The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 17, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 17, 1930
Page 1
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John R.; Harlow and Bride, Miss } Jargare^ Alexander Delelsra:. e Date. OF PIONEER [FAMILIES Bridegroom Cai)"e to This County:When \i Babe in Armij With ttare 'nts. fl. - 1 =" claw matter, pet. 4* MIS, at poatoatee at Tt*oa. lad., ami* the aat a( Mar ah t. 1171 / UPTON, DTDIAH^, MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 17, 1980. "Pearl or Asia," 603 Carats Can Be Bought at $1,6R0',000 Shanghai,. March 17.- — The •world's largest and most costly pearl, the 6G3-=arat "Pearl of Asia,"': is being offered for sale here at £500 a carat, which translates into $1,659,000 American money. This magnificent bluish-gray pearl, once owned by the shahs of Persio, :was sent to China about 17.80 as a gift to China's great emperor, Cliien Luiig, and was for more than a century one of the show-pieces of jewelry in the forbidden city in Peking. It now belongs jointly . to Major U. Mohideen and to the French Foreign Mission Society of Paris and Hahgkong. Monday : at thei;' home in tlohn K: sixtieth Kempton Hr. and iJIrs. Harlow, ciijebrated f.thetij wedding ainiversari; and at the noon liour ;]i3 big i^dinn'er wasj served to ;* numbe': of who came :lo wish j'therii many happy retu+ns of. tj.ieir marriage! day7 Anion j the gut pes were Mr. j and Mrs.. .Vesse Harjpw and children. Mr. ;;nd Mrs.TDtho iWyrick and childri'-n, all rjsiding near Kempton; .; James pHariow and Mary Hurliw of .'j.jlpto'n; and David Harlibwand fjfamhy , and BIG SPOWEfi EB CASE IS Gallows Gold Enriches Mother Objectors to Proposed Insull System Renew Flea for Dismissal. | DATA IS COMPLICATED Great Difference of Opinion on Valuation Qf Merger Properties. relatives! Gold Star Mothers of Tipton County Can Secure Them in This City. George Hat'jow arid j jamily of the Kempton vicinity: jj This wefi knbwnli and loved couple, weijt mairriell! on rick's Hay. ilS70. anji immediately went to; liousekeg-jiiiigl on a farm in life Kempt'?" oomniun-/ ity and lunj! resided! in that community all j 'if their ifjarriljd life. John R. fHarlow fSras St. Pat- born ••>tm Shelby couinty MarclV 3jl> 1847, and is raprtlly nearjjig hjs 83rd. birthday, bit he hasjjlie* 'appearance of a niuch [rounger. His parents. 1 (.'rlando j 'ind i Nancy; (Colman) blarlow vere , pioneer settlers ofhthis coiihty, coming here when [the son [j -as a mere baby in avrrs. The brii|s, Margaret Alexander, was a 1'laughtei 'ihf Jesse and Mariah Alexander, • ther parents! nlso being j ioneer sutlers of this county. f] After the'r marrialje Mr. and Mrs. Ha'rlo'r went t |j housekeep ing on a rei ted farmfi but; through his industry; and gciiid ^business judgment. | Jr. Harrow J became known as c tie of thtj larger land owners andjjone of tij^e best 'stock men in tltij"* section |i)f the state. His cattle Save been: shown at many stock[ shows liandi fairs of the country : <; Both Mr.oand Mrs 1 ! Harlow are in good health and'!'their many friends • wisu them jjnany. happy; returns of t neir wedding anniversary. _ . f . I ; |r j i • v ••• • • |j This hapny couple! were the; parents of nx children, three of whom are ieceasedJ''*The -survlv-: TWO PLANNING TO GO ing childres rick, Mrs Jesse Harlo »• are Mrt Otho Wy-i larv Me iurthy and TtAKjiX ::B"i)W|-:|rBn. * Richard My<rs FeH BjHtxl of Hot : i Ashes. County Clerk Miller has received some advance literature from the passport division of the Department of State, in regard to passports for war .mothero, who have' been invited by the United States to make the pilgrimage to Prance during the summer.