The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, December 1, 1936
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.,_____ ____^__J"^_ D ° M1NANT ""VVBPAPKR 01" NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND'80B11JBAW JU^SoSn "^ ^ ^ VOL, xxxni—NO: 220 tllyllu'v'lllp courier Ulyllievlllc Herald Hlyihevlllo Daily News Mississippi. Valley U-iuli' •Hl^Ol" NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND ' HLYT11RY1LI,K, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, 11KCKJIHKU SINGIK COPIES FIVE GENTS' SaysfU. FOR AMERICAN UNITY i War OFF JPE New Queaii for j the Belgians? IGCE5f,fi : |im ; BaskcLFor Beauty Mirope's Situation 'Nol Hopeless He ; Tells Uni!- cd Press Chief. ' By HUGH liAII.UH President of the United 1'rrss PARIS. Dec. 1. (UP)—A genera! v,-ar in Europe can and will be avoided if the- three great dcmoc- • racles. Groat Britain, France and ! the United states, work together | lo prevent it and if normal economic relations can' be restored, Premier Leon Blum declared today in an exclusive interview with HIP United Press. Rut the menace of war is great, he said, as, tile ni-ins race continues, and an effort .mist be put-forward constantly tr> escap? n con- flaeralion in the face of recurring provocative Incidents. ' . . . - . \V'At Not Inevitable The mass of people must, -lo some rtear thinking. Blum painted out. and thay must not lei themselves drift into a state of mind that va- 1 itoiis crises which follow oils an-I other necessarily m;an that an-1 other genera! European war is in- j fvllable. "1 do not think that war is inevitable." Blum told me: in his pa- i'atial : offices in tro-Matignon pal• ace loday. "I am convinced that* on the con-, ..; trary there exists in Europe aiid| • iii -the world' sufficient force which 1'. is firmly decided lo avoid war. 1 •- "All our: efToris tend to establish harmony -between .these forces of-peacc-Mid give them confidence Nreii America's Help _ i crisis or this p , race, which is a fatal characteristic of Europe today, a new movement, will .spread over Europe for reconvening llin disarmament conference and for limitation of arms." - - Armies Meet in s. While Shells R-ck City. MADRID. Dec, . I (UP)— The de fenders of Madrid nnd the In vailing insurgents' were locked in the greatest, bndle of the Ihree weeks siege today while the cap itnl rocked under a shattering artillery bombardment. A terrific buttle was in progress in Umvcrsity City In the north western., section of . the capital r.;fci)sc council sources said the loyalists had dynamited part of I Ihe hospital clinic, of (he mil ! versity. where fierce fighting con tinned. i It was understood parl of the ! hospital' was blown' up but the rebels still held other |>arts of the building. . . ,: More fighting; was feoing on in " lc suburb of Pozuelo, several , "lilcs noitlnvest of University City .-ife was killed in an aulo acci- Loyalists had ejected rebels from dent. may. take the 'Archduchess outlying houses .of Hie village Adelaide, above, as his second where a bombardment .which be bride. The archduchess is a sis- Ban during the 'night stilt cotl- li """ ri ••' ••"— . ., . slit-red by reports King Leopold, wliose : 1er of Archduke Olto of 'liaps- Imrg, pretender to Ihe ihrone of Auslria. Cialnn. leading slightly wounded. L - Ill-order to make progress in the direction away from war, America's help is vital, the premier said. ' "In our efforts to stabilize peace > we need America^" lielp." he explained. "We liopj when President . Roosevelt gets around to it he will fully support all our efforts toward consolidation of peace." Arkansas WPA to Cut '.: • Employes to 24,000 a. UTTLE RCCK. Ark.