Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 22, 1957 · Page 16
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 16
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Dial PA t-4600 TIMES, CCMBERmbfl), MD^ >EDKESPAT» MAT Player Of Day :--„' AND OLD — Bob Gulowsfci, left, chats with Cornelius .Warmerdam. The Occidental College of Los'Angeles lad broke Warmirdam's world outdoor pole vaulting record with IS fe«t °"- M "" 1 "" The mark stood for IS years. Major League Night Boxscores I most was forced out of base all prematurely by a set oi ching teeth. After compiling a fine 18-and-12 Krord in 1953, the stocky left- ander developed arm trouble in 954 and his career appeared al an end when he lost his fastball nd pitching finesse. Molar* Yanked The season was half over be- irc the trouble was diagnosed s infected teeth. The aching iblars were yanked and Pierce idn't pitch for a month. He still wasn't in top form the ollowing spring but he came round to win IS games and leac he American League with an arned run average of 1.97. The S-foot-10, 170-pound ath ele from Detroit upped his win otal to 20 in 1956 and he alreadj las won six this season. Retires 16 In Row Tha ' sixth victory came las light against the New York Tlgert 2, Oriotet 1 114 lnnli>H> ?\ DETROIT Dodger t 6, Reds 1 IKOOKLYJC Bcbtf* Ib &far»eU H Hi Rue rl iTbrjtsta bHwii , OUon ft « 3 « Z 70 3 t T t t 1 4141 Oil 1071 i 1* 1 „"" b b Gardner Xb JOU2 Boyd Ib 7 1 11 1 •JVcoiu r( 7110 Memaa U 6 1 q 0 Triiadca < 4 1 fi 2 ePjbara 0000 Cloiberg e 204) I'iUrcfk rf 6 I « 0 Ib 5 0 5 Slpcre p »* « 3 J 3 » i 0 3 ft 1 0 0 1 1000 6000 0000 3040 n Vo toil cDlttroer 1000 IB Samiord Jb i o 2 o By inline p 5 0 0 i ' FojrUc.1 p 1100 lSm»U 1090 $BVii* Jb 2 1 0 1 *Ttt*l> U10 44 11 i Whittcd f?r Tultl* in 6th, b-Raa tor TorffKon In 6Lh. c-Siruefc oat lor Fioljan ia 6th. d-R*a for House La Sac-Baa tor Triaadoi fd $Lh« f-Popptd out for Sarafan! la nth* *-Struck out for BtmniBj if, nth. h-Groundtd out ior Moore ia ISth. l-Gr6UB(J*<l oat Joe Gardner In I5ib, l>*»r»U -', CM MI WO «» 090 ,—. • ilttmare 001 000 flOO 000 000 0—1 R^Howe. FoyUeX, MixutlL E^-Xoni HBf.—- Moor*, Torxtsoo, B<rtoii, 3B— Brid^wutrr 1, KkQce. TrUodo*. HR » Moon, B—WUfijtms, Hxtnt, QluM. L««— btiroil MO Baltimore s. BH—~ Moor* 5, SO — DunoLa£ 11, rojtaci i Moor* 9, Fomfrfes I. 110 T Dunnicf If In 13, FoyUdf ; ID fc MoU« S to 15 FpmlelfS J IB X R*EB —Banning 1-S, Foy lick O-o, itcor* 1-1, Foralele* W. PB— T«j.t« x«nni4 rouu 4 1 0 U4 24 : 101 5 0 Oi 000' a o° 000 100 -, Jrounded out for J«ii r «>»t in Hn. b—Struck oat for iN'aihaU ia 7ih, '—Lined out for Hccker In Sta- '....014 004 OW— .. „.— -,., 3, Ketie, Snider. Hodges Amoros, n alley, E—CllEam, Hoak 2, Tern tit. AD I—R«-HI 3, Amoros 2, Hod (ci Bailey, 2B— Hodge*, Ho*k, T*mple. 3B— HR—Arnoroff, Rtese, BaHay, Z. DP—Jetlcoal. McMillan . Tempi*, AlcMIBaa and Crtm-e Rttt*. GUDiDi md Huditt. L*«—Drool E, Cincinnati t, BH—Jetfccat 1, Nai M.J )* Haci*r 1. SO-.NujthaU 2, Pod« 3/H&cker 1. HO—JtHcoat S in 5, Nuxha 1 In It Hacker 1 In 3. R-ER—Jtffctxt 4-4. Nnxhill 1-J, Kickir frO, Fodrez 1 .. ^_ J .