Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 11, 1978 · Page 4
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1978
Page 4
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s 4—Uklah Dally Journal, Uklah, Caljf. Wednesday, January n, 1978 Forty striking formers ore joiled in Texos ern Calif ornia hit by rain, hail, sleet and snow 'Julia'leads GoldenGlobe nominafions Wednesday, January n,. 1978 Ukiah Dajly Journal/Uklah, Ci^^^H^ ^>v.:.v.v.x.:.v.:.:.x.xv:.:w:.:w:.:^^ seven United Press International . had said the farmers'demand Schroder said American Forty striking farmei's who for 100 perdent, parity was Agriculture has repeatedly LOS ANGELES (UPI) — received more than 10.82 Price, 57, was killed by a mud Mifada. The state office build- burie^ an auto Mondajr while blockaded a cold stOTageplaht unacceptablebecause it would made such suggestions as: Lightnrng strikes, rain, hail, 'inches bf rain so far this slide' that shoved over a ihg in downtown Los Angeles the driver scrambled to in Texas were arrested Tues- require! massive government .—Passing a law establishing sleet, snow in the mount^ns season, nearly double the retaining wall Monday night, and the nearby Los Angeles safety, day in the most militant payments or total government t},at no agricultilral product ^'8^ syrf on the coast normal 5.57 iriches, burying him.. Times building lost power for California 23'was closed for protest yet di the month-old control of the marketplace, bought or sold at less than lashed Southern California The Los' Angeles County Lightning crackled into ian hour. three hours from MulhpUand boycott, and national strike "Secretary Bergland is loo percent parity. He said Tuesday, causing electric Flooc ^l Control District power lines and transformers . Blackouts hit parts of Sher- Highway to the Ventura leaders called on Agriculture either feigning ignorance'df such a concept" would have to poweroutagesandmudslides estimated the stonns had throughpu^^ man Oaks, Norwajk, Buena County line. Secretary Bob»Bergland to the farm problem, and the be worked put gradually. that closed roads. poured 18 billion gallons of bliitking-out more than 15,000 Pa|rk, . Fullerton, North Caltrans crews cleared the resign. ^ mood' of agricultural ^ _ ri The outlook for today called water into drought-dried homes and businesses in Los Orange and Silver Lake. roads. The strikers were booked at producers or, worse yet, is so ?^ ^""'^ °^ for ^lessening of the down- reservoirs and (he ground Angeles county, and an New slides of mud and rock, , The California Highway the Webb County Jail in lacking in mental ability that structure Cofmposed of pour that has soaked the area water table, and the snow estimated 12,000 in Orange loosened from the saturated patrol warned that snow Laredo, Texas, on he really is ignorant of the agricultural producers to for more than two weeks, with pack in the Sierra — an im- county for periods of an hour soil of the bluffs overlooking chains were needed for most misdemeanor charges and farm problem and should be devise and approve policies the likelihood of more showers portant source of water for the or more. Pacific Coast Highway in the mountain roads in San Berthat affect agriculture. • ? - —^ ™ , . . _, .. o j —Refusing to allow imports to enter the country at a price less than 110 percent of parity. BEVERLY HILLS, (Jalif. (UPI) — The Hollywood Foreign Press Association an, nounced nominations Tuesday for the annual Golden Globe for the best actres^ award for her portrayal of writer Lillian Hellman. Costar Vanessa Redgrave was named in the supporting actress .category. Jason Robards and "The Turning Point"- garnered a best supporting actor nomination for ballet star, Mikhail Baryshnikov. It also took nominations, for best actress (Anne Bancroft), best. released on recognizance. The strikers refused to obey sheriff's deputies who asked them to remove a tractor Mockade of the plant, where they were protesting imports of frozen beef carcassed, strawberries and other commodities from Mexico. They said imports of Mexican beef al«ie cost American farmers $67 million a year. In other strike action in Texas Tuesday, about three dozen tractors temporarily blocked entrances to the