington 7. D.C. This is an information center which was founded by Alexander Graham Bell, whose wife Mabel was stone deaf. I do hope you will print this for the benefit of all the Marcellas who are struggling with partial deafness. You owe thorn more than they got from your first reply. -'TAMPA TEACHER OF THE DEATH Dear Teacher: I appreciate your hauling me up short for what you considered a "cold and inadequate" reply. You letter is vastly bett-er and more useful than my answer. Confidential to Frazzled Nerves: Why don't you stop trying to please everybody and please yourself for a change? Then at least ONE person will be satisfied. * * * Confidential to Offender or Offended: Sorry, but you're mistak en at the top of your lungs. The person who does th e telephoning is supposed to idenify himself. The woman was not rude when she asked "Who is this?" You were rude for not telling her before she asked. Are you going steady? Making marriage plans? If so, send for Ann Landers' booklet, "Before You Marry — Is It Love Or Sex?", enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envel ope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Paul Moore Celebrates Paul Moore, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Moore, 601 N. 9th, celebrated his seventh birth day Saturday afternoon with a party at his home. Highlight of the afternoon was the decorated birthday cake with seven candles. Guests were Miss Carol Jean Moore, from Larned, Terry, Lonnie and Ange la Moore. (/ . Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Ross, 1 North Vernon, tnd., left today! after visiting Vs brother and i wife. Dr. and Mrs. E. W. Ross. 809 N. 6lh. The vacationed together in the Colorado mountains last week, returning Frilay night. NOW SHOWING! •Roaring Action . . . Plus Color Cartoon STARTS WEDNESDAY! It's a riot of laughter for you . . . Jerry lems .TsQlMLV MONEY A PARAMOUNT RtlUSt • , CO-HIT- FRED ASTflIRE DUNE REYNOLDS HUNTER —«•»— TECHJVCfllOi SPECIAL WEDNESDAY MONEY SALE At Intermission Time . . . We will trade with you . . . $10.00 — $5.00 1.50 — 1.25 — 1.10 and $1.00 for 95c YOU CAN'T LOSE Limited Number Sold 1st Come 1st S»rv« Skewer cookery: thread chick en livers and small mushrooms on small skewers. Brush with French dressing and broil on one side; turn, brush with more dressing and finish broiling. In Wichita attending a fall gift show Saturday and Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McClung, 2104 N. 7th. ' Returning to Wichita this weekend is Mrs. Dave Wilson who has been staying with her la'.ighter, Mrs. P. C. Michel, 1909 Chesterfield, while Mrs. Mic- icl was recovering from surgery. Steven and David Michel, who tiave been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Loyal Otte, Great Bend, will return Tuesday. Arriving Saturday from Perryton, Tex., were Mr. and M r s. John McElroy who will visit several days with his mother, Mrs. M. W. McElroy, 1310 "A" and his sister Mrs. Violet Smith. Spending a week with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Swenson, 605 N. Glh, were Brian and Devin Courier, 1214 Pinecrest, while their parents were vacationing. Overnight guests Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs Walter Snell, 1007 Pat's Drive, was their granddaughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schweithale from Stafford. The Snclls went to Pratt Thursday and stayed overnight with her motherj Mrs. William Neidhardt. Mrs. Lucille Castro was In Dodge City Saturday and Sunday visiting her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Don