Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 14, 1969 · Page 3
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 3

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1969
Page 3
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Smiley library branch planned on north side Johnston colege to be subject oflVshow A "mini branch" of A. K. Smi-pecially bv chUdren. We should tatc the cDllectimi lo keep it; A discussion of the unique ed!e>- PubHc Ubrarj- «ia be continuaUy strive to trj- to reach alive as tbe constituency w i 11 1 "cation concepts that will be the i^encd in the Union-Webster aU segments of society and by eventuallj- read it out. This ex- haUmark of Johnston CoUege at Uisure Center. 320 Union street, educaUon and library ser\ice to tension unit should perhaps be the University of Redlands wffl as an experimental project de- help brcwdcn the knowledge of treated much as a bookmobile l» featured on the "On Campus" signed to provide added library all of our people." in regard to the updating of its television series Sunday, Feb. scnice to the North Side sec- The room in the Leisure Cen- collection to prevent stagna-il6. lion of Redlands. the library ter has recently been paialed tion. The program, entitled "New Iward of trustees voted TTiurs- by Rotarj' club volunteers and "Members of the Hbraij- staff CoUege For Tomorrow." wiU be day. the club plans to install suitable view tbe mini-branch as an ex- carried on KNBC Channel 4 atj "We arc trying this experi- •'§'''•"5 fi-''tures and will provide citing challenge and vve have 1 :30 p.m. ment to see if the library can shelving. great hopes for success." : Five persons who have been stlract new interest among res- ^'•ss Irshay .'=aki that "in or- "Xo organized appeal f o r mstrumental in formulating the i-icnU of the area, by provMing ''er to stock this unit, it will funds is being made at this Johnston College program will them book service within walk- ^ necessarj- at first to with- time," Sir. Moore said. "GifU discuss the curriculum and poU-j ing distance of their homes." duplicate titles from the of money to purchase books for cies of the new experimenting William G. Moore. Ubran- pres- ™a"> librarj-, both from the the mini-branch will assist thejcoUege, ParticipanU are Dr. ident, saW aiu^' and juvenile collection. hbrary in making this cxperi-iceorge H. Armacost Universi- Miss PhvIUs Irshav Lib^ar^• "^^'^ "^^^ advis-ment work. A gift to the library ty of Redlands presMent; Dr. iiJlIiL .t"f-\u. able from time to time to ro-is Ux deducUble." - »" m Redlonds Doily Facts Friday, Febroory 14, 1969 Poge 3 director, says that the now branch will be opened as soon as shelving is obtained. A room U X 16 fc3t in size is available and is large enough to house a collection of about 2.ti00 books.: a small desk for circulation rec-' crds. and a few chairs. The mini-branch will be open: for two hours three afternoons] a week and will be staffed by! members of the present library staff. .Miss Irshay says "we propose lo have a broad representation of both adult fiction and nonfiction, foreign language (Spanish! titles and an emphasis in juvenile titles on picture books and early elementary age reading. wi ^fKpL"uTs "rf?^^^^^^ ""i*"" P™" '"••"•«••'•' '"na branch of Redlands Feder-i Tn th^cenSi Ifbra!?^ In ^dfr ExceUenl skiing condiUons ex-: a, Savings and U,an Association irrary -s^'^Kn, 'atiskiing resorts for the weeke^l.lof a suspect moments after the; least S2,000- should be added toi In the Sierra, 15 to 16 feet robbery, poUce said. I Skiing said 'excellent' this weekend the Independent Colleges Southern California. Fontana bank robber nabbed immediately ! More than Sl.OOO taken in aj ; holdup yesterday at the Fon-! Ty ||k |>|sCCaC a bleeding of the.'f.. a' aU_^Southern Californiaj \vas recovered with the^_ arrestj j|| j||Qff[|9|K| iPressley C. McCoy, Johnston i College chancdlor: Dr. Dwayne (Orton. chairman of the Johnston j College Board of Overseers: Dr. 1 Harold Cassidy, of Yale, special I consultant: and Sister Mary Griffin, of Mundelein College, special consultant. Johnston College will open ! next September as the first clus- 'ter college within the University of Redlands. It is characterized as a "new model" college which will