Tucson Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on July 3, 1946 · 12
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Tucson Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · 12

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1946
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1 i k r i -- ''' 1- i f" i - ''- i - '' t ' ' ' - t -'0 -: z ! - k-to-: -1 t F ' I- T:T - " -: ' -1: - ' - - ' : 1 4 1 I i I P4141 12 TUCSON DAILY 'CITIZEN Wednesday 'Jut' 3 1946: A J1 d( lians Hold S' t o f f t Wii I li ' I Speak At UN: )41 il 1 Frederick R Stofft will ibe !The' featured epeaker at the Ialy 4th1 celebration to be held tomorrow evening at the University i!of Ark' zona atadium The'programi-wilt iti elude selections from the VFW band under the direction of Sam Fain solos by Paul Roberta 'and It will he climaxed with a tigalitie fireorks di5p1ay 11 - Start a veteran officer l of the Tlushmastera the famed ViEititi in gantry which was composed ofJhc -Arizona national guard was commander of the 127th regimen of-the 3llnd infaniry at the lime of his return to the United States 'land) ultimate rclean from the teritice' f Early this week Cot Swift vasl offered a commission in the- rrgu-41 tat Army with the rank !11' Tap-Z1 tairh hich appointment ''!)e del dined to accept yesterday Indicated this morning that he pre ferred to foLlow in civilian pursuits as long as the country remained at peace He retains his reserve com--4 mission as a colonel 1 1171 Graduate 11-z- - He is a partner inthe offlce SupT ply firm of Howard & Stofff Col Stollt is a graduate of the‘ nlrersity of Arizona -class of 100 Academically he istrained a a gP01- ogist by experience he is a 'solzaler and by choice he Is a sorcessfuli OPEN DAtLY10A'lt toll P M t t I - TABLE DrHOTE xnNINg ROOM SERVICE s 4 merchant F - It T-1 VI 41“-7 Mitchell commander of the 'Mon- ganMcDermott post of the Amer-lean Legion: Charlet L L pornmander of the Marine corpa league:: G C Mann' commander i of the United Spanish War veteraon NVit rd F Weil commandee of the DV Andrew Austin corar4arderi of the Charles Young postenf the American Legion:- and Walter Alit- trait commander DAV chatiterNo 2 I - i Advance ticket sales for tflei nc radon are beIng bandledl V 1)101' ilweeEttes Tickets are tot'l'ale at Penney'm department stare: 'alnd both local hanks - Children from the ArIzcina dren's home will be guest of ?the 1aicees Durinz the evening ithe children will be treated t4 pop and ice cream while watching tIie fireocks display and-other 'keniter-1 Mini-tient A fi pedal bus will Irupply transportation for the childrent This year crowd Is exPected to exceed that of last yeariwinen 12000 persons attended the Iaffiair Delliolays Hoid Sunrise Dance - DeMo lay members and' I theiCI guests will have the annul Slin-1 rise swim and dance tomorrowfat La 'Hacienda thp Shrine eititil rtar: the corner of Country Club atncll Droadway Dandng is sthrttzted: from 4 to 6:30 a rn foiloWp(r v! - SA imming- Tommy Hamptotrfs - - chestra will provide musle! The DeMolay Mother-S1 te14Ce beaded by Mrs F S Morri itill serve refreshments 'and eha'perons: will include 'Messrs and Mitnes:'M T Manes Billy Rex F S1 liiprrisl Clayton Baum C E Richrern1 Jerry Martin Leon A Couttryman0 and It A Boss ' ! ! H 1 Arrangements bavp been made by Jim Baum master courglipr:I llal Rieherson senior courst2Ior- Victor Rex junior councilor illeine!' Dawson deeoratiocis chairmain ord Willie Sn3 der publicity Chair:man' i Health Cotirse To 11 Used In State Sclin a Is' A courie of study in safety and plisical edueation:t' prepared by a committee incdquz4 J L Picard associate profesot—of physical education at the 'LlniveNT sity of Arizona will :he used ist the state's elementary s(hnolslacrord-! Ina to Nolan I) Fulilam assiitant: instructor of put Le educaalcp Arizona The committee stairte(U work on the course in l'cbsuary - MOORE'S BOOKKEEPING SERVICE 113 Fourth Ave Ph 3231 Established la 1041 I: Well 'nide on in keeptoS iotir own nocounts or completeir tiers 701 of the reepensibtlity I or 4 ptn- ‘1 N L 4141 i FrIderta R Stofft former rolosel In the 158th infantry July 4 Rodeo Papago Indians apparently figure that steerg are too tame to furnish a bangup event for their July 4-5 rodeo so they've put a new event on the program which will be held at Sells ! The new event will be called horse team roping Instead of a Steer being turned loose and roped 'a wild horse will replace the steer i The show will start July 4 with a ball game ut 10 a m followed by g free barbecue at noon A short Speaking program after the bar-beetle will feature talks by Mork Iturge Seitm Indian Agency suporinriendent Richard 'Hendricks chair man of the rodeo -committee iogk clszonuanectoil chairman of the Patin() Shortly after 2 o'clock and prc- reded by a grand entry of all eon boss la il : tiaeinesdtnadnErt si cukg set Eugene bee i i Hendricks io rodeo program iacpmkr sorgo dra asemo ar begin It will be continued and con- eluded Fridav July 5 Archie : director famed Arizona national 'maid 1- The -events P nd prize money to 'raiment known as the