Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 22, 1957 · Page 17
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 17
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EIGHTEEN Dental Society Finns • Final Season Meeting [A meeting of the Allegany'Gar- reit Denial Society will he Jield Wednesday, June 5, at 6:30 p. m. •I the Cumberland Country Club. The meeting will be Iho final formal session to be held until 1 fall. EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND, MD.. WEDNESDAY, MAY .22, 1957 llaworlli's Mail Rcr onj Strvic* S 10 Wifii w*st cf Frottbvrg on Rout* 40 DINNERS • Quick Lunches • • Fountain Service TURKEY our specialty at parties, and kid like mad if ilicy meet elsewhere; but that's •j DEAR MARY HAWOBTH: j Y'-^? far^s I know Bill doesn't lhavc a girl fricnd-l'll call her lll!C f^'"?.*!*™"* ^ ^ e"'<* • », ..,.: :...„.,.. ... no clues cither way. However, lie reals her very nicely, and if hey have an argument or dis- Editor 1 ! .Volt: Olrl. IJ, norrk. hrr crowd »l ichoal by falling for well known heart breakfr. DEAU MARY HAWORTH: I — jMargy— who is 13, She likes this l-.'aig.v— «uw la 10, £»ILC lifter UII3 Robison's Rctciaiiranl boy ' Bill> who js "-»'h° reaiiy nWBISUn S neSiaUranl enjoys hurling eMs. 51p is out enjoys nurnng gins, lie is out -,<;..,.;,,„, h . i, -i —. for fun. pretends he )ikes them ** n *™* 1 - hc pa chcs H UP at ,-._,.... . . ' . ' once. He rcsner s hrr vprv mnr h says )ic (hinks he does); and I __ know he makes oul plenty wilh Margy. At dances he won't dance wilh Margy. just to f. and he makes b L .- _ iboys that she'll get mad.: Other he doesn't respect ..._.„.,. As Margy's best /riend. what ".an f do to discourage her from _ iking Bill? What can any of us do to help hcr put him out of her mind for good? 1 - wise, he is a nice boy, good-look- we grow our own! ing. with-money and a wonderful personality. He (reals some girls like dirt beneath his feet, as Margy knows—but still she likes Crystal Drive-In THEATRE Last Times Tonito JOAN CRAWFORD AUTUMN LEAVES Plus Technicolor Comedy .him and is willing to gel hurt. It was rumored some lime ago !that Bill liked another girl, ,Cathy, who is 17. They often walked arm-in-arm, but Cathy doesn't make out, and she liked Bill only as a friend. She and Bill are slill good friends, but Margy thinks he likes her (Margy). Hom Save Her ' From Folly? . Bill and Cathy dance together of it; and some of the boys have fought with her about Bill, to no avail. If anybody asks "Why does she lake it?" (from Bill), somebody else always says, "It's because __ _ „.._„ .„, lllc she s so young." But I am only pose of forming a 4-H Club. Eddie Debbie Fisher Reynolds BUNDLE OF JOY PLUS CARTOON HITS! NOW! mce. He rcspccls her very much nuch Ihe same handicap in the 'ield of romance. Each is com- Jlclcly infatuated 'wilh his own iltle self, and each" in this instance, is morbidly enjoying the "sensation" of being talked about, in reference to the olher, no doubt. Cathy sounds like a 'irsl-class person who really knows how to behave.