The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on September 27, 1931 · Page 14
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 14

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 27, 1931
Page 14
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UHR THE LINCOLN SUNDAY STAK— SUNDAY, SEPTEMHER 27 , im. Shcir key'Camera Bout Suiy Cause Debate Wint}er Likely File Claim as Champion of Heavyweight Maulers BY ROBERT EDGREN. \o nuittrr what happens in the riiiR at Ebbets I’ le ti, U. uu-n tho niffht of Oct. 12 . the Sharkey-C aarnera bout i.s RoinR to stir up more discussion than any other ring event ’'^'f Kharkov wins, tha N.-w York bo.xinK ronimis.sion will •innounce that’he is world’s champion. If t arnera ‘ "r ihin. may happen, or the commission may go r.ght I eon Sf^ has applied ior rccogm Danuerous Puncher. ,tt n tor Camera on llSie «rotind that ¡ camera is not a schnichn« duc.ed h. contract to en He rno^s U. hi camera in New York ih s cff his feet. Of month 'fhis rant be taken.seriously, drop a paluka who ...............- standing still and tor c miirh ability to! urtil after the Sharkey fight, Car- standing still a , n, ,tn rccov'. t*> baso a title He hasn't shown . With either Sharkey or i connect with a n r,'\"nera ball .'h.ioe<i as champion the ho .-an wear a mn moving target. Hut man down. ^í.v ‘<ii't matched with the become very weary in a few roimd.s, j Or if *‘ b ^ iv. like the This is Camera’s best asset He used i »n'hnrK'm^,’ »m.- »orld-s rh,un-M br a wrestler anü he hkes the wtchinng. map, clinches, ^^^if'V nnera v>ins he’ll go touring There is practically no chance ior If moat prnin- a match between the winner of again, ‘Wiles,s he is matched Thursday's contest and M »x M Vt Jr-v’s fighter Ernie Schaaf. Schmellng until next year. Too ate. viith g’love-shngcr in in the .sea.son for more big outdoor i ht’'a‘^re monTrn'iilrtb 1" New York or in any other: He tir n man who can beat the city where a title bout would draw a big gate. There hasn’t been a to a man i’.rmo-a Has I.earned. heavyweight championship fight in- Cornerà has learned doors since l>emixsey and Brennan '.bniit fighting this past mixed at the old Clarden. over the , , I>or Max Avoiding K.sks._ (.K. \n R 1 IM Ol N X 1 \(U’» . rtn.s w !. Mi.di'ia C;r ,f, . . W.iiids Hn'. Kill -as 1 . li (■ . Pu 1 ' 1 t ,;r-, 1 lift tli'ldi m r I Pr Kill;-. , . ' llriK Put. 'I M Otl2 s ’h^ AiX y,. S’", aipc Holi»nif\t Simody. Irw :|\ iinrt'.-. i mi CUA PoukMW ilrB'--. I.l liS.n Iv n uc hat, .ili Irmlrt’ U « . . 1 ................... fi y fi fi 3 fi fi 3 Piti» IJOfi SD» llfiO MS 1138 1138 .sO per: POI , 20-vard gain. Sauer gained a yard. Kreizinger. who iTturned 14 yards I biU Nelson lost three yards at Uie to Dakota s 41-\aid ine, line Tlie Covotc forwrrds broke S.vuer .speeds to 1 oi;clid«o> n. through and downed Sauer before i Bauer went in for Mastfrsoii for • . . . U ..11 I Nebraska. Sauer was tackled for a five-yard loss on a bad piU'S from center. Krcizinger hit tackle for seven yard.s, and Sauer lifted through the rfV-U side for 40 yard-, and a touc’idown. Kreizinger's placekick wa.s wide. Cm HIT •• tuE C|OG5 T ií R^ BCtMÛ U ü HET h CR_ O«. i4oT HÇ CAr4 V4\T IHoiXitt To ^flODüŒ A uy effect . he could get rid of the ball, the vi.sitors taking the ball on do\*n on the Covotc 21-yard line. Campbell replaced Ely for Nebraska, and Bishop went in for Kostcr. Two p'.av.s bv .Jenkins and \V. Ostlund failed to gain. Hanson punted 42 FitUP.'f . CUrk,^ OiI'r- tr 'I“ : '-'ii Kr<l lull It I. f.'r I,.iw’.nr MidMuist M.iofttii Chr. - ! Pivitioiitn N*>l-rfi Wii r.fii'ii , Pny., S.-t\ii- Vp»yir Cli-fiiins . Roh-iu Pnirv . Sfiifty » iMi'fi . I » \(<l F Pm.