Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 14, 1969 · Page 1
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 1

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1969
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79fh Year Phone 793-3221 REDLANDS. CALIFORNIA. FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 14. 1969 $1.75 Per Month 12 Pages 10 Cenfs Peruvians seize Ui. tuna iwat V.-.V^mXGTOX (UPI) -Peruvian naval vessels i -cized an American tuna Ashing boat fflcr firing on it and four sister bo3ts today more than 20 miles off the coast of Peru, according to reporis reaching Washington. U.S. officials said thej- had received reports that two of thCj American boats, including the one taken into port, u-ere damaged by the gunfire. ' Both the W'hitc House and the State Department showed concern over the reports. Neither said it could confirm them immediately. The White House said if reports of the incident were correct, ""wc would of course look on this matter with utmost concern." Ronald Zicgler. White House press secretary, said President Nixon was looking into the report of the latest of a series of incidents involving U.S. ttma fleets off Peru. Rep. Thomas M. Pelly, R- Wash.. said the two vessels, which he identified as the; Mariner and the San Juan —; both believed to be out of Sani Diego, Calif. — were fired onj and damaged by Peruvian i gunboats. • The .Marine was then taken into a Peruvian port, Pelly said. At last report, he said, the San' Juan had been chased into' waters daimed by Ecuador. j Pelly said the reports, from; San Diego, placed the Mariner 23 miles at sea when attacked.) Hie San Juan, he said, was last reported trving to out run a Peruvian gun boat and been pursued to a point 15 miles within waters claimed by Ecuador. Several Latin American coun-! fries claim jurisdiction up to 200' miles out to sea. The claims arc not recognized by the United States which recognizes the traditional three mile territorial waters and an additional nine miles as a fishery zone. I 4tforney describes %\Thm 'He had no control at time Kennedy shot' LOS ANGELES (UPH-Sir- han B. Sirhan was intoxicated and in a "trance in which he had no voluntary control" at the moment wten he fatally wound- i ed Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, thei I defense said at his murder trial 1 I today. I I Defense Attorney Emilc Zola| ! Herman put before the jury of; eight men and four women thei first solid account of the' defense that the Arab immi-' grant will offer in an attempt to avoid the California gas chamber. Herman traced Siiiian's life in: Palestine before coming to this country and told of terrible scenes of violence which left such an effect upon hisi personality that he was subject tr fantasies and out of touch with reality. "Sirhan will tcU you himself from this witness stand that hC| never thought he ever would killi Kennedy but through his mystic mind power be could fantasize and relieve ttiat feeling of emptiness inside him," the New York attorney said. "Through chance, a weird change of circumstances, and while in a disturbed menial state, into.\ieated and confused, he had the same spells that he had in Palestine. 'Hicre is no' doubt and we have told you this from the bcgiiming. that he did,: in fact, fire the shot that killed j Senator Kennedy. The killing' was unplanned and undeliber-^ ate. impulsive and without premeditation or malice, totally! a produce of a sick, obsessed] mind and personality. ' "At the actual moment of the' shooting, he was out of contact i with reality, in a trance in which he had no voluntai^ control over his will, his judgment, his feelings or his actions. I do not expect, nor is if my desire that you accept my. statement as evidence. I tell you these matters because we will prove them through great imen in the fieWs of psychiatry' and psychology—by tests that run the gamut of hypnosis, interviews and known and accepted psychological tests and I testing procedures." Herman said that evidence- n-ould disclose the defendant is "an immahire, emotionally disturbed and mentally ill youth." The defense, however, has not entered a p/ca of insanity to the charge of first degree murder. Herman said today testimony i wotild show that Sirhan did not: have the mental capacity for murder — to maturely andj meaningfully premediate, dc-; liberate or reflect upon the gravity of his act, nor form an intent to kill, nor to harbor malice aforethought. Herman