Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 7, 1972 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, January 7, 1972
Page 5
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/ r ion Lano Lelding E.H.S. Lana is modeling from the Red Eye fall 1971 collection — a brown flare skirt with a top of brown with embroidered elephants in purple and red for design. RED EYE Skirt- Top - - $8.00 -$13.00 Sizes 5-13 Many different styles of Red Eye to choose from in skirts, slacks, and tops on the fashion balcony of McCleary's. ma eary. A IN ESTHERVILLE Speech Contest Ne'ars as Entrants Begin Preparation Large Group Speech Contestants Begin Work Cast in large group categories for speech contests scheduled for Jan. 22 at Algona are (front 1. to r.) Kathy Tredway, Arlene Berry, Romona Doyle, Kim Yule, Debbie Norgaard; (back 1. to r.) Tim Pearson, Mike Fisher, Steve Powers, Scott Rohlf, Scott Sunde, Kathy Kultala, Diane Forsyth, Debbie Johnson, Joe Timmins and Jeff Fain. THE PEPPER Voc Are VOLUME 50; NO. 12 Edited by Students of Estherville High School ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, FRL, JAN. 7, 1972 Ag, FFA Variety in Page 5 Winter Wonderland Woes BY KYMM ZITTERICH I was waiting for it to come, and then one night while I was just sitting and staring out my window at the cold, dark sky- it happened!!! Well, in case you're wondering — It snowed!!! There it was — all that beautiful white fluffy snow. I was watching it so closely I could al- the table. six points. By the time I got to 2,022 I realized it was starting to get quite dark. That's when Mom called me to come and set the table. Good grief! Didn't she realize how much this snowfall meant to me! Apparently not! For soon I was placing the dinner plates around most hear it fall! Have YOU ever heard the snow fall? I wanted to wait 'til the ground was covered with a veil of white, before I bundled up to go outside. I began counting snowflakes that were falling against the window pane before me. Every single one was different, and they all had Finally supper was over and I hurriedly cleaned off the table and threw the dishes in the dishwasher. I couldn't wait to get out into the snow. I hurried about gathering my snow attire and started getting ready. First my long red ,underwear, then a flannel shirt, topped off Schedule Gets Busier Art Students Begin Final Projects All students in Mr. Filing's art classes have begun their final projects for the first semester. Each student is to have at least one picture handed in by the end of the two-week period. It can be done with anything the student wants. It can be sketched in pen or pencil. Watercolor, oils or anything can be used. This picture will count for 10 per cent of the students semester grade. They will then take a written semester exam later on. In the last few editions of the Estherville Daily News were a few examples of Art I's progress. When asked why he put them in, Mr. Elling commented that he just wanted to show the people what the students were really doing. He thought if basketball and other sports and organizations were recognized, then why not the artists and their work? N.E.A.S. Tests Are Available to E.H.S. Students NEAS tests will be given to all students interested in an engineering career. NEAS, National Engineering Aptitude Search, will be given either Jan. 15 to 29 or Feb. 12 to 26. The tests are designed to measure a student's aptitude for further engineering studies. There will be a three dollar charge for each student taking the test. Any student wishing to learn more about the NEAS program may contact the High School Guidance Office. Semester Tests January 17, 18 Students in all grades will soon be taking their books out from their lockers, dusting them off and, hopefully, opening them up. They will begin to at least fake studying for semester exams. The exams will be given for two days, Jan. 17 and 18. After all their tests are completed, the treasured books will be placed back in their original position for another semester. -' BY KYMM4BMTERIOH - • Tonight the Midgets travel to Emmetsburg to begin the second half of the conference season. So far the Midgets have a 5-2 conference record. Coach Hess said the E-Hawks have been off and on in playing First Place Goes to Arlene Berry "My Responsibility to Freedom" was this year's theme in the 25th Annual Voice of Democracy Contest. The entrants wrote a three to five minute speech on this theme. The contestant recorded the speech which was presented for judging. This year's winners at EHS were Arlene Berry, first, and Janine Kruse, second. The first place winners tape was sent on to the district contest for judging. This will be done on Jan. 10. If winning there, the tape will continue