Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 16, 1954 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1954
Page 18
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY, APRIL 16, 1954 MISC. FOR SALE •*t!W A TKL Phone 3-7M8 N sets Hft feeewaitlonsd — (ru«mnte*d. Z««tti, 8mer*on. RCA. Victor. Phil- COiv BMtmfvnX. Prtcefl from *4».93. B«J» term*. Srifidard Home furnishers 500 fc. Brotdwuy *•! Sy.WISO MArmsift tfSfft SiWtSTO MACHINES^For !>»!« 3 trtwJTt machine*. *9.s.v electric portttte t*5, consot $12.1. Sinner SUthlne. an sutf. ______ AUTOMOTIVE Tl SEWING MACHINE - «S aj mortth. Bnj a new Hewing machine ,>"l month Rental may be an- i tfllrt to dolcn payment. Central Sewing Sitpply Company. 1« West I 8roM««y. Phone a-3214 _ j ^tru |^i^*A,tA—"Buy. sell and rent uwd ! mswing m«rhlne»: work guaranteed I EBbitf JBtcttic. asia state si S-TWW^ SEWING MACHINES REPAIRED fart* «nd (tipplle* tor 42(1 make*. JBNTHAL SEWING SUPPLY CO 14 WSST BROADWAY. PHONE S-SM4 FOR r-REE ESTIMATES foTt — PLANTS— Fl.nWr.Rg JALfc*-Bloominir p»ri«> f plants. Mrt. John Kruemmelrwin, Bunker Hill, tfl, _______ FUANtS— ^"twriatnu. reijiilar Tnd hybrid. Also pepper*, robbage*. CR« plant*, cauliflower, «weet potatoes >13 Latnpert. ___ AHttCAN VlOLETS-Large aelectlonT popular »»rletle« lncludln« blooming plaflta. Reasonable pricen. »-!«»> 1049 CHRYSLER a heaotlful fi cylinder car lhat n ready to gn Reauliriil Jrl hlack paint with white nldewall tires radio, henter. automatic drive that eliminates shifting It Is one vou will he proud to own MM full price S2*>3 or acceptable trftde-ln down, hank pnymrnts will average onl> W per week ROBERTS MOTORS. Inc Authorized DeSoto-Plymouth Dealer 2<KI W Tergiison Ace . Wood River Phone 4-4IW2 i»4fl NASH CI.UH COUPE - - Radio, overdrive, new tires, brakes, excellent condition. 4-.12HY IP40 Dbf)f»F---r>r)uye 4 door, reason able Phone 1-RrtR.T NO MONEY DOWN IflSt Nash Statesman l»4n Bulck Speclnl I5>4JI Nash Amh. lfl4S Bulck i.'IS.OOO mile rar m.lfl Hudson Pacemaker 11)49 Lincoln Cosmopolitan l!)4!) Hudson 104H Olds 911 1H47 Ford 1047 Olds 11147 Chrysler .... Open Fvenings ALTON AUTO MART SI Louis Ave. F,»st Alton at the Islands _ 1tl.11" "OLOSMOBILE --"Cliih Heater, hydramatlc IftSi PONTIAC 4-DOOR-Healer, sent cover* $1005 MAJOR MOTOR CO, 102 W. Edwnrdivllle Rd , Wood Hlver Phone 4-0321 41 2» mn 27 :a m» 27 :U mn 27 .12 mo 27 .'12 rno. 24 iv"> mo 24 IIS mo , 22 .1fl m» 22.Ifl m" 17 in m" Unll! !> P M 4-1141 rniipe. WANTED (II WANTED TO BOt SINKS — Bath fixture!, FurnlturtT Anything of Value. Bought, Sold. and Exchanged. VROMAN'S, 217 St. Louli Ave., East Alton. 