—Arkansas' dwindling federal relief program, bolstered in scope during the past Ihrce months by special allocations of funds for drouth relief, will receive tinned at noon. Both sides suffered heavy los | loyalists, U'<./"',i.Mt» ? "Iain convinced lhat "after Ihe ' TI I r ' -ri i risis of this present excessive arms InOUSandS. 1'rom Both Countries Volunteer, for War Service. 1 LONDON, bnc. 11 '.(UP)—Thoii; sands of Ciermnris and Frenchmen have arrived in-Spain to fight in I opposing i!',r!tlonalist and loyalist armies, as volunteers, according" to reliable'-news' 'which' v r2acl:ed the government. to:lay and brought threats of fresh international complications. • ' • i A newspaper report that a Rus- | slan general .and 100 Russian officers were in charge of the government's defenses at Malaga has not so far-b;eii confirmed by British authorities. ' ... Experts express the view" that hi the case of the thousands of Oer- niaiis reported to have arrive:! nt Seville, in southern Spain.- thov could have left-Germany only with the knowledge' and consent of Oer- . Loyalists were reported attack ing La Cadellada insane asylum held by the. Insurgents. The loj- alists nslo took: the hill dominat ing. the. highway, from," La Esplim to Sains and . succeeded ' In cut ting off a. provisions convoy with maclilne gun fire. .. ... , ' - - ----- Otlif furnish this good- looking action shot In piacticc pitpaiator> lo defending llieii ncqtiillc basketball clnmpionshtp against 'outhciti califonila feinlnine teanp Bankei Morgan's 'On ITh Feet Again Cc nsas .: Gity .-• --Democratic Chief Will .'Continue lo Hold Reins - ...^., mil itvjtitu uiiuiutt till - *•"' • ivnun icn^c uiiu CUiliaCllL 01 L/GT' tatlmcnl soon, Ployrt Sharp, .state nuui ouihorltlcs. owing to the dm* \V'PA n^lminJ^f.rnf !/»>^ nrrtr- iinfinn.i ' t!*> mri"^tii*iT v^t-rvl-.f;^.,^ ,,„ ..,_n - WPA administration,. \vas notified • from WcihinKtoii vesterday. The number of reifef clients employed on WPA projevts will be reduced eight per cent, bringing I he total .employed down to 24'000. mid WPA expenditures of . about $500.000, a month for drouth f relief work-in 37 counties -will ^ cither be made . through...~some other agency-or discontinued,--Mv. Sliarp said. , .', Personnel reductions and .-can- cellalion of drouth relief must be In full effect by December .31. Exhaustion of funds allocated 1 Ihe WPA was given as., the cause. Should Ihc .next Congress not appropriate additional , funds, - the WPA program In Arkansas will slop February 1. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 1 (UP)— Cotton futures leaped up 12 '-to 18 'Wius -today in a wave •of buying, prompted by war -hews from Europe. December was up 16 at 1194. bee ..' Jan Mar£h May July Oct flt 1214 ' up 1C open high low close 1201 .1184 1182 1169 115! 1117 1214 1200 1195 . 1184 1195 1181 1183 1168 1165 1154 1123 1117 1124b 1214 1193 1194 1182 1164 ..Spots closed steady at 1244 ui sixteen. currency restrictions as well as the sharp control on ports of emigration. Tile Frenchmen might conceivably have .slipped .across the border without knowledge of .higher authorities. . Tiic figure of 5.000 lias been mentioned as the passible total of.Ger- mans who arrived at Cadiz least two ships and .proceeded- to Seville. The Frenchmen were supposed lo b c at Barcelona with the loyalists. Christmas Seal Sale Will Open December 10 The annual Christmas seal "sale campaisiL.,of aiie. Arkansas.Tuber- culosis, ./association iiRij^ississlp'pi county-'will open on December 10 j Chairmen have been named-for the- towns in the county and "'an Intensive drive for sale of .«JP seals will open on that day, , part of the proceeds derived from the sale being retained in Mississippi county for use in iocs health work. - W. J. W'uncicrllch is chalrma of the county -.organization. New York Cotton MEW YORK, Dec. 1 (up) _ Cotton closed sleady. ... KANSAS CITY, iIo.