The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1930
Page 2
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MjgSTWO Items of Personal Interest SOCIETY- 'I'll'L"' ^^:L CO WHE1^NEWS i~ FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 1930 Activities and News of Women ** foetal Calendar IJ. I). C. Essay C.nnlesl Winner, ^Tiie'-'.Tiic Dorcas Sunday school piss:,r* . tho • First Baptist church ^"•jiMlne a tueotlng a I the home ft Vn Allw R|nj«x US l|wt Kentucky avenue ^hen Mesdamcs i«f," a- White, Jotlc Shritc and O. ?&. Sine will alw be hostesses ••>v-Ttw Fldells Sunday school -class ; fol the First Bap! H church ii hav- ! !iig a party fit the h:me of Mrs.; ^Frahk RftbertE, UO Diiigan avenue, j ;jrtUi Mesdamts Herman Watpole, , ! jt-'A.': Sp|cer and Frank Sohmuck • [flto hostesses. r ; •fcrtfe Hcct g,<u>wercd ' >£ Another .shower was given Miss ;8elma Shldc, bride elect, labt evc- j'iilhg ' it the club rooms of the ; IfBuslness and Professional women's : < organization •' when Misses Mabel , rHog&n, Mary. Outlaw,. Eca Wrlg'-it • Sand Jessie Srite w«c hostesses to: itliycnly of Miss Shide's most In- i. Jtlmate • friends'! ! Ji'.It was a Bay affair with yellow; T»hd while decorations molting an! Misses Elhrnbrlh ninnetle nncl Mildred M-v,:c, who n'.:i':i'.ly \vcu f.:ato .'attractive scenojfor the Informal i hcnors In tin- essay contest tend mini by the Unllcrt U.iughlui* ct ' "'"'" Mlrs Emnellc, who I* Hi? dawnlcr ol Mrs. L. 11. Burin the- city cenU'St unU icfoiu! prize in the state. Mis.-; •fwero"' dlTo "jeiibW and white. Tn- Moore, who Is the daushter cf nr. am! Mrs. f,. II. Moore; won ihc /3//.S 'of "'News: '•'••-•I* Personal ' Misi Miviin nancy Is a patient! a'- He! Mcnivih!?-Mi-th'ccll&t JIM-i A. Lceeli 1-, attending lo bus- in Memphis trday. j , A. Conv.'.-iy lias roturiu-d! Memphis whevp she sp;ni ai I'.rt time, '' • . ••• | Mrs. Ira Bolunnin;; Is a 'patient' ' thiMcu-.pbjs.Baptist hospital. . Inc.- In' C^iutU-.isvlUc today/' '• j Uuswll Phillips, For Saturday and Monday Extra Fancy Yellow Fruit $tuee Fancy 48 Each •uracuve scene lor uie imuiniui: hcnors In the l SbnttrUhiment. The honoree's chair j p.,.. .,,, ?w*S: markedwith' a large bow olr '' ' >' ftiiese'shndes and Ihc table runners ( '•««••• « cn »'" ^serving the deisert course, the cake Ji?«us' yellow and white as wits the ; mints and cut flowers blended with '"" eofcrs;-T}w. favo" of fortune preceded the opening of gifts, lied in ihe two colors, s»nlch were brought in by George J i.W. Borham in a tiny red wagon, j V-His. part of the party mode the j . : feature amusement. it'"-"Mlss Shide'e marriage to John ?,Ii. Fonner" of Lima, Ohio, Is (o be i'fcblenuuzcd* within Ihc next Iwo state's first- prlne. '1'lic awaids were geld Utah Won it Blunter High P. T. A. J:}ri Coanty Council ?> : ..The Parent-Teacher f jRusscll Blair, K. C. Dont, jr.. and i ;•;Byron .Morse v/ere elected to at-1 fetend the naestings of the county Hit-tup. Mrs. W. W. Shaver ami gjirs. W. ; M. Mc'Kenzle were named M Menus illV SlSTIilt MARY NKA Service W.rlkr Icday. i Mrs. Jelm'8. Bollard of Memphis, • it here with "her ion, Erie,"-who : hns.bccn 111 tor several' flays. '-,:,, i • "•«. Evcictl B. Gee, who"' JIM 111 llirc-c days,'Is now'Improv-1 I ln t . • ! Mrs. fi. L. Reynolds has returned' 1 !:'c::i at. Louis where she attended i la hutinc.v; fcr two days. ".. i Walter KoEcntha] has returnedJC." frcm a business Ivip lo 8(." Louis, j Mrs. Jolin "A'titeiman rulurnVil > today from Memphis where she' i:as b:°n vhllln; for a week. • i Mi.'