Grimsley and Gay Lynne. Having a Colorado vacation this week will be Mr. and Mrs. Leon Ramsey, Barbara, Gwen, Julie and Shari, 801 Cedar. L;ke garlic flavor? Crush a clove and add it to the butter or margarine used for brushing broiled chicken. Spending the weekend in Guy mon, Okla., were Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Calhoon, 707 E. Fulton, They visited Mrs. Calhoon's parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Blevings. Leaving today for their home in Omaha, Neb., is Airman 1-c and Mrs. Lloyd Wilcox who visited the past week with his par ents, Mr. and Mrs. John Wilcox, Rt. 1. Airman Wikox i s with the 549th Strategic Missiles Squadron. Mrs. Emma Leah LeGessc, Don and John, 314 N. 9th, returned last week from a vaca tion at Estes Park, Colo. Guests at thc home of Mr. ant Mrs. Walter Brennaman, 309 N 10th, are Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brennaman and son, Walter Al len, Huntsville, Ala., who arriv ed Tuesday for a week's visil and Mrs. Rome Whitman anc son, Tommy, Albany, Ore., who came last week for a two weeks visit at the parental home. KMrhen remin ler: you can substitute a tablespoon of instant 'iiinced onion for a quartsr t'Jp oi choppi c 1 minced raw. oninn. NOW SHOWING! A PARMOUN! RMASE Mature adult entertainment STARTS WEDNESDAY! If it's laughter you're after . . . here it is . . . . Here Comes Curtis Kinney, Boulder Colo, spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Kin ney, 801 N. 6th. CREATIVE HOUSEWIVES will take advantage of the froih fruits and berries in the market *a make tempting desserts. Usual desserts may become gourmet's delights with just a touch of fluffy meringue and artistic additions of fresh strawberries, cherries, peachas, grapes or any favorite. Choice Ins Bulbs Sold At Finnup Park Auction "Who would like to bid on a $20 iris bulb?" Excitement reigned supreme Saturday afternoon at the iris auction in Finhup Park. Not even the intermittent sprinkles dampened spirits as iris fans gaily bid for the choice iris bulbs brought members of the Southwestern Area Iris Club. "Blue Baron", catalogued as a $20 bulb, brought $7.25; "Leather Lace", listed as a $17.50 value, was sold at $6, and "Krinkle Beauty," another rare bulb, went for $5. There were bargains galore. In charge of the auction were Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Jones who kept secretaries Mrs/ Robert VenJohn and Mrs. W. R. Ronick busy as the bulbs sold so fnst. Preceding t h c auction the group enjoyed a picnic dinner. Among those attending were the Rev. and Mrs. Robert Jeffries, Satanta; Wllma Trlmpa, Sublette; Lee Farr, Subletle; Mrs. Virginia Matthews, Kinsley; Mrs. Ida Daniels and Mrs. Ervin Gruber, Scott City; Edna Morsbach, Tribune; Dorothy Dinkcl, Tribune; Mrs. Dick Lohmann, Dodge City; Phyllis Chopp, Jewell Hummer, Edna Richardson, Edwin Gutchtng, A. J. Chopp, Mrs. M. L. Russell, Mrs. W. F. Hull, Mrs. J. 0. Carter and Miss Elsie Bursk, all of Garden City. Showef Honors Marilyn Phillips Marilyn Philips, bride-elect of I Harry Montlnr of Anthony, was j honored Wednesday evening nt the home of Mrs. Urban Ocrhcr, ftUi N. 12th. Co-hostesses were 1 Miss Eileen (itM-bor nnd Mrs. John Holland. A mIllinium bride nnd bridegroom surrounded by yellow pnin-pnm mums nnd topped with an umbrella centered the white tare cloth with green underskirt. Petit fours Unnwd with yellow rosebuds and frosted lime punch were placed In mlnlnlui'c yellow umbrellas ss favors, Mrs. Frank Schulman nnd Jennue Philips were winners of th c