Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 13, 1969 · Page 16
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 16

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1969
Page 16
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Opportunity Knocks Every Day In Facts Classified Ads off dtecrth of* 43 liorsts tunlmum t tmi. S to txm Um, " — CHICAGO (UP1» ~ Miduel °* "*'"'iSS »Vmm» Kunvial has won a diraroe, bat, J uSlIIi^.^Jt ^iSi wat gnatei dailr \isitatiaaj { jj{ ^ * ' J linn CLENDALE (UPIU.The 1115s- Jtidce Hynaa FddauB said • urm tety of why 63 iMrscs at die Kurivial couid visit his tomcr J, \SS ui _ Bar-S SIAks have <M duhnc v-ife every day to m-alk "Dude.*'i gtr Mtjy >taa mm - UM the pad week may have been but be has to pay SS a wedci f"' solved by the county vaterin- eUra to feed the SO-pouod doc| CLASWiaTMN INOU 2xian's oflice. y>t Or. Robert Sdmeder said Itesday tfae office has conduct- oratory tests and "we are 90 the Bond »< Eduotiaa of the Bed-'Maeoi mtwmm.::. • per Ceot sure iie cause of >^ Vaitiet Sdmol DlsUict ct S*a RM HomM !• ... „ " BeraiTdUio County. California, beic- Fer ItenI U deattl u boblbsm. or oIU <or oeaJed Mdi to be de-SMch-MouRtMi NMH U Tha /<r«Btiiefn« Uverrd to the Aniitant Supetinlcnd-jWanM to Mnl Ttie OrffOlSms were beueved „, of the «id Soud at the Admin.jtafpain Saat 4 JMlWMtfmd tSiirwhSnt MMTMC — M. A-AUTomonvt SIDE GLANCES •y 61 Fox « HdifMtd •a OLOSMOBILE Supir tt 2«oor Hardtop 3M cu. in. V4 witn autsmatic poMf staarlna. brakes and windoan. <ae-> tory av. Machanicalty lound but' nnds new niebar. loir Blua Beoli is $700 . . . THArS THE PRICQ Call 7««0» attar t PLHI. .C-*PPLIAWCt> ! RENT A REFRIGERATOR; Spacial lUOem Emsisinnant WanM WANTED — Short erdar cook. OOMIV town aadland«.7»WUattaf 4 puny ;LVN br ralW. WMM cal I »«tar 3 pjn. HARtowrs' insuranc* a«B«ejr. i Sand rcsuma o« aiparianca to Box _. M. c/e Facta oWiea. I UVE-tW housalaaoar <of elderiy. - cmnK. Good pay. Call «7S-3624i Rialte after 6 p-m. or waekends. 2 OCCASiaNAL cliaifir 30- wide. 2 broilera — I is Miero-, ^.^^v (a oven. Less than ^3 cost.. o ~»fDiHrfu »Mr to have come from moldv hav istntlve offices. S We>t LoconUi Musical s. 7l!j SZ^Jl^. ^ Avenue. Kedlands. Califoniiii. until Baal EsoM Laww m feed bins which were m- the SCth day of rebruanr. 1 M>. at Money la tase adeqoatdy drained after the " puee Money wanted mm^imtxii tuaiucu ann ""said bids wiU be opened for. Mortiaaas-Trust Omtt .... mnaterms last mooifa. " BAND UNIFORMS BusiSt^OBowtunitm .... StaMv nwwr Rnh Tl »Mih «nc Eadi bid shaU be made out on a Incema Praairtr . _Zr,^^*r^r ^ SiepnaiS ^ ^ obtained at the office Baac^ - MounMA was baffled at first ot the Assistant Superintendem of; Industrial r "Ibe horses would be eatinsi' and then just lie down," Each bid over tlXOa shall be ac->Beal Estata Esehanaw he'companicd by a certified or cashier's Groves and nnehas <«n_ -4.~> -J—, check parable to the owner or a Baal Estata WMM. said. "Ibey show no Sl^ of „tisfact^ bid bond in favor of Comnwrcial PiB»w» Dain or anv Svmotoms. Then, owner, executed by the UMer tteydie." , Se'Sid'TiSS'*^'" Housaa for Sale. IRRORS Only one corral »«s affected. S-Li^be"^'^ 'S^^'^'?^•S'?SS:tW^S It contained 80 horses and «*ief"» •~'™*i £''"«Ji"*J5 »t £?V!S!F% deputy veteriiufian Wai«r Ritt- S^'" SSSd^ '^^^'tlo^o^.JSJS •* man said, "It looks like almost 3^.ir^J^^\i;^^^'!S?^2J^'r±'Sf. 100 per cent <tf those wi]l die.' reject any or all bids or waive any (,, responsible for more Oiai an* in- informality in a bid. ciperfencad^ a own car. 1 and weekends. twE BUY and 7»<««0 eve. MEDICAL Sacr^. Experianccdrfor doctors office. Please send resume ^ _ _. aoua. •(So3 condition. tU each. 793-5917 altar (000 used lumi- to Box J. e/o Facts Office. MAIS for t-tima work. Experience but not necessary. No calls please. Redlands Ti Sll E. Redlands Blvd. ture. Value Center Furniture, 315 w. Redlands Blvd. 79M111. !6AVetJK )ftt. chair, iH. Dinette .set; $25. Refrigerator, J25. 