Tucson Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 20, 1940 · 11
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Tucson Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · 11

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1940
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r14 z g A RI ' ONA WEDNESDAY MARCH 20 1940 - - TUCSON DAILY CITIZEN roodye ELEVEti 11 càts 27lirdoaDo a To Take Ezetballti Series ET2 Imien 11 3 Ps "Jr mtt 1 : To To 5teet 1" ' 11Urns nits 111:1 fternoon b tht 1044 -hitting University Wildcats hiving 1 b b ir superiority over trod Bulldogs by easily hii I go I tWORarne series so their heavy &Maori hI n men We afternoon P SIcKs:e'a dub made It 1 tiow over the Bulldogs yao !rt up a 224 &cora bib in and George Jordan looni 'td to take core 01 the lee et krres tor the vomit' In 11 with that Wildiattendi I los he root Plesday when Vele k a 17 triumph the ter mere really In the teem p Whale's thaws mt ev lost rasa in the lbw to trolly marl It le woo I do eighth rhopter op eight eel the cow tow fled of that point 11 kit lb roe el max 1" "NM $arper and VIC Gray who 'booing chores tor falted tha Bulldogs to ust il Their tomunatew kw r had a field day They peiiet to all corners at — rrri od total of IS IVA E Wenn Short and First Basonoui ell on coLectod threat hits i I the swatting parade 1 wo dui all right In tho i t beirs charred a pal ot errors Tin tf WI Iota' bobbies 111''? tar ut fic 01 iI 14 t 1 :i J 3 I j 01 i 11 bna Ninel 's Second t$ 22 To 41 I' re All 11 It PO A —10000 0112 —0000 --211112 2f-00000 -:::::: —401 6 0 41001 10000 —30020 —00000 I—::::: —30110 00010 33245 oMowlo IF 0 1 3 1 1 —2 1 —3 3 3 11 —4 4 3 0 --1 3 I 1 1 3 2 —1 S I 1 b —3 3 6-1 1 1 2 1 3 7 —3 1 2 --3 's Driver !fp To Hogan 11 4 1124 4118111 10 1 100 amo 40 22 24 4 000 011 00-- 4 0 401 432 110-43 111 - -a Tr N C March 20 fr OM Byron Nelson thought enough may cost bins ilt open golf tido lia new opeetallymade al here for Neiman the The l! IL open chem ens out kept the one hi fe made hlow l Texan a prewnt of the other Ith this new weapon a round of golf that strokes up on the went Into the second I- 3Pth annual tourney !led It one of the moat rounds he's ewer had full of prolog for his h tie with my game si- n driving' waid benne It 'em far mourn Ow reavet httter for hie z the pros) but they "I to honk right at tt keel) finding myeett t—not far but ettli make the approaches 't than they would hi 87 : w driver Igeloon gave never hit tee shots Cothett-ttne drives I them and not book r7I'lrif drives showed rant A study 0 r4 64 with wrh!ch Ow 0 N 1' pro tied Harm inetit've ammo record hadn't hit a single t"11 Pr Pt —Ron IA Dena Wowed John Adana 1 23 (Wowed 114aurcee 7111el rLefebvre 773k blow itlb rt owl Inli-41:1-W haltrortkos) - — IEvik IlKs 7Jo4 0-30 a ft 1 ''Iao Your Party I Now ta rimot Paull 04Pree I I- P 11 Ilia Mg (IC:3" I t r e I I I I I I o I 1 I 0 I I 3 S 0 S I 0 4 S 1 O 0 1 O I E e 1! ' — - diA Hank Squire's PRESS 13071 low ) We know It's a dirty trick we feel like the cad we are and we realize fully we've made an enemy for life—but try as we might we can't do anything except pick Bob Goldwater to win El Rios invitational tournament for the second straight year We can almost bear him say between clenched teeth while he does his best to count ten That guy isn't only a heel he's the whole foot" For this department to pick anyone or any team