stress interpersonal. SnS • "lauonai dec/wes fo prosecufe pickets "On Campus" is produced by 'UP WITH GOD' — A Teens for Christ picket at right greets a feUow picketer as be arrives to join demonstration outside Yucaipa sheriffs sub-station today, protesting arrest of two other pickets yes­ terday in front of Yucaipa high school Girl's sign reads "UP with God" The sign worn by the youth hugging her states, "They Arrest Us for Spreadins Jesus," (Facts photos by Herb Fasik). of, the 1969-70 book budget lo al-are reported at Mammoth; FonUna police said a manl AffprPfl fldultS low for additional copies of ti- Mountain with both packed andi walked into the downtown Fon-, ties." .deep powder. June Mountainhasjtana branch office shortly after! Redlands Adult EducaUon All rules and regulations per-: six to 25 feet with packed and^l p.m. and handed a note ie- seven-vieeks shorthand review!•__„_ ™„, _ laining to borrowing. regisU-a-!deep powder. ^ _^ _ !sanding money to a woman em-,course is offered on Tuesday and|^t|Jg ^f^^ Teens for Christ' protest arrest of two in Yucaipa tion was beseiged today by a dozen "Teens for Christ" pickets who said they were "spread- I ing the gospel ot Jesus" and pro- tion and fines vyill be the same! Following is a breakdown on Ploye. i TtTJrlidryTvcnkigs'7 ITlo'pTm^ as at Uie mam hbrary. Books local areas: He then left the bank. Mo-; in room 2 at the Redlands high !^°.2 |s^''J£"^^.^. ^ toSt may be borrowed from or re- Blue Ridge: 24-36 inches. Op-,mcnls later, police said Roland school campus, according to;„{ yucaira hi£ school turned to eiUier. ^^^^^ ^J^, " : joffers, 41, of Fontana, was tek-; Jack Binkley, coordinator. i"' ^""^ Dr. George H. Armacost. pres-, ^ „.„„... ^j.^.^ , Q JJ ^.^^ en into custody as a suspect in; The class will have an oppor-' The Yucaipa sheriff's sub-sU-lHuU and Adler were called Ut the scbocd and took Berg and The pickets, parading slowly •J . t „ - r T> J Green Vallev Two to three ""^^ cusiouy as a suspect lu me class will nave an oppor- . i« jh .Ttwnf thL ident of the Umveraty of Red-: Jreen W T^^^^o tluee ^^^^ . ^^^^ recent R^MiL^J^lu^ lands, and a member of the h- L^eu uperaiin, saiuniay ana .^^ ^ ^^.^^^ anH,^i „„.i ,>„i„ ^:„.,f;„o »,.„!,,m»ni County BuUdmg on Yucaipa brary board said "we look for- Sunday, ward lo this as a worlhwhile Holiday Hill: One to three experiment in trjing to broad- feet Operating daily, en the use of Uie librar\-, es-. Snow Forest: Two to three feet Operating Saturday and Sunday. Snow Summit: One to three Troop Scout 4 holds court of honor il^/'^SS'^"' "'"^ "i^'; Yucaipa high .Moon Ridge: 18 - 30 inches, j ing by a police officer and "electronic dictation equipmenU branch manager T. D. Rowsey;i Students may take dictation -1 from 50 to 120 words per minute wilh a review of essentials, i The short course is designed I to develop speed and accuracy, jit will be of particular interest ! to persons who have had a year jor more of shorthand and are : desiring to improve speed in or- Parent night slated at ^-j lAsa climax lo pre-registra-lder to pass employment tests. Opcralmg Saturday and Sunday., ^^^^ jggj.^Q mduded will be a review of Mt. Baldy: Two to four feet-iyggr. Yucaipa high school ad-;business letter forms, personal Operating Saturday and Sunday, ^jnis^a^rs and counselors wiU; appearance, and samite tests. If road cleared as expected .y^gg^ current and incommg stu-iThe class will be under the di- Nearly 100 Scouts and parents Table .Mountain: 18-24 inches.Ljcnts' parents Tuesday at the rection of Nancy C. MardwU attended the Boy Scout Troop 4 Operating Saturday and Sunday. 15^,001.5 annual parent orienta-land groups will be formed ac- tt/.r./.,- E-nhTiion. It in 1..