3-7057 or 4-3032. CANTED—Outboard motor or boat 2-1683. "WANTED—l)§ed aotld brlckt. Pfion* 4-8809 after e p.m. WILL BUY-irtm. rag«, »ny klnd~oT junk. Phont 4-6311. XTTTOCftON — Wanted, rtnk», b»lh- tubs tolletl, furnacei, etc. Call u«. W* pw top prlcei WISEMAN, 1124 'T MiKt._ Dial 2-B2B4 TOP CSSHPnlCES — Paid for good tiled furniture, tooli, dlihei etc Phon« 3-3024. FURNITURE— Dlahet, anything from MicM«nt, attic or garage. THt JUNK SHOP 4-9319 W* BUY OLD GOLD — Harrington 'Jewelry, E»«t Alton. Phon* 4-8424 — rurnllure, glauw«re, ehlna, illver, lewelry, lamps, out glass— anything old. 2-7.183. WAJJTED _ WANTED - bliineaT furniture, planot, antique!, tooli. Phone 4-«2fl6. _____ __ CASH PAID -^~For u»ed uplnet "and itudlo piano*, Community Mimic Center, 1636 Wmhlnglon. 2-B017, .22 CA1.IBER 9-Khot pliTtol with fl" . barrel. Call 2-9028. AUTOMOTIVE Of AUTOK—PAXBENOER CARg _ 1941 PONtlXC COA'cTH—Radio, heater. good condition mechanically and very nice appearance. Dial 4-403B. LOOKING FOH A ONE-OWNER CAR? See thli 1931 Plymouth 4-door. Fully equipped with radio, heater, etc. A real clean car. Full price SOftS. f,1,'l.1 • down or acceptable trade-In. Bank payment! will average about $10 weekly. ROBERTS MOTORS, Inc. Authorised DeSnto-Plymnuth Dealer 200 W. Ferguson Ave., Wood River Phone 4-4392 "THESE CARS"tA"M IE BOUGHT " WITH NO DOWN PAYMENT 1040 FORD V-8— Custom 4 door, radio, heater, overdrive. J047 PONTIAC— 4 door, radio and heater. 1049 NASH BOO— 4 door, radio and heater. 1B48 PACKARD— 4 door, radio and heater. 1940 MERCURY— 4 door, radio, healer. overdrive. MAJOR MOTOR CO 102 W. Eriwardavllle Rd. Wood River, III. Ph._4-»3« ___ "AHB ooon. CLEAN BALANCED CARS 52 Plymouth 4-Door 49 Cwdlllac 4-Door .11 Pontlac 4-Door Chieftain Hydra- matte M Pontlar 2-Door Streamliner Hy dramatic .11 Naiih Rambler M Studebaker 4-Door Al Dodge 4-Donr 50 BulPk 4-Door For Information call 2-n2l.1 until ft P. M. BEST BUYS 1949 Cadillac 4-door 1949 Chrysler New Yorker 1948 Chev. Aero Sedan 1946 Plymouth 4-dr. & 2-dr. 1949 Plymouth Coupe 1949 Hudson 4-dr. 1950 Nash 4-dr. 1950 Mercury 4-door 1949 Frazier 4-door Phone 2-9215 till 9 p.m. _ UI32 DeSOTO CUSTOM 4-DOOR — Here In a Oroucho Special. The bent we have. Original paint, good tlren and motor. lt» automatic drive H a pleasure lo lent. Radio, heater, aim •hade and other extra* too mimer- nui to mention, UK full price t» »1M!1 and well worth It. »MS or acceptable trade-In down and pay- menta average $12 per week. ROBERTS MOTORS, Inc. Authorized DeSolo-Pl.vmoulh Dealer 200 W. Ferguson Ave., Wood River AUTOMOTIVE KELiAfirS npSSRSoN^f o~TaVe~~~ov*r payment! of »4,i B1 per mo on • IMI Ford 2-donr ciutom Phonr Bethalto 407J l!>:m 2 floor, *ond condition llfl So Central. Rnxana $100 4-l.1.1« flffrr 5pm FOR SALfe—1042 Plymouth 4-door Motor repaired in 'S3 Battery and tircn nearly new. hrake« A-l Radio an<1 heater. J200 2314 Johnson. Alton I9-.0 PLYMOKfri 4 dr.". original black flnlnh Rallo * healer Price $075. No rn«h necessary Phone .'!