to win anything is just like striking a death blow to any chances that might have existed Perhaps you recall some of our excellent selections of the put particularly in prize fighting We've lost and won more championships than the participants themselves About the only healthy batting average we have Is the prognosticating department is the annual selection of the Yankees la win the Americas league pennant and punch the stuffing out of the National league outfit In the World Series It doesn't require any Intelligence to de that Only a little common sense and very little of that Our friends of the tea parlors Invariably wait until we've made a prediction before they put up the rent money When they do they wager the other way naturally It really isn't gambling because there is no risk Involved in putting up dough contrary to the forecasts issued by this slap-happy guy who punishes a typewriter for a living Yes sir the easiest way to double your wampum Is to wait for us to make a prediction on anything including the weather If we were smart we would also bet on the other MIA or the other team But no we're sap enough to think that for once we 'might be right ID I- C II 2 The Tucson Badgers tuning up for high school competition turned in a narrow 6-5 victory over the Arizona Frosh yesterday afternoon In the first at a Defies ot weekly games ached tiled between tta clubs this season They will return thetr rivalry next Tuesday with tha Kittens deter ntinad to &quarto accounts Today tha high ischoolars meat the Manhattan Athlataa a city league club Tomorrow oil Ma local diamond tho Badgers play the Patagonia high aim and Saturday they to to riont000 tor anotter high school contest They will be favored to win those two as we0 as Via Manhattan game Cowes (Itt') illbettle tba cleb's at nePrf lloWeed IS teas I als bits sad acreele est els yesterday Mat Natalia ee tba bill tor nee earnests asked Is via fist serthesat reefs mid aras ameba4 tee bet eta Mosta ih kept pretty well was tared Only Ore players sot mom titan ono tat collected a pair for Lb Fronk and Quires left fielder did the same for tha Mal lent Emil Pc? Tucson aborunop cloutad a hovel run The gams was billed tor only amen marks but the Krum's tied the count in their halt at the arverall and forced it bite two tetra homes Wort a isalt a hit and an ono tat Ilatulla collet-Led a pole for Lb Fronk and Qu Sros left Just why we should put Belo Goldwater behind the nekser did th s for th eight ball la a mystery Ile's a friend aft a fine torne-41- "era Erna Rey Tucson abortmop tor and honestly he should et la the inlliational But be clouted boom runWrolet new that we've said he can't miss wading through 11:"" Ivb71 thbultemAr 7:4 the entire Bela which will gather on the emerald expanse ow count thtir tam th at 11 Rio tonywrow morning for the 13-hole qualifying test oreorth anti toned 11 htto two extra We wouldn't mind seeing Johnny Price win the event trernol bear a 11111k a htt and an and when we asked him last night about his chances he said: !emir th" 13114terl tt' 1141- 'Not too good But listen Squire if you pick me you had A0 R II PO A E better start looking up the freight schedues Things are14 21) e 1 1 3 tough enough without having to shoulder your predictiona111 Houk ah i a I 1 Knox Corbett waml quite as irritable and neither was trier e40 I I ti 2 Harold Tovrea The other favorites we didn't question be- f 