Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 2, 1974 · Page 12
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 12

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1974
Page 12
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12—Uklah Daily Journal, Uklah, Calif, Tuesday, July 2, T974 Letters to the editor i ers Uklah, California Editor, Uklah Daily Journal: I would like to thank Supervisor Williartis for his lone stand against the Rehabilitation Center. I'm one voter who appreciates his careful and thorough study of this facility. Also appreciated is his concern for our tax problem — with the new high school, much needed; storm damage to roads; and now the Rehabilitation Center —our taxes are going "out of sight." When our new sheriff starts asking for a maximum facility, very much needed, the taxpayers will scream. I hope they remember who voted for what. I am not against rehabilitation; it is needed in this county, But not on such a large scale. The supervisors will soon discover that with our new sheriff the Rehab Center will not be utilized-needed as they were led to believe. Therefore Mendocino County will be taking minimum security prisoners from Humboldt, Lake, and other counties. Our valley will be flooded with these people and their families. „ Had the board only waited! Our new sheriff is also capable of getting federal grants. One for a maximum and minimum security building in one. One other problem that bothers me since I will have two children attending the new high school, is the location of this "minimum jail." According to the Journal it is going to be across the street from the high school. Beautiful!.' We don't have enough dope pushers, petty thieves, etc., in and around the high school, we have to move them in next door to our young people. Four of our present supervisors are just as nearsighted as those who voted to tear down a beautiful old landmark and ' build that horrid "too small" green box called a courthouse. I say 'called' because the county offices are scattered from one end of the valley to the .other. "th»nk you, thank you, Supervisor Williams -for your one lonely vote. Mrs. Wanda Johnston Ukiah, Calif. Editor, Ukiah Daily Journal: We would like to make public, our appreciation of the way Clark McConnell has performed his duties as an inspector in the Mendocirto County Building Department. We understand that Clark resigned from his position there two weeks ago, and we are sorry he is leaving. In the course of inspecting our work as we have built ouf school, he has always been helpful, considerate and careful. He represents the best of what a person in his position Scrambler ACROSS 1 Deficiency < 5 Cry of bacchanals 9 German (ab.) 12 Masculine appellation 13 Rots flax 14 Summer <Fr.) 15 19th century English poets 17 Regret 18 Reigning beauty 19 Carpentry term ' 21 Biblical weed 23 Nothing 24 Bounder 27 Italian coins 29 Smell 32 Egg dish 34 Changeable 36 Venerate 37 Unclosed 38 Ireland 39 Glut 41 Sigmoid curve 42 Feminine nickname . 44 Pathological fluids 46 Leftover 49 Regions 53 Hail! 54 Scornful 56 Adult males 57 Epochal 58 Drunkards 59 School subject 60 Foot part 61 SonofSeth (Bib.) DOWN Elia can do to serve the public in the very best sense. In conversations with various people throughout the county who are building, we have over • and over found reference to a very "helpful human inspector" who always turned out to be Clark McConnell. We're sad to see him go, especially when so many people are moving into this county to build, who could profit from his experience and advice. Mariposa School staff Southwest fin growing more optimistic Your today, tomorrow by the stars Ukiah, Calif. An open letter to Let Bassett Yes, Mr. Bassett, there are more of us out here who were outraged at the two articles which appeared in the Journal last Thursday, June 20th. If you have any suggestions as to what my husband and I can do to help you speak louder about the rapidly growing sicknesses in this country please contact us. If I possessed your large vocabulary, I would have written a letter such as your's myself. Thank you for speaking up for us. Janis & Martin Wattenburger Ukiah, Calif. «*"r*, Editor,. Ukiah Daily Journal: Senator Jacob Javits once said, "As the presidential figure grows in grandeur, the congressional presence diminishes even in its vision of itself. The Republic takes on the trappings of empire, and the senators pay court to the great elected Caesar. It is time to temper the drama; it is time for the interaction of equals." In Webster's dictionary we find a good definition of what the Senator is saying: "1, A person or thing of the same size, age, strength, or rank. 2. An equal number, —adj. 1. Impartial, as equal opportunity. 