- . —_ j j Clement faculty Court of Honor February 11, in First .Melhodist Church Weeks Hail. In keeping »ith the theme! of the month, citizenship, they heard Congressional Medal of g L___ 1«|L Honor holder. Rev. W. W. Bet- JQ liear TolK ton. tell what citizenship means Rev. Betton learned from his on narcotics faUier that citizenship begins in . . ^ ^ ^ , ouaint^ themscrvcs the home, and that it means you "an, should treat others as you like ;tion night program. | cording to background and ! The program is scheduled for j speed. Students interested are ,7:30 p.m. in the high school cafeteria. I "While parents of sturcnts at; all grade levels arc cordially in welcome to visil the class before enrolling. Shorthand I for those who have had one semester or more short- boulevard at Fifth street, began their passive demonstration at about 9:30 a.m. The bmlding houses Uie sheriff's office and Yucaipa Justice Court By noon, however, the "protest" phase of (he demonstration had no real significance. The district attorney's office refused to issue complaints against the two arrested youths, who were to be released today. John Treadwdl, a spokesman for Uie group of young pickets and religous zealots from Huntington Beach, said the demonstration was a protest ta (he arrest yesterday of Jonatiion Emmanuel Berg, 20, and Robert F. McDonald, 21, both of Hunt- ingtOT Beach. Sheriff's Det. Al HuU and Det j Pat Adler ^arrested Uie two J ail i9iau«. IV,via oiv vviuiou. ui 1. , . .... ir-.^^j™.. ««j i^uici aiicstw uio i."u viled. parents of incoming ninth 1"?"^ is offered on Tuesday and . before 4 p.m. yes- grader^ particularly are urged j ^^-^SS 7 to 10 p..m .lL°r.^ ^^L. „^.^:.Z^. to take Uus opportunity to ac-] "J room 3 under the du«ction will be dismissed from school; Uieir wilh the and to discuss youngster's educational of Mary E. Havir. The class will include a review of fundamentals vvith dictation. Persons into be ti-eated. It means love of at 12:30 p.m. Monday m ordw ^^^^ ^jgh school! terested may visit Uie class to country and having a concem;|hat a„si»cial^meetag ^can^ be.y^a^^ ^ilj, a qualified counsel-',talk «;iUi Uie mstiiictor before for vour feUow man. Rev. Bel-held to inform their leacners:,^,.. ^ajd Mrs. Nulah Cramer, ton reminded Uie scouts Uiat a aba"t the latest developments w assistant principal, good citizen takes part in his/>arcojics educaUon. : o,.;,n-.;L • Students who ri community's activities. First Class Scout badges were ride school i , , _ , buses will also be dismissed; ^f, parOUhar early and (he buses will leavei presented to David Amesbury. ^^^^^^ at 12:30 p.m. Tom Amesbury and Dale Rose , g^gi^u,, at 1:30 p.m. Clem- John Homer received his Second ent teachers, school speaks to RHS Key club enrolling. The registration fee of these; classes is S4.50 and will be taken in the Adult Education Office located near the comep of Church and Central avenues. Enrollments wiU continue to be accepted for most classes. Ses'^e %-v^"n' Jj^,^??!""^"-^'"--ii- Bob Carlisle, and Max Tomlin! «fJ^-^^ Associag| ,He operations of the San Gorwill ncel in the iunior ^onio Search and Rescue Team Merit Badge awards were ^^-sLrlumul ^^sZrnt^^^ st^T vid Amesburj-, Tom Amesbury, h-ar two soeakere from Loma'"' VTilhrd Farquhar al a ^• Stan Backner, David Cochrane,in ^'aUnivS ^tv ^"""meeting of the Redlands high Bret Kite, Bob Johnson, Charies ""S^^ BeTelf E. Baldwin Johnson, Gerard Ludikhuise; Rolands and Dr. Jack W. Pn^: p,rmcm^'by (JilorslM^^^^^ «• T- Shortridge ot Craig Norton, Dan Snovv; Gerald vo„sha of Yucaipa, wiU discuss fo"!reon^i^^^^^^^ Ariz., is in Redlands Sti-alton and Robert Zaha. phy3,4, ^ psycho--^^Sfr/teTaliw^m^^^^^^ ^ ^^i"- «^-; .Advancement chairman and logical effects of narcotics onig^m^^^^S^ f^^u^Uv mer l*"-^' McDonald into custody. Ilie otter pickets got into a van and left quietly, Oie deputies said. Treadwell, business manager for "TIeens for Christ," described tiie grotqt «s '^a band of young pea{d« who have found reality in Christ and are endeavoring to serve Him. "Tbm main mission," said Treadweil, "is to reach people witli ttie gospel U Christ" "We have been picketing schools every day for the past three monUis in Los An^es and Orange Counties," be said, "and the police usual^ are there to protect our rights — our lawful right to picket. This is tiie first time we have ever been arrested fbr picketing and we plan to fight it right to Uie top." Treadweil said the pickets "were doing noUung more than demonstrating tbeu- rights to freedom of speech and religion." According to IVeadwell, members ot Uie group were arrested on Uie campus ot GoMen West Junior Odlege near Huntington Beach recently, but for being on Uie ompus and not for {Hcket- ing. It seems the only way to get ck>5e to other peopte is to don signs and pidcet — Uiat's a lawful