-Tli.onms J Pendergasl, boss of the city : and Jackcon county. Democratic organ- izition; Monday afternoon emphatically denied reports .that lie had announced or IwVuf'.'c'ontsinplatlng •elirement from political control ; yjsltln E .his' OHice at 1908 Main itreet-for li:c" fl'-st limp, since his recent .serious Illness began five niontlis ago. .PendcreaSt told re porters that Ills.: nephew, : James Pendsrgast, would continue In nice,, victors and handle organization ii< tails. Later,.he learneti that lhi s i :i ,d been Interpreted to mean an announcement of his o«-n retirement - "Tluit was the farthest thm ? from my thouglils." said the boss "What I meant was that Jim will handk.tlu job end of It. and will 'direct things generally;' 'b:il I mil remain in tre same eauacltj as lieAtl of the organizntion* and ils leader. In no sense does this mcnn my:retiremrnt from politics, and •you can make thai as strati' as van want lo" ". .' . :• -The elder Pemlergast asked visitors to excuse him froni shaking hands, as lie hardly felt equal to thiii. exertion. He-said he would te at the olllce ' frequentlj nnd would also give personal attention to his concrete- bu'sine&r-'whicli has •headmnrlers In another downtow : n office •'" •' •-•'-.-, Stock Prices . NEW YORK, Dec. 1 (UP) _ 'Building slocks and special issues advanced on the stock exchange today while tlio leaders in most of the major groups declined. Trading was light-in u le day when the ,list was receding. •'• :. • T and T ....•...-,.-.•. .187-3-8 Chicago Wheat open high low close Dec 120 1-8 123 3-4 119 7-8 123 1-2 May 117 1-4 119 5-8 117 1-2 119 7-2 Chicago Corn » opc.i . high. lov/ close Dec ' 104 -7-8 109 7-8 104 3-4 109 1-4 1M 100 open high low close Dec 1205, 1217 1201 1216 Jan 1191 1202 1189 1201 March 1189 1199 1185 1199 May 1174 1186 H72 1184 July 1161 1169 1160 1169 Oct 1122 1125 1U8 1125 . Spots closed steady at 1258 un fifteen. Spot Average Is The average price of 7.3 inch middling- cotton on the tc n designated spot markets today was 12.37, according to the Blythevlllo Hoard of Trade, American Water Works Anaconda Copper Ectiu-lhcm Steel Chry.-ier ' 25 1-2 483-8 71 1-8 123 1-2 . General American Tank 7o 1-4 Electric 51 Gewial Motors • • 68 1-8 Intctiulional Harvester 99 13 3-8 66 1-8 43 3-8 K 5-8 . Montgomery .Ward ,.- \'ork Central Pctroteiiin Phillips St. Lou! Colp ............. 113.4 Is-San .- Bed ..;, Standard ,of N. J .-. StunebaKer.. ..-. IVVAS Corp ,..,,, A long Takes Clum'.e Ab Di band's Lc^'- au Management of .the Ulylhevllle o'-plUil KIU, Uniisllnnl loiluj fiom Ui r I Husband IIIIJLO.I lu Uuuti 1 foi the pa 1 .! Ihc uiUs lo illchacl A .I.onj;, ,rt'ccnlly of Klnmalh IMIK Oie wlio a-, 'sup intemlent will hnv'e ohnrijB of the liospllnl Jor Ihu nest live years. Dr. niisbuhd. who built Uie now municipally owned hospltnl. nld not renew hls-~lease which evphul je^Liduj i\n Ixing luii had soini! 15 ycai-s experience In hospital work and Is nn experienced X-ray and laboratory lichnlUan Ho will do his own work of this Ijpe at the hos plial Ihe.L nil! bc no MUBCOII will, olllte'i ul Iliu hospital It !•> unde. stood tlmt tin Ml i 6ls«-l|i|j| counlj nutllLal n -oclatlon I to pupa i L a schedule whe.eby one of lib muHbci will be n\atl ablu foi ImmcdlnlD senlce each iliij In tmc.gc.icj cases rt thu I oipllal it being piobablo that lanotis membcis will be assigned ccitain dislijiiatcd dajs when they «lll bc subjLCt to Instant call Helps Saint Slaft The entire hospital sUifl of nurses will 11 main In the cmploj- mcnt of Mr Long who will opet utc the hospital undci pilvnte management b) hase from Ihe hospital board of goiernors The hospital «as leased pilvflttly lo Di Hu-hand during Ihe past (Ho years Mis r M ricldi will continue as superliilcutlral Of nurses nnd Miss Anno nihu as When Cai Hits Post Un- clei Viaduct CSCFOLA All — BlUCC at the hospital Mr Ixing Is a nulhi, of