11"-41110- ff 1 480 So1ratierta10-rt 4 0 I 3 0 0 cause we already knew the answer Koddern 4 0 I 0 AU Corbett said was "We've been pretty good friends I Hausetioklet d 210000 and there's no reason to spoil our friendship now I'd like to Moo et 1 0 e 0 e win but you know I can't with your blessing" Orpot It ----41 0100 202 'Absolutely no' was Tovrea's terse reply p 0 Goldwater would have squanked Iota and long lad Totals 35 I 0 20 0 1 Ise been around to stick up for his rights But be wasn't TrcsoN As rt H ro A t He was in Phoenix sad won't arrive until late this evening Gratnerrn s I I a By that time it'll tee late ' Ria Jae lb — 4 2 1 11 0 — I IP but you know I rani with your blessing' ' Orput 1 ---- 4 1 1 Absolutely no' wu Tovrea's terse reply Slatu14 p - 4 2 0 I Goldwater would have squeaked and tang lad Totals 35 I 111 11 1 Ise bees around to stick up for his rigbta But be wasn't TrcsoN AB R H ro A E He was la Phoenix sad won't arrive until late this evening Geottleera 4 1 1 I 4 By tbat time WU he toe late 11:1410 lb — 4 2 1 11 0 1 Rey4s- 421040 2 i 2 Rie14'0 ---— 4 1 I I Selection of Bob was prompted by kis fine showing hi t9:41141fre— : : 1 : : : the pro-amateur at Phoenix a few weeks ag o lie fired the fkilits A sillIt low amateur score and looked very good in accomplishing 1 Alvarez ra — I I e I I s the feat His driving was marvelous It generally Is because ' eaueMe1-11111 I IL— t 1 9----- til 11 4 A 4 sus1t11Lerep---s 0 0 1 1 be bits about the lorgest ball of anyone in Arizona His putting which is Inclined to be on the erratic side never was better - We learn he has been playing frequently since preparing for E Rios invitational Weil if his game is anything like it was that day on the Phoenix Country club course we don't see bow he can miss Of course we didn't see lkow Schmeling could else knocking Louis colder than an Arctic Right the second time they went to the post Bat he did Its failed Ile wound up so the floor qukker titan you tea wry Jack say nothing of adding the Robinson Bob's game will definitely have to be at its peak because be will be starting out with two strikes on him thrown waist high across the plate by that famous pitcher of poor prog- nostications -- - Anyway if you want to see some good golf drive to El Rio any time the next three days You have an invitation from Harold TOMS president of the chill Were glad to Paz' it on even though Tovrea was one of the chaps who' balked when we asked if it would be all right to pick him to win X 11 Bowling note: Vic Moreno who swefled up Ile a Thanks- I giving turkey a few weeks ago when he rolled a couple of 700 series' but who has taken a terrible rose dive reported 1 today that he Art Waugh Moe Cohen Eddie Mackey and Red Olds—also in the woods—are leaving soon for the Mayo clinic for a complete check-up To which we might add they need momething Coaches Expect Four-Minute Mile PHILADELPHIA Mitch XL CPC —A "lour-Dar innf Iti poasibb three college tract coaches screed today and they think Chuck Penske probably b the man So do Said Res Osden et Tannic I'D can be done and In nty opinion et will be done In the not too d'atam tuture7rry probably by Chuck Penske Lewin Robertren veteran Penn and American Olympic track coach erneet 'place any limit cm what Penske will do in the future" because "he is yours and is improving taster than any other runner" Observed Jim Elliott et V12 lanceic I le4 IMO