The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 17, 1930 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 17, 1930
Page 5
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Ir 11 yKT^fi r-t» S<se e magic work of the iddire Frigi HYDRATOR • Attend the SPECIAJL Demonstration ; now going on at our showroom. .Free recipe books Virginia Bays or . Indianapolis, the Misses Edna' and Naomi Legg of Tipton and Estel Legg of" Hobbs. The, children enjoyed the .ideal afternoon m" games and contests on the lawn until late in the. ever nin'g when ice cream and cake carried out a pretty color scheme of green and white was served the guests! THE BLUES WOUT. And Will Be Entertained at Hobbs Tuesday Evening;' Jolly Eudirc Club. eelctfMocebc&s Blaccd is the ' . Mwiiawr. AL> this week we're giv- *Viqg a spscial demonstration of tfie Frigidaire Hyc^ratorl Delicious salads and desserf; are being served. Recipe books are beiiVg given ^jway. Stop in . Cod:y.' \i I SPEClAl'l OFFER Vnil Saturday March 22nd A liberal special cJFer to all who buy Frisittuzc dixringjisnx 9-day demon- strati; ;n. Let us telryou about it. Let us tell yea about aarHsy payment plan. New Achievement [ f in Face Powder The skin of youth lies is every; , box iof new-wonderfiul MELLO; „ • ' „ . .. • ' _ iGLO Face 'Powder. The purest : In a recent friendly reading cir- powdei ; made _, its color is passed cle contest conducted in the Hobbs 0 n b}' the U- Si Government/ No; Methodist church . between j,. • the pastiness, r flakfness or - irritation..' Reds ..and'Blues, the Blues were A new French process makes'it; the winners and the defeated side A spread more smoothly and pre- wilk entertain, witn Mrs. William Hoke entertained the Jolly Euchre club, Friday afternoon at her home on Kentucky Avenue, with all the members present to enjoy the afternoon. Mrs. Laura Webster -was winner cf. the high, score prize, •and Mrs. A'mos, Bible winner of the second high score prize. At the close t^f the meeting the hostess servsd: dainty refreshments. I ; The next.meeting of the; club 'IT will' lis Thursday (afternoon, I March 27th with MrsV Bob Wil-: liains on; Kentucky Avenue. ! gram at the church Tuesday evening :at 7:15 6'clodk. A program of readings, songs and talks will fea^ t'ure this part of the entertainment. This will be followed by a general social 'hour and refreshments will be served. The entire church congregation, bc'th Red and Blue, is urged to be present, and the committee on entertainment assures all a time. . . .. vents large pores. No more shiny a special pro- nuseg —j t s t ay s on loncrpr. 'Use: MELLO-GLO. NICKEL PLATE COMING. Fast Quintet From Frankfort to Play Here Tuesday Night. BIRTHDAY DINNER. ji'.oii Relatives of Mrs, kescl Attend Event I The same celery as it came from the Hydrator the following morning : • fresh, crisp, delicious. Service Electric Co. violin Katon. Proprietor. • Ward Sleeting. The Ladies of Ward I, of the General' Aid society of the Kemp Methodist church, will meet Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Claude Crull, at her home 320 West Madison street at' 2:3p. o'clock. It is especially urged that every lady of the ward plan to be present. Tipton Merchants will meet an eld enemy Tuesday night at the.i good • Armory • when the fast 'Nickel ! Plate team Ixpiri Frankfort fur? j nishes the. opposition. J These, two ' teaniri have- met - (three timesduring'the season unci Bert Mi- their games have been .exciting ; as tiiey are pretty cvenlv match• [on, - :< of relatives j The Nickel L Plate aggregation residing) is composed of. all former Frank- i Sunday a number , > r r .lrs. Bert Mikesel t in;-v Ilussiaville, gathered, at the! fort high schocjl stars. Mikesel home anil celebrated her- • . -— • • • birthday anniversary. . The day, Piiirnt-TiNicliei was also tlie birthday or nearly so | of five other persons in the assemblage. Mrs. Mikesel is a sister of Condc Street Club. s c c i Minnehaha Chili. 1 fe J 1 I tortaiued I The North Conde street club Piv.'bjtoi-ian lileel ing 1J liniiehaha club will be ; on-, will be .-entertained Tuesday aft- Tuesday evening 'atjernoon by Mrs. J. R. Coleman, at •4. I 7:30 o'clock at tlie home of Mrs. ! her home 223 North Conde ' J Whiz 222 West Jefferson street.' street at 2:.10 o'clock. It is urg- ! Every member is urged to be ; ed that.all members be present. The Woman's Missionary society of - tie First!'