Bush May winners follows: Calf rolling t el t' ef Atsvo telmrea ner t1T isrtrods Masters will be the main speaker at tomorrow evening's annual -JulyIth celebration to be held at UM-versify of Arizona: stadipm - fo i e d Forgery" erchant ' ''T G will play both days The Citizen He is married and hag two daughl : '0 et D o p Art uto Stages will p'rovide a speci31 ra Catherine and Suzanne1 hus run to Sells both das s lea inz ters Catherine and Suzanne1 1-lis ii r -1 1bus run to Sells both days leaving wife is Mrs Jeannette Stofft it Re- Ili i !I the Greyhound terminal at S:ilt) turning to the United States in! ilTleiding that she be assisted "on:ta M July of last year Col stout re-- tble way back" by being placed Int - TVI V T linquished his command' of the m th ucson Vets InWituTio-n ft:'tr-e-a-tnrslernt—OfItW T 127 regiment in Luzon P': 1 ' -i- d?pel i I ' after four ears of Islandhoppine habit a 44-year-old TLIFSCO across the Pacific In the waeagnsv a' t0s l'ilelma Kendall her addrest -t 1 janan ' I i' ' 11 1 c- ILftrj ma ft Ineni hntol f 1 rldny c--Vi go e t Break m Japan : glenr as a local hotel today arij'l Tomorrow's celebration-Is spon -T mItted to Tueson police to forging' sored by the Junior Chamber of narcotic preseriptions PHOENIX July 3 GP)----Robert Commerce and the city recreation -iSheibsed four atlases vk line here: -- - O Kelly state surplus prorerty department Master of ceremoniesr' a'short time—about 10 days 04purhasing agent said today be at the affair will be Attorney wills Thelma Jones and the otherswas going to hee that Tucson NIA- :William F Kimball I 1 i'i 1" Tifiellta Foley Mrs Hilda Dotson I cranS get a break in busing equip Special Guests i i ' i - and Cora Lee Miller -si ment to be sold at the Aillesearth Special guests invited totiattenu i A 1 4 I A phid of memorandum paper wasli Manufacturing Co here beginning are Governor Sidney Pi0sbortrj Fttolerk:from a doctors office Fhisl Monday Dan Garvey secretary f state c-a -tqd Detective Sgt James C Iier-' Kelly announced he and a -Ag Phil J Martin Jr city nit nagert r–n p 'On sheets of the memo paper -representative would go to Tucson lia3er Ilenry 04 Jaastacti Atienshe wrote prescriptions for morIFriday to help veterans obtala pHItansen commander i pf!thei pininef concoctions forging thelorities They will interview appliAMYETS Jack Dillendel4 41 -Pnl-' deCtors name -i rants at the Tucson office ot1 tite Inander of the local VFW !post Fi i - d Th T State industrial commission ! r e 1 ree R II Martin chairman I rt the h Imilke times p Times olice know shel' The equipment to be sold Pima county board of supers th e preet ip ti ons i isersi i filled lirludes a great variety of machine i tried to get s - Col A Y Smith commanding of ' tools suitable for small businesses ' ' Twice she sent a Negro man to al dttugstore Each time there was a inituro 1LPrO Ettcniririttz1 Doctor And Patient 4 ''Druggists were suspiciou "111' ' 'Doctor And Patient ztilare s of the prescriptions and one called - - tolice : - t Drown In Auto Wreck he ri t - The woman N aS identified at the t CORPUS CIIRISTI Texas July 3 Idtel In which she was staying and T)---Dr Rudolph E Gauger 45 placed tinder arrest -- of Port Lavaca Tex and one of his !1:-MrPt Kendall her hair dyed a t 'patients George Erwin Karkeet a ots v: c Ist na nt-rt 17Nd1gh tinge said she I a reg lid of Iron Mountain Mich were Wered nurse- and as such realizes drowned late yesterday when their tilat 1ter way of life is not the :iest ac plunged off a bridge on the Se known too she aysertect that rort Aransas causeway They Welt' red a assistance in breaking pinm41 underneath the vehicle the sbacMes of the narcotic habit i arid he aNked police to telake possitile for her to be plared in n - lettlecill institution o that teat Trtucic sican be- given her f - I !1!Iler'frón FAld hr IA 111 endeavor to 1 tirn her over to federal authorilles t Nary Office Praised -11F-16r June Enlistments' - -1The0oca1 Navy recruiting offic-e roreivpl a special commendation r lcom pits Phoenix -headquarters to-1 flany for the enlistment of 33 men! th4 Navy for the month of June The quota for June was only 15 :TA- more men were reported tody 1 tp have enlisted in the naval! reiserve They are: Prescott Behn-I 1R son of Mr and Mrs Harry Behn 1 timberlost drive and Johni EgofNatcher 17 on of NIt'S1 Guadalupe Natcher of Tucson 1' rrterutination Guaranteed 't —Photon 63A5— Ibaie tendon Exterminator I Arizona Mortuary Inc 7 ? Platt Thhl Ai Complete Fulteral to Meet Every Intorno TZI1114111 Z TOCCM Dirertor ioRy1119 anTikBOOK SHP 31714:- 116 EAST 10T11 STREET Te1ephone-7846 tComa in and See Our 'omplete Collection of Religious Goods t - - Crucifixes 'Bibles - Rosaries Prayer Books New Testaments CIIIIOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIAS speaker steer team tying $'23 horse 1 ::$13 annual : team roping S50 bronc riding $13 e held at t'steer riding $15: quarter-mile horce rIzona race $10 half-mile horse race $10 ! : The Double Seven Corporation : Phoenix long-lime buyer of horses - from the 'Papago reservation do- n se ated the prizes for