2 twin sized, box sprints and mattresses, S2a' ravel > Folding cot with mattress. $10.; Dresser with mirror, $20. Miscel-I laneotw items. 515 Linda Place. I McMAHAN'S USED FURNITURE i 'Bookkeeoer iFull size gas range * 99J5 TbSSkeeping. 112X IS- a/^t . • $7935 correct insertlOf,, So bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of thirty <30i days after. CiMCRLLATtON the date set for the opening tbere-l c«««*lStioIS^rt Brtvrte par^ aOl . . _ . maybe made until tajn^tte day el of San Bernardino County. Dated at Redlands, California, this NOTICE TO CBCOrrOBS No. 38045 Superior Court of the State of Call- _ fomia, for the County of San Ber- 6th day ot Febnjanr. 1»B. nardino. A. R. SCHULTZ. JR.. (Mate of ^ Clerk of said Governing BUSS DlXOHr. Deceased. Board. NOTICE IS REKEBY GIVEN to the creditors of the above lumed decedent that aU persons having claims CEBTiriCATE OF BCSINEB8, against the said decedent are re- ncxmocs NAME «uiiad to foe them, with the neces- By order of the Governing Board ™J^.5?Srif^Sii.S^^ of R«llands Unified School District.W^^-jgS; will bfl!J?l5f Wife "^3, Xlacad must be published one time or there wHI be • type aal- Ung cost er tl.n. ABRRIVIATIONS Readable and umlatilaiidaWe The undersigned does certify ha U; Classified Advertisamanta is false sary voudiers. in the office of the conducting a business at "O,,?'"*''-i tS 'JSJXi -jr 'ISf clerk of the above entitled court, or side Avenue. Redlands. California. I Abbreviatiant era to present them, with the necessary under the fictitious firm name of vouchers, to the undersigned at Brookside Physical Therapy and that Taylor * "Smith. Attorneys at taw. said firm is composed of the foUow. SOS AnOThead Avenue, P. O. Box ing person, whose name in full and 113S. San Bernardino, California place of residence is as follows. •240X which is the pUce of busi-i Rodney L. Cephart ness of the undersigned in all mat- 1 504 Baldwin Avenue ters pertaining to the esUte of said j Redlands, tuiifornia decadent, within four months after Dated January 27jI9S9. the first publicaUon of this noUce. i ROD.VEY U GEPHART therefofe^^^en^StuKaia OEAOLINIS Private party ad« — 4:31 B-m. day preceding publication. CefflRiarcial Ms -3 B.m. day Br» ceding publication. 10 For Benf A-APARTMENTS Dated February 10. 1969. HAZEL FRANCES TAYLOR. Executrix of the Will of the above named decedenL TAYLOR * SMrtB, Attorneys at Law, SOS i^rrowhead Avenue, P. O. Box 112S. San Bernardino. Calit 92402, Ptaene: ISS^ns. Attoraays for Executrix. ' (First publicaUon Feb. 13, 19ei) isute of California. San Bernardino County: On Jan. 27, 1969. before me, a NoUry Public in and for said SUte, personally appeared Rodney L. Gephart. known to me to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledged he executed the same. FRANCES E. LEACH. 'SEAL! NoUry Public. My commission expires May 17, 1971 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner •Wti make a great politician. No matter how much money ht gets his hands on, it isn't enough'. Bible Tale Aaswtr to rrcrioai Puizla ACX06S 33FWtiaa IWifeofBoas SSAccort S SSSpanishpnest Tcftament 39 Educate t efthc ttPeerGynVs ' Apertles mother IZWildexof 42Lalhs Celebes 46 Depot fab.) ISFidieggs 4TAsterisk 14 Apostle to die 49 Bullfight cheer Goitiles SOHusbandof 15Bind.aswidi Gudrun .belt (myth.) OBSeaeagle SlSongforone 17 Domestic slave 52 Mountain pass 15 Summer (Fr.) 53 Stagger UlIodifiesiB 54Forraerly eoJor SSNewZealand 21 Cravat pant* STwilledfafaric S6 Hakes StOiooie mistakes XTori^ DOWX SFurfitaBscnis 29G«d£te«±er IStoims 30Suitable . ^JdA 3Bnnfighter azMteativewari 4 5 Mountain (comb, form) 6 Desolate 7 Low sand hill 8 Primate 9 Condiment container 10 Belted coats H Frozen rain 19 Banks of turf 30 Oceanic harbors 23 Burrowing rodent 25 Scattered rubbish 27 Mora or less 28 Droop 33 Spiritual overseer 34 Patterns of perfection 36 Church festival 37Namer 38 Antiquated 40 Fastens with brads 43 Door fastening 44 Tropica] plant 45 Anatomical tissue 48 Decompose 50 Exist 1 UstudFNiri STRAYED frem SIU Mita Mente, deaf cocker spaniel, blonde, very old. County license Ne, 13171, Reward. 