__ ( ^ 2J ^ -_ .. Fewer Ih peM'Xri M 4 1 toWil H StmpMo H Grill lt> tTho'p»'D ToIiU i 15 o 411 o 41110 J 00| 1900 OOQtt 1 0 0 i co oi 1000 Y«t H.noj «J Jlo&aeU Ib t 0 9 Sle\<ri U Sot bL'&er 11 t O 1 Phvnlb 406 Ltrnoa rt t 1 PaiuVl 7 lot T.I.M MIX) 1 0 0 O 3Q724U 4—5ieckd for BotEay [a TUi, b—Ran lor Slevcrs in fith. t—Forced ScrlUi for Hunlw la-Jtd, «—R«n fw Noren In Sth, I—rBrd *at r«r 'truA* la 9Ow {—Struck cot for Giwlf W BOt» Kaai^i City ,....*.M K4 Crrr. Sihith. fTR—Berber*L 5~-F»eu JtaaMl*. DP—Boffin«, Pl*wi *ofl Ha on, 2; Bfibcrtt ftad Pk»i; Brkljt*r, Pk and RuuncU, 1*R—Kaan» City 9, Wi_, IB (ton 7. BB—Pa»«]»] 6, Dartn I. Truck J. SO—Darts 3, POKUA! 8. Tnictf HO—Dartn J tn S U, Tracks 2 In i t R-ER—Dur*n J-J, Truck* 1-V FaKual O W— Paaciul CWJ. I—Diiivn " . — , — Blec. Rommrl. T— .hOJ, — b o » A-'iOum, rf 3 a 0 0 Rancor. Jb 3 a I 0 LcpiU, e 1030 Boucher, Ib \ 1 J 0 •Toots. Jb 3110 Ber-Ql$kJ t U t 0 1 0 SoermaA, rf 1 0 3 0 F'caadft-H wJ 1 4 3 OrdortU, p ? J 0 6 t—Gam* ullvd tert O'Con"6l7. tb 2 0 0 Aaron, it 2 0 I Gllntm ft 5 X S 3 5 J J 5 4120 441 0 i 3 12 I -3210 (fitter c 4 0 J 0 4tnmtr 2b 4132 'odiet p 1013 oroi .. * Ib ClNCfNXATf •b b « i tempi* 3b 4373 Pott rf 414 Bell cf 412, Hobinson M 4 0 2 C Crowe Ib 4061 Bilky c 4140 Hoik 3b HcMi!lan JeJfcoal p aSthutt KoxhalJ p CHICAGO *b b a • Apirido u i 0 2 Z I 1 J 1 tt ^ Doby 3210 5 0 190 • 040 4 D 1 0 4 1 SO S011 e rr 4 t for D NEW TORK «b h a Bauer rl 401 Car*y 3b 401 M* rule cE 422 Berra e 403 -McD'fldM 41 Howard H IUch'*oa 2 Fflrd p DiTmar p aXUjtin TUrley p Toi«u tair in Etfi IJj * 0 9 214 3 0 200 o & A 100 -fl 0 0 io i n _ «•*, Riciiardaoo, RBI—Rivera. Fn3Lt Pif^ce. KcDov^-aVl 2B—For, Ho«-anL ! Phllbpi, Skowroa. L«n—Cb!«i;o U, N York 4. BB—Pierce I, Ford S. Tiulty SO—PI«TC« I. KoiU 5. JIO— Ford « In _ tUc*<J txro batlcrt In 7Ui>* E>itmar 0 in _, Turley 0 Ia i. H-EH—Fierc< I-O, Ford ---- « 3-0. Wtraar frO. Torky 0-0. W—Pierce at 6*15 <&•?>: L—Fort a-D, U—Tabacchl. Btrrj". McKlniVr, Soard. T—2:1X A-25,053. j Teeth Almost Ended *ierce Career By International N e *j Service By International Newi Semct NATIONAL LKAGLE BATTING tBiitd on 75 official il l»l>) 'l*rer and Club G AB R H Pc{. Aaron, Milwaukee 39 125 31 45 .360 Koak, Cincinnati . 31 tobinson, Cincin'ti 29 HOME RUNS ~ Aa L; Moon (St. L»u]s New York), 7. RUNS BATTED — Aaron (Mil- r ork) and Hosk (Cincinnati^ 22. HUNS — Aaron (Milwaukee), 31. HITS — Aaron (Milwaukee) and chtwndlcnit {New York), 45. DOUBLES — Uoifc (Cincinnati) and lublal (St. Louis). 12. TRIPLES — Walls (Chicago) and louchee 'Philadelphia),. 3, burn (Philadelphia) and JFcndy (Pittsburgh), 4. PITCHING—(Based on most wing) — Gomez <Nw York), 6-1; Acker (Cincinnati, 51 and Burdette (MUwanVee), 5-Zj Spahn (Milwaukee)., Uiwrenee Cincinnati). Jacfcson <St. LouEs) and Sanfard (Philadelphia), 4-1. STRIKEOUTS — Arroyo (Pittsburgh), 37. AMERICAN LEAGUE BATTING (Btttt en 75 offirlil »l b*U) r »nd Club G AB R H Yankees in a 2-to-l game. Pierc allowed on}y four hils, single< wice himself and retired th ast 18 Yanks'in a row. The 30-year-old southpaw slarf ed his baseball career with JSuf alo of tile International Leaguf n 1945. He came up to Detroi n 1948 and then was traded a season's end to Chicago fo Aaron Robinson. Gty League ? Opens Today The City Softball League sea son is scheduled to get underway this evening with contests lisle at Allegany Field and Stitche Field. At Stifcher, the Hermans, spor sored by the Queen City Distr bulors, will play the Old , (?4i 11 uuvulil « " llt i»°y u "= ^Jiu rix- not lougni in six monms wui rje Jen T-j7jI porls> sponsored by the Cumber- out tonight to puncture Kenny la nd Brewing Company. The Lane's ambition of becoming the Hermans wera formerly oE th , iiviiuaiia WCIB imiuxLiy ot t/it; itrsc scutnpaw If /Hie So* 3, Yankee* 1 County League and won the 1956 weight history title last year under the name George and Joe Geatz will be th umpires. Blue Ribbon Bakery will batU the Old Germans at Campobelli "Sookie" Grimes and "Buck Frantz will officiate. Rotary Club Meets •* Urnpire-in-Chiei Frantz reports Green Ridge Sunday mmrinET nCUlO'nmAnl* fn»- fri^n\- ° J umpiring assignments for games are as follows; , *«c £wi«u v ^iut> vi ° Id Germans at Old Exports stove Baseball League (Allcgany)—Huss John Angcllalta. LITTLE SPORT Romon 1C* 17 37 .352 126 16 4 4 .949 out on parole" on a felonious ssault charge made by Edwin _, ones, 42. a Yankee fan no less S!!f,ToS!!f£ S «B^^ 1 ,':« ) '!fg:Hank has to (aco the charge on Fandv (Piu<. June 21. 33 3S .35fi William*, Boston ,27 97 21 SUnlle, New York 28 91 11 Fos, Chicago ..... 27 301 1 H01IE RUNS -» Williara« ,on 3: Sloven (WaAhlngtoQj 8 ao4 Maotle (New York), 7. RUNS BATTED IN' — Sleveri (Waih iog(on). 26; Doby (Cnicago), 2i and Jensen (BosiOD). 22. RUNS — Slever* (Waihineton), 12. HITS — Simpson (Kanias City), 33. DOUBLES — Plcwj <Walhinslon). II TRIPLES — Xfeman and Boyd (Hal iimorc), Kuenn (Detroit), Gralf and Simpson (Kansas Ctty) aad McDoug&lt (New York), 3. STOLEN BASES — Unlfli (CMcajo) : MLDOSO (Chicaffo)» 6 and Fraacona (Baltimore). 5. PITCHLVG— (Based on roost svinj)- Maas (Detroit), &1 and Pierce (Chlca BO). 6-2! Trucks (Kansas City), id; Brewer (Boflon), 5-2 aod Wynn (Cleve land). S-3: Wilson (Chicago), 4-1; and GriJn (New York)* 4-2. STRIKEOUTS — Pfcree (Chicago) une 21. $250,000 Damages In the meantime, while Bauer's main troubles come from Amerian League pitchers, Jones and lis lawyer, Anthony Zingaies, plan to rap Rank with a $250,000 damages suit. Bauer, the 34-year-old ex-Ma ... rine, said "I'm not guilty" and M ia toratened to strike back. Hank's awyer, Sid Friedman, declared: "Both the police and the dis- .rict attorney refused to arrest Bauer and declared there was no evidence against him. Jones made a civilian arrest of Bauer as a private person. "I am confident my client wil. be fully vindicated. In that case Jones automatically will become 'Toothpick* Brown ^ Meets Lane Tonight DETROIT ffl — An unranked Philadelphia lightweight who has not fought in six months will be first southpaw champion in light Lillle-known Henry (Toothpick Potomac Valley Old Germans. Brown takes on 25-year-old Kenn> Lane in a 10-round match tele nationally (ABC-TV, 9 p.m. EST). The Rotary Club — 0 ».„. ^.