Minnesota but has 1 been located at •Klanwlji -•• Falls, a lumber center, for nin-> jears He said todaj Roosevelt's Gilard Falls Pead^atB.A. •WJHNOB A]|iK3, l)io v | (UP) — August Atlotpli Ui'linoi Id) (i r > bod\- auiiid niul close p>jsonul Irlsnd uf I'KsMonl Uoosiivell since 10.J8 ilropprd dcadt>ail) loday whllcvls- Mini) u lestaumnt with friends after Ml, llooscifll |ii\«l ,iptucil CKnnulch, uho hiul hull a Unsy tnv uccoin|)ni))|ii K -iiii. iiiisUi>nloii 11 slmmou 1 . ol olllcliii functions icmiilnlni; neu'i mou than n Jon RH fioin IIK side, us v\ab Ills usual custom, uciit lo n icv Imirmit Ulli cuome ro\ of Uic Wlillo nomc slnn mill Cliailes Claunch. chief, jeonian of IM Unll- I'll (Males navy. Ihuy relaxed fiom Dip daj's, ac- iH'ltlff, dined niul Ilsluml to the L'Uln-Aumlcan mitsli. ffnluii'd dm' suddenly Cicm.e.lch—.ii»<ijs iLilcrt • om' U} Mi Itoosevclt— I 11 lo Uic flooi A phjsklan IMIS- i-iiltiM limilixlly liul cicnncilch wns dead whi'ii ]|i> nil Keel Pic&litciU Kooicull v\a s not itnmcdlntcu lold of Ills death, the Marr daldlmr lo will mitll lip avuikcnul- < Fiance Ready to Resume Payments to U. S. On Revised Basis. orosecuttnj; attorney-elect, was In- tha{ the hospllal would bo oper- jmed and his, cai was, itrlually "ted as cfllclenlty as posalblc nnd demolished In an accident at asked for the cooperation of nil North mile Rock-parly Monday,' members ..of the medical profes- according (o word received by^on nnd others In maintaining Mends: here. .. '. . .. a high standard of service. Mr.".'Ivy, badly cut nnd bruised, Dr.. Husband, In rellring from was. taken to the Baptist hospital' management of tlic hospital' to it Little Rock where x-ray ex- open -a .clinic here, promised Ills animation revealed lhat no bones co-operation to the new mnnage- were broken. He will! probably re- urn home this week. Mr. Ivy had .spent Sunday In Memphis nnd left there late that night to drive (o Little ROCK. where he was engaged as counsel In a suit for Monday. Apparently he fell asleep at the wheel and his car, out of control, crashed Into a post under a viaduct at North Little Rock. More convincing than nil the assertions that he had recovered, completely fr6ni the Illness which incapacitated him last Winter Is this picture of J. P. Morgan, famous banker. His long.' brisk stride as he enters church at Lat-1 the plant liere. Mnglown. L. I. bespeaks his vigor.! Veneer, and Box Plants./at Tallulah Destroyed TALMILAH,' La.—Fire of undetermined origin destroyed Ihc veneer plant and" box factory of the Chicago Mill & Lumber Company here Monday afternoon. The two factories, which represent, two- thirds of the entire plant here, were a lotal loss. Four hundred and fifty men were employed In the two. The fire originated beneath the veneer plant, spreading to the box factory. The flrc chief from Monroe and *rc equipment from Vicksburg, I^ake Providence and Tallulah were summoned. R. N. Ware jr. is manager of Fly and McFali Plan Extensive Expansion (Agree Upon Wages for State Senate Workers • LITTLE ROCK. Dec. 1 (UP)— Senators who will serve In the menl, saying: "I wish lo thank H "the. - public nnd hoard of hospital governors for their splendid co-.opm(,iou during- my period of service as surgeon in charge of the hospital nnd especially do I wish to thank tho doctors of (he city flud surrounding terrr.tory, for their co-opernllon. "It Is my desire now lo further co-operalc with the hospital In .every : way nnd wish it continued success." . Will Operate Clliiie Dr. .Husband built and opened the hospital here in 1923 nnd later added an addition In 1Q27. About n year later the city floated n bond Issue and purchased Ihe hospltnl building as a municipal institution, Dr. Husband giving the equipment lo nt the time. The hospital was later operated by Dr. Paul : 1,. Tiplon, uiiler privnle