—M. If; _--„. The kids in our :rowd have tried to talk hcr out Board Receives Cafeteria Bids Food Service Equipment Com. pany of Hyattsville submitted the. apparent low bid of $9,464 lot and installing th< rl!I15ill;gla| rla . p Dul a m equipment in the new man in December W55, wlien (lie Mary Ha worth couruclj thiough her column, no! by mall nr person- at (jiltnlev.',' Write 10 her in care of The Evening Times. (Ki/ij Ftalurei Syndicate) <i-H Club Planned for Barreivillc An organizational meeting will Dial PA 2-4600, for a WANT AD Tak«» Ensign. Cleared Of Reporting Wrong Motorist BALTIMORE, W) — A Federal Court jury has cleared Ens, Donald W. Johnston in a 530,000 damage suit brought by a motorist who said he was arrested falsely. Johnston, Northeast Elementary School along Valley Road. Superintendent of Schools ncident occurred, gave police a wrong license number in jreporl- '— that a weaving car almost hit , -..,-..v.,.,.1 V.* w^iiuuij j,jj5 mHI <t tWuVlllg \.ai ailllC llalph I?. Webster said that the a formation of midshipmen four bids will be tabulated before " ~ 14, and r wouldn't let a. fellow, treat me like that. 1 respect myself. Please answer soon as I want to save .Margy from being on Bill's list of ''old burnt girl friends."-K. S. Heartbreaker h A Heel DEAR K. S.: To put the picture a decision Is made on accept ance.. The other bidders on ' Iht counters, sloves and refrigerators for the new school to he opened in the fall included Clyde Hagerty of Washington. D. 'c. $9,642; Joseph S. Karp and Brothers. Inc:, this city, $10,350, and W. F. Dougherty and Sons, Philadelphia, Pa., 510.G76. Present wilh Webster for Church for the"pur- DLni^supwis™ VSlel ance, and Mrs. Gladys M. Eaton, Harry Kahan of Silver Spring vas arrested and had to post ball at Annapolis. He testified he made everal Irips to a' magistrate's court before he was cleared. The government, in defending 'oJuiston, said he was following a superior ofticcr's'orders in trying i BOCK HUDSON • BARBARA RUSH jttfF MORROW an to recall the license number for police. . - ' ''•:•*'.. :; .~ ' The jury handed dowri th? verdict yesterday after a-two-day [rial. . •••: ' The Si. Lawrence River is 1,800 miles long. . . Invitations have been extended to all interested boys and their parents. Boys in the age group between 10 and 21 are being! sought, according lo James B. assistant, county farm . . supervisor of cafeterias. ***• "* " L * **^~ • -^:. n v . £ V ft *; UaarFom^^L Hi ImAXJUBiwfli "The Stars of Tomorrow Revue" THE RAIN' Arnold, agent. Files Eqiiil'y Suit Clcda L. Shaffer has filed an uiv/Mt h. s.: To put the picture v "™» ^- ^"a»er nas men an in perspective, Margy might be a| c< ? u ^ 5 .' suil in Alicgany County freshman in high school, and Bill, circuit Court against George A, a senior classman. I snoring' silaffer senior classman. 1 suppose. And, no doubt, he is embarrassed, apologetic and defensive, amongst his peers (his fellow seniors), about the matter of.rob- bing the cradle, and taking ad- ' vantage of a baby—and so forth, I and so on—as regards Margy. To cover his embarrassment and drown out his shame of con science—which he can't help feeling, even though he may not admit the existence of conscience —he makes a big joke of her crush on him. He is double-deal- i ing. in terms of professing publicly that he couldn't care less, thus giving the lie (o his private behavior with Margy, which encourages hcr y Private Room ^ of the great shockers of all time"- Anton's Ft. Cumberland Hotel Dining Room Coffee Shop When pennies count-Count on the P, S. BETTY CROCKER "ANSWER" CAKE MIX White • Yellow • Chocolate 2 Pk9S 45c Complete with Baking Pan & Frosting MUSSHMANS PURE FRUIT Jellies 2 It; 35c AUSWEET OLEO MORREL'S PRIDE LEAN SLICED BACON 65c 1h U. S. LARGE POTATOES 45c , portant to htm, emotionally 'k " CU "'"S nctcpnonj, . His bets with the boys about? Cocktoil Parties, etc. :not dancing with her, lo get her | Inquire of igoat, are