^ o.ou jj. in, nunaay at i^as Blue Kibbon Bakery at K. of side Field. All players are to re C. (Slitcher Field)—Grimes and port in uniform for the game. George Schoenadel. games will get underway Indiant 8, Red So* 2 CLEVELAND 000 Wl 4JO-B , Dtlty. HR — 4 9 Giants i v^i. NEW YORK ,., 000 01! «iv-«i 3 3 15- CHICAGO 3W 003 WS^-t 4 0 , Droll, IXJtt'X HR — M ays . AdcocV, Ib , flintoc, cf Tot ill oE fith. : 2090 2 ft 0 0 201) J It 0 S 0 3 0 * 1 0 1 ..,..,,..„.. . — R—-/one*, firulon. K,CranaalL. RBI — Bowm«n. Coohy. tB—Matfiews. SB— Jncte, Fernaadtr, Bnaten. S— Rcpulikl. EF-Bowman. 'Lr!t—rhiljdelphTA 7, MU- ttiaher 3. B&-Catdwdl 1. Conky 3. SO— «]l 3. Cor.lty <. R-ER—Ortwell 1-1. 1-r. WP—Coolcy. C—Smitft. Cofi-1 Dooatrtli, .Delmore. T—1:13. A— PLYMOUTH CUMBERLAND — SOUTH CUMBERLAND — FROSTBURG KEYSER — PIEDMONT BACK COVERAGE! TERRY CLOTH SEAT COVERS $9.95 VALUE! the Ho Green Ridge Forestry Cam] it 3:30 p. m. Sunday at ~ Rotary also vrill practice Sat urday at 11 a. m., at Perm Avenue Field. Woody's MOTOR TUNE-UP Special 1953 JAGUAR XK-120 Hal B*v«r b««ii P Mtuntr/ to own a Spar* Cor Potomac Motors 111 So. G«o'r s . Si. CHRYSLER ElECTtlCAl SYSTEM—Chon ond Span Spotk Plu a i—Adjviil or Btploc. Di.lrihutor Point)— Tair Coil, Co*d>n»r, Vollog. R«galolci on Bottery and Connittioni. FUEl. SYSTEM—Ad. {utl Carburetor Idli. Clian Fual Pump Bowl. Adjuil Aulomolic ChoVt. ENGINE—Tut Com. priHion. Tighten C-rllnd.t Hlod ond Manifold fiold. COOIINQ SYSTEM—AciJuK Fan 6,11, In.pi.l Syil«m laolully. KHAUST JYSTEM— hi»p«r1 (faarougnly fof ftala to pwltrl liam ifiorfly fum.i. TIMING—Sri for p«ok ptiforman... AIR CIEANER — a»n Air Cleaner io protect your *ngin* from abraliv* WOODY GURLEY'S 123 S. Liberty St. Bauer, Out On Parole, Plans Suit Charging False Arrest Weighty Man AllAloiigLine ITHACA. N, Y. --(NEA) -, Bob Marclla throws his weight around in numerous ways. The six-foot five-inch, 230- pound sophomore has been * a guard on the Ithaca'College vnr- By HOWARD SIGMAND ri BM'«eW«- Hank Bauer, , photographed and paroled . r • D -- 1 ----- -.-— , f.-wk-w^j. MJ^JJVM ajxu i or allegedly slugging a New York delicatessen man, arrest. today he will sue his accuser for Bauer, still insisting he svent •—- itless in a pre-dawn Copacabana Thursday. The party included "irawlgame" last Thursday, is Bauer, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Ber a, Whitey Ford and Johnny Kucks and their wives, The Yankee players denied that inyone in their party struck Jones or were.involved in a fight )( any kind. Jones was in the Copa with other club. Bauer Is the "ifr..X" who slugged him. Dodgers Sign Kennedy, Option Rene Valdcs CINCINNATI - (INS) - The Brooklyn Dodgers have purchased veteran outfielder Bob Kennedy from the Chicago White Sox in hopes of ending their need for a solid right-handed pincfi- hilter. To make room for the 36-year- old Kennedy, the Dodgers option- Rene Valdes to Montreal in the International League. PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE Sacramento 2, Hollywood 1 (10 inn- San Diego 3, San Francisco 2 Portland S. Los Anjelos 1 Vancouver at, Seattle (ralo) sity football team for two ?a- sons. He holds the school ':';s record. He was (he runtrrr--- •: :>r the heavyweight champiou . -, 'n (he 4-1 wrestling town' •*•.. in Cleveland. Marclla, a P.octetcr lv:l, KM a member n t::c vccal choru.S:iu the college's production ot ths musical, "South Pacific." He performs with a "b;ii>ber;5liop" vocal trio composed of athletes. INTKH.VAIro.VAO LEAGUE W,L. Buffalo ...; 18 U Havana .... Toronto . . . la 12 Rochester , Richmond . 