traced Sirhan's life. He said Sirhan was 3 years old when war broke out between Palestinian Arabs and Zionists in Palestine in 1M7. "It was then that shooting took place on the ver>' street where he lived in Jerusalem. In fact, that street became a dividing line between the Jews on one side and the Arabs on the other. "One night the building he lived in became a machine gun nest, on another night, his very home was bombed. "On the Saturday before Easter of IMS. Sirhan, his mother, father, brothers and sister crawled out of their itome in the early dawn with gunshots all about them to a temporary safety in an Orthodox Christian convent in another part of the city. "They never went back. They lived with other uprooted Arabs in a hungry, war-torn, violent (Continued on Page 2) Egyptian paper hits Ui. press on Sirlian case CAIRO (UPI)—The scmioffi cial newspaper Al Ahram today Demonstrations continue on nation's college campuses By United PrMi IntamitieiMl The tear gas dissipated, a FIRST WITNESS — First witness arrives. Juan Romero, bas boy at the Ambassador moments District Attorney's office today as a witness as the second day of opening arguments by the defense and prosecuting attorneys began. (UPI Telephoto) accused the American press of; fragile peace returned to ciikc imposing a "curiam of sUence": university and the University of. California's Berkeley campus;!hour to get out after waiting to black students violated an see what the blacks would do. agreement and for the fourth'White students, some carrying day took over classes at clubs, .gathered on the quadran- around the nation.nlist moUvcs; Wisconsin today — \vith National Roosevelt University in Chica-gle 'outside the building in black Hotel in Los Angeles, who cradled Sen. Robert Kennedy in his arms . "inch drove Sirhan B. Su-han ^juardsmen alert for more go; 200 students began an all-isympathy with the after the Senator was shot last year, checks in at the Los Angeles 'a assassmale Robert Kcnne-jpossjbie trouble on both the night sitin at Pennsylvania students. u <ni-no\r'cr nrfi >v> triHotr ac n ivWnncs qc flio coffinH Havr nf nnnninir ''>'- i picturcsquB campuses. ;State University after Yippie' After the hour, the In his weekly Friday column,; students holding the Universi- Jerry Rubin made a speech; traUon then told the AI Ahram ^ilor Hassanein ,y of Chicago AdmmistraUon and between 75 and 100 black they were suspended an- llaikal said Sirhan bore the B,,jiji„g voted early today to and Puerto Riean students held be subject to criminal prosecu- •li-jgcdy of a people and Ihalngave "within 24 hours." Aa building at City CoUege of Uon if they did not leave, he "did what he did for afigadp,. Ig^ay demonstra-i'Ncw York for four hours. ! Moments later, the blacks left Film of Kennedy liit shown in SInw trial Admirals to inspect Pueblo's sister ship nationalist objective. lion reportedly caUed the sitin a; Riot police fought with more the building-and white supW- Ilaikal wrote m his column: ..failure." and the studenU.lhan a thousand Negro andjers surrounded them so school "Many who disapprove of sought to make their exit—iwhite students on Duke's Gothic officials could not identify them. CORONADO. Calif. • ^« ^ • 54 .L—..— admirals inquirmg into the Deino nil snown '^^^ ot the uss pueuo new III! ^iiyrvii Yirginii today to inspect a sister ship of the Navy I intelligence ship. ' The admirals left the North NEW ORLEANS (UPI)—The 1 island Naval Air Station at 8:20 bead of a ywuig president isja. m. PST (11:20 a. m. EST) explodmg on the screen before I aboanl a naval patrol Electra you. His body lurches—almost jet for the six hour flight to an snaps—sharply back-ward. And amphibious base at Little suddenly time has turned back Creek. Va. &e aiid a half years and you ^hey will lour the USS Palm wn*S: ' Beach, a vessel slightly larger (UPI)-(eian James F. Kell. 32.; Hayward. Calif., retreated from; his earlier statement that he ordered destruction of secret materials when Harris failed to° do so. Returning to court in wiiat the Navy called a voluntary appearance, Kell said be discussed Klan leader surrenders to Ui. Manhal BIRMLNGHAM. Ala. lUPP- Robert M. Shelton. imperial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. surrendered today to federal,..^ , marshals to begin a one-year'^'^"'^y ""P?««iDuke. in Durham. N.C.. riot|section of the building and prison term for refusing to ""^'"^'^'^ }T ""!