-»W7 "TOP QUALITY USED CARS" We Buy Sell Itarte -TODAY'S SPECIAL 1041) Mercury 1 door *WU j 'trii'ic Where IMP I rnn>» Are Mud* CHILES MOTORS. INC. ! 2:tno h BroHdwav Uiai t IKB1 fn:,n clffvKoLrT 4 DOOR Priced to «ell; nllKhtly damned 2 "214 1047 OLnRMOBILE Rerinnetle Painted a heaiillful |el black with while wall tirc.i. Hydramnllc drive ra- din. heRter anri mnnv other extras It * rrnrlr In roll A Breni hny al S44.". full price ^irrfl or arceptnhle trnfte-ln down and hank na.vmenft will avernRe only $7 week Also (8 Old* irdanetle $flf! hl«her nOHKHTS MOTORS. IN' 1 Aulhorl/ed DeSnlo Plymouth Dealer 2fK) West Ferguson Ave Wnoo Rlv-r I'hone 4 1:102 1040 JmfOBBAKKn Oood condition, for balance owlnR. 1H42 CADILLAC— Oond condition, for balnnce owing. Phone .1-:iM7. After .1 pm .1-71.12 FOR SALE--lhM Plymouth Belvedere, 4 door, radio, heater, white wa,ll tlreK. , $1(1.10. No trnden. l<e.i» than toil miles | Financing cnn he arranged. Call 2-3MII after n p m 1M«, CHEVROLET <;iuh~ coupe. Radio, heater, good motor Priced In •ell 254 12th Btrcel. Wood River. 4-5MI) 11141 CHEVROLET flood condition, good llren. remmnnlile. 2 0100, 1047 CHEVROLET -.1 new lire*, motor and hody perfect. No down pnytncnl. I'hone 4-H77B._ inhl DeSOTO 4-DOOH- Here. In « cmlom model that we wild new II ban had only one owner Fully equipped with aiitnrnnllc drive, radio, hrnlri. Mr, The molor .tlren. nnd linlnt ore. In excellent rondlllon Kiill price l» $I3»». and well worth II. $4M down and pnyinenl* nvcriiR* only 111 per week. ll» hank fin- ftnring. KOnKHTS MtrrnilS, Inc Anlhnrl7Pcl neSnlo-Plymnulh Dealer 2(10 W. Ferguion Ave, Wood Hlver 4-4:102 __ Fort SALE or TRADE — HUB ford cuittom convertible. Radio, healer, whlle.wull tlrei, new lop, iklrti. Ex- ce.llenl._3-320.'l. in47*bODGE 4 DOOlt—Exceptionally clean «nd In perfect mechanical condition. Radio and healer. A good family cur al » ve.ry reanonable price _Cnl) 4-21)4.1. 1950 FORD V-8 Tudor Deluxe. A-l throughout; piilnt. inoloi, hnily. tlrrn. All In clicellcnl cnndlllon. Whlle- wnllB. henlrr, neat r.nvert. A car you will he proud lo own. »ll.10. Tcimn mny he arranged. 4-«l:i2 nfler S. _ _.... ilinr PLYMOIJTH—4-cionr "CambrldR". Gray, rndlo, heoler, 2»»00 mlle.s, Price $000. Phone 2-477B. iB«~PONt"lAti~8tHEAWl.1N"Kn-tx"- pe.llenl condlllon^Plioi^' 4-TOtt|l. _ Tn5r~pLYMOUtll' DBLUXE— Good llren, rndlo «nd heater. Clnnn. 120 Ohio Ave., East Alton. 4-1284. AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE rdlT BAlX—'Or wflf "conileler 1950 Mercury club coupe. Perfect condition, like new. new tiren. low mileiiire Private parlv Cull 4 1272 'TOP'" VAl.T'E iTSED f.'ARR 19S! Ptymmjth 4-Door Wl*i Chevrolet 4-door . *WS Chrysler 4 do<ir Old«mohlle SedanMte Plymouth 4-donr DrSntrt 4-door . .... riefinto 4-drif>r Bulrk 4-<1oor AUTOMOTIVE *B!> - > *44S 1!