prizes for tho games played. Tims* attending Included Mrs. Morton Philips, mother of the future bride: Mines, Gene Wnro, L. M. LarKent, Leroy Hood, Klls- worth Slujrman, Max (Joldsber- ry, J. I). Hayuosford. Fletcher Nesbltt, Don Powell, John Ktitts Jr., Frank Scluilmnn, Ralph Ilinkle, J. P. Sheehy, nnd tlvo Misses Jennne Philips, A I lee Rnynesford, Janot Gllclirlsl, nnd Janice Meredith. Rending gifts were Mrs. Rryce Roderick, Mrs, Louis Gllchrisl, and Miss Pattl Morroll. Mrs. McCarthy Given Farewell Coffee Thursday St. Mary's Altar Society gnvo a farewell coffe P Thlirsdny morn- Ing nt the home of Mrs. Frnnk Blnsi, 603 N. 4th. Honorce was Mrs. George McCarthy who Is moving to Wlclllln. She was presented with n gift from thc group nnd n personal gift from each one, attending. Guests wer c Mrs. Charles James, Clifford Hope Jr.. Lester Hnhn. Eddie Sehnurr, Fred Sullivan, Albert Knoll, Ed Knoll, H. C. Snrtorius, Phil Shoehy, Anthony Becker, Earl floncly n n d Miss Susan Schtille, of Wlchltn. Sending gifts but unable to attend worn Mines. Arthur Higgins, George Ilerron nnd Jnmos Morrow. Hostesses were Mmos. Edwin Zom, William Wnslngor, nnd John Tnlley. Paqt 5 I'll.v THotfrnm Monday, July 29, 1963 a. ame RCQERT LEONARD U the nnme selected by Mr. nnd Mrs. Jnmes Woixlrow, Ulysses, for their son. His birthday Is July 211. RANDALL JOE wns chosen by Mr. and- Mrs. Robert Brung- ardl, 305 Mary, us tho nnmc for their son born July 21. MICHAEL KERRY, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Mike Garcia, 15ll Hnttle, wns born July 17. VIRGINIA IMOOENE wns selected by Mr, and Mrs. H. K. Culvert. 1)01 N. 4th, ax tho nnme for their daughter. Date of her birth wns July 18. -Whether buying or selling, tiao Wnnt Ads I The Taylors Honored with PicnicSupper A pienlo supper wns Riven Mr, nnd Mrs. Robert Taylor, 51ft Tay« lor, Rn'tiirdny evening on I h« Inwn of Mr. nnd Mrs. C. L. Baf« mini, 309 Evnns. Attending tho covered dish supper 'Wore Mi', and Mrs, C. A. Humphrey, Mr. nnd Mrs. M. C. Henver, Mr. nnd Mrs, Lloyd Suedflknm, Mr. nml Mrs. Oils Frnrtlnr, Mr. find Mrs. Leo Johnson, Mrs, Charllon Brown nnd s> ti Hurry. Tho Tnylors will be leaving soon for their new location In Goodlnnd where he has been transferred with the Federal Avi- ntlon Agency. Calendar of Social Events MONDAY FtNNRY COUTV PAHK F18H AND (JAMW -- Civic Crater. 7i30 p.m. Kvcrynno InvltrM. TIIHHNUAY niniHTIAN WOMKN'8 FBM..OW- 811 IP I):nil n.m. linker Clmiwl. All Ki't'iiiw iu'<» lo nlli'iitl. r Boil C-C orner MY FAVORITE CAKK KUOSTING 3 tablespoons whlto sugar mid 3 tablespoons water together for a minute Put Into smnlt mixing bowl nnd bent: 3M cups powdered sugar Vi cup fluffy shortening 1 whole egg 1 teaspoon vanilla Boat syrup mixturo Into oilier mixture until creamy. For snow whlto icing use only the egR while, MRS. DALE WDE1.BLUTI5 170(! N. 3rd. V (Send your favorite recipe t» H»« Co«»'» Corner, licit rtehi*) which Is puNlihed will earn • $1 prlie for the contributor 1 . RwelpM will be judged on the bails of reader Interest or originality. They mav be taken from • cook book or maoailne, but the source should be given and sh-ild not be a current Issue.) LITTLE LINKS Miniature Golf Course In Flnnup Park Now open nightly • » 6t30 p.m. Open «t 1 p.m. on S«t, 4 Sun. O»ly 2Se for 19 holes. tUM-.rt b, KXU V3U OofifeU* U, COMING SOON! THE INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED HIT! DAKPffl f ZANUCKS THE Visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Blake, 612 N. 2nd, have been Mrs. Don Blake, Cherie, Ronnie and Diane of Topeka, who are also visiting her mother, Mrs. Ida Meade, 1010 N. 4th. Mrs. William Kinney and Michelle of Boulder, Colo., were weekend guests at the Blake home. Recent guests at thc home of Mrs. E. T. Crawford, 1411 "B", have been her two daughters, Mrs. George Sanctuary, Debbie and Cindy from Fort Worth, Tex., and Mrs. Robert James, Jeffery and Johny of Mulllnville. All were here for a lO^day visit. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Crawford, Bellflower, Calif., are spending the summer with their daughter, Mrs. M. L. Russell and family, 1509 "B". The Russells and Crawfords went to Smith Center yesterday where they attended the Bloomer family runion and were to spend several days visiting. Farewell Cook-out Given Paul Reid Paul Reid, former principal of the Alta Brown School, was honored with a farewell cookout party by his senior high school Sunday school class of the First Baptist Church. The barbecue was given on the patio of the Walter Snell home, 1102 Pershing, with 15 attending. A gift of appreciation was given Mr. Reid who will soon move to Wichita. He was teacher of this class the past four years. Debra Elson Is Three Years Old Debra Elson, daughter of Mr. and (Mrs. Tom Elson, 1707 "B", was honored Sunday with a family dinner to celebrate her third 'birthday. Guests were her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hood and Uncle Larry, Montezuma; Mrs. Barton Wherritt and Jimmy Quinlan, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Lisa Giesbrecht, Sublette; and Kimberly Elson. Mr. and Mr». 'Vaughn Wheeler, 302 Balllnger, entertained unexpected weekend guests from Alva, Okla., Mr. and Mrs. Jim Barker who will both be teaching In Lamar, Colo., next year. When preparing shirred egv;s, cover the dishes with aluminum foil and the eggs won't harden over the top. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY MAN Oil WOMAN PART TIME TOY ROUTE VEHY SMALL STAUTINf! CAPITAL GOOD INCOME OPEKATK FKOM IIOMK SKVKKAI, CHOICE TKHIUTOUIKS AVAILABLE SOON GAHDKN CITY anil DcxlKo City Liberal pliiH BevtM'iil other ari'HH Wo will appoint 11 dlMiMTi! infill or woman lo BHlnhllxli mid Hcrvlri- mimhi'r of si'iisntlonnl nolf-mTV "TOY SHOP" Dl«playn loiMitcd In nmrknls, ili'ut'. vnrlftly Hlorcn. «tc. You imiHt rc'plari' loyn cucli wi'*k and COll*"'t MUIIH'V. REQUIRES ONLY FEW HOURS EACH WEEK Till* In not a Jot) Init a clianct to «cl Into KiwtliliiK you may IIIIVB ulw»y« wanted — a niiHlnesH of your own. One that can l>« handled in Hpui-e limn a.'id Htlll leave; room for full tlnip expunmon. NOT A GET RICH-QUICK- SCHEME If you Imve a cloalM to better your«elf -- if soher, mul r''rill\ ^liH'i'ie. have a ra, & $2BH (oilnlioiii recmlrfd), apply at once. xirliiK fom pleti- detulU aliout yoni'rttlf, (ilion numlicr. Airmail or wire: TOY MKKCHANDIHINC COUP. m-10 5St1i Hire.• I WoodHiiJe 77. New York D. C. DIRKS, M. D. and M. E. SPIKES, M. D. ANNOUNCE THE OPENING OF THEIR OFFICES Effective MONDAY, JULY 29th at 312} N. Main—Above Morris Drug Store Phone 6-7624 Office Hour$ 9 to 5 SHOP AND £AV/E OW THESE IDEAL... STAR-I<:i9T CHUNK APP1AN WAV. .. TUN PIZZA MIX oni M ..*Spy£ TASTY.. . c+n. ICECREAM SWAWSOKJ FR.OZ&M.. T-V DINNERS WIL90WS CC&TIFIED C H O P P & D Smoked Beef THRIFTY BRAND F- R.O2 B M 20-oz. P**fl- Beefsteaks U. Q, NJQ.l NAOOR.PARK . . . , APRICOTS Z-LB3, M U C K. & R. ICE CREAM TOPPING • CHQCQLA1K • ... GRAPG JAM «MUCKta'to. »LACtt K PRESERVES TOM/V1O. . . •r^'""*"**-**** w ' **f>w CK PRESERVES THRU WEP. JULY 3), (9faa

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