right," he said. Ihe penal code section under which Berg and McDonald were terday on Sixth street in front of the high school under a penal! code section tiUed "disruptive presence at schools," a misdemeanor. Berg and McDonald w«e| booked in County Jail. i _ j . . According to Det. HuD. Uiej?f'^_ states a person whose two youUis were among "six to| About People J. C. String, 25S Judfon has returned to her homcj and convalescence following eyei . ,^ „, . surgery performed at Redlands PO""" school Key Club. i Community hospital. Her daugh-; of During the presentation sup-j Shortridge of eight" members of a group known as "teens for Christ" who were picketing in front of the scho<d and banding out literature to students. Handmade "sandwich" board signs they wore carried such messages as "You're in Sin. Take a Trip wilh Jesus," "Up; with God," and God?" presence or acts interferes with or disrupts school activities is committhig a misdemeanor. The code section applies to "any person who comes into a school building or upon any school ground or street, sklewalk or public way adjacent," and con- Hull sakl Uie pickets were re­ former Scoutmaster Ray Put- the lives of >-oung people. 'looked by mountain hikers, both; nam arranged an appropriate According to Harold M. Mc-: teenagers and adults, setting for Uiis scout recognition Daniel, head counselor at Clem-1 Key Club President John event with one of Uie troop's ent, "This meeting is just a i Kaiser presided at the meeting, new tents as the central focus part of our continuing in-service | New members of Uie service or- for several activities. Camping,program at Clement jumor highlganization mtroduced were Jim chairman Pete Garretson had a; by which we hope to keep our full display of camping cloUiingj teachers informed about all and equipment and counseled parents and scouts on their use. peels of Uie growing narcotics program." New ChiiMtewn New Angeles New Year Feb. 21 throu^ 23 *iUi a parade at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 21, an art show and a carnival. ducts "unlawful business." Treadv»-dl said "Teens for Do You LovejChrirt" currenUy has "60 to 75 I members" wbo work wiUiout pay on a volunteer basis. The "loitering at Uie high'group is headquartered at the school" Tuesday afternoon by "Gospel Ught Qub," 116 Main Principal Thomas Cahraman. 'street in Huntington Beach. Cahraman notified the sheriffs I Davkl Berg, Jonathon Berg's office, but did not request depu-ibtiier. was among Uwse who ap-, attorney's office m connection ties at Uie scene and Uiere waslPeared at ttie sheriff's sub-sU- "it*" the arrests, no apparent disturbance. jtion Uiis morning. Several Yucaipa high school When Uie "Teens for Christ"! He WenUfied himself as an students chatted outside Uie sher- YOKE OF BONDAGE — Andy MUbum, one of » dozen "Teens for Christ" pickets demonstrating in front of sheriffs sub-station in Yucaipa, wears what he described as a biblical "Yoke of Boiid- age," or "Yoke of Jeremiah." He said it is "a warn* ing sign" to people to repent their sins. Similar, but smaller versions of the yoke are worn by members of the group around their necks on leather thongs. wrong with what they were d(v ing . . . Uiey wereo't burtins anyone." Supt. ot Schools Dr. Jerome Chinatown in Los will observe Chinese t^™ C2l ^r. CSMI al advisor" to Uie group^ I most of wtom Mrned - «dj Facts this moiwng, «id. "We conferred wiUi the sheriffs of-| David Berg, criticizing Uie ar- appeared to be readmg - Bi- Hendon. Mike SmiUi. Steve Butler, Ken Mutter and David Wil-, kinson. The club's advisors are'Chinatown is at 900 N. Broad- Don Lowiy and Dave Goldie. jway Cce and was given a copy of Uie "disruptive presence" penal code section to read to tbe pickets in an effort to get them to leave the campus area. When they failed to do so after behig warned by Cahraman, rest of his son and McDonald, ^les." said. "Hiey were peacefully andj One of Uie sUidents, have taken a rather firm position on this sort of Uung. We Ran-j believe m peaceful assembly, but legally picketing ... Uie State; dy Cbristenson, said be was out-j it is our desire not to have them Constitution is quite clear on Uie [side Uie school yesterday wiien legality of picketing. Meanwhile, sheriffs officials were