Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 7, 1952 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1952
Page 10
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1 TEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1932 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Pork Curry Here's & dish to interest lagging appetites — curried pork. Cook 1 cap ol sliced onion In drippings for about 5 minutes, then add 4 cups of diced tart -apples, cover and cook until tender. Make a thin gravy with 1 tablespoon each of flour and drippings and either 1 cup of milk or water. When thickened, add 2 cups of cooked pork, 1 tablespoon curry powder, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and salt to season. Add meat in gravy to apple-onion mixture and heat thoroughly. Serve on fluffy white rice. Chipped Beefburger* f ry ^ J>f ew JJolidaV Get out chipped beef and ham- J •> Get out chipped beef and hamburger buns for this hot sandwich. Heat a can of mushroom soup with minced clove garlic, then add shredded chipped beef and grated cheddar cheese. Cook slowly until the cheese Is melted, and serve on buns, toasted and buttered. When you're preparing Swiss steak add a half cup of nonfat dry milk solids to a quarter cup of the seasoned flour you pound into the meat. This amount of milk solids and flour will be enough for about a pound of round or flank steak You'll love the low price on Honor Brand Frozen Peas! Cherries jubilee, red and flaming, s a gala dessert for the Washington's Birthday dinner. This recipe calls for brandy or Distributed by SKY BROS., INC. 1722 -llth Avenue • Altoona, Penn. • T*l. 8177 CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE make* a /*Werent and aeUcloec dewert for the Washington'* Birthday iinneK or for mar other t«J» occasion. kirsch if you want it flaming. Otherwise leave them out and substitute a little almond extract. For 4 people,-use 1 No. 2% can Tea Belongs at Dinner This perfect drink will add the final touch to your enjoyment. Delicious and Refreshing ORANGE JUICE BLENDED JUICE GRAPEFRUIT JUICE RANGER JOE CEREAL TRIANGLE features GOLDEN ISLE JL 46-oz. can 27c cans OOLDIN ISLE FRUIT COCKTAIL «• - «„ 41 e 2 « 79c KEYSTONE MILK 2 cans 29c 6 cans 85c AMERICAN SUGAR, Granulated 10 Ibs. 99c SEASIDE LIMA BEANS 2 Ibs. 39e DEL MONTE MEDIUM PRUNES box 25c 2 boxes 49c RED LABEL KARO SYRUP 11/2 Ib. boftle 26c CRISCO , , ' ± 93c ARMOUR TREET -« - 49c STOKELY WHOLE KERNEL CORN No. 303 can 21c L & S DILL PICKLES ;.. 24-oz. jar 35c CAMPBELL . 16-ai. can 15c PORK & BEANS .... 3 for 41 c SALAD BOWL S-oi. ° FRENCH DRESSING .. btl. 21 c HAMBURG SLICED BACON Swift'i Premium PORK SAUSAGE 9 •« • jr P ••• «r •• ^ a CHUCK RO 78c FRESH BREAKFAST COFFEE l-5b. 77c Fr«h Broccoli . . large bunch 31c 41 ill*, solid Ictbtrg Lettuce ... 2 Ig. heads 31 c Calif. Pascal Celery .... large stalk 25c Fr*sh Carrots 2 Ig. bens, 25c Crisp, Solid Cabbage 2 Ibs. 21c 70 lil«, tr*< ripensd Grapefruit 4 for 29c U. S. No. 1 Main* Potatoes .... peck bag 89c FlorTda, Red Biijf New Potatoes ... 