the horse tv- gel ving event The Indian band froi1 OUP I't the Pima reservation at Sacaton an 1 will play both days The Citizen 1 n 1 "' k 12 a Ct n eleso xx11 :rrlsigi 0 a no i 1 1 Get Break drowned late yesterday when their far plunged off a bridge on the rort Aransas causeway They Welt' pinm41 underneath the Thiele lornuctc SERVICE SALES and SERVICE INTERHATIOHAL TRUCKS BOWYER Motor Co Ph 1724 220 NI Stone Buy Victory Bonds Steaks Chops Chicken Mr Cooled Custom-Bulk to Fit Your Triode-Ks Exactly Newest and most satisfactory sunshade ytt devised Faq41 toned from sheet aluminum by our experti from exact 119 urements of your windows they're bounii to fit perfectly 3 si)les to choose from is your choiceof I harmonizing colors Rust-proof asd trouble free—thetre very practical Call today for more information fliTDIATE WITHOUT OBLIQATION -- DELIVER! WrrHIN ONE WEEX — N Main 11 1Pollemen Call Out Reserres For Fourth Every iivallable policeman will be on duty tomorrow with a special &tail being railed into action under Capt Frank Keefe for dutylat l'A atadium Chief of roliceiDoe 1 Hays said today e Cru lainit squads will tour the city in efforts to prevent dam age by tclegal shooting -of fire- workers4laya pointed to a city ordinance!: prohibiting fireworks demonstritions except wit the permissidk of the council The dinsonstratkm at VA pea dimly is he only one for which a perntiOhas been given" Ilaya said "Ali others will be illegal and perte trators subject to sr rest and -line" nail being called into At I special meeting held yes der Capt Frank Keefe terday the 'Tucson Real Estate at u Atainum chief board went on record lis oppoeIng !Doe J Hays Nod to drastic rent increases and In favor I of continued abandonment of CPA squad will tour the rent control and mntrols over lum c‘s forts to prevent dam bee and materials so that badtv 1 :legal shoaling -of fire needed materials can be released Jtala pointed to a city to contractors r Prohibiting fireworks The resolution as dopted by the itions except witls the board follows: 41 of the council 1 To wire our senators arid conimonstratkm at VA sta grel"man UreinZ the continued he only one for which abolishment of OrA rental control ban been given" 1141)11 2 To adopt a firm II Lend azatnst i others will be illegal any drastic Increases In rentals du -etratora subject to sr to the recent abolishment of the fine" I lOrA controls Warn Clients c et T'T ! 3 To warn our ellents and land - I 0 Elm our clients aria larA Vet ft 1HOUS111"1!ords that drastic increws 1t1 rentals 1111 eprtatolv work to Problem Grows To the rriany obs!aeles standing In the wail of veterans' housing another onel has 6een added by the demise of-PPA according to Justin Herman !assistant regional housing experVter According to Herman "it is Inevitable teat rising prices of buildIng matexials will be reflected in higher piices for veterans" and he agree( that any substantial increase in 41ousing costs will mean that mot houses birilt under the program sill probably go to rionveterans because of the inability of ex-set-lice:nen to pay iigher prices- The visws of the housing expediter wifere given latt nigt-t at Ie weekli meeting of the mayor's veterans' mergency housing ccmmittee at the council chambers In city hail Ro Drwhman Charles A Brady and Roy were named I on a spelal committee last night to investigate the legal aspects of FueceFstut bid of J S Sundt-local buil4ing contraetor for 151 eountv-owzned lots defeating the bid of thetrucson heights veterans housing icomm'ittee which had Fought th4 lots for another veterans' hotising project The bavis of the complaint of Paul Ehlets of the Tucson Heights committeei was that SOndt will not agree to Nrmit veterans to obtain the lots t cost to him as was intended it- Ehlers' group tile-Gurh Named is ew Ambasvdor To Uruguay WASHINGTON July 71 fin-- President Truman today nominated Joseph k''lAteGurk 'Of New Jersey to be ambitssador to Vruguay McGurk 1100' ambassador to the Dominican 110pub1ic Harold It Tittmann Jr of Missouri now it foreign service officer of class I 41 as nominated to be sunbassador t Haiti SEAGOHDOLLAR MIJSIC STORE CONN BAADi IASTRLMEATS The Ott Ice of the Champions ebue fl it Band Instrument" Iticiarbacher Electric Gni Bantl Instrument hiepairing 5'19 N 411 Ave Phone 1-11t331 Monte Vista Inn 7-71:2 3650 E Speedway! Telephone 0157111 ''st) Featuring I EXCELLENT FOODS lc! rilter Its nrivata tuartietlw I 1 We cater jto private partievall wedding parties etc Sundays 12 noon to 11 pm! 