The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 15, 1930 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 15, 1930
Page 8
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Lffltfi ILLNESS PROIIES (FATAL FORMER RESIDKXT. Word Rrt-cived in Windfall of Itpntli of Mrs. IJIIinn Chandler. Mrs. Lillian Chandler, age fifty-six years and a former Windfall lady died at Cleveland, O., Wednesday.. The body was re,1 i 'turned to. Elwood to the home oj William A. Bates S'= tccumbs he H sist€r - Mrs charies osting. to Heart < tomplic itions Early Saturday. LONG TIMS RESIDENT The funeral will be • conducted • Saturday afternoon at. 2 o'clock ;at the home of tne sister and bur[ ial will follow at Windfall where {the husband, Ogden Chandler* (was buried several years ago. ! The Chandler family resided jhere for. a number of years where *s. st 1:00 i | Mr. Chandler {shop. kept a harness I Mrs./ Chandler is survived by A. Bats?, known j three . children, Mandarin and ter Ottella Chandler see. ——- of Tennes- Saturday m irning . o'clock, Willian to jev'erybody ii. this vicinity -as J Ruth j6f Cleveland and a daugh "AlV. Bates, died at histjhome in Ihej Building aid Loan ^Association Block on Cburt street. Death ended in illness coverinsia-period of time and wa* causedlby heart complications lirought jjbn by chronic /asthma.-: Mr. Batjis in the j INDIANA'S 8EST 1 Ji' ' TWO srauotJBMT UXu ftent Pirkrtt,- and Firry (Gatz) j Moulden Sick at County Farm. Schedule and Average of Teams Better Than in Other Contests. 'Superintendent Frank Rayls of. the county infirmary" was here Friday evening and reported that two persons at the farm were seriously, ill. ; Sant Pickett, aged resident of 'the Curtisvllle community who :has been at the farm for several s years is suffering with an attack jof blood poisoning starting in one :]of his feet and unless there, is MUNCIiE WON THRILLER^ 00 " acha " ge Httle n °P e is ex " •; pressed for his recovery. . i Perry (Gatz) Moulden - is suf- • ! fering with a bad attack of kid- First Round. I ney and bladder trouble his conr 'Washington, 20; Martinsville. 14! ditkm bein & reported critical. Franklin, 34; Dugger, 19. ...• • DeDlphi, 28; Kokomo, 17. ! Connersville,: 25; Salem, 18. ' Laporte, 21;_Kendallville, 19. i 30; Goshen, 28. '! nope of regaining spent several his:| health | the! months]:j in sbuthwest, returning ip Tipton some time ago, tjut the rtilief was but! temporary.!; For c l[ie past FIRE LOSS AT IS E reek his condition jrrowing steadily worse endj was not unexpected. ' : Following thi{ death h'sjd beeta and the One of That City's Furniture Stores Completely Destroyed. he body! was removed u the Ogli .& Little establishment to for burial and '''will be the Ogle home, isomer pendence and. /• dams stisets, today | were it wil_! lie in ji'tate until the hour of :;he funeial. j I prepare it i | a ken to BUILDING i'f Inde-! IS RUINED Peru, March 15.—A fire loss Services will be conducted at;estimated all the way from $20,the GjjjOgle, home of M -s. A. niece, at 2 o'claik Moni'-ay ernoon, in charge and burial with R:v. H. Rj Pea rcjy j [ rom an unknown cause in veil be ja '000 to 530,000 occurred here last aft-!night when flames origintins the in basement of the J. P. McNamara Faifview cemetery, jf: i , Furniture company's store gutted jfl Bates wasja man Jjvho .hadLthat'- building and swept through many friends i]4 this community j the Lawless and Seller combined where he reside! for marjr yeari.- iS porting: goods store, poolroom He jand his brothers, j|rhoma!i. j and barber shop adjoining on the Abraham, John.vand Helj-y weite' 8t and n ]e Main Cafe on -the pioneer liverymt h in this! city and! wes t_ were also engaged in ottier busi-J r „ a statement McNamara said, aess pursuits, ; here, :{iclud'ing; lliat the fIm anA se cond floors limber business^ mercantile lines; were so badly damaged and had 'anajthe decease! was foif several; broken through in so many places years in-the r<t:MauVant;|5)usinessj tnat H wa8 ' impossible to enter in Tipton, with rjiis j >roth{|r-in -law | jjjp struclure and estimaie tne I late Fred Viaffler. *il of the broth era are dijcessed dud iof tile the only surviving -member family is Mrs. Jiike Boc rhershine of tbis city, a sjster. ;! - Al "BateB, whf! was 74 r^ears of agej was born .in JHenr,'; county but | came here ifhen a y^juth. He was united in : marriage' • in this cityj to Miss Alj|ie"Paul, [[laughter of Captain.Thoiaas'Paul^and the widow survives, there btiing no children. 