on to state and then to national judging. Each state winner is provided with a five-day all expense paid trip to Washington, D.C., plus the opportunity to compete for national scholarships totaling $22,500; First place - $10,000; second place — $5,000; third place — $3,500; fourth place — $2,500; and fifth place — $1,500. The contest is sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars and it's Ladies' Auxiliary with the cooperation of the National and State Associations of Broadcasters. Midget Minds Take on Webster City The Estherville High School Bowl team will go back into actionagainst Webster City on Feb. 5. Webster City was last year's bowl champ and promises to be touch competition. Team members will be Connie Juergens, Tom Pearson, Roily Moe, and Dan Wischhof filling in for Steve Powers. Estherville moved into quarterfinal action by eliminating Clarion on Dec. 2. The program will be taped on Saturday and then shown Thursday, Feb. 10,onKVFD, Fort Dodge, at 6:30 p.m. with some good ball games and others in which they had some off-shooting. Emmetsburg has a young ball club which is expected to improve, continued Hess. "Our first game with Emmetsburg was kind of tight," commented Hess, "until we broke open in the third quarter." Last Tuesday night the Midgets set a record by scoring over 100 points in a conference game against Spirit Lake. The previous record was 91 points against Spirit Lake in 1968. John Bown made the history-making basket that took the team over the 100 mark. "The reason the Midgets did so well in scoring," stated Coach Hess, "was because of the ball hawking of the defense which caused the Indians to have numerous turnovers." Another outstanding point of the evening was the even scoring, with five players in double figures. Two of these players, Marty Groth and Doug Brandt, came from the bench. The two highest scorers of the evening were Bob Grems with 20 points, and Wayne Hess with 19. "I hope we can keep the enthusiasm that has been demonstrated," commented Hess, "because we have a busy schedule in the weeks ahead." Tomorrow night the Midget team hosts Fairmont in a non - conference game. Coach' Hess recalls that the Fairmont team has always been tough to play because they have pretty good speed in the guard court and good outside shooting ability. Last year the Midgets played one of their better games with Fairmont, and beat them. "They'll probably be seeking revenge this year," commented Hess. So far the Coach has felt that the Midgets have played up to their potential even though they lost to Cherokee andStormLake. He also said Spencer is a tougher ball club than they're given credit for. "Except for the third quarter of the Cherokee game and the Spencer game," stated Hess, "the Midget team has played pretty well up to ability." Although this is a senior ball club, the players try to get the ball to the other members, added the coach. "It's very important to play well and unselfishly," saidHess, "and our degree of success depends upon the team's effort." Debaters At Lake Compete City Two EHS debate teams will be traveling to the Lake City Tournament tomorrow. One varsity and one junior varsity team will compete. Mr. Barger is EHS debate coach. with my hooded sweatshirt, and my warm jacket. Oh, yes, I wore pants, too — three pairs! Plus a pair of socks! And for some reason I couldn't seem to get my snow boots on no matter how hard I tried. So I decided, instead of trying to tuck the legs of my three pairs of pants inside my boots, I let them hang over. It worked! Finally I threw on my hat, scarf, and mittens and was ready to go out when all of a sudden—well, I'm too embarrassed to say. But after leaving the bathroom and putting on my attire once more, I realized it was already 10:30. WOW! I'd just get outside and have to come right back in. But since I was so excited, I was determined to go through with it. After securing my hat and re- ting my scarf, I threw on my mittens and quickly glanced over myself from head to toe to make sure I was ready. Yes, I was! I tried to take a step in the direction of the door but I couldn't move! After concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other for five minutes, and still getting nowhere, I realized my problem. I had on too many clothes. I managed to give up two pairs of pants and one shirt, and my problem was solved! I was now ready. The door before me was finally opened and there I stood, gazing at the white wonder before me. If ever any place resembled heaven — this was surely it! Just as I was ready to step forth onto this splendor, both my feet came out from under me— and there I was sprawled out on the cement steps! I couldn't even touch the snow, let alone play in it. Confounded