Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 2, 1974 · Page 9
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 9

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1974
Page 9
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•1 PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE —" •» CITY (5F UKIAH MENDOCINO COUNTY. CALIFORNIA Notice to Bidden • For CONSTRUCTION OF TALMAGE ROAD WATER MAIN EXTENSION NtfTlCEl IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed proposals far the con- .miction of an Office Partition for the City of Ukiah, California, ™M be received at the Office of the City Clerk, City Hall, Ukiah until 2:bbp.m. Daylight Saving Time on July 9,1974, at which time, ag goon thereafter aa possible, they will be publicly opened and (lad Bids shall be addressed to the City Clerk and shall be endorsed ''Proposal for Construction of Talmage Road Water Main Extension". •the work consists of furnishing all labor, materials, tools, and eauipment and doing all the work involved in constructing the water main and steel casing as specified and as shown on the plans. <n, e work includes the following items with approximate quantities each as estimated by the Engineer. Item No. Item Unit of Measure Quantity 1 16" I.D. Steel Casing L.F. 475 2 8"A.C.Water L.F. 1390 3 Fire Hydrants each 2 4 Resurfacing Sq. Ft. 2025 5 6" Gate Valve each 2 6 8" Gate Valve each 1 ' 7 8"x8"x6"Tee each 1 8 8"x8"x8". each 2 9 8"x6" Reducer each 1 10 , 8"Caps each 2 11 2" Water Service ' each „ 1 12 Mobilization L.S. L.S. iuom"B" tKi^j m uio|im:ieu ana/or copies obtained at the City Engineer's office, City Hall, Ukiah, California. No bid will be considered unless it is made on the forms furnished by the City Engineer and is made in accordance with provisions of the Specifications. Each bidder must be licensed as required by law. —Each proposal must be accompanied by a certified or cashier's check, or a bidder's bond payable to the order of the City of Ukiah in an amount not less than ten percent (10 Pet.) of the bid as a i guarantee that the bidder will enter into a contract, if awarded the work. The successful bidder will be required to furnish a Faithful Performance Bond and a Materials and Labor Bond, each in an amount not less than fifty percent (50 Pet.) of the Contract price. The City Council reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to determine which proposal is, in its opinion, the lowest responsible bid of a responsible bidder and that which it deems in the best interest of the City to accept. The City Council also reserves the right to waive any informalities not material to cost or performance in any proposal or bid. ' CLASSIFICATION Asphalt ironer and rakers Asphalt Shovelers Barko, Wacker & similar type tampers Boom truck or dual purpose A-frame truck Carpenter Cement mason Concrete laborers Cribbers and/>r shoring Compressor operator Concrete mixer Combination backhoe & loader (up to and-including V4yd.m.r.c.) Combination backhoe & loader (over Vt. cu. yd. m.r.c.) ••• Backhoe (hydraulic) up to and including 1 cu. yd. m.r.c. Drilling & boring machinery, vertical and horizontal Dozer Flagmen Heavy duty repairman helper Heavy duty repairman Jacking of pipe over 12 inches Jacking of pipe under 12 inches Jackhammer operators Lagging, sheeting, whaling, bracing, trenchjacking, hand-guided lagging hammer leader (up to 2 vds.) Loader (2 yds. up to