79(4912. 3 Bedroo.ii: Pdol 792-5514! BEAGLE PUPS - AKC registered. OUPL£X — Excellent conditlonTsU I . 793-5987 alter 5. Bond SL IFREE to good home, loving, gentle CbtTAGE to single adult No pets .i $50 month, utilities paid. 792-4680. 792051^ or 792-4383, fUFil4lSHro.'l bedroonCG a r a g el i K — GARAGE SALE ^^HiH-JZf- ^ Church. 797-9077 eARAGE~SArE~Forced to sell every- 2 Personals SATHINET, excellent cendibon. Culligan automatic water softener, used 1 year. 7 piece dlnefla, mahogany finish with red and fold vinyl chairs, used only 3 months. 79 ^543• after SM p.m. er 793-4586. TORNISHEO—EFfTCiEi lights paid. Close in. ... Prefer lady. 793-1758 evenings. 2 BEDROOM, unfurnished, carport. fenced yard, plumbed for washer. $92.50. Brockton Apartments at 3 Speciil NiHces FURS-Claaninc and clazlni, rellning, repairs, remedelint Steles, hats, er collars made. 7iQ-714a Church SL , ^UftNISHCb APARTMENTS. Monthly' rates, $50 and up, utilities included. Children welcome. 792-7585. 1122 vi>est Palm. Apt i WE HAVE'RENTALS Bob Parker, Real Estate 37 E. Olive Ave. 793-2914 ^ASrHEfjfS 4 faploiiwit Wiiiled 9tsis OipsitnMnt of CALIFORNIA from the — _—P~Social WeHara far «if eat* of ONE or mere cMldran, er fer etie er well, aatd Unfurnished 2 bedroom, new carpeting, $115. Pool, air conditioning, and laundry. Adults, no pets. 835 Palmbrook. N.w. comer Brookside, and Ash. 792-3586. I DURRELL APTS. ' 924 E. CENTRAL Furnished, attractive, 2 bedroom unit attached carport pool, laundry, without ( ^ an fer M tiMin or for day cBra. For furtMr In- farmation eentact the eounty WM- fare OeBt at TU 44m. Ueanaaa are Issued without etiaiffc VARB clean up wanted. Call cminefi ing or elementary suMeets..mgW. -*—RHPJTWPtNTR* Call Bill at 71Z4I37S 10 11 21 Leflol Notfeos MOTICB mVITIKa SBAUD PBOrOiAU (BIDS) FOB STEBL BtmniNG AND gLAB NOTICE IS HEBCBY GIVEN that the City CeuneU of the City of Redlands invites all and will receive •ealMl proposals (Bids) up to the hour of 10 ;00 a.m. on the ISth day of February, 11» for Furnishing and InsUUation ot one steel building, slab and foundation. The City COUBCS OI the City at Redlands reserves the right to reject any and an bids. Plan* may be sees, uai forms of proposals, bond*, centraet and sped- fieaUens nay be elKalaad at tta office of tlie City Engiaaer, Qty Rail. Bcdlanda. CalifonUa. upon deposit of Ten Dollars 9Wm per set which win be refunded in tuU amount to cacb bidder aubmlMac a bonafide Ud to the City, pcwiMed plans are raturmd to office where ebtainad In geed ceaditioD within five isi days after airard of eeatraet To plan holders not aobrnmint a Md and on aU extra sets of plans, tte refund wiU be Five DeUars tgSMI subject to their retnta as sUtad Each prepaaal Md) ahaU be made out or submitted on a form to be obUined at the etOea of the IHrector of PubUe works and mqat^be ae- eompanied by a easUers rtedc, a cerUfied check, er a bidder's bend in an amount net laas than ten percent (loy.) of the aneuat of the bid, made payable to OM order of the City of Bedlaads, and each bidder proposal shaU be sealed and filed with the City CMc at er before the time in this Netlee provided. Hie above-mantioned check or bond shall be given as a guarantee that the bidder wm enter into a contract with the City if awarded the work, and wiU be de! dared forfeited if the successful I bidder refuses to enter