Campbell Soup Company in Paris, Texas. The farmers allowed small vehicles to enter the plant, but stopped transport trucks at the main 'gate. Texas Gov. Dolph Briscoe rejected farmers' requests for a special legislative session to consider a constitutional amendment giving tax breaks to farmers, -but he endorsed their goal of break-even prices for farm products. More than 1,000 Illinois farmers, in bone'chilling weather^ converged at the Capitol in Springfield Tuesday in the strongest show of support for the strike movement in that state since last'fall. Lt. Gov, Dave O'Neal promised to convey their request for support to ailing Gov. James R. "Thompson, who was in bed because of a back ailment. Striking farmers in Seattle halted their picketing at the Pier 86 grain elevators after closing operations there. .Friday and Monday. Spokesman Bob Gangle of Moses Lake, Wash., said the group achieved its objective and did not feel there was any use in further picketing. At American Agriculture Movement headquarters ' in Springfield,Colo., angry farm strike leaders called for the resignation of Agriculture Secretary Bob Bergland, who Fitness closs for Seniors begins Mondoy The Physical Fitness Class for Senior Citizens will be offered again on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; 10; 45 to 11:45 a.m., beginning Jan, 16 at the Center, 495 Leslie St. Last year's class proved very pleasurtible and beneficial to the community. "Exercise class keeps me active because I can't exercise much at home by myself," stated class member Lotta Maura, 76. . "My doctor told me to exercise," says Ruth CJhaney; 73, "and this class makes me feel better. My blood pressure has gone up since we haven't had class." The goal of the class is to help the participants get their bodies in good physical condition so they can enjoy being alive right now while lengthening their lives! "thk class is offered three days a week so a person can exercise on a regular basis. Students are not required to come to each class meeting, however. Concert is at church Ukiahi Oioral Director Jim Howlett today reminded Ukiah Valley music goers that the Ca,l State Hayward University Choir benefit concert for the Ukiahi choir will be held at the First Presbyterian Church Saturday at B.p.m., and'not at Ukiahi. The 'college 'singers, directed by Harry Carter, Avill offer a Varied vocal music program for the enjoyment of listeners, with proceeds going toward the Ukiahi vocal music program. ' personal replaced immediately with an individual who is viable enough to understand the farm problems...." increasing again Thursday, region when summer comes — R&dio station KFI was Santa Monica-Malibu area, nardino County and there was Boosted by 1.63 inches of has been reported growing at knocked off the air for almost rumbled down on the road, water on California 138 from ram from the current storm, a healthy rate. 8 hours by a bolt that struck its though none was as serious as Palmdale to the San Ber- central Los Angeles had In La Jolla, Derrex W. transmitting tower in La the seven-foot-deep slide that nardino County line. awards; led by "Julia" with seven nominations. Maximilliap Schell were supporting actress (Leslie comedy or niusical we're "The > "The Turning Point" nomtdiatedfor best supporting BfoMiE!), b^t sei^fi pla^' Goodbye Girl,'' "High Anx- received six and "Annie Hall" actor awards for the same (Arthur LaUrents) and best five'. picture, Fred Zinneman was director (Herbert Ross). Four nominations each went, nominated for directing it and Old friends Woody Allen and to "New York, New York," Alvin Sargent for the Diane Keaton collected five "Saturday Night Fever" and screenplay. nominations between them, the two science fiction hits. Also nominated for best Miss Keaton was nominated "Star Wars" and "Close drama were "Close Encoun- for best actress in a drama for Allen was nominated in the ("Equus".'), Marcello Mas- actor, director and writer- troianni ("A Special Day"), classes for "Annie Hall" and Al Pacino ("Bobby Deer- the movie was nominated for .field"), Gregory Peck best comedy. ' ("MacArthur") and Henry Other nominations for top Winkler ("Heroes"). Encounters of the Third ters," "I Never Promised You Kind." . a Rose