ice!!! What a way to spend my favorite day of the year— in bed with a bruised tailbone! I'm not that worried, though, because I'm sure there's more snow yet to come. Of course next time I'll be sure to make it outside. I'll be going out the back door!!! I Resolve My New Year's Resolution is to — Control myself — Study my German — Lose all my holiday weight — Have a good time — Get along better with my pai jnts — Eat less and save more money — Win my favorite girlfriend — Feed my dog everyday — Get a job — Get better grades — Buy a new Corvette — Have a better Halloween — Brush my teeth — Leave home after graduation — Please my friends — Find peace on earth — Help end the Vietnam war — To get the lead in the school play — Go to the moon • —Stop getting in trouble with the cops — Grow my hair longer — Listen to all of Mr. Barger's lectures and take his advice — Enjoy the snow — Greet everyone with a smile — Bite my fingernails — Try to catch a guy — Be a pacifist by heart and nature — Not to get married until 1973 — Lose five pounds — Be nicer to my folks — Not go with any guys from out of town — Get more sleep — Stop swearing — Save my money instead of spending it — Find the perfect apartment Of Activities Voc Ag and FFA students are engaged in a wide assortment of activities. The Ag Careers class has recently taken field trips to Mor- rells, Kent Feeds, Golden Sun, Arts Way, and the Emmetsburg Technical School. The purpose of these trips is to show the different opportunities for work in an agricultural area. The Farm Management class composed of seniors and juniors is also busy. Presently the class is working on shop projects. The projects range from a trailer to a feed bin. The students are encouraged to work on their own and develop their shop skills. Sophomore classes are working in the shop and learning how to weld, drill bits, and how to use an acetylene torch. The Sophomore parliamentary procedure team is preparing for the FFA Sub-District Contest held here Feb. 26. Freshmen are currently studying livestock nutrition and feed rations. There will also be a Freshman FFA member entered in the creed speaker contest. Grapplers Will Meet Clarion Tonight The Midget grapplers will be traveling to Clarion tonight to participate in a dual meet. The Grapplers lost to Clarion last year by a score of 37-9. The Estherville squad had only three champions last year, Jerry Sundal 8-4, Steve Herum 13-0, and Stan Peterson 6-0. Coach Brainard expects this to be a very rough meet. The .Junior Varsity will begin their matches at 6:30 and the Varsity at 8:00. The Grapplers next meet will be at LeMars on Saturday, Jan. 15. BY TIM PEARSON Choral reading, play reading and one-act plays are again being undertaken by the Estherville High School speech department for competition in the District Large Group Speech Contest. The district contest will be held Jan. 22 in Algona at the Algona Garrigan High School. "Sound of the Sixties" is the chosen play reading this year. When asked to compare this year's reading to last year's play reading, "Sounds of Shakes- pere," Miss Cynthia Fisher, Speech Department head answered, "Of course. . . 'Sound of the Sixties' hasn't stood the test of time that Shake spere has but I feel that the underlying ideas and material in 'Sixties' is equal to that which we did last year." Students involved in play reading are Kathy Tredway, Diane Forsyth, Debbie Norgaard, Kim Yule, Kathy Kultala, Karla Miller, Debbie Johnson, Ramona Doyle, Jeff Fain, Mike Fisher, Steve Powers, Scott Rohlf, Joe Timmins, Tim Pearson and Scott Sunde. The cutting being used for the One-Act Play competition is taken from "Skin of Our Teeth." Characters portrayed in the one- act are Sabina, Diane Forsyth; Mrs. Antrobus, Debbie Norgaard; Henry, Scott Rohlf; Mr. Antrobus, Mike Fisher; Mr. Tremayne, Steve Powers; Hester, Debbie Johnson; Fred Bailey, Jeff Fain; and Gladys, Arlene Berry. "The Madwomen of Chailot" is being undertaken as the play reading. Characters are Countess, Kathy Tredway; Constance, Kim Yule; Josephine, Ramona Doyle; Ima, Kathy Kultala; Rag­ picker, Tim Pearson. In large group competition a participating student may enter only two large group activities and one small group or individual event. Tryouts for large group openings were held after school on Jan. 3 in Miss Fisher's room. Individual speech competition has been scheduled for Feb. 2526 with sites tentatively set at Spencer and Sheldon. State competition will be in March with the site yet to be named. Areas in which students may enter are book reviewing, after dinner speaking, storytelling, oratorical declamation, dramatic acting, humorous acting, interpretive reading, interpretive poetry, original oratory, extemporaneous speaking, radio