><in 1047 1141 l!)41 1947 19W in.12 I (15 1 1S49 IfMR DrSnto 4 rloor Olrt«mohllr Rrrtnnfltf Bulrlt SrdanHtf Chevrolet 2-rlnnr .. 11W P- nilac 4-rlfif,i 1!)4« Plymmith 4 Door MnM r;nr« Fully Eq BOHKBTS MOTOHS INf Aiith'.ri/erl r»-Rril.n. Plymouth IJrnlcr 2nn W Fer((iifon Avf . Wimrl River __ Pl> 4 4.!l)2_ Open Mil ft p.m. _ ^tTA ~~ritAH.KRft .............. " FOR RA tJrV- 'trnuiir frailer, 2ri f'l ., *43"i 22:i Rno«cvelt. BM hallo. Ill Phone 4.2:1:111 104H MODF.I, PU'An 2S ft *'I7.} fcd Helnrlrll-ks. 74:1 Vfifjnc Avc , Ed wnrrtsvllle »•} Ar;TO TKt7C»» f'oft SALB-^lMJl far« trurf. «»*« body 4-7IW) iB4fl fbRb TlfiTcrf — 3-ton', «hort wheelbane. cah chaiiln ._ftv»nt 4-M.T? ^bR SAi,E"--184~7 Ford ftnfl trar.ii Call .1-071D insn CHEVRoTSfT — ',<,~tm ptck-up. le»« than V)00 mllet Conildtf »f>y kind of car on trade-In. Can be wen after 4pm 21". Mine St., by new Water ToWer. B«th«lto. "RRATESTATE SALE REAL ESTATE SALE 5-ROOM MODERN HOUSE H. W. f., oil heat, good loofion, Northside. For Sale by Owner. Dral 2-9423 or 3-3226. ». - i!1-| S.141 «17.1 «nns $:tn ».17S VOifT.r, BE SATISriED-lf Wt repair vnur nicycle. machine initull tlr<M on your wheel chain or the kiddie* trlcyiM f * H BICYCLE, rear 2U24 J ud.ion. 3-0975, 3-11385 SCH WtNN "BIcVClAS ~— Sew u»ed Partu repairing Nonlde. ftlcycle 2614 Slate Phone 3-71.1A. up FINANCIAL FINANCIAL "AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE •TV A( ALF.MfTK G pnymrnH Call .1-97111. REBIM1.T BAfffRTES — unin 14 SO rxchsnM up VttA tlrM Muul'i U^rd Auto Parti 1103 Belle. Alton 24721 NEW fc USED -4 foot'lfiick h«d« f J l>nnr, 200 Illlnnli Ave , En»t Alton 4-IIH17. ANNOUNCEMENTS This Week's BEST BUYS IN USED CARS 1953 CHRYSLER Windsor Deluxe. Power steering. Radio, heater, torque converter. Scat covers $1895 1953 PACKARD 4-Dr. Deluxe Ultramitic. Radio, heater. $1395 1951 PACKARD "200" 4-Dr.— Heater, seat covers. .. $1195 1951 DODGE 4-Dr. New tires, seat covers, heater $945 1950 PACKARD 4-Dr. Ultra- matic, radio, heater. .. $795 1949 PACKARD 2-Dr. .. $695 1949 PACKARD 4-Dr. .. $395 SPECIAL — 1938 PACKARD FUNERAL COACH — Very good shape $85 Also a Fine Selection of Ambulances and Funeral Coaches. Bonk Financing CORDES MOTOR CO. Your PACKARD Dealer 2350 State St. Dial 2-9555 ANNOUNCEMENTS 1952 Chev. Bel-Air Coupi 1951 Pontiac 4-dr, hydra. 1951 Buick'4-dr, dynaflow 1951 POntiac 2-door 1951 Studebaker, 4-dr. hydra. 1949 Hudson, 4-door 1951 Henry |. 1949 Studebaker 4-door 1951 Dodge 4-door 1950 Buick 4-door Phone 2-9215 until 9 p. m. •» * I'TO mi'l Hft FOR SAI.K — 1(140 Chevrolet truck Stock r»ckn. nrnlri lirrl. new mntrir. Tom ritr.oihhon*. Delhi. Ml 2-TONF. ni.UK OOttCiF. -- Pick-up, lli.'iil fiiinil ciindlllrm, S5.V). 'l-flflllil TRUCK ',-lon ntnke 4-spccd Irnrnmlinlfm A-l condition. 