Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 22, 1957 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
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Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 10
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FROSTBIIRO.KEY§EII And Tri-Staie Area (ii) Helen Hough H"zcl Alexander R om iie\ Rpfifpc I7i>.nt*i Named President & i -, ^^^^ FSTT Sto« OtMidUuiawSCS^™** Will .Graduate 142 T926. will retire from the start I 6 /' neadln £ s w «« given by August 31 after having given 30 p»f' Aannie Williams, Mrs. Ethel years continuous service in that fv "' Jlrs ' M sr "> a Gli/nc and position in the college. ,. ' Hazcl Alexander. Mrs. El- MIDUND-The WSCS ot Grace FROSTBURG - n Bowen ? Ielhod ' sl Church held its regu- Jlardesty, president of State rl ."I 0 "" 11 ? meeting wiih "The ROMNEy _ Hampshire Coun Teachers College, revealed yes-1, "mily" as the theme.'y's two high schools will gradu today that Miss Helen Y. Hough l!ftnns were s ""g and scripture atc H2 seniors. Romney will firarian at the college since I* 35 r * ad *? Mrs -Charles Beck-I'avc 105 £ radua ' ei . and Capon 7926, will retire from the staff ! e . y - fadings were given by Bridge 37. Tonight at 8 commencement _. ..„ „ , ., exercises will he held with Rov. position in the college. f. lrs ' lfazcl Alexander, Mrs. El- A. M. Hewitt Jr. giving the invo- Miss Hough, a native of Falls and Mrs ' Alexander also cation. The salutatory will be Church, Va., received lier cle- rc '," cd poems - g' ven by Mary Lou Haines and mentary and high school cduca- w 0(flccrs tor the coming the valedictory by Emily Pan- lion in Falls Church and Wash- £ ear . wcrc cle cted as .follows: cake. Dr. E. K. Feasler. dean She received her BS de- " res . lden t. Hazel Alexander; vice of the College of Kducalion at gree in library science from P re5i<lent ' Kloise Baker; record- We st Virginia- University. • will Simmons College Boston, at- lng secretary, Willie Kroll; Irca- deliver the address. His subject tended Columbia University and surer ' Naomi KrolJ; secretary of w '" be "You Musi Decide." received her MA degree at the P™™ 1 '"". Marcellc Reekley; The alumni dinner will be held University of Michigan, She has secretary of missionary educa- Saturday at the Shriner's Club at taken extension courses at !he Uon and service. Fannie Kroll; 6:30 p. m. The Midniehters o( University of Washington, Uni- s . ecr «lary of Christian social rela- Thomas will furnish music for vcrsity of Rennes, France, and Sl Ftoren ce Emerick; secre-the dance from 9 p m lo 12-30 the University of Poitiers. larv ot student work, Thelma a. m. France. Harclerode; secretary of youth Tomorrow evening commence- Her experience before coming lo Froslburg included librarian work, Mrs. Elmer Johnson: sec- relary of children's work, Mrs. . so, Texas and State College San Jose, Calif. When Miss Hough came lo f elary of sta»s of women, Mrs Stale Teachers or the Normal Clarence Miller. School as,il was known then, she After Ihe business meeting re , , organized the library wilh up to 4,000 books, largely a gift of the widow of former Professor Samuel Baer. The library has made two moves in her lime, once in ginia Blair. 