Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 14, 1969 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1969
Page 2
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2 - Fridoy. F«bnjory U. 1W taOetA Da>y Fock Mafia l^der dies in sleep in federal prison mm ' All .»W ^ SPBINCnELD. >r». (UPI)- tVito Gcoorew, tbe major undmMcId ficnre in the United istaus and icpalcd leadiT of tbe Mafia, died in tte deep todar in a Mem prim. H* WM 71. j GeMvete. died at 1:30 aA. [EST of confcrtive betrt faOnre at tlK Medical Ojoter for Federal prisoners, wfaere be iwai rccmd Jan. 30. He was serving a is.year narcotics sffluulins acntagct-. Dr. P. J. Qcccoe. diiector. said. Genovese was transferred!recognize tbem wben they came to tbe aedieal center from ike in." aecone said, federal prisoa at Leavenworth. Genovese is repated to have Kan., because of a chnaic I eaavtaed tbe notorious Anialacb- heart conditiaa bat was notjian. N.Y.. meeting of Mafia xrioosly Bl noiil considered Xond«7. A daughter, a son. and brother, who arrived here Wednesday, were with when be died mobsters Nov. 14. 1K7. to annoance he was takmg over a the Cosa Nostra. Re is alleged to haVei liim subseqnently ordered the unsuc-| cessfail murder attempt on 'He had not been completely! Frank Costeno. smce deported, conscious all the time but was; and the IdUmg of syndicate alert enough last night to executioner Albert Anastasia in a New Yoric Ci^ barbershop. Genovese served the eartf years of his sentence at tlw Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, but like all members of the Mafia was siiifted frequently within the federal prison systems to prevent him bom building a power base. Unidentified members of his family were at bis bedside when he lay in a coma throughout Thra^day. NEW F.\CE — The Treasury department confirmed today it has ^ruced up the Abe Lincoln cent with a shave and a haircut as a sort of 106th birthday present. The tximming was done on the Lincoln head that appears on the U. S. cent, starting with the 1969 coins. A mint qwkesman said that because of long usage the master, die, cut in 1909, had flattened the features of the 16th president The 1909 cent at left shows the work of the original die and the middle cent shows the flattening that oocurred over the years. At right is the new cent with Linorin's image restored to normal (UPI Tdephoto) Lincirincent design details 'shsFpened* WASUI\-GTOX a'PI> — Abraham Lincoln has been given a Berman says Sirhan i lacked control in shoofing <Cootinued from Page 1) {Speaker Jesse Unruh went existence." personally to a police station The attorney said Sirlian saw; with tite Jordanian and two a little girl's leg blown off by a^ police officers to "make sure bomb with N. Y. Sfoeks NEW YORK (in»l) — the market retreated today m the I face of a flow of depressing intematioaal news. Tradinc was brisk. The Vietnam peace confer-1 enee remained deadlocked; the _ the blood spurting;U«. was not another Dallas inj^'^"^j3 *1irE «t.W^ fhax-c and a haircut as a sort of ^nd he went into a spell, he America." 'Si '^SSer cririf ^ I6«h birthday present Hiffcned and was out of contact He referred to tbe killing of.4„uJL_e,i t^o-g k^t .1,- TJie trimming, done without• „-tth rcaUty and lost aU sense of Lee Harvey OswaM. the assas- uu^v^ hi tmeaL fanfare, ws^ done on the vitcre be was or what was,sin of President John F.\ m UPI stock marttet mdka- Lmcoln head that appears 00 happening around him. ,Kennedy. measuring aU stocks trad- the L. S. penny, slarung with .-n^ sever* reaction sptUs. Fitts sakl Unruh asked Siriun was oOO 12 per cent on 11969 coins. from the borors of war^why be shot Kennedy. j„J i^g^ ^ ^ The general public apparently occurred again and again,"! "I did it lor my counUr," hej«». ™ A^IU., —J CM -.1 didn't notice, but com collectors Berman said. jwas^ quoted as replymg. did.;- and the TVeasurj- Depart-! He described the family! "But why him. he was tryingj ment's Bureau of the Mint was, coming to the United States in to help?" Unruh said, moved to issue a sUtement 1S67 and then the father! "It's too late, it's too late." today assuring everj-one that abandoning them and leaving!Sirhan allegedly said. :'no change in design" of Abe's them with noUiing. financially I Fitts said Unruh asked again head was intended by liie or otherwise. !at the station why he had Fpruce-up. ' -Tben came another heavy!committed the deed. A Mint spokesman exi^ained shock. In late May and early! "Do you think I'm crazy and vances. Control DaU. a heavily traded i