The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 15, 1930 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 15, 1930
Page 2
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•li -'l r .at.Touoo,o. WHIPPET NOW THE LOWEST PRICED OF ALL 4-DOOR SEDANS ining smart design engineering unisus! economy, car with a great future ^LLAHAN *5 East Madison St. lad. i : MJWfj^ •.•t»Jt *Y- •PRlittMk '"industry . or business,;; such as cotton mill, dry goods store, shipyard, public school." According to the. terms of strict confidence in which the answers are held, la citizen may give bis occupation as that of a bootlegger and such information will be held in'closest confidence foy the government. The census fa an economic picture of the nation -•-nothing more. . -| : " : . The - .enumerator will ask whether the head' of the family actually was at work on the last regular working day-prior to the call by the census taker. The answer is yes or no. The breadwinner may have been ill, his boss may have fifed him or his workshop may! have burned down. It he didn't work that last previous working dapy |the j truthful ans-< wef • must be given. Then the enumerator takes new sheet, known ploymeht schedule, find a long list of wages, borrowed up an entirely s an uneni- The're he will 'questions ao to money, mort- children who It may not be gages and similar subjects. The last questions have to do with military service. -"Are you a veteran of. the Uniied States mill tary or naval forces, and if so what war or expedition?" So you see, Uncle Sam will have a good picture of all the men. women and live in his country to the liking of the housewife to be asked such questions on the martial condition, regarding di vorce, widowhood, age at first marriage, or age at last birthday It may irk business men to tell all about their -business affairs However, it must be remembered that it's all a secret between the government and the people. TARIFF BILL. • y • . • • -•-Ji —J PBA1RIK j-KXTKK. Ij ' Mr. and Jlis. Miller and moved from t he Ij.Tliomas ' | parents have moved from this vif .! cinily, is staying at the home of amily i-3Ir.-and Mrs. Carl Stronp to fin- iarter 1 ish' her school year at Prairie. MOTHER MUST TELL. j (Continued.From Pago 1.) • name of thpi breadwinner. That ifarm to a farm n/iar Tipt-mi. j Tuesday guests of Air. j Sir: and Mrs. ;iFloyd ljjuglies j Jin;. Edgar Ramseyer were and j is the husband in this instance. Mr. ;.Tf the hus,band is at home, of j-.vel-e Monday visi|jirs of lUj. and | and- Mrs. Oscar "Ramseyer of {.course, he, as head of the family, the : questions, [re servants or room- J.jj£ Will ' Warded -near • lltorcst, : Kempton. 1 will answer IKJiorare' belli illAi j; • ; •. Mr . and Mrs. Ermal Gritton i H there* aj IjltMJ^. Lulu Vaf'i-ler retiirned i and daughter. Irene, were Sunday! ers in the-home, they will be list- ijSi&e Wednesday ; ,«ftor spending j'suests x of Mr. and Mrs. * Jolra such. Proper space* desie jferferal weeks with her soiti Ray | Gritton. near Kempton. ;nated to suojw Uie racial and col- i^W^er and familH of Kn|omo,i Mr. and MrV. Morris Collier | or le^riptiops of everyone enum- to the Thomas Car- erated. Question's must include every person living on April 1, 1930. Omit children born since Mrs. Daisy Carter and son Ev ~'^ p j.;] j 1930 • ter. farm. 'arlro'have a new ;nabv m- the I. wstne. Clarice. -Winifr<=-i. Donali' Miran.Stroup of West Midfjleton j ereU ofTipton were Sunday eve-,.. . \ i-i ] I. j LlOIla redd. : j 1,,n * suests of Mr. anid Mrs. John. ..^ y<ju fb , kg ow „ yonr nome 1 Ramseyer and family. ' of ; iwere Sunday gi ests S:roup and family [; Sunday visitors 01" Mr. i-}'and Mrs. Rod White yrere Mr. |] and 'JXIT.S;- John StroupTiof WesthMid- "nlefim. Mr. and Mrs. Will jihuek ugf^Tipton* Mr. ami'Mrs. .jtewis Lee.. Mr. and Mrs] Allan Sijiuild- TiVg and Mrs. and!; Mre. Ma;iville Ravi of Ttussiavilt;. Mrs. UHn'te Mr. and Mrs. John Henry near Kempton, Mr. and Mrs. John Ramseyer. Simon and : Abbie Ramseyer were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ramseyer. Tom Ragan is on the sick list. Those from a distance who yis- wJto. has been ill /or somefjtime j ited Jesse LaGarde Sunday were) Sins about the- same, *J _!»llitha Doty of?; Burrows^ who s^eift; several wei^ks with;; her .gjjaiidmother,- Mrsil: Emma j.poty, his returned hom>. R ; Charles Goodnight near Sheri- 'dan, Orval Goodnight of Indian-j on the I a'polis, Robert McCarthy of East'| ule sheet_for Union. Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Cald-!<> r . T 3 -^ a se well .of Miami, Mr. arid Mrs. Ev- marital cond -so the instruc- in the family entertained at a [jSt. Patrick's ; ville, Wilford Gross of. Kokomo, party Wednesday t.ven'ing se.j the Mr. and-Mrs. J. Arnold' and ii^h school builditi'. The |j eve-^daughters of Tipton, Mr. and ! (lualificationsj B|pg wan spent in flaying |*m«s Mrs. Arthur LaGarde of Frank-j ten. will be a|d contests. Re|^eshmenti j of ice-'cream and wafirs •werciserv- •to 18 members. fort and Mr. arid Mrs. Henry J umns,- one or do you rejnt?" ' "What is the .value of your home, Uf owued, and the monthly rental if rented?" 'Do you have a radio set?" family live on a ,farm?" (If so the enumerator must ask a i^ng list of questions especially compiled for farmers.) There follows a series of col- enumerator's sched- listing the sex, col- at last birthday, tion. .age at .first marriage— comprising the personal description of each person The educational of the family mem- sought in two col- headed, "Attended Smith of Sharpsvillc. The condition of Mr. LaGarde ts Improv- Tcm IUUC. v pose ing. C^l 8e lection of Used Cars to Choose From ld29 Mxiel A Ford Standard Coupe, Bonnie m Ongr colorU excellent condition; not mnvh mileage; l^hie :1S29 Cb svrolet |3uc Conpe; yon c&n more than 4ur9then ^«t7 Model A]Fordor!<8edan; leu than 5,000 miles on ^^UUrcar; cjilrries a|sew ear gnarantee.' ippet CtWpe; good'PaUil) and tires;- A-l tionikechanciaUy I'Ford Fudors; newrpaint; in Ji-iiOoniiiUon. _rs ilioWb'Sl '^tli ' * ai t both these TfS ; school or college any time since Septeuvber 1, lS'i.O." and another i "Whether abl: to read and write.' I The enumerator then will..find out the place of .birth of : each persou enumerated and of bis or her parents. will be listed If born in the United Stales the state or territory If of foreign birth, the country in which:the birthplace now is situated will be Bet 'down. Then these questions to t the foreign born: : •, i'- - "What- languages were spoken: .^fnLthe^home befor |B coming 'to the j Wited" States? '" " ) "In what year did you immt- j^Wte to th 3 - Vpitsd 8bftes?" ' AIBO whether uaturillwdj r urid Then thi enum .r -ior w(ll jtf (Continued From Page 1.) question of tariff rates ir> not so 'important, if the ^President is parmilled to raise or lower therii 50 per cent under the flexible provisions. The White House cannot help obtaining considerable satisfaction over the swift jkick delivered to its political enemies, the insurgent Republicans and Democrats, who while framing avtariff bill with rates' • believed to suit the President havo| every opportunity Mr been taking to ' denounce was lost Hoover. No love between the coalition leaders and the President. | With the coalition forces scattered, a better opportunity will be afforded the President to get a working majority in the senate and obtain favorable action on his legislative program. There was no concealing the fact, the coalition constantly was attempting to put'the President in the hole, as it did on the export debenture and provisions, followed erat onslaught on the flexible by the gen- the appointment of Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes. The country may Ifind it rather difficult to reconcile the . presidential view, as now represented by the administration supporters; Can he be for a Smoot-Grundy bill, when a few weeks ago he was represented as favoring the coalition rates? The answer generally accepted is that a" tariff f-biil with the flexible powers restored to the' President and the export debenture feature .removed at least counters -balances the advantages, of the lowered industrial rates sponsored by the .insurgent Republicans and Democrats. "•' ' | Another-argument; advanced by administration