'Hours 3 to 11 ad TnesdZ3s F— Closed Tuesd4I4 74 rnique Colorful PerrniieraZ LIUMIIIUNI AWNINGS LI 1-11 Engineering Company zhou e 177 Realtors- Okay l Three New Rental Polievi TT the detriment of the city of Tucson' expeciallY in view of the fact that it will discourage our winler VisitOr industry 4 To urge the general public to wire senators and CongresKrnen to call for the continued abolishment of OPA controls of lumber and building materials and thus enable the release of badly needed materials to our contractors so that they may complete the unfinished homes which in itself w11 greatly alleviate the rental situation and assist in the natural le-veling off of 1 rentals Rent Hold lime' 1 Members attending the meeting who represent over Z'ono rental units said they had received no notices of rent Increases and Kenneth C Ball president of the Phoenx Real Estate board sad none had been received there as )et The board moved to support the mayor in any action he may take to control the rent situation an stated officially that they believed the people of Tucson should -display the high principles so characteristic of the American people without excessive government regulation Frank Borman Noir At U S 31i1itary Academy Frank Boman 1 criarterbackt on last ears tate tharnplonshlp Tucson -high school football team has entered the U S mIlitary academv at West Point tinelor a cb pointrnent by Rep Richard F Hard Borman viho graduated from Tue-lon high last June is the or Mr and Mrs E O Ilorrnan 1524 East Sixth street 1 Borman reportedaat WitsLro!r11 June 17 and paAsed the nowt tzamination given appointee& a 4 DrWSisackner Purist S eta A ties too I Plateworti sod iltztesettoss ?I N Sloe 7ses4011 Opposite tee Muer Revel Purist Se eta A ties too I Platewortt sod iltztesettoss ?I N Sloes nes 10414 Opposite tee Maser Revel I J EL SVII4on One of Owne 0 A Keeley Shop Fortino's Announcing AEIVIORIIII ARTS Exelothe Mixon' Dealers fat "MONTELLO" The World Moot Resatiful Grante Arizona Mmt 1ot1e-rn Ditrta! and glqIcero Mausokums lonuments 0 Markers IN GRANITE MARINI AND 13110N7E Qukk Serire anti Conalderate Treatment Terms If Desired Commercial Sanciblatting of An Kinds Ornamental GIs anti Metal Dealslir -IM Open 9 IL NU LP 6 pi Doily—Satmiary try A p polx AS N IL - - t liorth Sfone chcne a1za-z4 IL T it est tno eb-w-ao-t1B — k Liw taprtavople 1600 m41 I I Corp Corn Authentic Chinese Food Family St!le Our Sperialty Cold Beer and Wine for your Dinner Enjoyment — Closed Mondays— 4 I : - ' el t 1 -1 '1 4' a r-7---E- i't ! Tit 1e e TTe ts ' t! ti " f ' tto'b 1 I t-11-1 r v vizi -4 r r— Jt 4 h" C Oh o I g 00 9 f ht : 2 CAt -b g vs 6 -1" Ho 1 n e IS ' App ro v e 4 A OP a ------ Mame for the bu11:r1 rf tcy-r I rew Telt Merlerk three Pi thr- I i atrees f-wzr rte-r- I 1-911 t4 2'1 111 ::: Tuzeon Ilek-htt a leer ei-1-814'ilriral rropct al ere a r:rol el 100a V tl at 1 A 11- 3 tr-1-'4 C I )sit V '1 r 7 ' I City Iluild'rt Inal-hectc'r E J) i vrt-el i'fJr ItTurrne s1 to '4 4 Ilerrerat I rtratir allacte-4- t-:!t-' t'-::1-t TbeY Vrt al forlers t- i SZA::-:k rtnhett It 11t11 :11 1:441 N r I lita7vi 11"'Irv-o :t:: rit vt Ct-- rt n ia troreet four rrocort el bv4 'Pet 11-rvi't S t l'Tirrors irNI bac '- e vIth farece 'macre-J vt-ncrit It ("1 r''"' UNA ilti11 i J M 1 k:e:-—if t ::41 1L-1 'I'5 ! I In-' A It Arterp:4 (11 East Vi-E -4 tor:I TIAI 1 a :- 0-- 0 :1 rt se f'-it Itre are Vaccri l't TociKr1 I It' c6 : It 1 Local Army Recruiter Speaks To Rotarians - An InIcpcmienre dal' r-'r'c--2-1 HzIllghted the tnet!!- r f the LotAry club tc-alzy at thc Plcc-weir hoteL Capt Itamond IL Reece 4 recrutIlng offIcer of the loe 31 krt-y 1 tecruit!r f!aticn 10-crel ti f !-rs taken by the air tcrps ef artt4on in the late 'tar Rev ILe'-and Kew trig former Arr-c c! a--4 !I spoke of the deeds rherfc-r-ned by the pilots and men 111zu n in act:cn in the Urns Capt Reece referred te a Crone armed forte as the 1-4rkts re ti tilplomacy and assertel that brvte feree has giNcn ay in th'At rn-s:rn age to technical lie assertrd tl'at 1 for that reason the Ar-ny ts iscek!n a WO grade til intelercle In the serstee s1 5DI ago ' 4 — DI To bukure the growth de veloposest sod prIroperity t thilb ta'te Rsoinemo soot 1- Industry iut he givro tvery a escourogentett e sad mtection whkh the ttaw afford thew bold vr bye the to terestis Itsi or cot Wee with th rights of the rreyte 1Prople's welfare conini first GRAND OPENING 4th of JULY OPEN 5 P M in 2 N M 'Phone 7941 For Reserretiona 0 rItNer 46 a c r T-rt co s)) ) c-— 1'7-Jr!' !1 S I r r1 11 1 aN stftc: - t14 !: 61 '1 t-7 — a: p T ) 1! at NI -IL : Jr )o )- LAN '91 14' a — 14 L 2'iite 1 a-: :7 7 ') 1 1zr N I Ni A$AV''): vA SA8 : -t 44 1 i I ) 1 troo" i s MIMS 'Frotil DANIEL'S Clioeot tur00t Livir rrPy town tbs( irbc:st 4 - row telms 14 6—Akt - list Vie y 814 raid "tv -1 tre? siklms f arrwirP I i''llt- clifrlilleld t ) ect- l'b 4 Pre y othAP tt IK d firme 4 i 4 k I 4P4 - 1 " birieht 41 to ''s 2 44 Inie4 rroort 441takr 3 le flaiStt fr4 94- t to Vow to Pr litt a4:1 Avlott It a i 1 &Pro I ::1 41 work L lie to pow PO Pra- 1144 Sesame oat Isprams ebo-rea 149" $ te0ftWr Onologoill 1111MINS 10110111 06210 arInsk : r - N 011F44' I:'-T "T ktP 5-14res keit -4 p ?wry-it:to-a Ye-at' tor:rorbetr 1 be on atm tomorrow with a - 3111 IL at A a v LI t 11ppi tf Li Li ' I p eak At '-IJA': rir--i-----:-------------------7-1 Papago Indians apparently figure special detail being called into At a etee epeeis t meeting held yes- C taa: e la Ttet taket 1 aa-1 a - a''''' t a e --- - that steerg are too tame to furnish action urielee real Prank Keefe terday the 'Tucson Real Estate k r e eee -- 1-7'e la s" t i t a tea netre at banesup event for their July 4-5 for datylae I etaillam Chief board went on record as oppoeing Plare for the buold1rer et' Leer rederick R Sto 1 fft w ill be athea t eaa ' 1 rodeo so th ve put nw event l' - y e' a e t i of olicel Dos J Hays ad to draetic rent increases and in favor aew residence& three ca taros le i a -ave f""Zr rtv""- I 1'1! I21 111:n tr''-''- a --'1 SI r '- r11 f''' ''-t's )17!