reason ice b tiering that the thrift has been reached by the standard distance a mile Penske at 24 has not yet CIETLDttlr leo Midis It be NOW PLATING 'LA REINA DEL RD)" "C0111- RA ?AFL FALIVIV curmt 4 MAR Eli -the4 ACT !MAWR Ir ANNE EDWARD RRIRLEI LUIS 'CAREFIVI Plus Novelty and N'evro reached the peak of his running career' Thus in the bespectacled !Macon sin runner who bung up a record of 2197 for the three-quarters at Chirac Saturday welt may he the final word in the long-diecusarti four minute Ingo The ruled !phis mentors pointed out that a 603 furl the final quarter at Chicago would bast tunsed the trick AU tsiat ono cot tho 195 implore of the Cyprus Government JRAU way art natives Now I re TM I Showing I Ono P 11 f PLUil46c: PEN NVIII IILLOOAARRCC DDrr lrbo Higitemy Mo tloo Moot $rIi Fmtertainsmeld Tows Swim Friday MO Road to Singapore FilN0 CROSBY Dorotby Lamour Nob Repo S Badgers ShadeIFINNISII RELIEF FIGHT' Freshmen In!CARD SET FOR TIIURSDAY Close CO 11 t CS tt boxZeirageitwtTletbtVVZIew"Litlfrgemt:: snut:1::t The stage was set todav for tomorrow night's amateur Close Contest boxing show at the Labor Temple arena entire proceeds of -- I which will be turned over to the Finnish Relief Fund Inc wbkh le raising funds for the war Tucson Nine Prepares torn country EXHIBITION For Pair Of High 1 TN program will consist of at least 10 bouts of three two-minute BASEBALL School Games trounda it at as announced by By Ernie Lewia chairman of the conk Aaanciated row anciallati The Tucson Badgers tuning l' miitec Lewis aaid the anima le tok (!I'Irv:igil" x up for high school competition Ing donatoll by the Tuceon Trott At St Peteraburg ria--P1rocak 12-rkeA In a etrrnur ELS eirtnts i Council a a I -1 IV' S A MM OREM 0101 010 M1111 Tote' 33 4 27 4 Scots by btririre rrash ----- 79D 41 Turents — 201 200 WI-4 4 Strike fAsto—by 12 Palle g gases on barts—orit mem 4 Mora I Horns turia—Ftry Throw base bits — gtelarsa Seratterre Twabsse bits— Mstutla Grainser Latt es basta—rrosh 0 Tama 10 Today a year ago—over iteriek aria tiase Long Island defeat Brad 'try 3633 and Loyola (01riagre9 defeat St John's 3144 in spent ft-iale of Metropolitan Baaketbaal Writers invitation tourney lirDmRig tv INI DRIVIC OUT AND Dftng IN —sot linos-1AGr7141T----111: r u4:r41 bort- '11iietts- Wart tor Anosestootnst 01 Auto Veetboo It ustber CASH ntruz The beet amateur reanitie here At Bradenton ra—Neo Tort have consPritad to participate in tAl Boorum (N) 0 thertashbr reprego Pa'ntdndmPbyb ccceboucatm: At Wintorttaven Pits—Nete York dozen ei re pueliste he Cleasiand (A) 2 have been training under the a At San Amami Tett—St Louis Peretaton Mike Hannitch tido I (A) S Tani (AA) 4 "'Jana& adviaar at the camp I At Artatita Pla—Loularillft (AA) n ar bays wii Ise paired IS 2301sion (n) S switb Tucson asstentfl oast at I At Rainey Cite rt Karam ottani ha bees saes ba senate City (AA) 22 asking! (A ) $ Is Cantos Glows progama Pet At San Pertuardiese es donee tb bat yawn lb j ego (A 0 Pittsburgh (S1 Y ibate be ran aft olthant At Las AntopiA cAlitrolvistre delay A eon Ad eel Patir " J mo es pbiladel2hia (A) unceledneater tialab tios nest Pale inn n42 arta be et tbe etasode nod midi Today awhile lot sedan r rtflatielphia (t) re Cincinnati Reduced prima Immo announced (No on bakelt by the ccrinnittee itirraide tickets gt Lnute (No so Wotan IIA) itava been $et at bn cants and gen at St Peterkbutit rat VIM IASIOn 