friends to prove :Mr. Hoover will approve the tariff bill now being rewritton with higher-industrial rates is that to veto the. measure I undoubtedly would greatly disturb business. prominently represented tin the recent demonstrations which have taken place throughout Spain. Their presence is construed as meaning that Alfonso is not a particularly popular ruler even; with tb« monarchists who form the pillars of the kingdom. To adbi- cate in favor of his son would satisfy them, but whether it would suit - the Republicans is a question. •> , • A few years ago. Alfonso was one of. the most popular sovereign's in the world. • His democratic tendencies, his" disarming i^rso'nality and seemingly carefree spirit won him universal admiration. * Then', when the regime of Primo de Rivero was at its peak, there came a sudden change of heart among the Spanish people. News reels of the icing at motion picture theatres which were for merly greeted with vociferous shouts of enthusiasm were thrown upon the screen to be met with a pained silence. This silence apparently constituted a transitory stage.: For now' it has given way to outspoken, opposition, - and each of the street demonstrations of late has been characterized by cries of "Down With the Monarchy" and "Down With the King." This Republican tide in Spain is in the nature of an "intellectu al revolt." The bulk of supporters of the new movement are students, and their recognized leader is Miguel de Unamuno, one of Spain's foremost intellectuals.and jformerly director of the University of Salamanca. The political events in Spain during the last few years have been such as to raise this sentiment in the students to a higli pitch, for they were among the chief sufferers of do Riveiu's regime. He punished -student .Ndemon- -straiors summarily,, shut down colleges and universities in 'wholesale lots and sent '.heir faculties into exile across, the borders. They blame Alfonso for the six year duration of Pn'mo's regime and hold that dethronement should be his punishment for his acquiescence to Primo's rule. Guerra summed up the feeling of the Republicans in a recent speech at Madrid, when he said: "I shall never more serve those whom the .worms can eat." YOUB INCOME TAX. " No. 35. Under the "intormatio'n at the source" provision of the revenue act, persons making payments to another of "fixed and determinable income" of $1,500 or more during: any x calendar, year must make a return thereof, .if the recipient of such 'payment is single. If the recipient is married, report need not be made if the-payments aggregate less than $3,500. If the marital status of the payee is unknown to the payor, -the payee is unknown to the payor, the payee is considered a (single person for the purpose of filing an information return..: , Fixed and determinable income includes'j interest, rent, salaries, wages, premiums, annuities,'compensations, remunerations and emoluments. The requirements are not periodical payments but a single payment must be reported. A separte return of information for .each employe is required of employers. information returns are;' re quired on Form 1099 and must be accompanied by a letter of transmittal on Form 1096. The filing date is on or before Feb. 15 The returns are filed with the collector of internal revenue for the payor's district. Information returns are carefully checked -wfith individual returns" of taxpayers to whom the payments are made. Many delinquent returns and additional rev enne amounting to hundreds 6E thousands of dollars has been secured as the result of the.examin­ ation of information returns. BBITOXS TUV MGHT SIGNALS Visual 'Communication May place Radio in War. 15k: U. S. BLAMED. (Continued From Page 1.) the SOO-word editorial is: devoted! to an effort to show up the Unit-j ed States as the instigator ot'j everything contrary to a;rgehtina j interests which may appear any-1 where in the world. It is argued that the United States,.as a com -t- i petitive producer of animal and i agricultural .products, is fearful that its products may be displaced in European markets by Argentina products. The editorial follows several daily editorial attacks on the American policy in Haiti, in which the United States has been pictuied as selfishly sacrificing that tiny republic so that American military and civil employes may have fat jobs at ; the expense of the slavishly yoked | Haitian taxpayers. London, March 15.