Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 22, 1957 · Page 14
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 14

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 14
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DiatPA Z-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVBNING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MI)., WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 1957 ———— —— - __ -*"•• ^•"'••"^..^ f . J ,^., an,., Trui/tyftai/Al, MAY 22, 1957 ^ •y •W.T- r7 ~ ~ ' " " * FIFTEEN Lopez Keeping Word Yanks Can Lose Pennant m^~M .4"fciYa)^>*~k •—• -M •m m*I .«•*• UB!mifavaKffSK!ttx-!VK--f,* <6*«UB^u« „, .< -•>„.„ _... . - . .. . ~ •— • • • • —-,- - - - a difference a year Pierce Hurls Four-Hitter; Champions Now Third By FHED 1>E LUC A NEW YORK (fNSI-AI Lopez, with (lie help of the best trade Frank I.ane ever made, is living ^ up to his word that (lie New York lake over the highest perch in ^' ankccs ean be beaten out of the National League—only toi 1 ' 1 ;- pennanl. tumble later. But those days! Ule Chicago While Sox man- were glorious ones and brashl ascr says nall 5' an >' one of four freshman pilot Bobbc Bragan' lcams - the white So*. Cleveland, was being toasted as a manage- Delro ! t or Boston-could lake the ria) genius What! At almost this exact dale in J256, the Pittsburgh Pirates were W'Out ready to launch their own version of a baseball "all-out offensive" which was to rock the major leagues. It wasn't to slop unlil the Picaroonies were lo Dale Long, who was to go on and blast a record eight homers IB as man.v games, hid go many friends he was almost mobbed ei'erylfme he led ifte ball park. Long had ripped nine round-lrlppcrs, batted In 2D runs and hit safely 43 limes in 108 at bals for a .39S average. All these marks highs. were major - league American League flag away from the Yankees Ihis year. And if there are any doubting Ihomases around, Lopez offers Ihe league standing and last flight's games as proof. Shove Yanks To Third The White Sox stormed into the Yankee lair and defeated the vorld champions, 3 lo ], behind) Billy Pierce's Tour-hit pitching. H was Chicago's eighth win in a row and pushed the Yanks into! third place, three games out The Pirates had just finished ~" *" Ule Si " h Vicl ° r - V < or sweeping a doubleheadcr from, lrom ue[n)U ,„ 1M3 j h , the pennant-hungry Milwa u keej Frank ,. ane ca ,, s .., he ,,„, 8nd Brave, before a Forbes Field , he best trade" he ever made for crowd of 32.346 lhat hadn't been',h e Chisox. so happy since the near pennant! pi,> ree » ave UD an u a rt miss back iu 1938. Bob Friend!n, n j n (},,? f ou rlh before retirin" had taken Ihe opener, 6-3. for U he last 16 Yankees in a row. Thl his sixth win while Ronnie Kline! WJme Sox. wilh the help of a came back with a shuloul in the y ankce mi5cu( , sfmeiv (hree limes In (he sixlh off Whileyi Ford, who was pitching for the nightcap lo wrap up a 5^ victory. The bubble burst weeks • - - ' .-, f "'"' * n ° wa5 piienmg lor the -—™-~~™n«»swaws, ^^UKS later but rt was Mill great while first , ime s]ncc he jnj . ured hjs j WIII IE s IMSE RUNNING SKII L - t ant> it lasted. This summer, with what Bra- Ran termed a much better club, , the Pirates haven't been able . , . ;. —, » u " uroppeo a in out of the eel ar In WS6 tave forced Dob -• to they were at 15-12. Now they are 8-21 and 12 games off Ihe pace being set by Cincinnati. They are even to the rear of the Chicago Cubs who have won only one game at home this season. It's only natural that the blntnr for such a shovring must be levied on somebody. And. as Is Ihe case. It's the manager who gets the blast- Ing. Ix)ng started off miserably and has since departed lo lh« Cubs. Ills bad show- Ing was, perhaps, an Indication of what was to be In slorr for the Pirate* — although the season Is