Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on September 10, 1973 · Page 3
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 3

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, September 10, 1973
Page 3
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NKWS-HKRAIJ), riiiiiiiiin (Uy, I 'lii.. MoiKlay, Sc |tlcinlMT H), l !»7:{ I 'li ^r ^^ Letfal Notices IN UK: Ksiali' (if Mnrhiii .), (1. (rliull, ik'Ct'llSUll . NOIIC'ICTOCUKIMTOHS Icit'ililorsdllliuc 'sliilL 'oI'Miiridii Le^al Notices IN rilK, ClKCUITi toi ur, h'OIJKTKKNTII .JlIOIflAl, CIIU'UITiOl'' TIIK STATK OK .OKIDA, IN AND KOU IJAY ' Mcialiloisollliefsliik 'orMarion .,V ,mVv '!;(!loclt ,dracHl ,i,rchfrd>y <-'^l -INIV. iiotihucl and leqiiiicd K. file any .|.|,r, SAIMII V( Nf' i<UAS^ -.„,i ollic;;;nt CmiS iXorn!: "-'-•••'Hawsonho^.a.uofl^lorida, Coiiniv |.'l/iii,in iniiw ...I,,,....,.,,. iMinim, ,, ly .ludKc of Hay I "iiniy, I 'lorida, in lliu cniirthousL' al ' "."'"'I--' City, Kliiiidn, wilhin six L'altMtdar months from M il - dale nf the imblication of (his notice. Kach clann or demand must he in wrilini" iind must state the phice of residence find post office address of the clai- iiianl and must he sworn to by the (-•lannant, his ayent, or his attorney, or it will become void accordinu to law. .James Michel Glodt Executor nf the Estate of Marion J. G. Glodt, dec. Henjamin W. Reddini; Attornev for Estate of Marion J. G. Oiodt, cicc. 1^ 0. Box I6,3H Panama City, Klorida '020: Sept. 3, 10, 17, 24, 1973 IN RE: Estate of Naoini Ruth Glodt, deceased NOTICE TOCREDTIORS All creditors of the estate of Naomi Ruth Glodt, deceased, are hereby notified and required to file any claims or demands which they may have against the said estate in the office of the County Judge of Bay County, Klorida, in the courthouse at Panama City, Klorida, within six calendar months from the date of the first publication of this notice. Each claim or demand must be in writing and must slate the place or residence and post office address of the claimant and must be sworn to by the claimant, his agent, or his attorney, or it will become void according t" law. James Michel Glodt Executor of the Estate of Naomi Ruth Glodt, dec. Benjamin W. Redding Attorney for Estate of Naomi Ruth Glodt, dec. P. 0. Box 1638 Panama City, Klorida 7021: Sept. 3, 10, 17, 24, 1973 KICTITIOUS NAME Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Section 865.09, Klorida Statutes the undersigned persons intend to register with the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Bay County, Klorida, four weeks after the first publication of this notice, the fictitious name or trade name under which they will be engaged in business and in which said business is to be carried on, tc-wit: (Name of Business) Magic Circus Boutique (Location of Business) 1125 Beck Ave. (Owner) Mr. and Mrs. Emil Lewis Bocz 7022: Sept. 3, 10, 17, 24, 1973 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, KOURTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND KOR BAY COUNTY, KLORIDA CASE NO. 73-1080 IN RE: THE MARRIAGE OK: GLENDA KAY COY, Wife and HAROLD RAY COY, Husband. NOTICE OK ACTION TO: Harold Ray Coy, c-o Rev. Harold S. Coy, Rural Route 1 Box 88, Taylorville, Illinois YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFED that Petition for Dissolution of Marriage has been filed by the petitioner, GLENDA FAY COY, and you are required to serve a copy of your Answer to the Petition on the Petitioner's attorney, Michael B. Mann, of the firm of Ellinor, Rish & Mann, P.A., 620 Ohio Avenue, P. 0. vs. JOYCE J. l''ARAH()U(;il vVARl), Defendant. NOTICE 