—Clc-se liaison between the: British air force engaged in coistal patrols an:! the British merchant marine lleet is being developed. At a meetiti" of sea captains at Southampton recently it was; revealed that ! a system i of visual signaling between the two services is being tried out which is likely in eer tain instances to supplant radio in wartime. . ' Flight Lieutenant. H. W. St John told the master .marines (hat the first trials of visual signaling from aircraft to liners with lamps have been fairly successful. • "Radio will hot provide .the necessary - secrecy in time o: war." he said, "and that is why we are using visunl signals." It was suggested that super- flying boats might in the future form part of the' equipment of shipping companies' fleets, so that the signal test might prove to be of mutual advantage. ASSESSORS. (Continued From Page 1.) than last year, so far, in making the assessment. They are making good headway and the first two weeks have had favorable weather, with the exception of one particularly hud day. CHARGES FAILURE. George Newton, liiings Action to Force VrupcrtyT Change. SPANISH CROWN. Page 1.) (Continued From year 1 is out. It is • understood he may .sacrifice, his .throne in favor of his eldest-son, Don Juan, in order to ( appease the I. Republicans and at the same lime keep the royalist rank's intact, as well as perpetuating his owi dynasty. , There >: lr some -Qi eition,, however, ,ae tp, whether the Republt- a con^pj^wlite.^While .Jose ton. ches gneri*4 f»fM^ Vtewier o! - lsh{i»llticshtfB l defc1 «;red Pltn- Mrs. Charles Downes and Jaugfiters, Alice aud Eleanor Anno of South West istrccf aru Hie week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. N. McDowell of Iudlnn- ipolis. Mr. and Mrs. McDowell ire the parents of Mrs. Downes. Notice to Heirs, Creditors, I'M:. George -Newton, well known farmer, formerly residing in the Windfall community, has filed an action in Court to compel the performance of a contract by George: Kirkpatrick. ,' In the ,complaint filed by the firm of Gifford & Gifford, Mr. Newton charges that ;/n February he entered into a contract with George W. Kirkpatriclc, whereby the latter wns'to deed to Newton lot No. 150 in West Elwood in, the Diamond • Plate' Glass addition and Newton was to deed Kirkpatrick SO acres .of land. Newton says' he complied with the terms of the contract and furnished a ded and abstract, but that Kirkpatrick failed to carry out his end of the agree ment. He asks that the court compol the defendant to. lulliU lus part of the contract and . furnish a deed-and abstract. 12 YEARS AGO March 15. James Slmonds received a card from his son Dwight, stating he had' landed safely overseas. * • • W. L. Berryman suffered a heart attack while attending a trial in Indianapolis and was removed to the Deaconess hospital. , .'•.»•* James and Garland Suits and O. H. Murray figured in a runaway accident while re'turning from work at the Lake Erie yards. * * * Charles Howard of '.Windfall announced himself as a candidate for Congress ,on the Democratic ticket. . . *. * * Andy Titus was advertising for gardens to plow at reasonable prices.. - ' ' * * * Frank Harrison of Noblcsville started drilling for gas on the site of the old Elliott business room in Jackson, lor the Chicago Gas Company. - * * * Frank Hollowell died at his home in Kempton after a lingering illness for stomach trouble. _ -* * # William Brown, flagman at the Main street crossing was called to Hoopeston on account of the death of his brother Henry. In Mciiioriaui. ULY IS ACTUALLY PAlj^KD. Xon-Poisonous 'Dyes.Are lUsed to Color Flowers, i 1 "ll Painting the lilies is now| t.lblished fact, thanks to i Cc research. Cut flowers been colored artificially for i time past, but most common are poisonous to the flowjers make them wilt Now, according to Dr. R. !E. vcy