conferring with the district the arrests took i^ce. "Sdiool was aheady out," said Cbristenson. "There was nothing on ttie campus. We have a re- sponsibaity to our students until such time as Ihey arriva borne." Ci7y Park commission agrees to fake on Job Signs to guide visitors now planned 4 • m€ f f if NEW BANNER UNFURLS — Veterans of Forrign Ware dedicated this new tianner for Redlands Post 2062 at Thursdav nigbt ceremonies. This action retired an historic 38-year-oW banner. whid> was tlie post's first ensign. Participants in Uie ntual were (from left): Frtnk »L Neu, past Third District VFW commander; Eugene F. Burgess, adjutant; Robert E. Morgan, present Third District commander: and Benjamin Leyhane, Post 2062 commander. (Facts photo by Art Miller) How do }^u get to Ute Red-1 lands Counti? Club or to Hill- i side Jlemorial Park? ! Responsibility for routing new! resklents and city visitors toj certain public and private areas or facUities in Redlands was dropped in Uie lap o( Park Commissioacrs yesterday. John Sbone, director of public worits. appeared at a Commission meetmg in the OooDcil Chamfaeis ol Safety Hall, and toU oommWonenttattbe (Sty Onofirfl felt the group sfaouU assume the respaoftMUIy. Commiasinners airaed, and voted to contact graphk art Brmi for bids to take on the lob of meoramendiiK whit Uni of sign* art needed and where. They also iiio««d (hat the firm *talL cloaely with appcopriate city officiais. Shone advised tfaa Padi leaders that the poblie wmta de- .partmcnt has the facflitict to Imake the sipis op to ccflaiaj size spedfieaiiaBS int. aeedi Cmdance as to what dedpi and wiiere to place them. Included m a long list of fa-< cilities and Redlands showplaces! which need and have rcquest«l: identification are Uie Redlands Country dub and Hillside Memo-, rial Park, Shane said. i He also picked out the Lin-| cobi Shrine and San Timoteo. canyon as places that visitors! have long found hard to locate. In oUwr actions, Commisiioners: —Heard a report from Jack! ADeo. fidd manager for General TWephane eompaay, who advised that "cresnre" drrait box es In front of several residcBces on Hifhiaad annua have been pahrtMl to UMd to with the stvRwndtof landscape which hia resulted to m^dng them far less eanspieaous. "We are trriaK to go «kng AHcn said. AH new tneto to he baat la lha eitsr wiB haw tele- pboaa drenits undcrffognd. he| adviiad. -Adapted a motaiiea raeo madtog Nia Gki OouBcil daed Pepper Park, to the Redlands j School District wiUi no restric -j tions. The Park is kicated on the extreme north section of Uie Redlands high school campus. "We should shift the responsi- bUity of Uie property to people who use it," Paul F. Allen, com-j mission chairman, suggested. —Accepted the invitation of the Recreation Oommisskn to join in their tour of iaciiitieB Miffch 1. Four Part members voiced thdr mtention of making the tour. Mrs. John Paidns suggested addmg the "dynmic" Redlands Boys' Chib to the itin- eraiy. —Discussed but took no action on a suggestkn to name a pait or sectxa of a pack to ibe namel of Hartto Lather Ktog. Aecord- tog to ^len, lha Coramisston baa never been directly involved to nantof a paik hot suggested that at the request of any gnmp. a seetioa could be named to hoDor af a naliaaal or local figure. —Accepted a (tog poto from the "Fiieodi of Prospect Park' to be installed with a time capsule memorial at an unnamed location in the newest of Redlands parks. Commissioner Leon Annan- trout, also a member of the Friends of Prospect Park, was named to contact R. P. Bferritt Jr., city manager, to see if Fire Departmeot pen«inael could be used to raise and tower flags at both Ford and Protpaet Park an a daily basis. ^~Wdlt oil Z^BCQVd fCOOmBMBJ' ins tiMt Mch tecowdny >cfaool in the Rwflmds artrict fiave a copy off Ibe Prospect Pmfc' Book tn their librMies. _ _ —Heard Paric Suyetiuftaident Cbariec E. Dawson expliia Oat he was having trouUe fsOinc trees to replace those lest during the recent rainr ipA lha major nursery supply nc trees for Redbnda paifcwsya was a victim of the Loe Aatdsi arn fioodSr he said. Redlands lost manor paikwajr trees during fee lecMt ecrias-oC stonns, mostijr hacama tfiisr were rootiboundt ha adviaad*

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