— -' "' The communication - from the state 1 department says that special passports will be furnished the war mothers, privileged to take this trip provided they have made application before the clerk of a state or federal court or an agent of the department of state. The, application for passport from: the local clerk, according to the communication from the state department, must be accompanied by a statement/from the war department to^ the effect that the-mother has been invited to take the trip by the war department, also four photographs of herself on light background and on thin paper not more than 3 by 3 inches and not less than 2% by 2% Inches in size. • "War. mothers making application for passports must al.-o nave some reputable person of the community who has knoVn them for a long time,, make an affidavit that they are citizens of the United States: " The communication states that no fee of any kind is to he collected for the issuance of a passport or travel document or. for any application therefor. ^~ Appllcations, for passport must contain -a statement' Betting forth the racial origin of. the mother, as to whether:she is Caucasian, Oriental, African or . any other race. • • (Continued on Page 2). : . • i I Indianapolis, Mar. 17.—With the ranks! of objectors greatly iin^ creased,-hearings on the $' 6,- 000,|ooo merger petition of :he Insull • interests were resumed Monday. fpTenoon in the house of representatives t at the Statehoiise before the full membership of ihe public service commission. Tables in front of the comir is- sioners were piled high with volumes of statistics and data on engineering j ; and accounting concerning more than twenty-four corporations seeking to merg;r, as tie hearings were reopened after a postponement ^over the holidays. Harvey Richard Ijjyers 1 , sot! of IMr.^and. Mrs. Harry Layers ofr South street was severel; 1 burne 1 - SatUTdayi evening, the Heft limb b^iig.turn­ ed from. th<- 1 ankle *«! JaostTto - the' WP * - H ] "£2 £5- £ : ^.The boy i[as rnnn ^.gjinH-play-^ |4ng'in the liick yardi if^the.hmnftj'i .where atrajh fire hajj been 'jbBr^-, lB«*tluring !he afterfSon H P Veil (film iii L ;an &<*l&*j ip;the. bed The burns rjare I deei an-j^r&y, paiaf ul -andj the jlittlM felidaf' luSi' lurf'but Utile je* •ce .Wn?^] The boy s a -gran eon jpr'lt'Kj J'John^Sininij^is lotd; jintli -.^treSP tion- made Harmon, Princeton attorney ant: former member of the commissio i, with Oscar P. Smith and- Oscarl L.'.*Pond, Indianapolis attorneys,!'again appeared befcrei the comm ssion to press the mo-! for objectors early When Robert Blake, under the in- fluenece of dope,.committed murder in Texas, he'spent his last hours writing the true chronicle'of •'what men say in the death house just before they "burn."—As he walked to his own doom he gave the manuscript to the prison chaplain as his sole estate, bequeathed to his mother. The chronicle was- printed in- a magazine and John Wesley was so moved by its stark emotion that he wrote a play. "The Last Mae." P.E. IS Resignation to Take Effect April 1, Terminates 33 Years' Service. WILL OPEN BUSINESS in! ~ the heari% foi* complete dismis-i Announcement was made Mon- gal of the tion was based on an opinion given by James M. Ogden, attorn general, which said it was unlawful for dissimilar, "unrelated, sep|ti- non-connecting public be merged. ii Insull petition. The m'o-j day morning that P. E. Nichols, rated | and utilities to Cities ofj Rochester and Lafajy- ette nave taken steps to question the Insull program and according one of the well known undertakers of this section of the state, had tendered.his resignation as .a member of the Young Furniture Company's force to take effect April 1. Mr. Nichols,, who made the announcement in a statement to. a Tribune reporter, said that to announcements from Roches-j he had for some time been think- ter a delegation of uUlity con- j ing of opening a place of his own, sumers, headed by Mayor Charlesi!and; that this would be done in T. Jones, p'roposes to demonstrate | the near, future, their opposition by attending the; He added to the statement that hearings. • . j the