1923 when the students moved the books Irom the second floor to the then spacious quarters of Ihe third floor of Old Main. In . n 1954 history- repealed itself when IT^vl J library H-O1CI ler for Ifie community by dis Following her retirement. Miss Hough is tentatively planning trip around the world, - ment exercises will be held in the Capon Bridge High School Freda Wilson; secretary of supply, Chariot's McAlpine and see- in Grmnell College. Iowa; Good- Walter Fleigle: secretary of spir- auditorium with Rev. ~Roy Nc.'t wyn Institute, Tenn.; University '<"al I'fe, Ethel Ellioll; sccrelary giving lhe invocation. The salu- of Idaho; Public Library. El Pa- Jf literature and publication, 'alory will be given by Galen Shinglelon and the valedictory by Richard Demorcsl. Dr. Feaster will discuss "You Musi Decide." Romney High School graduates (his year are: Mary Charles Adams, Norma Arnold, Forrest AH, Bill Brown. Mary Bauer. Bill Carlile, Margie Cox, Alien Corbin, David Crock, Gordon Davis, Janet Davis, Patricia Davis. Sylvia Davis, Alice Dean Roxarma Deskins, Carl Dorscy freshmenls were served bv Sirs. Martha Blair, Mrs. Elizabeth Carr, Mrs. Melvin Henry, Mrs. Anna McFarland and Mrs. Vir- Homemakers , , Patricia Ganoe, Beverly Grace, Richard Grapes, Claudette Gross -students again moved the lib....; now numbering over 23,000 vol r .„..„.„„. , umes. since moving lo Ihc new FROSTBURG-The Shaft Home- J °h" Haines. Linda Haines. -Mary .. ln ea . Horary in Lowndes Hall Ihe lib- makers Club was entertained at "-* 11 Haines, Vanice Haines, Rich- , sal rary h as grown until it now the home of Mrs. Charles Harvey =»rd Hamrick, Donald Hannas ler Ol nouses 29.000 volumes. wilh Mrs. Bruce Howsare acting Jerry Hannas. Richard Hannas. Since being in the new library. as co-hostess. Gavin Heare, Lenora Heare Paul Mis* Hough has given it an add- Mrs. Henry Rank read the his- Heavner. Wayne Hires. William i. *••"••• »* uu auu- ".•«. .it.n^ nan*, jvau |/ie tl(S- **cu»uci, >»a>ne ilinCS, Ulillam M emphasis as a cultural cen- lory and the background of the Hines. James Holt, Glenda Kid- llomemakers hymn of Ihe month --. •». M. t uuiiMiiunuy oy ai s . nuiiiciiiuKers nynin 01 me month well, brnest Kline, Jo Ann Lan- playing the works of various local "Fairest Lord Jesus," and each dis. Alma Leatherman Elizabeth artists including Schuler Brigss, member present answered the Lewis, Rhueann Liller, Glenn Marshall Morion, John Welling- roli fall by telling of an older Loy. ton and Lawrence Becker. Peggy Duncan, Gary Everet't, Shirley Everett, Arvella Folti, Rosetta Foltz, Sue Ann French Oman whom she admired. Robert Ludwick, Willard Mai- , Jolln Hu 'son returned lo Win- The chairman announced that cohn, Gerald Mathias. Carole f hesi \f r - Va -- and George Hutson , as. aroe all members were invited to Mayhew. Allen Meadows, Anna piano. .~. ,..v T«VW- i^uiiii I^UUWI^K Will SC] lion Bible School lo be held at sic director and Miss Keyser Church of the Brethren " " the weeks a! June 3-M were announced yesterday by the pastor, Rev. Fred M. Bowman, who will serve as the director of the school. Daily class sessions will be held from 9 to 11:30 a.m. each f . -------- _, .„.,, M^,, i , «-rwar . urke ahnnf vt ^i day, on the general (heme "Mis- TunneUor, RD 4 Wtah,^ (a nonary Outreach." Children at- tally Saturdav ',„ "* ^e, car lendmg Ihc Church of the Brelh- crash on W. Va. 26 about lo attend. HEAD PSC SOClETY-Jcriy Wilson of Kearneysville Center), newly elected president of c! 8 ? 13 /!? ° mega " OIlor Societ >' at Potomac Stale College in Keyser, is shown receirag the good wishes of the outgoing president, franklin Henry, also of Kcarneysville. Look- Auction Sale Set Saturday PETERSBURG - The Petersburg Kiwanis Club will hold an auction sale on the used car lot of Ihe Petersburg Motor Company Saturday afternoon. This event will feature an offering of widely varied and high quality merchandise. New and used home and farm equipment will be offered and it is expected,. ,. ,„ «„, receive ms mas- Ihat such items as livestock, ter's degree from West Virginia ?.!m £ 8 J" many ° lher Uems University