Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 22, 1957 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 8
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E3GHT EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND,. ' M D, WEDNESDAY, MA*! 22, 1957 Dial PA -2-1600 for a WANT AD Taker COMI sn.. rotm t AW AT AAPI FOR QUALITY PLUS SAVINGS... Serve ANN PA6E FINE FOODS! Don't divide your time between figuring out how to add to your mealtirne pleasure and how to subtract from your total food bill! AfcFi famous Exclusive, are your answer to both problem*. Be sure to choose: Jane Parker Baked Goods, Ann Page" Fine Food* and AfcP premium-quality coffee. Come see .,, you'll save! IN A CLASS BY ITSELF ANN fAOI SPECIAL! 4 ^ 49 C REG. 2 «»» 31« tmtetf bwnt ftSfap Wftfe ftwwv pr«t»*»el Just Stock *p a* 1hk LOW pcic«i Tomato Soup 4 £5 ( MOlRARtY totfut • m*ai, or for light lunchVsl AM PMI PW STRAWBERRY ... . and It's very -high da**" JncfctdJ JVe«hly roasted,, Custom Ground for your coffeemalter.... it's'really 'Alive with Flavor." Yet AfcP premium-quality. Coffee costs you less, much less, than others of comparable quality. Enjoy your favorite blend ... and tave> ; For Better Meals At Sensible Prices.. JANE PARKER BAKED GOODS' Preserves JANI PARKIR LARGE >PK1Ai BUTI with pw« fruit flavor your family will love, New tow PRICE* ANN PAGE Ketchup 33 C Btk SPKIAL! BI Food Ring 35 *%J REO. 49* Tempting, versatile cakel Try h-topped with ice cream or fruit! MNE PAWM ... FRESH DAILY ROLLS 21 JANI 'MICH LAX01 Strawberry Pie SPtCULI . . . RW. 69c mnm Potato Chips. 41 "63c Cinnamon Breakfast Rolls "•"•" P1 * 27c Protein Bread $pMi * 11 L »" a pi* full o/ juicy strawberries in a Uft. 6S« flaky-fight crust... thriftily pdcsdl 4MC1AU 55< JANI PAJUCH LAKOfl MtCtAll Apricot Pie 43 C Check The Savings On These A&P Quality Foods! OWN MAWl ' ... Ice Cream Goi 65 Your Chol« »f V«,j|l., Cho«lM«, »tr.wfa*rry, T«rt«i Almost, NMpelltwi, BM«. ALL PRICE* CFFICT1VI THRU SAT., MAY 25th See how we built: .:•: a one-level house for S5000 a two-level house for $6000 Actual photos-cost details-^ home study plans available, V^bman's Day 7*' FOLDING ALUMINUM CHAIRS eo. $ 4.29 A1P BRAND (3-12 Oz. Com 65c) Sov. 2Jt ...«„. J Cn« Me Orange Juice 665 OWN ... SUPIR-RIGHT Say* 10t... R»g. 35c w»*rv iwfc * t * nmy, tf^i, Luncheon Meat 395° AlP BRAW "T ""• w " $«• 9e .. . ; Bartlett Pears! 