still ycuny. Wet Grounds Postpone Tilts Tri-State Area Wet grounds played havoc with district high school baseball (yesterday with the entire slate being postponed. Two of the Allegany County- League clashes have been re- iheduled for Ihis afternoon, .providing the fields were sufficiently dried out. Pacing Fort Hill was lo play Beall in Frostburg with Allegany and Mt. Savage again attempting to get in their clash at Camp- jobello. The LaSalle and Flintstone till has been reset for Mon- daj at Flintstone while no date ]has been set for the Bruce-at- jValley fray. Good Feeling Back, Pierce Tops Yanks NEW YORK-lAP)-''Funny thing," said Billy Pierce today, "sometimes you can win ball games and not even feel like you're a good pitcher." The 30-year-old Chicago White Sox lefthander — a 20- ganie winner last year— said that. ' ' Clt i'-O Defeat he suffered at the hands - aS on,, B .-|h h, - a e suere a season until he beat the New-jot the Yanks last year York Yankees last night, 3-1. ' • Feeling Varies "But the very fact that we were iable to lake advantage of the "I can't put my finger on it,"i bl ' cali s "°»'s 'hat we have it," he he said. "1 guess the best way toi continued - "' know 'be Yanks describe it is lhat sometimes youj woul(l have dcme llle same thing, feel like an offensive pitcher and!? ut t!)is time we got the break, sometimes you feel like a defen-i rne pennant-winning team is the sive pitcher. "It doesn't always have lo doj with the stuff you are throwing.! I've been doing pretty good ( one that makes the most of the I breaks." ey iray. * •- •"-'-" ut/m 6 |jnriv^ guuu imsi^i jjr••• o |c ~^ll Dorefield and Elk Garden's^, 50 far «-;2>. but until lasl^e" 1 "* &" i-final clash in Region 4 was!?'*' sn f.™ e - ' al «' a ,f fe " "*« Rollo f O a victim with Ihe two clubs ' " as on the dcfcnse ' jatlempling lo get Ihe contest inL Agalnst the Vank s. though,! Cross Tics won the Ihis afternoon on Slayman Field p ,' er . c , e was the complete master^™ championship of m Keyser. The other semi-final"' lhe s ™at'°n. He held the.Maryland General l i tnHs\> ii-EiU , .«U A _I_ -. • i? oOrnbcrS to 3 nallrv four hits al-'o^.-.t;, i • 'own , , . . -' ~- ........ — today with unbeaten Marlins- jburg tangling with Capon Bridge *-5sr3=; ::;::;=™ uuf&a -* —.-- - - the regional crosvn and the rightP lo compete in (he slate title' '.'.'I. :B ars 1.663 lo 1,667. °Cedric Mil- m ccmpete m lhe slate title;, ' ve ,, ne " r seen nlm P ltch ler-and Harriet Alexander Daced e^onl at Parkersburg. .Moore-i be ""• sa ' d manager Casey Sten- the winners with sets of 463 and field won lasl season i gel of ttle Yank s. He was getting 302 "-'•• one .'«gularWhedulcd| sl ™fy hsit ^* exnt ^'n«- <CT High game for the men was s billed loday with West] ! c ox manager A lurned jn by Jack Snriver wi(h School for (he Deaf of ' 55ason on ,„. arm May 4. Wilh one out in lhe sixth, Larry Dohy walked and Bobby Richardson dropped a Ihrow lhat would have forced Doby at second. Jim 1 Rivera followed with a single that fooiwork Ls displayed by Willie Mays of the New York Giants as he sprints all the way from first to third on an infield out in sixth inning of game yesterday against Chicago. He is shown, lop to bolioi.i, beating throw from Cub first-baseman Dale Long to third-baseman Ernie Banks. Willie also stole home but Cubs won. 4-3. on a pair of Giant errors in the ninth inning. < A p photofas) La Yale Orioles Seek Loop Lead FEN-MAR LITTLE LEAGUE lo see more. He had them biting.";' Lead Yanks By Three "This, of course, is the first time f, 201h -\ h ' lc , ^ dric: Mi . ller P° sted the high of lhe evening with a 463. High game for lhe women was by Roe Steininger with ri< Barrelvilfe [Orio>s 1D.A.V. No lied the game and then Bubba Phillips squeezed home the lead run. Pierce's single delivered the third tally. Elsewhere in the A. L., Early Wynn won his fifth as Cleveland thumped Boston, 8 to 2. Reno Bertoia's single scored the win- The White Sox'now feadlhe !n- p< !j! ed a ,, 3 "- dians by two games and the Yanks- : , Jjf ro . 