'i' The deceased was a hng time I member-of the Vest Street Chris-; Man church an< also ofpthe Masonic lodge of Tipton, and .that order I will' nave tiharge of: \ the funeral to be hel l Monda- afternoon. «» - Masonic. Not ic»>. the loss. He added that tho damage seemed to be complete. The contents of the furniture store which were the heaviest loss, are covered by insurance. Smoke and water more than flame caused heavy damage to the Lawless and Seller establishment and to the Main Cafe. Amounts of insurance on these two places could not be learned. I^or .X-Ray Examination. Called 11| meeting > if -Austii: Lodge LSTo. 128 M. &. A. Saturday ev- eninl^Tonlght) at 7:30 It Tclock as a IMge of ' soi row for < bur late brother, William A. Bai«s. All members urged: to attenc; . j . H. M. ^MDNDElli,, W. M. I SAM ;>. GROVpti, Secy. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Sholty of Windfall were in Kokomo Thursday afternoon where Mrs. Sholty was submitted to an x-ray examination, for the purpose of ascertaining the cause of- her poor state of health. Mrs. Sholty has not been in good health for some time-and her trouble has not been definitely located. Ww fadiani. Judge Imposes Strict Terms on Man Who Bought Stolen Autos. SAVED PRISON TERM Muncie Frankfort, 31; Fort Wayne, 19. Anderson, 27; Greencastle, 23. Indiana! high school basketball is getting better and better. The VAN SWERINGENS BUILO UP SYSTEM great state classic, which ends tonight in butler's fieldhouse, will probably go down as the best state tournament ever played as the average- of the teams is higher than in former years, and the schedule, fortunately, - is probably the best one ever devised in state tourney history. Some great games marked the first round yesterday, tlie most thrilling being, the Muncie-Goshen contest which ended 30 to 28 in favor of Muncie, after a nip land tuck race from start to finish.: So far the teams doped to win have come through j but only sifter: hard struggles. | Two games last night were real battles, ^"rankfort survivedToyer Central of Ft.i-Wayne in the opening contest last evening, but only after! an uphill scrap. The first half jendeis 13 to 9 in favor and -Chicago, March; 15.—Albert Hoffman, Davenport, (la.), bond {salesman, yesterday accepted j what wis one of the most drastic 1 probations ever imposed by court, rather than serve a two- year' prison sentence. , Hofflhan was convicted with former Police Lieutenant John |W. Loftus of Chicago in Federal j court on charges of conspiracy to violate the Dyer motor " vehicle law. Judge Charles E. Woodward, in granting probation, said. "I am convinced you are not a • .... . criminal, and that your moral ~ - background, needs strengthening. BUY MISSOURI PACIFIC 1 admit you to probation for five years under the following condi- ' itions, the violation of which, ! either in letter, or spirit, will QvUfcrniama, from ealoniel and All Druggists Sfc 75c red t||fs. Little Change. Will Probably Have the First-Coast to Coast Rail Network. O., March 15. mean immediate incarceration: Cleveland , _ , P. and M. J. VanSweringen, | " You the S 1 * 00 fine Cleveland, brothers, T who entered • imposed by the C0Urt Wlthin ten the railroad industry as 'novices only fourteen years ago, last of Central^ but better the well-known won-out; in the passing Frankfort! stall' last half. The great crowjd cheered for Ft. Wayne continuously. The other night game was a hriller. Anderson beat out Greencastle only after the hardest of fights. ; The score was 27 In 23. Many times only a point or two separated j the teams, and all thioiigh the game, the outcome vas in doubt. The great game of the afternoon was between Muncie and Goshen. .This'was a fight all the time, replete with thrills and startling baskets. Muncie came according to dope, but the outcome was in doubt until the last few seconds. The score was 30 to 28.' Connersyille: and Laporte were the other winners yesterday afternoon. Connersville defeated Sa l(-ra 25 to IS, and Laporte nosed out Kendallville 21 to 19. Residents PETITION' FOB ROAD. of Atlanta and MlUers- burs Want Pavement. night were in control of a netj work of railroads which, according, to financial-leaders i here, is -intended to become America's first transcontinental