business which would be con" Str ingest of the protests com- • fined wholly to funeral and am-, ing from different parts of the i balance- work • would. be located state has been the one set forth!in Tipton but its quarters and by attorneys for objectors whichjother details have not been fully has painted to the difficulty cities j worked out. Both Mr. and Mrs. rand-towns will have in fighting Nichols are licensed embalmers. rate leases: if the $70,000(0(io ! iMr. Nichols has been in the merger is authorized. No little]undertaking business in Tipton city or town will have "the re-;since 1895 and-.has been with Tile sources tot make engineering ap-i Young Furniture Company for praisals anjd accounting audits of the past 33 years of that. time. such pany, a vast,-consolidated com-| He and i Major Ree3", came to in order to either prose-JTipton in August, 189jk and open- been cute or defend rate cases, it has led a furniture and 'undertaking {pointed- out. ! I establishment on^Court street .in Appraiaal estimates on the'the room now occupied* by the properties Jot the CentTal Indiana j Penwell Millinery store/, After op r Power Company and their subsi-1 erating the place for a short time diariek 1 wilij be closely questioned jit was sold to W. H. -Austin of hy Harmon.and co-counsel. The merger inereata have' submitted a J 'i * . (Continued on Page 2.) K X Four More Urged for Supreme Bench; Hoover Expected to Decide This Month WaBhington; March 17.—Four, names have ''-been^ presented A to " <W"^ W " j ***^ • £gsx ?3 £n is t- Presiden^Hoorer T for ^hla^eonald- e-4t)onigfi^BtinMa^a^^ toithe ; lateVE4wln?T. Bantord, of Taniiaww M iaabclate Jnatlce of Judge Jonn J. Parker,-of Charlotti ?|.;C., of the circuit court of appMlf ^f (the United States .for tbe-fdnrth Jadlclal- circtalt;f^wno •-•^-eod^VbyRepre^nt.- Nona Qftfoitui. Ko»,.T^r, of tb.'circuit^ Elwood, who sold it-to • Rev. George Alford who-:conductecf it until'it was purchased by. George A. Vfceatherman. Mr.' Leatherman bought of Alford and .Charles WlnflaW who had bought into the-tlrm. - ^ ttr: Nichols : has -been with?the Young tutnlture company so jlong that- it will be, hard to think of hlm^ln'another!, location, butjhej expects ^oioperi?and be ,ready' : fori bnalnass^as soon as. poaslbTe,-be- |lrtylng|thare^ is, ample territory; \for»another<concern of "this char- mi FEARS ERRS IN VISIT Geneva Believes This Is Poor •' Time to Set League Meeting Date. DELAY IS NEEDED NOW Geneva, March 17—Much comment has been aroused in Geneva by the arrival in London, of Jonkheer John Loudon, president of the League of i Nations Preparatory Dwarmament Commission, and /reports that he is conferring with the naval-conference powers with a| view of fixing a date for the neSct session of his commission. The comment is especially significant as revealing that the Germans share the views of the French on ' the question of the League's role in disarmament, just as they have been doing in the economic conference here. *. -.' i Some fear is expressed that Jonkheer Loudon's visit to London at this difficult stage of-the naval conference may not be opportune! It is regarded as likely to give the impression that the League is prematurely assuming.) the five powers have failed, which might have an unfavorable affect on the Americana. They stress ithat Jonkheer Loudon 's move is a personal one which he is entitled '.to ' make, since all members of the (preparatory commission, * including the United States and: the other naval conference powers, left it tp him. to fix the date for the next session. On the other [hand the Ger-^ mans - and-' some K French circles hold it was a mistake to try to fix the'naval figures separately from land and air armament figures and that the sooner the>naval flgr urea are. brought ^back ^Into the framework ^ of the preparatory commission *the. • better.