Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 7, 1952 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1952
Page 2
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TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Five Held In Theft Series A series of thelts in nearby West Virginia has been cleared with the arrest of five persons, including two juveniles, by State Police and Hampshire County authorities. Sgt. L. W. Kclley and Trooper D. E. Adams of the Romney detachment also are working with Sheriff Melvto Hott In the investigation of a burglary of about $600 worth of guns and ammunition from a private home over the weekend. The cache, Sgt. Kelley said, included three rifles, two automatic shotguns and one automatic pistol. In the other cases. Allen Malcolm. 20, Points, was taken to jai! yesterday after being sentenced .to 30 days on a petty larceny charge by Justice of the Peace A. L. Russell. Malcolm Is also being held under $2,000 bond for action of the March grand jury on two charges of breaking and entering. Hetzel Eugene Lewis, 20, Levels, it being Ivld In Jail, under $1,000 bond, according to police, for grand Jury action on a charge of breaking and entering. Daisy Virginia Houdersheldt, 18, Three Churches, was set free on $500 bond and will be given a hearing Saturday before Justice of the Peace Russell on a. charge of aiding and abetting In a break- Ing and entering case. The two juveniles, whose address was given as Romney, are in the custody of their parents pending a hearing tomorrow before Judge Harlan Calhoun in Juvenile Court. They are charged with breaking and entering. Sgt. Kelley *aid last night the series of crimes Included theft of quantities of gas and oil, $150 worth of mechanics' tools, $35 in currency and tires. Two other breaking and entering cues are being probed, police said. 'Assignment: America Inez Reports On Gossip Columns That Keep Famous Folk In Dither (Reg. TJ. a. Put. Off.) i NEW YORK— (INS)— "It is ab- 1 "Yes, you have to nip these things isolutely, positively, imperatively', in the bud." necessary that we go to some night | -gut by your own admission, up "Oh, nuts! It means nothing of the sort. But if it eases your vanity, I'll change the wording. Ill say 'My home Is my castle, my wife my queen, but I won't go to night clubs so talk yourself green. Also, willing to pay bills within reason.' That buit you?" "It won't cost any more to go to a night club than to put that in the classified columns of the papers." I protested. 'clubs, and at once," I said. I to this point there isn't even a bud," The head of Clan Robb lowered | countered the master of the manse ithe evening newspaper. I with that kind of remorseless logic ! "Why?" he asked, "are they hav-! whicil & so repugnant in men. jif you just came right out and iing bargain sales? Maybe one high-I "All right, but we can't just fit jasked?" •ball .for the price of one, instead of \ home being happy and content un-' ione for the usual price of two?" ;til such rumors do get around!" i "This is no laughing matter," I! "Maybe we can," said Mr. R. "I Carlseii Noted Name On Sea HOQUIAM, Wash.— (ff)— It's not unusual for a sea captain named Carlsen to battle a storm off the English coast trying to get to Pal- mouth. A Hoquiam stevedore boss, "Let's get to the bottom of this." J Frec [ Hedin, 59, was reminded ol demanded the head of Clan Robb. j "Have you put on this act just to i get me to take you out on the town? Wouldn't it just be simpler, wouldn't it save wear and tear on my nerves. ls recently .during the travail of the Flying Enterprise. Forty-one years ago, Hedin, then an 18-year-old seamtn, says he was aboard a barque which was buffeted by a hurricane In the same waters. The barque was the Yemer, a three- master three weeks out of Liverpool enroute to Mobile, Ala. The hurricane sheared off all her rigging, leaving only the stumps ot masts. The upper mails and booms dragged alongside, threatening to pound a hole in the side of the wooden ship. A fire also kept the crew busy. The ship finally was sighted and towed into Falmouth. The Yemer's captain was named K. R. Carlsen. Spanish Wine MADRID. — (INS) — Forty-five^ percent of the world's wine export" trade is done by Spain. A million and a half acres are dedicated to t vineyards and 90,000 acres ars. planted for the purpose of