into said contract Tbe sueeesstui bidder wm be required to furnish a faithful performance bond in an amount equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the contract price, said bond to be <ri>- tained frem a surety company satisfactory to the City. All terms and in the contract the Ihfennatiea to BMdcte ahaU become a pert of the eeatraet. Me bidder may withdraw his Ud tor a period of thirty <3W days after the time set for the opening the«eot__ BY OKM ayS ^&TjrMgH- cn. OP IBB cm or BEOLANDB, SAN BEBKABIMMO COinmr. CALI- FORKIA.. Dated this ues. 3 OR 4 BEDROOM older home. South--HOUSE in Redlands to $15,000. Cash. east Redlands. 793-1731. ' No slab floors. 797-7607. BEDRIX3M unfurnished, close-in,: CASH FOR EQUITY $40. Key at 112 First 7924611. | We pay cash for the equity in your SebHOOM furnished house in Men-; home. tone, $60 a month, utilities paid. D -L, p.rlror Real Pctfltp Adults, no pels. 793 2380. ' "00 ranker Keai CSTATB FOR LEASE — ExcelTenriocatlon for 37_E._0[ive_Ave. 793-29_14 military. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, back yard fenced. Cope-McKinley schools. $175 month. Call 792-6117. ATTRACTIVE. welFReBt 4 bedroom or 3 and den, 2 bath, screened lanai, fireplace, carpets, drapes. Excellent location, water paid. 792«51. Ctty Cleffe City of Bedlaads San Bcmardlae County California IS.- wkaae ummm tm na aai SUte ef CaBlania. ^ San Bcnardiaa Oaontr On IMinnnr $•,]*«. Kelaiy PaMie ia *• Statt, ursoMsny aBpiarii Vlder Bay, kaeeate • _ D man for part-time work to, supplement income. Maintenance work. Redlands TraveLodge, 511 E.I Redlands Bhnl. No phone calls please. Recotionisl' . ^Snd ^iSpfurMSt""^«":!^i" taTiriarly American;:! perienced. Yucaipa area, write : Mattress and box spring J-g-g P.a Box 1129. Yucaipa. :Sofa, early American V^U. AVdNi^LiNG! ??^„'''r,«"L^^,„;|««^ Represent world's leading cosmetic J Sol company in your neighborhood. You '»'"'»• UfS can earn while ymi leam! Call. fe^""'" F£e"=h oax 792-9119 or write Son Mgr. P. 0.:^"" ia "l^lt' ^r '&ng.'^''"''^ iSf' anTchair,- matching:":.!!!!i your nome.^— _ 1.^^,^,, ,955 Automatic Transmission >S -3|«3S'„ic washer: :::l'ii:l |i FREE DELIVERY ; Redlands Daily Fact$ iThuf$doy. Feb. 13, 1969 - 13 I55 Houses for Sale BEAT WUtlon. Imrest In this lovely 1 3 bedroom, 2 bath homejOn corner lot and receive income from ' smaller guest house with its own private drive and f «ic (»d )™i ]d.Marnr extras. By owner. $22J0a 792-4997. ^PRlMElTOCATION 2 bedmom and den. Hi baths, eom- pleta with drapes, carpeting and fireplace, air conditioned, double carport and brick wall patio, i-i acre comer lot beautifully landscaped with fruit trees and flowr ers- $26,000 with 10' will firranca. 792-3621. down. Owner 4M- repair man with Ford Motor Co. ex- pirienc.jPn!f.n«^-S«^jim Haney. '^^^jn ^^^EtjTANlOUS 793-2S12 "Our public relations manager asked me to speak to you Wilson. He'd appreciate it if you'd try to look a little less menial!" WESTLUGONIA Built in 1956. In excellent condition. 3 bedrooms. 2 baths, well land; scaped fenced yard. Room for I camper, trailer. $450 down FHA. No down VJL 2.000 SQ. FT. $24,750 Southside. McKinley-Ccpe School district 4 bedrooms, family room, 2 I baths, carpeted and draped, air conditioned. 2 car detached garage. Owner anxious to sell! Priced be: low FHA appraisal. Vacant Quick j possession to qualified buyers. Call Jos. P. Lengel LAMBETH REAL ESTATE PLANNING, INC. 720 Bnwkside. Suite 101 793-2272 Eves, a Weekends 792-7516 Uncoln • Mercury 420 W. Redlands Blvd. Automobile Salesman GOOD DEMO PLAN SMALL SALES FORCE SELL NEW-USED See Bab McMillan or Jim Glaze No Phone Calls JIM GLAZE, INC. Lincoln - Mercury Dealer 420 w. Redlands Blvd., Redlands HSITSKIT^NOW on sale, 25^. oft. ^^^ssSB^BSSSl ! Pratt Bros.. 651 E. Citrus Ave. •• m r t ;.ajg^^srqua.i»-r$i:^-gi55 Houses fof Sale 'P0»0 ?estyling. Stoles made. $45 up. Redland* Cleaning and glazing. Years of ex- , perience. 