. Mrs. J. H. S:ovall, who Is' <:'.'it= ill at Ihe Baptist h-.-spitul, i:: !ia b3tlir today. Mr. r.nrt Mrs. Byron Morse, Mr. 3i:d Mrs. R. F. KirEhner are Memphis \l!itois Icday. . Mrs. Patty Knight of Hidffoiop, Ti-iiii., Is visiting in Memphis for Insl nlghl and loday. She accompanied Mr, and Mrs. Russell 1'hll- xfia^fn; lOc Celery Jumbo Weil Bleached S|)lcc takes have .1 stronj hi cold WL'.Ulicr. ll'.e 5t:iclt ol W. B. Turner returned frcm Qrcenvlllp. Mlf5., from n i:v? f (lays busines a huus: dial has had a spice cnkc| there (omorrnw nflcriioon baked hi it is enough lo "make cue's mouth w.Her" and "i ugur and cpicc and evcrylhiiv; nice." A careful bler.;llil:! of spices produces appell/.iiip, ciiinvjes in every- diiy cakrr, :uul cookies at, a minimum of cc-si. All members were urged to altcnd Ihe approaching county meeting in i,-.; : Charles S. Lemon; gave a talk, jipn Thrift" as•!:! keeping with pa- j--:, rcriti' work with I heir cons and r.:daughters! .'...."•"• ji-?:;Mrs. Lloyd Stlckmon's rocm won [•yfho =dollar prize for. having the VEicsl mothers, "present. '"Jewish Aid yt)&t1m\ir ! , .' ;;Lcvy were hostesses to members of ''''•--• Mrs. Joe Isaacs and Mh*: Adilie '; the Jewish Ladies aid society last >:'.evening at the Isaacs home when 2.;14 local-: members'attended. Those r ,frpm-'Osceola were unab'.c It, bo V present because'of-the weather. ?'-. 11 was 'a George Washington : l.:Bweting with gay red, white and •i: bliie' colors used throughoul Ui? ;, lower floor and here were halchels -.U'and cherries and other emblems of ->".this holiday atlractiyely decorating the rooms. .;.- •'-.. The finahce cominlUce announco- -• «d that tliere will be a benefit- Vnl- .•j enline dance given in February bul- that plans for the rummage Bale ;:Vhavs been abandoned for the pics- [. ; A plate lunch of fruit, mouss?, i ;•' .candies, date roll and vnnilla lari. [-..''.'.was served to the members and j - 'guests, Mrs. Louis Slracke and ; . .daushter, Anita, and Joe Apple- r-V-bavun, i v;-- : The next meeting is to be hcW "Vvin Osceola. January '^3 with Mrs ;-,E: M. Jaffre and Mrs. William ; : Niclioh as hostesses. . -'For the program lasl night. Mis. .'•^Waller RoseiUhnl read a poem. •' which is to bi taken by the con".) 'grcgation of the Temple Israel as ;',a rcmmoer of Its obligations. Has Clnli. - Mrs. May L. Aldridgs was the on'•" ly guest at tho weekly party of Ihe , .Mid-Week Bridge club given by ; ". Mis. O. P. Moss Thursday. Pink : :-. tapers were used as centerpieces ;',-. for the two luncheon tables where -the ladies enjoyed a two course :" Brass candle slicks went to Mis. J. Louis Chcrry/and Mrs. Aldrldjc's gilt was tath (Wivdcr. ; Thnrsday Clpb Metis. Members of tiic Thursday Lnncii- . eon club.enjoyed having M^F.dam:; Harry • Kirby, Ciiarlcs Martin and . Ii: Ruth Marian, Miss Margaret Ma-j -'; han and