obtaining raisins. r no | assured him. "We have simply got ito be seen together in the night I clubs in order to check all those ! rumors." t "I must have fallen off going around that last curve," said Mr. Robb. "What rumors?" "The rumors that you and I have pff-f-f-t, separated, are about to entrain for Reno." Mr. R. rattled the paper impatiently. "Never heard such damn nonsense in my life. Where do you hear such bilge?" "Well, to be honest, I didn't exactly hear it," I admitted, "but those I know how it can be done. You know those ads in the personal columns that always read 'Angelica, j having: left my bed and board, I am j no longer responsible for her debts.' j "Now, I'll write a switcheroo on that," continued Mr. R. "I'll put In all the papers a little ad saying 'Inez is still sticking to me like a burr and I am still stuck with her bills.' Then we can just continue to Bit home and be comfortable and no cover charge. Like it?" "I certainly do not. I think it's mean and horrid and just like a conceited man. It certainly implies that I am clinging like a limpet or you would be off to greener fields, The per capita rates of steel production in the leading Western! European countries are mostly! around two to three times as high j as in Russia. j Maryland Sales Of Canning Snap Beans Increases The aggregate income,of Maryland growers from the sale of snap beans to canners and freezers jumped 70 per cent last year- thanks In large part to a sharp increase in production, TJ. S. Department of Agriculture figures reveal. The USDA reported that Free State farmers raising snap beans for processing received $2,423,000 for their 23,800-ton crop in 1951 compared with $1,429,000 for a much smaller crop in 1950. The rise in production by the state's approximately 1,200 farms growing snap beans for processing Is in line with increased demand, which has pushed TJ. S. consumption of the canned product to an all-time high of 3.4 pounds per person a year, point out Dr. H. E. Mlchl, economist for American Can Company which supplies millions of the containers used by Free State canners. The can-making firm's economist noted that more than three-quarters of the income from the sale -f Maryland snap beans, comes from processors, whose shipments of the canned vegetables to consumers all over the country brings millions of dollars back to Maryland to bolster its economy. The fresh market bought only $780,000 worth of snap beans in the state last year. are the kind of rumors that get j Sticking up. your heels and pinch- around town if you just stick home : jng—" with each other and enjoy family life and aren't seen in night clubs." "Don't bother me with such tripe. I come home,, worn out from a hard day at the office and ". "But it isn't tripe. The evidence is right here in this Broadway column," I said, waving the paper under Mr. R's nose. "Right here in Louis Sobol's column it says 'To refute the rumors, Sarah Churchill and Tony Beauchamps, also Fa-ye Emerson and Skitch Henderson have been hitting the night clubs more than is their custom. Neither couple understands how the reports of impending separation hit the columns.' " "Do you mean to tell me that these four adults, apparently in sound mind, have allowed themselves to be blackjacked into going to night clubs to prove they are happily married? To each other, I presume?" demanded the head of the family. "Well, my goodness, you have to be willing to make some sacrifices for marriage," I replied. "So now you propose to drag me on a. round of night clubs to prove that love's old sweet song is still on the Robb phonograph. Is that it?" GUARANTEED BOTTLED GAS SERVICE Brlnf your ippllonce and htitlnj prob- lemi to ui. Our factory trained service men rive you quick, efficient service. FISHER Gas & Appliances 5 Harriion St. Phant 4421 Network's mosr Popular 2000 modern rooms bath — radio— Muzak spotless comfort TAFT NEW YORK ON TIMES SQUARE AT RADIO CITY tftrf liwb. Hit. • lii| 1 ll«. kc., THEY'RE STRONGER LIGHTER! THINNER WALLS CLOSE SPACES Royal Dancers To Give Performance For People SAIGON, Indo-China — (ff>)~ The people of Saigon are going to have an opportunity to see a world- famed troupe of dancers perform. The royal troupe of Cambodia— by special permission of Cambodian j King Norodom Sihanouk—is coming i to Saigon soon. They are to appear i at a French