The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1930
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAOR.RIGHT Short Skirls Add Bee's BIIKK lo Noise .RURAL QUiET CAN BC MADE; ARTIFICIALLY. . A PHONOCRAPft 19 UfCD FO MEASURE NEW YORK N owe r MAS ADDED 12 PERCENT TO P.'cCE WOaKERf O'XE WAUEf 20 N BODILY I;W:RCV IN E™pp fail! rA TOQT 9KIRT A ABEE5" BUZZ TO NOISE. ADDS nSPP o;sc. M p¥»ir lk=rU NSl'rVW <j P; . CTl . v , ~y~/w is *&** ._ 'AQE 910MTD DOM DY 100 MUCH riOl?E.. lOjceoiaas Will Attend 11 Flood Control Hearing: ! OSCKOI.A, Ark.- -J. U Williams, i prrsldciit 'it tlie St. Francis Levee H:ai'd. O. 11. Soijravcs, ntlorney for tin- Jo!i;l Slock Land Ijank of St. i.o'.ils, iu:i| J. T, C-.s'.on, ivosnlncM ilMinaKf iittonn-y reprcscnllng larno on-ni-rs uf nvtr front land in Ml 'is. l|:|>: i-juii'y. all u! Om>]n, '.sill ti-nic IK-IT j-VMny for Wiish- ' nil-ton, I). C.. to iiiientl :i hearing 'laidi- ilm i-uiiiirti&loiifll Cdiiui^.l- ".-!• on Hew! «.iilr<.l lo be hflil in W;!'!ni!i::!i: i)!i Jiniiiiiiy 13. TJiey ' v.-!ll In- iii-.-nii|iwi!i(l by llnrry N. I'h-iiT. I.. vc- I'.jard JJn^iiH-or 'of U'ot .M<'[il::i, jiink .Mann, of Mar: i;.iiii:i, Ait-... ntlorney for [ho St. 1 Tranci.s I.cs^c Di-UU-l, niul other ' n:tinljei.< of UK- levcu hoard, i Inclwion of liii; St. Francis lllv- |ir In pn-stnt conlcinplaled plans ;/«• Jlh>i.s.M|i|ji Klvcr Fiood Con- jn.-l mill Hit 1 ii'liubuiwiiH'iit nTlnnd cumr.s iil<ini; ;]K. river front who "r'.;;i'ity daiu.u;? as a result of pro- il".'.d U-iee rii,:.'.ruction In this and ollu-r counilos, will bo'"urKed by Mfelssi,,,,! $100,000 In Prize, Wait SaiHishermen. WK6T PALM~nEACH Pla , |> - «"h Iw Karac " salir 1 " 1 " '° "'""• 1 •'' "ve .: ce lo comiielc for li (J |,i,k->. Kl !llorc CllPI1 S100.WW >ay *r the I'olm BcacJ, *,&& and S|jorls dii!)! Prl?*s IHU year have been In- wired lor S150.000 | )y lllc , C|1]V wliich hus Just opened Us ni,n;, annual sporls ilshlng contest. Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 9.—(*)Open High Low Close . 1080 1705 1080 1705 . nil) 1735 1710 1731 . 1TOI 17ia 1737 1757 .. 17.01) 1776 173-1 1772 .. 1753 1773 1732 1110 .. I703b 17801) Jim. Mar. May July Ocl. By HOWAKD \V. HI.AKi:Sl.i:i: Srleiirc Kililor Associated I'ross Feature Service HEW YORK—A wavering sound thai goes "co-oo-oY 1 Is nnvdlni; up ami down Hex York tdeels. It Is made by u plioirjp,r:iph car- ried'on a truck in the city's ntu- • compaft'i) li ciirli noise, nnd II even .measures the slioil skirts contriuu- tton to Ijcdlnm. Tlie soft nole comes from :i • souml-mrasurhiB inslrumenl tli^i • spells Iho coming do.-m ot at leas: •soh:e of (he noise of American . cities For scientific nutlinRs concernlns noise Indicate t!nu Ihls telllc\l[. scund can le taken evcryivliere. The girls jn a large oflice room . cf an insurance company, unknown to thmi.wlve.v, imve furnished llic lalcst nndinj. Its results Is announced by • Die •dlrcclor of (he Colgate university IKycholoficnl laboratory. Dr. Donnld A. L:iird. There Birls are typists, copying only roiiltnc recojils, Nobel Winner? :i mcchanli'al task at piecework jiuy. On Hie flrt.1 cf liibl yciir llio ml'"'•'. cf llj;ir room was covci;d • :»ith ;t sound-!\l)!.orbln!{ innlnial. I '1 hi're was iin immedialo upward I .lump of 12 per cent lypiny si*cii. ' Th;- rc.-isojj ivhy Is iiidlcnteii In •. ur. Lslru'd laljoralory. He fhuK I Uir.t when noire reaches a cerliiln Used vc.hiiiie I here Is Mlglilly more t'.iau a) PIT ri'iU added bodily i-n(U:y. iiie.iMiitii by calorics per mlmitr hiirned up. than In doliu: tile sinio typing in llju K.HJIC tlllc.; j »ith nii.sf rcdu.-etl. j When :i i;roup of women meet;: | ncurailays, (here l.s In nutr rcspcet I mcic noise than 20 years ngo. It Is irtut' la slmil .'klrt.s. The extnt noi.