-i . iSil Sr ,.i ■ sj-'fi I«,. , -on 4484 4 : tifi 448 » V\ the T^rce oí»tHiviG^ Aî» Ht ElHöi. *THM\ . yards out of bounds Husker 37-vard line. Three vilavs by Sauer and Ma.ster- son made it a first down Master- .snn failed to gain on a fake Pimf- Mfsterson pained three yards at tackle and Bauer shot a pass to Masterson for a 12-yard gain as the time was up for the half with vird.s, the Huskers in ixissession on the Dakota Covote 39-ynrd line. , _ Score: Nebraska. 13; South Da Score. Nebra.ska, 38, South Dakota. 6 Hleeker reiilaced Max Kost r for Dakota. Sauer kicked off 40 vards to Dunn, who returned 21 \ards Dunn fumbled and Elv recnvi'red for Nebraik.v oti Dakota's liO-yard line Bauer hit center for two Moore replaced '1 ue for Sauer broke awav for 20 vard.s and a first down Krei/inger Miiashed off tackle for nine yards Pulloii . CiiMihi 're H«n*cn K 1 nilrv Piiiim i»n F :• hrv Vlrrk . Mf-U J. Hroiyti liidlililufil I »-»ilrri il Pin.i 1140 IJ 3 S 121« U0« llfl.’ SfiS 112» 113« 111 « 1117 C01IMIK(1\1. kota, 0. ybr. lhrou,;h "'Tr the . ^ ^1^ bw ma "has I tremendous the ball to the Coyote 30-yard line' sters, hwever. ,-iiOwinB up better si-t-ui!-. He t's' ■'">* *'“• ,y and advantage over smaller good boxers, ana Kreizinger then took eommancl, than j summary. punch ng. , ¿xing he; This fight will show whether Car- heading an attacK which finally .strength 'sut. nera has any fighting ability. If he .sent him over with a three-yard ^/'5^d\ka. . ao 4 i -,. vo . could be 5 ^ knocked bas and if he is good enough to lick pl-.n '’'ini hniz droSi’d hltn three Sharkey, he’ll be a dangerou.s rival Shar- for me Oerman champion. Max . , , Schmeling. Probably nobody knows that Ix't- ter than Max does himself. It s hke- kev surely should bo able to if Sharkey was a sure t>erformer in the ring it lluf^he ' Iv Max was quite willing to have a diet that hell little eve trouble after the Stw;bling Is the most mai out ^ bout, and wait until some one else n.gll\"or'"he'‘lr; ..?h ."the'”mo:i tests the Itul,«. g.ant out and Nesmith he second combination, the tc.V phomcre cicw, took charge of the McPherson game at the start of the second justice ... q.iaiter, South Dakota having the Gilbert ball in midfield. The young.sters were not slow in a.ssiiming command. Halfback Bos- .snared a Dakota pass on the • Pi'm Jenkins was thrown for a two-yard loss by Rhea, but the Huskers were penalized five yards for offside. Jenkins made a yard at center, LE .................. Adkins but Hanson failed to gain. Han■....LT................ ’W'alker .son’s was blocked by Kreizinger. LG....................... Leer Han.son punted 40 yards. Brown re- C L. Ostlund turning five vards to Nebraska’s RG................ Clinker 17 .yard stripe.' Paul plunged lor . ...RT............. Hoptx*! vards and Brown .swung around Groves Sauer hit the line for four yards, THIRD <il -'HTFR. Kreizinger rammed center for tour Nebraska's third-string lineup was yards and then hit the .same spot In at the start of the third period for a touchdown. Kreizingcr.s kick Staab kicked off 50 yard.s to Ost- was wide. ^ lund who returned 20 yards to his Score: Nebra.ska, 44, South own’ 30 -yard line. Ostlund broke Dakot.a. 0 . awav for 10 vards and a first down. («votes (.ain On lass, Ostlund gained two yards at cen- Prtz and Brown ent 'red the ter Mathis recovered Dunn’s fum- Hu.skcr lineup Saucr kicked off 48 ble' and ran for a touchdown, but ya;-d: to McClane. who returned 20 the ball was called back and the yards to tiie Dakota 38-VHrd line. Covotes given i>osses.s}on where iiulburt reulaced Rhea for Nebra.ska Dunn was tackled. and Wohler. T.emnn and Martin Jenkins failed to gain on a Imc went in for Moore. H.erker and buck and Staab muffed a clean in- BUicker and Buck for Dakota. \Voli- Puh'.ii- W.'T n Ariiif'ur : .aiiir- . . Rng..r4 Molor, Wofitohtrf Knt«:ofi ColHinhiii. Mnrolu H? ni . Jchn V... ¡..oil . lows N.