044 be 2S j firtsrld vn b heir Tart (A) Ilembent al tho tontrultlea duel Earl Pocks John LouritirE Paul Pattala Jae Brooks Gketao luzwas and 1:111 Bozemen h Second In Billiard Meet CHICAGO Karrb 41:JI3--3ay gateman V alleyt Caif P441 no& arid rate In tit t211arl efeeld I rhaerplonstt three cuahlee ard toornatnertt Wear teteq defrat irg Olionare Straka Cy IL cement 5011 Lae HorPe bey York ono Mart Iv yererder and rrtartfol be fret place pceltdel Jake Sroder Jr Cleve:and do tested Arthur RutAlt No titlark 56-34 to II isthInge Ti? Denton-Kaneko City beet Arthur 'num bLatt Kancere W-12 In a 63 Ibn4 tratmee match and Jaltorty Layton M Lreue detested &Orel Our thumpers Liter Cochran lee Iranciarn 153-47 bi 311 Man" 1 A 1200)0400 electric 100111111C tJurt Us pet twee put Pito operative neer Tokyo Jape STATut WE AstILTEUZ I ter:1 CHA3VIONSIII? Aluptitioted roes At Lakland Is Oneinnotl (X) Jl Detroit (A) S At St Petersburn rit—Drtletkyn (N) S St Louts (NI 4 At Bradenton rs—New Tort (A) 3 Boston (N) O At Wintortaven Tia—New Tort (N) 4 Oevilansi (A) 2 At San Antontl Louis At Haines (Irv lint -e litatrama Oty (AA) 22 thaihIngton (A) $ At San Bernardino Callf--ChI tog IA 0 Pittsburet (N) T At Loa Antolra Calif—Miramar' IN vs rbilAdel?his (A) unceledwet groyne!" I oda? Srlbedolo rtfladelphla (N) vs ClatIntawatt IN) at MAntt Boort St Louts IN1 aortae (A) at St Pvterrnurit Brooklyn (N) vs Ihiter Tort (A) It Ckarvrater Chicago (N) vs rheadelpida (A) St Ilms Anrees Detrott IA) vs New York (N) St Laikoisavt Fla Ceteare (A) va Pttlatorgli (N) at Paraelons Calif St Louis IA) vs Tuna (TL) an Son Anton" Tot Cleveland (A) vs Washington (A) at Orlando ra The Acevedo Coveaimed swt21 ererit facilities far the estrum State the caustry et ouwi'vet at Dassault famtlie puff bving is $pats wad Trance '111BYSIBil tiSPOOMILITO t To 4E00 Priles TO THE irt 1411 SOMETHING DOING rmaT MritTE COMO la Alorovhs Mai Ao Lees As toe Inpid TONIGHT rourzysilow STOCK COMFANT rreoroto °A DAY IN A anNtsE LAVOILr menhir iTt f librIMme utycams Atml1 - I rowse:gum Da tip Over IITC P"1 11" ilikeent th is ran 115"1 rue beg AI 7' 'A a !IL 1130K WHAT'S COOKIN' "17N It V to 4 i I kN Qo' 'a 1Nracte4 fry VKTOt sonarznoont Mrt boo and Omni Ogee ao filom Noll 11 Coming to -41 A spied whirtshal of losyhtst sod a Inns Alamo Is sifts waywith miles fassess tossters also sod ash lasans tor Ohs lava el Dismay ho setts lass palphattas petals — STATE THEATRE Tomorrow TONIC at 11:041 PROSPERITY KLUB Coma Early GAM nitric 3 nA LOLLS1 Semi-Pros Drop Sacrifice Hole CITATTANOOGA Tenn earth 20 61 - Nenortal Semi Pro Saactoll Congress enamored today lltnination of the sacritt ru7e to conform with action In the Atnert cox and National leagues wilt Comm" hood of the No tlomil Association of Secol Pro Iktoripre maid the coorrets ap plied to OUP Netttall Assts lebm of Seml-Pro LeafirJPS and to tourria manta apoosored by Et congress Indianapolis—Billy Thom 179 Indiana Untvorsity areatiingt meet beet Tiu Great Maptisto lea too ot three falls WILL EE AT THE 1 Thrto year aan—lfarry Vari-on 611 tatnPus EnteL01 go f pro ar1 I ortrinaLtar of —6 arrPyn gro" dord He 12 on tirittoh (Ton 22 2Irno-2 and I S f 1 nowil rt PIONEER HOTEL FRIDAY MARCH 22ND Make Zooerwatiess Now-41mm 2001 RI CI MSS fp A ILI al F(61 IP MSS - Today "Pell 1 p JOHN PATNIt MID NIGHTINGALE" WICKET HOONET BABES IN ARMS" VITER IR GIRL FILM r CLUB MEETING TONIGHT AT 9:00 Ter Ms