and including 4 yds.) Mechanical finishers or spreader machine (asphalt, Barber-Greene & similar) Pipe layers, caulkers, ban* ers, pipewrappers Power blade operator Roller operator (finish asphalt) Roller operator ^reader boxman (with screeds) Screedman (Barber-Greene and similar) Trenching machine Welder Dump truck - under 4 yds. Jtomp truck - 4 yds. and under 6 yds. .Transit mix - under 6 yds. Transit mix - 6 yds. and under 8 yds. Water truck - under 2,500 gals. Water truck - 2,500 and under 4,000 gals. Water truck - 4,000 and under 5,000 gals. Pickup truck Stogie unit flat rack (2 axle unit) Truck repairman Plumber Above rates include employer's payments foe all classifications according to information on file in the office of the Director of Public Works. \ „.,_,.». Pursuant to the provisions of Section 1770 of the Labor Code of the State of California, the City Council has ascertained the general Prevailing rate of wages for straight time, overtime Saturday^ Sundays and Holidays including employer paymen welfare, vacation, pension and similar purposes, to be as tabulated *ovein the locality in which the work is to be done: - • Employer payments other than those itemized herein as defined ^ ^oiii^ZteZotCoie, are to be paid in accordance,wttb »e terms of the collective bargaining agreement applicable to the «ype of claasfflcation of the workmen or mechanics employed on ^•^'sundavs and Holidays - not less than one and one-half Straight Over­ Sun­ Holi­ Time time days days 8.685 11.577 11.577 14.47 .8.535 11.352 11.352 • 14.17 8.685 . 11.577 11.577 14.47 11.05 15.105 15.105 19.16 10.44 14.585 18.89 18.89 9.70 13.395 17.09 17.09 8.535 11.352 11.352 14.17 8.685 11.577 14.47 14.47 10.15 13.755 13.755 17.36 10.15 13.755 13.755 17.36 11.84 » 16~29 16.29 20.74 11.93 16.425 16.425 20.92 11.93 " 16.425 16.425 20.92 11.05 15.105 15.105 19.16 11.50 15.78 15.78 , 20.06 8.435 11.202 11.202 13.97 9.87 13.335 13.335 16.80 11.50 15.78 15.78 20.06 8.685 11.577 11.577 14.47 8.535 11.352 11.352 14.17 8.685 11.577 11.577 14.47 8.685 11.577 11.577 14.47 11.50 15.78 15.78 20.06 11.84 16.29 16.29 20.74 11.18 15.30 15.30 19.42 8.685 11.577 11.577 14.47 11.93 16.425 16.425 20.92 11.18 15.30 15.30* 19.42 11.05 15.105 15.105 19.16 10.15 4 13.755 13.755 17.36 11.05 15.105 15.105 19.16 11.50 15.78 15.78 20.06 11.50 15.78 15.78 20.06 9.41 12.807 12.807 16.205 9.505 12.95 12.95 16.395 9.56 13.032 13.032 16.505 9.66 13.182 13.182 16.705 9.52 12.972 -12.972 16.425 9.62 13.122 13.122 16.625 9.72 13.272 13.272 16.82$ 9.41 12.807 12.807 16.205 9.505 12.95 12.95 16.395 10.08 13.812 13.812 17.545 11.235 19.465 19.465 • 19.465 Advertising Index Ant. lac rMt^^nmtetMd Apt. t#r rant 1 '"UiitiJf nisl^va] 0Mts# tnllnri* rnvtvet Iwtwms Opportwnltl— StfsNftttt RtftUls Ctmntrs * Traitors CftrStfrvcks CMMCira DvfJmHer r««t Bmptsyinwif Assnclss Bmsttymsfit Wsnfttl BxcnstnsjS) •qulpmant lor Rant farm Bqolafntnt For rant wltMr for Ml* (mltmllanMvs) OarafMtorrtM ' HUfWlMM Homes for rM *-*«rnltlM« Hwwn tar rant—UnhtrnWMd Incomt Property Instruction Invottmont* Livestock Lott.ntf Fewnd Mobile Homes Mobile Mama Service-Repair Monty to loan Menay want**) Motorcycles and Mhai Matar Mamas Muskal instrumants Naw and Used Equipment Notices Personals Pats Real Estate for tale Real Estate wanted Rest Hamas Ream and Board' Rooms far rant Services offered Situations Wantad Trallar Rantals Usad cars Wantad Warned to bgy Wanted to