<="osa™n!pdUce used clubs and tear gas! threatened to set school records show to a congressional com-i^"'' . .1* but had to retreat in the first'" - =' ^ ^ political assassinations thought poggj|,jy Ihe assassination of Sen. Robert ! Kennedy—although it was a negative act—might produce results since which drove Su-han Bishara Sirhan to assassinate positive reasons by noon CST—as dramatic" as possible. Violence at the University of i administration building by black , Wisconsin's rolling Madison {students. Twenty students and ""^'campus Thursday involved theja state trooper were injured, first use of National Guardsmen northern campus. At quadrangle Thursday after a As the group walked away, a nine-hour occupation of the girl demonstrator fell or wa« pushed in front of a police car. ...uh u ,rri^ »„rf snow lo 3 cooprcssionai com- " ' ; . , , ,. uui luu lu icucai. m ure lusv uf^flS;, u?™ J^^:; ir,^!mittee recorfs of his "invisible,attention to the fact that thc|n,ajor outbreak of violence at a man who shouted after; southern university in current 3 Robert Kennedy 'I Adieampus disorders. I .voung Harris told him no word had = been received from Buchcr on vmpirc. 'shootinc Robert Kennedv what was going to happen to Uie The balding, .^ycar^ld Shd-ljf ^j;"^^;."^;;;,,;;™^ behind The melee began. . Students beat on the police The black students ordered!ear, claiming officers tried to secretaries^ from ^the_ recordsjrun over the girl, and surged -r .1.- 1....IJ.. toward the quad. Police Chief W. W. Pleasant said he ordered tear gas used because two officers were struck on the afire if their demands were not i met or if police moved in. They i demanded a special blackhead. cducaUon program without- poHce stood on the steps of At other campuses Thursday, grading, a black studies pro-;the AdministraUon BuUding and Pueblo. ton, accompanied by attorney .. ,„„„j„ „r , .„ -—-~- e...— ^ Kell «M h^ then acted on his B'^nton Jr., walked into fj/^.u ,w„ "l^Li"'„ „S Jn "^'ul^weW'nS police arrested 30 gram, money for a black huried tear gas cannisters into Kell sajd Be then acted on nis „^ ..__u_. „... which Uie American nation wnll pg^„s j„ repeated sweeps studenU union and an end to the crowd .Another officer through chanting, screaming "racist policies." hosed the quad with a portable School officials gave them one gas sprayer. Officers swung clubs and a .Vegro lashed at a than the Puebto that carries the own initiaUvc. Orders from the , I oh I v t^n'ri « ? 1 fi"^".v ^^^<^ same type of sophisUcatcd bridge to begin destn)>ing. LCaU shortly before 8 a.m. -. BU , a cut "Oh!" ,„_j same type of sophisUcatcd bridge to begin destn»ing.''^^>'" =>""•"> ''.»•"• "But a cm-tain of silence has l^iia^n^'^atThrUniveref^^^^^^^ One man utters a niufncd jg^^^ajj •^ge^r the captured secret papers and machines The Klan chieftain was ^ ^ o„ ,he tragcdv. One university oi came Ivn minutes later. dnv ,iftcr Ihe incident all exdainaUon when IJic faUl shoti^ ^ ipped with. . . / , "••« — —- - hite loosmg a puff of murto'i p ^ Ll^^.j j, - K C U also withdrew his judg-"'"K"'?' ° Congress 'or information media ^^Ti.Jrr X "r.i^ -J.- SH ^"v ;:^n :rca:^"v ;Hi,fe^™^^^^^ and cavernous courtroom. Day L. Shaw, tall and grim, stands in front of the American The admirals were due io Norfolk, Va.. late today. They will letum to Coronado Satur- under Harris only 20 days and wasn't qualified to evaluate him. Bucher's hour o( testimony returns and other secret papers.''^•^IJ^^ Berlin plunges toward new East'West crisis Weather irial continues today; jnith the defense basing its I argument on the fact SirhanI . . , . ,„„,. s^,, was an emoUonaUy unbalanced I P '"»flir^^5 ^?J .tt BERLIN (UPI)—Berlin today (West Berlin election. Moscow's newspapers policeman with a chain. After an hour ot fighting, police fell back in ranks on the Administration building steps. Students, taunting them, edged ^closer and threw back at least itwo tear gas cannisters. .After pro- dark, the students totaled 3,000 flag at the end of (he jury boxiday ntsht watching a murder he is! A Navy sp(*esman said thei ""I 'r ^rTnrinrr™,";^' West crisis. The Soviet Union c^ accused of inspiring to com-Ithird phase of the .tawing-tteJI^'ly^^^^^^ West Germany calllserlin meetmg of West Germa-:fhe buiwiSsS^^ :n "^i;;:llstlj ;''t^e ''l^^^^^^^^^^ of the police car and mit i -;inira pnase oi xne nearmg-uie -----vv-.