*l'r;‘.;K8 Mid í4(!itu,.n IV* Wood. t.tí ent'pr4 niv OÍ I.lmr.pi Btfite Journf.l . p, 4 , .Hi 4«! Í iP 4 MÎP .Of t 4Slfi 4R4'’ 4812 472;) 4444 4444 4147 ret «33 e«i ..«I .S(K> MH1 j;43 , 43.7 33 S ,\v« 301 1»» 193 193 18« 18 « 1«8 18» 18.» 185 IVt 1 000 8 S 3 ««7 fi«7 ,807 .»(to »00 3 SS 7.48 333 187 4H10 Av# 238 304 303 201 193 1«H 188 18« 18« 180 eel 1 000 87 8 0«7 hIK) »00 »00 800 »00 .107 .187 .000 AcUms MfCoi-torii, Th<*('b»lrt .Stpr Cord<*ll 11,7.10» V MeCa'Jlfi .tonfi» Vanni'.’« oaui»! Inilivtdu«! Irsrtrr». Il et08 . ... 3 8 0 5 fi fi 883 1140 1087 107» 1070 100» 1P.»8 10*0 »80 ior .3 HI SIM -N PGZ. ...................... l\h ................. Gloves right end for nine yard.s of a pass. Walker punted „as.sed 23 varri.s to N’urlon for a a Brown ................QB................. Noiton ^ fahed to ^ Mathis returning 29 yards down on the Hu ker 38-yard .^rfind rn-T,' - Swanson ..............LH............... Hanson , Nebraska was penalized 1« ’ Hiusker 40-vard stripe. St.aab ¡in« Wohler’s na.'’ to Norton wa-s rr*n-< r.s Mr, - Mfil .RH .............. *^*^Duim for holding. is on Iiim. , * , Sharkev Reuli/es Mistiike« either removes him from the com- tx'titlon or uncovers what fighting ^ . «hurkov mav Camera may have learned in his touring around the country knocking over the pugilistic ten piie. (Copyright, 1931, Robert Kdgren.t fight this time Is the candid state ment he has been giving cut lately. He says; , ^ •T've had a lot of good chances and muHed them, I know that if I muff this one I might as well quit. One of troubles has been his conceit. He alway.s thinks he is so superior to the other fellow that the tight Is a joke. ITien when he runs into unexpected resi.stance he lose? ' ctiance to block the path, c( afidence and puts up a poor fin- llic lone South Dakota touch- I down came in the third quart<'r and , , , , to the Husker 40-yard stripe. . ................. Nebraska took ^ .j. line and his pav; p.-nunded bv KrelzinBor DcBus I was incomplete. Mathis punted 27 rpr?iaced Ju.'ticr for Nebraska by Hanson. | Norton fumbling but recover- Norton's pa.s.s wa.'^ incomplete, but punted 36 yards to _ 34-vard line, the Husker' were es.'-ed five yards signalled for a fair | Norton‘failed to'gain at Milne’s for offside Bos^vell intercepied Ncbraskan.s Romp Over South i)akola ^ «Continued from Page One.) up the last tackier that had a wen .snareo a i - ihkoi » hm .".-» '' pp . i. . first play and raced the ball back NeVraska-Schmitt , to the Nebraska 40-yard line. Kjibourne for Ncsmip. Kreizingei .M.i.sterson Over On Pass. . o'Brie.i for Gilbert. Hulburt for ' M::stci5.)n plunged tor six | 3 ^ 5 . , catch on the'' Husker 46-yard ' stopped at cen- 'on '.us own 2-yard and on the next play bauer for marker. Koster replaced Adam m vValker punted 52 yard.s. Mathis south Dakot.v was nenalized . V »,! 1 cL-,^r for kiVlzW Bauer the Nebraska line. Han.son made a ; fK« vards to his own 15- fj^p yards for an extra time om. for Brown Jov for Kilbournk Milne I yard at end. Ely replaced McPher- , ,,^ark. Miller made three vards saner hit the line Icr balked, but Quarterback Bauer ipr r»’Urif»n. son at Nebraska s center. Dunn „t Math!