11692 California SL, Yu-.BY OWNfR — Comfortable home and caipa. 797-2204. SINGER C6MPANY Repossessed 1968 Singer Sewing ma- 1 chine. Zig rags, blind hems, mono-; > grams, overcasts and appliques.! I Payments $5 month. Call Mr. . Hammit for free home inspection.' 793-2901. cottage. 2400 sq. ft: swimming pool, dining room; $27^00. Sll S. Buena VisU — 792-7106. FANTASTIC FURNISH Olive. 792-2368. piCKwrcK ARMS Aprs: = I F ~FRUrTS ^E^ETABLES _ ORANGES — 1()C lb.: '25 W., 1336 w. Highland Ai .. $3.00 per box. Ave.. 792-1526. G-PETS-ANIMALS thing. Tools, all kinds. Beds, chairs, old radios, phonograph, wire recorder, and antiques — all kinds, refrigerator, gas stove. TV, hardtoe boots (8). antique desk. Trailer house. $100. 32291 Ave. E, Yucaipa. 797-0027. L - MOTORCYCLES HONDA — 250 Super Hawk. Sharp,! top mechajiical condition. 792-7876.! 47 Income Property BY OWNER — Rialto. 8 units with pool and extras. Income $10,800 a year. $15,000 down. Trade for balance. 874-1547, 42 Money Wanted NEED $3600 immediately, 2nd trust deed, Redlands home. 5 years at 10'-,. J. C. Crane, 1403 Cajon St 792-2264. $130. 793-5785 NEW YORK ST. APTS. 25 New York St. Mr. Apt 8 792-0756 Completely redecorated. 2 and 3 Bedroom Apartments $125 and $145 per month. I -HOUSES 50 Lots and Acreage Indoor - outdoor living at its best In this ultra-modern dream heme, adjoining the Redlands Country Club. A view of the mountains, valley and golf course can be enjoyed thru walls of glass and clerestory windows. Beamed ceilings, huge fireplace, indoor garden, individual patios, unique bath rooms, fabulous storage thru out this 4 ,000 sq. ft home, are just some of the amenities. Beautifully redecorated and re- landscaped for easy care. Enjoy living in the extra large living room, formal dining room, built-in kitchen, family room, den and 3 bedrooms (expandable to 5). For an appointment to see this individually designed home for the growing family, call PRESCOTT'S Realtors Multiple Listing Service Redlands. Calit Eves: 793-5689 5 W. State St Days; 793-318« "Home Is Where The Heart Is Your heart will surely be in this 3 bedroom attractive home. Ideal for the newlyweds or small fam ly. The large living room with dining area opens on to a lovely fenced yani with flowering trees. 2 car detached garage with plenty of room to park a boat or camper. Located on a quiet street lUst east ^ of the University. Priced at only ^ $173» FHA appraisal. Don't let this one pass you by. 55 Hoises for Sale Man* $10,950 East Highland. Ave in Redlands. Compact 2 bedroom home with dining room, 12x15 living room and tiled kitchen. A good home, a fine floor plan. Sure needs paint and you gotta do it at this price. Terms. Near U. of R. ' Easy to buy — only $500 dovrn. plus impounds on this redecorated 3 i bedroom. Vi bath home. Wall-wall carpeting, forced air heating, fireplace. Fenced rear yard. Priced at I $15,450. Easy FHA temis. Mentone 3 bedroom - family room home, has ' carpeting in living room and hallj cooling. paBo. carport and workshop. Try $350 down with payments approximately $105 mont* ly. including all. eluding alL 4 Bedrooms DON FIGGINS 20 N. 7th Realtors 793-2861 LONG ON LiVABILITY This 4 bedroom, 2 bath, home in a desirable seuthside location offers 2100 sq. ft of easy family living with a 19x22 family room and a large "step - saving" laundry-work room. The living room has an attractive fireplace and the kitchen boasts modem built-in range, oven, dishwasher and disposaL Outside is a comfortable 15x33 covered patio completely fenced back yard, and a 2 car attached garage. $25,900 REDLANDS REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE Realtor-Multiple LisUng Service 7 East Citrus Anytime 793;2825 David Waters. Cert in Real Estate Evenings — Grace Maloof 793-1947 ; Freshly painted, inside and out; hard- j wood floors, carpeting in living i room and hall, fireplace. Family size kitchen, with built-ins, dish' washer. Patio, back yard fenced for privacy. FHA appraised at $20,750. $1050 down plus closing costs. C. KOOIMAN Realtor „ 1024 N. ORANGE 792-1022 or 792-263J EVES: LEE BUCHER 793-1061 JIM VANDER HOOP 792-293» $11,000 BUSINESS LOT Excellent comer. 