4-.1247 after 4:3n p,m H(4« ttlEVROI.F.T-Pnnel tnicli fiood condition. Priced right. :i-ni;iB imin FORD PICK-UP'^'Overhauled motor. *BO. 4-H7B.1. TRUCKS Alton • inert (ruck Headquarter! ANY SIZE - MOST MAKES Belort you buy any truck net our price Sea our (election. HOSFERT BROS., Inc. R27 R Broadway Ph 3-M74 IS62 STUDEBAKER V4 FOROOR Thrs one-owner, low mileage sedan is clean at new and... $ey, wifh fhe sfandard fransmission and overdrive you get a lof of performance with economy, too. LUKEN MOTORS, INC. Fifth and Belle — 112 W. Fourth St. Phone 3-3539 YOUR DE SOTO - PLYMOUTH DEALER NEW CAR BUYERS READ THIS! \Vr realize thai many people want to buy a new cur hut cannot afford hi* down pny- mr/ntn. If you fi-cl that you have a Komi credit rating and want In buy "that new car" with u Inv down payment, then < OIIIP flown Hnd nee u*. \Vn hnvr, delivered new cam for HA low an *2KO down, LUKEN MOTORS Your DeHoto-Plymotith Dealer 111 U. 4(h Dial 3-3R39 Too t*fi fet e*tr* ««h qnickly at RoMehoM PittMM «r or fonritnre. for any good reMon: it OVttftft WILS * fK»CtO* MIS + * StASOftAl tXMNSIS * HCHM O« CAJt W« ipecialiM hi font, one-da* MT*fe«. R*quire»«B« (W« n«»i. RtptfOMoii plan* •emiblv »m>n(f*d to fit yoor nxxww. PHool or stop in today for f»(rt, frisodly, dependable wrvkcl OUSEHOLO FINANCE 123 W. ThM SftMl r 2nd Ftoer REAL ESTATE SALE REAL ESTATE SALE AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE MISC. FOR SALE MISC. FOR SALE FARM - LIVESTOCK MILTON ROAD POULTRY MARKET FOOT OK MILTON HOAI) Kr,v«r» — llciia — C'n|>oim — Duck* — It n li l> i I * , alive or (Iri'NKcd. Ktilfi. l'>i'»ll llllnoU Klv«r KUIi. FREE DELIVERY 2-0811 or 2-8587 WHOLESALE THESE e\RE BELOW AVERAGE AND NEED SOME WORK, BUT ARE WORTH THE MONEY. BOTH RUN. 1948 FORD 1946 $• PLYMOUTH.... ROBERTS' MOTOR CO., Inc. Authorized DoSolo- Plymoulh DeaJor •100 W. VKIWiUHON AVK. WOOD HIVKIl 1'hniin 4-I31IU BANANAS 5 39c TOMATOES....3 49c ROSES . . . -<• < 59c ELM PRODUCE AT KLM ST. ((JLOSKII SUNDAYS) * SPECIAL * KOXANA — A bnrifflln nt only Sll.nOfl, for a five-room hrlck with nil Ihe convenirnres you rotilil n»k for. Nice location, 1hri-e hedroonM which run he tisod ns two bedroom* mid dining room if dRsired. Om automntic heal, lots of cabinets, niitomntic wntcr hriifpr, plHstPrcd walls, full biispfnenl, HVVF throujrhout. Re sure to sne this if you are looking for an exlrii good buy. WOOD IIIVEll—This bus four very hirife rooms, nnd also ' two InrRp scrernod porches. A very lovely home, Insulated with storm windows nml screens. Full bnsoment. Venetian blinds. A nice fenced buck ynrtl Hnd lots of shnde. Also hns RiirnRe. This home is easily worth much more thim the asking price of ,$K!l5n.