« broke loo#iC for 45 u,,t the «Pin was annulled bv a line Boh » Cofffifi Klx^P t>nt! 8l I' ' ’ noil ainio;. s >n.» Inv *-NrhTî- K« Hoi'fiv » Bho -» . Auto C'ffiBri « . rirM Tti.;-' I' yard.s on a .sweep. for Bauer the Nebraska line. Han.son made a 1 j.ptyrning five vards to his own 15- fjyp y t^^’^iuanrrLck^^’^Blue^^ for'Brown Jov for KUboumk Milne 1 yard at end. Ely replaced McPher- ! Miller made three vards sauer hit wwL Quarte^^^ for ^«awn. Nebraska s center. Dunn center. Mathis broke loo#iC for 45 but the gpin was annulled Wbiih wa? gSl^S ' SckgTan for Hurlburt. Gartner for made 13 yards in two plays at ren- ..j^^ds and a first down on the bouth „enalty. Krei/.inger hit the Vo iird aSd the touchdown Mas-'Debus Bishop ball on Nebraska s Dakota 36-ynrd line. MlUer made a seven yards and a first down ,t() vard.N ami the loucnaown, tohs ueDu.s. Hi.auy ---------------- 90 .,.«,.^ un« yard out of bound.s. and Staab: pas.s 53 „„y drove out ide tackle for .'^even to Milne was incomplete. Staab hit y^rcs and Kreizin*i..r mad»> il a fh>t center for four yards, taut Nebra ka dov,-iy on the Hu.s'Kcr 46-yard line. yard ter.-on kicked the extra point. Th' Huskers continued to bombard llic Dakota goal the remainder of tiic qua r r.nd at one lime the bail on downs only inches from the goal line. A penalty balked th.. k>phf o„ .mother opportu.,U_y punch, and if he goes into a fight feeiing that his back i- to the wall, he may put on a party. Going in there, unconceited, he may fight like the old Ciob. Not Famous for Hi» Kayo. I don't know that there Is a great chance for Sharkey to put Camera out He’t a great knockout record aeainst big men. He t.iok a close diKidon over (»odtrey years ago. He whipped Harry Wills so rie- cldvely that Wils fouled out and w'’t knixked out, but Paolino knocked Wills out in four rounds shortly alterward He started like a wild man against Dempsey, nearly knocked Dempsey’s head off. but was out gamed and knocked uut bv the old man mauler. He put iq) poor fights against Ri.fiko. Hw’iiev, stnbling and .‘several • others, and was outfought by Mirkev W->tkir, tliouiih he got a' in tiii.s last battle with the, mirid>v, 'iKht cli.unpion Sharkey doesn’t })u up hi.-, lii ht when n«' is diM I'uriv ■ d )iui hi lia.s been dis- I’l-iira -t d -vrial tun- ITuno \ot Invulnerable. :-4tt!l (’arnera t ftn be liurt He had a coui e of ribs b oUen in a train- 11 )^ i> >ut ix’fore Id' Maloney ti. h* J'e 1 . n t the 11 -ii man Jcffne.s VI 11 L Si..I!key fm.d-s that he can hit (' 1 » . .1 V.1 ■;(' aid w oil he want? to, ir- iv ni.iki a dn x of the ci::nt and i'.itt )' ' 'in up c tough to win witli : ntv to sj>are or ev) n with a technii d K Ì Carr ■ t li.ince lies In di:.cour- aginrr : ,. k 'v l)V trking »'vcrvtliing the wa. .It” - '111 did .»ml In'.ivlng hi» hu> *- if. on ..h.-.ikev until tin vioh wil’ \Vc L'ht ;. h gr* at a.s.sct ka third string. Captain Adxin.s receiving a from Norton ’or 70-yard gam which caugnt the Scarlet var.sity asleep. In compari.son of the two v.arsity outfits which divided time during the first half, the .second combina- bell for Ely. Mathis for Bauer. 32-yard line. Miller for Masterson. Staab for South Dakota fumb.ed and Petz klxmv Nelson for Boswell. Roby: recovered on lii.s own 39-yard lin«'. lor siabb Paul lor Miller. Petz tor Two plunge.n by Kreizinger netted 10 Kilbourne W'lLson for Milne. Gilbert j yard.s. Paul cra.shed through ior 20 for Hnlm’beck. Rhea for Scoggan, yards and another first down. Paul Justi' e for Gartner, Adam for broke away from two tacklers on - loVV cSdiusVT Bauer BHhop. EK for Campbell. Manley 1 the pi^y ^-ph clever side.steppmg. '.Norton fann Iciect a lauiv long to Mas- i for Mathis, Kreizinger for Paul. Kreizinger went over tackle tor j o.stlund e ' Boswell for Roby. Sauer tor Bos- yards, and Paul and Kreiz-: » first < “"'“"l-hlrd r.-am In .\Hion. M'cil. Mu.slerxon lor Tl.e .Nfb.a.ku Ih.icl strlnE picked Buck tor L, Ost.«.