rent or lease * 1» It s 1A tA IA 1 1»C IS 14 l «A » 7A I I f It 3 17* M 4 23A 2» 2* ItA 11A IK M It $ SA 23 17 17A 11A 11 It It IS II ItA 17 1« PUBLIC NOTICE LEGAL SERVICES FOUNDATION OF MENDOCINO AND LAKE COUNTIES MICHAEL S. ZOLA P.O. Box 747 Ukiah, California 95482 Attorneys for Petitioner SUMMONS (MARRIAGE) CASE NUMBER 34368 SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF MENDOCINO In re the marriage of Petitioner: Valerie J. Kleman and Respondent: ' George , P. Kleman, Jr. To the - Respondent: The petitioner has filed a petition concerning your marriage. You may file a written response within 30 days of the date that this summons is served on you. If you fail to file a written response within such time, your default may be entered and the court may enter a judgment containing injunctive or other orders concerning division of property, spousal support, child custody, child support, attorney's fees, costs, and such other relief as may be granted by the court. If you wish to seek the advice of an attorney in this matter, you should do so promptly so that your written response, if any, may be filed on time. Dated November 23, 1973 VIOLA N. RICHARDSON, Clerk By s—Myrtle Turner,. Deputy (SEAL) 6-18,25,7-2.9,1974 PUBLIC NOTICE FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 74-G-5 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as: G&O MOBILE HOME SALES at 2450 North State Street Ukiah, California CARROL ORNBAUN, General Partner 1J00 Maple Avenue Ukiah, California 95482 This business is conducted by G. & O. MORTGAGE COMPANY t a limited partnership, s—Carrol Ornbaun Carrol Ornbaun, General Partner This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Mendocino County on June 13, 1974. 6-18,25,7-2,9,1974 PUBLIC NOTICE RAWLES, GOLDEN, HINKLE & FINNEGAN P.O. Box 720 Ukiah, California 95482 Telephone: (707) 462-6696 NOTICE OF HEARING OF PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL AND FOR LETTERS TESTAMENTARY No. 15889 Dept. 1 SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA FOR THE COUNTY OF MENDOCINO In the Matter of the Estate of CHARLES NONELLA, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Peter Nonella has filed herein a Petition for Probate of Will and for Letters l—Help Wanted Cook, permanent, experienced in vohimne cooking. 462-7408 AVON ~ ' I Can Help You become a successful Avon Representative. Sell quality products in your community and make extra money in your spare time. Call me for further details: Mrs. Alleyne Peirce 451 Zinfandel Dr. 462-1149 WANTED In Lakeport-Lucerne-Nice or any Clear .Lake Area. UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL Newspaper Boys. Start your own route. Unlimited potential to hard working go-getter. Call 462-1421 for appointment. Ask for Mr. Harvey. ATTENTION: Local or out-of- area Real Estate Salespersons—How is your commission split? How is your office working arrangements? Why not Come in & check ours! You might be pleasantly surprised! All inquiries will be held confidential. Ask for Sales Manager. TOTAL REAL ESTATE SERVICE. UKIAH 462-0538. WANTED Exp. Timber fallers. Cbvelo area. Virgin Fir & Pine. Call 983-2514. WANTED LOG CUTTERS In Ukiah Area 263-5320 or 263-5257 RN's LVN's part & full time, Call 894-5201. Btwn.9and5 WANTED Woman to act as full- time receptionist secretary and maintain office records. Typing, adding machine and filing skills necessary. Phone 462-0555 for details. WAITRESS, Exp., over 21. Apply Manor Inn Motel. 