news speaking, expository address, improvislonal story telling, one- act plays, readers theatre, duet acting, choral readinganddebate. Mrs. Don Mitchell, sophomore English instructor has offered to work with the sophomores interested in small group speech. With this added help Miss Fisher stated, "There should be no reason that Estherville High School will not or should not have an entrant in every field." Semester Tests Listed Students of EHS are now preparing for the first semester tests. The tests will be given on Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 17 and 18, from 8:30 to 3:30. Students not having tests may leave the building and come only when they have a test scheduled. MONDAY - JAN, Time 8:30-10:00 17 Subject Geometry Algebra I Power Mechanics Brit. Literature Business Law Personal Typing Spanish D3 10:00-11:30 Homemaking n Voc AgH U. S. History Sociology Personal Typiilg 12:30-2:00 Biology Algebra HI < Economics Metals & Welding Homemaking in 2:00-3:30 Woodworking Personal Typing German I Spanish II Speech Voc Ag in Bookkeeping TUESDAY - JAN. 18 Time Subject 8:30-10:00 10 English Basic Communications Am. Literature German n Personal Typing Engineering Drawing Advanced Composition 10:00-11:30 WorldHistory Government Applied Math Senior Math Typing O Engineering Drawing Geography 12:30-2:00 General Business Chemistry Business English Physics Typing H Geography 2:00-3:30 Make - up and Conflicts Art I, Art DI, Debate, Journalism and Shorthand will be arranged by individual instructors. Ros Returns To Australia EHS will soon be losing a foreign exchange student when Roslyn Foskey returns to her home in Australia Jan. 14. During Roslyn's year in Estherville, she has made exciting visits to many places in the U.S. She visited most of the mid­ west en route to California, when she went there with the Marvin Rohlf family this summer. Roslyn also went to Chicago with the Presbyterian youth group. Last spring, she attended a session of the state legislature and was introduced there. Ros thinks the most important thing that happened to her was the friendship she received from all the people she met. She said she has liked Estherville very much and she will miss it when she goes back home next week. INFORMATION CENTERI • ARMY RECRUITER 522^ Central • AMBULANCE — Phone 362-2735 *• CHAMBER OF COMMERCE] Open 8:30-12, 1-5 Mon. thru Fri. * CITY HALL Open 8-5, Monday through Friday * COURTHOUSE Open 8-4, Monday through Friday • DIAL A PRAYER Phone 362-2828 it DRIVER LICENSE EXAM. City Hall, 8:30-4 : 30, Monday Only *- FEDERAL BUR. OFINVES. Omaha, Neb., 402-348-1210 • FIRE DEPARTMENT Phone 362-3511 it HELP FOR ALCOHOLISM Phone 362-2631 * HOLY FAMILY HOSPITAL Phone 362-2631 # IOWA HIGHWAY PATROL (Police Radio-Storm Lake)' 732-1341. If no answer, (Spencer) 262-1424 I* PUBLIC LIBRARY I Open 10-9, Monday through Friday, 10-6 Saturday 'it MEALS ON WHEELS Phone 362-4236 Between 9 & 10:30 a.m. j* NAVY RECRUITER < City Hall, 11-1 Wednesday only • POLICE DEPARTMENT Phone 362-3515 it ZIP CODE DATA Open 8:30-5, Monday through Friday it SHERIFF'S OFFICE Phone 362-2639 + SOCIAL SECUR1TYV Every other Tuesday 10:30 a.m. 'till 12:30 Noon- City Hall * WEATHER WATCH Phone 362-2666 FOR INFORMATION ON COMMERCIAL PRINTING CONTACT THE DAILY NEWS Student Teacher Takes over Class Miss Elaine Stoelting, senior English major from UNI is teaching sophomore English under direction of Mrs. Mitchell. Mrs. Ostrem's Classes Take Ability Test A couple of weeks ago Mrs. Ostrem's girls' physical education classes took a motor ability test. If you're in doubt about what it tested, try these: 1. Kneel on left knee, hands on hips, hold right leg out straight in front above the floor. Hold balanced position for five seconds. 2. Stand on right foot, grasp left foot in right hand in back. Lower knee to the floor and then return to original position. 3. Full squat position. Put hands around your heels and touch fingers in front. Hold for five seconds. 4. Stand on right foot. Hold left foot in right hand in front. Jump your right foot through the other and retain hold. Girls' Phy Ed Classes Using Gym Machine Girls' Physical Education classes have been working out on the Universal Gym Machine and taking personal inventories of themselves. The gym machine is fairly new in the high school so this is the first time this year the girls have had a chance to work out on it. Radiation—where? When asked why he was growing a moustache, Mr. Barger answered, "Because I neglected to shave my upper lip during Christmas vacation." Barger said he's considered shaving it off because radiation collects in beards, and he doesn't want to be any more radiated' than he has to!

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