. Presbyterian church wi-1 be !enti?rtained Wednesday affsniooh at; the home of Mrs. G. ]i. Warne-j 214 West North strict at! 2: i-";p o'clock. • A good program is bf .ing prepared. M-embers aid all tli -t-; ladies of the church are- urged te!'be present. present. Seven Years Old. I Regular Meeting. The 7th r birthday anniversary of Master Junior Monroe of Regular meeting of the Sons of Union VcleMiis and the Auxiliary Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock Bloominglon, Ind., March 17. I —Parent-teacher workers of Tip- Mrs.'John Kessler, and Mrs. Kess- j lon co , lnty have been 5nvited t0 j attend the fourth annual iHate- jwide short course in Parenl- j Teacher Association work to be held at Indiana University March 2f)-2S. This short course, at Ier and husband and their daugb ter, Miss Estelle, were among the guests. At the noon hour a big. dinner was served and Mrs. Mikesell received many beautiful gifts. Merry. Matrons. The Merry Matrons club will have a pitchin dinner Tuesday evening, March ISth at the home which all problems of Parent- ! Teacher, work will he discussed, is being sponsored by. the Indiana University extension division in coppsration with the - Indiana Parent-Teacher-Association. Plans j tor the institute have been work- VAGARIE3 OF SLEEVES. Tbeir Wiimsicalities Offer Interest in iFashion Picture. of Mrs. Shirley Gardner at 115 j East AVushiugton street. The din- cfi 0,,t ' ,,y M '' S - Kd " a Halfield Etl " Hobbs was happily celebrated at|at the G. A. R. hall in the court the home of his grandparents, j house. As there is some very im- M r r. and Mrs. Ed Cole in Hobbs j portant business to come before Sunday afternoon. Junior's guests; the orders, it is urged that all were the pupils in the 1st and'members and officers be present. 2nd grades at school and were! • * * . Mrs. H;|rry Coml -s .will entertain tlie Tri Kapj;|i Sorority, at George Edgell, Billy . Hartmaii, |. Beruice • Good, Margaret Holi-j day, Phyllis Hobbs, Eilene Hobbs, i Phi Beta I'si Tuesdiiy epenin 1. her Members and pledges of Phi hdme 'J Donald "Hobbs, Eilene Legg, Bar-: Beta Psi sorority will be enter- • for members and- theiri families and all are urged to be present. Members will bring favorite dish, and table service for self a*nd guests. Dinner will be served at 6:30 o'clock. " mondson. of the I. U. extension 'division and Mrs. Homer J. Miller South Bend, president of the Indiana Parent-Teacher Associa- • f- • tion. Busy Bee Club. 130 Columbia Aveii-ie at 7:45; bara Riley and Lucille Lewellen. o'clock, ifimbeijs H\l please all! Others were the teacher, Miss take notici. and ibe present. Dorothy'i.Hackett of Elwood, Miss tained at a dinner bridge at the home of jMarjory Small, Cicero, Tuesday evening at 6:45. l»pn> iHATIESOrK • Tuesday, Mat., 10c, 25c. IOO SHOWS IN ONE Have You II! . Villainy Dripping -with Laughter! Worlds Worst .plains Make Merry — in the most. BiunptaoueH spertacular . extravaganza erer 'portniyeil on stage or screen. lustone feature of tlus'lpiti^e^ Techni«bI6r. 1000 Hollywood Beauties ' 100 Stars Mrs. R. H. Lett will entertain the Busy Bee club' Tuesday afternoon, at her home corner 'Columbia Avenue and. Wei?t Washington street, . at " 2:30 o'clock. Members are all urged to be present. Stitch mid -Chatter. The Stitch.' and Chatter club will he entertained Tuesday evening at.7-:30 o'clock by Mrs. T. J. f i Paul at her home, 216'--North Main street. .Members are all urged to be present. Getting Aiong Nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Forest Coxen and son Richard of Indianapolis, were Tipton visitors Sunday afternoon with Mi's. Coxen's sister, Mrs. Lottie Legg on North Muin street, while on their way home from-Elwood where they had.visited over the week end with Mr. Coxen's parents. MIGHTY MONARCH OF THE, AIRl Mr. and Mrs.-'Ed Findling of west of Tipton were Indianapolis visitors, Sunday afternoon, visiting with Mrs. Harry Katon at the Methodist hospital, where she was operated upon Thursday morning for gall; stc nes. They found Mrs. Katon getting along nicely, and her condition encouraging for 'an early recovery, • r . Mrs. KHon is in room A—27 at the hospital- and will appreciate calls from any of her friends visiting in Indianapolis. At the liitz. i iXi*-;| CaneUt-rletuipveyonamti' demoniUation of these marr vclous new radiot. Their new Colotura Speaker ii • revda'- tiian in rich';-pure, Colorful Tone. The new cabinet ire frilly beautiful. Volumtf, range,«electivity haye'allheen improved.Yetprices atremuch" (owcr. Sto'trtodiU, $»3 <fm»;im tubes ? - Model 90 illustrated V LESS - TUBES .'