110 " s ^ ores were Signals, by three jl,668: Angle-Bars, 1,6«7; Cross ""It was an important game for 1 'fi I ' 646; Derails . 1.645; Dis- us." said Pierce, "because it r ...~ :pM _ chers - '• 5H 3n d ^ogs. 1.427. k'our team as a whole a good boost/. 5 The Yanks had beaten us three 3 times and we hadn't licked them will be after once ' If lh . al ke P' U P- th ^ le am --10 Kllerjlie 1 0 t>es. Kae] 1 1 -Maroon, HOUSE PAINT Hank Aaron's Feats Ca M o, -hta «-icjjdyiuv,M won ILS nrst game: 'nl' ia tllree slarls J l(!sterda y by "trim- ye * r : i'™" 8 P™ "•"»'• ".. whUej " Hub Army & Navy Sales Company 19 NORTH CENTRE ST. eluding a homer by Clem and confirm whether there was any! Wynn drove in two Cleveland'averages tail off like a kite in a base? ~ Charles Stueher. [pitcher Dick Smallivood. shortstop ^ lcvamis an < 1 Rodney Be. truth to the statement. runs and Chico Carrasquel hiti^owndraft-Joe Adcock is the only A " >es ' a (< "" (i P doesn 'i '"- Lon Bonczek and third baseman;, sseri for DAV ' Brown, in replying to Abrams.!a grandslam homer off Dave lolhcr regular hilling above .300 lcr[( ' rc wilh lh 's P Ia .v as would Andy Cockrell. i AT tRE*Ai-Towx said that Bragan was given aiSislcr. The Red Sox made five fle has - 320 - T"" 1 ™mes Billy * ^"" b f"- ! - v - C. Stale placed catcher Bob 5' A " V "^ , ™ «-•-» 11 «'=J vote of confidence and that he!errors wilh Billy Klaus makingi fRvonn) has never given any ••--•• •" •• . . . i thought to a change. "1 have nercr blanked Bragan for the club's bad start," Brown related. 'T have the almost confidence in him and his ability lo get the team straightened out soon. I don't think a Casey Stengel or a John MrGrnw or a Connie M.ick could harf done a belter job. Those close games we have been losing will vpcr In our direction »oon." Bruton - - 2Sfl: Dcl Crandall. .275; iwi HclIHldil. .i/a; " * '- *-" ll i -•~-"-^.. "umi-iuci lyiLf. Iiutlier Lxjaery and H^iitman Hardv Mil V ws. .273; Johnny Lo- lrlps on a sprinkling fixture iniand first baseman Eddie Wyant.:'*' lnd ' H'"hbcrs-r. Lp-Miii^; j:«: anny O'Conncll." .244 lhe outfield. The ball bounces|Wakc Forest contributed second!cr«, p i,,, n E*»»I« AV ' II; ' E 'j' anner. .205. ! to " ie wa "- Is 'here any ground (baseman AI Baker and utility in- L»VII, .\uromi '"". ., * j :•; -vinr tho <-iuV, •• ^aiH^ule protectm? the fielder asainst!fielder Bill Barnes. N'nrlh Carolina '"''T 1 . w ' ni " "> A R MiinV. "Hinkte'S three of them in the sixth inn In the next frame. Klausls an - 26;i: Da and Chuck T for Detroit and Ray .Moore opened for the Orioles. Moore homer- Bobby Bragan, manager, recenilv said. .. _______ ....... ...... he also walked home the Detroit " lanascr ' - "* u . W«»«sb u rg shoved across seven runs to defeat Corriganville. 7-2. tally. Al Kaline threw out what; would have been Ihe winning In regard lo lhe situation o{|B all irnor* run at the plate some players dislike for Bragan" 1 " ~ : - 11 and vice versa, Brown taid flally: "This situation doesn't worrj'i — me at all. It's not jjecessarylcroditeri with-12 putouts. ;hav : e discovered' I hY carefree ! for a player to like a manager; Pascual's shutout extended Aaron's "weakness." """ ""-'^sion wn lo play well for him. Some of [Kansas City's scoreless string' But Johnny Antonclli of Ihe New wa ' R la S°ed with the worst managers in the his-|through M innings. I.ou Berbe- York Giants, who has "hclri" ^ a - v S° r look ov lory of the game, and I won't [ret'* homer in the sixth off Ryne Aaron to one hit in five swings .. " lc .) nsers mention names, were the besllfuren was the first Washington so far. said "all you can do wilh "-^ co Glass socked a double liked and the most popular." [safety. [Aaron or any other good hitter is 1 the wil " !