(KI. DORRIS REALTY CO. KOXANA 01 IKK 4-11641 RKAI/I'OK 4-S739 4-4809 BUSINESS SERVICE BUSINESS SERVICE •••••• WE HAVE IT GOOD TOP DIRT (Not Gumbo) ALSO DRIVEWAY ROCK Grading and High Lift Work DIAL 4-7155 or 4-7846 1950Chev $775 1949 Plymouth.. $695 1950 Dodge.... $845 1946 Chev $325 1950 Chrysler... $945 1952 Chrysler V-8 $1795 1949 Chev $675 1950 Stude. ... $725 ASKANYCUSTOMCR Of iL FIND THCM ALL o ORVMUt>6taH* FO* VS. WCS*mFY'€H4t.L The ruAtomen who drive m uteri cur from A. P. STUART MOTOR CO. ar« the hest reference we run give ynn. We itrfve. In rin the Impossible—satisfy everybody! OPEN TILL 9 P. M. AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE 1949 MERCURY FORDOR Radio, heater, O'drive. A nice clean Fordor sedan that has had a good home and is looking for another one. LUKEN MOTORS 112 West 4th St. — Dial 3-3539 Used Car Lot 5th & Belle ELMWOOD PARK "NATIONAL HOMES" FHA APPROVED 3 BEDROOM HOME $1200 Down $65 Per Month Near xrhools. playground & busline. Rft our III5<I Display llnure at ".M So. llth .SI., Wood River. Opr» for Inspection every afternoon from 2:KO la -l:;)0 RALPH H, LADD Phone Wood River 4-H41J8 or Edwardsvillt 2168 Where Prices ore Born Not Raised I960 PLYMOUTH 4-DOOR SEDAN An exceptionally clean one-owner cor. Low mileage, Scat Covers, Custom-Size Heater. Cray finish without a blemish. Tires like new Ph. 3-3574 r^ J Hoe: ertVo, PHONE 3-5574 MISC. FOR SALE MISC. FOR SALE FINANCIAL FINANCIAL MISC FOR SALE MISC. FOR SALE FREE CHICKS EASTER SPECIAL To Each Child Visiting Our Hatchiry Saturday or Sunday with Parents, Come in and get our special prices on cockrels—2, 304 wks old. Also straight run and pullets. Our chirk* curry H hi|> Kimr- antee. Open all du.v .Smuluy. HALL'S Hatchery CAIUtOI,LTO\, ILL. 8" BENCH SAW TIH/itrlior, skilled - for - II f> (mil , . Anii-rifii'ii MOST SKN'SATIONAI, SAW VALUE! SAI.K I'KK K *44' THE WORK SHOP 1951 DESOTO CONVERTIBLE just what you need for the beautiful spring days ahead! A nice snappy job with heat Cr music and lots of pickup! LUKEN MOTORS H2 West 4th St. — Dial 3-3539 Used Car Lot 5th & Belle CAH yOO QUALIFY FOR THIS BCTUR me AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE NEW LOW PRICES 1953 Dodge Sierra Station Wagon V-8 Radio, Hcofcr, \V. S. Tires, A beautiful 2-tone that is as clean os new, LUKEN MOTORS 112 West 4th St. — Dial 3-3539 Used Cor Lot 5th & Belle BUSINESS SERVICE BUSINESS SERVICE Where Prices ore Born Not Raised $AVE $500 HIM DOIHilC Ituyul V-8 Club Si-dun. Kvi'i'iilivc's cur with only IIUOO mill's. Klup and KI'".V I'lni-th, radio, licutcr, wire wheels, uliilrwiill I i ri>),, linlrd Kluss, Inu'U-up lilc. rnwcr- flite tnummisitioii, Pmvrr slfcriiiu. Test drive U tuduy! FORD 1946-48. ALLSTATE REBUILT ENGINES . I I Q exert. .fit NS M AM\ II I | RESTYLE YOUR HOME With H I JOHNS-MANVILLE SIDING P H O D U ( T • I' rrr I'.sliiuittei • No Dim n • »« Miinlhk • Coiiiimn.Y Truinod A|ipllralor» MARCAL HOME IMP. CO. 1. UrouUuny I'hoiie ?-B»l5 or *-034i *^VAA^H' \f ^ ^ ^JH HoefertBro PHONE 3-5574 RRAL ESTATE SALE REAL ESTATE/SALE Installation t'uu Be Arranged New-engine power! New-engine economy! 