950 N. State HELP WANTED, REAL ESTATE SALESMEN Expanding Office WITH Full Time Associates. Call .462-6654. WANTED LVN full time P.M., days, Nursing attendants, . (aids) all shifts. Contact Mrs. pGaler, 462-6636 Hacienda Convalescent Hospital, Ukiah. BOYS AND GIRLS Earn Your Own Spending Money. Applications are being, accepted for carrier delivery routes in Ukiah area. Several good routes to be available soon. Come in or call Mr. Harvey. Ukiah Daily Journal 462-1421. REGISTERED NURSE Experienced, afternoon and evening shifts. 462-6631 Ext. 44 Ideal Situation for retirees or handicapped living in the vicinity of Ukiah, no exp. necessary, we will train you to operate television console. Must have transportation & be willing to work afternoons & eves. Apply at 182 B. Gobbi St. Ukiah. " ' SALES LADIES for Tri-Chem liquid embroidery, needed. Fun + profit arid free kit. Suprise, Call Gay 485-8254 or 462-1267. GIRL FRIDAY. Good typing, office work. Own car. Full time. Reply Box A-494 CO Ukiah Daily Journal. PHN OR RN'S and certified- home health aids. Experienced in public health or home nursing. Work out of own home. Phone a must. Send resume to Homemakers of Lake Co. P.O. Box E, 95453 Lakeport. Backhoe Operator Wanted, Exper. & references, req. Be able to work independently with our equip. 459-2500. Testamentary reference to which is made for further particulars, and that the time and place of hearing the same has been set for July 12,1974 at 9:30 a.m., in the Courtroom of Department No. 1 of said Court in the Mendocino County Courthouse, in the City of Ukiah, California. Dated June 24, 1974 VIOLA RICHARDSON, County Clerk By MARY GILLEY, ASST. CO. CLERK Deputy Clerk 6-27,7-2,5,1974 i (lM:) times the basic hourly rate plus applicable employer payments. The holidays Upon which such rates shall be paid shall be all holidays recognized in the collective bargaining agreement applicable to the particular craft, classification or type of workman employed on the project. By order of the City Council, City of Ukiah, County of Mendocino, State pf California. Dated: 6-20-74 s-rHattie M. Tillotson Hattie M. TUlotson, City Clerk , City of Ukiah, California ^ - 6-25,7-2,1974 •~1 Tuesday, July 2, 1974 Ukiah Daily Journal, Ukiah Calif.- 462-1421 1— Help Wanted CAREER Opportunity. Work with Shaklee authorized Distributor, part or full-time Earn big bonuses on sales Build to retirement. Irwin A. & Lillian Bradford, Supervisors 485-7740. WANTED Salesmanager for R.E. office.. Excellent opportunity. R.E. License required. 462-8761 aft. 6 p.m. BOY OR GIRL, afternoon carrier route, several routes available immediately. 462-3630 Experienced Cat skinner, experienced choker setter. 2635320 or 263^5257. l A—Employment Agencies Marshall's Employment Agency , 117 S. State Street—Ukiah 462-6050 Our selective screening saves time for both employer and employees. We have top clientele available to fill in during vacation, peak seasons and emergencies. You pay us we-handle all payroll details. No Fee Unless Placed. Backhoe Opr. $5.00 nr. Iris, sales will train. Refrlg. Mech. Mach. Opr. ' Lath-Press-Mill. $4.56 Auto Mech-Sales $2.50-3:00+ Med. Transcriber $3.00 2 —Employment Wanted House Sitting will do any yard work, and take care of pets. 4624641. Sewing and Alterations in my home. , 462-4557 Experienced ' bar tender, available 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., Mon.