2. The same in amount, degree, value, or quality;. equivalent; adequate, as, equal to the undertaking: used in compounds to denote balance, fairness, as equal-handed. Syn; Equivalent, Identical. Ant.; different, dissimilar, unequal, unlike." Mister Editor, I put it to you with these quotes in the hope that if you disagree, write to your congressmen, your senator, your President. Write to him and right the wrongs as you see them. Stand with him in Washington, if he's what it takes. Let us hope he responds and stands with us. Michael E. Williamson SLIVER CITY, N. M. (UP1) — With their biggest fire contained and rain clouds growing daily, firefighters were optimistic today of winning their nine-day battle against forest fires in southern New Mexico and eastern Arizona. The 27,000-acre fire in the Gila National Forest was contained Monday and expected to be under control today, said Lee Singer, a Forest Service spokesman. "We're getting a little bit more optimistic as the hours go by that we've got a handle on everything," he said, referring to the seige of lightning-caused fires that seared tens of thousands of acres. However,- Singer warned other forest areas farther north may burst into flames in coming days with the northern passage of thunderstorms. "There are still parts of this state that are completely dry,*' Singer said, '.'and have yet to catch the dry lightning storms" that precede the onset of heavier rain storms. In eastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico, Singer said, "the humidity has been up and temperatures have been down a few degrees, and it has really helped us. We had a pretty good rain Monday over the black range on the Gila. "Southern Arizona is getting a little bit more moisture than, anybody else," he said "Temperatures are down probably 10 degrees because of a cloud buildup." It was a different story, however, on the Lincoln National Forest in southeastern New Mexico where skies were clearer. There, spokesman Lou Armijo said, two firefighters suffered heat prostration battling flames in 100-degree-plus temperatures. Two others suffered leg injuries. Armijo reported from forest .service headquarters at Carlsbad that the 8,000-acre cotton wood fire was straddling the forest and Carlsbad Caverns America's white pines have been known in England as Weymouth pines ever since 1605 when Captain George Weymouth carried white pine seeds from America to England and planted them on the Weymouth estate. Answer to Previous Puzzle ' - ' J A M .s B A E D A L A M <? s A B 12 J V k C A P O N D A N T E s E. M A K. E D. A X E S £. N T E[ e. H s M BQ T A s s O ClA an s T U A C T s c H 1- sra H O H V E: O L_ A 1 A R 1 1_ R U 1 T w e T A T £ M P i & E RL 1 S C H U T ET a o O N C H 1 M F S A K A R A T R V E fit O V O & O R S 8 German city 9 Feminine appellation 10 Toiletry 11 2 Nautical term 3 Boy's name 4 Rested on the knees 5 Son of Gad (Bib) 6 Whether (Ger.) 7 King of Greece (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN .I case Spool for film 16 Tradesman 20 Amphion's wife (myth.) 22 Ceremonies 24 Apple center 25 America (ab.) 26 Reckless mischief 28 Overact 30 Spanish cheers 31 Communists 33 Bolshevik bigwig 35 Musical dramas 40 Starlike 43 Puts on cargo 45 Get up 46 Chibchan Indian 47 At all times 48 Roman emperor 50 Black 51 Singing voice 52 Soap frame bar 55 Island (Fr.) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 a 12 13 u 15 16 17 18 • r 22 1 • 1 1 24 25 26 W • 30 31 32 33 • IT 35 36 1 3, • 38 • 40 • 42 43 • • 46 47 48 • «. , i 50 51. 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 2 Ann Landers Dad is a ketchup freak Dear Ann Landers: The problem I am writing about isn't really mine, it's my mother's. But she would never write to you about it, so I will. Mom loves to cook, and she is really great at it. She spends a lot of time in the kitchen fixing delicious suppers. Just before Dad sits down, he goes to the refrigerator and takes out a bottle of ketchup. He never even tastes anything before he drowns it in the red stuff. It makes no difference what it is —fried chicken, pork chops, roast or fish. I can see the hurt look in Mom's eyes when he does this. She never says a word but I know how she must feel. I'm afraid one of these days Mom will say the heck with it and stop cooking delicious meals for us. Do you have any suggestions? —In The Family. Dear In: Your dad is a ketchup freak. These types are usually incurable. It's a pity