Garden," "Star Wars" Jane Fonda was nominated and "The Turning Point." "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" and best actress in the comedy category for "Annie Hall." DOITNb^V! ^ iety," New York, New York" If you failed to lift tuberous and "Saturday Night Fever." begonias when tops died dc^wn, . Other nominees for .best ido it now. To leave them in the dramatic actress were Gena ground during wet weather is Rowlands ("Opening Night") to court disaster in the form of and Kathleen Quinlan ("I rotted tubers. Lift them, wash Never Promised You.a Rose the dirt off, dry them in tne Garden"). sun (if there is any) for a Nominees for best dramatic couple of days and store them actor were Richard Burton in a cool dry place. FULL CUT BONE-IW ROUND k - .- ~/ J I LB. KREY LIVER SAUSAGE LB. SIZZELEAN BACON The50%-LEANER BACON EA. LAUNDRY DETERGENT Mormel 12 OZ. EA. 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ORLEAN 4 '/2 OZ. BROKEN SHRIMP.. TREeSWEET46 0Z. PINK GRAPEFRUIT JUICE MOUTHWASH LISTERINE 32 Oz. VICKS YAPO RUB 1.5 Oz. YELLOW ONIONS 3 CELLO PAK FRESH MUSHROOMS $149 BETTY CROCKER BUTTERMILK PANCAKE 4 LB.' EMPIRE LARGEAA DOZ. t99 Perth Freeway 101 WE WELCOME FOOD STAIVIP SHOPPERS PARKAY IfrOZ. STICK MARGARINE PILLSBURY BUTTERMILK &CS7 '/2 0Z. BISCUITS ...... .3/47' BONNIE HUBBARD 12 OZ. SINGLES AMERICAN CHEESE .. iMRS. SMITH'S 46 OZ. %PPLEPIES $149 BONNIE HUBBARD 12 OZ. BUTTERED BEEF STEAK BANQUET 17-PIEC:E540Z. FRIEDCHICKEN . : $V» A NEW IMAGE — LaRene Giles and Carolyn Moore of the LDS Church find they're both losing and gaining while serving as missionaries in the Northern California area. Pictured at left above is "Sister" Giles ds she was 14 months ago when She left Salt Lake City to serve as a missionary, arid at right, as she appears today, along with Sister Moore who has also benefited from Sister Giles' diet. They have been in Ukiah four and a half months. She loses wh//e she Is gaining When LaRene Giles returns to her hometown after having teen gone a year and a half she Won't be surprised if nc one recognizes her. Sister. Giles, as she is nov known, is serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of, Latter^ay Saints(Monnon), and in the 14 months since she left her .hometown (Salt ,Lake City) she has shed over 80 pounds along the way. She has served in the Ukiah area for the past four and one-half months, along with Sister Carolyn Moore of St. Anthony, Idaho. She had a desire to serve as a missionary, she Said, but LDS Church officials were reluctant to call her due to her weight problem. "It was only when I promised to do something about it that they agreed to let me come." Sister Moore also took a larger dress size than she liked, and in the few months since being with Sister Giles in Ukiah, has lost over 15 pounds. Sister Giles' doctor in Salt Lake recommended she try Dr. Atkin's diet, and as luck would have it (for her) her first companion, in Willows, had hypoglycemia and was on a high protein, Ipw carbohydrate diet. "It's mainly just been no sweets and no white flour products," she continued. "Before, I ,was not only a complusive eater, but also ate the wrong things," she jokingly added, "I'm now called "Thfi Mission Dietition'." . "But even though I've lost, physically, I've gained so much spiritually that I hardly know where to start," she said. "I've found a much closer relationship to Jesus (3irist, greater f^ith, more love for my fellowmen and much more self confidence." The former career girl worked for Sperry-Univac in Salt Lake City, and has a twin sister who is married with four children. She has a married sister living in California, who visited her a few months ago in Loomis, where she was serving before coming to Ukiah, "My sister couldn't believe - it. She said I wasn't even the same person . tliat she had known." Sister , Moore, who graduated frpm Ricks College and'. , Brigham .Young University, was a schdol teacliier before coming to California as a missinary. the Ukiah "sisters" are two of 24 female niissionaries serviiig - in this : area, Sacramento ' California' Mission, along with liSS young men (Elders, 28 of which are Spanish speaking:; and 1? married couples. .

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