in June. Clyde Ball, principal ot Berke- -..._._ ing on at the left are James Small, Westernport, outgoing vice president and Byron Afhey Keyser, his successor. At the extreme right U ?, r ', "„",? H - flc(lin ' President of Glenville Mate College, who was principal speaker at the dinner honoring 25 newly elected members nd 15 are urged ly seat. He was a state Road Commission employe. Four other AS in years past, a Bible School persons, including Burke's wife Picnic is being planned for Ihejwere hospitalized, last day of the school on Friday, F. E. Patterson Chosen To Teach At Paw Paw High BERKELEY SPRINGS - The Morgan County Board of Education has employed Forrest E. Patterson Jr. of Paw Paw Keyser VFW m - J Flans teach music in Paw Paw and other subjects "Ichool. A nativ — Leo C. Shuck, ,' Hanks Post all plans for Ihe annual Memorial Day services May 30 have been made. "' following committees have set up: Programs: Harry >man, Leo Shuck; veterans' Army, he will receive his mas- will be sold. Music will bo presented, both before and during (he sale. This fund raising event is sponsored by the club lo support its program of youth work, underprivileged children and industrial promotion. The sale will be handled by a local auclioneer. assisted by members of the club. In case of rain on the date set. . High School, ....... the 'program being carried the high school and sug- various recommendations for the coming school year. The board appointed election officials who «-jl! serve for the special election June 11 when Parade will form at the Morgan counlians will vote upon aui uu uit± uaie set .... upu.i be held one week B - f r , oposal lo authorize a spe- A~., I..-.- . Ciat lew Which U-milH r^ica »V,n Saturday, June 1. Cresaptoivn CRESAPTOWN — Mrs. John Thompson is visiting her son, William, and family in Wisconsin. Mrs. Letla Buckingham is able to be out after an illness. , Jolln Hu 'son returned lo Win- —, ._.j wrucn would raiss the "*•* • iti ' j **m ucgui 21 n Q\ "iti6 funds for teachers' salaries and Circle" in Queens Point Ceme- noii-leaching personnel an esti- '""" mated 545,000, and provide funds for maintenance of school property and purchase of school equipment to an estimated amounl of 512,000. to the Pentagon after visiting their mother Mrs Bracp Hni'nn s* t r* I -..-.. ^,, uv.c lluuull. ,- Frar *enberry and William lne world, having allend a lea to be given at the Leu Michael. Lyle McDonald made five trips abroad and visit- Civic Club quarters in Cumber- Theodore McDonald James Me-'!,,. ing all of the counties of Western! !and on June 4. Mrs. Charles'Goe. Chester SIcKee Lorraine' s ° ner relurncd lo Baltimore Europe and Scandinavia. Shej Harve >' a nd Mrs. George Wade:\'azelrod. Carolyn O'Brien Keith' 3flcr vlsltln S their homes here, has traveled in Alaska. Canada. S ave lhclr report on their prep-jOrr.dorff, Fmiiv'pancake George' ' anrf Mrs - La wrence Bur- MMICO, Guatamala and Hondur-; nrallons f °r the Cumberland Fair. Pancione, Hannah Parsons Eu-^ oon . anc! famil y visited their par- j n. . t TVinv ei:ifor? *>!•%+ **.„ -i,.i- .--ii' n, i . .. - ." _"'. _ lcnt«i in Punxsutawnpv Pa us in North America and Central America. President Hardesly, in announcing Miss Hough's retirement. 