10th and State, bordering Redlands Blvd. Will really sacrifice for quick sale. 792-4868. 53 Real Estate Wanted DOSS Rtdten NEW cottage, fumished, private, wail to wall carpet gas lights, yard care, maid service. Lots of cupboards. Employed adults only. $90 one. $100 h*o. 797-4475. PRIMrLOCATION 2 bedroom with den, Hi baths, drapes, carpeting, fireplace and air conditioning, on landscaped comer lot $195 per month with lease. Lease-option considered. 792-362L »— OFFICES. BUILDINGS $85 PER MONTH Emerich and Co., 793-2428 COMMERCIAL building, Redlands Blvd., $U0. Key, 112 First 792-4611. 13 Wanted to Rent-Lease ROOM in private home. Call 792-2348 after 6 p.m. CASH IN A FLASH NET CASH — ALL CASH We need your house — now. We pay all costs, delinquent payments made current immediately. Contracts accepted. PARTHENON BUILDERS, Inc. 9439 Sierra Ave.. Fontana 823-4276 or 875-3140 collect 793-3354 33 E. Vine MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE Open Saturdays Eves, and Sundays Call Paul Meines 79^^740 Harry Beguelin 792-4733 Ellen Boyd 792-4996 Carl or Maxine Doss 793-4100 54 Commercial Property COMMERCIAL BUILDING for lease. Ideal (or retail business or office space. Wr location. 30'x80' and only 20 cents per sq. ft Campbell & Ketcherside 131 Cajon St 793-2033 55 Houses for Sale 15 Bargain Spot Yucaipa , BESOTlfUL area, view, 2 story white brick colonial, 4 bedroom. 2^2 baths. 2600 sq. ft Many extras. A very special house. $42 ,00a 797-7321 alter 4 p.m. or weekends. Redlands :DvRGE "2 ~bafhs. 1428 3 bedroom, a AlimilATIVE I Texas. 783-1753. . ""ri^f ^sWst -ee-rin-g: ^'^-^^l^t'm'r^^&Si'"' air, good condition. 792-1307. _ii8 W.Citrus 793:277) .. --J?K"'-^' ">""'• iBYOWNER — 3 bedroom and family t«n. 793:4824. t „ On Crescent Carpetetl. •62 RAMBLER classic Wagon. Auto-; S19.200. Owner translerred. 793-5390. malic, excellenjrondibon. .792-1763., oPEir~HOUSErT~bed7ooimr"den, 2 'STFOSini ^tonriohg wheel base. Excellent condition inside and out baths. $27,500. 1020 La Cresta Dr. Sat and Sun., 10 a.m. to_5_p.m. 6 cylinder wjlhwrdriyfc BY-^tTER - Lovely custoiir2-bed- tS PLYMOUTH Fury 3. hardtop^pw- 1 njom. den. on Elizabeth^ Crest Newer steering, radio, heater, excellent! ly redecorated. Magnificent view. j T^-JSK condition. 792-1285. ! (J„ner transferred. $34.700. 792-8189. Martha Fouch i366 VW Sedan.^$14507TM/FM radio.; HSMES-^Oti^ARMi ^H ^^han 24.000 Miles. Phone 1 TRADITIONAL SERVICE ALASKAN'camper on -65 8 cylinder! FOWLER'S Chevy. Air conditioned, power ijjo W. Citrus REALTORS 793 -2 »t3 DO YOU HAVE... In-Laws? Teen-Agers? College Students?.. Here's the answer to your housing problems. A very livable, modem, 4 bedroom, 2 bath home PLUS a cozy 2 room and bath guest house with complete privacy. Smiley-Cope School DisUict FHA Financing. $25^00. Now You Can Buy On FHA or VA Terms This lovely custom built home in a most desirable southside location. 