- Sat., 482-4557 BILL KING for Brick Work. No job to small. Will work with Owner. 462-5276. . PROFESSIONAL Tree Work Trimmed, 'Topped or Removed, Free Estimates. 462-4668. 'I YARD WORK Lawns Mowed, Trash Hauled, Weeds Cut. 485-8601 or 485-7480. ROTOTILLING Free Estimates ' 485-7507 HOUSE CLEANING & General House work. Reliable & effi- " cient. Call Pamela 462-0102. Painting Interior-Exterior Free Estimates. Fast-Neat Dependable-Christian. Ref. 485-7950 Painting Interior, Exterior, Repairs, Minor Plumbing, Roofs, Fences. 462-0620. Painting Interior-Exterior Free estimates. Fast-neat, Dependable. Christian,' Ref. 485-8413 2 A—Child Care LICENSED, excellent child care, Reasonable Rates, room for 2 children, 462-6871. Kenneth Snearly, 1513 Monroe, Ukiah! If you will come to the Ukiah Daily Journal Office before 5, July 3, you will receive a FREE pair of Loge tickets to the Ukiah Theatre. Now playing "Paper Chase" and "Cinderella Liberty". 7-2 Mature Woman will babysit in my home, anytime. 462-9340 3— Instruction , i ' READING SPECIALIST will teach your child to read with understanding and enjoyment. . 462-4441 t ' / 4— Lost and Found REWARD will be paid for return of a low Tri-pod for field level. Lost btwn. Ridge Rd. & Ukiah. 462-2601. LOST: Female Siamese-Cat, small but mature, Willow Ave. area. Reward, 462-9052. LOST: Female Collie, short, fat & friendly, has collar w-name and Phone No. Vic. East Rd. Rdwd. Vly., 462-6006, before 10, aft. 6. 462-9555. LOST: Brown Pinto horse, gelding, wearing yellow halter. Vic. of Deerwood or Lake Men do area. 462-2440 or 4623301. LOST: 4 mo. old female Red Irish Setter Puppy. Near park. Leave message at 462-9552. 4 —Lost and Found RE WARD for return of white 3 yr. old Samoyed, lost from Russian River Estates. Call 462-7942. 5— Notices I will not be responsible for debts contracted by anyone other than myself on or after July 1, 1974. Victor L. Hensley TRY Fluidex to aid in fluid reduction-Lose weight with the Dex-a-Diet plan at Ukiah Rexall. 5A— Personals LONELY? - Meet desirable partners by mail. Write to: Adelaide Suzanne, Box 103-M, Lakewood, Calif. 90714. Spring Cleaning—BASIC-H & other Organic Shaklee Prod- cuts. We'll call on you. ,485r7740, 462^8063, 744-1592 MASSAGE & STEAM For Appointment • 485-74% Pause now for Soul Food DIAL-A-Meditation 462-1600 6— Apt. for Rent Furnished 2 BDRM. APT. For Rent, Furn. 462-0083 SMALL Studio Apt. in Ukiah, new carpet, clean. $70 per mo + deposit. 743-1525. Large l Bdrm., adult lady only, no pets, $110. 462-6472 FURN. Small Apt. Redwood Valley $85. 485-7519 FURN. or. Unfurn. Completely renovated, w-w carpet, ,a\l electric: Nice 274-1817. 1. —• : FOR RENT Studio Apt. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Broiler Motel, 485-7301 1 & 2 Bdr. furn. or unfurn. All elec. W-W carpet, garbage disposal, laundry facilities, pool. No children or pets. Oak Garden Apts. 462-3743. 7— Apt. for Rent Unfurnished 9—Houses for Rent Unfurnished FOR RENT Right down town. 2- bd. unfurn. apt. Single person or married couple only. No children or pets. $135. per mo. Available 7-4-74. Call: 462-5075 week days 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. 2 Bdrm. Townhouse, Pool, Air Cond., Range, Dish' Washer, Garbage disp., laundry facilities. 462-5983. DESIRABLE 2 Bdrm. garden Apts. Drapes, Carpets, Stv., Refrig., Utilities furn,, except Elect. 462-2716. 