railroad system. Only one line is lacking to give the VanSweringehs .a complete coast-to-coast route and the line needed is believed available. It is the Western Pacific from Salt Lake City to San Francisco. The present position of the Van Sweringens was/reached, by re- ceiit qniet buying of sufficient •Hock and convertible bonds to give them or theirj holding companies a "working control of tho big system of the Missouri Pacific! Already in. control of several Eastern and -central railroad systems, the VanSweringens by taking control of the Western Pacific could establish a through coact-to^oast ijpute. Railroad] men said it probably would -connect the following: Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, Buffalo to New York; Nickel Tlate, Buffalo to. St. Louis;'-Missouri Pacific, St. Louis to Pueblo,- Col.; Denver,' Rio' Grande & Western, Pueblo to Salt Lake City, "and Western Pacific -from : Salt Lake City to San Francisco: 'days, '"You shall always remain in profitable and gainful occupation. "You shall not own an automobile, possess one- or operate one directly or; indirectly: "You shall not ride in an automobile within more than a radius of fifty miles and that only in the day time and directly in connection with your employment. "You shall have no joy rides' in automobiles or airplanes. "You may visit your mother in Chicago once a month; for not more than five days. But at the expiration of your visit you must report to your probation officer in the form of a sworn affidavit the placesyou visit, theater.Tmov- iiig picture houses and so forth. • "You must not drink intoxicating, liquor. "You must' not visit places of gambling or any other establishment where intoxicting liquor is kept or sold. Deputy United States Marshal Peter J. Erlewein was named probation'-officer. > Hoffman admitted at his'trial that be purchased-two high priced automobiles from auto thieves." There is little' change In the condition of Charles Venable, Union Traction, man who has been seriously ill for the past two weeks at his > home on East Jefferson street. Fri'day afternooii his niece. Miss Frances \ Baker arrived to assist in caring for the sick man for a few days, the nurse having been discharged. Officer Killed. 'Cheyenne Wells, CoIo.^R^h 15.—A deputy sheriff was shot to death and three other Coh> rado officers were wounded yesterday' afternoon in gun battles with three men, believed by officers to be the trio who robbed the Manter, Kas., State Bank of approximately S4.000 . yesterday morning. Huge Reservoir. Indilinapolis, Mar 15.—Plane for a 3,600-acre impounding reservoir along Fall creek northeast of Fort Benjamin Harrison to provide for the future water supply of Indianapolis were announced yesterday by the Indianapolis Water ^Company. THE ONLY REASON ^-some people never become financially independent is because they continually delay the start. They promise themselves from day to day that they will open Savings Account "next" week or "next"! mpntti. But, of course, they fail to do so for those who PUT OFF actions of this kind never really do anything but procrastinate. Now—TODAY—is the time to open a Savings Account. Come in! It will take but five minutes of your time. THE BAli& OF THB A Voluntary Member of the Federal Reserve System Only Bank In Tiptop Canty VmOer Both Federal J 4 Cult Loader Sentenced. Los Angeles, Cal., March 15.— Mrs. May Otis Blackburn, cult leader, has been sentenced to one to ten years in San Quentin penitentiary for the grand theft of $45,000 from Clifford Dabney, oil operator and cult follower. / MODERNIZE YOUR HOME WITH A Convenient Terms and Reasonably Priced Suite & Barrum Hamilton-Beach Electric Sweepers Now $39.50 WEATHER—Fair and warmer Sunday. •' LOWER PRICES ON HOOS. Reduction bf Twenty-five Cents —Cattle Sfeady. Kmndati< Hi I A petition for the improvement of the road connecting Atlanta and Millersburg, by paving with cement, has been filed with : the commissioners! of Hamilton county and a hearing on this will be held April 8. The petition contains tbe names of many taxpayers of Jackson township in the vicinity of the two towns asking " tor the improvement, which will be a little more than one mile in length. The proposed road starts at tbe HamiltonJTipton county- line ,on what is known as Indiana, street, and goes!south to tbe corporate line'of Atlanta. It then makes a jof- east <^f