3 bedrooms, two baths, plus den with used brick fireplace. Built-in range, oven, dishwasher and refrig* erator. Quality wall to wall carpeting over beautiful hardwood floors, lots of fruit and shade trees. Low down. Only. $25,750 or NO DOWN to qualified veteran. VIRGIL J. SIMS 18 W. Citrus Realtor 793-2777 Eves, and Sunday Fayrene Burton Wanda Griffiths 792-3982 792-4696 rtha Fouch Roy Buchoz 792-3013 792-5178 Elsie Webber 7924500 4 bedrooms, a lovely family home, close in to markets. Completely chain link fenced. Small dovm and easy monthly payments. Vacant and ready for occupancy. Sweetheart j Sparkling clean, 2 large bedrooms, large paneled living room with fireplace. Beautiful file bath with shower. Large pantry, wall to wall carpeting, drapes and curtains. Nice bright kitchen, cooling, new garage. The price — $15,500, valuable lot Walking distance to shop, ping. Spanish style home with 2 bedrooms! Cope-SfHlley and den. Attractive B-B-Q in back. School area — a charming 3 bed- A real buy at $16,1100. | room home, large living room with 1 hpaiitiful ereen and blue carpet- South of the Border Garden Setting on Garden St. Nice two bedroom with separate din- in room (or family room), central hallway, fireplace in living room. Be sure to see this at $22,500. Corner Lot 4 bedrooms. 2 bath homo in lovely low-traHic area. Built-in bar. Attractively landscaped. Life of luxury for $31,000. Bob Parker, Realtor 37 E. Olive 793-2914 Open till 7 :30 TU 6-5101 OPEN SUNDAYS beautiful „ . , ing: Tile kitchen with breakfast bar, dining room, utility room. This home is immaculate and a pleas* ure to show. Full price $13,50a Small down. Heap O' Livmg 4 bedroom and large family room, 2li baths. Near Smiley-Cope schools. Very attractive stone fireplace, wall to wall carpeting, large enclosed rear yard with timed automatic sprinklers, shake roof. Refrigerated cooling and forced air heating. Ideal location for the entire family. Excellent terms available. Wanda Hale 126 W. Colton Realtor 793-247S Eve. Dudley Owen 792-0186 Does It 7 O Has It: Quick-Reference Directory to Business Household and Professional Services Only $8 per month buys a minimum, 2 -line od in this directory Cell 793-3221 for further inftrmalten steering, ^VOLKSWAGEN th tow bar. Phone 792-5830. ^j ^i Four Bedrooms... Metal flake fibergias body, extra 1 set of wide rims and fires, plus plus a 12 x 14 family room. The large kitchen has gas built-in range and oven. Also a built-in dishwasher and garbage disposal. Lots of kitchen cabinets. Wall to wall carpets throughout 2 baths. Enfire house has new paint inside. Forced air heat and a(r conditioning. Back yard has entrance for trailer or boat Conventional, FHA or VA financing. $23550. 10 For Rent A —APARTMENTS Pine Crest Manor Apts. 1001 PINE ST. Mgr. Apt 22-792 -Ua NOWREKTING Just newly completed • Bachelors, i. 2, 3 Bedrooms. • $!00to$l90per month. AI Efoetrie GeM Don Arneqard 310 E. Citrus Realtor 793-2341 Tim Mason 792-5198 Leo Couch 79M051 J. N. Oliver 793-3870 Chris DesMarets 792^336 Beautiful Custom Built 3 Bedrooms, Home family Hi, V2 baths, wall -wall earpeUng. refrigeration air conditioning. 2 fitepbces. all built-in kitchen with many outstanding features. Large double garage with individual office and workshML Mature landscaping, easy matntenaiice, spnn- klers. Choice location. Priced at $34 55a JIM DANIEL - Realtor Mulfiple LisUng Service George Fmlay Betty Hays 793-112S 792-7523 Bob Hall John BoM 73M346 7n-739t 127 CAJON STREET Pliane.7»3Za TOWN SQUARE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Real Estate Sales MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE MINI HOUSE WITH MAXI CHARM When you walk Into this unique little house the view ef the anew capped mountains will take your breath. The brick terrace, swimming pool, and orange Itaat fonn the foreground for this perfect picture. UrBO IMnB.