a face-saving excuse (for snubbing her at social events. (He snubs her in public because jlie's, ashamed of their relationship',—ashamed of his part in it. for being an all-around heel wilh a kid who is fascinated by him. I call that stinker behavior, coining and going—a revolving stinker, as someone has said, Girl Plays The Fool Now. about Margy: She is playing the fool, of course, in fancying herself a siren at age 13, who might capture Bill's heart wilh trollop behavior. And it seems a pity that she has only her crowd at school, and a U-year-oId best friend (namely you), who are on their toes, trying lo help her get straight about her mistake. Don't lany of you kids have parents at borne, with whom to discuss these things? I have writlen bluntly, in the hope that plain words may open Margyrs eyes to her folly, and give BilL a candid camera shot of himself from the audience angle. Both Margy and Bill have ?USLIC 5ERVICI 'OOD MARKETS 2 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU ... AND WE'RE OPEN 24 HRS. DAILY EXCEPT. SUNDAY. CLOSED SUNDAYS (Tempororily) FREE" RESTAURANT PARKING Any Hour Do-/ or Night I 1 /! Hour Free Parking Wi(h CAK WASH 1 .Hour Free Parking Wilh CAR CREASE JOB 1 Hour Free Parking WitH OIL CHANSE ""MU~RP~HY~'S~~" ONE STOP T.I PA 4-004S Carnir Ctntrt ofld Harriten Planning a Party? } HAVE YOUR NEXT V PARTY AT THE 5 F1. Cum!). Hotel I * for any size PARTY \ LAST 2 DAYS! Rock 'N Shock! UNTAM YOUTH r* lUttwfi rut • IMIMUNDOBEM : LORI NELSON 1:15-4:05-6:55-9:45 • n:00-2-.4S-5:40-8 ; 36" A SAVAGE, RUTHLESS BIG-TIME CRIMINAL! "Counterfeit Plan" 2ACHARY SCOTT - IAVISH COSTUMIS BEAUTIFUL SCENERY HOURS I MOVING STAG! ENTERTAINMENT STARTS FRIDAY THE INCREDIBLE ^^ . nu iMincuiULb .»»V SHRINKING i]M AN CO-HIT! "KELLY m ME"-VAN JOHNSON -TKHNICOIBR NOW!* POTOMAC* NOW SHOWING PENN Premier _ SHOWS World's Largest Motorized Show RIDES SHOWS SUPER 40 LAST TIMES TONITE 8:50 11:00 AND THE LOST SAFARI SGROON STARTING TOMORROW sszat GARY COOPER. WlUIAM WYIER'S Featuring World's Largest KIDDIE LAND CUMBERLAND FAIR GROUNDS MAY 20-25 All NBW and Dtfftienl far 1937 Fun for Young end Old Auipicci Bawling Gr*«n Volunteer Fir* Co. Free Parking Two Day SUPER SPECIAL TODAY & THURSDAY ONLY Available at J&K Jug Store SOO N. SI. Dressman Brothers I Barton's Own Brand CREAMERY J & K Jug Store W. fj«dmenl St., Hanna's Jug Store Mo i Try our Fresh Eggs Umstot Grocery Sfiorl Cop, W. Vo. "Hw Mask Al Ammd Y«T Appearing In Johnstown Tuesday, May 28th Jl.Ji. WAR MEMORIAL Tuesday May 28 8:30 P. M. Tickets on Sale totally At Wilson Hardware [Reg. *1", *2" *2" »3°° Winchester Road "2 BIG HITS 2" DIANA/--Trr. DOROTHY MCGUIRE JUST A SHORT BREEZY DRIVE ON RT. 40 ONLY 3 DAYS. WE CANNOT 'HOLD TT'OVER TOMORROW FRIDAY & SATURDAY NO ONE UNDER 17 ADMITTED Starts TOMORROW - Thur. TO OUR PATRONS: wilh it vere possible for ui to odmit you to our Drive-In free In order that every man, woman and teen-ager over 17 in thi» area could tee thii great motion picture. Since we ore unable to do this, all vs tan do i» URGE ond URGE YOU IMPLICITLY to see it. THE MANAGER TOPPING THEM RECORDS FROM COAST TO COAST ALL ON ONE BIG PROGRAM! DRAGNET OF THE BADLANDS.' MANY WILL FAINT! If You Con^t Take It, Don't Com* Alone! Broke All Baltimore and Washington Recordt 7f)« Mfiing facts the finai hours of rf>e deodUesI of them all! NVANTED •a Dai&a Xmwfr-Kaft larsa HUMTlHAU ^Bowery Boys •- -.v "> • • SO YOUNG! SO EAGER! SO LONELYf "NO MAN'S WOMAN'

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