5aid that she has made an out- ih&ding contribution to the college in her position as librarian and leaves fill. a difficult position to Ahiiniii Meet Sialetl VVESTERNPORT — A meeting of Ihe Bruce High School Alumni the Association witl be held new school today at 8 according to Hugh Wilson, president. Plans will be made for the association's reunion, ing and dance. Harold , Polan ,f ithe weekend." Jerry Cutchal! Robert Rannells^ Helen' , over They slated that the club will gene Poland feature a demonstration at the Betty Poland'. Nancv Powna.. , , fair this year. s —\Anna Prtsgraves Nancy Prcs-i ry Cutcha U of the U. S. ,l« an rie Corps in South Carolina is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Wade also gave a report!graves. Iluu , fL ,f. t f. h i. ai - t S anl .? g ^monstra-iRinkcr. Cora Alice Ruchman, Scanlon. Glenn Self, rtac Shanholtz. Belle , , ; - u*-«n. Hue aiidmiuuz. Lveiyn Mrs. Raymond Layman spoke [shanholtz Sue Shanholtz. John' Evelyn; v .... "r- - rx,j, ~ -f-...^ .,4,ajuiuiit ouu oriannoiiz. jonn' ^ , on Growing Older Graciously" [Shaw. Clctus Shinnloton Maxine!" 13 "' 1 anc .Mrs Henry Rank gave Eev-jshowaller. Kitty" Lee Short | ma ^ f and fami! l'- readings. Mrs. Bruce Ho'.is-it-lain/. >;,,,;ii, !>«"„„. .<?._:,!. „._,' Mrs. o. i Ada Pclcrs ' McKccsporl Edward Kam and cral readings. _ are read the Homemakers ^ T ._„..„., i^unoiu IVdlil- jmauf. and brother, James Kam- - - _ " ~^- j"Mu., Q ,iti. nuiy! anon.I x . r ,. , t , T -• Mrs. Bruce Hows- j Elaine Smith. Fogey Smith Wal-l -C, "' Boft ™an, Connells o "- Smith. Linda Imoot.Rosaliei" 110 ' vurted frien(is herc Sunday Shaf, odist Church in a body Sunday, ijcv " Robert marking "Home " ....-• \Veck " * Dcmonslralio'niswishe'r. Janice Taylor. Jerry i RCWC ' mbrw)k - Lottie Timbrook. Nifckii Sunnier. Gladys Heads Bcal] PTA FROSTBURG-Thorn as » Powell was elected president of occasion awl Mrs. Charles Heck-i| c .. president announced that Ihe next ! .. ' •""""«'«:u »I<H im. nexi; C Four sleam catapults on lhe be presented Sun-| 0 [ ( --, at 8 p.m. in the church sanctuary. cominn ^ f *« "t." j ^ . oeiiMayor *,«i.j .mviirtci diiuounceti, serving as teachers and helpers adding that Ihe regular meeting' ills r>lacc«c- ...:ii L_. v,-,ij i.i-v4Ji. 6 be held next Wednesday rave markers in cemetery: James R. Litten. James Mahood, Earl Knotts, Charles Boyce; parade detail: Willard 0"lesbee. Robert Whisner; firing squad- Claude Boyce: transportation for post and auxiliary and Keyser High School band, Joseph S Clark. — „,,, high school building and start promptly at 10:15 a. m. The memorial , services will begin at 11 at "The > lery. LI. Col. John M. Galbraith, Department of Military Science of Potomac Stale College, will deliver the memorial address. In case of rain the services will be held in the high school auditorium. . John Church Of Brethren Bible School Scheduled June 3-14 KEYSER—Plans for (he vaca- Edilh Ludwick will serve at mu- .. weekday, Monday through Fri- IVeslon Road --* Worker Killed * KINGWOOD. W. Va. *_Edrward J. Burke in the various classes: Kursery—Mrs. Elouise Welch,' , Mrs. Helen Rolruck, Miss Lois Blackburn; Beginners I — Mrs. Rosalee Bartlett, Mrs. Joan Hartman; JI— Mrs. Jeannie ler, Miss Delores Martin; Primaries I— Mrs. Oma Smith, Miss] June Smith; II— Mrs. Ruby Hembold, Mrs. Barbara Davis; II— Mrs. Grace Shaffer. Miss Joyce Boone; Juniors I — Mrs. Lucy' Varner, Miss Ruby Davis; II— j Mrs. Hazel Borror, Miss Carolyn! Cook; III— Mrs. Prema Lips-! comb, Miss Faye Critchfield-j Junior High— Mrs. Phyllis Coff-! For Sale: 2 Hollywood Beds — Practically new — reasonable. Call Granlsville 4M11 after 6:00 p. m. Adv.—N-T-May 22-23-24 man, Mrs. Sally Patrick. Along wiih these workers. Mrs. Wanted: Girl _ steady work ""i — akcauy ttUTK — All civic, fraternal and mililary experience unnecessary. Harris organizations have been invited Restaurant, lo take par! in the services. The Adv.