---rs4 ii-t1 0N--4 -9- tistrl-E- ured epeaker at the Jaly 4th ' i et1 of continued abandonment on the program which will be held day s -4 3 of OP Tues-on I le! eel' a v et set-1814 its r If a C ae-a laaa re rent control and controls over lum- Paaleal- a" 'le a N'rt"' r1 t(la V " 1 A- n- 3 t!--'''''' (--'t La' V'1'r 7'1 t'! '''''' ir r ''': 't ""' 't t ' 7 74 bration to be held tomorro at ll aqua& will tour the 'w Ses (Y41114124' uier Inapecter D o a ate- -fa----a lasaleal a'al ale a to a a ' 6 ' 14 ' 4 ' 4 " -: 1 4" " P -' ming at the University i!of Aria" a -- i The new event will be called city in effort to prevent dam ber and materials so that badly Cite' B ld E a stadium The- programievill ina aa hors e team roping Instead of a age by itlegal ehooting -of fire needed materials can be releastact Ilareeeek I lea e ratite attacte-e renter' tatata T '-e : a at -e le selections from the VFW - a ateer being turned loose and roped - workers elle) 0 pointed to a city to contractors Tbey 13111 31 for:Wei- ia:2 1 : NI -o t wee et under the direction of ham I 4 at ' a wild horse will replace the steer ordinance prohibiting firework The aaaolation at adolatd by the I-tribe-it It l'at11ae all ---14' aar-1 N1ataat Ptata!aceee 1 (a: rsI Ct- 14 s N 7 114 - A - Latt el re Bolos by Paul Robeata arid 4 t ( l The ehow will start July 4 with demonetratione except with the board follows: atela so et foee eeeees a141 t-h per I !--141 S It reselles ani bete ceee le 111 ' 14 0 i a ' isill he climaxed with a ggaatic - -N a ball game ut 10 a m followed by permiesilk o of the council To ith gareee attacteel ten-write ("le 1-"'''' aa latare 10 --7 : at a les I a I To ware our senators and con- blocita a-eta-a l J at 1-tateeett t a7a ltetele !etre: leo ae: a a orks diaplaya a a t ! " ': ' a : 0 free barber-tie at noon A short "The dimonetratkm at laa is eta amntntuir)gtinoerAttrkventationcotinnturokalt A TI Arts:eel Cal Fast a-i-ir -4 te"T"-atataatavtatia- Os: r-":tc c 4 1 1 1: r 11 I 1 tofft a veteran officer' of tehe- o i - - '-' t i 4 i - t - I 'speaking program after the bar Mutts it's only one for hkh a et grbolrih tim Ie ai -I e 0 t : e ao-eetetel thmastere the famed 1i8th? ine :': i4 - ! - beetle will feature talks by Mork a permittbas been given'" Maya '2 To adopt a firm stand azatnst h paid "Aiii others will be illegal any drastic increase' In rentals diet Toceeen ite rat t "1 try wich wa compoa s ed or the t i : t t 3 I ' lurge Selig Indian Agency euporia and peree: trators: subject to ars to the recent abolishment of the Local Army Recruiter zona national guard was Com e f-- 4- - e eiieee a aendent Richard Hendrick''' chair t - - nder of the 127th regimen of :1 5 "-a man of the roleo -committee Joeo relit andtfine" OPA controlt Speaks 'To Rotarians -- 32n1 infantry at the time of a a t te e a i ' I gnacio chairman of the Papego Client ient - -- -- return to the United Sta tes 'end I i ' t ' 4 i- tu oncil akt Skortly after 2 o'cloc k of and pre- con t e $ 1 a - HOUS111" 3 To warn our ellents and land an In!epcnlenee ety rec e --2-1 tV imate release from the nk Sete 1i - lords that Inv drastic increayes listzl-illghted the tneet'eg et the (--- 1 'f ' it ' i - : retied bv a grand entry all V C t 1 yo 1 in rentals will eertainly wnrk to Itotery club toteay at -1 tereeeer 1 e I t i k A let 7 ''-arly this week Col Stolft 'tivaSA 1: 1 -' ' - testants the rodeo program w r ill - i - cred a commission in -the- regtt t t : ' '''' ‘ :a - begin It will be continued and con- Problem "---' vs i the detriment of the city of Tucson hotel Capt Ite mond I L P eteee ' k i - Army with the rank !elf eapel aa Vie eluded Friday July 5 Archie l expeatalle in view of the fact thati reel-lettng Lancer cYf tat Ite 31 Array : --t''0 e l'1 IA' hich appointment lie - del k 4-4- ' - ' diendricks will act am rodeo bos ' I - it Will discourage our winter victor recruiting station 10-cett eel fan- s as' - stecon: t a tia-ata kik 1' - v induatry a A C)a eo - 8 - - Oto aTa ned to accept 'yesterday Het e a - 1 taken by tee air corns et a A licated this Morning that4aterpreal - a Frlderkk R Stofft former a and Eugene Hendricks at arena To the Manv obvaclex standing wire senators the ge and eongretwnen tO Keyesing former A rrey e a aseta ted e- - 4 To urge neral public to in the late oar Rev leet t A 4 t1 - e ned at e 'red to foliow in civilian pursuileal' 55)lo3pael ‘ats the 158th infantry director call for the continued abolishment spoke of tee deeds terree reeee ty moue national guard The -events P nd prize money to lo the watt of veterans' houeing an- - bof nOdpA controls of lumber and tee poets and meet ae t ' i long as the country remaij1 aam"u winners fols: Calf roiling other onee has ta-en added by the t )-i's XA- ace