2 BDRM. Modern Apt. built in kitchen w-w carpet Fridge & stove, G. Disposal. Kids Okay $175 mo. 462-8761 DESIRABLE 2 Bdrm. garden Apts. Drapes, Carpets, Stv., Refrig., Utilities furn., except Elect. 462-5423. 8 —Houses for Rent Furnished FOR RENT, 1 mobile home, $125., 1 - 1 bdrm. house, furn;, $125 mo., cleaning dep. req. No kids or pets. 485-8481. Vacation Retreat in Tahoe's Incline Village. By day o^week. Sleeps 12+ Private Beach Pass 462-9519. : si- RENT to own your own Mobile H6me 1-2 & 3 bdr. Bring this- clipping to Mitchell Trailer Sales 1775 N.. State. 9—Houses for Rent Unfurnished 2 BDRM. Unfurn. House, no pets, no children, Very clean, Cln. dep., 462-7070. Mendocino Area (Navaro), 9 rm., 2 story rustic rdwd. house. On 2 ac. garden, garage, wood shed, huge kitchen, partially furnished. Must maintain house & prop. Ideal for peaceful nature loving, creative family!" Available 9-1. $225 mo. + util. 1st & last mo. req. 415-376-2279. or Write 2009 Ascot Dr. No. 4, Moraga, Ca. 94556. LIST with Otis Hurt Today And start Packing Right away Otis Hurt Realty 462-1980 T MODERN 3 Bdrm. Home in Ukiah. Dishwasher, air cond., $250 per mo. 1st. & Last. $50 dep. 2 children OK. 763-3933 Ref. & Creditrreq. 3 BDRM. Tri-plex modern, carpets, range, air cond., large kitchen, fenced back yard, children & pets okay. $210 mo. Realtor 462-8761. 3 Bdrm. Ukiah, all elec. air cond. Dbl. garage. $250 mo. 1st & last mo. + $100 cleaning dep. Av. 71-74 See at 117 Thompson Ave or call 546-5523. , 10— Rooms for Rent FOR RENT Furn. kitchen units- with pool. 101 Motel 462-8509 RAMBLER MOTEL Furnished kitchen units, by the week. 462-9835 17— Real Estate For Sale CLEARLAKE OAKS, boating, fish, swim, golf or just relax, in view doll house, elect, kit. frpl. incl. Refrig., washer, dryer, air cond., ample parking, private dock. Asking $22,000 (707), 3551 or (415) 388-2723 owner. BY OWNER Westside Home. 3 Bdrm. 2 Ba. Pool. Extra 20x20 Bldg. used for play rm. k shop. Also vacant corner lot. $34,000. 462-7361 LIVE ONE, RENT ONE 2 homes on 1 ac. Potter Valley. Nice trees and garden space. Owner will help finance. Close to store. John Maudlin Realty 776 S. State St. 462-1456, 4624154, 5443502 SLEEPING KOOMS $32 Week. TV Included. C'KEST MOTEL 462-4476' NOW OPEN for business under new management. Daily & Weekly rates. Pool, TV, & coffee. THUNDERBIRD 2251 S. State St. Ukiah 11 A—Rest Homes VACANCY for a lady & a gentleman at the Holden St. Home. 462-4418 VACANCY for ambulatory lady, low rates. ' 462-3624. SILVER BIRCHES has vacancy for manor lady, private room available, 462-6861. 12 —Business Rentals FOR RENT Store Building Fenced Stg. Yd. Suitable for oilice space. 3,000 sq. ft. 2874 550 Sq. Ft. Office or Store Space for rent. $150 per mo 462-7573 MENDO REALTY 444 No. State, 462-3854 'For Real Service in Real Estate' Alexander Estates, custom bit., 4 lg. bdrms , fam. rm w-frplc, shake roof, central heat & air, •4 acre, lge garden area. 4626869 ROGINA HEIGHTS Beautiful setting among fir trees for this quality bit custom home w- many extras. 3 bdrm. lVfe baths, family rm. A-C. Auto garage door opener. Intercom thruout. Circular driveway. $45,900. 4623854 Mendo Realty. Eves: 99489 or 2-0041. LINTON NORMAN, REALTOR Homes—Ranches—Income 610 N. State, 462-8647 13— Trailer Rentals Trailer Spaces, Will hold up to 50', 485-7939 14A— For Rent or Lease STORAGE Open $7.50 Enclosed 9'x24'. $15.00. 