01'' ACTION TO: Joyce J. Kara hough Ward, 90 Kli/abetli Street, N. E., Apartment No. 2, Atlanta, Georgia ,10.307 YOU ARE NOTIKIED that an action to foreclose a mortgage on the following property in Bay County, Klorida, to-wit: Commence at the SW corner nf the EV j of Section 21, Township 2 South, Range 13 West and run SH8 deg 17' E along the South line of said Section 21,6S7.2 feet to the point of beginning of this description; thence continue S8H deg 17' E, 410 feet; thence N 12 deg.34' W, 234.8 feet to the South right- of-way line of a County Road; thence N89 deg 29' W along the South right- of-way line of said County Road, 290 feet; to the Center line of a 30 foot wide drainage easement; thence S16 deg 24' W along the Center line of said drainage easement, 233.7 feet to the mint of beginning. Said parcel also ^nuwn as Lot 4, Block A, of an unrecorded plat. has been file against you and you are required to serve a copy of your written defenses, if any, to it on Thomas Sale, Jr.,of Sale, Bryan & Thompson, Plaintiff's attorney, whose address is P. 0. Box 426, Panama City, Klorida 32401. on or before Sept. 28,1973, and file the original with the Clerk of this Court either befoje service on Plaintiff's attornev or immediately thereafter; otherwise a default will be entered against you for the relief demanded in the complaint. WITNESS my hand and the seal of' this Court on 23 August 1973. BRUCE COLLINS As Clerk of the Court (SEAL) By Virginia Hawthorne Deputy Clerk 7000: Aug. 27; Sept. 3, 10, 17, 1973 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, KOURTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OK THE STATE OK KLORIDA, IN AND KOR BAY COUNTY CASE NO. 73-1076 J. B. AVERY, Plaintiff, vs. IDA WALRAVEN, Plaintiff. NOTICE OK SUIT TO: Mrs. Ida B. Wawraven, 108 Gordon Street, Calhoun, Georgia YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that an action for specific performance of a written contract for the sale of the following described property, to -wit; Lots 10, 11 and 12 of Block J. Biltmore Beach, according to map or plat thereof on file in the public records of Bay County, Klorida. has been filed against you by J. B. AVERY, and you are required to serve a copy of your written defenses, if any to it, on MAYO C. JOHNSTON, attorney for Plaintiff, whose address is 406 Magnolia Avenue, Panama City, Florida, and file the original with the Clerk of the above-styled Court on or befon; October 5, 1973, otherwise a Judgment may be entered against you for the relief deiTianded in the Complaint. WITNESS MY HAND and the Seal of said Court on the 28th day of August, 1973. BRUCE COLLINS As Clerk of said Court Drawer 10, Lynn Haven, Florida 32444, and file the original of said -cn-Ai answer in the office of the Clerk of (^"^/^L) the above Court on or before the 3rd Mary Lou Self day of October, 1973. If you fail to Deputy Clerk do so, a judgment by default will be Sept. 3, 10, 17, 24, 1973 taken against you for the relief IN THE CIRCUIT COURT prayed for in the pe ilion. KOURTF pivtij ..,V>,^'^^' WITNESS my hand and the official CI RC u I? OF ? h F a t'p^ seal of thi_s_Court, this 29th day of FLORIDA [ n and JJJ '^BAY August, 1973. BRUCE COLLINS Clerk of the Circuit Court (SEAL) By Mary Lou Self Deputy Clerk 7025: Sept. 3, 10, 17, 24, 1973 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT, FOURTEENTH JUDICIAL COUNTY. IN RE: ESTATE OK WILLARD CLINTON SCOTT, SR. DECEASED. NOTICE TO CREDITORS All creditors of Willard Clinton Scott, Sr., who died on July 27, 1973, while a resident of Bay County, Klorida, are notified that they may have against his Estate in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of rSiT '^OF 'THE sTaTE OF bounty, Klorida, in the o nS,^n A L l^t^n FOR R A Y Courthouse at Panama City, Klorida ^n.