—N-T-May 22-23-24 GENERAL ELECTRIC DEALER Frosiburg TV Sales & Service Phone 418-J ' ™ei, ' mercep ' Father ' s Da >' at Spokane, Wash., 1 ! •- <«<" ' KEYSER Today _ Thursdoy — Friday — sVurdoy Safurdoy Matinee 2:30 "OKLAHOMA" Goicfon Mo t R B e, Shirley Jcr,, t lechnnoTor — Cinemoicope] Sunday Motince 2:30 — Sunday Ni 9 ht 8:30 Monday — Tuesday "TEN THOUSAND BEDROOMS" rotate. Alt r Indrblri] to „ lo make imrtiCi Civtn urder i April, Ml, ADV— T-May r.i Vnr,«in K ttirm . acting as co-I 10 st »id!css. (I will feature a rienion- : eK«| S | ra tion on "Let Your Freezer! " ted .. r _- ........ y hand thi* 26ih dir of RAUH C. NEAL, Adrcinlitrator c-t.a. US Frost Avenue. FT&»tbsir|[. Md ADMINISTRATORS' NOTICE T>U U lo sivc ci&tlcc that tlie *crtb*rs have obtAinrcl Irom the phani' Coun ol Ailtfan* Ccuntr, SI lar.d. leltcn of Admltmtratior evening "Open House" was held by the Ihc of Bf«if M. Hobinatlc. laic ol All«jtiny County. >Saryland. ricccaifd. rMl p«r»oni haiirn claims aKainit thr rit eta sed arc her*b>' wa rrcd to f t - nlblt ttif njmr.1 viiih lhe vcuchrrs Ihcreof duly autftenE!cite<i. to (he rob- schhcr* on or before Ihe 10th day at November, 1917, Thf,y may others j*c by Ian be excluded Irom x\\ benefit of 'hf iaid ejiate. All persons kncmlnc th«-msctvei indebted to said est*lr are "luesled lo maV« tmmtdl*!* payment. CJVM vjKlrr our hinds Ihtt l«h day o< Slay. 19S7. F.AHI, K. MANGES. HAROLD E. NAUGHTON, A'lmlntatratori, 1M S. Ubrrty SI.. Cumbcrtanrt- Md. Adv. T-.\tay 1522-29; June 5 Visil Bnllinioro WESTERNPORT — Mayor and Ier - Lcon Kultz . Donald Dates Mrs. C*ey E. Michael and chil-j c . alvln Haines. Robert Lovett. dren. Douglas and Sharon. and| V :'' narn Poland. Robert Hcavncr.lPTA for the teachers, parents his mother. Mrs. Laura B. i 1 ?™ 13 Bclford. Lester Poling.'and school personnel with re- Michael. Wcsternporl. and Billy Kcitic Voil - Richard Sirbaugh.j freshmcnts served b>' the Seventh R. Nelson. Keyser, motored To ' jeilorc Cunningham. Clyde Brill : ^"rfi. ii mr ,,o T •>;_.. Baltimore. Mayor Michael will 5tc Pticn Uhitacre. Ida Mae Oatcs . rclurn liome tomorrow of refrigerator. ORDER MSI IlTooT if". Cliicj(o lUtkcl Company v.< Earr.cM CMeMiion. kllclicn'itnj Mm Taulbce and William E. Dubv .No 21M7 Enuit> In the Circuit Cmirt lor onnr.REn thij u- <ia> M M» S . 195?. AO' »y t^« Clreuil Coun for Altcsany <oiinty, that the sale marie and re-i MIMINI^TR XTnR'5 vn-rtrc- ported b>- WMliam J r,»mtr. THIS is TO GIVE NOTICE £5 *» "nil Ihc 5»mc Is hereby ral*ed;nib;rrlb»r tiis obtained from ih,- Work For You. :rd Strtc.kler vice president. i— Lynch, secrefarv and ;radualcs_a_rc: Mrs. John Buckalew, treasurer. Following the election Earl F Brain, principal of Ihe school installed the officers and the busi- - ....ness meeting was openi n Miller Nancy Peace- prayer by Rev. .\orman haupi. Marshall t.aton. Phyllis i The school band under the di Robert Peacemaker. Mel-! rcction of Frank Munson, present-i .ayne Shanhollz.lcd a musical program. W.Val- r, Shirley Slroth-j jenc Routch. supervisor of music cr, Fred McBride, Richard De- for the Allegany County Board of moresl, Philip Davis. Delia Stol- Education,- was speaker of the ler. [.COH Klllt? T^nrtnlil rt-ilnr Pl-nnincl Deloris Uichman and Walter Cunningham. EARL KOlTARn MANCF.5 TeTfphonr l*.x 1-IS.Vi TRUSTEE'S SALE Valuable property kno-^n as IcvS-l W. Third SI. Pouble frame .ortmi In one side i rooms lide. Runoins ualer. fa<. am. «.,...„. 5.*TCKDAV. MAT t.; »t 10 A. M. at Second National BanX Bid*. HOfSKHOU) n'RXITlRE at 1C3 W. Third St.. on May 3j at iHYF AI Piedmont Installs Officers . .-.u, PIEDMONT - Officers of the """other" 50n ' nr an<l intermediate groups of the Methodist Youth Fellowship were installed at the evening worship service of Trinity Methodist Church Sundav evening bv DA.