20 U Columbui Miami IB H Montreal ... 15 la U 20 IJ 19 1220 Buffalo 13 Montreal 3 Toronto 3 Rochester Z '< Columbus 3, MiamM (IS innbictV ' members of his bowling His witnesses claim that responsible to Bauer for damages for false arrest "Bauer expects to hold Jone: to strict accountability." Civilian Arrest Jones, who suffered a broken nose, some broken ribs and con fusions of the scalp in the "Battli of the Copa" made a civilian ar rest of the Yankee outfielder yes lerday after both visited the dis trict attorney's office. Bauer, accompanied by his wife and his attorney, then walked tour blocks to the Elizabeth Street police station where 'he went through the booking procedure. Bauer, who wears uniform No. 3 when he patrols right field for the Yankees, was given No. B- 394479 on his police department Rogue's Gallery picture. Celebrating Birthday Bauer was a member of a Yankee delegation celebrating Billy Martin's 29th birthday last Sugar Said Agreeable To September Defense NEW YORK -(IKS)- Middle-!! weight Champ Uay Robinson reportedly has "agreed in princi-ll pie" to defend his title against! Welterweight King Carmen Bas-j ilio in September under thei auspices of the International Box-: 1 ing Club. | _An IBC spokesman said last! night that Robinson had declined: to meet Basilio any sooner than': September. Contract negotia-| tions must wait until Basilio re-! turns East from a tour of the! West Coast.' The major details to be worked out are 1 the percentage split between the (wo fighters and how the bout will he televised. MOTORISTS' FRIEND, Inc. 173 Baltimore Street for AUTO ACCESSORIES SEAT COVERS MOTOR OIL TIRES of LOWEST PRICES WRESTLING STATE ARMORY, CUMBERLAND, MD. JUNE 5th Feaiuring ANTONINO ROCCO 4 Big Bouls Including Or. Jerry Graham, Chief Bigheari Prof, Art Shires Tickets on Sale Wilson Hardware- Storer's, Va. Ave. Armory - Sports Shoppe Kellough's Drug Store Stoops Restaurant, Frostburg £;FIT All CARS . . . EVEN 'i SPUr-BACK f LYMOUTH, DODGE. DESOTO t CHRYStER SEAT. HEAVY, THIRSTY, WASHABIE, COVORfASTI , MOTOR OIL 2 GAL, SEALED CAN 98 BIG 18" GASOLINE ROTARY POWER MOWER CLINTON 2-CYCU ENGINE SIDE TRIMMER : SIDE EXHAUST LEAF GRINDER. $79.95 VALUE',...'... 'Tomorrow-This could be . . . and, how much is a life worth? Protect yourself against car damage costs, as well as your income against law-suits caused by the injuries or death of others. We offer complete auto insurance coverage! CALL US TODAY Geo. W. Brown Insurance MISS H. EUZASETH tROWN — Own.r or,d Mooag.r * Merfctt Si. — FXon« PA 2-4717 Tr«« Cuilomar PaiVkng Acroii l>i« Stiaal Op«n_Mondqy Iv«nin e i For Your Conv.nient. Knowledgeable people say Imperial-and they .•assay it every time A Hiram Walker! whiskey $429 $137 JL 4/1 or. -•- 1/7 er BIENDED WHISKEY • Si PROOF • 30% STCAIGHT WHISKEY, « YEAOS O5 MORE OlD • 70% GUAIN NEUTRAL SflRITS • HIRAM WAUCER A SONS INC, PEOSIA. IIUNOIS

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