lease .for several years, and then Dr. Husband leased the hospital, Dec. 1, 1931, for five years. •Dr. Husband will lie associated with Dr. J, M. Walls, who has been an associate ssirgcon on the hospital staff since last June, In the operation of n clinic, which will be located on the second floor of the Lynch building. Main and Broadway, where quarter; have been leased. Dr. and Mrs Husband ' and their .son moved from Ihe hospital lo the Noblo Hotel today. • Dr. W. A. Grlmmett, X-ray and 1AIJ1S, Dec 1 HUPJ-riiincc and the United Slates have agieed on tho advisability of war debt pajiiicnls ami In doing M have taken a long tlep lowaid the noa! of economic .disarmament,, it wn ^ said loduy on the." higher an- tl'piltj \/ ( - ,-,^ v it In hoped to include" Gtenl Britain in an ngicenlent bi vhich bhe nnd Prmicc nould pas M« ,^} ritl W °' tlcbls lo »'f United Slalci on n revised hnsls Basis foi discussion of a pos- slblt revision of the ncnch debt liJV" SM ' vus n tolnl of 12.000000000 finncb ($£(,0,000,000), dl- \liled Into 20 annual payment! or 000,000000 rmncs ($23000000) as against the annual pasiucnts °M90,000,000 under tho old "g?ce- Such an ogieemcnt would bo a loiKcquence of tho American- Tcncli-Brftlsli monetary ngrco- nent which occompnnlcd the de- initiation of the rrcnch curicncv rcceiitlj J U would be an agreement, slg- ilflctintly, among the three gre!ll voild democraclc'i nnd thcie it 10 siiEgcstlon that llnly shoulo Fined for Operating Car Without License W. c. Jackson was fined $82,25 n municipal court this morning on a charge of operating a car vlthout license. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. T. Land were Incd $10 each on charges of disturbing the peace. ^vii^ti 11, "i"*•"••••-— ,».„,.,, .„ » v jyy^ iv.x.i' ^ucJi vi &niiicn tiun ^tau^ wculd expand during Ihe 'next for the coming legislative scs- yoar to Include brokerage houses sion. • Hv-naiwio Y.HU win si;i>e in me ur. w. A. unmmcti, A-ray ana flfty-flrst general assembly met laboratory technician at the hos- this morning In a downtown hotellplial for a number of years, lias MEMPHIS, Dec. 1. (UP)—Fly u Met 1 AH, MCinpiiis uruKt-ragG .,.,^ mv»*mug m (i uui>iiL«jivii iiui*;i i j;itui jor £i iinmupr oi vcurs, us coHcein. announced today It to perfect their organization -plans _ not announced his Imiiiedlal " ' ' " ' in-, seven cities. .• The firm said It first would expand to Birmingham, Ala., and Little Rock and El Dorado, Avk., and -then a few weeke later to Nashville, Atlanta and Dallas. It Is a member of the New York Stock exclianp?, New York ~ •• ~ ' New Orleans Cotton Cotton Exchange, Exchange, the Chicago \_\jhwll E..\V*>a*'&v, v.i%- — ...«. D *. •Board of Trade, Chicago Mer- 2 1-8 chants Exchange and an associate 45 1-2 member of Ihe New York Curb 651-a Exchange.; the New York Produce 13 3-4 Exchange and the New York Com- 48 '-* modltle.1: Exchange..:;;.-• . -.. . During the morning hours the senators adopted a resolution to limit the body's legislative cm-- ployes to 41 persons, Including a paid chaplain and senate secretary, who will bc paid $1 a day. Other wage rates set by the legislative group included $5 a day for stenographic and clerical employes and a $4 n day wag o for-pages and custodians. The'.'first mall on the American continent^started, from New York City lo Boston,.Jan. 1; S673. • The French, as a rule, cat nplh- ng until midday, except a roll will; a cup of chocolate upon arising. plans at tills time. Fruck Hits Wagon on Manila's Main Stree '.' MANILA, Ark.