of the Minnesota agricultural experiment station, some brilliant, non-poisonous dyes have been discovered. an es- Scientl- have some dyes and immediately. Har- In loving rcmembrauce of our lic'.oveii, wife, mother aud grandmother. .Mrs.'Ella. Raquet. who passed away Mai'i-h l. r >. l!l-7. Sunshine passes, shadows fall. Love's rememliianif! outlasts all. And though the years be Iong-Or few, The.y .'ire filled with renu'iuhrunce of you. . Sadly missed l>y her' iiusband. children and L 'rundrhildrcii. — Fhiilip Raqitet and Faniiiy. The Daihl Wheeze' "Do you believe in' love at first sight?" j "No, I don't. The first time • I met. Harry he was in a Rolls- Royce, and'after we became' engaged I discovered he'd only hired it." The farmer is lucky, at that. At sixty he is negotiating his third mortgage instead or enduring his third nervous breakdown. Tribune want ads got results. Political Announcements. The Tribune, from now until-., the date of the primary election, will carry .-political-announcements . in" this_ column; payment for the same must be made in advance. 'For County Clerk. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for..the nomination'for clerk of the Tipton circuit court, subject to the decision of the Democratic voters at the primary election -to he held May (!. 1930. ' PARKER DUNHAM. For Trustee. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the nomination for trustee of Cicero township, subject to the decision of the Democrat voters at- the primary election to he held Tuesday May G, 1.930. ' - 1UX L. HASKKTT -In the.-matter of the estate of! Western. Rector, deceased. In thp Tipton Circuit Court, Fob- ru'ary Term, 1930. . Notice is hereby given that Tin Farmerns Loan and - Trust Company, as'administrator of the estate $1 Western Rector, deceased-, has presented and filed its account and'vouchers in final sot- tlemrat'-jjit-liti^ estate, and tliat the »amo/.vlll'come;-i:p for examination- and faction.: of said - i circiiit court .on the pth <Jov of Apnl, ISap^'atw^cU time all heirs, cie- 4itorB,'or lefateesof said estate are required-to -apji«ar in said courCA^eho«/c4use; It utiy there Slight Improvunienl.. There is u slight improvement in the condition of Kenneth Hutto of Sharpsville who nas beon ,very critically ill during Ire week with pneumonia.. . , - , Melvin Katon, employed m the "Big Four rajiroad:shops at Anderson, was here'Salurday (or a'visit wjibc relatives -rand s frleuds. > vTito; former-.Tifltou;resident is.a Bon :of Ihn lailo prniVvillo/ Kuion, of tills o II v ^fc-^'H!«i ^i ^S^2&Ji;Va : Y '«i''^#S Few Months Have a More Beautiful Birthstorie Than March AQUAMARINE i • • - • ' - •"'•'.•'. \~r 4Thc color'of the deep sea, it is an ideal eiitblem of the fresliness of Mtu-ch. ^ Hard enough to retaut its polish, brilliance and beauty, yet a semi - pre- eious stone and available iii '"visible" sizes to the uiodjsst purse. , - -- .. Acquire the Good Habit of Looking in Onr Window Dr. EL Hicks Chiropractor ! j Office Over Blue Front Corner Jefferson and Main. Phone «4. Tipton. Drake Beauty Parlor BEAUTY CULTURE! i j i. ; Graduate of Rainbow Academy Call 15 for Appointmeat Second Floor, Masonic Bldg. W. A. Pumphrey, D. C. CHIROPRACTOR i , OBicc Over Foster Jewelry Store. Phone 254. Tipton, Ind. Hog Houses aid Brooder Houses Ready for Yo^i J. P. SMITH humher Co. Phone 72. M. & N. SHOE STORE Nothing Over $4.98 j COURTESY MOTTXi Insurance of All Kinds Life — Auto — Accident Protection for Whatever Your Personal or Business i ! Needs Slay Be. ; LEE P. GRIl'FTH INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 57. Suits to Measure PURVIS STORE LOANS #25 to 9300—Your Own Sceur it}—Quick and Confidential Peoples Loan & Credit! Co. Riu. 4, Masonic Bldff. X. Main. See— ' ;; ] YOUNG & MASON Suits and Furnishings 6 East Jefferion St.! RADIO SERVICE | \ \ We 'fio Anywhere ~ Aerial Work—Full -Line Accessories McJunkin Radio Shop;! Thoiio SOX7. ! ; | Our Xcw Spring Woolens Are Arriving—Come and See Tb^ni CHARLES FOUCH Tailor and Men's Shop I 108 North Mai* Street.! Wo Trade for Yoar Old Hreii! 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