-e clinrnenble li each skirl raiii;- is prcb.ibly somewhere lictwecn the hum of u mos(|Uilo and the biivz of ri bee. The dlircrcnci 1 js so slight Hint It hits nut tx'^n tiip.isuieil, yet sck-n- ll-.l-s say it exists dellnl! ( >ly. All ctoMiini; aUsM'b:; n certain :uir.iimt o[ souml. Today II is estimated lhal nn avcniKCd-sm-cl office with in women ctciiiranl.v has np|>roxbiiuli'ly W lu;s absnrinlon unltb than (..rinerly, dur ID Iho r.(il:,y modern style. Bill the .styles of 1629 are not Ihe objective uf (he llllle "no-no-o'J" InMenil II is calchlng the sin-ill liafllc wliUle, the viimblc of sli.vt Ciirs. elfv.itc<l nn<! iiiljitays. Ihe cough ol moiiirs, sliim-biin<; of the aih man. the folly of the mo- lorhorn driver. The Iritck mniarnlus Is installed uniler direction of Dr. Harvey I'lrlther, research engineer of the licll Inronilories. XKA Chicago ttxrctiu Kc-cent imporlanl disroverlea In physlcr. by I'rof, Arlluir J. Donji- ster, above, of (be University ol Chicago, by wlifdi lie won 11 11000 prize awarded by the American Assoctaiion for the Advancement of Science, pkccil him In line as a probable winner ol the Nobel prhe tor I'liydrt. Prof. Dempster's discovery, ih.u (he nuclcl'of hydrogen alomn vibrate at tremendous speed, la held to ue the mini link In (he chain o( proof Ilial everything In the uilte~.o baB A vavc-Vorm as vrcll ait a ! - ,~*.r- tlclc-form. RITZ THEATRE Tliuvsdny. l-'ridny >aii(! Stitunlny Wonderful Story—Filmed in Iho Soiiili M^fllOJJASij ^ KING VIDOR'S daring drama n .f it' _. /.x, / Had Gas Pains and Bad Taste Georgia Lady Tells How She Has Been Hcnofiled by lilnck-Draiight Gainesville, C-a.—"I have taen, taking Thedford's Black-Drnushl for aboul thirty years," wrilcs Mrs. R. U Freeman, o! 121 Grove Slreel, t'nis clly. "I uf.ed lo suffer Kith co«s!ipa- tion. Tills caused me to liare a' tired Iceling. anci very severe headaches, bad lasle in my mouth and gns pains. I wouldn't hav« an np-, petite, and did not feel equal to my work. . ' "t found Black-Draught quick to relieve, so I have used it off and on all these years. II is harmless ] and easy- to take. I can rcccm-1 mend H most highly." The medicine which this Georgia lady menlions Is Ihe same Thed- , ford's Black-Draught which Ihou- j sands of men and \vcir.en have i recommended because of Ihe good' results oblalned from IU use. It is a purely vegetable preparation of selected medicinal herbs and- roots. Easy to take-no tad aflcr-effccfs. Refuse Imitations. Or-t the genuine. In a yellow package, marked ."Thedford's." 'Costs only 1 cent a dpse. One of the OrcatoKl 1'iclnres ' Kvcv Filmcil Filmed Jlemphis, WL*S! ilcin- l>!ii.s, Wilson, Ark. and vicinity DON'T MISS ITi Comedy and News ilnlinw-. 10-:<5c -\isriil, lo-IOc HOME THEATRE \\edncsilay and Thursday i r ^5-' 7 \\\\ «k ®% . &?A Comeily and -\rlinission 10 and 2oc among 15 i rol)hk ,, received Jrom abroad is o soli,! C oid iciiroduciion of tlie famous -CUB of Vaplilo." It was placed lu C om- pctl Ion by Admiral Kuundo „ i" s ircsident ol Circcce. Ju """- 1 '>. The llshliiB tonlt!,t will ,..„: Jibout March is and trophies vJ!l tlien be iiwanled, , | Jan July Ocl. Due. New York Cotton NEW YOHK, Jan. O.