«.i“' S f r“.L oS lunl'l^vcr for .Clinker, A. Kostcr „r^ ™ inger added four yard.s in two plays for a first down. Paul was .stopjved for no gain at the line. Paul and vards m two me nrst hair, the second comdina- TiYx-h „V.urfkr- onri aitpr -7 lew- raaucd mna. mner ‘2,."y»cti»irirt «rown gainea nve yams ai iwu tlon. which was largely -'■'aturatcd , V'Walker Norton for W^ OsUund^ Nebraska faked a with sophomores, apiieared to have • by was nulifled McClam- for Jenkins. Tice lor Krri:onar,- nhmceri for - --yards by Quarter- Ostlun^^ M. by return of 30-yaiA».-> “J-' for back MathLs. The lormer Tecuniseh • B ecK 1 ior Jenkins, Koster for Schull. M Koster. Moore for Leman for u a..u UIUVA- I», MathLs. 1 AC loiiner - j Moore. Leman apparently nari cn- „thiele sparkled a few miiuiUas 1 MaVt^n^ Buck, lockets, oniv to l.ili ..f a 45-yard run which »h-i ^ the better of the argument. The youncsti'r.s pa.'^.sed and drove to one touchdown and ether in their poe .short of the final chalk mark by , vmiceu'the ball to the South B>a- * — inches. While controlling the play i jtota 36-yard line. i tersoa. oaut , i ..... most of the tune, the secotil eleven flashed a which had the Coyotes absolutely stopped. Huskers* Strong Defense. The yardage- for South Dakota during tlie second quarter slicws a net lo-ss of two yards for ihe ef- pass and Kreizinger plunged for nine yards and a first down on the Coyote .six-yard line. Paul made three yards In two plays at center. Kreizinger Goes .Aero«», Kreizinger drove through center I oftpr traichdown— Master-i forthree yards and a touchdown. O“ '15 yard at I i Kreizinger’s place-kick for the extra yard.s to the he ! nerioris- point was low, a bad pass from Manley went A penalty .stopped the Huskers i£™Kat-k^i’th«í 1 « 2S-44;benter ruxhln* hi. kick ! line. Ostlund then broke through Dakota ...0 0 ® Nebra.ska, 6, South for a down and on the third; ofllcials jieferee—Earl Johnson, kota, 0, plav following. Norton connected college. Bnmlre -Major ^ Da- Kreizinger kicked off 45 yards to Norton, who returned 15 yards to ccnlc*r - -- . was penalized 15 vard.s ftvr holding Coyote» Score On Pa»». MathLs punted 25 yards, the Dakota safety fumbling but recovering, Norton hit the line for eight vards I pluiiged for three yards and „ ....... down. Jenkins hit tackle for two yards, but Bushop pierced the Covote interference and slammed O.stlund for a three-yard los.s, Ost- Mmd's long pass to Adkins was gf>^ for 70 vards and a tovichdov.n, W Ostlund mis.sed the try for extra ^^Score: Nebraska, 13; South Dakota, 6. . . H Adam. Roby and Manley entered the Hu.sker lineup. Ostlund kicked off 45 yards, Ro'a.v returning 18 the HiLskcr 33-yard line. ,nit off tackle for six yards and Miller duplicated on the next play. Two plays bv Roby and Miller at the middle gained five yards. .Miller I'irrcps lane. Miller rammed through the line Hrx\i n Sauer Slit -d tlirout'li for six yards as the came ended Netia-'ka in no. .si'.s.sion in midfjeld Final core; Nebra-ka. 44, Routti Datiola. 6. ^jOP LEAGUE i£^£f^S Nu)KI'. 1 Hovd .i*'" El'.lt'gfii* D»»ttnn .. Hnti--)) Blpi' t fiApi'.r » To\»nfi .".tr.M "-'-V (ifiurh.m I / men Kn »« Biifipi. a »UNS IFAOr» ri Or vv »410 »209 478 » »146 498 « 4817 4 .V 83 4937 4883 4 »»« 481 « 4475 nt In* IndMdual lf»>lrr*. a Pin« 1152 1143 1131 ll?.0 »»!» 110 « 110« .»»« 1053 1017 I INCOI N 1 ADil fi' fit; t' 7 I " W8-1.0V- I " Orkui* - 'ft 1 rjifli-n . lii.iu'v ............................^ I Arth-if ir \l»IN«l HIT I I Its AK It '»iinini n» »thkOr» D* I’.jlti. V«nUrr •«* lUffi.. C.rfiin I- «;«• M«i|8n. Indiiin» I«» ifirry, Oianti 13! • O')'fi H'lnv. Buth V»nkfifi‘ l.rhrlf. ViinhfifA ................ AvfifiU. Indi»!)» ................................ Klt-tn. I’h'llifi» ............. I 0 V», Alhlct.r» pen wolf A»fi 194 191 181 17 » 179 177 17 « 17 « r:« 17 » Prt 1 009 83 » «33 ««7 »Oil »00 »00 33.1 73 » SS» 1«7 000 A'fi 1U2 iilO 188 18« 18« «84 183 DU 180 179 I’rt 1 0(81 1 000 I mo) 000 ooo (100 Iλ Mil 0418 KNi 118 !l s; 12n 11 1-1» I'm i.vv 1 i 212 ITt ' ) : ill 1 Am P 0. ■t.V) Ì :tn InU ).dU8t Iredtr* RI X«. Orhrlf. Yankfifi* Ituth. VankfifiA Atrr.ll. Inillan* K> n PhllHfi' Irrr». t.ianl* SI?''PauV^ro^kTaway "or' 20 ^^ ’ The Saturday throng brr.skä.' with' Hie exception of Elv ended YoT'thrthlrd quarter; fflw'.ríh'í’oU“o,.L touchf wn. <8'--ÍÍT‘'t¥^e'‘r>r'íc” SIS«- .»T h Y 'liir/ST. to . I- Bot' EiD '1 punch, ' t: ■ wirke ilv w. n.’V er hcd . man cold v the IDhi-li h 'ckod Del. ■ ir '11 n who h = .n’t .• ID or a D nif ■ V ’ .!» Sharkcv hr 1 -- going vve'l. lie '-k -if droi’pii" hi, uii !(’ - ■■ck ¡-.X( ')t N if cnu! H • 1 ! "I' h” n oil' I’««er III .Nebr.'iska Offense. 1 he strength of the Nebra.ska of­ fen e. as eonipared with the South Dakota defense, was ni.inifest early in the att‘*rnoon. The Cornliu.sker.s rereived the opening kickoff and aftt'r returning the ball to the Bouth Dakota ?.l-vard line, drove Ju® "comTng’^^Just The^J’s oc- coyote pass on the Husker 39-yard through for 21 yard! before a Scar- ended cupied two full section of the we:.t Masterson plunged for six let pa,s fell into Coyote hands and * f ' , »„.„.tv» mmr stand and the girls overflowed one yard.s. Bauer broke away for 32 ■for'ped the advance At he start of ' section and a first down. Masterson The Dakota 'oackH failed to make l’r. L.h^ S . ‘ thrown for a three-yard loss -.ntdage but Hanson got otf a long Kilb»)urne The general admission section of and Nebra.ska wa.s penalized five punt which .set the Huskers back the east stands attracted nearly 900 yards for too many timeouLs. Mas- Ü. ,hc.r -wn -ih’ “ctu^mcrx. _ , te-n drove over l»c«e for three son. Sauer and Boswell hi the ivmNtprson-ta-Schmltt pa.«4s Bauer shot a forward pas.s to Ma.s- b'ACkficld. M-uster-son was calling ter.-’on which was good for 27 yards •ignals for lui.s com.Jinatlon. ?5,h .L.rhrtowirpaught the Dakota and a touchdown, excellent h!ocking Kreizinger’s Busy Day. S , S Weak pun s by Walker got the end zone and had merely to Coyote tackier. ” Coyotes m trouble and withm a , for the extra counter, kicked the extra point. few minutes Nebraska was bidding -----for a tTUchdown. a long forwyd Peunv. halfback, and Burt pass from Bauer to Boswell rolling p^d were the only squad off iMi- latter’s fingeriips m the „ot in action. Penney was end zone ' The mi.vsed od the Coyot ........ lief, as a Dakota lineman was de lected holding while Norton’s punt was in the air and the lIVLskers took Score : kota. 6. Roby kicked off 37 yard.8 to Groves, who returned 16 yards to the Covote 39-yard line as time (ifihric »««Ufififi A*<rill Imltvn» |n|tUI). t ub» Ki I» 1 8Î 3! ■ 80 |« -{ . 118 I)') 1 •*) I !') t ?() I : ) I HI) 11») 1 I! I .** 17'i ■ÎIÏ 2H •91 Mill«« ; Prier-.: n ....................... ' Tfibrr ---I a-iifi • - ....... :nu:ti - ....... ' I.rwi» ....... ........ Lofkn'rt ................ RidK-.- ................ nu..-.-ii ......... Bill Brenzell. Mi.s-'ioiv-. 1' '.'ud Pin* 491 484 4 «» 4 f .3 4 ;.4 433 4 29 4.¡8 42 » 41 » A' fi im ifii 1 I 1 144 144 143 14-2 141 138 catcher to have with the hrought 550,009 in I'ii.»!! fiom the Pirate' for A’.s B\‘Hi » Train ,1 o II I» » o n. Mi Ñamaras m There are three the backfiPld squad at New York U. northerners waged the battle on oven terms for a few minutes, but Pci •’» recovery of a Dakota funihle »rutted the ball to the Hu.sker.» on th(' Nebrask'i 39-yard mark and the va«-'.ity then procix'dt'd to march to th v' al line for the flr»i touchdown. ' l-jard .n:rlnt by Paul brou ht Hen vies Due to S»vap Punehes. place- NebiT/»ka. 13; .South Dakota. 