electronic issue, was off several! poinU late in the day. It traded! an early block of 231.000 shares at US off S%. Burroughs, up more than 7 hi the previous! I session, also turned easier, asi that because of long usage, the June of 1968. Senator Kennedy, master die cut in 1909 hadhvhom be admired and loved, flattened the features of tbe seid during the campaign both 16th President, whose 160th in Oregon and Califoniia, in birthday anniversary was two essence, that if he days ago. president he would fly -' As the years ware on. thCi Phantom jets to Israel icraggy. beajtied Lincofa fea-1 'T*at did it. Back to let you use it against me as evidence." FitU said Sirhan replied. FKtt saU powder bums wei«; showed the bullet which pene- 50 be Fitts us?d a pointer to show ,,les for 1988. the ~' Tobacco issues generally were! on the upbeat in late trading; despite a drop in cigaret use in 1968, the first such decline for a calendar year since 1964. || United was a firm aerospace [ issue after gaining better than 4 il on Thursday. The firm recently! reported record earnings andi trated Kennedy's brain and killed him 2S hours later was fired from a distance of less tiii«s broadened and a topknot m>'sticism. According to meth- ™™ • ""^ of hair began to appear. The ods he read in a book, be "S?" wDids "In God We Trust" and concentrated in front of a „i^* of the; Rafls moved in both dlrec- "*Libert\" flaUcned out and mirror in his own room and Amoassaaor Hotel on a sx-by-j Uons. with Missouri Pacific on began crowding the edge of the thought and thought aboutj!" joot repliM ^ the second - - — ' uoor ana anouier iwo-hy-six coin. : Senator Kennedy until at iast, "All we did is bring tbe words he saw his own face no longer, -back to the proper distance but that of Senator Kennedy the original design called for himself in the mirror." and we Aarpened the featuresj As Berman made his emotion-1 « .^"/^l' to •the 'deplh Ihej- were on thelal statement Siihan sat at the|P«^y- ••»»««'gh that is •19* coin." the sp<*esfflan said.:defense taWe, jabbing a finger ^^,„.„ . _ f'Vfe cannot change the design at his copy of the remarics and l.ii^..'*^^ • . , Vf ^coin >yilhin a isWperiid! shaking his head as if •m \t^y"J^'^^'^^^*f^ w ^out' congressibnal action disagreement with some of the -and^we have no intention of: things the attorney was saying, doing so." ; in its openrng statement, the ••^•^ —' prosecution claimed Siitian said B 'andswAuc •»^<iw'" i the murder weapon was a gun .Kcnoexvain ramy: i that "wouM kHl a dog. W.^HINGTON (UPI) - The! Deputy Dist. Atty. David Fitts U.S. Cpast Gnani ice breaker'opened the state's case before a Scuthivind was expected to hushed and grim-faced jury .rendezvous today - with fte Thursday. •Danisb top TTiala Dan. trapped Fitte disclosed that Sirhan -jtt^the Jce off the South Pole.! a't^n'*™ • preelection party for Danish ship, under durter jjfc-lfae Australian government, -.'became icebound last wtdcend ;\vhen it attempted to reach an 'Australian scientific statibb on .the Antarctic-continent Kennedy two days before the senator was slam. Siriian was recognized by an acquamtance who had worked next door to him in Pasadena. after Superior Court Judge Herbert V. Walker denied a defense motion asking a mistrial be declared because of a news story. The Los Angeles Times story Wednesday said there was a possibility of a bargain being made because it could be prejudicial to the defense case. Prior to denying the motion. Judge Walker questiooed each of tbe 13 jurors and alternates in his chambers. He said although nine said they were exposed to tbe story, all said they the upside much of the session. 1 Penn Central tended easier. Oils I also moved on both skies ofl previous closings, with Sinclair |f firm and Cities Service soft Du Pont a recent winner, | turned weaker in the chemicals. Airlfaes were narrowly hTegu-i| lar. ' UPI Marlcst Indicater Today's dosing net price; change of aU NYSE stocks trad-: ed, computed by Quotron Scrv- ice, was off 0.12 per cent bomf Thursday's close. Using April 1, 1966, prices as! 100 base, the indicator closed atj 134.80. Advances Declines Unchanged Total Share Vekime 4.810,000' 5.490,000 1.160,000 11,460,000 Who Has a birtUttj FEBRUARY 15- Waync Honsa Trevor Davidson Dennis Catch Jesse Van Wickel Louis Dutcher NMI Whitehurst John J. Gcib Winthrep Lombard Charles Poole William M. Pope James Ramsey Be Ying Wat Frank V. Weaver Gilbert Vancgas Happy Birthday from 11 E. Star* Ph. m -2SH Ind Rrs iua Dew Jones Sleek Aver «BM High LewClofeChngl 