airforce celebration at I the Saigon airport. ! All-Star Muffins 4 kinds from 1 easy recipe 2 tbip. ihortcning ,% cup milk */4 cup sugar or 1 cup sifted molauei flour 1 egg 2% lip. baking 1 cup Kellogg'l powder All-Bran : /i ttaipoon talt Blend well shortening, sugar; add egg, beat well. Stir in ALL-BRAN, milk; soak until most moisture is taken up. Sift flour with baking powder, suit; add to first mixture, stir only until combined. Fill greased muffln pans % full. Bake in preheated mod. hot oven (400°F.) 30 min. Yield: 9 medium or 12 small muffins. Spicy Bran Mufllni: Mix I tsp. butter, \* cup sugar, 1 tsp. cinnamon. Sprinkle over unbaked muffln batter. Fruity Mufflnt: Add to flour mixture 1 tbsp. grated orange rind, & cup diced dried apricots. . Honey-Nut Mufflm: Put 1 tsp. honey, chopped nutmeats In each greased muffln cup; add batter. Here's Hie Straight Whiskey You Are Looking For PINT it's Kentucky through and through ! Tjeat yourself and your guests to the mildness, mellowness and smoothness of Crab Orchard. You won't want to change. For Crab Orchard is as good as Kentucky bourbon can be— and that is the best! Ofcchoftd KENTUCKY STRAIGHT 80URBOH WHISKEY • SS PROOF . National Dutilkrs Products Corporation, New York, N. Y.. CRAFTSMAN 16 PIECE SOCKET WRENCH SET Set contains all tools necessary to do basic work on motors and assemblies. Includes ten forged 12-point sockets (7/16, 1/2, 9/16, y 8 , 11/16, *A, 13/16, VB,15/16, 1-in.); two socket extensions (5 and 10-in.); reversible ratchet; 18-in. speeder wrench; 15-in. flex "T" handle with crossbar; and heavy duty hip-roof steel box. Regular 18.00 Craftsman Planes "Supar-Tuff" Slant 1-pc. Guitar Smooth No. 3 Accurate, precision built. Hand hon*d cutt»r edge jioyi ihorper longer. 5id*t boltom machined perfectly true. Sovel Steel Hand Saws Hoi N«w Suptr-Strong Hondlt UUH 26-in, Croucut "fitV Hu(ky, y«t Hghtv/tight. Exptrlty l»m- pnr*d blade hoidi *up»r jharpntsi. N*w strong preuur«-wetd«d handlf, Master-Mixed TEXTURE PAINT Steel Tool Boxes Crofuman Mechanic!' Typt 4,19 With Tot* Tray . . . N«w ilr*amlin»d design with rounded corner*, 22-gaugr it«e! construction— • Uetrieally welded for greater strength. 85 5 Ib. Save replastering coats! Save by applying Master- mixed texture paint. Easy to apply. Use trowel, sponge or brush on. Asphalt Floor Tile 9x9 in. . For any room in your hamr — «v*n bos*m*n1ji Make your own !aiior*d d#*ign. Colors go c'«ar through, can't \v«ar off. 1-gal. Turpentine Cleans Hands and Brushes Master-Mixed I l Steam di^ tilled turpentine at o low hulk prical Thins paint, cleans brushes and handi. Buy now and savp. Colorful Homart PLASTiC WALL TILE Regular 45c sq. ft. You'll prefer it for the new shadow bev«] that gives each tile o rich, individual appearance . . . the nelicof*- ly morbelized patterns . . . the Harmony House Colr~s. Only at Sears. 179 Baltimore St. Cumberland, Md. ^furniture SHOW EXTRA SPECIAL VALUES Grey, Oak Bedroom Suite Rtguhrly Priced $239.00 '179. Specially Prle.d Consisting of double dresser, bed, large chest of drawers, and nite table. Blond Mah. Bedroom Suite fiegu/or/y Priced $339.00 '195. Spiciolly Priced Consisting of double dresser, bed, large chest of drawers, and nite table. CUSTOMER PARKING LOT ... You are invited to park your car on this lot free of charge. It is maintained especially for the accommodation of our customers.. WOMEN'S GOWNS Famous "Movie Star" WOMEN'S SLIPS MuKiiilsment crepe, with l»ee and ribbon trims; full cut. Pink, blue and malie; 31 ts 40. Second Floor Endorsed by Powers models. 90 r ; Rayon-lOT^ Nylon, with rhanuiiy lace trim*. Sizes 32 to 40. Lace and Nylon Trim RAYON PANTIES BLOUSES Lac" and embroidered trims, novelty button fronU. In »hite, pink, maize. Sizei 13 to 3d. With hand elastic or trunk le*. In pink or white. Slzrs .'mall, medium, large. Famous "Pelham" Tailored SHIRTS NYLON HOSE Triplo-rncck quality mfr.t*,' sanforized broad- e.lnlh, oiford cloth and ma- rirar. white and colors. Slr.'s 1! to .. Sec Them In Our Windows' l.i Gau;e - IS Denier quality. All new spline shades. Sizes «': to 10';. A "VALEN-TiE ANKLETS In a prrat variety of nea.- p'Hrrr.". including foulards. s «nil stripes; 1007! -.'oo'-Iir.ed. :,,ri. strip's anrt In evrry ?ani»rt fir And up to $1.00 138-148 Baltimore St. Cumberland, Md,

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