5 Ibs. 43c IHDSnflK 98c SWIFT'S PREMIUM SKINLESS FRANKS cello, pkg., Ib. 65c SWIFT'S AltSWEET YELLOW MARGARINE i/4's, Ib. 32c Blue Ribbon Bread AUSTIN'S A-l BLEACH quart bottles 29c GAINES DOG MEAL 5 n» McCORMICK TEA BAGS Box of 48s Nabisco Ritz Crackers 35c Pers. Size 4 bars 22c BEECHNUT BABY FOODS Strained jar 11c Junior jar 15c GOIDEN ISLE R. S. P. CHERRiES No. 2 can 25c 2 cans 49c PILISBURY PIE CRUST MIX 2 pkgs. 31c N. B. C. FiG NEWTONS pkg. 23c zg\ Reg. Size 25c itted Bing cherries. Drain cher- es *nd measure out I cup Juice the remainder may be used for ther purposes). Heat cherries and uice very slowly, being certain ley come just to the simmering >oint, without boiling. When ready to serve, place cher- es in a large bowl or in indi- idual flame-proof dishes. Add & up. heated klrsch or brandy for ach serving, if desired. Ignite ust as the cherries. are served; Variation: Serve the flaming hot herries over ice cream. That's Jim Beard's recipe from is spectacular Fireside Cookbook. Here's another gala dessert for a. arty: Chocolate Souffle (Makes 6 Servings) Two cups milk, 2 one-ounce quares chocolate, cut up, 6 slices nriched bread, cubed; % cup rown sugar, 2 egg yolks, 2 table- poons butter, 1 teaspoon vanilla, egg whites. Put milk and chocolate in sauce- ian and place over low heat until mall bubbles form around edge. Remove from heat, and when hocolate is melted, add bread and seat until smooth. Add sugar and gg yolks. Beat well. Add butter and vanilla. Beat gg whites until stiff but not dry. Fold into milk mixture. Pour into aking dish and set in pan of hot water. Bake at 350 degrees F. moderate oven) 40 minutes or until firm. Serve hot with a rich -foamy auce or hard sauce. 45-Minute Chicken A 1% to 2 pound chicken will take at least 45 minutes to broil. Turn ihe chicken from time to time so hat all sections of it wfll cook evenly. Sandwich Designs Sandwiches are all the more fun tor your youngsters to e»t when you use your cooky cutters to make them in various shapes and sizes — stars, crescents, rounds, etc. Spread with such tasty mixtures as liver sausage and minced sweet pickle moistened with mayonnaise, peanut butter and chopped crisp .bacon, chopped prunes and crisp bacon bits. Onion Rings For the best of French tried onion rings, slice onion y inch thick and separate into rings. Let rings stand in milk for about 30 minutes. Next, dip rings in seasoned flour and fry in deep hot lard (365° F.) until golden brown. IN MOTHER'S OATS Popular "WJW *<*•" Poltvm in Soft Groy-B/ir« on Ivoryl No wilting—no coupons—no money to send for these premiums! They're inside every big iqu*re package of Mother's Omts. Take your choice of ibis Chint, Aluminum Ware, "Fire- King" Cup and Saucer, oi;Carnival Ware. You get «6*i/« value! Money can't buy * finer quality, more nourishing oatmeal than Mother's Oats. It's the delicious hot, creamy oatmeal your family loves. Get it today! MOTHER'S OATS-a product of THE QUAKER OATS COMPANY Van Meter's Self-Serve DELICIOUS DOLLAR-STRETCHING In using a washing machine, remember not to overload it. Follow the directions that come wittT your machine as to the amount of water to use, and how much clothing makes up one load. Overloading may damage the motor and blow the 'use, and it may also damage the clothes being washed. When you are buying a new cof- feemaker look for smooth surfaces that can be easily kept clean. Seams or crevices may collect sediment that will become rancid and give an off-flavor to coffee. Mrj. Filbert's Salad Dr«»lna ft. 32c <*. 