69 IONA ... SLKED w HALVES $«v* Ovtr 3t P*r Canll Rtj. 2 for S9e __ r t i •' Peaches If..3-79 c OUR OWN TEA NOWIO^OFF Hfre'» • big Our Own Tea Value... take adyantage o{ it while it lasts) 100 TEA BAGS LIBBEY 7 PIECE BEVERAGE SETS ea. H.39 METAL PICNIC GRILLS ea. *|.89 DUl PA 2-4600 for a WANT AD EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 195T NINE; COME $£1... YOU'LL SAVE AT AtPI SUPER-RIGHT Cooked or Smoked HRH15 WHOLE Full Butt Half U 59c FULL SHANK HALF LB. 49 NO CENTER SLICES REMOVED FROM SUPER-MGHT HALf HAMS! SUP»-MGHT OUALITY .. . WHOU Leg-0-Lamb.. SUPK-RWHT . . . LEAN, KESHIY GROUND Ground Beef.. SERVE TO SUIT YOUR FANCY . . . ROASTED, BARflECKD, SUPER-RIGHT Ib. Lb. 65 Boneless Hams. 79 SUPH-RIGHT . . . SMAU WHOLE 3 9 C Smoked Picnics 33 HOUDAY SEAFOOD BUYS! wuT P i"A c ^ K J? FISH STICKS ............ 2 2 S1 18tl aUiCK-fROZEM DRESSED WHITING PRE-COOKED . . . HEAT 'N SERVE FISH CAKES -.- 59c SPECIAL) 45c Volume No. 15 Is Now On Sale! The World-Famous 25 Volume Set of the Skiness Wieners - 55 Minute Maid Frozen Juice Sale Limeade-Lemonade Lemon 'n Limeade 4 ,0, Cans YOUR CHOICE MIX OR MATCH Orange and Grapefruit Juice Grape or Tangerine Juice tOU« CHOICE! MIX OK MATCH! <> Cm 3 CM 47c BONELESS COOKED CANNED HAMS 5-89 9-Tl Lb. "7«* . 6%-lb. r b9 - 7 J c t m J^tJMALL CANNED HAMS . ^^ Efl $ , „ SUPPLIES ARE PIENTIFULI Buy A&P EGGS s "* Crestview Sunnybrook Ur|eGr ^' Leghorn -" **• Uf|e DM. 41c * DBZ - FUNK & WAGNALLS ™ VM ™ AS *£ ENCYCLOPEDIA A&P's WONDERFUL PRODUCE Adds Up To Better Meals! On the BOOK-A-WEEK Plan! Get Volume No. 15 for only with ANY iwrchast FLORIDA Shop in comfort! Both Cumb«rlind PLEASANTLY AIR CONDITIONED HEALTHFUL, VITAMIN-RICH . , . JUICE-FILLED ORANGES 49 c Very Specially Vf Lb. Priced/ tl Bag TENDER AND FLAVORFUL ... FRESH Green Beans 2 35 C U. S. No. 1 ... SIZE A ... CALIFORNIA LONG WHITE Potatoe 10-lb. Bag 59 TK « PACIFIC tl« C ALL PRICES EFFECTIVE THRU SAT., MAY ISlh OTHER GROCERY BUYS! Bachman Pretzels s<>1 Pkg 19c Ia<> '- Pks - 37c Uncle Ben's Rice 2 14<I - Pltfll - 41 c M<1 - Pks 39c Armour's Corned Beef .............. 1W c " 47c Armour's Corned Beef Hash ........ llb - Can 35c Armour's Chopped Ham ........... I2s *- Cin 57c Armour's Roast Beef ............... 12<11 - Cin 47c Spam Luncheon Meal .............. "**• Can 45c Dinty Moore Beef Stew ............ 54 ^' Can 41c Angel Food Cake Mix **""*""" ••• • VINE RIPENED . . . FIRM AND CRUNCHY Cucumbers 2 15 e Strained Baby Food 6 Js " 59c Dash Dog Food O Mb. Cam O1- Dial Toilet Soap 2 L*. c,k Dial Toilet Soap Complexion Si» c "" 13c Lifebuoy Toilet Soap O R«9- Lifebuoy Toilet Soap 8«lh ICE CREAM SCOOPS 49« each Swan Toilet Soap Med. Cakes 35c Swan Toilet Soap Small Cak« 5c Octagon Laundry Soap ClltM 37c Lux Flakes PLASTIC GARDEN HOSE 50 ft. $ 2.29 Kite 'ir 75c tBIue %?. 79c Kes 67c Ajax Cleanser Floriinf Atrotol Mist Spray SVi-or. C.n 7Q_ Surf Detergent 9 V gf - A^r GI ' nl 7<;r * PKBt. WJV fltg. /Jl. Breeze Detergent Pks. 35c pj,"' 79c Chiffon Liquid Wheat Germ n., J<r 33c INSULATED PICNIC BAGS each $ 1.99

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