°MTv ' within six (6) calendar months from COtNlY. „^„„^„,„., thedateofthefirstpublicationofthis NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pur- ^ol\ce. Each claim or demand must suant to Florida Statutes 865.09, that be i„ writing and filed in duplicate William Lewis Gay, Jr., whose and must state the place of residence address is 400 West 13th Street, and post-office address ofthe clai- Panama City, Florida, intends to mant and be sworn to by the conduct business under the fictitious claimant, his agent or his attorney, nameof BILL GAY HEATING, AIR or it will become void accordine to CONDITIONING AND law. ^ MECHANICAL CONTRACTING, Dated August 22, 1973 400 West 13th Street, Panama City, WILLARD CLINTON Florida, and to register said fictiti- SCOTT JR ous name with the Clerk of the Circuit Administrator of the Estate Court of Bay County, Florida four Willard Clinton Scott, Sr., weeks after first publication of this Deceased notice. SALE, BRYANTS THOMPSON SYFRETT, HUTTO & O'BRIEN Attorneys for Willard Clinton Scott P. 0. Box 1186 Jr., Panama City, Klorida Administrator of the Estate of Wil- Raymond L, Syfrett lard Clinton Scott, Sr., Deceased 6984: Aug. 20, 27; Sept. 3, 10, I9737004. y^ng 27; Sept. 3, 10, 17, 1973 drapery cleaning with a guarantee! Domestic Laundry & Cleaners guarantees; • no shrinkage • beautiful drycleaning • expert spot & stain removal for all draperies accepted as drycleanablel Domestic • - the drapery cleaning specialists UBOJNDRVAND CLEANERS, INC. 417 GRACE AVENUE PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA Le /Lfal Notices IN Till'; ClKCIIITi COIIRTi I 'OIIRTI '.I '.NTII .IIIDICIAI, ClRCUITiOl' Till'', STA IK Ol' KLORIDA, IN AND I 'OR BAY C'OIINTV. CASI'', NO. 7.3 6')R IN Kl'',: Tllh; I'l'/riTION Ol' CIIARMvS I''. I 'LII VI VI I '.K, for the adoption of DAVID SCOTlI'i h'.Gh'.I.STON, a niiior . NOTICE TO I)I':M-;NI) TO: MR. JACK Iv l',(;i';i„ST()N, 231 Shellby Coiiil, Miintgoinery, Alabama I'I.EASI'; TAKE NOIKK lhal on the .Mil day of .liiiic 1973, a PelilKin for adoption wa.s filed in the above- styled Court hy Ihe I'etillimer, CHARLES K. I'l.UMMKK. You are hereby notified lhal you .should file your Answer and other defensive pleadings to this Petition on or hefore the 2Hth day of September, 1973, by filing the original thereof with Unicc Collins, Clerk of the Circuit Court, in and for Hay County, I''lorida, and by serving copies thereof upon Ihe Petitioner's attorney, Robert B. Staals, 317 Magnolia Avenue, Panama City, Klorida, Ihe relief prayed for in said Petition will be granted by default. PLEASE GOVERN YOURSELK ACCORDINGLY. BRUCE COLLINS CIRCUIT COURT CLERK (SEAL) By Mary Lou Self Deputy Clerk 7002; Aug. 27; Sept. 3, 10, P, 1973 NO TICE OK ELECTICv IN THE MATTER OK ELECTION OK SUPERVISORS FOR BAY SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT. Pursuant to Section .'582.18, Klorida Statutes, notice is hereby given of an election to elect three (3) supervisors for the Bay Soil and Water (.onserva- tion District for terms of lour (4) years each, to be held between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on the 16th day of October, 1973, at the following polling place: Courthouse Annex 301 McKenzie Avenue Panama City, Klorida Petitions nominating candidates for supervisors shall be signed by at least twenty-five (25) qua ified electors who reside in the district and filed with the officeof Kenneth R. Littlejohn. Acting Coordinator, Soil