58c Dainty Dell Milk Caraja Coffee 3 "2* 3 38c Arao PEAS ..... Hudson Paper 9 boxes NAPKINS * A-r 15 C BIEACH qt. *•"' Suwanee Pink SALMON .... $1.63 lb. peck All Irand CIGARETTES, cart. Penn. "8" Grade ' POTATOES .... ' Large 70 Size GRAPEFRUIT Large Florida ORANGES dor. 3f» 25c 27c Honor Brand Frozen Fruits and Vegetables pkg. 22c Cur Corn Mixed V«g. Peai & Corroti DONALD DUCK Orange Juice 2 " n ' 35c Lean, Meaty tastan lutt ^O«« PORK ROAST Ib. ***» U. S. Irandod ieef. Tender fiQf* Juicy ROUND STEAK ... Ib. **«'«• Pure Pork . ?**<•• SAUSAGE Ib. 03C Judged Best RIVAL I DOG FOOD •Van Meter's Self-Serve Market- • CRESAPTOWN • Phone 5437-M • WE DELIVER • FREE PARKING Open Evenings Thursday, Friday Saturday and Monday these values are today's biggest for Fin* Quality Foods thai or« • pleasure to tarvt: and eot, try *ur mork.l. Prices consistently law'. .. Delivery Fr»« an $3.00 »r mart. HAMS Small Lean Size Swift's Premium Blue Label Cut to youf order at no ixlra charge f ^^•.^•••^h •• • e*- el^fc. Swift's Premium DIAIlin UflMv Sugar Cured rlvlllv HAmd .. . 6 | b A real meat value—Mild and Tender Curt— Swift's Premium. S to 10 Ib. siie Lean Slab Bacon whole or shank half Ib, average 57<= halrts, Ib, 61c » 39c Butt halrts, Ib, 61c Extra Fancy Year Old ROASTING CHICKENS 3 to 5 Ib. CA. Size, Ib. 33G Tender, Really Clean Everyone seemed to go for the Pepperidge Farms Bakery Products lost week. We suggest you try them. White or Whale Wheat BREAD, thin sliced .... loaf lake and Serv. CLUI ROLLS ar FRENCH BREAD .... pkg. Parly Style SALTY RYE 21C with Caraway loaf •"**• —Center Cuts. Ib. 4»c Sliced free of charge— U. S. Choice Grade Shoulder Veal Cutlets «• 79c —Meaty, tender. Try them breaded.— U. S. Prime Grade Leg-0-Lamb ««•«*••« lb 83c U. i. Prim* »r Cheic* OrejtU »eef Boneless Rump or Swiss Steak 99c —Delicious, Waste Free Beef at Its Bestl— TRIANGLE FOOD STORES Serve Franks and Kraut Together Thi» Week Swiff, Pr.mium ^ I *£" fl °" ^ . , Franks •••."> " |l » ** 63c I Kraut 2 *»• ««» SOAP "ASSORTMENT 10 ^«- 59c In Plastic Bag SWALLWHOLE BEETS 2- —33c Jelly Bird Eggs p ' kbfl 23c Pr«mi«r Nalorol Un»w«Bt«n«d Pure Grape Juice ^;.41c ^r;,'. J«ice .. 2 »; nt * 29c *-», Tissue- 3 1MO J:"'37c SUNSHINE KRISPY CRACKERS Lb, Troy Pack, 31 e s»rw« them \with CAMPBELL'S CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP 3 tall cans 51e —Childr«n lovt it for-lunchts, so nouriihing, tool Beech-Nut CEREALFOOD FOR BABIES 8 oz. Package \ 7$ Like «11 Beech-Nut foods for babies, Cereal Food has a flavor babies love. It'* already cooked. COURTESY CARDS REDEEMED SAVE IDc on your next pound with coupon inside BLISS COFFEE Pound j^ p.j Vacuum Q ^C Tin O •! Kraft Velveeta CHEESE, 2 X 99c Hagan's Creamed* Cottage Cheese Borden's Wedge Cur Cheese Spreads Pkg. — R0IUH, Chivt, Sharp, Ptm*nfo ^ on your FAVORITE COFFEE For belter health, serve fresh citrut fruit* and /uicej often.' Juicy, Sctdless, Florrdo GRAPEFRUIT, 64 size 3 for 25c Sw««t, Florido TANGERINES, 750 size dot. 33c Florida. Sttdltii for iuict ORANGES, 150 size doz. 39c USE COUPON ON BACK OF iVERY PKG. OF Crisp, Solid Cellophane Wrapped iceberg Lettuce 2 19. heads 29C Sno-V.'hitt, Fresh Cauliflower c ' 35c fort Pitt Fancy Slicing Tomatoes s-. - box 23c the TABLE margarine • HONOR BRAND FROZEN VEGETABLES — SPECIAL THIS WEEK — Quarters OMtt.OOORMORT • Mixed Vegetables • French Fries • Whole Kernel Corn • Peas and Carrots Your Choice " "" ptiivraY /^j^ie^ieMimmV °"" OT """°" j «ftp //GARLITZBRO^/ M Mm- *"'• Vf^^fif^f^tKSrf CROKO «vf. f f U CONNER lit AND ^V2^le^le^lVVe)r%> tmlm P« k °9« ^^SHi^^ ^ CUM^*

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