0- Saaer Passes to Hauer. Hanson kicked off 55 yards. Bauer returning 35 yards to the Husker *— "J i;.''»ho wpfthesdav 46-vard line. .Sauer hit the line for ■slightly hijured in^ the Wedne^d^y ^ vard.s. Sauer broke loose for Master- € »ed pa s,liowever. afford- .^age^aTd hr^dl^ ' Sryard? and a yotes only lemiKiraiy re- Durkee reported made three yards at center, but n—-n w«A de- and was unfamiUar with the , Hiiskevs drew another five- as.'^ignments. ; yard offised penalty. Mcsterson - J ,.„„1 was .stopped for no gain. The much Improved aerial aiiacu gauer .shot a pa»'» to Bauer good wav or.'* of the bright spots ot me 23 vards and a iir.»t down on Ntbra-^ka showing Saturday. ^hC ; Coyote 25-vard line. Me*'iterson second outfit, with the sophomoG' backiield, wa; g- tting the passe.s oft wlih precision. The lourth period backfleld of Bauer Bauer. Master.son and Kreizinger included four good pas." 7 ers and four excellent pass re- nii center I «u. ' replaced Boswell for TTie Oklahoma hooners will be the center for tw-o vards to next Nebraska opixjiieni at Memor-, Covnte» one-yard line lal stadium The Oklahoma team (‘«lyotrs Defend Goal, will open the Husker drive toward Coyote.» took the ball on a Big Six title down.» as SsAier failed to KOre bv the ball on .*ne vi.atur'^’ 24-yurd line, (m the iir»l rlav. Kreizinger broke awav for the touchdown Ma:ti't>ons intercention of Norton’:. 1 a.-:, up the nms lor the fifth touchdown. Kreizinger and Sail, r aliermitin t at carrying the lall, with t’le former going across on an eight-yard plunge which ’'«fi» / r r” i . ur Phar' 11' a ’lov 'liv m • ' • : iivi ' tl. T m ’ t 'U't'ti, he »VWi '.tit battle«- v, I ’ ■K'kmK fr I «t Ebb K-'ld I Î from *ei< - la* poiat .-llu ’ .--nd J o>'du!f d to ii'i N y «w '.ib'r I la ■ ,‘j arc .-It' • in t’p.i-a! p«v-e3. biouxht thi »core cetvers. Sauer Steps On G:i«. I»ie Cornhiu.kere w e r e n o t through. íor 'A-ithin a íew minutes South Dakota was furced to vield > p: {" ion of the bal! and Sauer ..•in wo.» nwav on a 4f)-viTrd sprint { f H t 'uccdown Krelzinger was «vith ana íier touclidown be- f thí* gume end-'d }- ' . (• i f tlv Hu.kc- to click •ari; ‘ In t'.v gam»' wa. due in a n uie • 3m-' rae?-d bluck'.ng Thi. -u«iw 'd imnrovi’m -nt p « the ■¡'.1 vírI .ilonr w 2 'h 'he Iw-n-en or- me '.’.idc *' 'V' during t’-ie í..4-tl- " TKid rallv Thrre spt4 «f Foruartl». W*. Tltrr u of forward- bh.rv tmi.' e\rrvthing that look^d lik- V .. '-uned runnmp attack the CornhU'.ker hn< mrn v'njoy-d a big aft»-rn«xm When iniurie« furced Et' r -t McPL *r m to the .‘.de- hu-8 L-wíc-icp F!v »'A”’ig m'O 8t t "f and w mix n« it uf in H • , n’- ■ vi’h K 'er Rhec I I . ■ ( .ihert if I he f c-.nd } fVFi ; ' Bri^n. Huí' rt and Bi ■'« ' lAt-d un to -in adi^ant- ‘re. - (■ 11 Ir-, r) -Vi the Une j'lay » the thGd combinatl-m ■ (dh T; '■ itíi tri’'-i Neh-ri ka’' Inn .. nc 1 end- tn .'.n «dvantaae *on .r-, ¡ ■■.1 opjxjrtariities. the wing-i Coyote plunged a Vi ’'d out of bounds. Boswell crasiied through for 14 yards and a down. Sauer went aro’tnd t)'r> Covot" end for five yards out of bound.-^ St hull re- n'nccd Leer ior the Coyotes. Sauer hit center for tw-o vards Nelson NetarnKks, Ernest Bcarg, former Hu»ker coach and Elmer Holm, ex-captaln of the Hu.i'/.ers, were in the .stands an inch H*n.»on punted out of bounds on the Coyote 34-yard line. Bauer hit the line for four yards and MaA'er.on smashed through S.iturday Bearg is coaching Wa;ih- r%fn v.ard- more and fumbld. burn and Holm i; hu first a'-.i'itant. Dakota recovering on it.s 23- DHkota Ih- Washburn Iciiabod» walped the 1 ^,. ized five yards Dr an extra Haskell Indians in a Friday night Norton hit tackle for two