Ile retains his resertat aome regiment known as the Bush- itflay steer team tying S25 din horse demise of-PPA according to Justin u ing materials and thus enable tau n rt acten VaV -a a r ssion as a colotiel 1e r ' 4 - 1 Masters will be the main speaker S15 team roping sae bronc rig $1 Herman !assistant regiorral house I the release of battle needed ma- - - - tocirelIst)43 cooumr pc i ktn e tr t ahc ' a I -at tomorrow evening's annual 171 Graduate !la a : I-ster riding S15: qulowarter-mile hor5 ee ing expeciater - Capt Reece referred te a crone - in the L'ens July 4th celebration to be held at a t He is a partner inethe offlee auk eetei "It rst o t f Arizona race $10: half-mile horse race $10 According to Herman "it is ita- ma armed forte as tat tee:keen et t e firm of Howard & Stoffte Col '" 'a Madam e y ' Double Seven Corporation - evitable teat rising prices of build- et°rtnarint:hhtadat homee which in itself w11 Kr-retie deraomacy and seserted tees' brette a a : o i The Dflt is a graduate of the lariaverot - - i' Phoenix long-lime buyer of horses o - e ing matettals win be reflected In alleviate the rental toelution a ' - d fcr" ha5 glIrn 55115" 13 l''''''' r7"L''' "I n a y of Arizona-class of 11:10 ACa-- '' - - i from the Tapago reservation do- higher pces for veterans" and aesist in the naturel laaveling off of age to teeretic th al Ile aseerted at ' e 4t mically he letrained ag :"a 0'101-r 1 d nated the prizes for the horse ty- he agreede that any substantial in- rentals f that ie c-r at reateee tee Atorey tg e!4 : I 1 ' ist by experience he is a 'soletie e ra la 1 Foreferving event The Indian band from crease in aiousing co rate Hold lime a n e - ts win mean C- h!ea grade of itetagence le the a 'I by choice he is a saeceesful i a n I"1the Pima reservation at Sacaton t a - 7 that mot a houses built under the Members attending the meeting aeriaae- rchant I : play both la - i ! e ' ' ' ' ' '' -- ' Get Dope 1vill The Citizen gram - days veterans aeill probably go to non- who represent over noree rental ceen o py inability h - because o f th e na i lelity unit sae t al they h a et receleed no y o I ! ' t i DIRmonDs I Ile is married arad ham two daiigh-t T o 'E' I'Auto Stages will provide a -speciet ! i it es ei ' e S i ' -- 1:i of ex-serlirn to aiiher notices of rent ierax and K gtineaeen- ) i rs Catherine and SuzanneeHi i abus run to ells both days leaving t From DANIEL 'S Ile is Mrs Jeannette Stofft a Res la o : a the Greyhound terminal at Stle price I neth C Bala president of the rriing to the United State! In t a Pleading that she be assisted "onaa m -- eee--e- a ' a The views of the housing ex- Phoenx Real Estate board said Afro la : 1 t e ay of last year Col Stofft re-' thte viay back" by being placed irtil: - pediter wacre given last niget et none had been received there as it Calleteme I' team Lae trey lquished his command' of athe 1 -1 ' '' ' an institu e tion for of the - Tucson Vets Itie weelil - meeting of thv' a ee t i i o o7th regiment in Luzon: la Le ' :t a 44-year-old nure maors 3 et- a Imeett tate eIletc:st rf i veterans' imergency housing cern The board moved to support the t A' ter four s ears of island hop do pingl n bit -ser pe a lir tec ' eaa aorsvaeal-at roof isteee 14-treot toss the Pacific in the war 'agaMst? toli-s l'helma Kendall her addresztm mittee at the council chambers in i Lo Get B 1 eak city hall a mayor in any action he may take to control the rent situation ani ' ' 1' I ' r: - - k 1 1 4st'l ' I tr A ' ' leeserty ailed raid "ts 11 1 'pan - ' - ' ' e11 glyera: as a local hotel today ada Rov Dr4ehman Charles A Brady stated officially that they believed le $7 4 ottaaael- ' keep w sale f orrtere a ! - Tomorrows celebrationqs spon-T mitted to Tueson police to forgine: - and Archeitumphrye were named the people of Tucson ehould adiee 1 4 ea-" ed by the Junior Chamber- of nareope preseriptions PHO 3 ENIX Jule ara-Roltert on a speal committee last night Play the hieh principles so char-' ej ' el""a7v-sa eanea clarets ited plc ma eo i t ommerce and the city recreation a Sheibsed four aliases Nk 11 ile belie O Kelly state surplus prorerty to investleate the legal aspects of acteristic of the American people' 111 i 4 partment Mager of ceremeaies a:shnct time-about 10 days Ona:apurchasing agent- said today Ile a eucceasful bid of J S Sundt without excessive geverrment reg- ' -- s 4- NJ 4t - 7 ----t- N-- t i t the affair will be Atatorneaa tees Thelma Jones and the others was going to hee that Tucson VC t- local builaing contraetor for let ulation A te ea- le IP - rrfect-T moose twit i t ailliam F Kimball -ai ''1 Thelma Foley airs Hilda Dotsonaatrans get a b reak in buying eettire rounty-owzned lots defeating the 4 Jo - 1 4 e- 'ae- - a -se decree est I 4 k I Special Gueete ai 1 ' -I and Cora Lee Miller lment to be sold at the buying bid of theta-m Frank Borman Noir At e:on Heights veterans ' ole a---- t - e 1 A - - 0 II I 1 e-'' Ped of memorandum paper wasl Manufacturing co here beginning housing acommittee which had IT 0 kt yot a e s 14 Special guests invited tolatileno 1 1 t re: Governor Sidney