90-day or 4000-mile tervice KUttrautttf n«uoi>t«l at any Sear* utore. Kxlra low price ! PLYMOUTH 1949-50 4 AQ 1 119 or yow mwbock" OPEN NEW 5-ROOM HOME 2 Fireplaces, Tile Kitchen and Bath, Large Porch. Gat Heat. 1105 DOUGLAS 5T. : Sat, rfhij Sun,, i P, M, to S P, M, Or Call 3*9073 for Appointment RENT A TRUCK RENT A NEW CAR BY THE HOUR DAY OR WEEK Reasonable Rates ALL TYPES OF TRUCKS AVAILABLE 1952 Plymouth, Ford, Chtvrolit Cars TOWER SERVICE DIAL 2*8631 1875 E. BROADWAY A Branch McMqhon Dnv-Ur-Self ASKVS/ If your proper!)' i* well riuiin- laincd «nfl sound, rliancrit are (looii lhal il can qualify as a "preferred risk'* for this heller, low net co«t, modern Insurance ll'» decidedly »»orlli lind- in It out «l>oiil. Dividend »Hvin^« have never been lew than 15%. Gel detail*. HUGHSON INSURANCE Vour I'rotectioii—Our I'rofrssion J708 WASHINGTON 2-l6liS Tht C4PIT4I. STOCK fonipniir «/ "PREFERRED RISKS" OF AMERICA CENTRAL FRUIT & PRODUCE MARKET Easter Flowers BEAUTIFUL BLOOMING e ^ WHITE LILYS... EA. $ ! $1 29 ALL COLORS •• ^^ GERANIUMS... EA.50' RED or PINK BLOOM THIS YEAR iibw vi riniv PEONIES, $1 50 1 J^ PERENNIALS Pansies, Petunias, Asters, Marigolds, Daisies, Creeping Phlox, Roses BEAUTIFUL ARTIFICIAL WREATHS AND SPRAYS 913 COLLEGE AVE. DIAL 2-2919 OPEN DAILY 8 A. M.-6 P.M. AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE CHIEF PONTIAC SAYS: f YOU'LL FIND THE BIGGEST BARGAINS EVER ON OUR -LOT AT THE PRESENT TIME, SPECIAL '51 BUICK 4-DOOR SEPAN A rcnl "slick" automobile. Has radio, heater, <lyna- ! ', flow tiaiisniiiision and many other acce»iiorie». < ' Original lu-lone green finish. Only $1195 51 MERCURY 4-Or. , 52 CHEVROLET 2-Door Clean us can be iiikide and out. Original li«ht grey fin- i»h lhal holds up very well. So eaby to keep dean, too. Very good tire* for mile* anil mil?* of trouble-free driving. You can't go wrong on thi» one. A perfect driver In every way. Hadio and heater atld lo your comfort and enjoyment. •53'PONTIAC 4-Door Smart Chieftain deluxe model with all the trimming*. You'll like the tu-tone color combination of tw« one- continental maroon bottom net off by a jet black top. Really catche* your eye. Powerful 8-cyliuiler enginn with bydr»matio drive, radio, heater, turn *i»nal* and nylon uphoUtery. A real dandy. 100 Othtrt to Chooft From • front and olby § 9th and bell* • eo«t alien 4-3871 3-8881 3-6668 220 $t louis o»e. This one could be anyone'* "favorite". Deluxe ftyleline KK| off by white wall tires. Sleek black finith. A real "bouuty". Clean as can be inside and out. Perfect up- holbtery. Come in and look this one over. See for your- telf what a nice car it i*. Ha« radio and heater, too. Opin Evtninp Till 9tOO <?, ^f) PONTIAC INC. Uodtr in Pint tor voivw'

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