^ ^They point out the naval powers laat May'askedlthe preparatory com mlaston^tot-adjourn i^^-t^r^ ^i **5*ife . ^ C until 'they were'>ble^t6.agree on the„,meth*- oda'of*reducing naval armamentji IN WET FIGHT Tilt of Wets and Drys in November Will Be Decided in This Section. PARTY TIES DOOMED Great Battle Is Certain to Take Place in the State of Illinois. Tia- Juana Gretna Green (Gone as Role Bars Aliens' Weddings . . San DiegovCal., March 17.— A rule by Governor Tapia, new chief executive of the.nbrthern district of Lower California, that none' but leg^l residents could be married at Tia Juana, has stripped the border _tpwn of its reputation as a Gretna Green-for Americans. Tie Juana's first marriageless week in ten years ended Saturday. Before issuance of the order its magistrates sometimes did a 'rushing m**giness, with visitors paying $31 in fees for the binding ceremony. Under the new rule the fee is'only $5, which did not interest any of its own residents. The California law requiring a three-day wait between application and issuance of marriage licenses caused many marriage-bent couples from the state to go to Tia Juana where there- was no delay. IJ.SJOLiK. cuii Despite Byrd'sJ That He Is Not Int ed in Landsi. BASIS IS ESTJMBL m Situation Foresee i in American's Explorations at I South PoLe. Washington, March 17.—Three states loom up prominently in the national politial horizon because of developments of the last few days. They are' Illinois, Massachusetts and Pehnslyvania. The ,first two command th^ greatest interest because of the possibility that Wet Democrats may succeed sitting Dry Republican Senators after the votes are counted~next November. No such possibility exists in Pennsylvania, where the chanees of a Democratic victory, however wide the split in Republican ranks, virtually are nil. Prohibition will be the dominant issue in all three states in the forthcoming byerelections. Demon rum is more of a political issue today, than it has "been at any time since the Eighteenth Amendment was adopted. And this despite the fact that the present Congress is dryer than any other that has preceded it and that the Administration in Washington is more emphatically dry STATES SPEED Washington, Marefc'. 17.— inJap Admirul Byrd 's assertfota. that hi • had no intention of; clalmfak fbj j this country the new lands he hki ; discovered in the Antarctic] wul have no binding force upoii. th< I Government of the uklted sjatest; t.i:i.*ii, | according to officials of the jSUl Billion and Half Dollar Fro gram Planned for This Year in U. S. I Department. .! Joseph P. Cotton, j Secretary of State; ON PRESIDENT'S PLEA j this position^ by saying jtha«Ad -Jpf miral Byrd 's .statenicnt! in jNewll Zeiiland on Thursday! was not one which would affect I he national claims. - i ; ]| It is recognized by iSbialaj that! ; Admiral Byrcl has been Conc^rnsd 7 I only with the scientific aspects- ol Mils explorations and :najt h« ha* Washington, March 17.—Re-: no desire to restrict arie'nclB ia ports from State highway depart-: national lines. Thou{;lt it is nialn- ments show that state^ and local | tained that he, of |*>«ujaav jdoaal authorities, co-operating with i not commit his gotm nment jto> u; President Hoover in his plea to I course of action in; tl fata^e In enlarge all construction programs' respect to claims of |:<riTttoff*B ia; as much as is practicable to ame-i the Antarctic, there jitti no liorate the unemployment situa- 1 sition at the State Department 4t than any Administration of thejtion, plan to-spend $1,601,lS7,^i tnis time to raise anyj issue Sovdr' 'i: Volstead era. j All this fuss about prohibition. file Acting annodacedi 'i: Is > a | note t^»: oare^nlly Senate and House next-fajl. This will be the real test of .the sentiment of the country, which surface conditions indiate is stronger wet than ever, before.. Even politicians from dry states admit that'they detect a change. They are at a loss to explain whether the change is due to defections from the dry side to the wets or whether it is merely attributed to dissatisfaction of an appreciable number of Drys with existing conditions. J The Old cry of dry leaders.of being in ; league with the brewers and distillers cannot attach itself to the- parade of industrialists, bankers,. 