Pi0sbarna stelere d afrom a octor's off el ice ehl alonday Fought thaa lots for another vet- Ids 34 ituttary Academy Ilk cr ' t -- - 4 - birititv ! Ian Garvey secretary l st t c4 -'11-e tqd Detective Sgt James C Her-''- Kelly announced he and a AV AA erans' hoireeing project - COrPCS 011 ' e I I 'hit J Martin Jr city manager' reit et Pie sh m eets of the memo paper :representative would go to Tucson -- The 'bails of the complaint of Frank Borman IS quarterback i ‘ t 14111411 S tar henry 0 Jaastada Anen i ' -she wrdle prescriptions for morollariday to help veterans obtaia pri- Paul Ehlets of the Tucson Heights on last 'ears state tharripionsh - lp rtit 11 Z ! ae lans d en commaner iotiithr 1 'n " cgi z : Pli ea one t axtione forng the orities They will interview appli- committees wag that Sent will not Tucson 'high P" hoot football team C 0 M 114 - C10446664M 4p4Oli t iNIVETS Jack Dillendeee Orme daetors name as :cants at the Tucson office cot' tale agree to Rarmit 'veterans to obtain has entered the U S militarY 1 nander of the local VFW 1-post -i-:! i Tried Three TIMP ' F t a te industrial commission - the lots et cost to him as was academy at Vett Point tinder a P ' 1 t 4' IIMPOMMO OMNI IMMO 41000 11141104 Imo 4 I II Martin chairman I pf the laaaaoe um es police know t she'' - e equipment to be sold in- Th en t intended lav Ehlers' group pointment by Rep Richard la Har-1 ' 1 a 'ima co In?' board of s i eu-pe tvasors a iated to get the prescriptions filled leludes a great variety of taachute ---a leee Borman v ho graduated from I a ri 2 44 dram-6004e :a -A Y Smith' commarenni ofe w cee s he sen a egro man o a T1 I I t N t loots suitable for small businesses If - : - New Teoe Ett Á 1 1 i 4- i 4 -0:- t 1144"'N 0 ieer of Dais -Monthan field Reley 1 drugstore: Each time there was a i t cGurt: Armed As ucson high let June Is thes f of Mr anti Mrs E O Fortran ' ' ' 1 ON 1 se ppect the ( 1) aitehell commander of Ole aklora 'teal - D 1 -t Amer-i ere rugg s s were suspic oue i - Doctor And Patient AmbassgadorTo Urug uay 1524 East Sixth street e la - to A t ! t e"itar1 - 'r- 4 g --e- ramMcDermott post of the A or Una prescription s and one called '- - T‘ urown In Auto Wreck - Borman rerteda poat WestPcket '- 1 IT Insure the growth de- t : ' I 1 la at alcipieg wp- -P' illto‘ 65S s '-' I 1 cart Legion: Charlee L Iees einm - -eat the police - t nander of the Marine corps league:: le WASHINGTON July al Me- June 17 and paesed the a vtiotut tz- -) opiterst sio propersty- J - bna41- --- 3"----- iTh ' woman wa(identified at the ' ' CORPL'S C t' HRISTI Texas July 3 President - aminationx given appointee& ftt tea sta'te Beatness aa-41 k eseient truman tooay nominated - a e 1 111 C Manreacommandert e'l the ea' reeteleaft which she M a a s etae mg and' GT")--Dr Rudolph E Gauger 45 Joseph FalatticGurk ht New Jersey le Industry must Ise eivea 1 ' ' -- :tilted Spanish War eeterarite -Ed ' - - ) IIN I ' late : sa ' pieced unuer arrest -- 1 of Port Lavaca Tex and one of hk to be ambiessador to taruguay Mc- t every std eacourseemett IT yard F Weil commandee of athea : Dr 111 SLackner - 1aaa Andrew Austin comeaarelie r ' 1 I h 1 d i ' VMne hendal ler a r -e a patients George Erwin Karkeet Gurk lA nots ambassador lo the Do T aad protection ultith the: 1 a to to 1 as Fire ' re-1- Sel' ' f - lathe Cherie Toung posterthe' r eddieli tinge Paid she k a reg160 of Iron Mountain Mich were I m nican 114public ' Playlet Special Attire too t taw a I 1 or d them ban t ' ' t - d 4 idered nurse- and se fetch realiztoe drowned late yesterday when their Harold la Tittmann jr of 'Mk- to i It ites tbe isteresta of 1114 4 :i t a merican Legion:- and- Waiter Area '- ii mess ca flies isms th der DAV c1iteatete allaa Ittee Nana ean comman ' of lite is not the :test ear plunged off a bridge on the souri now at foreign eervice officer - -1 Ma wort bad lestribreaosa IttikelD t"""'''' - 20"e rsrietelt 1 1 Site knows too she aesterteta tha t l'ort Avenge" causeway They w elt f clam os1 at aft nominated to be tun- 11 N Rios nes p44 rights of the fle le to ee hz ‘ 1 leo 2 People welfare comet 1 p---- 1 t ' il ' 410 needy assistance in b - reaking bassador tl Haiti Opposite the floueer nook 11 oeleo t : pinned underneath the vehicle t Advance ticket sales for ale' nce first - 1 ' the sbacklee of the narcotic habit i alp -a--a ---------- -- a -aaaam ' aaa IPPIrk a a a t14 le 0 aaion ere being handled i ll'llo1 ' - - 1 k ' a Veer et bit pet 044 be JaveeeEtteg Tickete are ini'ls'all'' "0 tsti i 11 ihee f aok ri(ti r Ptto"bee - tpnl a e4e' ("I den let - 1 twe 001 1 li at Penney'm department stare Xnd - t -K sewers- Tl'odersi institution so that 1-eat T - rt u c tc SEAGOHDOLLAR '-' ' - ' ' GRAND Al hileiren ill he treated t - i both local hank& o ' la : - - - ment -can be-given her - S t- Children from the Arizona -011-- 3- E T ' Ileeron Feld he will endeevor to ' area's home Will he guest eit othe: 1 sErtulcE 1 Leten her over to federal authoritic-s : '''s'aLt16111411NE it r124 LK layrees During the evening elle 1 ‘ ' MUSIC STORE r w : a pop ' - 1-a t )( I - e- pew i ' i 1 ar it :$aataa - e