and Water Conservation Council, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Post Office Drawer EE, Gainesville, Klorida 32601, no later than September 15, 1973, thirty (30) days prior to election date. Petitions may be obtained by contacting the District Conservation in your local soil and water conservation district. A qualified elector includes any person qualified to vote in general elections under the constitution and statutes of this state who is a landowner in the district. See Section 582.01 (4) and (0), Klorida Statutes. Before voting, each elector is requested to present his county certificate of registration as proof of eligibility to vote to the poll manager and record his name and residence address. Kenneth R. Littlejohn, Acting Coordinator Soil and Water Conservation Council Klorida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services 7036: Sept. 10, 14, 1973 KICTITIOUS NAME Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Section 865.09, Klorida Statutes, the undersigned persons intend to register with the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Bay County, Klorida, four weeks after the first publication of this notice, the fictitious name or trade name under which they will be engaged in business and in which said business is to becarried on, to-wit: (Name of Business) New Lite Janitorial Service (Location of Business) 1305 Harris Ave., Panama City, Kla. (Owner) Gene A. Pompey 7003; Aug. 27; Sept. 3, 10, 17, 1973 WIN AT BRIDGE Early end play cinches bid 6lRAFFlTI Probe Newsprint Shortaj»e '1 '1 ^h,., ,.,„,. i ...vll w...,l 10 NOIU'll • A 1054 VQfi.i • 75;)2 WEST • Q()2 ?J95 • K 10732 • QO SOUTH (I)) 4 K987 VA107 .•Q4 4 AKR4 East-West vulnerable (North-South not vulnerable, 40 on score I EAST • J 3 VK842 • AJ9r, 4 J 109 West North Ei St South IN.T. Pass 2* Pi iss 2* Pass Pass P. iSS Opening lead-*!) West win.s with the king and makes his best play — the queen of clubs." Jim: "South wins and leads a club right back. East wins the trick and is caught in an end play with eight cards still in his hand." Oswald: "Just sec how hopeless East's situation is. A diamond lead will allow South to ruff in one hand and discard a heart from the other. A heart lead will be allowed to ride to dummy's queen and a trump lead will cost the defense their sure trump trick." Jim: ' South has lost two diamonds and a club that he had to lose. The early end play holds his further losses to either one trump and one heart or two hearts." (NEWSPAPER ENTERPniSE A5SN I .INI )1ANAI '()LIS liid. (III'I) — Sen. liiich Hayli, D-Ind., li;is (•;ill('d fill- ill! iiHcstitiatinii iiilo the causes of tln' iicw .spiiiit short aye ,1 ffcci iii^ iii;iiiy ri('vv .s[)apcrs. I'u I) I i .'i h (• I s II f sin;ill newspapers uiio buy lliiouj^li (Kifjcr in('iili;inl > i/illicr llicii (lirccily fimii llic mills have I k' C /i |).-irlicul;iiiy li.iid lili 1)\- Seed .savings TFIACY, Calif. (Ul'l)- Sugar boel g.owcrs now I '/i to 2'/i pounds of seed an acre, compared with 20 pounds in former years. Agronomist Alex Lan^; wiys seeds have been improved to assure germination and to resist plant disoasi .i. ^Iiiii i.ij^i', 1 ..lyli said ill ;i letter to Sell. VVjii-reii M,i|,'iitis()ii, DVV'asli., relea.sed here. "Ill my own .stale of [iidiana, a minthef of ptililisliers have (•(iiilaeled nie to r('|)()it that llieir inventories of newsprint are nearly K'^IV and that their suppliers Id promise, let alone glial anlee, any shipments in the foreseeahle future," Hayh said. Available OAK KIDGE.Tonn. (UPI) '1' he Atomic Energy ('ommissioti has produced a new motion picture