«ninf room with brick fiieptaoa and pitched celling is spacious, cheer- tul, and cozy. Extra larsa bee- room and bfOu Plenty ef room to build adStional rooms, eullt. in kitchen witn knotty pine cabinets. Large utility room. More storage than houses twice this size. Good nnancinc. Owner will consider trade $2M00 r West Siaie Street Day or Nite 793-2841 Lois Lauer 793 -12Si Bonnie Rook 793-13aB Helen Jehnsan 79MBW Pat Newnham 7SZ-7U2 Maiy Poole 79Z-2U7 Lcs ptatz nuUB ^ Air CendWenlni-Heatina •k Hardware and Appliencet BURGESON'S « Lennox •Day* Night • Fe*^rs Sales and Serelce. Call 793-3685 IMPERIAL HARDWARE 19 E. Citrus 793-2917 BURGESON'S « Lennox •Day* Night • Fe*^rs Sales and Serelce. Call 793-3685 1e Jewelry Mfg. - Repeir ELL'S 792-1849 G .E.- Payne-Worthington Since 1949-service-All Makes ALDEN JEWELRY-Mfg. & Repair, IOC Orange, 10 a .m. -4 n .m. 793-4078. ELL'S 792-1849 G .E.- Payne-Worthington Since 1949-service-All Makes ir Moving and Storage •k Avte Electric REDLANDS VAN STORAGE . . taCC ln ,4 «.t.^sl Dsrtr 7ll?.7l4l '^UM^'^ETE^RIC'^. • M;;S«"' • "•" *f *J*^ . =—r— — ALSO exhausts-tail pipes. 792-4975. if Answenn9 Strvtce Guaranteed for life of your car. 47 E. Vine 793-2901 ..^i^ Offi,, Maehinet . Furniture •k Aute Repeir SERR'S OF REDLANDS 9r\M P eta tie 702-3939 All Chrysler, Willys, Fiat Cars Ganey Motors, 415 Orange, 793-2323 ir Painting •k M» Sales A Service GEORGE MOEHLE P;lirtfinir 792-3179. 5-7 D .m. Van Oorin Motor Ca, Chrysler and Dedie. 1617 W. Badlands Blvd. FREE Esfimates and Guarantee No Job too Large or too Small 15 years area experience. Call evenings appointment NELL'S CLEAN SHOP 1594 N. Orange 792-2121 YOU DO IT or WE 00 IT FREE Esfimates and Guarantee No Job too Large or too Small 15 years area experience. Call evenings appointment NELL'S CLEAN SHOP 1594 N. Orange 792-2121 YOU DO IT or WE 00 IT ir Paint and Wallpaper •k Car Waihim'Waxing ANGUN & POWELL. 7934670 Paintinz and Decorafing 792-SlU REDLANDS 3 MINUTE CAR WASH 112 W. Redlandi »M. 79^7551 -t-£arpaf Cleenina ANGUN & POWELL. 7934670 Paintinz and Decorafing 792-SlU REDLANDS 3 MINUTE CAR WASH 112 W. Redlandi »M. 79^7551 -t-£arpaf Cleenina • -Norftslda Paint - fSoi Orange Highest quality. 792-9418 ACeUftATE JANltOlt SERVICE Cartiets-Floors. Windows 792-2594 -A* Plumiring SANITARY PLUMBING 1248 Wabash Ave., Redlands. 794-2131 #^MMrt, SWrt iWry -A* Plumiring SANITARY PLUMBING 1248 Wabash Ave., Redlands. 794-2131 Dutch Girl Cleaners M W. Colton 792-aS30 ir Reefing Dutch Girl Cleaners M W. Colton 792-aS30 "RStwJOFING, ROCKS OR SHINGLES Superior Roofing Co.. Est. 792-3(81 •ir Ceter Televisien Service ir Roietilling CUUIilS COLOK TV SERVICE 142S W. Parit Ave. 792-80S1 NEW lawn, sprinkler systems, yard clean-ups and shrubs trimmed, trash hauling,, odd_ jobs, monthly maintenance. Call Ken, 79 >ai7 or 794.230. Free estimataK ^tWerciai PrinNoi NEW lawn, sprinkler systems, yard clean-ups and shrubs trimmed, trash hauling,, odd_ jobs, monthly maintenance. Call Ken, 79 >ai7 or 794.230. Free estimataK CnHOGBAPH PBI^NG. lU E. State NEW lawn, sprinkler systems, yard clean-ups and shrubs trimmed, trash hauling,, odd_ jobs, monthly maintenance. Call Ken, 79 >ai7 or 794.230. Free estimataK LETTEIIPIIESS-OPFSeT ^ Sporting taeeds ARTHUR COMMCRCIAL PRESS 111 N. Rfth St 79*4813 BlCYCLES-Bicyde repeirs. Sctiwinn. Pratt Bros. (SI E. Citrus V ^lortsSIONAL dog groomint Clip- pins, bathing AlT breeds or dogs. Mne 7J2 -ai »Jor apprtntment Van IMe Pet Store. 31i Orange. ir Stationery • Cills - Car* SERR-S OF REDLANDS 208 E. State 792-3939 V ^lortsSIONAL dog groomint Clip- pins, bathing AlT breeds or dogs. Mne 7J2 -ai »Jor apprtntment Van IMe Pet Store. 31i Orange. it UpiMMsrtrs ie Fumeces RESTYLE. Rwair. Refinish. Ref% UBtwlsterv & Draoerv. 792^1715. FURNACES - SALES - SfcRVlCt Ed. Samoson. 24 hours. 794-1130 ir Watdi • Jewelry Repairing •EVERYTHING ll« GLASS." Badlands Clifford Farrar, Jeweler 7 N. Sth St 792-3475 Glass House. 5U Oranpa. 7U.5623. • Hsrees 112 N. Fiftll St 79I-4M3 ROTHElkeRGCR ARABIANS Stud aaivtae—pastures. 792-J3U • Welding TUta » nl?£5S5i*S5«44 Chas. E. Mosso Welding Works 701 W. Stuart Ave. . TSI^T*

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