959.16 945.67 951.95 Off 0.75 | 278.27 274.58 275.72 Off 1.861[ 139.35 137.40 138.10 off 0.4S| 347.58 342.80 344.69 off 1.13 f would be able to ignore Thriwrly last'June 2 was inj "" I M ' they had heard, the Ambassador Hotel's Palm| Jurors wiU not hear or Court only a few yards awayit'ead anythmg about the caseigj from the pantry where Kennedy! except m court room now until was gunned down. the end of the trial. They wiUi Sales today were 11.46 million If there was one thing he locked up mghtly m a hotel j shares compared with 12.01 mil- evident from Sirhan's behavior "here theu- reading matter wiUilion shares Thursday, court Thursday, H was that> censored to exclude allj 'references to the case. During the prosecution's open ing presenUtion, FitU started grant often laughed silenUy and|to Ascribe a search of Sirtian's whispered to an attorney during; fesmence m suburban Pasadena m he shows no regret for killing Kennedy. The 24-year-old Arab immi- the portion of FitU' narrative where he came to Kennedy's shooting and Shiran's capture. Fitts said that on the primary election day preceding Kennedy's death at a victory party at the .\mbassador Hotel, Sirhan was at a target range practic­ al which six notebooks were found. Cooper objected to the mention of that portion of the mvestigation and the judge upheM the objection for the lime being. The notebooks reportedly ing firing heundreds of rounds """ain writings by Shiian from a pistol. iexpressmg his hatred of Kenne- Another marksman at the •«i ^ *onls, "Sea Ken- range asked what use Srhan n«dy must die by June 5." intended for the gun. "»* *•••«. >" seekteg a first"I win use it for hunting," he "J**"* murder conviction, is reportedly said. "It would kiU t\*f^t to prove Siriian plotted II .lUil Arlire SUcki (D*ir-jMn Senric*, CnHnj Lester, Br*li> * C*.) S»5 E. Slate Vslome Clou Cfelatt >I«,>M C»t»l Data ... m -.-.'i' m^lN ••m Cent .ISU u:.iM Tkririr Dr n +21.1 l»rfM OccM. ret. 49ii - r, mMt Amer. Malori .... i:<i — >• injM laix Mia :t +1 \^i^t B»i»t Ill + fi . M.ia* Avnel I«c. St'i 4. H II MOm Are* C«r». yl... Mi4 -1% il tiM* 8n OU »C _ S1 «i -H • t*jm w\. TfT. smt iBck., WJM BtraiM Cary :iu +Mi 1 *S*m Stient. OsU III + H •r.aM Coramaa. Oil ••t. SSIS +11i, T:,6M lone St. Gaa. it'i lack, r dog. Fitts said that after Sirhan's capture, California Assembly TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or ap pliances wiU find a ready market through Classified Ads. 1=1 1=1 COMPUTER CONSULTANTS SAAS CoRipster Cusaltialt ara mora tkaa deakliaa ia to* eacR yaar. ThU cauni a centi'nuoat ntad far M» prefa«ie*als. Th 'a tanricas eflared fer SJLA.S. iaclBde Manaal and Aataautad Sv&tami Oaslgaiag, Hjrd,*-ara Salactic.i. Pregrammioq. Nnoaaal Qsali. fyino. ModtliD9, $lar:st<cal Aaalyiii. Critical ralk. Liaaar PraralMlhit. Martet kaMartk. Feracastia«, ajid Oparal'-oat Saiaarck. -Ikb rapWI» eipa>dia9 katfUodi baiad firm has aa intarMfwial clianlalt iacludia* niasy Uaa cki« conpaaiai.. Oar profeuioaab vara Eaglaaana*. U, Atricaltar» n ttOt dWarta fialdi a« 6 Ulailuif. Ca>kK». Edscatiaa, Madidaa, Atricaltar» . Modaltos. PROGRAMMERS Sdanttfie — (^Atm Ceoiimicial — Cebel, lAL W6 MSOCemiBarci'al—Idaal Maaafadariat. SYSTEMS ANALYSIS V MaaafaiMat laforaiaKaa, TalapraeaMiag. Aecwatiag. . Gartmawat CLIENT COORDINATORS KaspeauUa far caafacKag pmpacKva ctiaaik'Sacean- IBI sales axparianea ill eaiRpattr fiatdi anaafial. neaia'iasd roar nuna lactaAf lalarr iatanaliae. All rawaatfaah •rill bl kast ceefWaatUI. Caataet Tiai Jea taaaar. frai!da«, iUkXS. m lair «adi .naia, aadWadi. nuuti. Na AgaacSaa platia. Many loves in Chicago CHICAGO (UPI) - Chicago'l the assassinaUon beforehand., . The defense, in. attempting tojhids fair to be the city of love.1 save Sirhan from the gas' The phone book lists 309 loves. J chamber, will try to prove he' There also are 128 Valentines,' <vas faitelleciually incapable o(,36 Darlings, five Honeys, two> premeditation in tite slaymg. Hearts and one Sweetie. aoidRO ^^^^^ SFBMl Avmmm 1 fFBR NO LIMIT TO CLASSIHCATION • Automotive • Houses for Sole • Miscellaneous • Real Estate • Houses for Rent • Etc. (anything) FOR THE OF OFFER GOOD NOW THRU FEBRUARY 28 PRIVATE PARTY ADS ONLY NO COMMERCIAL BUSINESS ADS —PLEASE It's simple to place your Classified Ad — Just stop by the office at 700 Broolcside or just pick up the phone and Call... CUitifitd advartiiing •ppMring in th* Fiets must b« pUe *d in ptrson or by ftltphent M lat«r than 4 :30 p.m. th« previous day.

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