-M',- OIH-II nigh ix>w Close 1700 y725 HOG 1723 1720 17M 1720 1740-42 17« 17CU J7« 1700-CU 1701 1784 17CO 1783-84 170 r ) 1788 170'J 1780 1774 I79C 1774 Will Conduct School For Reserve Officers A unit, school uf the United Stales aiiny will be organized In tills clly. according lo plans m:i]j- pcd out at a conference here lost night headed Ijy Captain Sam U. ralrchUds, of 61. Louis, who met with officers of the local National Ouard ami reserve officers. It Is planned lo meet each Monday nlglit at Dr. A. M. Washburn's office at Ihc courthouse where correspondence work will |» done one night In the raonlh and the other clashes will be devoted lo troop school work and a dis- cussln of military problems. Dr. Woshburn was .selected as 'jnli Instructor. All reserve officers in this vicinity are invited to take part In Mils new activity. of **.,, .a,, the fonowin, «-, CO.MMlSSlONKIfS SAI.K Notice l.s hereby given that HIP undersigned I'tmrtilsMcncr, In compliance with.the terms of a decree remleiccl liy the chancery Court for the Chickasav.'ba District ci Mississippi County. Arkansas. 0:1 the (ilh day of April. 1929, wherein Hankers, Mortgage Co., were Plain- lilfK, No. 1219, and M. H. Robinson lie. 1 ! Defriitlant, veil) tell at public nucllon to the highest and bcsl bUlrter. on a credit of three (3) months, at Hie front door of Hie Court (House, between the hours estate, to-wlt: That part of tlie northeast quarter of section three (3) and Dial part cf the iiorlti-hair of tcction four «-, lying west of ihe St. Francis levee In township fourteen (HI north, lange twelve (12) east. Sold subject to prior mortgage for, lire sum ol S1COO.OO and Interest. Said sale will be had (o satisfy said decree in the sum of $2,55C.T7, with 10 per cent. Interest, from March 15; 1928. The purchaser at said sale will be mjulred lo execute bond with said property as additional security for the payment of such purchase money. Witness my hand and the seal of E«ld Court, on this the 4 day of January, 1930. W. W. HOLUPETuR, Commissioner In Chancery 1, 7-14. Read Courier News Want Ads. Furniture Specials At the Big Little Store at lh< - low< -st prices ever offered in Blyihcvillc or anywhere else. AH Colors Guaranteed Quality Very Best Grade Ail Cotton Extra Heavy 9 x 12 Size New Shipment Linoleum Good Grade Felt Ba^e 6 Feet Wide $21 .95 . Yd. 50c iving Room Suites $75.00 CCfS ' f "" overstuffed, guaranteed to be worth §25 more than the suites usually sold at this price. Bed Room Suites $49.75 •I pieces. J!ed. :mi(\- Drr-r^ni- Chnvi «f n,..,, „. „ .._» i u «...,.. . pieces, lied, ;l ni(y Drosscr. Chest of Drawers iln d bench, finished in wafaul . grce n and tan, hi S hly decorated Rockers $2.59 Blankets j Coni])lctc slock of all kinds of furniture and house fnniisliin«- Goods n Remember^ 1 leliver a "- v "' hm> - (lia! ** TURE CO. Across From Blythoville Store Co. PASTEL DIMITY 15c So dairity . for making pretty "undie*," and so low-priced! Yard— Vou'll soon be wanting to make your new Spring undits, ind Jinuiry White Week is the time t< buy trie mjtc.-iilil Wanted colorj. PLAIN FLAXON Two popular grade. . . . a yard— So many inn for thu .hter. crisp fabric ... djtnty little jprons, undcrw-jr, children'* r.lotliM. 3» inrlir. vide— " ' ' 39-lNCH NAINSOOK. Fill your needs for this during January Wtite Week! Yard- Mercerized Japanese nainwok in a Tery then q,ia!- ity, nude from selected yarns. These are 'two of our most popular riumbe.-;. JERSEYCLOTH Mercerized in a soft fin- iefa with a high lustre. A yard— January White Wetk i, the time to buy the needed materials for Spring sewing. Thi» 3«-inch paste) fabric ii fine for andia. OUTING FLANNEL 23c Our own "PENCO," the standard of quality, priced, a yard— A fins, heavy quality outing fhnnrl, }< inchej wide, wliich COTIKJ in acrrjccivt fancy stripe or chccV pattern!. TABLE DAMASK 98c Tfie H-ell-known Basco linen-finish damask. A yard— Tliis attractive dam»k lookj so much like linen—• and wears marvdoujiy. Good pattcnu, in tlw 72- inch width. JCPENNEY Cft 220-222 W. Main, Blytheville, Ark,

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