- f 1— f-. . EARL E MANGES TRUSTEE , N-T-May 22-23 15" cj»y ol June. 1937: provided copy of this Ortjf r h« p;iblt«hvd fame r,to.s.paptr publi^Tierf tn Al1f|P Cou nty, M a r j la nd. once a M c efc ^>ircc succtMivc w«Vj b«Ior« lh« a rstatp c' in ol Mlfg cea?ed. acainjl Charlr- cd tn f\Mblt tTie same. %nlh the True copy: **. T «»= r^ Joseph E. .,.-jh«hbrr on nr tx-Iorr the ITth Any J'OSBPH E. BODEN- l^ll^lS^'S.J.'S fijjjj CTert the said cjlale. All persons know themselves Indebted to iaitl estate , 1 to Rev. I,. E Crowson, pastor, as- skied by Mrs. John E. Grinrile. The new officers of the senior Rroiip include Rita Callis. presi- ] dent: Catherine I?o»-,in. vice ^president: Pauline Kcoken. FCC- irp-i relar - v: Xancy Diaz, treasurer je i Intermediate officers arcCaroIc ^ \Vhitficld. president; Da\ i . i d :h .|Callis. vice president: Joyce Wilt, ^secretary; Howard Pence, trea- in.jsurcr and James Parker, worship ot chairman. Given under mv hand (his irthT'dn'y'of May, 1937. EARI, K. -M.VVOES. , Administrator ! 120 S. liberty Slrrct Cumbctlanrt. Mar>lanrl NOTICE TO rR'orilRTV Notice If thereby Riven thai ... . Reeling ol the Mayor ^r.d Oty Coun- etl of CumberlAnd. Maryland, to be; .-...™. ,*„„. ^c;r^ m lhe. nt>- HJII at <o-.w o'cierVi^51-^Ii >1 «j|:_?J? 9 j I> ""' 5 " 12 A.M., E.fl.s.T.. June 21. 1957. an ordl-^ .Vb'.nNiRTHATRIX~cV\ "NOTIcV nantr irill be inlrortnecd prnvidint for! THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. That li i,!., 010 ^ 118 °" " n unn » mtrt spleen foov^suhstriber h.s obtained From t "161 alley runnine parallel «ilh andlhans' Court ol Alltitanv Count v °r.e. hunifrM feet (lOO'l distant mea- l»n«t. Idlers ol Admini *ur«rt In * .southcrlj- direction from the the estate of Sopb> ^ l Ready-Mix CONCRETE LEWIS Concrele Products B IAYIOR ST. F PHONE 32Z Fresh Flowers Lost: 1 set Keys— Finder pleafcj 1 conlact Gcorpc Layman '— 51 Broadway or Cdil Froslburg TGI-W. Adv. N T -T May 21-22-23, Acme Furniture presents Comfort for GLIDER for Your Phen* 266 Open S.30 a.m. fo 6.30 p.m. Open to Noon on Sun<(oy One Gallon Picnic Jug with Spigot Reg. $5.95 Value ONLY .$ . side ot S^nrord Street and fvtcndiTig oaj-twarcl.y from the eagerly Rifle of" Glrason Strecl one hundred ten (IGO'> to Ms Intersection with an Unnamed alley Iliat runs parallel with Gleawn Street, The Ordinance will provide for *n* appolntmenl ol Commlisteners U Award compensation to any person or Arsons owning property on laid purt OF said street vrTiich may b* tlosed and ^no may b* Affected thereby. MAYOR AN'tt CITY CC : OF CUMBEHLAND Wallace C, Ullcry. . . City ClcrV Mv.~ N-f^May jj.29 Ju nc 5-12-19 of ATtc & anv All the Countv, persons n^«iji3» im- UVVT<I»VU »rc ncrray warn^ cd to «xMWt the same, wiih the voucher* thereof dul>- authenticated, lo the AXibscribcr on 6r before lhe ITlh day of November, 1957, They may oihrnvise by law be excluded trom all benefit of the i Aid eit ate. All persons knowing themselves indehled to »»ld e*utc ar« requeued to m "i:..y|!Make Father Happy on Fathers Day! '""' d f. All our Gifts are are Nationally Advertised, Suits- 1 Sportcoafs - Slacks - Shirts - Straw Hats - Jackets Socks - Ties - Belts and many other gifts for men Maryland, de -[ h al in it cljiii ..lediz... r ..j rf Ihis 17th i ELIZABETH UM.VEDT WOLFE Artmlnistrat^x C.I ». Kroslburc. M>r>land lA<K.yT-M>y >J 29Jvmc 5 12. you know. A. Chas. Stewart's Home of Good Clothe* 1 . . . with ony purchase of $24.95 or more. BUNTING Rustproof Aluminum GLIDER BUNHNG f«atur«i I quality Beouri- frarrn pjoi tnrteriptftig. tilled tuiliiei.1, with pralty »Tp-on ploifie COVBII Con- v«r*t te o ful>.iic« bed for • xtro gu«ili. ACME FURNITURE CO. PIEDMONT, W. VA.

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