one block and follows the Millersburg. road south to tbe intersection of the gravel road running" east and west' at: tbe south edge of J the. latter town. The petition ^aaks that within the town lot Atlanta tbe pavement be 28 feet in width, and: 18 'feet in width'! outside I the corporate limits. •' ]- * V It thlsl petition Is acted on favorably, It will be the:flrst.step at this end in getting the "Hamilton county towns of Atlanta, Arcadia and Cicero united by pavement. Cicero^to ulready, connected with Noblesvltle. - > Taken in' connection ,wlth lm> proyement In tbls ^nCy otatrpad south frok TIP**"? S^U : '^;<^ ed on..taTor4bly, a pavM^roadvVroald connect- tiPtpn^.wttk^dUnapo}ia SOLD ETTAWAX. Judge C. W. Mount Disposes of One of His Raciwr String. Ettawax, well known local race horse .i was sold yesterday by Judge Mount to Carl Amos of Kokomo. It is said the price was $350. . i This horse has world's of. speed horsemen say and all that is needed to make a great race horse out of him Is training. The animal has trotted in close to record time but in -races, he seems to -have trouble getting started properly. " Moving Into New Home. . Mr. and Mrs: Frank Carrie of. Windfall, who purchased tbe Noble Engleman bungalow are moving into tbelr new home this week. W. H. Dean and Charles 1 Roars'o^;Kokps»o. nave finished decorating; 'ths interior, i Mr. arid Uri': Currle and Mrs S. S. Edwards 1 wsr* at Indianapolis Thursday looking *tter turn ishlngs~ter thVbom*. ^ 1 R^rtCnrrlsJotlndUna Unl yerslty wIlLspfa* tpp '.wesk end ln,jWlSdfanCi»4;fW assist In jnovlng >• Into ybB&frr '*. home. Final Hearing Held. Joshua James alid his attorney A. A. Fletcher were at Indi- anapoliis Friday, where the .'final hearing of the former was' held before Carl Wilde, referee in bankruptcy for this district. Mr. James filed his schedule some time ago, listing his assets at $200 and his debts at $864.46. After hearing the evidence the referee discharged him, without the appointment of a trustee and turned back to .him all assets. Chicago, 111., March 15.—Receipts on hogs, 6,000; carried over, 2,000; prices, were 25c to 35c lower, with the top $10.75; there were 400 cattle'-'and 7,000 sheep. • Local' ltoGcfce Market. - (Moore ft Moore) Butter r_ _3Ec Eggs : — 21c Increase your oats yield 20 to 25 per cent by treating the seed with Ceresan; for sale by Compton & Son, Inc. , ^ c-tt OPTOMETRIST ML E. F. 3KITH will be st this store every Tuesday froa It to 4, to ««k* «ta«riMtions of tk« syss nad make corrections sad Ittlag of -« JEWELRY STORE Wsss^ K- ^-J>-» "iS&XGf <?^Vt' Indianapolis. Ind., March-15.— Two thousand hogs were received at the local today and there was a decline of 25c from Friday's prices; top was $10.80. Prices on cattle were steady; top price for calves, $14.00; on lambs, $11.25. Local Grain Market. (Hobbs Grain Co.) No. 2 Soft Wheat „-__$ .95 Oats . .34 New Corn, No. 4 yellow, per 100 Ibo. ! •. .85 Indianapolis Produce Market. Eggs—^Indianapolis jobbers offer country shippers-for strictly fresh stock delivered at Indiana- polls ,loss off, 22c a dozen. Poultry — Jobbers paying for fowls, AVi pounds up, 24c; Leghorns, 20c; 1929 springers, less than 4% pounds, 21c; Leghorns, 17c; old roosters, 16c; ducks, 12c;' geese/ full feathered, 12c; guineas, young, $6 down; old, $4; turkey hens, young, 30c; old, 22c; toras, young,' 30c;, old, 22c; squabs, 11 lbs. to doten, 14 .60; old pigeon*; 70c a doten. . :. Bntter-rJobberj' selling prjeat for creamery hotter, fresh firsts. No 1, 4 2 -4 3c a pound. Batter Fat — Indianapolis bay ere are paying 37c a pound delivered at Indianapolis. THOR and EASY WASHERS Wife Saving;Service \ 12S E. Jefcrsoa J GOULD, BATTERIES - GIVE THEM All THEY are never too small or too large to be en* couraged in ways af thrift. One of oar deposit books with one entry made is a SENSIBLE gift.! Citizens Naflonal Bank The Perfect Bridge Hand —is seldom seen, but yon may see the most perfect bridge set you can see for the price. Idgbjti weight, strong table, beautifully decorate^ padded waterproof/ table cover, double* braced! legs. Chairs are very light and strong. Yon'p play a better hand on these comfortable chairij They're so attractive you'll use them for ot^~ occasions. > CSTASUSMO l«» FURNITURE CC| ' * FUNERAt^DIREC rH ;lMBI^*MppRE ?4 CsrMlti and Mtati 130andfr Tea Bay Taar

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