vards. game at T ipeka but Nebra ka was ix-nalu«d five yardi for off ddi' Two plays by Score; Nebraska, 19; South Dakota, 6 2? FOURTH eHUARTIR. A new Nebraska team entered the game. It was a mixture of the first and second lineups. Norton’s Rass to Adk'ins on a sleeper play was incomplete. A line plunge failed and another pa';.s wa» no good, the Covote» taking a five-yard penalty. Walker punted out of bounds for I vard I 0 .SS, the Husker.» getting the ball on Dakota’s 34-vard line Ma.s- trrson and Sauer made a vard in two plays. Sauer pa.».sed to Mnsler- "on for 12 yards and a down. Two plunges by Sauer and Krelz- inger gained two vard.s. and Sauer’s pass to Schmitt wa.s incomplete. Love replaced Clinker and A. Ko»- tf-r w’ent In for Bleeker for the C-»votes. Sauer'.s pa.».» tn Boswell was in- rumrJete In the end zone and the Dakotans took ttie ball on th*' Cnvote 20-vard line, Norton punted 10 vard«. the Hu.sker;; getting the ball on the Coyote 30 -vard hne, but the Nebraskans were given the kall on me Coyot/« 24-vnrd line for in- t rferenc”* with e fair catch K rel'/ln«rer Hcorr» Atafn. Kreizinger swung around « nd for 24 vard« and n touchdo»vn. Masterson’s kirk va.» low Score' Ne’zrajska, 25; South ' Dzkota. 6 , . # ri McClane went In far J-nkins for f*iD' Coyote.s. Masterson kicked off 60 vards over th- goal, Dakota scrimmaging from It« 20-yard Une. O.stlund lost I o vard* at end G.^t- Umd passed to Adkins for 20 vards and a first down Masterson inter-' r 'iite'd Norton’s nas« and returned 2 .S vards to the Coyote 20-vard line. Tire went in for W. Ostlund for South Dakota wa_ iian.l- Schaaf Wins From (iriffith. I’lu.v-I)y-I*lay Details. FIRST til AR'rF.R. (iame-Capiain Jerry Adam of Ne- bfp.ska won the toss and chofcc to receive, defending the north goal Hanson kicked off 40 yards to Petz, who returm-d 12 yard.; but fumbled. Jurlice recovering for Nebra.•ka on I’s ;ij-v rd line Paul made it a f;i'' do--n in two fcucrev.i\e hn»' plunye» P-ul kirted tiie Co>"t. end for I'lght yard» Kiet/inger hit tr'iit-'r for ire \aid and anotlier tirst down Paul made a yard at th.' line Paul's pav wa intei ■ ceiited b- Han.ajn. wh.o carried the ball to the Coyote 41-yard line Dunn and Hanson failed to gain. ilHtV'On punted 34 v'i”-df, Nebra,ka taking the ball on it« own 41-vard line, SAuer's pa to Schmitt w as incomplete Bauer’s pa»7 to Kllnourne was complete fur IS vards and ft iir»t down Miic.terscn iupibled. but Ely recovered for a .»eveii-\ard pain Bauer's pa,'.» to Kilbourne was go xi for 23 vards and a fir t df'wn. W Ostlund replc -ed Kui;on in the Cf.c-r backfleld and Bu( k v,eu'. in for L Ostiund center, A 'Rt'Ual ' pass nstier to .Bauer gained .-.ix vard.s, nut Nebra; ka was penalized i 15 vard.s for holding oui Two ijlays bv Sauer made it J, l; rto’.vn on »he Dakot ninc- vard stripe. Kreizinger Burk» Acros',. Kreizinger iiit cent«r for a yard, and on a fake pa.\n play, Krci/inger burked through and scored a touchdown. Masterson passed to Bchmitl for tiic extra txmit .Score- Ni'brask. , 32. South ^N^x*'Koster replaced Bchull for Drikala Ma&terson ku ked off 43 yarúfi. Adkins returning 10 vard* to his own 29-vard line fniKota re- f-i.Acu a five-vard ocnalf, for an- o'.her urn« out McClane fumbled ■Yi.d recovered for a 10-vard loi-s sun-?ska was penalized ii'-c -rds for ofíáide. Norton’; p.. wa. in- \\ aslilngton Wallet manager, Na» -.: “There i» nothing m baseball that ran lomh the A's a» they «Gnd today. Ihc* Hrrplv out«la»«« both the IraRue-; when lliey want to step «in it.” muer to Schmitt for a ¿omplete. Dunn punted 36 yards to v.r.iri f 4 «-haaf outix>m’-d r.ilfy Griffith n Ihesr umuiui ’ ht

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