to waste time preparing delicious food for ketchup hounds because all they want is the taste of ketchup. If the other members of the family continue to compliment Mom On her wonderful cooking, it will make up for your dad. And it might jiven get him to try something,without ketchup, just to see what the others are raving about. Dear Ann Landers: Several weeks ago you published a letter from a sour apple who didn't like any part of the human race. He said 99 per cent of the people he knew were phonies, that they really didn't give a hoot about anyone except themselves. Then he went on to cite as an example the canned phrases and empty greetings such as, "How are you?" He claimed nobody cares how you are and added, "They don't even stop long enough to wait for an answer." We all know some clinkers, but I certainly wouldn't peg the figure at 99 per cent; One of the problems is that people do have a tendency to give trite answers to trite questions. For example, when someone asks, "How are you?'' most people automatically reply, "Just fine." I say, "I'm thankful. How about you?" That always stops them dead in their tracks. They ask, "Thankful? For what?" Then I say, "I'm thankful that at 74,1 can still see, hear, walk, enjoy good friends, good food, a good night's sleep, and maybe do a kind deed here and there." Best wishes to you, Ann. I hope you continue your fine column for many years to come. —Mrs. L.D.M., Bethel, Conn. Dear Beth: Anyone who writes off the whole human race because of a few sour apples must have a pretty rancid outlook on life. Thanks for an upbeat letter. You sound like a real winner to me. Dear Ann: Every time I meet a guy I like, I get sick. I throw up. It's awful to be having a good time and then to become suddenly nauseated and have to excuse myself. It's nothing that I eat or drink because I made it a point on my last two dates not to eat or drink anything. I am 15 and afraid this problem is not going to solve itself. I need some help. I know it's nerves, but what can I do about it? —Nervous Nellie •> Dear Nell: First go to your family doctor for a complete ' physical checkup. Then tell him exactly what you told me and ask him to recommend a counselor. Your problem is probably emotional and you need to talk to someone on a continuing basis. National Park. Elsewhere, Singer said, firefighters predicted "possible containment" today on the 5,240-acre Lindsey fire in the Coronado National Forest in Arizona: ' , One of the newest major fires, the Thompson fixe-in the Da til Mountain portion of the Cibola National Forest, was reported controlled by 300 firefighters, aided by air drops of fire retardant liquid, after it had burned 450 acres Monday. Tax benefit help for area seniors A representative of Senior Citizens Property Tax Assistance will be in Fort Bragg' to assist California senior citizens in filing claims for benefits under the Senior Citizens Property Tax Assistance Law. Assistance will be available at city hall, 416 North Franklin on Monday, July 8 only from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The law provides for reimbursement of a portion of the property taxes paid by Californians who are 62 years of age or older as of January 1, 1974, own and reside in their own homes, who have paid the property taxes for the current year and who have' income of $10,000 or less. Reimbursements of up to 96 per cent are possible, depending upon the individual's income. Qualified homeowners can obtain forms from any Senior Citizens Property Tax Assistance office or by writing to Senior Citizens Property Tax Assistance, P.O. Box 1588, Saccamento, CA 95807. For Wednesday, July 3 By SYDNEY OMARR During the second World War, when the, Nazis were attempting to overrun the world, Heinrich Himmler, head of the secret polite,, issued a directive forbidding the . practice of astrology. He made it perfectly dear that anyone who contravened this order would be thrown into a concentration camp until the war was over. Astrology, he decreed, was not for the broad masses. ARIES (March 21 - April 19): Be sure promises are put in writing. Circumstances now tend to upset agreements. Legal matters require close scrutiny. Don't attempt to be your own lawyer. Dig deep for information. One in authority is well-meaning but could neglect to notify underlings of his intentions. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Don't push, force, cajole. You . gain most now through diplomacy. Another Taurus and a Libran could figure prominently. Accent is on study connected with travel. Open lines of communication. Review foreign language. Be aware of potential. . GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Emotions could dominate. Know it and do something about it. Means give logic equal time. Otherwise, you could give up something of value for nothing. Member of Opposite sex may play significant role. See persons as they are — remove rose- colored glasses. CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Conservative approach now serves your best interests. Do more listening than talking — observe and learn. Older individual wants to aid but also wants to be asked. Decision is your own. Time is on your side. Don't rush. LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Go back to past; review lessons, and resolutions. Applies specifically to work and health areas. Aries, Libra persons could figure in important ways. Best now to finish rather than to start something new. Associate makes gesture of friendship. Be receptive. VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Lunar aspect points to romance, emotional explosions, problems concerning young persons. You may not find a bed or roses, but you are making progress. Know it and stick to principles. Leo is going to lend a hand in meaningful manner. LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Home, security, building —these areas are- spotlighted. Aquarius, Leo individuals figure prominently. Property values are discussed. Don't sell short. What seems an upset boomerangs and you could arrange financial coup of sorts. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): You get where you're going, but what you find is of surprising nature. Means be flexible, versatile, able to utilize material at hand. Emphasis is on change, messages, calls, relatives who garble meanings and tend to confuse issues. , SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): Money, love, emotional responses co-mingle. Conditions are anything but settled. There is apt to be a • tearing-down process. Your task .is to remodel, rebuild. Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio persons are in picture. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22- Jan. 19): Lunar cycle is such that your judgment comes in on target. You make advances. It is important also to make personal contacts. Wear bright colors. Be conspicuous. Refuse to be backed into cornier by one who has little talent but plenty of bluff. , AQUARIUS (Feb. 19 - March 20): Family communications improve. What was suppressed comes out in open. You are able to deal with situation that you previously skipped, ignored or pretended did not exist. Domestic situation is due to stabilize. PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20): Accent is on friends, hopes, wishes and your ability to do something about it. Techniques are refined. You have opportunity, to choose quality. Pisces and Virgo persons are likely . to be in picture. An associate inadvertently does you a favor. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are sensitive, artistic, fond of travel, overweight and have ability to laugh, especially where your own foibles are concerned. •CARD OF THANKS- We wish to thank everyone for the many kindnesses extended to us during the loss of our son, Carl H. Satehorn. We wish to express a special thanks to the Ukiah' valley Association for the Retarded and the Redwood Valley Community Church. The Herman Satehorn Family 555 m »«.SM.a««.v INVEST YOUR STAKE IN THE REDWOOD EMPIRE OVER 8,000 OF YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS DO! THEY'RE EARNING THE HIGHEST LEGAL RATE AVAILABLE ON INSURED SAVINGS. 1 ft"*'"' •:•*•• m m *2Va YR. CERTIFICATE $1,000 MINIMUM *4 YR. CERTIFICATE $1,000 MINIMUM $ A substantial Interest penalty is required for early withdrawal. INTEREST CALCULATED AND COMPOUNDED DAILY PAID QUARTERLY REMEMBER: FUNDS DEPOSITED BY THE 10TH EARN FROM THE 1ST • \ • • • The early settlers in the Ukiah Valley saw a bright future for their families. The beautiful valley provided, plentiful timber and yielded good crops. If you're interested in a bright future for your family, consider a savings account at Redwood Empire^Savings & Loan Association. You earn the highest legal rate on insured savings and the money invested at Redwood Empire stays {n the area providing home loans, jobs and prosperity. "WHERE YOU SAVE DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE" REDWOOD EMPIRE SAVINGS so. UKIAH STATE&GOBBI 462-7532 AND LOAN ASSOCIATION CLOVERDALE .FIRST ST. & CLOVEROALE BLVD 894-3301 FORT BRAGG ALDER & MAIN STS. 964-4031 w 1 wmmm

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