743-1191 BEAUTIFUL private camp sites, with hookups in Potter Valley $375 per yr. Ph. 743-1191. United Land & Timber Realty 812 N. State St. 462-8641, 1268 S. State St. 462-8651 We Buy or Sell or Exchange Real Estate Deeds of Trust—etc. Let Us Solve Your Real Estate Problems LETHAOLAUGHLIN, Realtor YYl«SO.SUl.teSt.«S2-«7«V Old House & Barn. 160 Acres. Spencer Realty 462-9721,485-8774 27 ACRE HORSE RANCH Good barn, corrals. Lg. older home. Walnut and fruit trees. Garden area. Spring water. All fenced. In Potter Valley irrigation district. John Maudlin Realty 776 S. State St. 462-1456, 4626154, 544-3502.. 16— Wanted to Rent or Lease 3, 4 or 5 Bdrm. home with Land for livestock. 462-2139 WANTED 2 or 3 Bdrm. Home by July 10. Reasonable. 744-1479 Part-Time Desk, Phone Space in Lakeport Area. Ukiah Daily Journal looking for a part-time Lakeport office, preferably in a realty office. Please contact Daily Journal, 462-1421. BY LADY, 69, no pets, drinking?' 2-3 bdrm. house. Ref. 462-5994 or 462-5463 17— Real Estate For Sale Tax Payment can be made from the walnuts orchard. 4V& Acres. 5 Bdrm. 2 Bath home. Asking $53,000. Out in the hills on these 160 Acres. Small livable cabin. Only $50,000. Two families can live here. 8 Acres more or less. Quiet location. South Ukiah. $49,950. Total Real Estate Service. 714- A S. State, 462-0538, 462-6663, 462-9178, 462-8083. All CASH BUYER wants 3 Bdrm. 2 Bath with family room. Call us now. _ Lake- Creek, or River wanted on SECLUDED Ranchette of 2040 Acres for CASH BUYER. Willing to' remodel living quarters if necessary Prefers 20-30 minutes from Ukiah; Total Real Estate Service, 714-A S. State, 462-0538, 462-6663, 4629178, 462-8083. BY OWNER 2 bdrm. borne on Tedford Ave. Assume 8% Pci. loan, $23,950. 462-7839. Brooktrajls Beautiful View. Lot 23 Block 71. By Owner 213-5473915. BY OWNER 3 bdrm., lg. fam. rm. 1V4 ba., air cond., gas heat, 246 Garrett Dr. Call UKIAH REALTY "We Have The Ability" 1100 So. State St. 462-8696 BY OWNER 198 A All Level.' Close to Willits. All Utilities Near by. To be sold as a Unit. Ed Hayes, 801 E. Hill Rd. Willits. Call 459-5462 after 6 p.m. ACREAGE 15 acres south of Ukiah. Secluded. Rolling terrain with open meadows. Oak & Madrone trees. Possible owner financing. $10,000. 4623854 Mendo Realty. Eves: 22052 or 2-0041. By Owner, $23,500, 3 bd., garage, shag, trees, grapes, patio, rear access, cooler. 462-3204. Alexander Estates Very desirable 3 bdrm. 2 bath home. Lovely kit. & family room. Cent, heat & A.C. Self cleaning oven. Pantry. Brick frpl. Shop for storage. l$Jicely landscaped w-sprinklers in front yard. $37,900. 462-3854 Mendo Realty. Eves: 2-5211 or 2-004L" LEONARD R. NIX, Realtor For All Your Real Estate Needs 528 North State, 462-7588 PRICE REDUCED SUPERCLEAN 3 Bdrm., X-large den, lg. kitchen, open beam ceilings, fireplace, air conditioner,, fenced yard, lg. patio, corner lot, hear schools and park. Owner 462-6429. 24 Ac. fenced, 3 Bdrm. Dbl. gar., • lg. garden. Good Spg. wtr. 5 mi. No. Willits. Owner 459-5222 or 459-2578 OLDER HOME, Comfortable 3 bdrm. l bath on l/3 acre with barn & several outbldgs. Sunken doughboy pool with filter & diving capsule. Home & pool need repair. Tree shaded lawn & nice country atmosphere with surrounding vineyards. $16,000. 462-3854 Mendo Realty. Eves: 2-0041 or 2-5211. "Remember To List With" United Land & Timber Realty 462-8651 or 462-8641

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