at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory covering biological-engineering research at the facility. The film is availabitt for public use. By Oswald & James Jacoby Jim: "We really should run more part score hands." Oswald: "Here's one. North's Stayman response was made because of the 40 part score. With no score he would have passed." Jim: "East wins the first trick with his ace of diamonds and undoubtedly leads back the jack of clubs." Oswald: "This is one of those hands where declarer wants to develop an end play right at the start. He wins the club and plays his queen of diamonds. The bidding has been: 10 West North East South IV Pass 14 Pass 24 Pass 44 Pass 4? Pass ? You,South,hold: 4Q 8 6 4 2 V2 4 4A K J 9 7 What do you do now? A—Bid five diamonds. Since clubs have been established as your suit you can afford to cue bid. rODAY'S QUESTION Your partner continues to six clubs. What do you do now'/ Answer tomorrow Blue Angels To Fly Again WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Navy's precision flying team, the Blue Angels, grounded after a series of accidents earlier this year, will be back in operation in the spring. Navy .secretary John Warner announced he decided to keep the daredevil acrobatic team flying "after a pane! of five senior aviation and marine generals reported they were unanimously behind the team's continuance." They will perform in A4F skyhawks rather than the larger, more powerful F4 phantoms they had used since Where citrus goes WINTER HAVEN, f-'la. (UP!) - More tlian 90 per cent of the Florida orange crop is used in production of processed products, mainly frozen concentrated orange juice, according to the Florida C a n n e r s Association. Processors also use more than 60 per cent of the grapefruit crop and more than 30 per cent of the tangerine production. SHAMPOO & SET $3.00 LONG HAIR $4.00 HAIR CUT $2.00 PHONI 763 1275 1969 and wil! have a n(;w organization and a new flying routine, officials said. The Angels were ground in July after three men were killed and six aircraft were destroyed in separate accidents. Why should choosing colors he cofifusing? It docsfi^t have 'HARRIS Paint Center 615 W. 11th Street Panama City, Fla. 763-5462 UNIQUE BEAUTY SALON HARRISON AVE. AUTO PAINTING SPECIAL coupon Thit coupon worth toward th« purchoM of any DELUXt PAINT JOB COUPON MUST BE PUIS ENTED WHEN LEAVING CAR 10 HURRY' GOOD WED. SEPT. 12 DELUXE PAINT JOB REG. 59.95 ?49 95 • ANY SINGLE OMGINAL COLOR • ALL CARS ARE HAND AND MACHINE SANDED TO REMOVE RUST AND CHIPS IN PAINT • ALL CARS ARE PRIMED IN ALL NKESSARY PLACES TO HELP PREVENT RUST FROM RETURNING AND TO GIVE THE CAR A SMOOTH FINISH. • AU CARS RECEIVE 5 COATS OF HIGH QUALITY GLOSS ENAMELOR IT'S EQUfVALENT • OVEN BAKED TO DIAMOND GLOSS FINISH «3YEARSWRITTeN <|t .APAMT» ECONOMY PAINT JOB • ANY SINGLE ORIGINAL COLOR-ONE YEAR WARRANf? • ALL CARS ARE HAND SANDED • ALL CARS ARE SPOT PRIMED IN NECESSARY PLACES • ALL CARS RKEIVE 2 COATS OF HIGH QUALITY GLOSS EN AMI* ONE DAY SERVICE EXPERT BODY & FENDER REPAIRS* RUST REPAIRS OUR SPECIALTY TOTAL PRICE GIVEN BEFORE JOB IS STARTED ABSOLUTELY NO UPS HERE RAIR OR SHINE WE PAINT ALL THE TIMr 95 TWO TONES & COLOR CHANGES EXTRA ECONO AUTO BAKE SYSTEM 740W.15THST. ffHONE763-99t6 PANAMA CITY PI* REDUCE! DO YOU FEEL TIRED? SHORT OF BREATH? LOSS OF ENERGY? YOU NEED A SUPERVISED EXERCISE PROGRAM! PANAMA CITY'S ONLY SPA A WORLD OF HEALTH & BEAUTY FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN SERVING THE GULF COAST FROM FLORIDA TO LOUISIANA FOR OVER 10 YEARS. 445 GRACE AVE.

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