fullest estiorsaeut ot 'TUE EWE BUM" It should too toes boas thi betlaulat HAURICE HIETERLINCrS Ato7-A- (1r1IE —Now— liz TECRNICOlorit WITS SHIRLEY TEIPLE Eca nuct CAI SONDLAGAARD IDBIE COLLINS STIIL JASON JISSII "ALPE EIL1 IIICSOS Sal restore with frank Moron "Ghost Comes Home" f1:14k 1011111111110 N4' 4 I 41:4141- 111111i —C 24411 —1121 es& 1 mkt D St9iikt ILNCE WHAT TO DCV GAIETY a Cisequisteles Stablest Bost Saddle Harem Perste? Polo's Pt — — - - Cserbo Modems lAkorboos' Ilissors tosrirs r" hi reas Itratraa atowooptwor at IL M 11 resorsalkles Pk SIM GREER LAIITERH Reel Mos Tame FerbIleAss Ser--14 kerleg Ilk Essre worn es71r: thee motes rfig l orseu Roe& 'Miracle Wis Su Issiod sad Hot 111w-sits with Toommeir jorississl Drive Is Bettor sad Hoary led Serboree Lassbelskesses FOClT1S A BAK SI k ICE Reny tweed Sobs A T IEGIrt Rosso he Lcdge club Dancing 32 S Sfth Ph 4773 Th Oolgisal & sly Isseespersbis Oros II '- IL Feed CILI11110 Ts I A - II Welt Broadway BEST MBIL1CA B POOD TAMALE1 o—o--o ME US MAIM CANDIES ARIZONA'S 1141" B ITON NI AS FOR A Id YARENG ER 4—PROMPT-Of:FEN SI-E-A ER VICE VENICE GIRDERS Cit ' PHIIN SI I COI' IIE a 14441 ITALIA !MASER SI reek to more eves sissy Took PI-Wale—rt L PIe s Rd Wising JIMMIE CARTER'S Rao PiPrvh FLOOR knou to4 It tbart LA JOLLA PRI Ili CH H -k Nano II A N to I 4 U Lars oil 111 Blocks Rooth es Risks Asp — SHANGHAI Gm cht d m a orira Mokpo tad Cnatirrrea Ordors to Took Out II AM Is I AM Plt tfl a” I IT :)(3) tit ! -it A Stooloo1W ilthriatt of t AA 7" ' :(lt heyteteroa4 tittles Mos k 1 I 7 - 144:1 4t Is am tha waywith 41 - 'A' '- '11 A' 1 :-- ' tJ -' 4'' '' 74 miles favattaa toosteras - - i - Ic i-N r :"--' I - tine sod lob holing tor ot C' '- ' ( 1 V It p ":- Oho lova al Doohy too I 0 414 I ik ry-4404 - ' tk4'I IC 4 r - - ' amens Ittaso palpitattat 'I I -7- ! " pale ''- k at J -0ks il ! :?t' k pert -- lk 4 pLnfNi ' ' -1----3------41'—' 17: If ( '''14'"--:' '-- I wiit tii iiti - '- ion - iliii- 0 11 ' 41) 110) cyjoilf-t7g-i Ili i te' ii7 -I 01111r1A3 41 1 t ' '11 V I' Ot ' in t - t i I Noe ""' ' "41 ! 4C‘ R N 4C---c""'""""'"'""""""""J 11111111QE0110100 IP 12 N ::1)11 — 14 - -- -- ito 1 —1444027—44 1: 111 Tor tho fulled oujoyment of 'TUE EWE BIRD" It should bo toes from r tho begiuslat HAURICE HIETERLINCI'S -- ''THE ff S ? t 4 i - ' IN TECHNICOLO ! t vnit 1 SHIRLEY TEUPLE Eca riuct CAI SOCEIGAAD -N 'ODIN COLLINS STIIL JASON JISSIA NAIR EILAN IIICSON 2n1 frustum with frank morns "Ghost Comes Home" n 1 1 1101M Pk rit glIPIIIMO Memo Coming to 0104" 51111411" Tomorrow a so Waal Money I win ligi L RI 4 rostorr m to PROSPERITY KLUB Como Et:Irk Now SHOWING - 1:::(611-id ott Z1 r3 toll 170 VI I-1 I7$115061i-0110 — 1 tAgx"1::olsrt a $I:i -- 4lj''''s r--letiiv Id ituiltog 4 4 ittatvotett 1 so L0- 101011 Itstio-ra c fre71 (42' ) -- - r ' ' N- :- 4 1 ''- e'-vvtifif tri--- - 4 10110 Ardso-lhorkoll Dress 4 i Of gosorlog Iles VICILARD Dm --6- "RENO" —Irtil- GM PATRIC A311A 1011s1 NIONONOMMOUROIONIOMMir Zr1):0151 - N 4? -"A-4 1 - fr e C ntittozil e 1t) 1)-- SPIR I CULVER -11 ‘oweemo ‘ vy4 it' noi Pinaj TO SI Illi001:417:1 tit() 1 - - 11 JfRVi " Y 'restlinz erbit4 Prvem 4 ' I - a 1 1 1 ! : 1 1 - f 1 ik 7 ) o I - t— --- t MUSIC awl 1 PA Igirf - rk"es Pt $122 awl Iliforre Rtionv osa ?IL 112S1 - i A EarbStottio bkILPL Fried torten Po filwretto with Hnoloy IA t4tlettiICIE )anting Ph 4773 :

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