--.T"--JL^ ! ordeal of the Pueblo crew ini<? .Jr"'* ™ Just at his left in the witness!North Korea—may not get I clarification. dHir. sits Abraham Zaprudcr. under way until the middk; of! Confronted with statements the man who took the mudi-next wedt. It had been: by signalman Wendell Leach, discussed color motion picture,scheduled to sUrt Thursday, 26, Houston. Tex., that he never (To 1:30 p.m.) _ _ Year ago today: High 60. low « I impulse much stronger ihan"^'.'^"Z'^i^"n«^^'^'^'^'""' endangering poured paint over it. man wiio took the much-next w«k. U had been!]^ „ „J.«^^^^ i-Uonal in.ah„^^^ tor ZXse^ .^^^"^^^^ and told the that sow is being sbovmjbut the admirals still were public^ for the first time. The | sorting conflicting testimony SS-year-«!d defendant bas vacat-labout the Pueblo's capture, ed his seat to give the jiny a' Seizure of the ship by North good view. I Korea Jan. 23, 1968. is the saw the Pueblo signal the Koreans it was in intemafional waters, Bucber said Leach must be "confused." He said the Koreans were {Smog: None Saturday. Sunday' Judge Edw-ard A. Haggertyi subject of the second part of the signaled by flag that the Pueblo Jr. has ruled that the film seen|threei)hase bearing. Bucher and previously only by the Warren j three PueUo enlisted men was 00 the high seas, and also that it was cogaged in a and Monday. Within smog and '^'"Tcn-'!;!.?"' British Prime Minister Harold capitalist facade still taking stud»nts the nolice would leave firt! nUes. burning OK. Smogi^'-°PP«' ""^ ^""n*^"- i Wilson flew into this outpost itself to be an outpost of the if the erow/nun ^^r^^^ Thunsday. readings unavailable.; - — =• Sun: 6:36. scU 5:32 i FfMt: Lowest temperature in the coldest Rodlands area is ex-; GirL i taken ' pigs city-charting a lath to be West or it wiU have a students did, screaming followed by President Nixon|flounshmg atmosphere — but ,he police left National Guardsmen were put on stand-by in the Durham Feb. 27 —and told West Beriin-only if it rids itself of the most crs: "I could not have picked foolish policy of the 20th Commission may be shown as a'testified in an open hearing!scientific researdi. Leach hasiPf*^ *° Ireame to- state exhibit along with Zapru-; Tlursday «tich produced fawr-said be wais unaware ot bothi"^'- der's testimony because it is; aide words for LL Stephen (signals. \san Bernardino Valley: Consid- relevant and by law the state Harris. 31. wto ran thei Bucher said be hadjcrablc cloudiness and a chance "can overprove its case as it inteUigeoce center of the occasional differences with his ©f sh(Mers Saturday. Slightlv desires." Shaw is accused of Pueblo. second in command. Ll^ Ed- cooler with 50 per conspiring iMit not killing. Chief communications tcchni- ward B. Murphy. 31. San Diego, chance of rain tomom)w. ku IriilnaiUM* frimi ^ ^'^ ™y visit century — anU-Communism." ^yn,or\- uy HlUIIQIId IIUlll Britain stands, now and in the Moscow's youth newspaper ' future, without alteration or Komsomolskaya Pravda said. revision, by iU long-standing In Bonn. West German „ Guardsmen who ikjo H pledge to defend the freedom of .spokesman Guenler Diehl told ifZsi stud^nU Beriin: British troops wiU newsmen that Russian Ambas- .}.MTLrt r .Min' VE.\1CE < UPI'-The kidnap- „.main here." sador Semyon Tsarapkin Thurs- fj^n '^iT^'I'l''' 1'"'"'"^ center of a 4-year-old girl who in Paris. President Charles de day night handed Chancellor Venice home At Wisconsin. 1.200 extra Guardsmen were brjujht in to Storms, bad weather hit most of Nation non.striking si'idcnts and screamed for help as she was OauUc's •French "go'vTmnient; Kurt Grorg IciSngcr'Tnote'? fPP""* '''='n^"''' '«~.M>r. c.i».«i>. r/,ncw„r, '^""^n '"^ni her bedroom early „^,icj, „.ju, America and Britain demanding the March 5 election students. iS^X^i.*!! thmnih^inn?^^^ apparcnUy was a hoWs the power in West Beriin,be canceUed. Warren Knowles ordered , We doudinws through Saturda>..child molester who did not seek unjcr World War H richts ' 'he extra Guardsmen to help Chance of diowcrs northwest por- H~t«.iivi.< mi H loHav =_ —_^__-' !tioa tonight and in north and Iwcst portions Saturday. Slight- ily cooler. By UniM P NM I M I WM N MM I {central Kansas, with an inch an ValentJae's Day weather was boor bitttng (be ffmud at asytliiiig bat hearts and flowers Gnad Idmd. Ndt. Kantaij for 'mndi of the natkn. as tfaejpoints wUdi were spared Midwest Uborad under new snow and heavy rains. Southern California tried to dig out o(i snowfall got rain, freezing rain or deet instead. Texas was placned with even disgruntled by slow snow Femoral after Sunday's mam* moth storm, were fMiog an accnmulatkm tt 40.000 tons of garbage, with an additional; Boston ransom, detectives said today, ^^^g ,„ „.