Mrs. Pa'.ly Knislu of '; Ridgetop, Tcnn., at the parly yc> •;- terday when Mrs. J. A. Lccvh was f. hostess. . . -.;'; Following the luuchecn menu, i served in tv.o courses, bridge cn- '•tertaincd the patty for several : hours. Mrs. Byron ilorse wen Wgli •I among the club niemt:r.i and the ~i; guest prize for high score was rc- ;..ceivcd by Mrs. Harry Kirby. J^lclub Members And ~2asii'.s Ai Party. When Mrs.'Malt Mor.a^ban Jr.. yilcilained lire Young Matrons' iJ-Bridge elub yesterday afternoon she ' - ; also .hostess to three tables of Freshly i;rni;iul spice the University of Utah cr.mplcU'd a fcctbnll feascn without defeat snd as R result won U.s fourth vhamplrjiiship cup In HID liocky Mountain Ccnfeiciice. Mis; B;'l- ty Knight, sei-retary of llic :-'.ii- ilenl body, is pictured holding the clmmpionsliip trophy. ; besl ami .strongest llavor, b'.it fc'.v ; housekeepers attempt to prind o r ;Cin:!i tlidr ovn spices those dayA. j Pepper ami nutmeg arj the only j cxccptloiif. Tlic small ireapcr grlnd- i ers for use hi the klichcii or on ] Ui2 table are papular In many j homes, and of course Hie prorcru- lal nutmeg grnlcr 1 : - included In nearly every kitchen equipment. i Spice always mus'. be kept l:i j closely' covered ' cotr.aln^vs. iHth^r [buy sinair quantities nt.a llme'-.or 'put ihto'lhe regular container "c^ily. jp.s miich' as v.ill be used In a fcV | weeks, storin;; the rat in an :iiv- ! tishl canlnlnrr and i^nioving UK supply as needed. Spice Cake Four ccg.i, 1'j cups troun sugar, 3 teaspnois bakiiig i>o\v:lc:\ 2 1 .: cups (lour, 'j cup butler. 1 cuo sweet nillk. 1 tcp.:iK-u:i uhinainon, 1 1 lcabi>oou sail, Cieaiu butter and b:':U isi Snva whiles of three for frost- inu. rj^.^L tme \vhok 1 r;^g and yolks uf the eggs untl! very light and teal into tirsl mlsturr. Mix and r,ift Hour. ?alt r.nd b.'/Kiii;,' pmv- I >lcr air.l add i\il?rn,U-!y v:ith mil's I 10 first mixture. Turn itito a O'.it! U-rsrt and flni re:I drippt:i;j pan and '.is car home which was left, because of Impassible roads due, lo Ihe lains. Mary R-mey Is In Mem- i phis wilh he:- .'Isler, Miss Marlha.l who is 111. I Miss Willie A. L!I'.VMH will i;o! to Oi-.ccola tonight for the baske'. ball game. Miss Cor;i LCD Coleman will i -.cmuir;;-;, 1 In Osccoln. .E. D. Gillcn is in SI. Louis buy- in;; slock for his srcre. ^ ; Mr. and Mrs, Simon Sweeney, who has been since moving, near (o leave tomorrow for New Orlcasi;. where llicy will ' ' Dogwood Ridf/e There Morris. T. Ci. Seal. J, P. EJmuel F. Norris. Ij^guests. |E'"-In : lhe five bridge games playci. ', Bl'-JMrs. Max B. Reid won hone:? cl j^ the club and high gu^t ; went lo Mrs. Samuel F. Kor- Both were presented Impcrte.-t .^Jtiicn dollies trimmed in German * lace. 'p'Tlie'refreshment v:er« fruit sa'.- K'ad,'' angel-fcod cake snd coffee. Si-.'Guests 'present Included M%Charles Crlgger jr., Ray El- Wylic. Jack Homer. 'Cratton,' Hunter C. Sims, load lots iirg f.ur.iei - ui TCP vl-'.rh vlil I;,- 4c | Squash Brookfield 10c Turnip Greens Great Northern pound Yarbio. are planning was. a lar^e crowd al tha at the hon-. 1 - c! Mr.'. iV-ii Sumlay night. , Miss Ilosonell'..^ ij ^.p.^y.'.i ing the week in Biylhovillr \..:'.