1 professional, men and other .representative citizens who appeared before;. the House Committee to urge modification or repeal of-the present dry laws. Fairness compels the statement:that witnesses, far. the dry (Continued on Page 2). highways while the balance, ?G63,667,0i>0 will be spent,-according to the estimate, on local roads and bridges^. Officials' of forty-five; states,* it was said, have estlmat-| ed the length of roads to be im-! proved in 1030 at 32,532 or 3,-' 126 miles more than in 1929. j "Tho highway departments of ull states will control the main-: tenance of 2S1.393 miles of high-j ways this year," the announcement read, "an increase of 32,381 over the mileage understate maintenance in 1929. Gradually, the states are taking over into their system for maintenance newly discovered territories. The issue was brought] ftp originally through an note of] Sit Esme Howard, then« the) British Ambassador, on Novjj: 17, to the State Department: o:effnK the aid of Great Britain! tojlnef', Byrd expedition could be of service. jemrrer It j! SECURE BOTH ilOBH. J Wildman * ftam toil Overman and TbHf||pltthemj County Surveyor .ards has let the conU. the more imporbmt country and I • of tfc> local roads of the country. "The states of greatest popu-i ; Overman ditches in to part of the county to < ^fofJS Mrtalaf New Petroleum Denaturant Will Make ! the Drinker "Sorry But Not Paralyzed lation and industrialisation, f /°| wno ~ had " d o'n*"4kcii' which unemployment, naturally.,^ ^ Md O,, is greatest, show the highest con-1 tJeg . . |j ! I Bids were received! j for t^kal!' j work Saturday thai .':bidders and the Wi! ! was low on both templated expnditures. .The Mid-; (Continued on Page 2). 455 for highway improvement in; the question. 1930, or $250,000,000 more than: So far as this govia 'rn^nentj aggravated by the wet'and dry: in 1929, according to an an-' concerned, the status flontina*» as hearings before' the House, judi-j nouncement by the. Bureau of • ft was °n Nov. 15, 1 94p, wheij the -J ciary Committee for the last Ave; Public Roads of the Department State Department, ia weeks, will imount to nothing' of Agriculture. j the British Embassy, unless wet members are elected! The planned expenditure for j left tRe ooe8tlon opett||sojtliat3 thjs 4 ; to succeed Dry members of the'construction and maintenance oti utmos f freed °ni mighi be, enj*yed totals ?937,500.455,! shouId at * n * tlme " b * *f« desirable to make clajims toj the Washington, March 17. — The - that it can not be separated from prohiblti4'b«»«aa is working out'the alcohol. ,.; ^4<3?C, - *. i . . _ 'IDotens of distillations m£ '•awi .tMltMlBnin : Han«f lii -anK. fftr • fail to the toll Job in at t Overman Job .. at tjlj I bids on the Tolle ! 94.125 and $4,12* j Bids on the I were 12,079. |2.0«* ar'newipotrbteum denaturant for, ™ ""^'™™7thZ» \l' th * Iatl * ™** . j .V ..' . I . J remove it," he says, v * and tbere neT ^^^^ a, S°^r? b ?? h - , V' e,P *' t ' t0 PU *,ntt chemical or combination of i^rd'flse. if /remainingexperiments' ^Qea,^!,, that ,we .know of ca- ;.^->».-. 1 > : pabl* of MCNKftting it *«:auceaaatdi: I>rt^lemUurani taad. "la^hi the bureau has of hlgh- •bla $utmi and S3S .t»f^3*d*tarr- iWe don't fael that we are taking an.-unaportamanlike advantage of .tneldT^tK'' btcaaaa' hL<\ Bosaj willV^l^^^^^ of | the" iiaptlMt.> r pmakeii r 7JM he per- stetaiadrlakl-iit h. will baser- ney. Wildman haval working, in Grant time bat are to this coanty, tber: several eontract*. TV ntektet WMk , Framajl ttm«.laa>3! Kerfej^l

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