„ft j,cr partners. || M • • |» J A house lo house search of Authorized sources said France,, Kh/C DOIIID Rfifl thu: run down neighborhood uncommon Western unity. •««•«• failed to turn up a trace of had rejected flatly an East Five-day Fentcasl; Chance of-Mary Elizabeth Lozano and po-German note protesting the ) showers in Southern California Uce reported they had no firm 'eariy next vreek with tempera- leads on a possible suspect tures near nom»L seen in the area. Kelpsilip 10^ tons being day.. No refose had each been landslides and New York City heavier rain. Neariiy an inchlcoUected, since the storm as «u faced with moondc suoiibound £ari >a0e. Heavy snow waniinci were is effect early today tar aantfaeast Mehrasta, saath«Mt Iowa aurthwst Missouri. TVavders nanugi were posted for the sane region and in'- the •Mumtain areas «( Colorado andj NewMesica The storm piled from ene W three aches ef new snov acraai «C8M KMnda and .mt^ snow reinoval hat kept. Sanita-{ tioB Department woskeis busy. The Mflh and central Bocfcy Mountains, soutfaeni 0iid east- em Great liakes region and! north and central Appabdnans bad snow ftarry activity with new faadslides in the wake ofjscatfered accomiilatioas vp toiftnaba iaat month's tomntial raint.ltwo incbes. Palm Springs One departed iSfitO to 20 ,IXIOj Early moniins temperatures Sacramento cofaic yards of diit on the ranged fhm 12 bdow zero at San Fraocisco a (ian4 a baU fd m one boor at; Alice. Tex., and Del Bio and WidiiU FaOs each rqwrted mote than an ioA by eariyj [today. In soutbeni Califania, woA- men were eoafranted with three M-M—j ~. .. ( N'o ransom note has been re-, , , #j «.2SrtJSr ?rnt. ""i^?" "y en* parents imissmq off LowPreeip !I>a*'<i and Ramona Uzano, and' ^ . 33 19 (M I>ct LL John J. Fitzpatrick! SflllTa BOnMira said money apparently was not " jthe uitcnt of the kklnaper. : sANTA BARBARA (UPI)-Anj40.000 Communist btwps' threat-jt'a Chicago Cincinnati Fairiunks Fort Worth Honolulu Kansas City Los Angeles Minneapolis New Yoric Mlaboffla City Pomona Freeway. HibUng. Minn., to 72 atjSeattle And New Yotken, already! Brownsville and McAlkn. Tei.'Washington 26 32 7 51 81 34 67 20 34 50 28 72 52 56 47 37 T. 22 16 -7 42 .34 70 .02 32 SO 2 17 34 25 50 4o 49 37 21 the 90O whose show of bayonets helped quell four days of militant tac'.ics. Ten pcrsans were arrested and several injured as a crowd of about 500 militants kept walking around the 33.000-student campus, fol- I lowed by police and Guardsmen, j At Berkeley, about 1,000 SAIGON (UPI)-In the hea-|striking students and their riest bombing of 1969, U.S. B52sls «PPOrt «:';s Uunted police- dropped 2.5 million pounds ofi'fiss off campus - as 150 1 bombs on positions of someih'gbway patrolmen and Alame- County shenfTs deputies troop positions near Saigon Checks were being nm on aU;air and sea search today turned known child molesters andlup no trace of sorvivocs from criminals in the area, Fitq>at-|ti)e kdp harvesting ship Elwood .74 .13 rick said. A prowler was seen standing in front of the sliding glass door to Mary's room about 3 •a.m. Thursday by a neighbor arriving home. "He I away.' ntiicfa reported it was taking on water aitd sinking five miles oflsbore. Qewmen aboard the vessd are believed to have set out in \ a skiff for shore after reporting beard me and ranithe Qwood was going under, said Ben Lono. "I: Four or five persons ware be;waited a few minutes and jthought be had left the area. iTben I went to bed." Heved aboard the 7MDot vessel wldcb sent a mayday dutress call at 4:30 p.nLTIutiday. ening Saigm. militaiy spokesmen said today. marched through Sproul Plaza, breaking up picket lines from The bombing ttie past 48||^e main campus thoroughfare, hours struck 14 guerrilla strongholds on trails leading to the capital where American and AUied troops have been mobilized to meet a Communist Thirty persons were arrested. A homemade bomb exploded Thursday night in front of the Gallery Lounge on the deserted San Francisco State College offensive in the surrounding ii: campus, causng sUght damage, provinces. ! Thursday was the first day of An unarmed U.S. Army UHl regular registration for the ambulance hdicopter was shot'spring semester at the 18.000- down 30 miles northwest of Saigon, wounding two crewmen. student campus. long troubled Iby a student strike.

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