\ her sister, Mrs. ilurry Daniels. Miss Geialdync fllrhardfcn ti\ Blythevlll? spent Sunday \\illi ii-^' hcvo. ' Van Camp Medium Size liazel Hichaixi'^Hi. H:uy;, Mr. and Mvs. H.i:i. Murren nel! Thmas nnd B'.ul l/.ites ni.ucroJ to Canilluir.ivillc .'.-.iiiday alie:'n»;i. Agnes Daniels of lilythoviil-,' veiled her mother, M/s. \v. r. Tl;.ii:- iij. Si.nday. Montiay. School Superintendent Van Camp or 11 can Heads Hokoinb Ti-cops of thu I'.i-wly loiiiii'ii iny ;<:o;r. Ivc'p ii: Hi-h'L'LUb. :; lo Mus Carey Woortbiirn, ; of il:i- St. rranei:: V,ill;-y cnnu-il. '.Urn wu:> in the Mi~.uju-.i town ye.ilerday where she coiupUl-j od tlio r.i^amzatton of tii:' troop, i Ail members -of the- nrw i:i-.ii>' rsnVi as tc:idevfo;t sc .u 1 ,:-. 'Jl li.-.v- in-; iir.syti tliir iiiilii:! fi'.Mlt Ivcr.ii is :.|:ni!.',:ii'(l by the lli-l- 1 Cor.s.-li-JalcJ :-chcul. rnmmili-'e .1:. . 11. \\. l.;r..;t»i. J. A. Aiicior- « ;i. .1. \V. V.'clih am 1 . K. A. M.iy- ir.mi. ~ . 42c I JeSSo Sssortei1 New South Gallons One-Half a 9Sc lacker Avkr.::ras and :cb:d::: the weekly O.ivflr." Elli;i';i™ . . i have flic editorship of bo-li>- U'-il llv: M:U'.!IWI : hr i:: quit Black Hawk Sliced heat ions. Mayor IiijraHi hr-s :i 'm.!^]- li- naiicinl in the H;i.m r.i:k - he;;]. Ihi' Crr«.<.'ii|. liol"] 1:1. !'.i!- holol and the Cannil (A Silver Thread pound ri5S ISSUMlf Mn;: I'ain Instant' Corn He ft i it tli 1 (I 1R NOT UKi: Till-; t3uls Greene. Victor Brav, C. T. i ^akc 30 miuutos in ' . I.'esili an:l ' ov en. t^ei cnol slightly and cjver | with the following frosting. tcndin? Sr«- l.ibtrly {'lub Mis-: Cora T,i? Colcman. vrr: Fresliiij; Whiles 3 cg/,s, l 1 ^ cup Dlythcvillr Woniun'.s ] sugar. club r.m! hamc dPinnnslratlati i\?ro; • R °H brown sugar en . !•-. affiHiins! the mcrtl!)? cf'tln- lliuil lrcfl !vom lnmi!». I!L-.I: \vlm-i -:cw Liberty Woman's club this, 01 C 8B5 on a big t'b.Liri- wit h LI •ill ji norn. ' 'wive whi.l: mini .=i:ff uiui dry. j Ural sitsar into c;;^ u:i:l ;jiro.i.l nn cake. Put inl:i a lio: ov.'ii [o Irown the frosthig. i'lrhvillc Wr-man's (-lull 'ificoi:i Arc Hr-clrctcd Officer' of liic Ijaohvilli- Worn- j r . ~I . "m."~" „ :i'.i dub <xfie ro-i'i«t:-(i :u a!turcka opnngs 1 mies-fccho rnoo^They'ar.VMr'Yl'''c'it"".! Sold 10 Albert G, -.rrsiden:: Mr?. WinMun ;;ro pi-c:'- 1 di-nl; Mrs. John Brarcicn. «,ive-l r'L'H^KA SI'UINCiS. Arl-.- Thf .-.iy and Ii-Msurrr. ilJsily Tmvs-!:rlvi fl'csc thve.^ w^rc rl'.-L': •;! t'-lr- ^niins-' Aii:. :ni',Mu;;,-or. Wi-b- t.iles m ihe one-il.iy ir'.-i'i-i-• 'iii,-' 1 " E niehl. rrtiit-r and J-.ncsbr,ro. Januarv :•:.. wl-.r ; , t-H-! lws ' Irnnslcrred ronlvol e! liil r.C'ller Ilcmcs Cr:i:e:viu-e i-; to b-; !l ' ; v V'ar rM daily in n ]'.liA,-..ln:i Miot Cera Lrr rdcinan. o! ililsj c.iy. was an oiit-cf-!;-.v:i T'lirMj; M']>i Cnunly Ciiil-; I'o ticli-r.-.itr. (' y. An clfort is ijL-ii:.: f -\->- wr'uau's i-luli '"uiily fd:U i; c]:'!r.;.! ! e- v> i.ii c-ay confcixsicr in .Irr.r^b.i-u l:nnst>s spcnscr a c:;r-ri:.v r.icct. Tiiij v.ill b- i!fe::i:-\l Tlrs. \V. K L-aV.c u! li.v :.:« ;tatc ciiainr.riii. r.vti Mi;..-, lien aficn: cl:ni: v.-.t:i :i;i cliir-r leader-, and t.r'-.t.'V.i Will Aid Coopcraiivo Buying of CoStcu Seed

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