—A wagon was; demolished and an automobile truck was badly wrecked In an accident on Main street here lastj night. Occupants of tho two vehicles escaped without injury. Wile Hutlon, farmer of near Manila, drove 'his truck Into a, wagon owned by Charles B«ck- inan. Hutton was blinded i by; the lights of an approaching aulo- woblle. ^ •Vlli (I'/icn, 'what lo mv> u'onJcr- ing eyes should oppoof. But a njfmaturc sloigft, t'ni cfg/il /inij reindtcr, ' (Continued in Next Issue) Opens Buenos Aires Co'ii J feVcncc With ea' lor" Solid Front Against WaV A1UES, Deo. I (JJH) Uoowcll called on Ihft Ameilcan family of nations" lo- ilay to join hands in ii consulta- li\c n|j.i<cin»nt foi economic ilnliy mil political peace In tho \\eA- •rn liciiilsplieic against the daily ',< owing jm-nnce of «cii In oldoi lands. 'll.o inesliient opening Uic in. tci-Amcilcau Confeiwicc fot tho Miiinlenancu of Pence with '.\ M>ccch In ihc g.cnl Aigcnllnc ooh- SiChsloiml hall, appealed for pmc- lleal coopeuillon among all the "II the Aiiioilcnn ic- Uiillo Tor Safety We in ihe Americas must make . . deal that we stand shoul- ;•" lo shouldci in our final de- 'Ibeiatlons that otheis. who, dilv- "n by vai umdnesa oi land hullg- I, might tcck to commit acts l itggiebsion against us," will find . icmlspheic wholly piepared "li consult logethe. for on. mutual safety nnd o. mutual good,' 1 tWi- Wcnt iwosciell said. He told (he delegates from 2t Ameilcan nations that "each one or u;, has leoinud the glories of liulcpentlenco. Let each one of . Mi. Roosevelt, who Im the 'p.esent c that the "welfare ami of nnclr- of oirr im- ons depends In lnige,.|/a.t on the bencnis derived, tiom com- 1 nndVllh I/c 3eiio\inccd ,lhe ''economic madness" leading to war'anVpov- -ity In lands across the was in 'veiy dhectlon fion) the wes i. ;m world nnd declared this con- cicnci! piovldw an opportunity a. Ihe peoples llvrng In tha Am- 'dicas to coouemfe in cstablish- ng economic unity ''. ' Atlarks Trade Barriers Every nation In the world has felt Ihe e\|l cffecUi of recent ef- 01 Ls to elect trade barriers, of •vrj known kind," Mr, Roosevelt nld "Etery indlvlctual citizen hn^ uceicd from them. "It Is no ncclden'f that the na- lons which have can led out this >rocess furthers!, are those which iroclalm most loudly that they." -cqulio wai as hn Instrument^of hcli policy it is , lo accident hat attempts to be •self-sufficient m\e led lo falling standards for heh peoples (rnd to evei-lncreaY: ng loss of the democtatlc Ideah n a mad lace to pile anmnmenl in armament." Mr Uoosevelt expressed gratl- Icatlon lliat In economic coope.v * Uion. FO essential to permanent icjce. the Ameitcau" nations had 'given n salutatory example to' he world" Xot To Join League President Roosevelt told Argen-. tlni; ncwsiiapcrmen at. the United' Slates embassy beforo addresslng^ the Inter-American conference on peace that the United States, government still' was determined : not to Join the League of Nations. An emphatic ; "no" • .-was, Mh- Roosevell's reply to a nuery at his press conference -svlth.Argen- tine reporters on his .intcnllons' as to tho league.'. He .refrained from commenting: on the pos'- sible organization of a league a'f American nations. Garner Enters Fight • In Behalf of Rayburri AVASHINQTOti, Dec. 1. (UP) — Vice-president John N. Garner today threw his Influence behind Rep. Samuel Rayburn {Dem. Tex.) lii the bilter fight for' the house Dsm- ocratlc leadership of the next con r grcss. Canter said he was definitely for • Rayburn' for what Is considered the third most Important party post In congress, predicted he Iviould wln\ and Indicated he'.would participate personally in. the fight. yZO HOP^IW «*t s\».'r . Jlv\ 1 H } , /v l>'^l^ ^NA I lUU V I iSVkil Au\ WEATHER j Arkansas—Cloudy, probablj' oc- j caslonal rains . tonight and, Wednesday. "\ ^ ' Jtepiplits .arid vicinity—Cloudy .tonight and Wednesday,:. Probably occasional rains, not much change In temperature » The ma\Inmm Umperature her§ jesierday was 48, mtnlmum 30,' clear, according to Sarnuel p. Nor-' rls, official weather'observer

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