a - - i OPENING R i I D-b- co-- Rnd ice cream while NV atctillg ithe: Aap- Office Ilratscrl SALES and SERVICE a fireworks display and-other kinterH II CONN L le CE Wm-tient A special bus will allepply a Forjune Enlistments - t I A I 0 ' 1 $ f 1" 1 tranaportation foe the chilarenI i It 1- - INTERHItTIOHAL BAND I INSTRIAlENTS -1J1:761r27C4'1'761e e a'd ir LIIII of JULY 04 r C This year's crowd is exPeeterV -1Thelocal Navy recruiting office i to exceed that of last year receiv-pi a special eomniendationt TRUCKS The Chtlee of the Champions - a - - E- 12000 persons attended the 'Weir feem fats Phoenix -headquarters to- t 1: OPEN '4 e:mo - 1 f I riav for the enlistment of 33 men1 - - - Rebu'at Band Inetrumente Authentic Chinese Food I Dell olays Hoid ! - - - f h ire the Nave or t e month -of June a - 1 lai The '-uota for June vas only 15 it B 0 V E rt 1 Guit Rickirbacher Electric Beer and Wine ar 11 Family St!le Our Speeialty Cold - 5 P M In Z A M --- 5 -' TWe more men were reported to-I- ' 9 F - 1071 t - 11Ncrt for 3cOur Dinner Lnlo Phone 7941 rnent I 1 ' ' D '''-' dtlytp have enlisted in the naval- t lotor B Co I nstrument an 4 SUM 1 ' Se ance rtt'serve They are: Prescott Behnel - I di I - Repairing - Closed 11f °nacre - For R 'serrations TA Slora Tked 4 p preeitle-o )'ent te--:tonei-e't - i 511 n a I - 1 so of Ir and Mrs Harry Behn 1 - - - o 41 Limberlost drive and John 1 Ph 1724 220 N Stone 4 l DeMolay members anti treeir 559 N 411 Ave Phone alik13-1 lagolla Natcher 17 son of alra-11 - - - - -- guests will have the annueI l tame Vktory Bonds i Gtiadalune -Natcher of Tucson -- PuY rise swim and dance tomocrowcfat - - 1 - - - La hacienda the Shrine chib rear : 01"" --- the corner of Country Club and -a: e i 11 i 1 Itroadway DarldrIg is "--"Chr?tile-d: '' -if: TERMITE ' - ' M Vista - I - from 4' to 6:30 a m foaoLee v! it !--k 4 ! - - Monte Inn - - - Pwinuning Tommy hamptot-fs -- 1 1- ritermioatiou Guaraateed A i V' t chestra will provide musie! l : 1 in'olle 6305-e:4-- 3650 E Speedway! Telephone 0157-R1 The DeMolay Mntheral telt-tetea I t 4 oat eta - lii 1" e--:i3 t I ' - A - 1 beaded by: Mrs F S Morria le-ilia- Gabe tendon Exterminator I -k‘ C)-- ' ivNt) 1 v -1 e34 - ---ts 1 t i i 1 -- - will include - - f - serve refreahments an cha1perone : - - 'hoe t ' ke ) I ' I t : atessre and allmesaaki - a e : ' I 4 ''' y el - - Featuring 1 6 - - - I - aeaaa Lee" --- 1 T Manes Billy Rex F S Merle - - el i ii aa - ea:Luang I t ' Jo ‘ ' i - - Clae ton Baum G E Riciteraone 'I I -11 1 44--4e t - ( k: 1 - I i 3 Jerre Martin Leon A Counervman1 A rizona Mortuarfr Int 1 - EXC - "1 t 7 1 - - - i ELLENT FOODS sv and 'h A Ross ' ' i : : ! -- 11 nose I I Ran Thhel ' i - l Arrangements have been made -a - -- j ' - -' I NI (( 1 by Jim Baum master councilor: 1 1 A± C4)111Plet FIIIteral to Meet We cater to private partieliN 1 N'---7- ' --f r-- 33 l i hal Rieherson senior courac2Ior1 V --1- ' l'rrl Ile° In I Steaks Victor Rex junior councilor fleine!' 1 ItanitNit Z TOCrat Director 1 Cho eddlog parties etc 1 Ifiee-e4 4 L: fli-' 1 1 - o o Dawson decoratioteo 'chairrnain end: - : -I ps i y2 n to p it Willie Sna der publicity chair:mart' : I Chic Sundas 1 oon ken m- CLeztP - -' i : 4------ - - 1 t- J Et Wilsou Oat of Owners It ai el4e a 1 Ose vit Ow -arty 1 I li ' 1 2- ir- ' - Health Course' To fie: fin Ajr Coo led Hours 3 to 11 Closed Tuesdays I Used In State Sc s r ' ''j ' Williti tool - -i 1:4611111imm 1 (------ ---- t t -- - h - L- : ' ' - i anTikBOOH SHOP -! ' a' 1 ' - t Inn oilticin rr s 's ' I 1 t 1 1 ' 7 4-1 ' ' - 14 b - 1! 5 '1 -! eon 1rI-gretitt-- : i -4' ' ' - A course of study in JealhE- Ai - - e3 t 4 hs a n tor iv safety and peicl edueetiono 1 4- - : ' I n n 11 it i n t e o e e prepared by a committee iticlitdple 4 116 EAST 10T11 STREET : i --- A -1 e ' ' ' - g ' 4 ' - -' - ' ' '"-"-ei ' ---4 f ' ' - - ---':' - '' -- i'llEiviuutAL II i' I b t J L Picard associate profeeeer-of 1 i t -ea- - - - 0e-eal- a - -- physical education at the Ialniver- i t Telephone-- eta-18 it -- :Y ---- --- - -- - 4' - '" 1 t 7 1 t110 - I '''' ast V sity of Arizona will 1he used le ithe 1 ' e a - - ei - - - Eltcluthe Arizona Dealers for 1) Pulliam atant -- - - ( f ------1 state's elementary e(hoolsaaaarti'd-1 r t I - ---0 itees - -- Ina to Nolan 'sstak :- - Ifvr 7 - Come in and Sea Our -- Trre--re!-- - - ' -t l t instructor of pullc educaelen in i a a e- ' t: - i ' "MONTELLO" Arizona The committee I stairotedt a te - k aka''' -work on the course in laebaueake -t-' ''' aa()111plete Collection of -- - - - - - '77:1-4 - : i t iii- : Religious Goods - - - :' - "- !-'' '1 -:' 'ardide 1 4- 'The NVoeltrio Moot Ileautital Grante N i I I - t t - I MOORE'S BOOKKEEPING - t ' - ' - 11 - ---' - ‘ it' Arizona's Most Modern Dierla! and Iiheera Li Crucifixes - - SERVICE ' 1- - - - f ' 'BibleS ' ' 101001 lie!!' '''' ' -1 ) I 'I ' I o - ' ell 'N Fourth Ave Ph 3031 - Rosaries It Prayer Books - 1 ele-otaieeeeaa 4 Al ' It I tN i ' I tliausoleums - 1 1 ' : Established In 1042: I: :I' -2 0 - a 4- ' 4 : : WI ruido 3-os in keeptas ion' ' -1 -!' 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