••'.'V ^l Solil Complete with Majeatle'sil ;-' Matched Tubca * I f&JO r , >|J John Barrymore brilliantly portrays, a scene from Shakespeare's "King Henry VI," doing the part of the Duke of Gloucester (later King Richard III,) This is in tre- mendoiTs. contrast with the glittering rainbow pageantry of • the .'•Show of: Shows'," which contains [ U scores upon'scores of stage and j screen stars as' iwell as enscm- j -blos-numbering over five huadred : people. Sohie of the others in the ; cast are -.Irene ' Bordoni, Winniei, Lighner, Beatrice Lillie; Grant [Withers, Monte Blue, Noah Beery, j. Betty Cpmpson, Myrna Loy and f Georges- Carpenter.' John Adol- I phi directed the play under the ! supervision of Dar'ryl Francis Za- .iiuck. Larry- Ceballos and Jack • Haskell were in charge of dances • and stage .production. ' "Show, of (Shows," comes to tho Ritz theatre ^liJiTue ^py for a three days' run. }PMrl. aiid. Mrs. Sherman • Basoy and daughter I'^atsy Jo, of near Sheridan,; were the Sunday guests 'of Mrs. Anna'Craham and Mr. and Mrs. TJ''E; Byroads^pn East WasU- Inston st/eet.; Lon t .Salters,. of T'ipton, .wasialso ;ia gudst^at the .home. . • ... ^V;;v.:.:V^-^y-,.V- •'-',. .-; •S'.vJ.ohn ;F.: Byrairi' was'a .business' AT- \ ^ J.C. PENNEY CQ R Bguuuy, meetings New York, March- 15.—Even ,the sleeveless dress contrives-to have .some sort of sleeve paradoxical as it sounds. In'reality it may : riot he a sleeve at'all,; but something which; passes for it.- Last summer found the bertha in good standing/ and this season finds not only the protecting bertha, hjit wide collars, revers, epaulets and puif sleeves themselves cov -i .ering-'the shoulder.• After viewing many of the ne%vj collections, one feels more im-! pressed by the vagaries of sleeves! than anything else. After all, the! long, high waisted silhouette is a relatively old story.. There, is no! longer great merit in discussing it. Whether, one likes it or not, skirts are long, -excepting for sports and street clothes, and waistlines are never allowed to drop be'Iow the tcp of the hip and are more often placed at a greater altitude. - - .' . Sleeves are showing a discontent with their state. They refuse to be long >and arm' revealing and are getting .themselves cut off at almost any lengtli_from the three- quarter to an' inch or two below the shoulder. They either puff-.a bit at top or hottam or are finished with some delicate-lingerie touch. In all collections, ,French or otherwise, boleros', peplums and lingerie touches are out- I ' •" standing features. Molyncux and Fatou • continue to employ floral mofits especially on chiffon, but other houses show ah enthusiasm for- small dotted effects even against . a striped • round. Faconnes of the neck-; tie type are especially smart for town wear. Small prints in. a • ground and one motif color are shown extensively. Photographic, prints and the mablc paper de-; signs reported from Paris, are.' among the novelties. j With both Vio'nnet 'and Chanel choosing velveteen as a material ( for both jackets . and separate! present Correct Sports Aftiro Calk for Two-tdne OXFORDS Choose thU swagger model in white elk widb black calf trimming, j leather sole and rubber beet ... or in smoked elk with tan calf trimming, spore sole and heel. Either combination is smartly correct. It's good {udgnMNiHo have a pair whw tf»y cost only • since that time,: velveteen has never entirely disappeared. This ! HAMMERED Tp DEATH. season brings it once more to the j Woman's Body Foojnd im Pkatwer, fore. i Near Fort Wcirtb. Texas. Legion Notice. j- Fort Worth."Tei-t March lT\^r-- \ - i the body of Mrs., Rearl Vota .j Vk •'• Regular meeting[ years old Deaten ^ death ^ Tuesday night, 7:30 kBmmer> WM foun ^ ,„ a pa8tnW( • sharp. All members near here yesterday. She was!ail are urged to be Carnival committee to coats, one may well expect this'; oe appointed.. Plans tor the drum ' idea to go over. The thre'e-quar-i corps' trip to Anderson Sunday! ter straight line velveteen coat in;will be made. Jackpot still going, brilliant colors and in beige and! O. A. DAVIS, Commander, black, found favor in this coun-i . *'» . / ; employe of a Fort [Worth rooming house. i t least Treating yotm seed j with Ceresan profit as pre| ] ground. Comf Inc.

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