<?rs - Thc SJringtown- Brown admitted thai he was' Reese Paces Dodgers [never let hitii see lhe same pitch ; 3t-Burkey's game was postponed concerned over Bragan's far-too 1 ' Pe* Wee Reese drove in three in the same spot twice in succcs- !se °* ra ' n frank look al his club and the Brooklyn nins with a homer and.*"" 1 -" Wcllersbure ond decision while Leon Raygor was lagged with the dffeal. Ari er in the fourth TEXAS LKAGTK waukce. Hal Jeffcoat was the'Field in 3 Cily Rec Soflbnll . lloser and his batlerymate. Kd I.eapue game, Ycslerdav's lilt The Pirates CM said that .Bailey, homered for Cincinnati's between Post Playground and only run. .National Guard was washed out. i Kmie Banks' two-rim homer; got the Cubs off to a fast start but Ihe Giants pecked away at Ihe lead, tying the Cubs when Willie Mays stole home and going ahead when Mays homer- jfd. Then, with two out in the ninlh. Dsryl Spencer and Foster there is no immediate prospect of making a trade and he doesn't believe one will he marte wilh the Pirates in the position of "going along with what ive have.' 1 T!ouMr>n 2. Okbho KOTI Worth 16*. f ,!> 1 T 5 U AMERICAN ASSOCIATION* W. L. W. U ! * ?,1 10 CbarVUrtn 16 2(1 '"1 . 31 10 Omaha 14 1H apolt* a 13 l>nver . . 1? 17 apojis IT 18 Lo-jisvi!I« .. 6 23 . Drnvrr •sul <. mix>ll!« r- 5 L'IJ « crnon. n s oamn' Around *....'. ~,-*L.W. ,,,iv, * v.-iv* olumn today, hits on the rumors , sllcmiln ma(ic crrcrs 'hat per- aking the circuit o-. the Pirates'j niitlc<l Jacl! Lillrcll and Cal Nec- II am oil's Hcrnon. in bis Roamin' Around column toi road trip. In his run down on the! man to single home the lying situation, Hcrnon states: ! ami winning runs. Stu Miller "You gel a lillle bored listening'" 35 lhp victim of the bad sup..(£ Bragan discuss his ball learn. iP° rt and Turk Lown won. JJ"Thcrc is always a good word r —— if a few and remarks abojl I>'g Ton \Vill DUruss always refute earlier stalemcnis. | EV AXSTOX. 111. ^-Big Ten "Like lhe latcM Ih'nkiny of ip. th ! ctic directors today open prc manager: *H you pul •liminary discussions on proposed Franh Thomas in fell field i™odificalions of the conference's with Bill Vlrdon and Bob nevv financial aid to athletes plan. The proposals will be placed before faculty represents lives who meet Friday and Saturday. Unanimous approval is* predict Clemente you have a major league outfield. The Infield is strictly Triple A. Dee Foncty is the only major leaguer in the infield*." "And you thinfc back to,the statement of the first of the month that 'Gene Baker is the (Continued on Page 16) ed for an amendment that would provide awards of board, room, books, tuition and fees—regardless itotut snius KIW YOU . mm. lit. • ui mi-mo NATIONAL LEAGUE YESTERDAfS RESt Cf 4. .\>w Voile I (jn fi. Cincinnati 1 (n> Philadelphia l. Milwaukee 1 jf(pr 5'i inning, rain* PittibuTsh at SI. Loub. m STANDING OF THE TEAMS TONIr.HT ritflifrt ESTl Foherls U-4) vs. Spah Pitt^ureh at St .d (33* m. > GAMF, TOMOKKOW f. F.STI at Cineinnstt <JS p AMERICAN LEAGUE TEStERDAT'S i 8. Boston : 3 Detroit 1. Baltimore 1 tn. 16 tnainjt?) STANDING OF THE lEAMs DACRON And Tropical Wool Worsted the leatheriight suit that stays neat, crisp, wrinkle-free This blend of miracle dacron !55 r 'ol wilh natural "lively" wool Wt) produces (he ideal tropical fabric. It's CMler, lighter, resisls wrinkling and bagginejj . . . holds ill crease in the most humid weather and when traveling- loots fresh and feels fresh through days of continuous wear. Tailored in your choice of two- or three-button modes with patched or flapped pockets ... by North- hrooke and Timely! Priced from 549 50 SE OCR J-PAV PLAN': >4 IN 30 DAYS ... Vi IN 60 DAYS m nplon

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